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You and me, together as one, Ron back with us, original Scientology restored, that is what I want, Marty, my love!

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Marty, my wonderful prince,

here I am again, hoping that someone find this blogs and provides you with the link or copies them for you.

You are so much a part of me, I am never alone, Marty, but it would be sure much better if I could have you physically around as well. Love will be all around you. And despite that I think that I love you already so much that I impossibly could love you more but when we are together, even more love will be the result of it. Even deeper love. Just as there is no end with people falling down due to unethical behavior, there is no end for us  going up and loving even more.

I biked to town today but wasn’t in a hurry. After five hours, I was home again. I can catch car rides into town but I like to be independent and it is quite a workout. Weather was fine too.

Under snow and ice, I saw green grass and some flowers already. It is not more so cold and my pipes work just fine. I took finally my last x-mas decorations down, a very decorative wreath that my sister created, and spring may come soon although vegetation can be overwhelming too. It is hard to tame.

The best way of living is really in an underwater habitat as that of your family.

I know exactly how the habitat looked like. It was completely green and big and peaceful. It was like a forest and trees were planted on different levels. The shops were in middle of the village and I remember the train that was going through and that there was no car anywhere. The houses that I remember were awesome log cabins and there were also swimming pools. And the air felt good inside. When looking up, there was glass and it was supported by wood . Its residents were young, fit, and healthy.

That “L. Ron Hubbard Way” and the “ideal orgs” on the unprotected surface of the earth is never Ron’s ideas. He wanted Scientologists to live in the best places but with me kicked out, you wrongfully incarcerated, and Ron not returning, nobody will build protected underwater habitats for them, and they will die and age like all other people. The SEGNPMSS will get hold of them and steal their memories and they will get trapped again. What a shame that Scientology was altered and Scientologists were for an impostor on the Apollo and later at some other places.

The videos on YouTube show clearly who the real Ron is and who the impostor is. And while I was in LA, I have seen how photos with Mary Sue’s “family photos” were doctored.

As you know, there are two Scientologys now, Marty. Original Scientology and the other one that the SEGNPMSS run impostor created by altering the original. But I can’t force people to see. If they don’t have the minds to figure out what was and what is now, they will be just wasted away like all other people on Earth. And that includes of course also those who call themselves Independents or who are in the Freezone.

Despite it is so CRYSTAL CLEAR that Ron was impostored, nobody speaks it out. Alleged Scientologists in the orgs, the in alleged independent field, in the alleged freezone, and the critics, they all hush it up. It just proves that people are either corrupt or don’t have the IQ to figure out that a doppelganger was hired to impostor Ron.

And as anybody squirrels, is it really such a big deal when there are some guys who deliver tech or  squirrel outside of Scientology? If the C of S would guarantee pure tech for all eternity to come, why would some squirrels bother them that much? In that taped interview with the real Ron, he laughs about that the medical society is using Dianetics and that it would not belong to them and not more to him. And he knew that those doctors were squirreling… Dianetics and Scientology just delivered and controlled by one person who is not Ron, isn’t good either. It makes it really easy for the SEGNPMSS to alter Dianetics and Scientology even more to fit their psychiatric purposes.

I don’t want to be on any side. Not on C of S side, which accepted an impostor as Ron and his ways as Scientology and not on the alleged independent side because they are doing the exact same thing.

We have to get Ron back, we owe him that, Marty. Chuck Beatty posted somewhere that Ron told Annie Broker before he died that he will not come back. That wasn’t Ron. She talked to the impostor. How convenient to not care for Ron by saying that he is on another planet or will not take a body anymore.

The real Ron is a young man on this planet and we have to get him back. We could get original Scientology back. We could compel the secret services who have filmed any second of Ron’s life to turn that footage with his Dianetics and Scientology research over to Scientologists.

SEGNPMSS loves that Scientology got so wogish that it does not look out for its own anymore. What happened to the Sea Org slogan: We come back? Tommy Davis once told a reporter that it will be never so that people who died will be accounted  for in their new bodies. That is what I mean: they are wogs. We owe good thetans protection from the   SEGNPMSS and making sure that everyone is back safe. SEGNPMSS destroys thetans between lives. There are worse things that can happened to a thetan than just implanting.

And I will be back on this blog soon, Marty. That old flame inside never died and always will be alive. It is just the way you and are born for each other.

I love you more than anyone. I love you more than words can say because I love your ways. And I wish anybody would be as smart as you are.

Yours forever and many kisses,


I stay with you, Marty, you are deserving of my love

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My dearest Prince Marty, and my hero,

Sometimes, when I am on the road, in a car or a bus, I have my MP3 player playing and then I start dreaming that you are sitting beside me (instead another creep sitting there, hitting on me, yawn!) and that I can feel your irresistible presence and the warmth of your body and the caress of your hand. And together we see the landscape flying by.

There is a lot of gypsy inside of me if I am not living in your underwater habitat. That is the only place were nobody wants to leave. I had to settle and have a nice home per wog (excuse my French) standards but there is that huge part of me that always wants to move around (after I overcame thanks to Dianetics car nausea). So, when I am on the road, I sometimes are getting in the stage of reverie and past life pictures come up and the rubber wheels of the car or bus are becoming covered horse-drawn wagons, and you are there, and Ron, after we left Europe.

And I am so very happy and don’t mind the hot or cold weather or the bumps on the path or the Indians, banditos, buffalos, bears, wolves, the first SEGNPMSS agents on US soil that follow us, and other wild animals watching us pioneering into the West… I had all I got and I was interested in and that wasn’t MEST. Remember these wagons, Marty? You were a great driver and no horse ever got us in troubles when you were controlling them?

Remember how cozy it was in the back of these wagons? Remember hearing rain falling on the tarpaulins? And that anything was just great as long as we were together? And that Ron said: “This is the place!”  when we reached a big lake? 🙂

And I can still hear the fiddlers…

And the harmonica….

I had all what I ever wish for, you, Ron, our family. And I realize that home is not a place or property but the people who I love. So, wherever you are and want to be, that is my home.

My thoughts are constantly with you, Marty, and I worry a lot because I know that wrongful incarceration is hell and much more painful and introverting than movies indicate. If I can help you in anyway, let me know – but in a SEGNPMSS controlled world, your or your attorneys letters do not arrive at my place.

Handled quite some work the last few days. Always remember that when I do not post on this blog for a couple of days, I am busy making money, the decent way. If I would have known how talented I am in earning money, the nectarine incident never would have happened but back then, I really had no idea where to get food and as I had no papers to work, I did not find an employer. But these times are long one. However, while making money in the wog (pardon my French) world, I also often ask myself: why I am doing this? Shouldn’t I be in the Sea Org instead? But I cannot and will not work in an org that accepts a doppelganger as L. Ron Hubbard.

Another photo of the real Ron is here on the left side:

And the impostor is of the right side. Trying to make Ron’s research on plants ridiculous.

WWP continues its smear campaign on Ron, you, and me. These people are so remote controlled and blind, it is unbelievable. One of them posted that he doesn’t want to read too much of me because he is afraid that what I wrote would be “catching”. He is afraid that the truth would rub off on him. Lol. Has his head in the sand or in a paper bag.

They are just not getting enough oxygen behind these masks, poor guys. They constantly mix up (or deliberately mix up) you with your doppelganger and Ron with his impostor. Many of these guys are in their teens and early 20s and have already such bad eye sight that they can’t see that different lookalikes are on those photos!

They also have a new thread smearing David Gaiman and Neil Gaiman. After the orgs declared David Gaiman wrongfully to be a SP, I assume that Neil decided that he can’t any longer supports the orgs, which I understand. And now, after being world famous, what should he tell his fans about the defamation of his dad that can be still found on the web? That he supports the church who published that trash about his dad? Which real Scientologist would demand that from him?

I don’t think that Neil Gaiman told a newspaper that he is no Scientologist anymore but rather that he is no longer on lines of the C of S, which the paper concluded as him being no Scientologist anymore. Having David Gaiman as dad is a really good thing and that means that also Neil truly understood the depth of Scientology and that does not result in a non-Scientologist. One does not have to be org lines nor to be in the freezone to be a Scientologist.

Here is a blog entry about David Gaiman.

Despite that he was aware of the dangers of radioactivity, he traveled to in 1986 to Chernobyl to help people there.

David Miscavige as C of S leader should have apologized to David Gaiman and the Gaiman family for that wrongful declare. Anybody who ever met David Gaiman knows he was never a SP, and he never showed any anti-social traits but sure showed greatness by getting back into good standing and not slapping the SP declare around the IJC’s remote controlled SEGNPMSS ears.

People felt well in the presence of David Gaiman. He helped anybody as much as he could. I knew of a young man in Munich and learned that David Gaiman cared more for him than his own family. When I meet David Gaiman again in the early 80s during a garden party, I noticed right away how easy it was to be around him, Marty, or perhaps we Jewish Scientologists connect faster. But you needed no defense around him, he wasn’t there to hurt or to degrade, and he was anything but robotic, which is also a very sign that one doesn’t deal with a non-Scientologist under cover in the orgs.

He was interested, kind, and generous, and despite he knew that I had still a long way to go in a SEGNPMSS controlled world, he said something to me that was meant for me to remember my stolen memory and also to recognize you, Marty. He wanted me to remember our past and the truth and that is not what SPs are doing. SPs want us to forget the truth.

You communicated best with me, Marty. It was you who blasted open the entry to my by the SEGNPMSS psychs removed and deeply buried memories but David Gaiman did lit me a torch, Marty. I was always hoping that I could tell him that in person but then I learned that he had died. Guess this has to wait until we find him again with his new body.

As with Ron (of who I think is enrolled in a German university likely in Berlin and is bored to death with this study and in Germany) I think that also David Gaiman was given now to a German family as child (despite he said so many true words about the German psychs of the Max Plank Institute) because the SEGNPMSS steals great beings as it wants to shine through them and wants to claim that they are Germans but also to control these former non-Germans.

And they plant their own bad apples as yodel guy Garry Scarff, Lederhosen fan Neal Warren, and so many other extremists and lawless people in the USA to create a bad reputation for the USA. Who behaves like Germans in the USA or other countries are Germans, it doesn’t matter if they have American or other papers.

The problem is that Germany has a paralyzing effect on kidnapped thetans. I had to get out of there. So, all the famous people who are now in Germany might not become famous in this lifetime, simply because they are asking themselves constantly the question: “What the hell are I am doing here? Get me out of this dirndl!

Get that sepplhut off me!

I don’t want to see any lederhosen anymore!

I don’t want to drink a mass beer, I don’t want my brain cells to waste!

And I like the English language a lot more than German, so I don’t write and say anything! I would like to write and say a lot if my language would be fluently English but as it is not, people will not hear a lot of me….”

As you know, Marty , we real Scientologists are family. We owe it to each other to check if we are fine and help those back to us who want to be again with us.

I am not sure what I will do tomorrow, Marty. I may catch a ride into town or bike there, hill down and hill up, hill down, hill up depending on the temperatures. I have a buy a birthday present for someone.

But wherever I go, you are on my mind, Marty, you are with me. I am so glad that I found you again and I will never give up on you. We are meant to be together and what God put together, people should not try to part. We are anything but quitters. If it would be for us, the word quitting can be removed from dictionaries. What is this anyway? Quitting is for wimps and degraded beings who wander from one person to the other and never are getting happy because they forget that all the happiness lie in themselves and yes, in ethics and loyalty to someone deserving. And you are more then deserving of my love, Marty. There is just nothing slimy about you and that is why you are being kissed like nobody was ever been kissed in the entire universe.


(And all the nattering on the natter boards does not impress me a bit.)

Yours forever and a day.


Written by Barbara Schwarz

January 30, 2010 at 12:07 pm

I have to get some work done, Marty, and then I will be back with more posts

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, and sweetest prince who ever was born,

How are you?

Right now work keeps me very busy but it also results in cash so that I can buy all the nectarines that I want and could even buy Garry Smurf or Scarff one or two stoves so that he can stop eating raw meat and behaving like a cannibal.

He posted the link of this blog on WWP and it is now overrun with little monkeys and tiny dancers.

I can’t believe that over 4000 people read his stupid Babble thread and dumb remarks of people who don’t know me. I guess those must be all the patients of mental institutions.

He still spreads the rumor that I was a patient in a Utah mental institution. Hey, and I am allegedly delusional! I double dare anyone to get any proof of his allegations. I have explained it to Garry Scarff already a hundred times on ARS.

Somebody sent the psychs to my door, just when I tried to take a bath – but even with with the bath water running they came to the conclusion that I am very alert and not crazy at all and that they by no means could take me with them. But they didn’t tell me the name of the person who sent them to me. I sued them because I wanted to know the name of sicko who mailed them a wrongful complaint about me. And I found it out. That was all. The majority of city officials were on my side as they don’t like to be bothered by psychs either – they did not like that just one person can file a false complaint and psychs are at somebody’s door. An entire city council did meet me and they all found out that’s not me who is nuts.

Barbara Babbles Graham of course is one of those who participated in this WWP thread, and she knows exactly that this “babbles statement” was nothing but a joke. You can’t crack a joke because those WWP funeral directors over there take anything seriously.

She also claims that it would not me who is posting here. Yeah right. Roger Gonnet is pushing this SEGNPMSS line since years. As anyone but me would post the truth as I do it.

You can see it, Marty, you can decide between the real Ron and the impostor.

In the picture with the hat is the real Ron.

On the sloppy desk on the right side is the weasel of an impostor, Jack Vistaril.

How can people so blind and in denial not to see this?


Please excuse that I am so brief today, Marty. I still got lots of work to do but I try to get it done as fast and good as I can and then I will be here again.

It is like as we have a temporary cyberspace home now with this blog, you and I, which is once in a while overrun by Neanderthal guys but they have a short attention span and are expected to roll away soon or being arrested.


I miss you so much, Marty. The postulate that I made to be with you, keeps me going. You are the best! You are awesome! I want to jump in your arms and stay in it as long as I can. Your arms around me, we both snuggling up, watching a movie and munching

Popcorn… Such a normal activity would be DEVINE when we both are in it. I worship the ground you walk on, and I want to walk with you wherever you go.

Bye for now, Marty, one day I kiss you all over…

Something the way you move, and your irresistible character, Marty, attracts me like no other lover. We attract each other like OT magnets.

I’m back soon!

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

January 29, 2010 at 4:59 pm

The Fowler case, another infiltrator set up adding to the false picture that Scietologists are violent – and this time WISE is the target

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Dearest Marty,

You are the best husband for me, and I decided that I want you because whenever I saw you in person, I saw your true colors shining through. This was so beautiful, how could I not fall eternally in love having seen all the beauty of your character in a world were so many people are nothing worth and rather sell themselves the devil (SEGNPMSS).

Like you, Marty,  I can sense and feel the intentions of people. I know it is fiction but there was this Star Trek Enterprise character Deanna Troy. She was the love interest of Captain Picard’s No. 1, Will Riker. She could sense when people were true or lying or up to no good and lots of other stuff about them. It might be fiction but I have this ability too. If I want to, I can make people really transparent. I noticed that you can too. I could have been a SEGNPMSS agent too but you figured and decided that I am not, and you were right once again.

Due to a half-human heritage, Deanna Troi has partial telepathic abilities and is an extra-sensory empath with clairsentience. As viewed in Star Trek: Nemesis, Troi has the ability to connect to another psychic and follow that empathic bond to its source. In this instance, her ability enables the Enterprise-E to target and hit the Romulan vessel Scimitar, despite the fact that it was cloaked. There are several species who are resistant to the telepathy of Deanna and other Betazoids, such as the Ferengi, the Breen and the Ulians.[8]

But I can read the Ferengi, Breen and Ulians too. 😉

With you it was not necessary to make your inner being transparent. You opened up on your own and allowed me to see you from the inside, and I was overwhelmed as of the decency, strengths, wisdom, and beauty that I saw. And from then on, you became unforgettable to me.

When I would have sensed any kind of downtoneness, anything on 1.1, anything brutal, anything perverted, anything bad inside of you, anything inpure, anything dumb inside of you, anything robotic inside of you, I would have not fallen in love with you, Marty. But it was pure love, passion, care, and tenderness. Just a psych drugged and hypnotized person would let you get away.

BOP does not allow full Internet access (not even or particularly not to completely wrongfully incarcerated innocent you), and I just have to postulate that your family finds this blog for you or that another Scientologist (who hasn’t a secret death wish and wants us to win) finds the blog and will copy the articles for you.

Despite I feel that you are wrongfully incarcerated, Marty, I am sure that only you will end the horrible secret SEGNPMSS rulership by opening the eyes of the U.S. government. And from then on, not just our lives become better and are being saved but also the lives of any Scientologists and also any other person in the USA and elsewhere on Earth. Once people recognize the trap they are in and what Scientology as by the real Ron (not the impostor) can change the world to the better and how negatively the SEGNPMSS influenced anybody’s life and how many lives they wasted and that the SEGNPMSS will also waste the lives of them and their own agents, Scientology will be truly recognized.

And I sure learned since I saw you again and during the course over the years that true love is no fairy tale but sure exist and can’t be killed if the lover’s aren’t and dumb and kill the love with OWs, which we never will do.

This Fowler case seems another puzzle in the SEGNPMSS intentions towards destroying Scientology the religion, Scientology the philosophy and ruining the reputation of L. Ron Hubbard. I don’t think that they have much against DM as after all, their LRH impostor made him in charge of Scientology but it is Scientology that they want to make more and more to something that p$ychs can approve of and that does not set Scientologists free anymore and does not raise their awareness anymore to see what they are up to.

Having an infiltrator move into “L.Ron Hubbard Way” (despite Ron taught a very different way of living) and register a gun (!) there and killing somebody (despite Ron never approved of any violence) is typical for yet another SEGNPMSS set up. And as there were not really bad news surrounding WISE, SEGNPMSS made sure with the setup that also WISE is brought down with the purpose to keep business people away, afraid to be shot.

I notice a tendency to portray Scientologists as violent, which they are not. And it feels like as if SEGNPMSS psychs work on preparing the ground for violent actions in the orgs with the purpose to blame it on Scientology. And this Fowler case is another of these set ups.

As you know, besides those who actively search Scientology as interested in philosophy and finding answers to all important question in life like you and me, the SEGNPMSS sends certain people in the orgs who have no interest whatsoever in the religion. They pay for services as their case officers tells them to (to make them look like they really want Scientology in the eyes of the public) so that the attackers of Scientology come away with blaming those infiltrators of being Scientologists when in fact they are not. And these infiltrators are not just publics but they occupy positions in any org including highest management.

Why are they not caught? Because one infiltrator is sec checking the other one and not reporting what was found and DM who accepted an impostor as L. Ron Hubbard is no Scientologist.

It started already with the impostor of Ron throwing people overboard on the Apollo, and DM adopting the ways of the impostor throwing people into lakes and pool as a “penalty” for low stats or for having something screwed up. The real Ron was much too human and smart to do that because cold water shocks can result in a cardiac arrest. Ron handled low stats and screw balls by explaining to them how they will penalize themselves for their bad actions and will suffer and that changed many people. Ron was able to turn even infiltrators around wanting to become real Scientologists because during the course of infiltration, they suddenly understood that Ron was good, his research magnificent and that it also would help them to a better life. They realized that they and their case officers are in a trap were one conspires against the other and that only Ron’s tech and Ron’s world could change it – as you know.

Then there are these reports of beatings and other rough “games”, and C of S, Tommy Davis who admitted that violence took place, although he said the violence was just committed by those who left.

The worst people who could ever entered Scientology are stupid people. Those who never used their heads to think, those robotic people who don’t listen to facts and reason and who follow the voice talking in their ear implants. The real illegal PC. They are not just in Scientology, they are anywhere in the world, in any government and organization. They got their orders and are marching and like flies, they dumb fly in the open flame of a candle and die.

Marty, I think what can happen is that the SEGNPMSS psychs use their robotic infiltrators and implant them and hypnotize them even more and open fire in the orgs and killing Scientologists to blame Scientology and Ron on it in an attempt to shut down Scientology completely. To make people afraid to enter a Scientology org. To make governments to prohibit Scientology. To force Scientology to accept psychiatry and psychiatric treatments as they tried already with other set ups as the Lisa McPherson case, the Jeremy Perkins case or alleged “suicides” or murders of socalled Scientologists.

With a SEGNPMSS controlled Scientology management that does not speak about the infiltration and the set ups and thinks the worst that can happen to Scientology are some people or squirrels that deliver Scientology outside of the church, the doors for such deadly SEGNPMSS set ups within the orgs are wide open. Same time they forge L. Ron Hubbard’s writings or have the impostor say: “We rather have you dead than incapable.”

Ron never said this and in fact Scientology was all about survival. The purpose of Scientology is survival in any shape and form. The spiritual AND the physical survival.

I see warning signs of terror set ups against Scientologists and if I would have a position within the orgs, I would stress and document this constantly to the authorities in order to prevent these set ups. But Ron is impostored, you wrongfully incarcerated and replaced with a doppelganger and I was kicked out, rights of other Scientologists who want to make thing go right are denied, and I just wonder if the infiltration are postulating their downfall. Too bad that they have to do this in the orgs and don’t go elsewhere to get their motivators as for example in the super secret SEGNPMSS headquarters.

Bye for today, Marty, I get my potatoes out of the oven and make a lunch break.

I think of you also during the rest of the day and would love nothing more than to be with you.

Forever on your side


DaVinci Code is fiction but the SEGNPMSS code is not

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Dearest Marty, my dashing prince and hero,

As you for sure know, I never claimed anywhere that you are the SECRET heir of the de Rothschild FORTUNE. A deputy U.S. Attorney fabricated this and lied that I said this. Some people have nothing but secrecy and dollar signs in their eyes, and I am not like that. What I said is that when I recovered my stolen memory, that I figured that your real name is de Rothschild.

Guess he read on-line about that there was a “secret” 6th son and his fantasy took over.

There are as many vicious lies about the de Rothschild name on the web as about L. Ron Hubbard. These lies come of course from Nazi sources.

I never ever mentioned SECRET, HEIR or FORTUNE. As an official son of the American de Rothschild family, why would you be a SECRET and non an official HEIR? I know for sure that you have siblings. They are heirs of your parents too. I hope your parents will live forever. And if not, I would look for them with their new bodies and give their fortune all back to them as I will do with Ron. Anybody of us can create her or his own fortune.

And also, there is not just one Rothschild fortune but several such fortunes as the family is so huge and spread all over the planet. And any of these de Rothschild families have their own children.

It seems to me that if the European de Rothschild’s would be really close with your family, they would not live on the unprotected surface of the world but in environmentally protected underwater habitats as your family does.

Cousin David de Rothschild seems to be a really nice and likeable person. Nothing of his causes to protect the environment are wrong.

But even if he succeeds and the environmental health would be restored to environmental health before industry took place, aging and dying can be only prevented with the way of living that Ron researched and your family practices. Away from viruses, germs, bacteria, toxins, poison, radioactivity, dust, UV beam, chemicals and when people make everything from scratch, their air, their water, their food, their clothes, their furniture, etc. and don’t let anything in their village that could cut down the lifespans.

If he would be close to you, he rather would promote underwater habitats and your family’s way of living. As I said, I was in one of your villages. I can describe it in all details, and I would love to go back there and live there again with you. But I’ll live also at any other place you want to be.

Let’s have a look at the de Rothschild family tree. As the SEGNPMSS rewrites history and is killing people and exchanging them with doppelgangers, I doubt that this is indeed the correct de Rothschild family tree and in any case, your branch of the family is missing and my Mom isn’t on it either.

Have a look here, an “official” de Rothschild family tree. Mayer Amseln is described as founder:

Anybody knows that the American de Rothschild family is in the United States and the financial backbone of America but nobody really talks about them (except me) because it is one of these “grand” CIA ideas, to protect the lives of the family members by hushing them up when in fact the CIA’s secret master, the SEGNPMSS uses this secrecy to deny American de Rothschild its rights, tries to steal their influence and fortune, rips the family apart and works on killing them.

Let’s take Ron’s or your life, Marty as example. As organized by the SEGNPMSS, your lives are mixed up deliberately with those of other people, and this happened and is still happening in present time, and recent history, which means that whatever biographies were written further back cannot be trusted either.

Carl (if he ever lived by that name Carl) had no kids in Naples? I doubt it as I recall that my Mom was from the Italian Branch of the de Rothschild family.

And this de Rothschild family tree of the Jewish Encyclopedia says that Carl (here Karl)  had kids but SEGNPMSS re-wrote anything, so one can’t trust a thing except one’s own experiences, exceptions, memories and research.

I don’t believe anything of this, Marty, because I have seen what people sell as Ron’s life story, and family members and that there was even one or more impostors. I doubt also if there was ever somebody by the name of Jacob Schiff. As I recall it, good and decent members of your ancestors, Marty, settled in the USA and founded an American banking institute that grew into a central bank and supported the USA and became the backbone of the Federal Reserves.

There was never any but true American intention by any of your direct family members and decency and rights for anybody also in any other country.

Anyway, there is a lot of SEGNPMSS hatred and lies about family de Rothschild on the Internet. Interesting is that they try to blame family de Rothschild on what they are doing: conspiracy and secret world rulership.

This seem to be the official website of the de Rothschild family

–        ONE branch of it but not the branch of your family, Marty, although also in the banking industry, your family did not make wine rather build underwater villages and being very close friends to Ron and Ike.

One day, Marty, I hope, I will learn how good my OT abilities in recalling really are.

As the SEGNPMSS covered all the tracks, I have to operate on my ability to recall and operate on thetan basically knows. And if all Scientologists would do it, I would not have so much explaining to do. It works, if people would know how rarely I am wrong, they never would dare to write a defamatory word about me.

I don’t consider all individuals by the name de Rothschild family who does not live like your family a part of your family. Family members must be alike to be family. A name is not enough. It is the same attitude, the same goals that make a family.

And you and Ron and a few others are my family and nothing ever can change that.

Allegedly, the German language was created in the 6th Century and English as we know it around 1500 AD. I think that the German language was “re-created” around that time too. I strongly assume that the SEGNPMSS formed back then into organized crime.

Officially, you are a baron but as I said, history is re-written by the SEGNPMSS while I know that family de Rothschild’s started as highest aristocracy and not in a little German back street. I don’t call you Prince for nothing, my Highness. My very courageous, special, sexy and cute (in a very manly way) Prince. If they would know how you really are, they would blame you on all the crimes done by crazy people who infiltrated the monarchy of this world.

They would then probably start to lie that we are bleeders or something. RLOF! Yeah right. I was told in a doctor’s office recently that I heal faster than any other patient they ever had. Another miracle.

I indicated before that I look at words additionally to their official etymology and if there is a code in them. I did this long before the DaVinci Code or the move Matrix, which I still have not seen.

There is also a Ron in the word Baron, and could he have rather been “Mayer Amseln” in a past live? Speaking English and German is the best start to understand this code. But it is not that simple of a code either as this example. It doesn’t tell how things really are, rather only that there is more to it and the code lies. Most of the time it says how it NOT is, like Moron. Or Idiot. Having the OT in it.

Usually, the reaction when I tell this somebody, he laughs and thinks that I have a great fantasy and could earn millions with it. But I can go on and on and on and decode hundreds of words and then this high volume of decoded words can even make sense to other people if they are not mislead by their SEGNPMSS case officer to shut their minds down immediately. And I can identify this code in any language. Once in a while, I come across a word that I can’t crack but they are rare.

So, what is this code? It is meant to mislead and will mislead the idiots. But when you know that they are lying, one can figure from the lie what the truth is. And the interesting thing is, I noticed in LA that you discovered this code too. I know that I am not the only one who discovered it. And you discovered it even despite you didn’t grew up learning German.

I could write huge encyclopedia volumes, just by defining the words with their secret meanings. And they all would make sense. One could see the underlying strategy within them. It reveals organized crime and how words are used to manipulate people and how they are kept in the dark. But once that layer is stripped away, on the bottom of everything, there is truth. It sure is eye opening.

Symbols are interesting too. ARC (Affinity, reality, control) triangle and the symbol of Scientology can be re-arranged too and then forms into the Star of David or the other way around. Here are both symbols and Ron’s Scientology symbol clearly shows the way OUT of the problems!

Using my eyes and mind, just as Ron wants Scientologists to be. Scientology is so great that it needs no blind followers to stay in-line. Smart people stay Scientologists as they know that this is the philosophy in which all can be puzzled together.

Oh, I wrote and wrote and suddenly felt strange and then I noticed that forgot to eat breakfast…  Guess I will eat something now, although it is not that healthy and tasty as in you village.

I love you endlessly,

Your true companion


L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of Scientology) had no rights in Scientology. So-called Scientologists conspired and still are conspiring against him.

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Dearest Marty,

Wishing so much you would be here. Today there was wild rooster at my door. Wonder were he came from and what he wanted from me. Stood there and stared at me. Two years ago, a Mormon family asked me to take care of their chicken while they went to Chicago and Washington or gambling who knows.

So, it was just me, one young rooster and three of his wives in the near neighborhood.

And here is some evidence that the SEGNPMSS failed to remove:

So, I fed them, gave them all their favorites and made sure that they always had fresh water and after a few days, they grew so found of me that they forgot that they were chicken and followed me anywhere sort of like Steve Pfauth followed the Ron impostor.

I don’t buy the Steve Pfauth attempts to sell impostor of L. Ron Hubbard as founder Ron.

And he announced more stories of the man to be sold as Ron.



How blind are people not seeing this?

As you likely know, Marty,  this guy posts on your doppelganger’s Blogspot, Marty, as “Serge”. He admitted to be known by many other names as also Rodney, Richard, Alan and Joe, and others. He wrote that there were many times when he was not sure who he was. Duh! Forgot to apply condition of confusion and still hasn’t applied it as his real name is Steve Pfauth, and he still posts under wrong name Serge.

Isn’t that typical secret service manner changing the name constantly like a chameleon? He enters a religious community and constantly changes his name and Mr. Texas and his friends think that there is nothing wrong with that? Give me a break.

Ron never would have married an above the law woman like Mary Sue. He would not have touched her with a 100 miles long pole.

The Steve agent apparently did meet the impostor only. From his description of “Ron”, I can tell that he meet the “larger than life” (yeah right!) impostor with mood swings and “looking a bit upset” and “ignoring” people.

Steve followed any of Ron’s step, he wrote. How creepy is that? As if the real Ron would have not approached him of being a secret service officer or some kind of other stalker if he would have done this to the real Ron.

If the real Ron would have wanted Steve to come with him, he would have approached him: “Steve, please come along, I want to talk to you too.” But not saying anything to somebody and then being disappointed, Ron wasn’t like that at all. Communication, that is what Ron used being around people!

Ron had work to do. He wasn’t looking for popularity and that people approve of him.

People who need approval of others are pitiful creatures, and Ron was exactly the opposite.

The least he wanted was people following him like shadows but I am not saying that the Ron impostor wasn’t completely screwed in his head.

As if the real Ron would not approach a new person but would take him so seriously that he would send a “messenger” (!) out to talk to the new guy who behaves weird or shy. Oh please, what a load of secret service agent baloney! And then he becomes Ron’s security guard? The real Ron didn’t had any security guards.

Steve also did not explain why the GO (Claire and David Rousseau) did assign him a low condition for “out security”. What did he do?

He wrote that he did get on LRH’s good side. Another clear indicator that he never met the real Ron but rather the impostor. L. Ron Hubbard was a completely well balanced being. He had no mood swings. He liked those who were good, and he told those to leave who came to infiltrate and destroy calmly to leave.

Ron could not be at Flag to be interviewed or else. Why? Because the SEGNPMSS had snipers anywhere outside the orgs, and they shot with sharp munitions whenever they saw him. The only reason why Scientology could be altered (not just since DM took over) but already before was because he could not go in the orgs and check them out. He could not see the altered books in the book shelves, he could not exam the altered auditing processes, courses, and OT levels because he did not want to endanger anybody’s life.

So many people know really NOTHING about the true story of Scientology or they cover it all up.

The only guy who the SP Times might have interviewed would have been again the impostor, Jack Vistaril.

As anybody can see on these tapes, Ron did not hide from the media but talked to them.

Steve Pfauth aka many other names did not know the real founder of Scientology.

But DM did. He has no justification to claim that he just met the impostor and didn’t knew better. DM was in the UK when you and I married, Marty. He must have seen us getting married and of course saw the real Ron, and when he meet the impostor later and accepted his affidavit in 1986, DM must have known that the founder was no longer alive and that the doppelganger gave him the “authority” to take SCN over.

How can he possibly think that he will get away with it and that the truth never will come out?


THIS IS THE IMPOSTOR in the smaller picture.

Look at his dumb face. You can see the stupidity on his face. He was lucky that he didn’t get shot accidentally by a SEGNPMSS sniper hanging around mistaking him for Ron. What an idiot this impostor was.

Check also the different designs/emblems in the captain’s hat. L. Ron Hubbard was impostored and Ron’s way to run the SO was completely different from the operation that the 1.1 impostor run. Ron, the real founder of Scientology made lots of research about plants but it is not him on the famous tomato auditing picture. That is the impostor too. The photos after 1984 all are the impostor including all photos that DM order to be destroyed.

And there is another matter: those offices in the orgs. Ron never wanted them. What a scorn to build offices for him in each org by knowing that Ron would not enter any org because didn’t want anybody being accidentally shot due to him in the building. And, Ron didn’t want to sit in offices on the unprotected surface of the Earth either. As I said before, he wanted orgs in completely environmental save environments, which is not a building on the unprotected surface, it doesn’t matter how glamorous they look.

Same goes for the building that LRH build at the INT base and wasted money for.

DM knows that what he is building is not how founder Ron described the ideal orgs.

DM heard exactly what Ron said while lecturing Scientologists in the UK.

Let’s go back to the both of us, we who never could live with that kind of corruption on our conscience.

Sometimes I dream of you but when I come close and you turn around, SEGNPMSS radios in my dream and then it is no longer you but somebody with a very different personality, and then I wake up very disappointed and see that that all my blankets are on the floor and I am cold. If that continues I have to bind my blankets to the bed frame. But they can’t hypnotize me dancing sleepwalking on the roof or something.

I know that we will be back together simply because we do not deserve to be separated, my perfect husband. But I hope it will take place without any catastrophe. In this world, change comes often only because some people are losing it completely. I rather want change because people coming finally to their senses and realize if we win, they will win too. If we lose, they will lose too because the world will be further ruled by lunatics and pigs.

Bye for today, Marty, I will be back soon.

If love would be a “disease” as some p$ychs want to make the world believe, I don’t want to be “healed” of it as it feels wonderful loving you. I sometimes ask myself how a person who does not love as strongly as I love you can come through the day without feeling empty inside. I love everything about you and despite the SEGNPMSS penalized me and still is penalizing me because I love you, I will never ever stop loving you. I do not regret for a second that I chose you of all 6 Billion people on Earth. I am proud of it.

Forever in my heart.



C of S should investigate Ron’s and Ike’s relationship instead wasting resources of what Ron would consider crap.

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It’s Monday, dearest Marty, and I never know what my day brings.

I might have all the time in the world or not even one moment to breath due to the different actions that I get on my plate.

Have to replace the American flag at my home as soon as it gets warmer. The wind blew it in the rain gutter and cut it in pieces. I don’t like that. An alleged illegal alien 😉 as myself wants a perfect American flag flying in the wind.

Perhaps I should build a flag pole as there is plenty of space. I should get a flagpole bigger than the one outside of the White House.

As you know, Marty, if Ron would have had a case officer and would listen to ear implant orders, he never would have been able to research and found Scientology because being run through ear implants is a rotten SEGNPMSS invention (as they also run and manipulate people with silent sounds in their subconscious mind using the same implants) and is only to control people. This bad sick world is a SEGNPMSS invention. They hated that Ron developed Scientology to enable people to better themselves and the world and that is why they infiltrated it with people of which they knew were no Scientologists but SEGNPMSS cultists.

Doing what one deems is right and not listening to the crap and considerations of others is the only way to go. The way like Ron, you and me are.

I speak out what I think. There are always dumb and corrupt SEGNPMSS agents who are trying to encourage me by mailing me or posting that I would be “mentally ill” by claiming that Ron was Ike Eisenhower’s son – but they can shot me if they think it is necessary, but I do not shut up on this because this is what I remember. I can’t afford to be quiet about what the rest of the world either has forgotten it or is bribed to be quiet about it.

SEGNPMSS removed all the evidence but at least I can speak it out and maybe some people start and find some pieces of evidence that the SEGNPMSS might have forgotten to remove.

Through my allegedly so ineffective FOIA requests, I did not just get 150 pounds of records on Scientology but also this piece of information, sent on March 22, 2004 from Nebraska Department of State Insurance employee Martin Swanson to their counsel

Christy Neighbor. Mr. Swanson provided following information: “…I think I remember seeing a rare film on the history channel of L. Ron Hubbard and Dwight D. Eisenhower golfing together in Tilden, Nebraska. Coincident?”

It was no coincident. Dad and son liked golfing together.

And isn’t it ironic that the Churchill family is now anti-Scientology while Ike and

Winston once were closed allies?

Church of Scientology under DM hires detective to go after ex-staff but they don’t hire detectives to find out the relationship between Ron and Ike. That is so odd. They have forgotten about their priorities. They publish proudly that Ron befriended President Coolidge’s son, Calvin Jr., but they don’t find the records that show Ron with President Dwight David Eisenhower! What is that all but SEGNPMSS control?

Did they ever wondered why Ron befriended a President’s son? Because Ron was the son of a US President too.

Dwight David Eisenhower was a very good man. He was not a man like Senator Strom Thurmond who kept 50 years from the press and the public that he had another family. I am making this point solely for reasons that a person can be under constant spotlight of the media but the private life can be completely different from what the press thinks it is.

Ike didn’t father a kid with an underage girl and failed to acknowledge her and her/his daughter publicly because she was black. Ike was the opposite of a racist and that it was him who sent the National Guard to make sure that segregation in schools were broken down and black kids could go safely go to school with while kids.

The SEGNPMSS and a German poodle named CIA and other remote controlled secret services are behind those many lies. So, why did Ike not take his real wife and his son Ron in the White House? Because the CIA told him that Ike would risk the lives of his family members as he defeated the Nazis and they want to retaliate against his family.

And he knew that this part that the CIA told was true. He knew that he defeated the Nazis officially but that the SEGNPMSS was still after him and his family.

Ike was hero too. Father like son. Ike KNEW that he would be murdered while in office. And he was and Nixon covered it up. Just as Ron was murdered and infiltrators in the orgs covered it up by accepting a doppelganger as his “replacement”. I bet the entire money of the universe as to that the USA had no officially selected President during the last year of Ike’s US Presidency but instead a non-elected doppelganger running the country – just as they did with Ron, replacing him with Jack Vistaril, resident in a blue motor home.

History repeats itself.

How can I be sure that President Eisenhower was murdered during his term? Because I know where Ike is today and who he is and that he was born again in June 1960. The impostor kept impostoring him for 9 years. And what was the justification of the CIA? Instead of raising hell that the Nazis killed him while in office, they covered it up. They justified it internally that if the Nazis would hear that Ike would be dead, they would march again. Duh! They did not just march again, they killed again.

I also believe that JFK’s assassination had something to do with Ike’s murder in office. Because he was shot a few days before official hearings in Congress. I think that JFK knew something that the SEGNPMSS didn’t want him to say.

The problem is to explain it to people who are clueless that past lives are facts and that they can be scientific proven just as Ron told the reporter.

You and your family are the only people of who I know that they don’t bow down before the SEGNPMSS. We just have to work out how to get the CIA to admit and confirm what we found out. We then have to document it to the world and truth, peace, justice and real Scientology will have another chance, and Ron will finally get his right place in history.

Marty, this blog just has to reach you as nobody else in the world but you and your family will make this go right. Even if you are wrongfully incarcerated, Marty, you can and you will make the feds listen and for the love of God, for the love America, for the love of the Constitution, for the love of human rights, they have to stop being SEGNPMSS poodles.

It is time that the world learns what real OTs are like and how they are connected through that supreme being that Ron mentions in the interview with that kind of stiff reporter. 😉

And I will of course wait as long as I have for you, the Captain of my heart. Love means also not replacing a person with somebody else just because that person can’t be with her.

And I know that you are truly in love with me as I am with you, my wonderful and remarkable husband.

I really can hear you singing through Lionel Richie, Marty. It’s like this and other songs are right out of your mind and from your very heart. And you have my heart for always. I gave it to you many years ago and never took it back and never will take it back. It is yours to keep.

Love forever and ever,