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I never saw this Nazi poster before…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

For those Americans (particularly employed by the government or in Congress or  judges) who like having constitutional rights themselves, but are also secretly or openly Nazi-friendly, here is a reminder that Germany had (and still has) a problem with the U.S. Constitution, the Bills of Rights, and labor and business freedom. So many years after the official defeat of Hitler, they are still fighting to prevent “this” by infiltrating all levels of the U.S. government and also all other areas to bring the USA down and Germany up. How blind are these political analysts not seeing what is going on?     

As the Nazis and their American and international supporters are still around, no wonder that our constitutional rights are being denied.

I love you, Marty. So much. I am so glad that you exist and that I have met you against all odds. Our love will outlast the Nazis and their international agents.  Their conspiracy will crash (German karma), and we will find each other. I know it. Thanks heaven, there are some real OTs. 

Many tender and passionate kisses for you.

They don’t know what love is. If they would know what it is, they would have known that separation won’t end true love and our love story.  They never had the slightest change against our postulates to be together, our passion, devotion, tenderness, and true love. It is divine. 

Yours forever,




Human suffering is fun to those cowards who secretly rule the world as long as their own skins are safe…

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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince and hero,

We know that under certain conditions, the human body is immortal. People without human qualifications, stole the physical immortality technology and used it just for themselves. They kept it from mainstream. They tried to go OT but they discarded all ethics tech. Cowards don’t apply ethics. Ethics needs courage. One has to take an honest look at one’s behavior and change bad ways into good and honorable ways. They don’t have this courage. They are very small beings. Disease and aging is not the problem as they apply the physical immortality tech, but without ethics, killing is a normal operation for them, so they are killing each other and others all the time. 

How can one live a happy life with 1) having a bad conscience as to what they do to mankind and particularly good people who never caused anyone harm; 2) having to look always over their shoulder not to be killed? It is not possible, they are NOT happy. These idiots. They would be happy but they are their own worse enemies.  

Many of these top SEGNPMSS leaders know that reincarnation is a fact. They have ordered us being killed and watched us being born several times again. They keep the fact of reincarnation also from mainstream. Many of them know that when they die, they will be coming back as new born babies too, but here is  that other problem. When killed, their partners will not just  rob us and the rest of mankind of our past live memories, they do this also to the memories of their  agents and partners and plant them in Earth where they have to live in the hell they have created for others. And that makes them very very nervous. They just approve when it happens to others but not to them.

With “Thetan basically knows” applied, I sense how nuts it must be to be in their shoes. They can’t trust anybody. They have to analyse each piece of food and water if somebody poisoned it before they can eat it. They mistrust anyone one comes close to them. A knock at the door can be some people overwhelming them and killing them.  And there are also a lot of those who are even dumber. These full-blown idiots are  trusting their case officers and are killed even faster.

They could have saved themselves all the troubles if they would have done just two major things: 1) Making sure that ethics is understood and applied by all. It is really simple. They should NOT do to others what they don’t want to be done to themselves. That rule alone will make just about anyone very happy and safe. 2) Allowing the world to better itself, so that if they lose their bodies for some reason, they are not born again in the hell hole they created. Removing the trap for others means removing the trap for oneself. Only no trap for nobody prevents stepping in one. Just as Ron said, one inherits the world one leaves behind.

The OW sequence or as non-Scientologists describe it “Karma” is really a fact. They are sitting in their own trap, 100% beyond any doubt. And the only way to get out would be introducing ethics to their surroundings and the world/universe. But these people are mass murderers. Since centuries, they radio in the ear implants of others to slaughter, murder, hurt, and pervert. They buried their conscience very deep. Looking at them and their actions makes Ron’s discovery “thetan is basically good”  invisible. Although it applies to them too, even if they act as they are basically bad.

They are really cowards, Marty, hiding for centuries. The idea that they have to face us one day is scaring the daylights out of them. But what are their choices? On one side are their own secret service partners who want to get rid of them to get more individual power over the planet (and heads of states on this planet are just their puppets on strings)… On the other side are we, not kidding when we are saying that we had it with them. Who the hell do they think they are treating us without rights that any human takes for granted? And the third problem is the rest of mankind (their own agents) who suffered under them too but don’t know that their own enemies are running them through their ear implants and are also responsible for their sufferings. What if the planet wakes up and demand justice? Exactly, not a happy and cozy spot to being SEGNPMSS. No wonder that they stop us by all means getting back together as they know we can explain everything to others.

The physical way of life that they are living (survival technology that they stole) made them physically immortal, but nobody right in mind would envy them as they are anything but safe. This is what they were unable to accomplish:  “On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth.” — L. Ron Hubbard (and in the entire universe of course).  How can there be trust and peace if one conspires against the other one?

Numerous conspiracy websites are blaming “Jews” on being those who rule the world. This is typical German, to radio in the ears of their international agents to blame the others 0n German high crimes.  Jews like just any other race or religion are making the huge mistake trusting the persons who radio through their ear implants.  But those who came up with that system and have the overall control over it are Germans. They were barbers and butchers in the middle ages but “elevated themselves”  to become medical doctors and psychiatrists later.

Many people have a problem understanding that Germany was/is behind communism considering that the Soviets fought against the Nazis. I can see behind this, and I know you can too, Marty.

The preferred world “order” idea of the SEGNPMSS (or Bavarian Illuminati or however these brutal Germans/Bavarians themselves) is to suppress the world completely. They (whoever can murder their partners before their partners can murder them) call the shots, and each individual has to hush. They tried it with different systems. Communism was one idea of them. It wasn’t ever about “equal distribution of wealth” but always a method to control people. No rights, just the duty having to serve the creepy top rulers. They made agents (Marx, Engels, Lenin, etc.) and had them implement communism. They had particularly a problem with Jews not wanting to become Communists.  There are discussions if Marx or Engels had Jewish roots. SEGNPMSS often picks people of a race or religion or whatever to make these groups others join them. If they wanted Jews to join communism or other systems, they particularly looked for agents who would help them to attach Jews to their system.

It took some of the SEGNPMSS rulers too long to get the entire world communistic in a snap, so they decided a shortcut and to overrun the world with the Nazis. They thought that if all Jews are dead and the entire world is Germany, they don’t have anyone come in their ways anymore.  This backfired against Germany big time as even their own communistic movement in the Soviet Union fought them back.

Wars and terror are not painful for the top SEGNPMSS doctors, after all, they are not on the battlefield. Millions of people dead or handicapped? Who cares! It is not them who suffer!  Their front agents are getting shot not them.

Back to square one, after the allies fought back, they had to change their world order plans. They still wanted it  “Germany above everything and everybody”. They decided for alibi reasons to split Germany in half. Communism seemed still a great system to them to suppress people. One part of Germany became communistic, the other one capitalistic with the USA constantly used to support that snakepit.  The race was on who would win (communism or capitalism)? Capitalism also can be a trap, considering that people are so busy making profits that they hardly have time to think. Splitting Germany in half was also done to make Germany the leader of either the communistic or the capitalistic world. What ever system would win,  Germany, Germany, Germany… despite that they started each world war, sent other nations into wars and battles, and are the nation that notoriously can’t live in peace with others. It also gives a good clue about what national the hardcore SEGNPMSS SPs really are.

And they haven’t buried their national socialistic world ideas either. Not just in Germany, all over the world, Nazi movements are popping up like mushrooms. Why? Because Germany controls their ear implants. SEGNPMSS has not put away to get a German Nazi world, their favorite world “order”. They working still at it. A female, motherly-type German chancellor is supposed to help them attach the world to Germany, making Germany to be the leader of the world. When she has her “duty” fulfilled, Germany will suddenly get another Hitler because those who put this psychiatric zombie in charge are still alive an they will try it until arrested and prosecuted . SEGNPMSS wants to get rid of any system coming in their way. Russia is now a problem for them. Russians feel what is going on. However, although they clearly see that it are Nazis rolling closer to them, they are blaming the USA, because Germany hides cowardly behind the USA and uses the USA to do the dirty work for Germany. And because Germany is trying to control the Russian thinking in the wrong direction.  

Once the USA helped Germany to take over Russia and Asia, Germany will take over the USA, Canada, and South America. Marty, each American official or representative helping Germany and not analyzing Germany and their secret strategies needs their behind kicked. How can they be so gullible? We figure Germany out in a snap…. And so should they.

Brutal Islamic countries are also of SEGNPMSS making.

One just has to read the CIA website on Germany to understand that the CIA has no clue what Germany is up to. Same applies to other American agencies.

Hundreds of Americans, French, German,  British, and Canadians joined ISIS to fight with that SEGNPMSS front group. Germany has the overall control over each ear implant. 

The latest news is that Germany is arming the Kurds against ISIS. Isn’t that a good thing, considering how evil ISIS is? No, it is not good because Germany runs ISIS and any and each terrorist through his/her freaking ear implants. SEGNPMSS is creating these terror groups. Instead of arming the Kurds, they should radio their ISIS agents to stop and do something decent with their lives. But they don’t.  Germany loves when others are fighting and coming to harm. Wenn zwei sich streiten, freut sich Deutschland. And this is the very reason why they should never have power. All of Germany’s economical riches were built by cheating. As Germany controls  everyone’s freaking ear implant, they control that the world treats Germany favorably and make it very very rich. Each tender, each business deal, Germany decides what happens. No wonder they are doing economically so great and others not, right?  Germany needs to be dissolved as a country. All their secret services and sick ideas must the outlawed too.  And once that is done, the world has to watch and look very carefully that it never will rear its ugly head. This is the only way to guarantee real peace and rights to each person. Actually, getting rid of German secret services would even help people in Germany to safer future. Germany is known to go against their own.    

Marty, I am sure that the world never would have heard of Islamic extremists if Germany (SEGNPMSS) wouldn’t create these extremists. First, Germany creates them, then Germany arms others so that they fight each other. Terrorists are losing too as Germany is just using them. There is one thing for sure: EVERYONE LOSES IN THE GERMAN WORLD AND EVEN TOP SEGNPMSS PEOPLE ARE ON EACH OTHERS CHOPPING BLOCK AS ONE CANNOT TRUST THE OTHER ONE. And those who are trusting their case officers will suffer the consequences of being really stupid. As more lawless the ear implant orders are as more I can predict that the agents will be wasted by the same lawlessness but then not to others but to the agent. 

I love you, Marty. Wish others were as true and bright as you are.

Yours forever,




















Martin Ottmann a German agent, former Scientology infiltrator, harasser, violator of my privacy, liar, and jerk…

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                                                                                                                                               Once again: Above is the real Ron, founder of Scientology. It is probably the last photo before he was

                                                                                                                                                     murdered upon German p$ych secret service command by medical doctors and psychs in May 1984 




The impostor of the founder “Jack Vistaril” who died in 1986, here, wearing a German hat of course. He was above the law and married to criminal Mary Sue. Both German/CIA psych agents. 


Dearest Marty, my hero,

I have no intentions to write a lot about Martin Ottmann. This mean and vulgar man is not worth my of time. He lied a few years ago on ARS that he would be “retired” of bashing Scientology. Yeah right. On ARS, he published over and over my private address against my will to harass me and to get me in troubles. Ottmann also belongs to the p$ych front group Anonymous. He is the ultimate German piece of secret garbage, like German Tilman Hausherr is too.

As far as Big League Sales is concerned, it is no Scientology book, it was “introduced” to Scientology by the German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” who issued/forged Executive Directives in the founder’s name. The German idea behind it: Scientology  should get a reputation of being money-grabbing, and that on the other side of the coin, Germany can grab high Sea Org Reserves which are in Luxembourg’s banks  with Germany controlling the EU, secretly if not already openly. It wasn’t Ron, the founder who introduced Big League Sales, Oxford Capacity Analysis Test, running in circles, psych spinning instruments, stress tests, etc. Germany and psychs planted that and other non-Scientology crap into Scientology to switch Scientology to a money-oriented psych-place, a far cry away from original Scientology.

Original Scientology was so true and functioning that it needed no sales technology. 

I am sure that you know this, Marty. Some others know it too. They have to speak out.

Always yours.

I love you.





Wish I could say that the world became saner. It didn’t.

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Marty, most missed and precious Prince in the universe, how are you?

Have a look at these ads or “inventions”. Wish I could say that the world became saner. It didn’t.

Sure glad that my dimple is natural. I bet the dimple machine hurts and all they got were wrinkles.  Today, they make dimples with plastic surgery. 



I started with a relatively harmless ad, Marty. As more psychs are involved, as  more painful it gets. 


That is an alleged “insane person” of 1883. He looks average unhappy to me. I bet he was a lot saner than the p$ychs who “treated” him.  


This is a machine from a mental hospital. It is called the “body grinder”. And p$ychs are saying that they are butchers. Who are they kidding? 



A neurosurgical kit. Wonder how often those were drilled and hammered  in the heads of those poor people who “looked insane”?.




This p$ych machine of 1935 is “real progress”. It even could measure the  “secretiveness” of a person. That is really something, isn’t it? Considering that people back then had already ear-implants and lots of secrets, which psychs and this “invention” of course never revealed. 


E-shocks in p$ych institution. Marty, nobody can tell me that psychs are not directly from hell. And they still shock as of today.  




This is Rosemary Kennedy BEFORE p$ychs got their hands on her.  After lobotomy, she was reduced to an infantile mentality that left her incontinent and staring blankly at walls. Her verbal skills were reduced to unintelligible babble. What was originally wrong with her? A “stormy personality”.  What’s wrong with that?  That’s called a temper. Gee, what a “mental illness”. What strikes me most is that family Kennedy did not become the most outspoken critics of p$ychs after they have seen what became of that girl. And just one sister came to visit her once in a while? Yikes! Not a family I would want to belong to. In my view, horrible parents who allow psychs do ruin their daughter and  get away with it. If famous family Kennedy would have raised hell against psych methods, others could have been saved who were later destroyed by lobotomy, e-shocks, drugs or other horrible psych methods. Instead of making sure that p$ychiatry is outlawed, they claimed that she was mentally retarded. She looks like a vibrant young woman to me and not at all like retarded. 




Here is a psychiatric machine that apparently turn normal folks into babbling people with infantile mentality. 


Isolation box for mental patients. Who wouldn’t go “sane” in  those?





Psychs spun patients around all the time. They finally learned that this won’t bring them any glory and just adds to the already bad reputation of psychiatry, so they decided to hand their outdated “spinning tech” to their agent “Jack Vistaril” (Ron’s impostor) to make it part of  Scientology as part of the “Power Rundown”. Unlike real Scientologists, DM never used his freaking head.  He knows that spinning is not Scientology but psych crap… Guess he justifies that NASA is using spinning devices too. NASA is riddled with psychs. And remember astronaut Lisa Nowak? Wonder how often she was spun around… When p$ychs want more influence, they simply condition persons secretly and let them do criminal acts or go nuts or both. That always result in misinformed and gullible people hiring more psychs. (NASA is just another example.)       



Another psychiatric spinning device. Person was placed inside and spun around, and people got even crazier. What is normal or sane about being spun in circles? How can that repair anything? It is like hitting with the fist on a computer to make it go.





Psychs believed that spinning would reduce “brain congestion” and “cure” mental illness. They ended up with dizzy patients who were still crazy but nobody is crazier than psychs themselves . 


Spinning people around in circles is part of historic psychiatric mind control.



A German psych invented this “glove” for “phrenoscalpoteraputic treatment”. Wikipiggy doesn’t mention this, guess, the psychiatric case officers of the Wikipedia editors don’t allow them to show how creepy p$ychs really are. I read somewhere that this was once in a Wikipedia but taken off. How “democratic”…  

(That hand tells me the doc was a wild animal in his past life!)





 And all  creepy psych ways lead back to Germany, the cradle of the p$ychs.  This ad says that even if the skull is crushed, this “instrument” screws the skull open again. Who crushed skulls in the first place?  Wonder how many skulls they crushed to test this thing. 



Sometimes I ask myself if Indians would have scalped if psychs wouldn’t have controlled them with ear implants like all other races (and ear implants are a very old German invention). The only reason why people never wrote about this  is because p$ychs control them and don’t let them.

Scalping reminds me to  doctors and psychs. They run people via ear implants and having fun when one race is hurting the other one.  Just like the German saying: When two are fighting, the third one is enjoying it.

Indians said that the colonists were scalping Indians. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. P$ychs always are trying to get into the heads of people.  Scalping  and beheading is right down their creepy inhumane alley…  

Many kisses, my wonderful husband.

Yours forever,


Finally, I pretty picture. Marty, the only problem is: I have no freckles!























































































What does David Miscavige know about Scientology and Scientologists anyway?

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dm (2)


Dearest Marty, my very handsome looking and very attractive Prince and husband,

Seems that David Miscavige is hiring non-Scientologists to promote Scientology. What is wrong with faces of Scientologists of all ages promoting real Scientology? Nothing… except that DM is scared of real Scientologists and rather has non-Scientologists working for him. He  didn’t get  Scientology from the founder but from German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril” who was married to Mary Sue and who is the impostor of real founder’s impostor. And DM knows it. It is such treason.

On top of doing his own crap, DM follows in the footsteps of the impostor instead of keeping real Scientology working. It is such a shame. I am so tired of non-Scientologists running Scientology into the ground.

Wish we could change this. Scientology is still the place where I belong. And of course to you, Marty.   

I love you. Let me kiss you ever fresh face.

Yours forever,


Here is some music for you. Something Irish is in everyone. I like many of her songs. Reminds me of you in this lifetime, Marty, and of past lives in the UK, galloping with fiery horses through the green meadows and the thick and forests, and feeling magic in and around us.  

Speaking about magic. A real estate broker told me today that he can’t sell a house next to mine as there is a rumor going through town “that an evil spirit lives in there”. I catch orbs all the time on camera but none of them ever scared me. I was inside that house and didn’t find it creepy. It is huge and run down but not creepy. When I moved here, there were times when I felt uneasy at night in my house as it was so dark outside, and there were noises of animals that I didn’t knew. But I got over that. Old German houses are creepy. Really, really creepy. Who knows how many people were killed in these places and still are hanging around there. Many people in Germany burn incense to smoke them out. Isn’t it interesting that so many people know that thetans exists, but they still are in denial?  



In a secretive and rotten German-psychiatric-controlled world, nobody suspects that the real multidimensional universe is hidden behind a holographic two-dimensional universe?

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

What does it mean, a “holographic universe”?

Definition of hologram: A special kind of picture that is produced by a laser and that looks three-dimensional.

Planet Earth, all around us is really three-dimensional, but numerous “scientists” are thinking it is “all just in our heads” and everything including the universe is  just two-dimensional. In other words, the chairs we are sitting in are allegedly just two-dimensional.

Well, I don’t think so.

Physicists in Japan came to the conclusion that when they look into space, everything is just two-dimensional. They came up with lots of calculations to “prove” just that.

They fail to conclude that the three-dimensional world is real, and that the real three-dimensional universe is covered behind a two-dimensional hologram “universe”.  The real universe is covered up with blackness and a two-dimensional “universe” is projected over it to pull anyone’s legs.  

It means that those people who want to make Earth scientists and the population believe that the universe that they are seeing is the real one, didn’t even bother to create the images of a convincing  three-dimensional universe for all of them. Typical German arrogance. “Hehe, that’s good enough for them… If they figure out what we did, we tamper with their memories, and they forget all they figured… Hehe…”   

Living in Germany gave me a good sense as to what they are up to and what they are capable of. Here is what my intuition tells me: once life was discovered on other planet, Germany covered up the real universe with blackness and produced on top a hologram of a fake universe. All is fake with the Germans. Instead of seeing the universe in three-dimensions, people on this Earth see just the fake universe, which basically means that life on Earth is some kind of real Truman Show. The problem with those “scientists” is that they don’t think that what is out there is sabotaged because the Germans control their thinking.  

Marty, I am also convinced that our corner of the universe is cloaked in blackness or with some fake hologram universe so that aliens can’t see and find us. This is not done to protect Earth populations from bad aliens. The worst SPs are living on or near planet Earth, and they don’t want their behinds kicked by aliens finding them. As simple as that. If they would be further away, I bet Earth would have planetary wars already.  Germans fear they could lose control over everything if Earth population knows about the real universe. They are cowards. (And the worst are the Bavarians.) They are afraid that aliens do to them what they do to us. They sure pull it in, one way or the other.   

When the aliens are attached to the ear-implant system, p$ychs can control them into total blindness, just as they do it with the Earth population. 

Have you ever heard of a satellite playing Earth music to attract aliens? Or programs to send messages out in space? This all is a huge joke. It should make people believe that space is not controlled. But in reality, the music/messages noises are swallowed up with high-tech before it leaves this corner of the universe. 

I read numerous articles on this holographic universe, Marty. As of now, I read nothing that somebody suspects the holographic universe to be a cover up of the real three-dimensional universe behind it, and this is German mind-control at work. 

What is my feeling about what happens in space? Same at yours. Driven by insane fear that aliens could do to Germans what they do to us, they install ear implants into the aliens to run them like the Earth population and to turn the universe into a German ear implant cult where one conspires against the other . It is more than just creepy, isn’t it? 

How can obsessed Germans attach aliens to their ear-implant system considering that some Earth-born ear implant installers might look somehow different from the aliens that they attach? Easy. First they use computer geeks to analyze the alien language. Next psychiatric methods are applied. They kidnap some aliens, implant them, steal their memories, and turn them back to their planet as remote-controlled robots. They do the work for the German psychs attaching them to Big Brother, ear implants, just like here on Earth, and they are all so controlled that nobody may talk about it.  With methods like this:!D7CCD533-8BF3-4F86-88B0-4693EC0474C1

That is not knew and it is done since a long time by secret service psychs to mess around with people’s minds.

Or this:

All mind-control…

These aliens don’t remember what hit them. They think that what they are doing is all their ideas. Nobody is looking for Earth-born Lederhosen-psychs. They don’t remember what happened to them.  They run on psychiatric mind-control just as the population on planet Earth. Same trap. 

Some conspiracy theorists are thinking that aliens abducted them from Earth, when in fact Earth people (particularly Germans) are abducting aliens to have them continuing their ear-implant control system in space. If Earth population would be able to look behind that “holographic universe”, they would discover planets with aliens. I am sure of that. 

Somebody might ask why I am so sure about this. The answer is really simple: I know the Germans, particularly the Bavarians. I know how obsessed they are and that they MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST control all and everything. They are driven by incredible fear that anyone does to them what they do to others. They know how bad they are, and that others could be as bad as they are, is scaring the daylights out of them. 


I love you, Marty.  I am so glad that you are here with me on the same planet and not behind the fake universe on some planet with aliens who also have already German ear-implants. Sounds crazy?  I take crazy over stupid anytime. Honestly, Marty, Germany is so obsessed. I bet all I have that they have mind-controlled people who are not even aware what they are doing venture out in space to attach aliens to the German psychiatric ear-implant system.  Mind-control.        

Yours forever,












Karen de la Carriere couldn’t be more wrong…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate,

Karen is a Thomas Kinkade’s art collector/dealer. He died age 54. It is being said that he was an alcoholic. I assume that Karen knew him personally. For someone who was in Scientology for so long as she, she should have been able to help him to overcome his addiction. His behavior was sometimes criticized by others. I assume that this conduct was based on being drunk. Anti-Scientology messages on an anti-Scientology message board congratulate Karen to that she makes now more money since his death as his paintings are now worth more. Good grief.  It is all about the money. 

 I don’t know if you ever listen to her or read what she is posting, Marty. I rarely do, don’t have the time, but today, I had a minute  and watched her overacted (she always does this) video “There is no God in Scientology”.  She claims that Scientology is a “reversed religion”. People do the ministers course to create the impression that it is a religion. That is not true. I joined Scientology for philosophical reasons, hunger of wisdom and I know you did too . Fundamental of Thoughts was one of the first SCN books that I read. Karen apparently “joined” for other reasons, and I feel personally offended that she makes it look as if real “Scientologists” were/are like her.

She certainly is pushing the very German lies that SCN is no religion. She claims that there is no God in Scientology, and she couldn’t be more wrong. 


Karen de la Carriere is one of the very best friends and supporters of your impostor, Monique husband. Her husband (Jeffrey Augustine) says that “Scientology” told the IRS lies to obtain the non-profit status, but he and Karen are concealing that it  nobody else but Monique’s husband, Karen’s very good friend and DM who made  a deal with the IRS. She never criticizes your impostor’s conduct. 

As you know, originally, Scientology was absolutely non-profit (with the real founder in charge), but then, the German ordered infiltration (supported by their poodle CIA) with their agent Jack Vistaril (Ron’s impostor who was married to Mary Sue’s ) took over. Germany ordered them to use Scientology make Germany  richer and the OT levels very expensive. They also altered the OT levels, because after all, nobody should become real OT and figure rotten to hell Germany out, for example.

These former infiltrators of Scientology are too much. IT WAS THEM WHO COMMITTED THE ACTS, AND THEN THEY LEAVE SCIENTOLOGY AND POINT WITH THE FINGER ON OTHERS. Not one of them came forward and confessed that their non-Scientologist case officers sent them into the Scientology orgs to reverse and destroy the real religion from the inside and turn it into a German cult.

Karen indicated that she made compromises with her reality. How dare she trying to say that we all were/are like her. I never made compromises with my reality, and I know you didn’t either, Marty. She clearly didn’t apply Scientology when another non-Scientologist told or ordered her to no longer believe in her own experiences. As a real Scientologist, I feel insulted how Karen misinforms the “world” (whoever watches her overacted/dramatic videos). She wrongfully describes real Scientologists. Infiltrators never were Scientologists. Neither she nor the people who she described were Scientologists.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she “donates” financially to your impostor and his wife Monique and their gold digger case, and all the instances  when he wrongfully claimed to be you.  



The Munich org paid Lutheran Church taxes (despite their Wilhelm-Friedrich Haack, once of the most fanatical Lutheran anti-Scientology priests ever). Nobody in the SCN orgs ever told me to resign, and I never heard that somebody else was told to resign from another church or religion. I RESIGNED FROM THE LUTHERAN CHURCH AND ITS HYPOCRISY AFTER I WAS NO LONGER ACTIVE IN THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY FOR THE KNOWN REASONS. I was completely my own decision. 

Other religions and churches have dirty hands too. Karen and her hubby make people believe that other religions are good just SCN is bad. Honestly, if somebody is a OT and believes that the other religions are based on true religious writings and events, and that the bible or other scriptures were never altered or re-written, and that these religions are really the home of God, they are really anything else than OTs because OTs are expected to have awareness and be a lot smarter than this. The Bible is supposed to be thousands of years old, and it is such a joke to believe that this book not re-written by whoever grabbed the power within the Christian churches. 

Karen says that “Scientology impersonates God”. Give me a break! The woman who supports your impostor and does not tell the world that Ron was impostored by “Jack Vistaril”, claims that Scientology impersonates God? Good grief. All the items she complains about (may they true or made up) are not even part of original Scientology. They are part of the German-controlled infiltration of SCN.

She giggles about that “Scientology” would claim that “the person”  is God, e.g. that “she” is God.  Actually that made me laugh too… She is anything else but godlike. Actually, it is a very good think trying to become godlike as better people are and as more highly people think of themselves, as less they commit low acts. 

As a real Scientologist, I discovered a supreme being, Marty, and I know you did too. Vistarologists and Miscavologists may not have discovered him, but we did. The German-oriented and controlled infiltration turned Scientology into an evolution cult.  As a real Scientologist, however, I have a stronger personal relationship to the supreme being than when Germany pressed me into that protestant religion by kidnapping me to Germany.

Karen forgets or never knew that some members of other religions strive to be godlike. Mormons for example do that too. She of all people should know, once being married to Heber who came from a Mormon upcoming.


I am not quite sure how Karen can think that Jesus created miracles but that there are no OT abilities… Jesus had them till  up to the point of horrible physical pain being inflicted. However, after physical death, and the pain gone, these OT abilities returned.

What is the purpose of any religion not thriving to become godlike?  If people not trying to become like God, religion really has no purpose but being a cult. If they want to stay bad and low and primitive , religion has failed its purpose.  

Karen and her hubby make no sense. They are just trashing SCN.

As I said, I was one of the tree member of the SCN Sea Org reserves. The money is in Europe.  Germany leads Europe. Germany is behind SCN asking for more and more cash to make Germany richer!

Karen wasn’t trained by the founder, she was “trained” by the impostor “Jack Vistaril”. Either she wasn’t smart enough to see that he was the impostor, a German/CIA double agent or she keeps her mouth shut for other reasons. Which is not smart either. 

She doesn’t impressed me at all.  The question is: What was Heber thinking marrying her?       

And I know you are not impressed of her neither. I know you knew her from the 80s…. And she doesn’t immediately recognize that her now best buddy is an impostor and not you? Come on! I believe I know what Karen had no case again… Lack of ethics. Even in infiltrated and altered Scientology, there was still was/is the possibility to get case gain and cognitions.  She didn’t. 

Many kisses, Marty. I am pretty sure that the day comes when Karen wishes she wouldn’t have made those ridiculous videos. The day when the true story of Scientology breaks.

I love you. Be kissed.

Yours forever.







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