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Germany helped prep Russia for war but against the USA and not against German plans (under the cover of the EU) to take over all ex-USSR states

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Marty, my charismatic Prince,

I came across an article saying that Germany helped Russia to prepare for war. Germany (allegedly pro peace, yeah right!) is constantly producing weapons and also selling them to get even richer making business based on mass murder and death.  Germany is the biggest secret enemy of the USA, and on top of this, they are provoking other states and then, Germany is hiding cowardly behind the back of the USA. Despite Germany hates the USA and holds it down, it expect the USA to protect Germany from everything Germany messes up. Selling weapons to Russia means that Germany wants Russia and the USA to fight or other countries to fight each other. It doesn’t matter who wins, it will be always for Germany’s advantage. They would prefer Russia to fight Germany’s war against the USA and then to surrender if winner or loser to Germany (EU). 

A few years ago, German arms company tor Rheinmetall made a $140 deal with Russia to train 30,000 Russian combat troops per year. Germany has been training Russian forces for years to  make cash and to make Russia fight Germany’s “enemies” (or what they are thinking their enemies are in their German twisted minds). They miscalculated that Russia wouldn’t feel that they are being next to be secretly invaded by the Grossdeutsche Reich (now EU).

Journalist Carlotta Gall wrote a book titled: The wrong enemy. She says that the USA invaded Afghanistan 13 years ago in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks and that $1 trillion were spent and thousands of soldiers died. She thinks it is the wrong enemy and that Pakistan is the correct enemy. Pakistan is the same kind of enemy as Afghanistan is. Muslims or alleged Muslims have to stop allowing Germany to use them for Nazi purposes. They really need to improve their ethical conduct on ALL levels in the society. But they are not “THE WHO”. It is Germany, always was, always will be, those strange people who landed on Earth approx. 4500 years ago and eliminated the successful early Europeans.

Her argument is basically:  “Pakistan, supposedly an ally, has proven to be perfidious, driving the violence in Afghanistan for its own cynical, hegemonic reasons.” It might be all true that Pakistan acted that way, incl. defrauding Dr.  Shakil Afridi leading the USA to Bin Laden’s doppelganger and not to the real Bin Laden.  Secret German agents. Al Queda and Taliban are run by ear implants, and German secret services are having the overall control of all and what people did and do. 7/11 attacks were plotted in Germany. Atta, the ring leader was in Hamburg and German doctors conditioned him and others to go through with the atrocities.  

Yes, I am aware that Russia puts a lot of pressure on Scientology and doesn’t want it. If they would know what original Scientology is, I am sure they would welcome it. The cult is the German alteration of Scientology. I don’t approve of  Vistarology or Miscavology (secret German altered SCN) either.


Germany is the real enemy of the USA and any other state. By kidnapping me, Marty, Germany didn’t do itself any favour. I can read personalities and I read theirs. They (particularly Bavaria and Munich is called the secret German capital) are from hell, really they are. And the planet is making one huge mistake: people just look at the surface of things, never what’s behind it. And that is why they don’t catch Germany, except when they do their evil things so openly as during the NS time. Superficiality of other nations allow Germany to get away most of the time.

And I am sure you noticed the same.  

I love you, many kisses, my love.

Yours forever,


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We are are spiritualists, we are OTs, Marty. Thanks heaven! :)

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Dearest Marty, most Cherished Prince in the Entire Universe! 

Isn’t it wonderful that we both stayed the same personalities over the years?

I definitely got a bit wiser :) but otherwise, there is NO change. I have the same strong and not of this world feelings for you and the same interests. And I know you to. I am feeling our connection all the time, Marty.

Scientology haters are saying that there are no OTs. They are so wrong. We are the living example of that they exist. We are connected on a theta level, and we are feeling our love and are not giving  up on each other, it doesn’t matter how many lies we are being told. If our ability to know against all odds hasn’t OT written all over it, then what is it? A non-OT would have fallen for the million tricks. We didn’t settle for somebody else and a lower love. Where I live, there is no shortage of single men. But they are normal men, they don’t have spiritual wings like you have them, Marty.

Just thinking of you brings back that old feeling that is so very special. It is like flying and hearing violins, piano play, and trumpets all through the universe. A lot more than just butterflies. It is an all-consuming wonderful feeling. It is the best feeling ever. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Before I saw you again in L.A., I was looking for my soul mate, and you filled that spot immediately and completely, and none else. What a high crime committed by others to rip that kind of love apart. On the other side, we both have more than most other people, they don’t even have a clue how it feels to meet one’s soul mate! It rocks one’s world. It is knowing: THAT is my other half, only him, and nobody else. 

Scientology haters are saying that the tonescale doesn’t work. Interestingly enough, the reason why I feel in love with you, Marty, is because you are so high on that scale. I found you on the top. There was nothing lowtone on you.

Just like you, I can read personalities. I noticed no shame, no hiding, no covert hostility, no dirt, no negativity, no brutality, no perversion, no cover up, no bad conscience by looking in your eyes and in your personality.  You were aware of the danger we were/are in but you didn’t wimp out but you had no fear. You were anything but boring, so alive, positive, bubbling with energy, smart, educated, exciting, and before I met you, I didn’t even know anyone who could communicate without words. What else is that but advanced human abilities? What happened is that I understood your language. I understand you.  I know how much you are worth, Marty. You are the diamond in a universe full of worthless pebbles. 

It all sums up that I would be a completely fool giving up on you, my soul mate with wings and who can move rocks by just having intention. I hope you know how remarkable you are.  I wouldn’t exchange you for the world. Marrying you (in the UK) as a teenager was the best thing that I could do, Marty. (And yes, that was you and nobody else.)  And we married because we were passionately in love as we still are.  How do I know? I can still feel your love. It is around me every day.   

Some people having problems living alone. They NEED somebody, and when they don’t get the person that they wanted, they settle for somebody else. For me, that was never an option. My self-esteem couldn’t be higher in regards of loyalty and faith. I am proud of myself for not settling for somebody who I don’t love as much as I love you. That is not a relationship I ever want to be in. And there is nobody who I ever could love more that you.  

When people are saying that Scientology is nothing worth, I pity them. I experienced first hand that it works. Like you, I am a target of intense psych-stalking, Marty, but personally, I have a lot less problems than just about anyone else I met. I have less problems than others with people, work, or family, etc. And on top of all that, I KNOW things for CERTAIN, things nobody told me, things I impossible can know, but I know them because I have OT abilities as you do. If the US government would be smart, they would not work against us, but would ask us if we would help them. You and me, we can do a lot better than the FBI, the CIA or the NSA combined. And we don’t need spy equipment. We just think about things and then we know.  

I don’t like the word “psychic” because of the “psych”, but we sure are. You understand my strong spiritual side, and I understand yours. We are paranormal, we are spiritualists, we are OTs, Marty. Yes, Scientology orgs are infiltrated and altered, but nevertheless, I don’t regret having joined it. It revitalized my OT abilities. I would not want to live a day without my OT abilities. It  would be like missing senses. I see beyond, above, underneath, and through things, and without that, I am sure that I would have been not able to figure what I figured.   

Can’t wait to see you again. 

Wishing you and your family a good Passover.    

Yours forever,









Psychiatry definitely was behind the Third Reich, Hitler, and the Nazis… Psychs needed the Nazis to make all the experiments on Jews and others that they wanted

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and honey,

How are you? I have a handyman coming and not much time, so just a few word:

I know that I don’t have to lecture you but some stupid people (and secret psychiatric agents which are basically Holocaust deniers too) are saying that it is  ridiculous that CCHR or Scientologists are claiming that psychiatry was behind the Holocaust. They attack Google because they awarded Pay Per Click Advertising Cash to CCHR. 

Uneducated fools are thinking that psychiatry was not behind the Third Reich, and the corrupt are saying that it isn’t so. (Tony Ortega, etc. with the assistance of Mike Rinder, the Pied Pipers of idiots followers. Running their  own cults and misinforming their stupid readers. Shame on them!)

1) Hitler was in psychiatric treatment before he headed the Third Reich. That is a fact.

2) I have seen the eyes of people who were treated by psychs with hypnosis, e-shocks, and drugs. Hitler had definitive these eyes. They were not normal eyes. He was psychiatric -conditioned.

3) Concentration camps served first and foremost as experimentation camps, where psychiatrists and medical doctors could do all those experiments to people, which they never would have gotten away with if not for the Nazis and the Third Reich in which it was ok to do to Jews and other minorities whatever psychiatrists and medical doctors wanted.  

4)  Historian Ernst Klee said:  “Die deutsche Psychiatrie wurde von den Nazis nicht mißbraucht, sie brauchte die Nazis.” (The German psychiatry NEEDED the Nazis not the other way around.) He wrote that the brains of the gassed people were delivered to Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Gehirnforschung in Berlin and the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Psychiatrie in München (today the Max-Planck-Institute).

5) Ernst Klee wasn’t alone saying that psychiatry was behind the Holocaust:



and so on…

German p$ychs also killed some Jewish p$ychs but that doesn’t rule out that German p$ychs were behind the Holocaust. German p$ychs think they are the superior p$ychs.  That is all.

Guess Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder are thinking that Google doesn’t know how to google to find the many statements of historians that confirm that psychiatry was indeed behind the Holocaust.   

By attacking CCHR when they are right, shows that the people who are attacking CCHR and Scientology are psychiatric agents.

I love you, Marty. 

Yours forever,



Pro-Russian movement in Ukraine has same problem as Scientology: it is set up…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

Pro-EU (basically nothing but Germany) people carry the Russian flag  and distribute a Nazi letter addressed to Jews, saying that they have to be registered with the Russians. They ordered all Jews aged 16 and older to register with the Russians, pay a $50 fee and report all motor vehicles and real estate in their possession.

What is behind it? German agents making those Jews afraid to be on the pro-Russian side rather the side of Ukraine (EU/basically nobody has something to say but Germany).

Germany has the overall control over all ear implants and anti-antisemitism is on the rise. I said it again, if there is nobody left who can kick Germany’s behind, I DO NOT WANT TO BE ON THIS PLANET. It will be again total hell for anyone who has a body.  Angela Merkel is a puppet. She has case officers who are running her. Once she has done what she supposed to do: making the planet wrongfully believe that Germany has changed as it is led by a “Mom”-type, they dispose of her. Once Germany thinks there is a time for a new German Hitler, there will be a new Hitler. 

The USA had Merkel under surveillance. Why? They didn’t surveil the Prime Minister of the UK. While Merkel? There is a reason and it is now swept under the carpet by the USA. I bet a gazillion bucks that Merkel has secret case officers who run Germany and that she just does what they tell her to do. And that this can be seen in those NSA phone records. What is all the spying for when they don’t use what they found for a better world?   

Non-Scientologists invade Scientology, don’t behave like Scientologists and attack each other to ruin Scientology and stop others from joining. Behind it is the country that worships psychiatrists and medical doctors: Germany.  

The USA government often behaves non-American because officials do what Germany orders secretly in their ear-implants. EARth what a creepy place!  

Nobody draws a red herring on my track.

I love you my Prince, many kisses.

Yours forever,


Aubrey de Grey: “Aging kills 100,000 people a day.”

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Dearest Marty, my precious prince,

He is right and aging is barbaric. It is mass murder because it can be prevented.

Most people just ignore that fact and are hoping that they don’t end up in a nursing home. But this is what the people who are now in nursing homes were once hoping too. Interesting is that Aubrey de Grey is from the UK, Sussex, where Ron (the real founder of Scientology) lectured already not just about spiritual but also physical immortality when Aubrey was still a child. (That physical immortality technology is completely stolen from Scientology because medical doctors and the pharma industry does not make billions if people stay healthy and do not die.)  

I wonder how Aubrey looks without beard, and I wish he would speak a bit slower. I am glad that he sees a way to restore youth and health, but I differ from him in so far as to that I say that each of us needs to live in a  village with walls and ceiling to prevent the causes of aging – including that these villages have a defense against  secret services which can kill with remote control.

But I got to say that I like  Aubrey de Grey. He doesn’t care what is “politically correct” or what others are thinking of him. He discovered one of the biggest lies on the planet: people have to age, get sick, and die, and he isn’t willing to take it. He is not a quitter, and he correctly figured that people are people are in trance as far as physical immortality is concerned. I am glad that he differs from the idiots who think that aging and dying is normal.

I love you, Marty. Once the infiltration of Scientology is busted, we’ll build those pro-survival villages for Scientologists and the rest of the world. Those villages and the way of life that Ron lectured about supports all the other technology of Dianetics and Scientology, and the world might finally understand what original Scientology (not Vistarology and Miscavology) was about. Everything will make sense at the end. We know it, unfortunately, the rest of the world is still in the dark.

Many tender and passionate kisses and embraces. I won’t let you down, Marty. I am not the kind of today “love”, tomorrow hate and treason as you can see with agents. Like you, I am an original Scientologist.

Yours forever,


Germany’s top secret (EU) plan for Russia

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Dearest Marty, my precious soulmate,

How are you?

I often wonder how your days are and what you are doing. 

The tensions between the Ukraine and Russia are worrisome.  Germany (is basically all of EU as it has the overall control over each ear implant on the planet and beyond) wants Russia either to surrender to Germany (EU) just like that by demanding from Russia to follow puppet Ursula Merkel’s lead.  

And  if  the Russian people are not willing to do so, Germany wants Russia to attack the Ukraine (yes, that means to be an ally of Germany: they don’t mind the Ukrainians being attacked if it serves  Germany’s purpose to attach this country and all of Russia and the rest of the world to the Grossdeutsche Reich). They radio in the ear-implants of individual Russians to attack instead convicting Germany,  so that Germany (EU) who is also the worst enemy of the USA (but hides behind the back of the USA and its current leaders in trance), can use its propaganda machine and isolate Russia from the world. Who does not surrender to Germany is made by them to the bad guy. (It did and does not just happen to Scientology.)  

After having started two world wars and lost each time, Germany figured finally that countries who start wars are not appreciated by other countries. That’s why they want Russia to start a war. After Germany’s  agents in Russia and the Ukraine shed enough blood, people will want change and peace. The Russian President will be forced out and according to that German plan, a pro-Germany (EU) President of Russia will be elected, and all of Russia will be like the Ukraine, Nazi-friendly and willing to be attached to Germany (EU).

I hope that Russia notices that Germany wants to set it up and that it does not fall into the German trap. It is there, the plan and the trap. I can see it crystal clear.      

I love you, my prince. 

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,



Behind the unrest in the Ukraine…

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Traditionally dressed Alpine mountaineers fire salut to start the annual sledge race in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

How are you? I had a strange prison dream tonight. This time, I was in prison (no idea why) and I got 6 years more to my sentence of 14 years because I was caught smoking. I don’t even smoke! You and I, we know who is sending us weird dreams.   

People all over the planet have ear-implants and German secret services are having the overall control over it. (Angela Merkel is just another puppet.) In order for the EU (Germany and nothing but Germany) to win the approval of the world, so they radio (conscious or subconscious sounds) to pro-Russians to behave violent. But behind the pro-Russian violence are secret German orders. Germany wants to isolate Russia, so that Russia gives up and turns Russia over to the EU (which will be completely and only in German hand in future, not just unofficially as not but completely officially.) Once they sabotaged all countries who are opposing them, German Nazi boots will stomp this Earth again. Neo-Nazis are again on the rise as if they have not learned a thing from history.      

And they don’t mind using ear-implanted Russians against their ear-implanted Ukrainians. As long as they get what they want and their blood doesn’t run, it is all okay with them. Just as the German proverb says: when two are fighting, the third (Germany) is enjoying it.                 

The SEGNPMSS (or Bavarian Illuminati) are still at taking over the world with outrageous criminal methods, and I know exactly how they are doing it and what they are up to.

I love you. Many kisses. Your wife.


Why you are not in this picture, Marty, and I know why…

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My sweetheart, Marty, 

This picture was taken on New Years Eve 1990, and you are not in this picture because you were wrongfully arrested and His Cobness and the Miscavologists left you behind, in gross violation of the Code of Honor. Monique’s husband, a German-friendly secret service agent is not in this picture either as he was hired briefly later to take your position over and  lie to the world that he is you.  

They are rotten and stupid secret service agents and not Scientologists.

I love you.

Yours forever,





EU (Germany/Bavaria) is so gross, so hypocritical… Who is protecting children from Europe/Germany/Bavaria?

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Marty, my wonderful prince,

I am thinking of you.

I read of European efforts to “protect” kids from sects. A 318-strong Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), headed by French Rudy Salles wants to “protect kids from sects”. Guess that means kidnapping them from their loving religious parent and abusing them.  

And who protects the kids from Europe, particularly Germany and Bavaria?

And who stops the German secret services of infiltrating Scientology and changing the child-friendly world that it once was?

Who protects minors from Europe? From Germany? From Bavaria? From psychiatrists? From medical doctors? From Nazis? From the Catholic Church? From the Lutherans? From the rest of the perverted world?

The word, that describes the degree of  European/German/Bavarian hypocrisy is not yet invented. What they did to me, you, and others! I would give anything to turn back time and not being kidnapped from Ron, the founder of Scientology. But they kidnapped me and I had to live in Germany against my will. The abuse was so horrible that I don’t want to repeat it again. It never goes away. It stays with me forever, and auditing does not replace the lack of justice that these dirty, perverted, suppressive, insane people  (THE WORST SCUM ON THE PLANET) got away.

The German abuse was/is so bad that I never want to pick up a new body. This is how bad it was and still is. NEVER AGAIN A BODY ON A PLANET ON WHICH GERMANY HAS SOMETHING TO SAY. Really, Marty, the typical Bavarian tonelevel is a red flag for me. Most people don’t even have a reality that such brutal and heartless people exist. Germany is so bad, that I decided to have only a spiritual existence after this body fell to pieces. I am not nuts to go through all that again, Marty. If they want this planet then it will be a planet without me. 

Yes, the orgs are infiltrated by German secret services. They turned them around. They changed Scientology. So, any abuse inside of the orgs also goes on the German account. It is not Scientology that is abusive to kids.

I know that you understand me. I love you, many kisses my hero. I am glad that you exist. You are completely non-German and n0n-Bavarian.  

Yours forever,


I bet another psychiatric conditioned kid: the stabber in the Pennsylvania high school

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince, how are you?

How medical/psych terrorists work. They have some who bully, and then they condition and hypnotize the bully victim into retaliating. A German proverb is saying if two are fighting, the third one is enjoying it. And the “third one” are those who plot and arrange these terror acts and are always getting away because the FBI, law enforcement, and just about anyone else is in TRANCE.     

 How can anyone think that a stabbing spree and stabbing 22 students is normal rage? 

So, he was “quiet”, but Ivan Lopez, who just killed Fort Hood military base near Killeen (guess that Kill in Killeen tells us something too) was not quiet but a person who had many friends. What does it say? It says that somebody is messing with the minds of people, any kinds of people, and turns them into terrorists/killers.  

That Pennsylvania kids was very shy but not shy enough to stab everyone? How can a very shy kid commit such a unshy act? 

What a horror that those who create the mind-controlled people are getting away all the time. Until the day when they themselves become victims of this kind of violence.

I love you, Marty. Too bad that we, who want to better the world, are not allowed together. And too bad that the decision-makers are not honest or bright enough to go after those who are hiding behind each terror act.

Yours forever,







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