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I am here, Marty…

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I am thinking of you. How are you? Still hoping for the miracle that will bring us together. You are worth waiting for.

I was cheated at work, Marty. I am pretty successful at not being cheated. I did a lot better than many of my colleagues. Within the last 9 years, it happened only approx. a handful times that I wasn’t paid. But I missed to check one tiny little detail this time, and now I have to investigate the details. It is about a rather big amount. Unbelievable what I found. An international rat net. Definitely a case for Interpol, but on the other side, Interpol rather follows me around “to protect me against my will” and return me to above the law “Mom” instead of going after criminals.



Anyway, whatever happens to me, happens for a reason. It is not wise to cheat me because it will come and bite them.

I love you, Marty, actually, I don’t care about money. I just want to be with you. I might get a visitor in September and might not be able to post much if at all. My visitors try to spent every minute with me when they are here.

Many kisses, my darling.

Yours forever,


Germany’s (worst hypocrites ever!) surveillance is not “accidental”

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you…

And now about Germany. Isn’t that too much? What a hypocrisy. Germany got caught spying on Turkey, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry…and…. That is so typically Germany. Accusing others of what they do themselves.

“Do as I say but not as I do…”

Besides, they do a lot worse than just spying. Recruiting children in school to become their spies by installing them ear implants and when grown up, taking jobs in international governments (incl. the USA) and have them do exactly as Germany orders… Using silent sounds, microwave, and electromagnetic frequencies to torture people, to make them sick, and killing them… Creating terrorists and other criminals… No country tops Germany’s crimes.

Germany says that the “BND spying was accidental”. They read the minds of people through the implants and other devices… They don’t have to listen in on phone calls. They know all by invading everyone’s most inner thoughts.

Turkey is upset as Germany “had allegedly been spying on Turkey for years”. Again, people who think that  – spying on phone calls is all Germany does  – are so clueless.

Germany says that they don’t have a “spy program” as the USA and any spying of the BND would be “accidental”. Yeah right.  Only Germany thinks that they come away with this kind of crap. They have the SEGNPMSS (or Bavarian Illuminati or whatever they call themselves) behind the BND. Germany is so secret that the world doesn’t even know all their secret services by name. BND and Bundesverfassungschutz are just German front groups.

A German “investigator” wants to “investigate” the German spying against Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, but I know already that he will not reveal that there are German secret services behind the official German secret services…

I am sure that you are aware of this. You are much too smart to be fooled by Germany.

I love you bunches.

Yours forever,






Mary Sue was married to the impostor and not the founder of Scientology… And she apparently preferred her dog over her children…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you?

Above the law Mary Sue was not married to the founder of Scientology but to impostor “Jack Vistaril”. Back in the days when she was the Controller, nobody in the GO MUN had her picture in his/her office except Jürg Stettler, an infiltrator from Switzerland. Instead of publishing that she was a fraud just like her impostor husband, David Miscavige awarded her with cash.

What a bad taste in art she had. Look at this painting. A woman with hypnotizing eyes. Is that a self-portrait of her? Nobody could have paid me to hang this creepy pic up in my home. And that is not the only ugly pic in her place.

Suzette, Diana, and Arthur could not sell the home as long as her dog lived.

(Unrelated great Blues:)

What a “hardship” for the dog having to move elsewhere. The capacity of at least Sea Org member was wasted to serve the dog and the estate (Neville Potter). BTW, J.K. Rowling comes to mind too.

In the 80s, Mary Sue ordered GO MUN B1 to find a drug that stops aging, disease, and dying. She and her impostor husband were such fools. Ron, the real founder had established that already. It is not a pill but which is on top of auditing and training a different way to live and eat. “Jack Vistaril”, her hubby, and the mother of Shih Tzu altered Scientology as ordered by Germany and international p$ychs and then they try to find a solution for the problems (which they would not have if SCN wouldn’t be altered) and they didn’t find it. Their middle names were: Corrupt Idiots!

Many kisses, Marty, my love. I miss you so much.

Yours forever,



What did Larry Brennan’s psychiatrists, medical doctors, and the pharmaceutical industry do to him? (Transgender persons are at an increased risk for heart attacks)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

You knew Larry. He died August 11 on a heart attack. He indicated that he undertook surgery,  and I assume he took tons of pills to change his gender. Was this really necessary? Now he is dead. As if this didn’t have an impact on his health. It sure were not the “genes” considering that his Mom is still alive and 96 years old.

If he would stayed in Scientology, I think he would be still alive. He wouldn’t have gotten through the ordeal of changing his gender. If a Scientologist figures that he/she has a body of the wrong gender, he/she says: “Dang! Some freaking mind-controller tricked me in picking up the wrong body. Next lifetime, I make sure that this doesn’t happen again.”  But he/she would not undergo surgeries and subject himself/herself to tons of deadly drugs.  How did those p$ychs who talked him into changing his gender safe his life?? 

Later, Larry called himself Denise. But I am telling you, Marty, back in the 80s when Larry looked at me, I could have sworn that his glances were not feminine. Heartbreak being trans? I didn’t notice that looking at pretty women was much of a heartbreak for Larry… Back then in the Sea Org, I bet that if Larry would have had the choice of a romantic getaway with a pretty woman instead of a man, he would have picked the lady. 

And look at the pic of Larry and his wife: they look so “unhappy” in Scientology, don’t they?

Anyway, as I said before, ear implant codes are used to trick people into the wrong gender. And some go through such extremes as Larry. Why didn’t he just wait until it is time to pick up a new body and make sure this time that he doesn’t come back in a boy’s body? How can anyone be for 10 years in Scientology and not running past lives in auditing? What crappy auditors are these infiltrators? Ron says not running the whole track is a waste of time. That is what p$ychs are doing, not running the entire track. 

I think Larry was one of the numerous guests to our wedding at St.Hill, Marty, and just like the others, he kept it from us after p$ychs hired by Germany stole our memories. I also bet the farm that he knew that Ron, the founder was impostored by doppelganger “Jack Vistaril”. He knew that Scientology was infiltrated by non-Scientologists but in his publications he blamed Scientology and the founder not Germany and its international infiltrators. He also didn’t tell those facts to Janet Reitman or Larry Wright (but they should have found out also without Larry or others telling them).  He also hooked up with Germany’s secret front group “Anonymous”. He also didn’t tell them about the infiltration of non-Scientologists and that even the founder is impostored, and that this German-organised and -controlled infiltration is to blame on non-ethical actions within Scientology.   

Larry became even more of traitor by travelling to Germany  who wants to destroy Scientology. In more recent years, he was in SLC. I liked Larry in the 80s. I thought we were friends, but after he turned out to be working for Germany to bury Scientology, why should I meet him? There was nothing left to say.

HOWEVER, I BET IF LARRY WOULDN’T GONE THROUGH THE ORDEAL TO CHANGE HIS GENDER, HE WOULD BE STILL AROUND. He posted that he saw one (or more?) psychiatrists “in therapy” and got the idea of changing his gender there. Here is how dangerous that is and how many chemicals are involved:


I love you, Marty, I am so glad that we have bodies of the right gender.

Love you mountains.

Yours forever,



Impostor Monique’s husband is the liar. Below are just a few examples of what Ron, the real founder of Scientology said about telling the truth:

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and irresistible Prince, how are you?

Your impostor is such a hypocrite. He (an agent) infiltrated Scientology, stole your job and legacy, is lying to the world and even courts that he is you, so that you have to suffer forever innocent behind bars for crimes you never committed. He is comfortable with lying that he is you. He is the perjurer, and typically for an agent, he accuses good people of what he is doing! No real Scientologist would ever commit perjury as ethics and the law means a lot to real Scientologists. He and the likes of him simply turns everything around.

He even lied on his marriage certificate when marrying Mosey. And she didn’t dump him for that! Unbelievable. Where is her pride?

Unlike him, we are taking the truth seriously. 

Here are just a few example about what Ron, the real founder of Scientology, said about the truth:

“Truth is the exact consideration. Truth is the exact time place form and event.” (From the SCN tech dictionary)

“There Is No Compromise With Truth.”

“Lying is the LOWEST human creation.” (LOW, LOW, LOW, like your impostor, like Ron’s  impostor, like infiltrators, like German psychs who set this infiltration up and control it, LOW, LOW, LOW.)

Infiltrators lie, Scientologists don’t.

Many kisses and hugs, my sweetheart.

Yours forever,




What the analysts of the US intelligence community don’t see or don’t want to see…

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

It is always the same, the United States government supports governments and pours tons of money and other resources in those countries, and suddenly, those governments turns against the USA or are suddenly overtaken by movements or governments that are anti-American… And US forces are being possibly attacked with their own know-how or weapons…

Director of National Intelligence,

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI),
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),
United States Department of Energy,
Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (OICI),
United States Department of Homeland Security,
Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A),
Coast Guard Intelligence (CGI),
United States Department of State,
Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR),
United States Department of the Treasury,
Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (TFI),
United States Department of Defense,
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA),
National Security Agency (NSA),
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA),
National Reconnaissance Office (NRO),
Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency (AFISRA),
Army Military Intelligence (MI),
Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA),
Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI),
United States Department of Justice,
Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Branch (FBI/NSB),
Drug Enforcement Administration, Office of National Security Intelligence (DEA/ONSI),

A few of such countries “turning” enemy or never were friends (and the US missed that)  pop right away in my mind:

Germany on top of the list (it was never a friend to the USA and just used the USA… Germany is the worst hidden enemy of the USA and also any other country in the world)

Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and again Iraq, Maliki
Soviet Union,
France (certified German poodle),
Saudi Arabia (7/11, etc.)

and so on.

And it don’t dawn on these analysts that this “turning suddenly against the USA” is organized by a secret service that made itself superior to all other countries, and has a deep (covert and overt) hatred against the USA and wants to bring it down? If it does not dawn on them, how low of an IQ do they have?

Here a line from Germany’s national hymn. They indicate clearly what is going on: “Germany, Germany above all”.

To me, Marty, it appears as if these analysts just look at some surface symptoms, but they never pull stings and look deep enough. And for that kind of superficiality, they are being paid high salaries. Unbelievable. The only reason to explain this is: they are being controlled by Germany through their freaking ear implants. There is no other explanation. With Germany, I don’t just mean puppet Merkel but the men behind her.

They are not able to fool you, Marty. The US intelligence community sure is being fooled, or they are complete traitors (even if born in the USA) who know that Germany and its still existing Nazis still want world power no. 1 by all means and with all criminal methods. First EU, then Asia and the USA and the rest of the world.  Any alleged American who covers up what Germany is  doing is a traitors who helps Germany to bring the USA down with criminal methods.

I love you so much.

Yours forever,



1) Tony Ortega believes finally in life after death 2) I don’t think highly of people who want to stay “in the middle” – great people reach for the top…

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Picture: Apparently music-loving thetans with theta bodies attending a music event. Too bad that Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”, upon German and psychiatric secret service orders, removed the real founder’s writings about spirit orbs (thetans with theta bodies) and David Miscavige follows the impostor and is not a real Scientologist. I assume that any thetan with a theta body as pictured below had a human or animal body before. Apparently, these theta bodies can be seen, photographed, and measured. I figured that the thetan thinks that he needs the theta body to control his human or animal body. The theta body is used to fill out the flesh body and connect it with each nerves and cell, etc.

Marty, I don’t think that these thetans with theta bodies try to overtake the human body of this Mexican gentleman. They could be the deceased wife and mother… Or just music lovers… However, what they are for sure are deceased people/animals. I have lots of them here, Marty. They like coming to me too. I capture them all the time with my camera. Guess they like coming to me because I know what they are. Must be nice for a chance to be recognized. Stupid Wikipiggists think they are dust. Good grief!)


Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince, husband, and soulmate,

First about you and me, everything else can wait. ;)

Life keeps me busy here. Unbelievable how much activity the static can get and produce once it postulated to be no longer static. However, I would throw it all away in a heartbeat to be with you. During the years, I have not changed. I am still the hopeful romantic that I always was. And I know you too. Some people are already old when they are young, and some people stay young even if they get older. All on the inside reflects to the outside. I am living now in the middle of nowhere with a sparse population, but even more than ever, I have to avoid several Johns, some quite a lot younger than I am. I am not interested in any of them, Marty. I saw you, I recognized you, and you are the only one I am romantically interested in. I still hope to find you, but even if not, I would not take anyone else because my love and feelings are all invested in you. I never could love anyone the way I love you. And I have no regrets. I have regrets as to what I could have done better when I saw you the last time but not that I waited for you. Even if you would decide for someone else, I would not retaliate against you. It was all my choice, and I am glad that I made it.

So, why did I not fall in love with anyone having a good-looking body who came after you? Besides from me being very loyal, they didn’t shine on top of the tonescale like you, Marty. It really, really works. I apply it. If it would not work, how come I can differentiate between originals and impostors in a snap. I don’t read body language, I read personalities with the help of the tonescale. And I know you apply it too.

And now to Tony Ortega who these days approaches Ron, the founder, directly on his blog. Kind of funny, considering that Tony is an atheist. Seems that Tony learned at least something: death of the physical body is not the end of a person. And Tony thinks that Ron reads his blog. Tony is sure full of himself, isn’t he? A day ago, he tried to lecture Ron on that life is not basically a static. He says a static can’t be basically a static, it is either a static or not. This is typical Tony. Talking nonsense to his mindless followers.

In the axioms, Ron explained that a life static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. But it has the ability to postulate and to perceive. And that the static is also capable of considerations, postulates and opinions. Tony came never up with something that rings so true, yet, he has the guts to lecture Ron on the word “basically”. “Atheist-Philosopher” Tony (who thinks that the diseased founder reads his blog) says there is no basically, life is either a static or not.

Tony conveniently forgets that all people and animals on this planet left the state of static by postulating a different state of existence, e.g. life has now a body that has mass, they can be measured, they have locations in space. That is why “basically” was used. Life today is no longer just postulating, perceiving, and opinions. Who does not believe it, should read the news everyday.

It is the same like that thetans are basically good. However, a lot has changed since they were good and clean, and some really can knock that basic goodness so small inside of them that it just anymore has the size of a pin needle head, a very very very thin bad conscience that they knock back into the smallest toe of them when it shows.

Anyway, Tony and his “sources” are being used by the SEGNPMSS (other term for Bavarian Illuminati and the psychs, barbers, and butchers behind it) trying to destroy Scientology. I don’t worry about Miscavology or Vistarology as it is not original Scientology. As more stupid and corrupt people are leaving the orgs as better to restore original Scientology one day. They are non-Scientologists and their agents actions within the orgs caused their bad reputation.

Whatever is done to Scientology, it will not die because there are Scientologists who know of original Scientology. They know of “Jack Vistaril” being an impostor. And by deliberately ignoring this subject, Tony does not address in the slightest the people who will make sure that Scientology will survive, it doesn’t matter at how many other trees he barks. Even if Scientology orgs would be destroyed into ashes, it would raise again, and win if not in form of Vistarology or Miscavology.

There is also another aspect that Tony forgets: negative press or article can do just so much. Yes, people all heard or read about it, but when they meet a real Scientologist and learn to know him or her, they do away with this negativity and consider Scientology. I have seen it over and over again. Word of mouth and own experiences is a lot stronger than media and blogs.

What does it mean? It means that people who never understood or applied Scientology will leave but real Scientologists will not become no or anti-Scientologists and Scientology will continue to grow as people who are able to think for themselves will think about a real Scientologist and his knowledge, abilities, and attitude towards life when they met one. That means that this anti-Scientology campaign keeps stupid people away from Scientology but will continue to grow with thinking people and no cultists, the only people who should be in Scientology in the first place.

Marty, and now I am speaking about people who never were Scientologists, as your impostor, Monique’s husband. What is it with him preaching “to stay in the middle” or using the “middle path” etc. I never heard about a great person that “stayed in the middle”. If one wants to better the world, one can’t stay in the crowd. It sure is more convenient to be like anyone else and to be politically correct but it is not the way of great individuals. Great people give a damn what others are thinking about them even if they are defamed (usually a psychiatric defamation of being mentally ill) by going their own way.

What is so great about the middle and not reaching for the stars? What is so great about average if one can use all that is in one? Monique’s husband’s “Middle” is very boring, very very boring. And so are the people who are attracted to his “middle way”. I can’t imagine any real Scientologist dumping real Scientology for his boring middle crap. Middle means convenience, average, just like the masses, the same old, same old. No courage to swim against the stream. No one who makes real changes to this planet that are needed. I could not last a day in Monique’s husband’s “school”. It would suffocate me immediately.

The attorney of Monique, Leslie Hyman, just filed a reponse motion in case no 03-14-00199-CV IN THE COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE THIRD COURT OF APPEALS DISTRICT AUSTIN TEXAS, CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, ET AL, APPELLANTS, vs. MONIQUE RATHBUN, APPELLEE. What is that with Leslie Hyman taking the multi-million golddigger case of a woman who is married to your impostor, Marty? I said it before: Non-Scientologists in the orgs (Squirrel busters) played right into the hands of the impostor and his wife (who he married providing a false date of birth) so that they can file a case. Hyman informed the court that Monique was never a Scientologist. Of course she was never a real Scientologist as her husband never was one, but this is not what their good friend Steve Hall claims on his site. He listed her on top of “Independent Scientologists” for years. They can’t have it both ways. Monique traveled with her impostor husband even to Germany, trying to help this notoriously intolerant country to shut Scientology down. How dare Ms. Hyman to submit to the court that Monique has clean hands on Scientology. Besides, Squirrel Busters never followed them to Bulverde or Braunsfeld. All there was is an ex-law enforcement officer having a camera on his own land monitoring who the impostor and his wife meet trying to destroy Scientology, the religion of many. How can this be a crime? Hyman should go back to law school.

It is so ridiculous that anyone thought that I would mix the impostor up with you. It is typical p$ych-think that I would fall for this. They suck up our thoughts, Marty, but they are unable to understand us. We can’t be run like they are being run. We are not puppets and no cultists. What works with others does not work with us. Really, psychiatry, psychology, medicine, neuro”science” are the worst and extreme cults there are. These people are such true believers of their mind-controlling ways that they miss how different we are.

I miss you, Marty. I will love you forever. You are the most attractive and bright static that can is capable of considerations, postulates and opinions ever. Without you, this universe would miss the most exciting rock. You rock! Many kisses and tender and passionate embraces.

Yours forever,


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Dearest Marty, my awesome soul mate,

How are you? I would give anything in the world to know your whereabouts and see you again.

I remember when the Jonestown massacre took place. I just started working fulltime in the GOPR MUN, and my main stat was media articles. Positive media on SCN brought my stat up, bad media down. When Jonestown happened, just about all German reporters added Scientology to their articles (just as German secret services and their p$ychs ordered) – despite SCN had nothing to do with Jonestown. You can imagine my stats. Hundreds and hundreds of negative press… Argh! What a “welcome present”.

Marty, I am sure that you agree that it is impossible to make so many people commit suicide at once if those people were not psychiatric controlled into it. People usually all want to survive. I bet their case officers whispered in the ears of the victims that there is just  some harmless sleeping powder in that cool aide and nothing deadly. Whatever the stupid (and non-religious) idea of these people were to play along, they were tricked by their case officers. (Same goes for Heaven’s Gate and others.)

There is also the admitted psychiatric method of cutting off  people’s consciousness. They can make a person write suicide letters, commit suicide, become a terrorist, whatever, and the person isn’t really aware of it.  But she still functions completely as robot.

In short: psychiatry and secret services are the problem, not real philosophies.

I believe such psychiatric robots shot or injected with poison, or forced some of Temple people to drink the deadly beverage when they tried to resist.

The idea behind the “massacre” fits right into the German psychiatric Nazi plan that “religion” or “religious groups are dangerous”. They use their front groups to bring philosophies or religions down in the opinions of the people. Looks like the CIA was involved too as Germany’s poodle.

In any case, People’s temple was not a true religious group and not a true American group either. Before it became a target, I bet the farm that it was a psychiatric front group and Germany was behind it to give religion a bad name.

They killed an US Congressman deliberately to make US Congress outlaw all religious groups or movements.  I know how Germany and its international psychiatrists are thinking. And I know you figured them out too, Marty.

The only reason why mainstream doesn’t see it is because they are mind-controlled not to see it. Silent sounds in their tiny silicone ear implants.

And now, after all these years, 9 Guyana people’s remains show now up in a  funeral home in Dover, Delaware. How did they get there so secretly?

I am sure you heard Jonestown conspiracy theories as for example these:

Really, I am not surprised if CIA involvement will be proven, however, it does not end with the CIA. Germany, its secret service psychs have to overall control over people’s ear implants, and that is the reason why the world is so bad, including that we were separated and can’t get back together, Marty.

CIA officials and agents should finally figure that Germany is using them too and is not their friend. Germany and psychs are using the CIA to take the blame for German secret services. The analysts of  the US intelligence community should have figure that centuries ago!

A few years before the Jonestown massacre, we are ambushed by snipers, Marty. But the people attacking us and robbing our memories were not Scientologists. They were p$ychs, and their agents who tried to get rid of us real Scientologists because we figured what they were up to.

I love you, many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,



Why Monique’s husband can’t be trusted (he never was a Scientologist, he is an agent who was sent with secret orders in the Scientology orgs to impostor you)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you? I think of you and miss you terribly. 

Wish I could be with you. We could straighten the whole mess out.

Besides, from what I have seen, Monique and her husband are money-oriented. They are trying to make big cash by using the international psychiatric-organized secret service propaganda to hate and ridicule Scientology to their advantage in court and otherwise, AFTER he/she made the experience that they can’t make big cash by delivering auditing outside of the orgs.

A few years ago, when Monique’s husband thought they can make lots of cash with auditing, he told the Tampa Bay Times in a video interview that most of Scientology really works. When he figured that they can’t get rich because Scientologists don’t trust them, he changed how he speaks and writes about Scientology. Now it is mainly bad what he has to say, because he and his wife can’t enrich themselves from it.   

When he thought that Scientologists would bring give him tons of cash, he didn’t attack Ron. Scientologists didn’t make him rich, and now he writes mainly bad about the founder. (Also makes no differentiation between the founder and his impostor “Jack Vistaril”.) It is so easy to see what he is up to. (He also indicated that his books are no bestsellers either, another reason in his mind to hate the founder…)

Who of those interested in SCN auditing would trust Monique and her husband? These both who are so clearly anti-founder and are concealing that also the founder was impostered for decades. He at least should know this for a fact. On the other side, numerous people in the “Freezone” are not anti-founder. I am also getting mail from them. It seems that people disaffected with Miscavology don’t go to Monique’s husband or to Monique who was “trained” by him for auditing. They are looking for non-hating-Ron auditors in the “Freezone” instead.

Monique and her husband tried to dance on all parties at the same time, and it doesn’t work. People who had wins in Scientology are appalled by those who are trying to put him down and also by those who make Ron-haters their best pals. I think this is the reason why numerous auditors in the Freezone have a much higher success rate in delivery than your impostor and his wife. And his last posting indicates how bitter Monique’s husband is about this.

For the records: I am not endorsing the Freezone either. I only endorse original Scientology (and neither Miscavology or Impostorology/Vistarology). I just noticed how better the Freezone does compared to Monique and her hubby.   

On top of this, I bet most have heard that he is an impostor and that is keeping many away too from paying him cash for his version of “auditing”. 

Monique’s husband and Mike Rinder (and others) do all in their power to conceal that Scientology are infiltrated by the likes of them: non-Scientologists and infiltrators. SEGNPMSS mission orders are: “Agents ordered to do objectionable activities and blame them on Scientology and the founder.”      

If DM would be a real Scientologist and if the orgs wouldn’t be still riddled with non-Scientologists and secret service agents, they would publish the truth about this, instead of wrestling around with former infiltrators and let Scientology take the blame.

There is another thing that is all over the press, Marty. Leah Remini is worming her ways into Kirstie Ally’s friendships. I don’t want to go into details into this, and I just notice such things on the sidelines, but look at Remini’s smile (already inside the orgs, e.g. that one when she stand next to Michelle Miscavige and also that one that she did recently with Kirstie Ally’s dancing friend Serge). Her smile/grin is “picture book” 1.1. One can hardly see this tonelevel any better than here. If the orgs would not be infiltrated by non-Scientologists, they would have known in advance what to expect her.  (Including the sex-object pictures that she had taken of herself  that demonstrate a downtone mind.)  What is the quality of Vistarology/Miscavology auditing and training if it does not raise the tonelevel?  

Non-Scientologists are using the term “Schadenfreude” for Remini’s smirk. It is a German word, because they have so many of those people displaying Schadenfreude that they had to come up with a word for it. Just like they came up with the Doppelgangers as the use of them in Scientology as well as in politics and otherwise is GERMAN-ordered.    

There are quite a lot of people who were either “born” into Scientology or came to it very young (Jenna Miscavige Hill, David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, Leah Remini, etc.), and I bet the farm that these people never would have discovered Scientology on their own, unlike people who were very interested on their own in that subject. I am not saying that all who are born or came young into Scientology are like these and have not discovered the incredible value of real Scientology, but there are shockingly numerous people who never asked themselves the most essential questions of life. And when the wind (German/psychiatric propaganda machine against Scientology) blows a bit stronger, these guys are blown quickly into the opposite camp.

I know you are aware of this too, Marty.

I have lined up some help from handymen to fix some things around the house before fall. Hope they know what they are doing.

And I am thinking of you and what a different person you are compared with conspiring scum. I am proud of you, Marty. Very proud. I am so glad that I can read personalities, and yours is the most wonderful.

Yours forever, and many kisses.



Germany’s secret services are behind the never ending Israeli–Palestinian conflict… (They are running people with ear implants and have the overall control.)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soul mate, how are you?

Since I can remember, I asked myself the question why Jews, Palestinians, Muslims, and Christians can’t get along. Why don’t they find lasting peace solutions? The answer lies in Germany, their secret service, and the most secret service of all: the SEGNPMSS or Bavarian Illuminati or whatever they call their still existing brutal mind-c0ntrolling movement that was also the force behind the Nazis.

I found this German painting online. Typically German to accuse mainly or just women of fighting, but the text says that third person in this fight is not pictured. The German saying “When two are quarreling, the third enjoys it” is really true. And any world conflict can be solved by simply investigating this fact. 


This Israel-Palestine conflict is not religious.  SEGNPMSS has a program making people believe that religion is bad by radioing in the ear implants of their international agents (who might say that they are religious but they are not) to behave as badly as possible so that the world does away with religion. Why do they hate religion? There are a couple of reasons. One is that they are afraid that they have to better their characters and that needs courage. They don’t have this courage. The other reason is that truly ethical people miss their withholds. By looking at good people, they are reminded how dirty they are. If there are no ethical people around anymore, they don’t have to feel ashamed of their high crimes anymore as all are that bad. Another reason is that they can’t make truly religious and ethical people commit the crimes that they want them to commit… 

It also helps Germany to make the USA poorer by making it providing financial support. Germany wants to run the entire world as ever. The USA is in their way, and they think that the USA needs to be on its knees, its reputation, its finances,  everything… in order for Germany to become the official leader of the world. 

Another reason is to justify Hitler and the Nazis. By making Jews behave violent, it supports their campaign that Germany, Hitler and the Nazis were right gassing them.    

After Germany lost WWII, the hostility against Jews continued immediately in the Middle East because Germany was/ is using Muslims for their German purposes, despite Jews and Muslims have a lot in common and could live in perfect harmony together.

If land (space) to raise crops etc. is the problem, it could be solved with closed villages that raise crops (hydroculture). They can be stacked on top of each other, they can be put in and under water, etc. They can make their own water. The entire conflict can be settled right away as there are solutions. 

Palestine and Israel can have their own states. They just have to adopt a new way of living, which will be anyway healthier, better, and prettier than what they have now.  

As you know, during the 2nd WW, Germany used Muslim’s already for their low Nazis purposes. The world should have figured that Germany is the force that does not want Jews and Muslims live in peace. 

In  1948, there was a proposal by the UN to create a Israel and a Palestinian state, but the Arab countries rejected it because they don’t want Israel and Jews to live together. German-controlled Nazi ear implants made them act this way. 

Also if Jews would be indeed incapable of fighting back (as during the 3. Reich) how come they can fight now when Germany is not the target? Because Germany controlled them and they didn’t want Israel fighting them. But they are amused when Jews and Muslims are fighting. Exactly, it is always as the ruler of the ear implants sees fit.  Germany invented this retarded system because they MUST MUST MUST control.  Armies, paramilitary groups, terror cells,  individuals, politicians, “religions”, ethnic groups, they all have something in common: German-controlled ear implants. And then they make such a severe mistake and kidnapping me to Germany, where I could figure them out up-close and personal, Marty. How stupid was that? They are not really intelligent, despite they run the entire planet.  

Germany is also behind that terror groups win elections. All they have to do is to radio in the ear implants of their agents how to vote and there is the new “leader”.  

UK gave Jews land that they back then ruled as part of the British-Mandate.  Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon could offer Palestine some land too. But even if they don’t, all could build closed agricultural villages on and in the calm Mediterranean Sea, etc. They can make their own fresh and healthy water.  If they look for great places to farm and live, Marty, we would be able to help them all. Also, the USA would finally not throw out money anymore that is wasted for war. Marty, whatever is bugging these folks down there, we could come up with a solution that would make all of them very happy. 

It is the world most unsolvable conflict as Germany’s secret services sabotages any peace process by radioing in the ear implants of people not to find a solution or break any peace process/agreement.

I know that you are aware of this as I am, Marty. It is a shame that the world is so blind as to what really ails it.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my star! If you become US President, Marty, there will be peace in that region because you know who to bust.


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