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How medical-oriented secret services ensure that Scientology embraces pharmacy and medicine instead of building villages that prevent diseases and aging as per L. Ron Hubbard (real founder, not his impostor)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

The answer is really easy for you and me but anyone should be able to figure this out too.

Secret Service doctors know how to make cancer. (By keeping this a secret, one day it will be done by other docs to them and their loved ones too, but they are not capable to think as far.)

They are using remote-controlled cancer germs, microwaves, and other nasty and pain- and death-bringing devices to kill people with cancer and other “diseases”.

And now to Scientology. Robert W. Duggan’s and Trish Duggan’s son allegedly died on cancer. I bet the only reason, why he was medically murdered with cancer  was, because the SEGNPMSS figured that Robert and his wife would go deeper into pharmaceuticals. As they are probably the biggest financial donor of the Church of Scientology, secret service doctors figured that this would make David Miscavige and other non-Scientologists and agent to lead Scientology rather down a medical/chemical route and not the one of an alternative lifestyle as per L.Ron Hubbard (of which His Cobness and others must have heard directly from Ron).  

This is a very easy riddle to solve. What’s behind this jumped directly into my mind, the moment I learned of how the Duggans are making their fortune.

A DIFFERENT WAY OF LIFE IS SAVING MANKIND FROM DISEASES AND AGING, NOT PHARMACEUTICALS. Would also protect against viruses. I wrote about this several times before.

Will they ever learn? 

On another note, something really wrong with Austria. It is trying to rent Hitler’s birthplace, a 8,600-square-foot home for “educational or social purposes”. Yikes! Why don’t they tear it down and use the place for a garbage place or something like it?

I love you. Very much, Marty. I am homesick for you. I don’t have the words to tell you how much you mean to me. Happiness for me is thinking of the day when we are finally back together. I run this day so often through my mind that it would be the most ultimate cruelty if this day never would come. One reason why I believe that we both will see each other again against all odds is because we deserve it. We love each other truly and are wishing all others also the best. What is WRONG with that? Nothing. Exactly!

After those many years, it is still YOU. And that says it all.  YOU are my one in the Hundreds of Quinquavigintillion of other thetans in the universe. Because I love how you are. And I am glad I was able to recognize your value, Marty. It was shining through your eyes. It is nothing anyone can play. It is nothing anyone can imitate.  It is what just YOU have. You are so worth everything. 

Be tenderly and passionately kissed, my rockstar. 

Yours forever,


P.S. My modem stopped working two days ago. I got twice  as much Internet speed now, but not really. So, another thing to debug… 




Schrödinger’s cat (What a cruel and stupid experiment… And was it really just theoretical? Or did he “inspire” others to really conduct it?)

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and superstar,

There is Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian who also worked in Berlin for Germany. He was allegedly no Nazi but later “recanted”. (How “impressive”.) He won a Nobel prize in physics.

Is that cat experiment really just a theoretical “thought experiment” or was the idea behind it that creepy and cruel nerds really try it? Looking at his cat experiment, I came to the conclusion that the physicists are not better than the medical doctors, psychs, and chemists who also have cruel animal experiments on their minds.

Some scenery at the moon was after Schrödinger. Good grief! 

His last words allegedly were: “I wish I never would have met that cat…” Was he saying that cat experiment wasn’t from him but handed to him? If yes, who was that?

It is about quantum theory, the mechanics of atoms, molecules as well as other physical systems that are subject to the “uncertainty principle”. They are basically saying that they don’t know much.  If they would know or confess that useless people equipped with lasers, microwave, satellites, and other secret service equipment are sabotaging physical experiments, they finally would get somewhere and they would understand a lot more.

The cat experiment is pure nonsense in my opinion. It is about “superposition”, saying that everything is in the eye of the beholder. To come to this conclusion, I don’t have to propose a cruel and dangerous cat experiment with hydrocyanic acid and a radioactive substance. If  just one atom falls into pieces, it would trigger a sequence and a hammer break the vial with the chemical and kill the poor cat. (Marty, who in the world but a person with a very creepy mind would use a dangerous and cruel example like this to make his point?) His point is this: If the box isn’t opened, one wouldn’t know whether the hammer broke the vial and according to the quantum law and the “superposition of states”, one would not know if the cat is alive or dead, and that means that the cat is alive and dead at the same time. (And there is always somebody who is paying these “scientists” and awarding them!)

Ron (real founder of Scientology not his impostor) said it without any cruelty and very straight and clear: space, energy, objects, form, and time are the result of considerations made and/or agreed upon by the static (life as it was before it started to play games in the physical universe) and are perceived solely because the static considers that it can perceive them.

That means that we can maintain, win, or lose our perceptions, depending on what we think we are capable of. 

However, we all AGREED a long time ago on the laws of physics that if a cat is dead, it is dead. If it is alive, it is alive. It is not alive and dead at the same time, just because we don’t know the state of the poor cat’s fate.  It is dead OR alive.

Seriously, Schrödinger’s alleged point was a “thought” experiment. Physicists are like psychs or what? They try to make it real complicated what “quantum theory” says about nature and behavior of matter on a “microscopic level” and what we observe as true in regards to  nature and the behavior of matter on the “macroscopic level” (visible to the human eyes without the help of optic aides). The biggest mistake that all these “scientists” (all the same kind of people in little boxes made of ticky tacky) are making is ignoring or allowing CORRUPTION at the microscopic and the macroscopic level. As fewer people know or are certain over facts of life, as easier for the SEGNPMSS to control them and give them the run around.

That “superposition” takes allegedly place at the subatomic level as there are observable effects of “interference”. These “scientists” believe either that these “interferences” are natural, or they don’t open their mouths to state what they are really thinking: corruption by useless people having devices to hinder science and to corrupt experiments and keep factual knowledge down. 

I was briefly confused by something I read… that a single particle can be in several locations at the same time. Huh? Later I learned that this is just one theory of “quantum physics”. I think it moves so fast that it APPEARS to be in several places at the same time but is of course not in the same place.

Like our thoughts. ;)

I miss you, Marty. Would love to do some science projects with you. :) We would figure corruption when it is there. And when is it not on a corrupt planet like this?

I love you, and neither psychs nor quantum physicists can explain why our love remains as strong and pure as always. :) 

Yours forever,













Roswell and the Nazis (There is a lot more in space than a lonely American flag on the moon!)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

I am thinking of you and hope that your life is not as hard and that I am wrong about you being  locked up. However, my intuition tells me otherwise. This is not a nice planet,  and a truly good person as you isn’t protected by a government who should protect you and me and grant our rights. 

Speaking about a corruption… German TV reported about the Roswell Incident  of  July 8, 1947 in the town of New Mexico. Something crashed there, and some people thought it was a crashing flying saucer, but US military authorities reported later that they downed a weather balloon. A German engineer claims now that this wasn’t a weather balloon but he saw with his own eyes a Nazi UFO with a design that had been developed during the Third Reich.

It isn’t a big surprise for you and me, Marty. Not just the Scientology orgs are infiltrated with non-Scientologists by still existing Nazi secret services, the U.S. government is also infiltrated by officials who still work secretly for Germany and the SEGNPMSS. If not, they would not conspire to keep us apart. I knocked on so many official doors, and the U.S. government conspired against the two of us. They are helping still existing Nazi-Germany  to prevent me finding you or you finding me. They are rotten to the core! Traitors to do this to fellow Americans. Nazi doctors bring out the worst in them. 

What should alarm all people on this planet is also this: Nazis are in space!  There is a lot more out there than a lonely American flag on the moon! In short: the old as well as the still existing Nazis and the (in hard core German) doctors (medical and psychs) are using the U.S. government for their still existing Nazi activities. I said it already, and I say it again: who works for the Nazis, is a Nazi, it doesn’t matter his/her nationality. I hope no American or other national who works for the Nazis thinks that his/her nationality can be used to avoid prosecution when all breaks down. And German systems always break down. Just an idiot doesn’t see it in advance.

Recently, I tried to read a NASA forum, and guess what happen, Marty. They barred me from reading it! I may not even have a glance on what they are up to! They are afraid that I could figure out even more as I already did.

Any American or other national working for Nazis is a real retard. Germany has the overall control of all ear implants. It has just about all people in its grip and controls them. But despite this control, Germany lost two world wars. How dumb can it get? And they are making another huge mistake by treating us the bad way they treat us. I can’t even describe how hard they trying breaking me, and I am afraid that you also have to feel their brutality on a daily basis. As far as we are concerned, Marty, they are very desperate! If they would just a tiny bit smarter than they are, they would have known that they lost the battle against us, the moment we figured them out. And the USA, those traitors in the government and others, are helping them or are turning blind eyes as to what the Germans are doing in the USA and to us. They are so WORTHLESS. Actually, they are so worthless as human beings that they would deserve to live under the (medical/psych) Nazi boot for all time to come. 

German Nazi-controlled American officials invited Nazis “scientists” to work with them, allegedly to get an advantage over the Soviet Union. If not already in German-Nazi grip, these Americans would have never fallen for this excuse. They would have figured that Germany was also behind communism and the Soviet Union, considering that Lenin and other communist leaders were German agents. 

What is also laughable is that Germany wants the world to think that the smartest people (scientists,etc.) are all Germans. But most of what they claim having invented is stolen from other nationals. Besides, look at our reactions to them. They collected (illegally of course) each of our thoughts over lifetimes, yet, these psychs are unable to make us respect and accept them. We are appalled by them. They are unable to understand our personalities despite that they have a huge collection of our thoughts. In order to impress us, one has to be ethical, and that is their huge problem. They think that ethics is no fun or difficult. It is none of those kinds, but a bad person must be honest to herself/himself. And that is what they are not: honest to themselves. They have done so horrible things that they think they can’t afford to take an honest look at themselves. Good people remind them of what they are NOT. That is why they work hard to pervert others and/or torture those who are good. So, the HUGE gap between them and us is getting wider and wider because we don’t do them the favor  to become like they are. They want us and all others to become as bad as they are. Because when all are bad, they think, they don’t have to change. Yes, cowards, they are. A little girl alone and surrounded by kind cobras has more courage than they all together. All they are getting is total resentment and disgust from us. I rather be dead than having the character they have. I rather never pick up a body in any future lifetime than living under their rules. I never surrender to them. NEVER. They are PRIMITIVE. To be like them is the worst that can happen to a being. They are so “intelligent”, are they? They are the eternal losers, Marty. How dumb must they be by losing over and over again despite they have all secretly in their hands. It can’t get dumber than this. It is the ultimate stupidity, and there is nothing like an intelligent criminal. Loss of self-respect and a bad conscience and fear that they are being caught, despite… Gee, what a “bargain”.  

Anyway, Nazis and their doctors are in space and are using Americans but also Russians, Muslims, and anyone else for their low purposes. Today, they kick the Nazi ball in the areas of former non-Nazis as the USA, Jews and Scientologists… They don’t give up their world ruling plans but blame others and are using others on what Nazis were/are known for. My message to the world: get them finally, and get them all! How people can think that they are safe by helping the still existing Nazis is beyond me. One turns against the other when time comes.

Only TRULY good people don’t turn on each other. And truly  good people don’t conspire against each other. They are not even remotely good. If anyone of their agents tells me his/her story, and I will pinpoint exactly where his/her own secret service network screwed them over and that is more horror for them in the still existing Nazi doctor cards. These agents are sticking their heads into the sand. It looks as if they either are too dumb to figure out who runs them or too cowardly to face the truth.

Well, you and me, Marty, we are not made of cowardly material. We take them on. Looking back, I remember that when I started to figure those Nazi doctors out in the early/mid 80s, they increased their torture methods on me. That is what they call “intelligence”.  Good grief. If they would be intelligent, they wouldn’t have come on as strong as they did and do. But as Ron said, the SPs screams being handled. Only people who know that they deserve to be busted behave like that. Too bad that they don’t have the courage to stop their despicable acts and confess. Cowards don’t come clean.         

However, as a sum: Nazis are in space, and the USA is being used by them.

Many kisses, my one and only.

I love you. I am glad you are of my kind.

Yours forever,







Physicists are not sure what particles and waves are (two slit experiment)

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Dearest Marty, most remarkable star in the universe, how are you?

I thought physicists would know more, but hey, they haven’t even discovered thetans (has no wavelength) nor the thetans with theta body (has a tiny bit of wavelength) either, and there are so many of them. 

I find physics/astronomy more interesting than chemistry.  Chemists just mix dangerous stuff together and are getting something that smells bad, is dangerous or explodes, and then they write down the formula. Duh!  

The double slot experiment (physics) got my attention.

Balls thrown through a slit hit a wall behind a slit exactly where the slit is. When this is done instead with waves, the most intensity of a wave hits a wall behind the slit exactly were the slit is. When waves are driven through two slits, they cancel each other out after gone thru the slits. At the wall behind the wall with the slits, the waves hit mostly in the middle, where the waves hit with most intensity, and there is nothing to be seen on that wall where waves cancelled each other out.

When electrons (subatomic particles) are shot through the wall with one single slit, they act just like the balls. One single band of electrons is seen in the same order on the wall behind that one with the slit. However, when the electrons are shot though a wall with two slots, they do not react like the balls but like waves.

So, they thought that electrons going through the slits are interfering with each other like the waves but then they discovered that the electrons don’t touch each other. How could they become waves? They did this process also very slow and one ball after the other to make sure that they don’t interfere with each other. But again, the wave pattern, an interference pattern, emerged also when these electrons are thrown through the slits slowly and one after the other.

It puzzled all of them. No interference but interference?

Many think that the single electron leaves as a particle and BEFORE IT ENTERS THE SLITS, IT TURNS INTO A WAVE OF POTENTIALS and goes through both slits, interferes with itself and hits the wall like a particle. It does it all on its own, they say.

Sounds strange to me, Marty.

 So, I think, if the particle (electron) consists of waves, it could, when much lighter as a ball, act live waves.  Don’t have electrons properties of both particles and waves? They say that the electron has no sub component.  An atom contains one proton, two neutron, and one electron. The proton consists  a mixture of quarks and gluons.  The neutron consists of 1 up quark, 2 down quarks. The quarks seem to be very fundamental . The gluons are subatomic particle that might bind quarks together. That is easy to remember, gluons like glue. The god particle (Higgs Boson- how particles get their mass) allegedly consists of techni-quarks, and lots of smaller stuff also seems to roam the universe.

Well, back to the two slit experiment. They put the electron that they threw and the slit under surveillance.  Suddenly, the electron behaved like a ball again, and didn’t split but just went through one of the slits not both. They say that the electron decided to act differently WHEN WATCHED… Huh?


Eerie universe?

There is a big confusion about what is matter, is it balls or waves? It puzzles scientists because they say that particles are particles and not waves.

But besides that particles could consists of waves and act in lighter form as waves, here is another idea of mine, Marty:  an (unseen) microwave from useless secret service agents could cause this interference. They play around with the experiments of those scientists and their electrons as these guys have nothing worthwhile to do and that is why the location of the electron is a jungle of possibilities. That is what I bet my money on. These guys are mentally stuck in pre-puberty.  

People call science when an experiment happens with the same outcome all the time. So when people make the same experiments everywhere, and they have the same outcome, it is true and science. But anyone on the planet experienced ear ringing, and that is not natural either but the product of secret service frequencies sent in anyone’s ears by secret service doctors to cover up silent sounds underneath the tinnitus.

The percentage measurement where the electrons likely land on the wall don’t impress me much. I don’t rule out idiotic secret service interference of these “experiments”. That is where I would look first if I would make an experiment. I would make my experiences in Faraday rooms where nobody can interfere with electromagnetic waves.

So, if somebody makes the two slit experiment outside of Faraday cages and the particle behaves always strange and unsuspected, does it means it is science, or could it be that whenever somebody wants to make that experiment or other experiments (all thoughts/intentions are known before executed by their supercomputer), useless secret service agents interfere with their frequencies as they are the most useless people the universe has spit out?

This universe has something written all over it: corruption. This knowledge always helps me when I have to puzzle things together.

What do you think, Marty?  I wish I could listen to your thoughts.

Many kisses, my wonderful prince and husband. My love for you is bigger than the universe. In fact, compared to my love for you, the universe is just the size of a pin needle.   

Yours forever, and very glad to have met you and never giving up on you. 



Latest news about the Kennewick man, America’s most important skeleton

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The end of this gif says “fin” for “end” in French but that ancient guy googles in English. ;) 


Dearest Marty, my one and only,

You heard of the Kennewick man, the skeleton that was found  on a Columbia River bank in Kennewick, Washington in 1996. A court seemed to agree that he was no Indian, and scientists studied the remains. Very odd and suspicious were the actions of the Army Corps of Engineers who covered the area where the skeleton was found with tons of debris to hinder any further archaeological digging. Looks a lot like very active ear implants to me. What a history: first the Army killed the Indians, then they cover up history in the name of the Indians. Particularly ancient history is not properly recorded, and some people seem to be very afraid that mainstream learns about this. 

The lead scientists who examined the Kennewick man says that this man lived 9000 years ago and came from the far East-Asian coast populations. I find this confusing because the “First Americans” crossed from Asia to America over a land bridge called Beringia, allegedly 15000 years, so that means that Kennewick man is Indian after all? The analysis of the skull showed it to be “unlike American Indians and Europeans”. But the Indians came from Asia…  It is said that  Kennewick Man was not European but most resembled the Ainu  and Polynesians. Most resembles? Either he is or he is not.

To me it appears that there were people walking this Earth that were completely exterminated if they don’t look like those who remained.

If he would look like a German, Germany would claim that it discovered America and that the USA is theirs. Columbus and the Vikings (allegedly having one German on board) discovered it neither because Kennewick man was already here.  And he didn’t look European. As I understand it, the DNA that they took did not match any other ancient DNA. 

And he wasn’t alone here either, had a spear head in his body and broken bones. If the  Army Corps of Engineers wouldn’t have covered up the area where the remains were found, we would know more, but yet, that should be prevented, right? Traitors.

Many kisses, my love. I know that I knew you 9000 years ago. And not just that, I know you from beginning of time. That is why I can trust you completely and why I can’t stop loving you, Marty. You were and are so wonderful, at the beginning of time and still. I am so happy that you still are the same. Me too. 

Yours forever,















This is an ancient Egypt love song from allegedly 3000 years ago. Not bad at all. It is not really his sister. Sure glad about this.  You sung  love songs already much much early to me. :) I think you have invented love songs. 

What a list!

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Dearest Marty, my darling,

Have a look at this sign. Speak of a fanatical Christian… He also has Scientologists, environmentalists, Buddhists, “loud mouth women” and lots of others on his “repent” list. I wonder why English grammar teachers are not on that list. Maybe there was not enough space.  




This atheist sign on a bus is kind of funny i.m.o. “Probably”, means that the atheists are not sure if there is a God… And why do they think that God is a hindrance to enjoying life? This isn’t much smarter than what came from the fundamental Christian above.



In response to above bus ad, look at this. No worry here.   


Atheists are everywhere, and so is Big Brother. Atheists did a “great job” creating a better world without stopping Big Brother running and controlling everyone through freaking ear implants.  



 Somebody made a summary of those two belief systems. Exploding nothing makes no sense to me either. He/she should take a look at the Scientology axioms as there is something else that these two belief systems are lacking: the real explanation, which is: that we thetans always existed and this does not exclude God. 




This church is taking it easy. Looks like a lazy pastor who doesn’t know how to deal with them, so he simply  explains atheists as nonexistent.  


That one is really strange. What makes them think that God is against good or better lovers? And it is contradictory with the other atheist statement that God allegedly is nowhere. So, according to the atheists God  is allegedly nowhere but in the bedrooms of people? Give me a break.  What makes them think that God even wants to see what’s going on in their bedrooms? Besides, it contains a big lie. Big Brother (medical secret services as the SEGNPMSS) is watching everyone.  



I know who did it. 



I  am convinced that there were big bangs, Marty, explosions  that blew up creations, e.g. one or smaller universes and shattered it into the universe that we have now. In other words, the big bangs came after the creation. I bet the farm on it.



That one is funny. Must be a hell of a sermon. ;) Lay down that beer, the end is near! 




This is funny too, Marty. Looks like Freud is leading the way into hell.



That one is also entertaining. 





 No idea what it says but this is allegedly an ad of the “success kid” by the National Bank of Iran. Grim the face of success? Looks like they fed him with sour milk.




 I love you, Marty, forever, no matter what. Be kisses, tender and passionately.  

 Yours, Sarah/Barbara




Power of word-of-mouth recommendation, curiosity/interest, and personal experiences is a lot stronger than negative propaganda

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Dearest Marty, my dashing heart-throb… How are you?

My thoughts wander often to where you are and how your days and nights are like. If we wouldn’t be the target of a conspiracy (most definitely not just in my head!), I would have found you immediately as thetan basically knows.

Scientology attackers and defamers are thinking that they defeat Scientology with bad PR campaigns against Scientology and the founder. (Hushing up of course that the founder was impostored by a doppelganger and Scientology altered.) They think that Scientology will close its doors in the future and nobody will join. These “critics” or better anti-Scientology campaigners have simple minds. It doesn’t matter what they say and write, word of mouth, curiosity/interest, and personal experiences are what counts a lot more than a forum/blog/book with hate messages.

Scientology might grow slower, sent in agents might leave the orgs to assist the outside attackers in their campaign against SCN, but the best dissemination tools for Scientology are still FSMs.  If they are honest and uptone, Scientology will never die. People want uptone people as their friends.

As you know, I worked as Pub Reg in 1977. “Body routing” was not slightly as effective as  individual Scientologists who disseminated Scientology to people who they knew or approached. FSMs have more time than a BR or a reg to care for that person. A person should never feel like a number and be just passed along from one terminal to the other. The orgs shouldn’t be like hospitals.  If people liked the character and approach of the FSM, they felt helped or even better, became curious/interested in learning more about SCN. A FSM makes FRIENDS and is helping them. This is how I saw it. All people have read negative stuff about Scientology,  but FSMs who are truly nothing like the hate message boards or blogs/books say they are, wipe this negativity out in no time. It is really quite easy.

Another point is curiosity. When I found Scientology again in 77, people told me all kinds of bad stuff about it. But the negativity that I read about and heard didn’t stop me to explore on my own. They forgot my curiosity.  How is it reality? Propaganda might do a thing on the fearful. But not if they are not the fearful types. 

I wanted to see for myself. One day, I walked into the Munich org by myself and asked to buy all their books. I found that the German anti-Scientology propaganda did not match at all the character the founder, Scientology, and of Scientologists. However, later, I learned that Germany does not only apply anti-SCN propaganda, but that it sends their agents and even impostors into the orgs to overtake and destroy from the inside out. Despite that, somebody who can think for herself can still get big wins and cognitions in SCN, make amazing spiritual experiences, and can understand the universe, and also turn her life around. I don’t regret it one bit having joined. I would do it all over again, except for not holding onto you, Marty. This one is my main regret. 

For me, the advanced philosophical knowledge of Scientology was the most important aspect as to why I joined. I wanted to KNOW…. what other people said that it is not for us to know.  Says who? Exactly! Nobody except SPs. Other aspects of Scientology, to make life easier also were knowledge that I applied, and even today, I noticed that people who do not know and apply this knowledge have a lot more difficulties in relations. I make friends very easily, I am the one in the family who everyone loves. And I don’t do much except applying Scientology. It is deep inside of me, and I am so glad that it is so. 

There is also another category of people. I don’t belong to it, but I know they exist. They are kind of bored and join Scientology for reasons of “adventure”. The negative propaganda attracts them.  Some of these people might never understand Scientology, but some might one day.

It boils all out to personal experiences. Lots of uptone FSMs in the field, showing to others that they are not at all as hate propaganda describes Scientologists and Scientology, is the best dissemination tool for Scientology. As long there are active FSMs who are willing to become true friends of others and mouth-to-mouth recommendations, Scientology will stay FOREVER.

Besides telling DM to resign and making sure that Germany and nobody else can’t enrich itself financially or otherwise through SCN, if I would be still on staff, I would create the biggest FSM net. Let’s say, that there are approx. only 50.000 active Scientologists worldwide, if each of them goes out and would explain real Scientology to just one person (preferable not on the button of the tonescale), and staying a friend to that person, (not just dropping her off in  the reg office as that makes people feel like a number),  the membership would double in just one week. But as I said, if people just think of a stat or awards, they don’t qualify as FSMs. A FSM should stay a true friend for life of any person who they introduced to Scientology.    


It is very sad that so much of original Scientology is altered. If original Scientology is back, orgs will be packed in no time, and former Scientology-haters will hide in shame.

I love you, Marty. Real Scientologists and lovers as you and me are the biggest magnets for each other. Nobody was able to kill this love either, not even impostors, as we felt the fireworks of passion and tender admiration up-close and personal.

Up close and personal matters.

Many kisses.

Yours forever,






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