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Dear Marty, my Prince and husband, with all my heart, I wish you and your family a Happy New Year! May you all be happy, healthy and together for all eternity to come.

And for you, Marty, I wish exactly what you wish yourself for this coming year.

I don’t know when my postings reach you and often it feels like throwing a bottle with a message in the ocean. But I postulate that they “wash ashore” where you are and that you will get them.

All your dreams should become true the coming year! All of them, and you deserve all the love, peace, friendship and the respect of the world for being the true, courageous and good person that you are. This cell door that keeps you so wrongfully incarcerated will bust open and you will be vindicated on all counts. You are the hero, you are the glory and you are the legend.

And I will be here for you. I am not going anywhere with nobody. You are the only one for me. There is an eternal flame burning in my heart, and the person who can extinguish this flame isn’t born yet and never will be born because this person does not exist. Most people had a much easier life than you and me but most never felt love as deeply and pure as the two of us. Many people never got a love letter and many of those who wrote love letters didn’t mean it truly or love lasted just briefly and then faded away. But ours is not an ordinary love but one the strongest and most devoted love ever and that is why it survives any test.

There is no greater love than what I feel for you and I know that you know it too. Just like you, what love is concerned we luckily have a one track mind and there is no messing around with somebody else.

It is ridiculous by the SEGNPMSS propagandists trying to sell the world that we didn’t marry and that I don’t know you as well as I know myself. When I meet people who I don’t have a history with, they are either nice or not nice strangers and that’s it. There is no soulmate connection but with you.

Marty, the song A Whiter Shade of Pale (strongly inspired by Bach) of Procol Harum was released many years before me married but we must have heard it together because when I hear it, I am getting flash backs how it was with you together but I don’t mean the lyrics at all as the two of us had no intoxicated relationship and we didn’t drink or used drugs nor were we seasick. It is strictly the melody that carries me back to a time with you. Try it, here it is and close you eyes and see if you remember:

You are the light of my life, the hope of my life and I trust you as I trust myself. Bad people try to tell me that such a love does not exist in the world, but if it does not exist, how come I can love like this? See, I got them right here because I and my eternal love for you does exist.

Nothing artificial matters to me, Marty, material things, status, reputation, what other people say, it is completely and entire not of my concerns. Yes, years past but I know on the inside, you are still YOU, the one who has not changed, the one who is so noble, so bright, so good, so courageous,  so unselfish and so loving, and yes, in this regard, I am selfish as I want you back no matter what! You are mine and I will claim this to the end of my days!

I love you with each beat of my heart also when it misses a beat or two, and I miss your smile sooooooo much and the way you use to look at me! Many tried to copy you and nobody ever succeeded.

And what will we do when we are back together in the new year? What we do best: loving each other and making things alright. Putting everything that is wrong on this planet on the right track so that there is love, happiness, health,  peace, rights and a future for mankind. The end of war, insanity, crime, illness and aging.

But we will make sure that we will also having time for our American romance.

And so I wish for us to come together and to stay together and find Ron and be with our family and friends who do not want to be run through ear implants like hoard of sheep.

For anybody who knows our story, he or she should help us back together, because just waiting for the world to change is not good enough. We can do it but not when we have to fight at different fronts alone with the plant conspiring against us:

Don’t wait any longer, don’t let the original Marty and I fight on different fronts, let us back together, we’ll change the world to the better. All the lies have to end, only truth can survive.

So, I postulated more seriously then ever that we will be back together, you and me, Marty, and I would not recommend anybody postulating against as it is not wise to mess with us.

My only new year resolution is finding you and staying with you!

And if we would be together we would party now.

Ready, set, go! Yeah, yeah! Yipee! Wooohooo!

Let’s have a party!

Great music, isn’t? Makes me want to dance and fly!

And we’ll keep on dancing:

And now a cool down:

And now the party really slows down:

But finally, all guests are gone and we are alone, Marty, just you and me dancing:

And despite you are not here, I can feel your love for me, Marty.

Yours, Marty, this coming year and forever and ever. I love you till up to the sky, through the entire universe and all the way back!


Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 31, 2009 at 4:14 pm

Merry Christmas, Marty, my wonderful prince and husband

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My dearest Marty (the original),

I would walk barefoot around the planet if I could be with you Christmas or any other day of the year. There is no better place for me than with you and in your arms. Being with you would mean every day celebrating the fest of love. We belong together and no force in the world can change that. Those who say that I should take somebody else than you have no idea what it means to really love someone. They are clueless! And I pity them because they never felt true love. It’s like they are missing a sense or don’t know how it is to be exterior.

After having celebrated Hanukah, what would we do if we would be together on Christmas, you and me?

First, I assume after a healthy breakfast during which I would not be able to keep my eyes off you as always, we would do things to keep physically active as everything feels better with a fit body, so we would swim, work out and dance….

….. and then we would join our family and friends who would happlily buzz around, everyone busy with some preparations for some wonderful and bodacious days, filled with peace, warmth, surprises, love, and excitement. And there would be music in the air and we would sing along:

(I really like the fresh version of this old song by this girl.)

There would be the smell of fresh baked goodies in the air, (but nothing and nobody smells better than you, my Soulmate) and everything would be beautifully decorated in white, red, gold, green (but nobody and nothing looks better than you, my Prince, it doesn’t matter what you wear).

And then, we would sit by the fire, patiently waiting till all kinds of kids are done with crawling all over us and asking us to play with them, and then we would be joined by more and more of our family members and friends entering the halls, lots of happy and excited folks of all ages… And we would take that all in and think how wonderful the world could be if everybody would be good and everything would be at peace. There would be gifts but all I ever could wish for is you being with me, close to me so that I can hold your hand and snuggle up to you.

I would look at you and think that whatever I had to go through to be with you again, it was worth it! And I would do it all over again!

And I would be so happy and no longer sing this because YOU WILL BE HOME:

We would play games and coming up with new traditions. We would make up our own winter stories, e.g. one person begins to think of the beginning of a story and anybody who wants to join the game could continue and tell a part of it, like this:

Start of the story:

It was one of the snowiest and windiest nights at the coast and nobody was on the road or  in the streets, not even a dog or a cat. It was one of these chilly nights, in which people were glad to have a warm home, it doesn’t matter how modest it was, one of these nights were a person could freeze to death within a few minutes. It was one of these nights in which the population seemed extinct, wiped from the surface of the earth or frozen in time under a deep bluish white blanket of ice an snow with flurries as thick as bleached corn flakes.

But there it was, an old red pick-up truck, rather zigzagways gliding than driving down a steep curvy hill, often sliding so close to a cliff but avoiding in the last second a 25-foot fall into deadly ocean with its thousands of ice floes. One windshield wiper was broken, the other worked just very slowly and didn’t push many of the thick snowflakes back where they came from.

Even for the best of driver, it would have been a matter of life and death driving this road in such a winter storm, and this driver was one of the worst, the world one ever had seen! He did a horrible job keeping the car on one side of the road and mistook the gas pedal often with the brake.

(Lol! Sounds like me driving! But take this remark off the records. It has nothing to do with the story.)

The half-way working windshield wiper allowed for a split second a peek in the truck but that view was even chillier than the icy night itself! Nobody was behind the steering wheel! Did the car drive itself? Was it driven by a ghost?

(Lol! Is it one of Barbara’s alleged world-famous delusions? Of course not, please strike this remark for the records.)

But no, another brief glance in the driver cabin through the windshield revealed small hands at the wheel…

(And huge feet on the gas pedal! Lol! Again, please disregard this comment, sometimes I don’t know what’s getting into me.)

Small, very young hands yanked the steering wheel to the right and left. The driver was so short that he had to lie on his back rather than sitting on the driver seat to reach the gas pedal and the brake, and that gave the impression that nobody was driving the car.

After a 45 minutes ride, at least one wheel and sometimes two wheels of that pick up truck hung at least 32 times over the yawning slippery abyss and whoever the mother of that child in the car was, she would have died 32 times on a heart attack if she would have watched that trip.

The radio in the truck was working a lot better than the windshield wiper and even through the closed doors, one could hear the weather man announcing more severe winter storms and otherwise very loud music playing:

But finally a rock from the mountains broke lose and hit the truck directly on the hood and shut the radio off.

(I had to do that because that loud music was making me real nervous, after all, I am trying to tell a story here… But strike that from the record. You are getting the idea what a horrible night and ride that is.)

The rock killed also the engine and the car didn’t run anymore. It was just quietly gliding like a slide and finally came to a complete standstill.

For a few seconds, it was all quiet in the car and in the snowy surrounding.

Nothing happened and one could just hear once in a while a branch breaking under the load of snow.

Then, somebody tried to open the truck doors from the inside and it took him five minutes to get out, where he sunk knee-deep into the fresh fallen snow and two seconds later, his car rolled without a noise in the icy ocean.

“Darn!” he cursed, padding his body with his hands to be warmer and looking around. There was nothing but trees, rocks, snow and ice…

He started walking and then running but his red pullover and his jeans did not keep him warm and one of his sneakers had a hole.

In his fingers, hands, feet and toes, he felt the sharp pains of temperatures below 19°F but as longer as he was outside, as less he felt the pains anymore but his hands turned slowly blue and bluer…

He didn’t feel them anymore when he suddenly saw a house on the horizon, an old manor but it looked cold and uninviting.

There was no light, or was there one behind one of the windows?

No, there was no light! But again, was that a weak light or was it just a reflection of snow and ice who made one window look lighter than the others?

He ran and fell. He pulled himself up and ran again and fell again but he did not give up and finally arrived at the dark four story manor.

He slammed his frozen fists against the heavy oak door.

“Open up! Open up!”

Nobody answered.

The door had a mail slot with Chinese letters. The boy opened the slot and screamed in it: “Let me in!”

But once more, there was no answer.

He walked around it but saw no car and no garage.

The backdoor was made of steel, and without a key, it could be just opened by driving a tank in it. All lower windows where secured by thick iron bars, nothing in which he could throw a stone.

The boy ran back to the front door and grabbed the biggest rock that he could lift and with his last strengths, he threw it against the oak entrance door and finally, the big and heavy door opened.

Or was the door not opened by the force of the stone and somebody opened it from the inside?

He held his breath and entered.

It was pitch black inside.

He heard a noise like shuffling. Or did just imagine it?

He paused and listened.

No… there was nothing except the sound of his own breath.

He walked two more tiny steps inside.

Suddenly there was loud scream behind him!

He startled and turned around.

A tawny owl flew from the silver fir to the beech tree and then it was quiet again.

Dead silence, except in his chest, where his own heartbeat sounded like the loud drumming of a marching band.

Entering this house and finding a warm blanket was his own chance to survive that night, so he took a deep breath and closed the door slowly behind him.

Now it would be your turn, Marty, and I know already that ever you would come up with it would make me sit on the edge of my chair.  And after you continued the story, you would pass it to somebody else who continues it and he or she passes it to somebody else until it the story comes to a conclusion. We would record it and all who participated would publish it just for the fun of having created it. The most difficult part is probably to rap it up.

And now back to our other Christmas celebrations, my wonderful husband. Outside it will be cold and snowy but we don’t care. As higher the snow, as harder it is for any kidnappers to get to one of us.

The evening would come and it would get more festive by the minute because just rocking around at Christmas isn’t enough.

You and me, we need also mighty music, like this here:

About the prince of peace.

And these guys must really like each other, playing so close:

And we and particularly you, my rockstar and Mozart, you and I will compose our own Scientology music, which will make going exterior even easier.  Just listening to our music will give the listeners wings to fly.

When the celebrations are over and all are gone, we are getting even closer together, warming each other, watching the fire burn down and being so happy for nothing else but being together and feeling no pain and knowing that we are true companions and have each other as true companion, it doesn’t matter how wild the storm is.

I miss you every day, Marty and end it here with this song, saying that next year on Christmas, I will be with you. We will take each other home the coming year! Can’t wait to live forever with butterflies in my stomach! Nothing changed from when I saw you the last time! NOTHING! I am still the same and I know you are still the same too.

Forever love and all the kisses that you want.


Your wife and soulmate


Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 23, 2009 at 1:19 am

Dearest Marty, there were Christmases when you were mine

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Dearest Marty, my handsome prince of shining armor,

How are you?

No day goes by on which I do not think of you and hope that you do not have to suffer where ever you are. But it seems whatever route I go, nobody seems willing to help and anybody refers me to Mr. Texas who is not you. For years I knocked on any door there was and the only result that I got was that Internet stalkers and defamers learned of my address but it seemed no other result came from it, well, except finding out that the judges and court employees and governmental workers are corrupt and conspire.

If you need me to do something for you or us, please find a way to let me know.

Otherwise, I just stay put and wait for you to come one day to me. The entire world conspires against us and it also includes the orgs and that really hurts. You would think that those who studied Ron’s technology about ethics would have understood that they will pull in motivators if they conspire against others but apparently, they rather pull something in than granting our human rights.

I know there shouldn’t be a lonely time
But there were Christmases when I didn’t
Wonder how you are tonight
‘Cause there were Christmases when you were mine
You were mine.

I love you so much – sweet dreams tonight!

Imagine yourself in my arms!

Forever yours


Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 17, 2009 at 4:09 am

For you, Marty, the original Marty, my Prince, my love, my husband, my everything.

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I am thinking of you constantly, my Marty,  and want nothing more to be back in your arms where my home is. You are the most special and unusual man in the universe. Looking in your eyes was like looking in the eyes of God.

I will be standing by you forever and nothing and nobody can change that. Never lose hope, I won’t let you go down, ever! I keep my promises of loyalty, it doesn’t how long it takes. I pity the people who think they can come between us. Unlike others, you never hurt me.

On another level, there was a discussion about Human Rights on the Blogspot of your doppelganger. All are hypocrites, those who attack Scientology, infiltrators in the orgs, people in the Freezone and also the so called Independents as I have no doubt in my mind that they all know that you have to suffer wrongfully and innocently behind bars and that also L. Ron Hubbard was impostored and that I was kidnapped from him as child. But they all stay in line, robotic as their psychiatric case officer orders. Yes, they all want human rights granted to them, but ours don’t matter to them. We were more Jewish than Jews and  blacker than Blacks. Anyone wants to be happy but apparently, they don’t want us to be together to be happy.

We are the rightless people in anybody’s eyes and particularly those who were in Scientology should know that they will pull in motivators. The people who never were in Scientology will pull in motivators too but they don’t know why they got them.

Another slightly different subject: there is somebody named Billy who posted on that blog that Malcolm X was a racist and that Martin Luther King was better but this is what Mr. Texas replied: “Billy, your comment calling Malcolm racist smacks of bigotry. I gave you a reference with specific facts. Instead of studying facts, you expressed criticism of an “obsession” with “African American leaders.” The only obsession evident is your own.”

While I do understand African Americans still being charged about slavery and the KKK, Martin Luther King is the much better role model than Malcolm X. Besides being an extremist and anti-semit, Malcolm X also had a criminal past. He preached black supremacy, which does not make him better than white supremacists. While I sure feel sorry for any kind of racism his family or he personally suffered and that he was killed but he was a supremacist too.

Sometimes, I scratch my head about why African-Americans call themselves “black” and not brown as they come in all shades of brown and not black. There is also no “white” man. The only white persons that I have seen were dead people. Those “white” people who are alive come in all shades of beiges. If the world (and very much so the African-Americans) would put away with saying they are black, the difference between beige and all shades of brown would not be anymore that big.

Malcolm X said that Jesus was black. Jesus was not white nor black.

Here are 16 pages most full with hatred and supremacy by Malcom X.

He lied in 1963 outrageously that President Dwight David Eisenhower never did anything for Negroes. As you know best, Marty, if Ike would not have defeated the Nazis when he was the Allied Commander, Negroes would have been killed too by the Nazis, and when Ike was the President, he sent the National Guard in 1957 to make sure that “black” kids and go to school with “white” kids and that the “black kids” do not come to harm when the Governor of Arkansas didn’t want to protect the black kids. It was considered one of the most important movement in the African-American Civil Rights movement.

And there were also free Black people who had Indian and other Black people as slaves and supremacy thoughts turn people of any race into supremacists.

A good African-American leader would first put away with the false classification of the skin color “black” when people are actually brown, particularly because the color black is associated with more negativity than white, as black magic, black PR, black hat, black death, black sheep, blackmail, black comedy, black-hearted, black market, blackball, black mark and so on. If I would be African-American, I would show that the classification of black and white is indeed for the disadvantage of “black” people.

If they would call themselves brown, which they are, it would be fairer to them.

And this is written by me whose name is Black (Schwarz)! Lol!

Anyway, Martin Luther King who had a dream of united the races, Malcom X was a liar and extremist and preached exactly what white supremacists did: separation.

I sure pefer Malcolm in the Middle.

And now back to us, the most separated people and conspired against people on Earth. We will be together because this conspiracy will destruct itself.

Soon we will make real love, you and me, like Gods love each other, and we will go exterior and the planet will rock and the universe will bow and mankind will stop what they are doing. They will not know what happen but they all will feel something of real significance has happened, and what happened is that we came back together, yes, it will be Earth moving! Nature will hold it breath and everything will be surrounded by magic and beauty.

The day we both are back together will become a national holiday, Marty. And you may name it.

I love you, Marty, the real one, the first, the last, my everything!

Millions of passionate kisses

From your wife


Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 15, 2009 at 2:16 am

Happy Hannukkah, Marty, my Prince!

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Happy Hanukkah, Marty!

I wish you and anybody of your family Happy Hannukah. And I postulate that  next Hannukah, we will be finally together and I think already about the seven gifts that I want to give you.

1) Taking a dip with you  in our pool

2) Kisses

3) Hugs

4) More hugs and kisses

5) Hugging and kissing won’t end

6) Dancing Rumba and Tango olala! 😉

7) And that is very private

I miss and love you more than I can say, Marty. You are the best, kindest, warmest, generous, trustworthy, honest courageous person there is. Just thinking about how it will feel to have your arms again around me feels exhilarating.

Anything in the world might change but my love remains the same for you.

And you are also still handsome beyond belief and you always will stay handsome in my eyes. Looking at your photo that was taken a few years ago and published on the RTC website, I can see that you are still the person I fell in love with and that you are  so very high on the tonescale and never out to hurt the innocent or the good.

Nobody can replace your place in my heart. It is all yours. Age, looks, possession, it all does not matter to me, the only thing that matters is that it will be YOU, the original Marty, I will meet again. I never could give you up and settle for any other man. We both are made for each other.

In case this link should not work, go to YouTube and copy the kink there or type in O come o come Emmanuel by Enya. It is beautiful!

You have what nobody else has: the key to my heart. Always had and always will have.

I want the highest love of all loves and I have it with you. And it sure is worth waiting for, it doesn’t matter how long it might take.

I love that smile of you and how alive you are, it is so special. If somebody says that you look conservative, I crack up and laugh because I happen to know that you are a rock star. Nothing conservative or  stiff about your character. I love how you are and that you never change.

I will collect these love postings for you now in a Blog.

Nothing and nobody can compare to you. Come to me anytime, I am yours forever!

(In case this link should not work, please go to YouTube and enter Enya O come o come Emmanuel. This song is beautiful.

Look, they are all Chinese and sing the Jewish wedding song, isn’t that great?

But a little bit too conservative sung  for the both of us, so let’s move to this one:

That’s what we will dance when we renew our vows! Move over Nazis, here we come and rock!

We bring the house down. Nobody knows better to party than we do. We make up for all the time that we could not be together… 1, 2, 3. 4, action!!

I like her version when the wedding crowd went home. 😉

Love and a million hot and passionate kisses!

Your wife and soulmate



I know you do not pay attention to the Christian, Semitic and atheist hate mongers that defame and lie about is and  try to rip us apart because they are not getting anywhere with us.  We will be back together as what God has put together, people should not separate.

Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 12, 2009 at 10:39 pm

Hello world! If you wonder about this Blog: this is my Prince and I! (He never was a frog.)

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This a Blog that is for the original Marty, my prince, the man I love more than I can ever say. He just has to look at me and I met away like ice on 4th of July in Death Valley. When he looks at me, my heart starts pounding like crazy but in a good way and butterfly feelings take over my entire body.

Besides extremely good looks, what is his secret? His secret is that he is a God and no human man  can compete with him. He is so good! I adore and worship him. He is one sexy saint!

This is the original Marty, and he sure looks like a Greek God.

This photo was done a few years ago, the last one I saw of the original Marty. Hope to see another one very soon!

And fit just perfect together. Made for each other. Eternally in love. Never giving up of each other. No one, no one can destroy our love. It is stronger than the universe. We have the same shine behind our eyes. A one track mind who is loyal until death do us part and beyond.

And this is a recent photo of me, Barbara or Sarah


Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 12, 2009 at 9:53 pm