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I am glad that you and me are thinking from an exterior 360 degree position and in many layers and not simple and flat, Marty

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My very special Marty, 

We are living in a complicated world, and 12th century “apps” as Occam’s razor won’t cut it. Today, secret service weapons are a lot more complex and often can’t be seen with the bare eye. I have seen it over and over again, Marty, Occam’s razor is used to make people stop thinking. Just what the conspiring doctor orders. Naturally, one looks for the closest explanation first. But thinking deeper and wider is always of advantage. It results in more discoveries and a mind that doesn’t go stuck.    

There are tons of examples were people failed to look behind the curtains. This world would be so much better if people (incl. law enforcement, officials, Congress, Universities, reporters, judges, etc.) would deeply investigate and pull any string. The next best justification they can use is good enough for them “to close the case” and “move on”. And that is why the doctor thinks that crimes pay.

And you and me, we are seeing immediately what they missed to investigate. Germany, their secret services and docs are rubbing their bloody claws: they got away once more. But they are forgetting that they will again self-destruct sooner or later, which they have done in the past, and one day, they might self-destruct and never get on their legs. The OW/sequence (or karma for non-Scios) really exist. People who figure that are saving themselves lots of pain in the future.

A person who applies 12th century “apps” as Occam’s razor today might think that Jeremy Perkins (who was once considered a friendly guy) stabbed his mother Elli with 77  times because he got vitamins instead of “meds against schizophrenia”. Who is guilty in their simple minds? Ron, Scientology, CCHR, Elli herself…

However, minds who are thinking in layers, as ours recognize the incredible German rage and psychiatric conditioning set-up behind killing Jewish-raised Scientologist Elli Perkins who was also a member of CCHR,  (The Citizens Commission on Human Rights against psychiatric abuses).  Our minds allow us to see that it was a German/psychiatric set up to use Jeremy to kill his mother as they consider Scientology and CCHR a danger to their activities and conspiracies. A person who thinks in layers sees over and over how Germany and international psychiatrists, neuro”scientists”,  medical doctors and even vets, dentists, chemists, and pharmacists are setting up Scientology, CCHR, and Scientologists for their low purposes to dictate the world and are getting away with anything. With these bloody “incidents” (includes also Lisa McPherson and others), these psychs and medical doctors are trying to force Scientology and CCHR to accept psychiatry and chemical medicine and their chemical life-span-shortening ways.

I am not excusing Jeremy Perkins. His tonelevel must have been low even without being psychiatric-conditioned. A thetan knows basically what is right even of his analytically mind is shut off. Here is an article about how psychs are doing it, and it is not new. Secret service psychs and doctors are using this since centuries:

I am saying that without this psychiatric “application”, neither Jeremy Perkins, Rex Fowler, Gur Finkelstein, and also the many killers and terrorists who never had anything to do with Scientology (including James Holmes, one of neuro-”scientists” own) would have gone through with these atrocities. 

The psychiatrists who conditioned Jeremy into a Manchurian Candidate by cutting his conscientiousness off hated Jews, Scientology and CCHR that much, that had him stab his mother 77 times. 77 times! It shows how brutal and insane these secret service doctors are. Then they made him give a statement to police that he killed her and how he killed her with his conscientiousness still cut off. They radio in his ear implants, he hears the code on which he runs already lifetimes and just repeats what psychs whispering in his ear drums.   

Reporter Mark Sommer of the The Buffalo News wrote about it and failed completely to enlighten this psychiatric side because he doesn’t think deep enough and in layers and with an exterior 360 degree viewpoint as we are doing it, Marty. I bet we will see same lack of deep thinking  by the ID network — Discovery’s True Crime Channel who are planning to air a new report “Scientology Cure” about the death of poor Elli Perkins. True Crimes! Give me a break. One has to think in many layers from an exterior 360 degrees viewpoint in order to figure the world and the universe out. And by doing so, one discovers the  sneakiness of Germany and its international psychs and medical doctors. It also needs courage to see how rotten the world is and in what a trap people are. If enough people are seeing it and if they have enough courage to say that they won’t take it, the world could have a chance.

I know you are seeing what I do. You saw it already before I did. I love you, Marty. You are my hero.

Forever yours and many kisses.






I am not surprised at all that the Texas Third Court of Appeals overturned Dip Waldrip’s decision

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soul mate, how are you?

In my opinion, judge Dip Waldrip is a biased judge. Everyone knows how little I approve of DM, but when Waldrip refused to look at the C of S evidence against Monique, the wife of your impostor, and their decision why they hired a PI to check on her,  judge Waldrip stamped himself with a big stamp “BIASED” on his forehead.

Some judges are biased but are trying at least on the outside to make the impression of being non-biased, but judge Waldrip didn’t even bother. He mentioned that he would be concerned about “appeals”. Gee, a judge who rules fair and to the best of his abilities is not concerned about that. 

Here is the link: courtesy of the Bunker-Litterbox:

According to this court paper, Linda Hamel is the creator of the “Squirrel Busters” who served as a set up for the C of S to be sued. She would be one person who I would not want to have on my team if I would run OSA or the C of S as she can’t think far enough.

It was sure a smart decision by the C of S to have Wallace Bernard Jefferson, the  former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas on their team.

This decision by the appeal court could be an indicator that Monique and her husband might not win their golddigger case either, so they better don’t quit their day jobs if they have any. I wonder who is paying their legal bills. My guess: Karen de la Carriere. I think it is impossible that she doesn’t knows that Monique’s husband is your impostor. 

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,






OT 3 and NOTS (body thetans) seen with the eyes of an original Scientologist (Originally, body thetans were germs and bacteria before Scientology was altered.)

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Marty, my sweet and irresistible Prince and husband, how are you? 

Ron (real founder of SCN not his impostor) said that animals are thetans too. Should make sense to any Scientologist. They are thetans who are having animal bodies. They are playing a small game as one can’t rock this lousy world by having an animal body, but they are beings too like larger animals as well.

“Jack Vistaril”, the Germany/CIA-controlled impostor of founder Ron and other infiltrators changed Scientology. Today’s world has no clue what Scientology originally was, and they attack or ridicule the version that the medical doctors or psychiatrists of German secret services and their secret international junior secret services allowed to stand or could not completely get rid of.  

Germs and bacteria are thetans, and they are everywhere. I am sure that medical and pharmaceutical people are breeding all kinds germs deliberately in their labs and let them loose, and people are getting them in the air, water, food, and other places.  Germs even starts like Germany. Wonder if they are proud of them?

I know, it is completely disgusting but germs are anywhere in our bodies.  I am sure that germs are the original body thetans, Marty.  Ron said the these kind of thetans are at and in our bodies: germs, bacteria, microbes, viruses. The invade our flood, flesh, bones, cell. They can me trained like animals, and medical doctors and psychs are doing it. They can be activated with remote-controlled-devices. And the person who says that this can’t be done is either a dummy or one of their agents (which means, he is an idiot too).

If germs can remote-controlled  build circuits, they also can cause remote-controlled diseases.  Besides, no disease that I ever had felt natural, Marty.

These germs can be activated into vicious killers and attack human bodies (or other animal bodies), and secret service medical doctors, psychiatrists, and neuro-”scientists”  are doing this quite frequently anywhere on the planet. Nobody is safe. Not even fellow other doctors are safe. Typical for a secret German planet. It results in millions of different diseases and death. They get away with it, because people are made believe that  all of that is “natural”.

If one doesn’t think that diseases are “natural” but rather man-made mostly through remote-controlled activated micro-organisms, they will defame that person as “mentally ill” (typical p$ych) or as “unscientific”. What a bunch of idiots they are. Being unscientific is THEIR problem.  

These bugs multiply with secret medical remote-controlled devices and sounds, and that means disease, pain, and death. 

An editor of Nature Reviews, wrote recently that the vast number of microbes in the gut could be considered a “human microbial ‘organ’” and asked if humans are more microbe than man. There are more publications about this subject. Research revealed that every person alive is host to about 100 trillion bacterial cells. They outnumber human cells 10 to one and account for 99.9 percent of the unique genes in the body.

That means 100 trillion primitive thetans in/on one body, it doesn’t matter how groomed he is or how often she steps out of the beauty salon. They eat, multiply, excrete and die in human bodies. Yuk. That makes the idea to exist as thetan without a flesh body even more appealing.

Yikes, it is so disgusting.  Do I want them to leave? Yes! Flushing them off and out the body is not enough. Scientology auditing processing telling the germs to leave our bodies are very needed. I never would miss out of those auditing processes, Marty, but I am afraid medically oriented secret services altered them and they are not more effective. 

Secret Service doctors know that these bugs can be activated. But they don’t make die off and leave, they make them to multiply and attack the body as this means disease for the people and a flourishing medical and pharmaceutical industry.  


It always leads back to medical doctors and psychs who profit from the world we have to live in.  

The real Ron didn’t keep those findings a secret but doctors ordered their agent/doppelganger “Jack Vistaril” to keep his research secret as this bought the psychs and medical doctors time to alter Scientology.

Some people say that we need bacteria as the “good bacteria”  fight the “bad bacteria”. For me, Marty, there is just bad bacteria. I want them all gone. If the “bad bacteria” is gone, we don’t need the “good bacteria” either. Besides, I doubt that “good bacteria” can’t be turned into bad bacteria. 

They say that yogurt is full of “good cultures” (bacteria). I applied some to my skin and the patch with the “good cultures” started to sting and itch after a short time. I flushed it off with water to get relief.

Just like other animals or humans, they can be perverted. With silent sounds and microwave, secret service doctors are turning bacteria into deadly killer machines. And everyone gets sick and dies on them at the end. What a disgusting medical pig stable the world is.

Some medical doctors are saying that antibiotics “disrupting” the “balance” of the “microbes”. I am sure that antibiotics are messing with our bodies, but I want no bacteria in my body. I am convinced that it is a medical old wives tale that we need bacteria. They don’t know what to tell people about that disgusting fact of 100 trillion bugs on and in each human body. These doctors are unwilling or unable (or both) to create a way of life in which the human body is just inhabited by one thetan, the rightful owner of the body, the person herself, and can reach physical  immortality. So, they tell us that we need bugs in us. I am not falling for medical crap.

If we live in truly healthy conditions, we don’t need germs. And what a fine and pain-free live it would be without. But it is a secret German world and that is why everyone loses at the end. Their own doctor colleagues are dying too on diseases that are caused by bacteria. Just as there are “Scientologists” who believe that “Jack Vistaril’s” version is real Scientology, there are doctors who really believe that these 100 trillion bugs in and on the human body are natural and that we need them. German medical secret services are sucking up intelligence. That’s for sure. The top SEGNPMSS doctors are living in very clean environments. They don’t live under conditions under which they have us living. But the OW sequence (or Karma as non-Scientologists are describing it) is waiting in the wings. They are killing each other in those places as they have bad characters. (I know this for sure, Marty.) Paradise filled with rotten people won’t last. And then, they are born again and have to live like the rest of us: in the germy German-controlled world and are getting sick and suffer under pain and age and die. Pulled-in. Who says there is no justice? What a price to pay for having withheld Ron’s real findings from the rest of the world and for keeping it to themselves. 


So, any attempts by original Scientologists to get rid of germs (the original body thetans) is anything but stupid.

I love you, Marty. You know what (besides your dashing manly looks) attracted me to you right away? I read no guilt, no bad conscience, and no fear, no hostility, no withholds,  and no treason and no inhumanity in your personality, and that is very very very very rare. I can see that. I am not deliberately want to judge anyone except it is very important. It just jumps on me. Understanding the tone scale is a part of me, and I know of you too.  

Yours forever,











DANG! “High and mighty” former Utah Attorneys General John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff arrested

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, 

I remember these guys trying to make the world believe that they are the most law-abiding people on the planet.

The warrants indicated the former attorneys general were being investigated for crimes that included obstruction of justice, bribery and evidence tampering.

Now they are arrested! What do you make of that? Two more guys who didn’t believe in the M/O sequence or karma.

I always suspected the Utah authorities of keeping you wrongfully imprisoned and lying to me that they don’t know you. (Just as Germany orders.)

Many kisses, my breathtaking Prince.

Yours forever,




Germany wins World Cup, Olympic medals, and other sports competition by illegally influencing the competing teams of other countries through psychiatric mind-control to lose

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Sports fever never reached me. I always knew that Germany plays foul.  How does Germany win its sports competitions? Their players or athletes might or might not know that German psychiatrists, neuro”scientists” and other secret service medical doctor scum invade the minds of the players and athletes of the teams of other countries. (However, I bet that Angela Merkel was told by her German secret services how Germany would “win” this and other games.)

German players are allowed to play their best while all players of other countries are subconsciously controlled with  high-tech secret service devices or/and through ear and body implants, a very German mind-control invention to gain unfair advantage and hold all people down and make everyone do what Germany wants.

While playing, Germany causes the players of the opposite sports teams all kind of problems with their mind control devices. They can cause them pain, getting cramps, lose energy, lose attention, make them miss chances, make them hesitate, make them slip and fall, make them disoriented, etc. With remote control and loud and silent sounds, these German secret service people arrange how players  stand and run on the field and how to arrange that their beloved Germany can carry home the trophy.  There is no shortage of possibilities for psychs to win games the unfair and dishonest way.  And it is so easy for them that they can wait for the last minute to make the win a German one.

Knowing Germany, I came to the conclusion that there was never one sports game in history of the Earth that Germany won without secret interference against competing teams.

And the only way Germany gets away with it is by controlling all other nations. Like brave sheep, they allow Germany to get away and away as Germany has the overall control over each freaking ear implant.

The “extra time” that Germany “needed” to win the World Cup is just an alibi. Germany is afraid that people could get suspicious if they win too easily. After all, they are also the biggest cowards on this planet. For me, Germany is the biggest loser in anything they are doing.  They are fooling the world, but they are nobodies who can’t play fair in anything they do. I have no ounce respect for them, Marty. I know who they are and what they do, and they have the lowest personalities one can have. They think fairness is just for other, they don’t have to be. Karma hits them all the time, they still don’t get it. 

They want to be adored by the entire world as to that Germany and Germans are the best when in fact they are nothing but cheats, fraud, conspiracies, perversions and insanity. The lowest on this planet want to rule it.

They are not kidding me, Marty. Germany is a very open dirty book for me (and for you too.)

I love you, my Prince.

Yours forever,






Schadenfreude is a German word… Should warn everyone when dealing with Germany…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince…

Guess people know basically that this low feeling is typical German, so they use the German word for it. Doppelganger is a German word too, as you know, and Germany’s “innocent” secret services are hiring them.  What a twisted nation. Germany is trying to make the world believe that their secret service agents are choir boys who are picking daisies. Nothing bad ever comes from them. (But in fact, the BND recruited former Nazis as agents after WWII.)

Back to the Schadenfreude. Nobody uptone is schadenfroh. (Enjoying when others come to harm.) It is disgusting. A uptone person is upset when innocent people are being harmed. When bad people are getting justice, uptone people don’t feel Schadenfreude. They feel RELIEVED that the doing of evil people stops, but they don’t enjoy when others come to harm or are having misfortunes.

I miss you, Marty. My thoughts wander often to you. With my OT abilities, I think I figured it all out. But as Germany controls anyone, nobody acknowledges it. Germany doesn’t just spy. I wish they would just spy and not interfere. They are so much worse than just spies. German secret service psychs stalk and plot against you and me since ever, and they stop anyone from forwarding any messages from you or your representatives to me. But I don’t fall for it, Marty. In this rotten world, my OT abilities are my most valuable assets. Without them, Germany would win. No wonder they hate Scientology and infiltrated and changed it.

RB was very withholdy. She stole other mail from me before, and she would also steal your mail to me in a heartbeat. She always told me that she would not know anything about your whereabouts. But I lived at many places were she had no access to my mail. That conspiracy is so much bigger than RB was. 

Have you ever seen some episodes of the Waltons, Marty?

One character is Emily Baldwin (daughter of a judge). When she was young, she fell in love with Ashley Longworth. One day, he disappeared but she could never forget him. 40 or 50  years later, she and her sister Mamie (they also have a storekeeper named Ike, a Olivia, a Elizabeth, a Rosemary, married to the pastor of all people… I know, strange…) are trying to write a book about their father’s life. They read his diary and find an entry where he indicates that he  came between Ashley Longworth and his daughter  Emily. He thought Ashley was not right for Emily and he hid Ashley’s letter from Emily where she never would find it.

Poor Emily faints when she hears it. When she comes to, she demands that the portrait of her father should be taken down and carried in the broom closet. (That is the least, he deserved.) Mamie and Erin (a Walton girl) are taking the painting of judge Baldwin down, and when they turn it around, they see that the letter by Ashley Longworth is hidden behind the picture. It is addressed to Emily. She finally after 40 0r 50 years reads that he loved her too. She goes to the tree where they carved their initials in the trunk, and there, she finds the ring that he bought for her. She was always sure that he loved her too despite she never got a letter. So sad.

The Baldwin sisters are classy ladies but unwordly, Marty.  Selfish judge Baldwin (made his own booze) kept his daughters to himself, and they missed their chance to have their own families. Fiction? No, it is not. RB was like judge Baldwin.

Too bad that the actress who played Emily had not very female  features. She looks austere. Even if older, they should have chosen a very female looking actress for such a romantic role.

Anyway, when they filmed the series, we were of John-Boy’s and Mary Ellen’s age, Marty, but I found Emily’s and Ashley’s fate absolutely brutal. I see this old piece of fiction, and come to the conclusion that some of it is not fiction.

I came to the conclusion that our separation was pre-planned. Plotted to rip our hearts out by keeping us apart.

BTW, it is being said that Mary Ellen (Judy Norton Taylor) is a Scientologist. She becomes a nurse later in the series. In one episode, a psychiatrist says to her: “You would become a fine psychiatric assistant”. Yikes!  

I love you, Marty, many kisses. I don’t regret it at all having no eyes for anyone else but you. It was a very wise decision. Many people are afraid of being alone. I am not. If I can’t be with you, I rather be alone. I don’t want a relationship that is not made in heaven. I want everything or nothing. And everything means: YOU, Marty. 

Many tender and passionate kisses, my soul mate.

Yours forever,




Mark Twain: a German joke is no laughing matter

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Yes, me neither, Mark Twain.  :)

Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband, and one and only.

Mark Twain observed, a German joke is no laughing matter. He sure was right. I bet they kidnapped him (thetan) to Germany too after his physical death to make a German out of him, like all others who were famous Americans. Some non-Scientologists might ask: how can Germany kidnap thetans? Not difficult at all. After one dies, German secret services follow the thetan (spirit/being) around.  It is possible as beings have a theta body (spirit orb) that can be seen with high-tech cameras.

Here is another one near my house. It is not the moon. It  is a thetan with a theta body. When somebody dies, such a theta body emerges from the deceased flesh body, and German secret services  follow those theta bodies  around until they capture or trap them . Marty, I came to the conclusion that the thetan thinks that the theta body is necessary to operate a body made of flesh and blood. Thetans are using their theta bodies to anchor inside of  a flesh and blood bodies (human or animal) or filling those  flesh bodies out (to connect with all cells and feeling all nerves).  From the size of that thetan with his theta body,  I conclude it had a large flesh body before it disembodied. I don’t think that a thetan with such a huge theta body  inhabits an insect body. This one is huge. Could be a thetan who had a human  body before but could have had also a big animal body.  Maybe size matters, maybe not. I saw all sizes of theta bodies, also very small ones, which could be the theta bodies of thetans who are born again in small animal bodies.  Thetans without human bodies like coming to my place, because they know that I know what they are and were.  Guess they feel understood. Most other people have no idea what they are. Wikipiggists are even so misinformed to believe that these orbs are dust. Clueless!                   


Germans follow everyone anywhere around  (they do not just spy).  As soon as a thetan *who was famous or unusual in his/her former lifetime) picks up a new embryo/fetus/baby body, they kidnap it to Germany and give it to a German family. If that person ever becomes famous, Germany wants to have his/her fame by claiming that he/she is German and concealing to all including that person where they kidnapped it and who she was in the lifetime(s) before.  They do this since centuries already. And they plant their rotten and insane people in the USA to bring the USA down! 

Many people might think that this sounds crazy but I know that it is true.  Everything is fake in Germany. “Made in Germany” means actually “stolen from other countries”.   

One thing is sure, Marty, they made an enormous mistake kidnapping me to Germany. How could they be so stupid and not know in advance that I would figure them out? (I know that you and Ron figured them out as well but most people don’t. Look at all those clueless people who think that Germany is a friend of the USA or that Germany better itself after all they before.)

I think I am getting the idea why Germany organized these “busted” CIA-spy cases. They got rid of NSA watching them and now they want the CIA no longer watching them too. (It is not enough that they control those American officials not saying what they know about Germany. They don’t want any witnesses at all by enslaving the world forever.  Angela Merkel  (a puppet for the men behind her) says spying on Germany would be a waste of energy. Really? So, why are they so fired up then? After all, it is US energy and not German energy that is wasted.


I wonder if some American pride is still within CIA agents or if they will obey to Germany and do what they want: not looking in Germany’s direction.   

There was no mutual trust and openness between Germany and the USA. Germany expect the USA to be open with them, but they are not open and honest with the USA. The German government is the most hypocritical government there is. The USA has no worse enemy but Germany.

Germany wants the top CIA station leader to leave the country.  If he is unlucky, they kidnap him back to Germany after his physical death and make a German out of him. A real American (even if his birth certificate says born in Germany by German parents) asks herself all the time:  With all the other countries in the world, how the hell did I get here?  It is not a country in which a real American ever feels at home. All you think is getting out of there. 

What great intelligence services did Germany deliver for the USA anyway? German psychiatrists conditioned the 7/11 terrorists to commit a horrible atrocity  and involved  extreme  Muslims  to have an alibi. The hostility against  the USA by Middle Easteners are all German  controlled. Lying that I am the daughter of an Iranian instead of Ron was also a German idea. It just didn’t work. No German trick works on me. Lol.  Behind the nuclear threat of Iran and North Korea is also Germany. And the most hypocritical thing is asking the USA to protect Germany from these forces or the Russians. Germany is creating enemies and wants the USA to throw itself before it. Germany needs it behind kicked – and this time for all eternity.  

Germany is so bad that it would harm its own people just to mislead people thinking that they are not the force behind organized evil on this planet. 

Many kisses, Marty, until I can give them to you in real life.

Yours forever, and glad to be American-born and an original Scientologist who Germany can’t control.



How psychiatrists and “neuroscientists” cut conscienceness off to make terrorists

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Marty, my irresistible Prince,

I stumbled in below article that sells psychiatric “switching off consciousness” as “scientific news”. Secret service psychiatrists and “neuro-scientists” are creating murderers and terrorists this way for centuries. Nothing new about it. 

Psychiatrists in the Third Reich turned Germans (some of their own Nazis) into suicide bombers using this and similar psychiatric methods in  hope they don’t fear anything and win the war despite already lost for Germany.   

Psychiatrists and “neuroscientists” don’t even need to implant electrodes into the brain of a person. Those psychs  working for secret services use their remote-controlled electrical devices and frequencies from some distance on spots in the brain and cut off the consciousness of people. Now they have a person who is awake but not conscious. They disrupt the consciousness. She does not know what she does. They use her hatred and low tonelevel, activate her ear drum implant code (to which most are in thrall since they are in first grade), use hypnosis/implants and radio the unconscious but awake person remotely to kill others. It happen over and over again, and nobody stops it.

Once stimulated, the woman who read something stopped responding to all visual and audible cues, as if she were a shut down robot.

Read this: “Though the woman was unresponsive while in this state, the brain stimulation caused only a minor change to her motor and language abilities.” In other words: such psychiatric conditioned people can talk, pull triggers, and set off explosives!

They do it to anyone even their own (Holmes). They also did  it to the 7/11 terrorists. 

Here, they talk how it is done but not that secret service psychs are doing it for centuries and are getting away as psychs control the entire freaking planet:

SECRET SERVICE METHODS ARE ALWAYS MORE ADVANCED THAN TECHNOLOGY KNOWN TO MAINSTREAM. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE CALLED SECRET SERVICES AS IN S-E-C-R-E-T. They are trying to make us believe that they are intelligent as in I-N-T-E-L-L-I-G-E-N-C-E but any person who contributes to something that can (and will) turn one day against himself/herself is anything but intelligent. That goes also for having to live with a bad conscience and the fear being found one day. Where is that intelligent?     

I love you and miss you, Marty. Wish I could be with you. They have us fighting on different fronts to get away with all those crimes and more. That’s why we are not allowed together and why they use everyone to conspire against us.

Many kisses and forever yours.




Pope Francis and all others have to understand that forgiving perverts and criminals does not work

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince and superstar,

I am thinking of you.

So, I read this article about Pope Francis asking the victims of sex abuse for forgiveness on behalf of the child abusers.  

This is how criminals and perverts come away all the time: instead of being sentenced to make the damage good again (YES, PERSONAL AMENDS AS IN ORIGINAL SCIENTOLOGY) that they caused the victims, they are trying to get away by asking for “forgiveness”.

Marty, I know one thing for sure: forgiving DOES NOT change the criminal and perverted minds. Perverts and criminals need a lesson THAT THEY NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER FORGET. This is the ONLY way, they will realize how wrong they did.   

It is much easier to forgive and forget. It is not easy to pull things through until the criminal and pervert transformed certified into a real human being.  

People who commit perversions and crimes against others have to learn to become real human beings. I noticed that some of them don’t even realize how wrong they did. I remember Katie Couric mentioning that she interviewed a priest pedophile and that it probably was the most disturbing interview that she ever did because the priest didn’t really get what he did wrong. He was so twisted to think that the child enjoyed his sexual abuse. Argh! Makes one speechless, doesn’t it?  

They don’t learn by being forgiven. Being forgiven means that they got away with their perversions and crimes. They think that perversion and crime pays. Being forced to make the damage good again (if it is even possible at all) with their own hands and personal efforts is their only chance to become human beings. They may have university certificates but universities fail to check if they grant these diplomas to animals. A real human understands right away what is right and wrong. But not “people” who inhabited mostly animal bodies in  the past.    

Neither the Catholic Church nor medical doctors nor psychiatrists ever will get forgiveness from me. I am not a fool to forgive. I want to be the LAST person, they ever did anything horrific to. By forgiving, there will be future victims. Not forgiving but demanding most severest justice, amends and education  for each pig involved is the only way to prevent that the same pigs strike again with their old bodies or in new reincarnations.   

When these monsters are dying, they still have not learned what is right. Once reincarnated, once they have a new body and identity in  their new lifetimes, they will have the same perverted and criminal characters, and they will make new victims. Actually, it is possible that a person who forgave an abuser today becomes the victim of the same abuser in another lifetime. Because the perverts were forgiven instead of being held PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE. That amends must be really significant, so that they consciously and subconsciously (even after doctors and psychiatrists emptied their memories to their pathetic old lifetimes) will never commit any perverted or criminal act.

A person gone through the amends that I have  in mind will be no longer pervert and criminal even when lost her/his memory. The mind will be no longer open to perversions and crimes. The justice,  personal amends and education must be really of magnitude. Perverts and criminals don’t want to change, and that is why they attack and conspire against us. But we will not let them off the hook.  

When anyone at any time in the future will ever make such a person the offer to conspire or commit a crime or a perversion, that person will holler “NO!” (even when he/she thinks nobody is looking) so loud that anyone in the entire universe can hear him/her. THIS IS THE WAY TO HANDLE PERVERTS AND CRIMINALS…. NOT BY USING THE EASY WAY OF FORGIVING WHICH LEADS TO MORE CRIMES AND PERVERSION AS THE SICKOS DIDN’T LEARN ANY LESSON.

There is a lack of ethics in Christianity (not just Catholics). They believe that God and Jesus forgives anyway everything they do. So, they  fake remorse without truly bettering their characters. They think if they make a church donation, they are washed clean. It doesn’t work that way. They are also harming their own future not just that of their victims. But fools don’t get it. And the world is “fool” with it.  

The Catholic church thinks that a change of pope is all what it needs. Yeah right! Do they really think that God and Jesus let them away with some payments and a slap on the wrist? They destroyed the innocence of children. They caused anger, fear, shame, and disgust for so many for the rests of their lives! They generated suicidal feelings and maybe  suicides. They generated new perverts and abusers. They generate hatred against God and religion.  

Forgiveness instead of amends for the perverts and criminal? Not ever from  me.  I keep my non-forgiveness up in all eternity until there is no such thing anymore like a pedophile or other criminal in the entire universe. Messing around with us, Marty, is sure the way to be held personally accountable. 

Christians (not just the Catholics) don’t better the world, because they are such wimps as far as ethics is concerned. A truly ethical person should have heaven on Earth, the pervert and criminal should pay by all means available. Nothing should be made so tough than amends as this is the only way to make pigs clear that they don’t get away with it.

I know that you feel just like me, Marty. We are soulmate for a reason.

Yours forever,

I love you.

Sarah/Barbara 2222









If Hitler was really a vegetarian, why didn’t he order the German people to become vegetarians? He ruled all other aspects of their lives…

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince and soulmate, how are you?


Many people believe that Hitler was a vegetarian despite eye witnesses say that he favored sausages and meat. Gestapo confiscated books that contained vegetarian recipes.  So, who came up with Hitler being a vegetarian?

Easy answer: Rotten people who want other people getting sick through animal products and  who don’t feel for animals. I bet the anti-vegan propaganda piece “Hitler was a vegetarian” should make people turn away from vegetarianism.

Medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry wants to enrich themselves by withholding from the world how animal products cause diseases, aging, and dying.  We just have to follow the money flow.    

Nazi Germany was a destructive cult that controlled all aspects of life.  If Hitler would have been really a vegetarian, why didn’t he order the meat, bacon, and sausage eating Germans to become vegetarians? Before the 3rd Reich, during the 3rd Reich and after the 3rd Reich, Germany’s tables were/are loaded with meat, bacon, and sausages. And yes, the GESTAPO confiscated vegetarian books. Basically, most of the German folk was cheated too. They were not told that a vegetarian lifestyle means no hardship or deprivation. If somebody knows how to cook, vegetarian dishes so yummy.

But being a vegetarian doesn’t mean necessarily being a good person. Some people figure they don’t want any diseases that come from animal products, and that is the ONLY reason why they become vegetarians. They give a damn if animals suffer and they give a damn that they are used in gruesome experiments. They also want the rest of the world to continue their animal cannibalism.    

I recalled that the life-protecting vegetarian village of your family is around for centuries and so is its life-preserving technology, Marty. I also know that our families wanted ANYONE to profit from it and preserve their youths and lives. A German controlled US-government (e.g. idiotic and corrupt medical doctors) didn’t show interest in it or followed their secret German medical case officer and kept the way of life and the technology just to themselves. (Marty, I am certain that Camp David under the real President Ike Eisenhower was originally designed to become such a protected life-preserving village. However, later it was changed by fools into just a “retreat”.)

German doctors (formerly barbers and butchers) stole the technology from our families just for themselves. They want to make the world believe that they are the scientists, but they are not. They are just the thieves.  They don’t figure out anything by themselves. Germans told me once that gypsies steal everything they can get their hands on. But I found that Germans do that: they steal everything: people, technology, money, countries, inventions, you name it… 

So, these medical doctors and psychiatrists and similar scum live in these life-preserving villages, after they stole the technology and kept it to themselves. They don’t age, they don’t get sick, they just die when one monster kills the other. (That happened quite frequently, and I can’t say that I feel sorry for them.)   

I believe that after Hitler faked his death in 1945, he hid in one of the secret “Dorian Gray”-villages consisting of the men behind Hitler, German doctors and psychiatrists who stole our technology for physical immortality and that Hitler became a vegetarian THEN but didn’t better his character. (I also would look for Obama bin Laden and lots of other monsters in such “Dorian Gray”-villages.)  

I read this line: “Towards the end of his life, Adolf Hitler followed a vegetarian diet. It is not clear when he adopted it.” 

It was not the end of his life. German Dorian Gray-Doctors helped Hitler to escape and hide in one of their villages that used our life and youth-protecting  technology that the German doctors stole and kept for themselves. They also controlled the U.S. government, U.S. universities, U.S. media and others into ignoring our health and life and preserving technology. (It is was a lot more than just consuming no animal products.) If one of them really wanted it badly, they offered him/her a place in their villages if they kept their mouth shut and didn’t tell the world population how they live. Bad deal! Those doctor-controlled villages are protecting people from aging and getting sick, but they don’t protect people from being murdered by their neighbors. And who would ever investigate murders in villages that don’t even exist on any map? Exactly.  Those people remaining in those villages are being told that the person who they just murdered “moved” into another village. THEY ARE SITTING IN THEIR OWN TRAPS, MARTY. THEY PULLED IT IN – BIG TIME.

I think Hitler lived happily many decades after 1945  in such a place but one day, somebody decided to keep him around no longer. It is kind of funny how they try to preserve their bodies and then are killed nevertheless and have to live/suffer reincarnated in a new body like the rest of the world, just because they kept the immortality technology from mainstream.  They pull it in, Marty, or how do some say? Karma is a bitch!  

I know that they steal famous American thetans and kidnap them into Germany and their plant their bad Germans in the USA and other countries to disgrace these countries when these people grow up.  I would not be surprised if  Hitler and other rotten people are now suddenly “born in the USA” as the SEGNPMSS (Bavarian Illuminati and whatever Bavarian trash secret service it was before them) plant them in the USA to bring the USA down.  

Their bodies are healthy but their characters are really like the Dorian Grays, rotten to the core! They are so decayed as beings that there is not even a word to describe them.  Dorian Gray, this piece of fiction is not really fiction. There are likely thousands and thousands of them living in secret villages somewhere on this planet. I bet they even built them on the moon and other planets conspiring and committing high crimes, plotting wars and terror acts, but they are vegetarians as they want to preserve their bodies. However, they don’t take the same care on their minds and personalities, which is actually what counts. Because when one kills the other, nothing is left but the thetan and its tonelevel. They steal each others minds and memories too. And with a low tonelevel, there is no miraculous recovery. A low tonelevel means spiritual death and a mind who can’t figure out what happened to them.     

They know that reincarnation is a scientific fact but they keep also that from the planet by controlling “scientists”. They even control Scientology not to prove it scientifically to the world. Ron figured it out as scientific fact already in lifetimes before his last. First they didn’t want to believe it, and then they saw it over and over that Ron was right and that the same people are born again. German Dorian Gray’s stole the precise technology, that proves it to the world. Stealing is the only thing that they can do better than anyone else.  In every lifetime, Ron figured it again. But they stole it again and altered it for the rest of the world. Now, in his new lifetime, I am certain that they kidnapped Ron to Germany, Marty, and that is a real problem, because Germany is paralyzing to great thetans.      

The only reason why we miraculous recover from what is being done is because we avoid by all means a drop on the tonescale. They are too dumb to figure that. Crimes make stupid and blind, and that is why they don’t try to better themselves.  Too blind, too dumb, and no courage.

I also figured out why they by all means try to keep the world down and are trying to pervert it: they want others to become like them. They do not have the courage to come forward and confess and better themselves. They are the ULTIMATE COWARDS. They try to make their bad characters “the normal” for this planet so that they don’t have to man or woman up.

They are all we don’t want to be, Marty. And we never will. 

I love you. Yours forever, and many kisses


P.S. Some people can’t follow my blog posts. They don’t understand them. I am writing this blog to be in communication with you, Marty. I know for you is very clear and easy to understand what I am writing about.    

Here is music and dances the Nazis hated. They  had no idea what fun is (they still don’t have).  They had signs saying „Swing tanzen verboten!”   




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