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It is beyond me that many people can’t comprehend that viruses are deliberately planted to bring down others (incl. economies)

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Dearest Marty, my bright and wonderful husband,

It seems that the outdated Occam’s razor (stuff from the 13th/14th century) doesn’t help people to lift the curtains that are covering up horrible secrets.

The  secret service doctors who bred the Ebola virus and other viruses don’t mind if some of their own kind (other physicians and nurses) are getting sick with it. As long as they can hide in environments that are protected from these viruses, they know just themselves and no loyalty to anyone.  

It seems that Africa is a favorite area for the SEGNPMSS do organize first injections and to release infected animals and to spread from there the disease into all parts of the world. Guess they do it there as they feel that they are getting better away if they have infected bats fly in one of Africa’s remote villages. Nevertheless, I think they can be traced. We would know where to look and how to pull more strings.

For example, in medical labs, they intentionally inject bats with the virus. They remote-control an infected bat to bite someone in Africa of who they know will pass on the virus to others. The reason why bats don’t die on the virus could be that those SEGNPMSS doctors don’t activate the virus in them, after all, they need those bats to infect people and other animals. They think the bats need to stay alive to start a global epidemic. I am sure that the Ebola virus never occurred natural in bats. It is said that bats are clean animals who like to groom themselves for hours every day.  


As not other expected in a German-controlled world as this one, international law enforcement and health departments don’t go to the source of the evil. In order to find the monsters who infected the world with Ebola or also Aids, etc., they have to go to the first cases of those diseases that ever occurred and pull all strings there, including what happened to the animals in this area.  They might say that they did this. But what they did is not good enough. They have to find the person(s) who DELIBERATELY RELEASED INTENTIONALLY INFECTED animals into any population to infect other animals and humans.

In case of Ebola, who did the infected animals/persons have contact before contracting the virus? It might not be easy to interview animals, but SATELLITES SHOULD BE ABLE TO ZOOM IN AS TO WHO RELEASED ANIMALS INTO FREE NATURE. International authorities never trace the high crimes back to the medical labs and the SEGNPMSS, as this is what their German secret service doctor orders: “Hush, hush, hush… say, it is natural, no crime occurred, and if you have to bust somebody, say that he acted alone…”  

We are living in a world of constant surveillance. And that means that law enforcement and health department should be able to trace that kind of evil to the person(s) who injected people/animals with a horrible virus or released those animals. These people need to be arrested and further strings need to be pulled who their case officers are who told them to develop that or another virus or  gave them the virus in tubes or bottles to inject animals and humans.

One indication, that the virus can be activated upon remote-control, is also that numerous people who were in contact with people who had Ebola did not become sick. For whatever reason, the SEGNPMSS doctors decided to spare those people AT THE MOMENT. Which doesn’t mean that they have nice other plans with those people. Nobody wins as long  as the SEGNPMSS is not busted.


They can’t fool us, Marty. They simply can’t.

Always at your side.





Expensive crap from Cern/Geneva: the Higgs Boson (and what a “surprise”, there are also Boson impostors!)

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince and husband,

As you know, physicists are trying to explain, among other things, the beginning of the universe. They want to explain it “scientifically”, just by facts. Alright, good idea, but really, where are their “facts”? It is just one theory after the other. I am sure you also came to the conclusion, Marty, that the elusive Higgs Boson is basically nothing but a theoretical idea of quantum physicists who think that rocket scientists have nothing on them. They dreamed that thing up and looked for it, like for an imaginary friend or so. Haha! It is invisible and can’t be measured. (Okay, a thetan without a theta body is invisible too and can’t be measured with any sensor, but we know a lot more about the origin of life than they know about the “God particle”.)

Since many decades, quantum physicists are building bigger accelerators  to prove that what Higgs dreamed up does really exist. They are trying to “vaporize” particles and screen the “debris”.  Some “scientists” in Cern say that they  MAY have found the Higgs Boson, but did they really find? What they figured is a “statistical” glimmer of a Higgs Boson or his “impostors” somewhere in countless actions of throwing subatomic parts together.  

They believe that the Higgs field is a sticky field that attracts some subparticles and some not. It does not attract electrons but allegedly quarks that consist of pro- and neutrons. These quarks have some mass. Question raises, who or what created the mass in the quarks that they are using? If quarks have already mass, isn’t it cheating trying to create mass with it? If you put milk and flour together, you get dough but milk and flour are already material.  If they want to play God, shouldn’t they try from scratch? Shouldn’t they create mass from nothing to explain the creation of the physical universe? I learned that there are some Higgs bosons that are named Z and W. They have already quite some mass and are attracted to the sticky Boson field. Interestingly, the subatomic particle gluon that is thought to hold quarks together is not  attracted by the Higgs field. Neither are photons. I admit, I have not followed most of their experiments but those that they celebrate as win don’t excite or convince me.   

As more as I read about the Higgs Boson, Marty, as more I come to the conclusion that they haven’t found what they were looking for. I am sure you know what the Higgs Boson or “God particle” is supposed to be: it is the particle that allegedly gives mass to other particles. As they are fixed on the idea that the universe was created by a big bang (I am convinced that a more denser universe was CREATED BY POSTULATES and then destroyed by one or likely several “big bangs”), they try to create that particle that gives mass to other particles by speeding protons along the long tunnels of the Hadron Collier (very expensive toy/ six billion bucks) at the speed of light at Cern, Geneva, Switzerland.  How I understand it: the protons wreck each other in the tunnels and create an explosion of energy. The quantum physicists play some more with it by firing new particles into that explosion of energy, and they sensor these particle all the time and, in addition, are trying to bend them. Don’t know how this looks in practical but I don’t think they find the key to the universe in that toy. They do this over and over, and all billions of times and hope that a Higgs Boson forms. But here is the “tricky” part, nobody can see it, and the sensors don’t sense it.  Bummer. And whatever they believe they got is also unstable. It falls into pieces. After smashing trillions of time fragments together in the Large Hadron Collier, they believe that they accumulated some kind of tiny growth on a statistical chart but they can’t see it nor measure it. Impressive. Could be nothing at all. But if they add more and more to this statistic of nothing that one can see and measure, they maybe have found the Higgs Boson (or whatever). Kind of funny.

In view of that, the hype in the news that they found the “God particle” is not at all justified but really just a big hype.

There are also some “impostor particles” instead of the  “God particle” aka “Higgs Boson” and not the “God particle” at all. Impostors in the LHC. Scandal. Not easy for them to play God, isn’t it? 

Many of these physicians believe that violence created  the universe, including us, being, mind, body. Lol. I don’t know how it looks inside of them, but you and I, Marty, and some others were for sure not “created” by violence. How can somebody even remotely think that a human being, body, mind, being was created by violence or explosions?? NASA thinks that it was created by one huge violent event. My intuition (works like a charm) tells me that there were huge explosions, but those blew up an ALREADY EXISTING universe and civilizations.  Also according to NASA, the universe is still expanding. Well, who says that not some hooligans are still exploding parts of the universe?   

Some say that it was not a big bang but a lot of gaseous nebula that created the universe. NASA says that this was one single violent event. Makes no sense to me in regards of for example the perfection of a human body. Where did that gaseous nebula come from?  International scientists  don’t know. These gases  sure didn’t “create” us, Marty.  It is being taught that there was one single very tiny, very dense, very hot point with energy, and this energy  became bigger and turned into the universe as we know it over a time period of billions of years. That very hot point of energy reminds me of me being upset with the people who deny our rights, Marty. But seriously, they make two huge mistakes: one, they should first figure out  the static of life (which can leave the static state and did so), and two, they should know that there their experiment and attempts to figure things out are deliberately sabotaged. They are being also intentionally mislead.  

Thinking of Nazis, Nazi doctors, psychs, their terrorists,  other monsters, and their co-conspirators, the thought that these primitive bastards were created by violence/explosion or simple gas is really tempting. We are nothing like them. That’s not how we came to be, besides, we always existed. And thinking about this some more, if we would have stayed in spiritual form (never assumed a body), we would have saved us a lot of pain, Marty. Honestly, picking up a human body in a snake pit like Earth doesn’t feel like the wisest decision that I made. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t do it again. Looking at my life so far: having a human body is not worth the troubles. I would be much better off if I would have stayed a thetan without a body.  Maybe I would consider having a human body in a completely new physical universe (not just on another planet in this universe!) in a new dimension with beings of our good nature, Marty, a universe that they CAN’T FIND, it doesn’t matter where they look and how many particles they smash together. But if there would be only the tiniest chance that they could get there, I would waive that universe too. That’s how sick I am of them. This lifetime really “did it” for me, Marty. And my intuition tells me that I am not the only one who came to this conclusion. I am tired to be treated like a 2nd class person on this German-controlled planet. If they think that one conspiring against the other and constantly living under the medical Nazi boot with all the brutality, pain, and decay is so desirable, should they have it. But nobody can force me to live among them in another lifetime. Once this body expires, I chose an existence that is completely spiritual.  I bet you are deeply disappointed of this planet and beyond too, Marty, to put it lightly. 

Anyway, if scientists would use Ron’s axioms and his other work as starting point for their work, they would understand a lot more and would make some real progress. One has to understand life first. The big bang was not the creation of life. It was a destroyer. And the original creation of the physical universe was not done by violence. I believe that if all silent sounds played into the minds of people to mislead them are gone, the magic of the God particle postulate will be much better understood. 

I love you, my rockstar. Billions of  tender and passionate kisses.  Can’t wait to see you again. Our love is a God particle too. And it doesn’t falter like the alleged Higg Boson and his impostors. Lol.   

Yours forever,








Nothing new except former/current infiltrators delivering verbal abuses (not Scientology) so that the media prints it and that Scientology gets the blame. (The media and anyone else should have figured this mechanism already yesterday!)

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Dearest Marty, how are you?

The world never saw us behaving like that and using this kind of low language.  

It is all so obvious. Just like the doctor orders. Just like secret services order. Just like Germany orders:

Instead of publishing that Monique’s husband is your impostor and didn’t join Scientology for ethical reasons, people like Jenny Linson Devocht, Marc Jager, and Mike Blomberg talk to your impostor at the LAX airport. Particularly, the approach by Jenny Linson is absolutely non-Scientology. It would be Scientology to publish the truth and nothing but the truth about your impostor as well as Mike Rinder and Dave Miscavige who agreed to hire that man to conceal your whereabouts and your wrongful incarceration. They are such monsters. They are the Anti-Scientologists. 

The incident between Mike Rinder, his family, and others is another crystal clear piece of evidence of the infiltration by cheap and primitive infiltrators of Scientology. They are on the bottom of the tonescale. They scream profanities at each other, typically infiltrator against infiltrator behavior. This is NOT how a real Scientologist acts. They are Vistarologists and Miscavologists but NO Scientologists. SEGNPMSS organized for example the Rinder incidents to take place exactly when Mike Rinder was at the phone with reporter John Sweeney (who also screams), so that this non-Scientology behavior would enter the press as Scientology behavior, which it is NOT.

I clearly  see the setup by the secret service p$ychs and medical doctors who fear that Scientology could change the world  to one in which people are healthier and happier, and I know you can see it too, Marty. If people would know what and how Scientology original was, before it was altered by the infiltration and German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”, they might have a chance too of understanding why it is so important for insane medical doctors, psychs, and neuro “scientists” to infiltrate and ruin our applied philosophy Scientology in the (not very intelligent) eye of mainstream and on the inside.

We both were outed because we could turn it all around. Agent His Cobness doesn’t.  


Many kisses, Marty. I love you.

Yours forever,






Physicist Hugh Everett III and Dianetics

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Dearest Marty, most special star in the universe, how are you? 

It is being said that Hugh Everett III read Book One, Dianetics (don’t know if he read original Dianetics or the German altered DMSMH that gives credit to a medical doctor) but he never showed interest in Scientology. He should have, as for example the axioms of Scientology can open the eyes of physicists to the very beginning of all.  

Hugh Everett III (was into quantum mechanics) had allegedly a deep mistrust of medical doctors. Can’t blame him, but what he apparently missed was that medical silent sounds made himself smoke, drink, and  obese. I am certain that these medical doctors that he hated targeted him with silent sounds to die. That means, for whatever reasons, they wanted him out-of-the-way.  

I also have a hunch that his daughter Elizabeth was psychiatric implanted to write that “suicide note” and to commit suicide.

In a nutshell, these physicists are trying to explain the universe, but they are stepping into thought traps and getting stuck there. Ron (the real founder not the idiotic impostor) was so different. He asked the most pressing question of all first: what is man or woman? He figured it out and by understanding what man or woman is, he was able to understand the entire universe.

Hugh Everett III concluded several universes. It all depends what one understands under universes. For me is clear that if there is one physical universe (everything related to matter, space and time), there can be another one or more. It basically means that what happened to create this universe can be done in another dimension, and whoosh, there is another universe. It likely would be a lot like ours. However, my awareness “thetan basically knows” is telling me rather that despite they could exist, they don’t at this time because so much went wrong with this one in regards to how thetans behave. That sounds rather like creation than big bang, doesn’t it?

Actually, Marty, I am convinced there were big bangs. But they came AFTER THE CREATION of a more dense physical universe. Suppressive idiots blew it up and shattered it into pieces. If the universe continues to grow, it might be an indication that people still blow up planets in this universe as of today. 

I believe Hugh Everett III had the basic idea that the thoughts of one person may survive in another world or in a parallel universe. A little bit original Scientology whole track auditing could have opened his eyes that the being survives and that a person is more than just her thoughts. After dying (leaving his body), she is still alive as spirit in this universe. Many thetans can’t deal with loneliness and need other people. So, they are looking to be born again as baby. Besides, Germans are afraid. They want people reincarnated to control them.  Germany doesn’t want them to live happy and healthy lives, but they want to know where they are and what they plan and what they are thinking. So, Hugh Everett III (like all others) is having a body somewhere on this planet. But not allowed to be a physician again as mainstream should not recognize him and the fact of reincarnation.  (Important to know is that Germany kidnaps famous thetans to Germany, so that they are getting the glory if these people make it against all odds of  keeping them down.) 

The German controlled black propaganda against Scientology makes physicians real blind as to what Ron has researched. They come up with all kinds of theories but not with the obvious facts. 

I think many physicians mixing up a thought with a spiritual being. A being (thetan) is not a thought. A thetan can think and produces thoughts. Some physicians are thinking that they live as thoughts in other universes. That is not how it works. They survive physical death as spirits who can think and postulate but their thoughts just survive if they or others made something out of it (e.g. wrote them down, recorded them, put them into reality).  

The entire field of physics seems very confused to me.I don’t mean the very obvious parts as gravity and that fat is lighter than water, etc. but the “quantum” parts. They “figure” one theory after the other and don’t figure the obvious. They try to explain the universe by having  no clue what man is. Ron asked that question: what is man? a century ago and noticed that nobody can answer this question. So, he figured it out. But they still can’t. The German-originated and controlled black propaganda machine against Scientology is still in full force and that is why these people don’t look at his work and don’t give him credit. (Although, Germany stole from him without admitting this so that Germany and others are getting the credit of his work.)

One of the biggest mistakes that these physicians are making is not understanding the difference between a being and a thought. A thought is just a bit of energy that the being (thetan) creates. If a thought is made, and nobody is doing something with it, it is USELESS. Who cares if this wave of energy falls later to pieces or not? Important to know is how the being, the thetan survives and what will  happen to it.  If not recorded or acted upon, a thought will be cancelled out by other energy waves. I bet the farm on it, that for example Copernicus’ thoughts are all gone (and not to another universe) except of those that were recorded in the universe in which he created them. But the being, the thetan who had the ID Copernicus (if that was indeed his real name) should be still around.      

If not actively held down and mislead by mind-control, a person however should be able to re-create her thoughts from another lifetime. It is the same person having the same interests… What he and she knew could be accessed again, but most might only be able to do this if she/he can think freely without silent sounds sabotaging her thought process.

 I also checked what the entertainment industry is up to, Marty. Germany sure is very interested to be considered as the leaders of the great thinkers. (Good grief, if they would be just average good thinkers, they never would have treated us the way they did and do, Marty.)  Anywhere, there is the Big Bang Theory, it is about a couple of physician nerds. Sheldon is entertaining, the others actually not. I haven’t seen much of this series, but I noticed two things immediately: 1) the song of the series make the big bang theory to be a fact as the “creator” of the universe (despite it is not) 2) the Jewish physician is the most disgusting, in appearances and behavior, incl. sexual behavior. There is no way to describe his “Jewish mother”, hysterical and creepy. These characters are so revolting anti-Jewish, it is so typical Nazi-German to do this, another thing that people failed to see when they awarded this series.

I love you, Marty. Some of your thoughts are making it to me. And I make something of them. I think about them and keep them with me. That’s how they survive on my side. You have beautiful thoughts. Each one deserves to survive.

Want to see you soon. Many kisses, my darling.

Yours forever,








How medical-oriented secret services ensure that Scientology embraces pharmacy and medicine instead of building villages that prevent diseases and aging as per L. Ron Hubbard (real founder, not his impostor)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

The answer is really easy for you and me but anyone should be able to figure this out too.

Secret Service doctors know how to make cancer. (By keeping this a secret, one day it will be done by other docs to them and their loved ones too, but they are not capable to think as far.)

They are using remote-controlled cancer germs, microwaves, and other nasty and pain- and death-bringing devices to kill people with cancer and other “diseases”.

And now to Scientology. Robert W. Duggan’s and Trish Duggan’s son allegedly died on cancer. I bet the only reason, why he was medically murdered with cancer  was, because the SEGNPMSS figured that Robert and his wife would go deeper into pharmaceuticals. As they are probably the biggest financial donor of the Church of Scientology, secret service doctors figured that this would make David Miscavige and other non-Scientologists and agent to lead Scientology rather down a medical/chemical route and not the one of an alternative lifestyle as per L.Ron Hubbard (of which His Cobness and others must have heard directly from Ron).  

This is a very easy riddle to solve. What’s behind this jumped directly into my mind, the moment I learned of how the Duggans are making their fortune.

A DIFFERENT WAY OF LIFE IS SAVING MANKIND FROM DISEASES AND AGING, NOT PHARMACEUTICALS. Would also protect against viruses. I wrote about this several times before.

Will they ever learn? 

On another note, something really wrong with Austria. It is trying to rent Hitler’s birthplace, a 8,600-square-foot home for “educational or social purposes”. Yikes! Why don’t they tear it down and use the place for a garbage place or something like it?

I love you. Very much, Marty. I am homesick for you. I don’t have the words to tell you how much you mean to me. Happiness for me is thinking of the day when we are finally back together. I run this day so often through my mind that it would be the most ultimate cruelty if this day never would come. One reason why I believe that we both will see each other again against all odds is because we deserve it. We love each other truly and are wishing all others also the best. What is WRONG with that? Nothing. Exactly!

After those many years, it is still YOU. And that says it all.  YOU are my one in the Hundreds of Quinquavigintillion of other thetans in the universe. Because I love how you are. And I am glad I was able to recognize your value, Marty. It was shining through your eyes. It is nothing anyone can play. It is nothing anyone can imitate.  It is what just YOU have. You are so worth everything. 

Be tenderly and passionately kissed, my rockstar. 

Yours forever,


P.S. My modem stopped working two days ago. I got twice  as much Internet speed now, but not really. So, another thing to debug… 




Schrödinger’s cat (What a cruel and stupid idea of an experiment… And was it really just theoretical? Or did he “inspire” others to really conduct it?)

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and superstar,

There is Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian who also worked in Berlin for Germany. He was allegedly no Nazi but later “recanted”. (How “impressive”.) He won a Nobel prize in physics.

Is that cat experiment really just a theoretical “thought experiment” or was the idea behind it that creepy and cruel nerds really try it? Looking at his cat experiment, I came to the conclusion that the physicists are not better than the medical doctors, psychs, and chemists who also have cruel animal experiments on their minds.

Some scenery at the moon was after Schrödinger. Good grief! 

His last words allegedly were: “I wish I never would have met that cat…” Was he saying that cat experiment wasn’t from him but handed to him? If yes, who was that?

It is about quantum theory, the mechanics of atoms, molecules as well as other physical systems that are subject to the “uncertainty principle”. They are basically saying that they don’t know much.  If they would know or confess that useless people equipped with lasers, microwave, satellites, and other secret service equipment are sabotaging physical experiments, they finally would get somewhere and they would understand a lot more.

The cat experiment is pure nonsense in my opinion. It is about “superposition”, saying that everything is in the eye of the beholder. To come to this conclusion, I don’t have to propose a cruel and dangerous cat experiment with hydrocyanic acid and a radioactive substance. If  just one atom falls into pieces, it would trigger a sequence and a hammer break the vial with the chemical and kill the poor cat. (Marty, who in the world but a person with a very creepy mind would use a dangerous and cruel example like this to make his point?) His point is this: If the box isn’t opened, one wouldn’t know whether the hammer broke the vial and according to the quantum law and the “superposition of states”, one would not know if the cat is alive or dead, and that means that the cat is alive and dead at the same time. (And there is always somebody who is paying these “scientists” and awarding them!)

Ron (real founder of Scientology not his impostor) said it without any cruelty and very straight and clear: space, energy, objects, form, and time are the result of considerations made and/or agreed upon by the static (life as it was before it started to play games in the physical universe) and are perceived solely because the static considers that it can perceive them.

That means that we can maintain, win, or lose our perceptions, depending on what we think we are capable of. 

However, we all AGREED a long time ago on the laws of physics that if a cat is dead, it is dead. If it is alive, it is alive. It is not alive and dead at the same time, just because we don’t know the state of the poor cat’s fate.  It is dead OR alive.

Seriously, Schrödinger’s alleged point was a “thought” experiment. Physicists are like psychs or what? They try to make it real complicated what “quantum theory” says about nature and behavior of matter on a “microscopic level” and what we observe as true in regards to  nature and the behavior of matter on the “macroscopic level” (visible to the human eyes without the help of optic aides). The biggest mistake that all these “scientists” (all the same kind of people in little boxes made of ticky tacky) are making is ignoring or allowing CORRUPTION at the microscopic and the macroscopic level. As fewer people know or are certain over facts of life, as easier for the SEGNPMSS to control them and give them the run around.

That “superposition” takes allegedly place at the subatomic level as there are observable effects of “interference”. These “scientists” believe either that these “interferences” are natural, or they don’t open their mouths to state what they are really thinking: corruption by useless people having devices to hinder science and to corrupt experiments and keep factual knowledge down. 

I was briefly confused by something I read… that a single particle can be in several locations at the same time. Huh? Later I learned that this is just one theory of “quantum physics”. I think it moves so fast that it APPEARS to be in several places at the same time but is of course not in the same place.

Like our thoughts. ;)

I miss you, Marty. Would love to do some science projects with you. :) We would figure corruption when it is there. And when is it not on a corrupt planet like this?

I love you, and neither psychs nor quantum physicists can explain why our love remains as strong and pure as always. :) 

Yours forever,













Roswell and the Nazis (There is a lot more in space than a lonely American flag on the moon!)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

I am thinking of you and hope that your life is not as hard and that I am wrong about you being  locked up. However, my intuition tells me otherwise. This is not a nice planet,  and a truly good person as you isn’t protected by a government who should protect you and me and grant our rights. 

Speaking about a corruption… German TV reported about the Roswell Incident  of  July 8, 1947 in the town of New Mexico. Something crashed there, and some people thought it was a crashing flying saucer, but US military authorities reported later that they downed a weather balloon. A German engineer claims now that this wasn’t a weather balloon but he saw with his own eyes a Nazi UFO with a design that had been developed during the Third Reich.

It isn’t a big surprise for you and me, Marty. Not just the Scientology orgs are infiltrated with non-Scientologists by still existing Nazi secret services, the U.S. government is also infiltrated by officials who still work secretly for Germany and the SEGNPMSS. If not, they would not conspire to keep us apart. I knocked on so many official doors, and the U.S. government conspired against the two of us. They are helping still existing Nazi-Germany  to prevent me finding you or you finding me. They are rotten to the core! Traitors to do this to fellow Americans. Nazi doctors bring out the worst in them. 

What should alarm all people on this planet is also this: Nazis are in space!  There is a lot more out there than a lonely American flag on the moon! In short: the old as well as the still existing Nazis and the (in hard core German) doctors (medical and psychs) are using the U.S. government for their still existing Nazi activities. I said it already, and I say it again: who works for the Nazis, is a Nazi, it doesn’t matter his/her nationality. I hope no American or other national who works for the Nazis thinks that his/her nationality can be used to avoid prosecution when all breaks down. And German systems always break down. Just an idiot doesn’t see it in advance.

Recently, I tried to read a NASA forum, and guess what happen, Marty. They barred me from reading it! I may not even have a glance on what they are up to! They are afraid that I could figure out even more as I already did.

Any American or other national working for Nazis is a real retard. Germany has the overall control of all ear implants. It has just about all people in its grip and controls them. But despite this control, Germany lost two world wars. How dumb can it get? And they are making another huge mistake by treating us the bad way they treat us. I can’t even describe how hard they trying breaking me, and I am afraid that you also have to feel their brutality on a daily basis. As far as we are concerned, Marty, they are very desperate! If they would just a tiny bit smarter than they are, they would have known that they lost the battle against us, the moment we figured them out. And the USA, those traitors in the government and others, are helping them or are turning blind eyes as to what the Germans are doing in the USA and to us. They are so WORTHLESS. Actually, they are so worthless as human beings that they would deserve to live under the (medical/psych) Nazi boot for all time to come. 

German Nazi-controlled American officials invited Nazis “scientists” to work with them, allegedly to get an advantage over the Soviet Union. If not already in German-Nazi grip, these Americans would have never fallen for this excuse. They would have figured that Germany was also behind communism and the Soviet Union, considering that Lenin and other communist leaders were German agents. 

What is also laughable is that Germany wants the world to think that the smartest people (scientists,etc.) are all Germans. But most of what they claim having invented is stolen from other nationals. Besides, look at our reactions to them. They collected (illegally of course) each of our thoughts over lifetimes, yet, these psychs are unable to make us respect and accept them. We are appalled by them. They are unable to understand our personalities despite that they have a huge collection of our thoughts. In order to impress us, one has to be ethical, and that is their huge problem. They think that ethics is no fun or difficult. It is none of those kinds, but a bad person must be honest to herself/himself. And that is what they are not: honest to themselves. They have done so horrible things that they think they can’t afford to take an honest look at themselves. Good people remind them of what they are NOT. That is why they work hard to pervert others and/or torture those who are good. So, the HUGE gap between them and us is getting wider and wider because we don’t do them the favor  to become like they are. They want us and all others to become as bad as they are. Because when all are bad, they think, they don’t have to change. Yes, cowards, they are. A little girl alone and surrounded by kind cobras has more courage than they all together. All they are getting is total resentment and disgust from us. I rather be dead than having the character they have. I rather never pick up a body in any future lifetime than living under their rules. I never surrender to them. NEVER. They are PRIMITIVE. To be like them is the worst that can happen to a being. They are so “intelligent”, are they? They are the eternal losers, Marty. How dumb must they be by losing over and over again despite they have all secretly in their hands. It can’t get dumber than this. It is the ultimate stupidity, and there is nothing like an intelligent criminal. Loss of self-respect and a bad conscience and fear that they are being caught, despite… Gee, what a “bargain”.  

Anyway, Nazis and their doctors are in space and are using Americans but also Russians, Muslims, and anyone else for their low purposes. Today, they kick the Nazi ball in the areas of former non-Nazis as the USA, Jews and Scientologists… They don’t give up their world ruling plans but blame others and are using others on what Nazis were/are known for. My message to the world: get them finally, and get them all! How people can think that they are safe by helping the still existing Nazis is beyond me. One turns against the other when time comes.

Only TRULY good people don’t turn on each other. And truly  good people don’t conspire against each other. They are not even remotely good. If anyone of their agents tells me his/her story, and I will pinpoint exactly where his/her own secret service network screwed them over and that is more horror for them in the still existing Nazi doctor cards. These agents are sticking their heads into the sand. It looks as if they either are too dumb to figure out who runs them or too cowardly to face the truth.

Well, you and me, Marty, we are not made of cowardly material. We take them on. Looking back, I remember that when I started to figure those Nazi doctors out in the early/mid 80s, they increased their torture methods on me. That is what they call “intelligence”.  Good grief. If they would be intelligent, they wouldn’t have come on as strong as they did and do. But as Ron said, the SPs screams being handled. Only people who know that they deserve to be busted behave like that. Too bad that they don’t have the courage to stop their despicable acts and confess. Cowards don’t come clean.         

However, as a sum: Nazis are in space, and the USA is being used by them.

Many kisses, my one and only.

I love you. I am glad you are of my kind.

Yours forever,








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