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You and me, Marty, we are not losing our religion….

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My sweet Marty, my prince,

Just saw somebody crazy trying to drive through a meadow with a very big snow blanket on a very loud four wheel raptor. It failed of course and he got stuck. He came to these parts of the woods last fall too. Must be some SEGNPMSS agent on p$ych drugs.

Yesterday night, I discovered the TV-series Past Lives on the Fox website, and I watched all three episodes that they have webbed by now. There is the FBI unit that solves crimes by having people re-live parts of their past lives. One young boy recalled that in his last lifetime, he was a girl, and he his twin sister got kidnapped by a criminal who owned a little boat. Apparently, one of the girls was killed, and the young boy recalls how this happened. The other episode was about a girl who used drugs to suppress her past live memories, thanks to her recalling details, they find evidence that a man on death row was innocent. The third episode was about two people who were magically drawn to each other (she even dumps her bridegroom on the wedding day for her soul companion)  in not just one lifetime. He was a troublemaker and got her in troubles in any life time. The FBI past life investigation unit wondered if there is also such a thing as a “soul stalker”.

Too bad that the FBI and psychs are not as smart as in this TV series and that they ignore past lives or don’t have to courage to confront it. Also, in our times, people who recall past lives and are out of balance like these kind of troubles would be rather in mental institutions and given drugs and e-shocks… And, they would not recall so easily because the SEGNPMSS has access to their subconscious minds and usually block people to recall past lives.

We loved and helped each other the entire timetrack, Marty, but somebody in Germany on org lines told me that he and his wife harmed each other constantly on the timetrack during many many lifetimes but they always ended up marrying each other again despite all the pain that they were conflicting upon each other. Last I heard of him that both got Scientology counseling to get out of this pattern. I don’t know what became of them.

I believe that there are not just soul mates as us but also soul stalker, stalkers that stalk thetans into new lifetimes. The stalker thetan dies, he searches the person he is obsessed with and picks up a body in her neighborhood to find her again and even by forgetting the past, he finds her again and again as thetan basically knows where to find somebody. They have forgotten their pasts and their names but basically still know each other and therefore are attracted to each other…

Gee, and then there is Glenn Samuels, a new “independent Scientologist” on Mr. Texas’ website. What infiltrators in the orgs, so-called Freezone and independent “Scientologists” and the anti-religious extremists and the critics and Anonymous have in common is one thing for sure: they either are not smart enough to see that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored or they covered it deliberately up, Marty. Glenn Samuels wrote that “Ron” loved David Mayo and was crazy about Samuel’s ex-wife Maureen. That is not the founder of Scientology. Mayo knew that he was auditing the impostor because the real Ron would have not allowed Mayo to audit him. Samuel tries to impose that Ron was interested in his ex-wife. What a load of garbage.  Such false statement about Ron really insult me. The low toned impostor probably was after women but not the real Ron. While the impostor was on the Apollo impostoring Ron, the real Ron was somewhere else.


Glenn Samuels wrote on Mr. Texas blog:  “Two former COs of the CMO were also under guard at the same time, we would wink at each other as we passed in the hallway”. Sounds to me like one conspiracy (org infiltrators against other org infiltrators that were treated so that they would leave and from now on make troubles for SCN from the outside).

Anonymous posted a list with names, saying all these people would have spoken out against Scientology.  However, many of these people still practice Scientology. If Scientology would have only 50.000 members worldwide, the list of approx. 450 people  is not long in comparison, although DM’s non-Scientologist behavior sure adds to that the list is getting longer.

And some Anonymous even wanted me, the most original Scientologists besides Ron and you  on this list, Marty! Outrageous! I did let them know that they should by no means put my name on this list.

One of these guys wrote that he doesn’t want to read too much of what I have write as it could be “catching”. Duh! What he basically said is that he is afraid to read the truth.

We sure don’t lose our religion, Marty. That is us in the spotlight not losing our religion.

The question also is: Can infiltrators of Scientology who just said that they were Scientologists and Scientology never were their religion lose their religion?

All these people have something in common. Either they know that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by a SEGNPMSS doppelganger and they cover it up as former infiltrators of Scientology or they are too blind to see it.

Grace Aaron, Paul Adams, Bob Ainsworth, Peter Alexander, Gene Allard,  Armorel Allen, Amy Allen, James Anderson, Steve Andrews, Mike Argue, Gerry Armstrong (he was the impostor’s manager for sure) Jon Atack, Brian Auker, Vickie Aznaran, Ildiko Bajnoczi,  Kim Baker,  Jean-Luc Barbier, Debra Barnes, Greg Barnes, Rizwan Basha, Rex Basterfield, Chuck Beatty, Jim Beebe, Heidrun Beer, Jason Beghe, Elliot Benjamin, Burt Benz, Magne Berge, Roland Rashleigh–Berry, Arnaud Berthemet-Isabelle Berts, Mylene Beyer, Sylvain Bilodeau, Ludis Birss,  Michael Blasingame,  Maureen Bolstad,  Frank Bonora,  Andrew Boone,  Stuart Boote,  Martin Boothby, Tony Bosnakoudis, Mary Ann Bosnos, Roger Boswarva, Martine Boublil,  Jeanne-Marie Boucher, Nan Herst Bowers, Scott Bradley,  Kevin Brady, Patricia Braine, Larry Brennan, Stacy Brooks Young, Andrew Brown, Tonja Burden, William S. Burroughs, Claudine Cabay Chatel, Vernon D. Cain Jr., Diana Canova, Brian Canup,
David John Carter, David Cecere, Isabel Hsin-Yu Chang, Tory Christman, Michael Clancy, Neil Clark, Chris Cloutier, Kathy Cochran, Kathy Hubbard  Plecas Dawson  Cochran, Christie Collbran, Chris Collbran, David Cook, Louise Cook,  Bertrand Coquoz
Juan Esteban Cordero, Alex Cornell,  Bent Corydon, Enrico Costantini, Elizabeth Ann Cox, Kevin Creech, Agnès Creton,  Alex Cronin,, John Cullison,  Robert Dam, Robert Dardano,  Suzette M. Dearing, Bill De Carle, Laura DeCrescenzo, Eric Dumas De Laroque, Caspar de Rijk, Sue Deutscher,  Peter Devaney Jr., Bill Devlin, Tom DeVocht, Mike DeWolf, Ron DeWolfe, Roberto Diaz – Argentina, Stace Dieckman, Anke Dievenkorn, Jim Dimcalci, Kima Douglas, Jean-Paul Dubreuil, Jeff Dubron,  John Duignan, Anne Marie Dunning, Rich Dunning, Bryon Kingsley Eckert, Susanne Elleby, Dennis Erlich, Pierre Ethier, Marion Evoy, Steven Fishman, Richard Ford,  Vickki Ford, Peter Forde, Gerhard Förster,  Martin Foster, Robin Fox, Shiona Fox Ness, Bill Franks,  Franklin Freedman, Roxanne Friend,  Gary Fry, Daniel Fumagalli, Chip Gallo, Maria Pia Gardini, Stewart Gardner, Sylvana Garritano, Carol Garrity,  Dan Garvin, Bob Geary, Robert Geary, Dodie Geary, Dorothy Geary, Thea Geenberg , Madeleine Genesse , Sheila Gentry, Dr. Frank Gerbode, Gitta Gerken, Petra Goepfert, Peter Gilham JR,  Nathan Baca, Doreen Gillham, Ron Glazier, Jairus Chegero Godeka, Mike Goldstein, Roger Gonnet, Jennifer Stewart Gorman,  Tommy Gorman, Aaron Gottfried Canadian, David Graham, Bernard Green, Lloyd Greenburg, Martha Greene, Stevens Creek, Jean-Jacques Greneron,  David Griffin,  Pete Griffith, Alan Groothius, Paul Grosswald,  Mingyiu Gyatso, Wilfried Handl,  Birgitta Dagnell Harrington, Joe Harrington, Ed Hattaway,  Tara Hathaway, Jeff Hawkins, Janice Hayward , Claire Headly,  Michael (Mike) Henderson, Dallas Hill, Bruce Hines,  Margie Kuentz Hoffman, Jack Horner,  Lance Hoskins,  Mike Ferris, Yolanda Howell,  Gaby Hubeny, Werner Hubeny, Martin Hunt, Ariane Jackson,  Håkan Järvå, Rebecca Jessup, Mary Johnston, Patrick Jost,  Pierre Junqua,  Charlotte Kates,  Robert Kaufman,  Barbara Kaye (the alleged girlfriend of Ron’s impostor while he was married), Vivien Krogman,  Renzo Lancia,  Don Larson, Bud Lee, Susan Lentsch, Arnie Lerma, John Roderick Lester, Caroline Letkeman, Peter Letterese, Lorna Levett, Hank Levin, Bobby Lipton – brother to actress Peggy Lipton, Natasha Lobitsch, Jim Logan, Genny Long, Raul Lopez, Ruth Lorenzen, Karsten J. Lorenzen,  Chris Lyman, Alex M.,  Vicky Mackey, Kevin Mackey, Aude-Claire Malton, Brian Mandigo, Nancy Many,  Greg Marlowe,  Noel Matarandirotya,  Volney Mathison, Darren May,  Scott Mayer,  Ted Mayett,  Julie Mayo,  David Mayo , Jess McCabe, Mike McClaughry,  Virginia McClaughry,  Brown McKee, Mary L McKinnon,  John McLean,  Nan McLean, John McMaster,  Melissa Miller, Troy Miranda, Jenna Miscavige,  Douglas Henry Moon,  Brendan Moore,  Morton Morvis,  Pertti Muhli, Tanya Neujahr,  Gloria Neumeyer,  Sara Northrup, (another wife of the impostor),  Frank Notaro, Helen O’Brien, Bill Offerman, Frank Oliver,  Sean Ostler, Martin Ottmann, Tom Padgett, David Palter,  Catarina Sandström Pamnell, Bobby Parker, Michael Pattison, Creed Pearson,  Rod Pearson, John Peeler,  Bob Penny,  Bruce Perkins, Elena Peshevska, Dick Peterson, Janie Peterson,  Dini Petty, Patty Pieniadz,  Monica Pignott, Mark Owen Plummer,  Norbert Potthoff, Bevan Preece, Karen [Schless] Pressley, Jesse Prince,  Kathy Raine. Mr. Texas,  Christopher Reeve – Dede Reisdorf, Lee Reynolds,  Nelly Reziga, Adrian Ribolla, Mike Rinder,  Nick Robinson, Otto Roos,  Ken Rose,  Annie Rosenblum,  Glover Rowe, Dee Rowe,  Martin Ruston, Martin Samuels, Maggie Saunders,  Monica Saxon,
Raymond Scapillato, Garry Lynn Scarff – aka Smurf aka Xenusmurf aka lots of other socks, Paul David Schofield, Carolyn Schofield,  Homer Schomer,  Jeanette Schweitzer, Amy Scobee, Jane Scott, Adrienne Scott,  Perry Scott, Phil Scott,  Donna Shannon – wife of Mike Henderson,  Michael Linn Shannon, Vince Shlomi,  Susan Simmel, Paul Simmel
Rose Simpson,  Tim Skog,  Homer Wilson Smith,  Kathryn Smith Tom Smith, Cheryl Sola,  Attila Sonkoly,  Thomas Henry Sørensen,  Giacomo Sotgia,  Alan Stafford, Sharon Stainforth, Allen Stanfield,  Valerie Stansfield,  Joyce Stephenson,  Mac Stevens,
Allan Stewart,  Alain Stoffen,  Chris J. Stone, Laurel Sullivan, Teresa Summers, Claire Swazey,  Dave Sweetland, Eugene David Sweetland Jr., Andre Tabayoyon, Mary Tabayoyon,  Susan Talbot,  Jerry Tannenbaum,  Aida Thomas, Rob Thomas, Zane Thomas,  Robert Thompson,  Sue Thompson – aka Sue James or Henderson, Julie Christofferson Titchbourne,  Annie Tidman, Michael Leonard Tilse,  Lawrence Toomajan, Gunther Träger,  Felicia Tyber, Gerald Tyber , Carmel Underwood,  Ken Urquhart, La Venda Van Schaick,  Mona Vasquez,  Rose Velasco, Enid Vien, Shane Vincent,  Tom Voltz,  Stephen Von Hatten, Astrid Von Rönn,  Cyril Vosper (one of my legally convicted kidnappers), Peter Voßmerbäumer, Melani Wagner,  Margery Wakefield, Edward Walters, Kelly Wasserman, Kenny Wasserman, Gary Watkins, Frank Watson, Phillip Bennett Wearne,  Gary Weber,  Tom Weeks, Barrie Weller, Mick Wenlock,  Dean Wentling, Stacey Michelle Wentling, Rhett Westerman , Pierre Wetzell,  Jerry Whitfield,  Hana Eltringham Whitfield,  Wayne Whitney,  Maurice William Johnson, Gregory H Williams,  Richard Williams, Sam Williams, Kendra Wiseman,  Karen Wolff, (also Karen Mitchell and Oram), Larry Wollersheim,  Astra Woodcraft,  Lawrence Woodcraft,  Zoe Woodcraft,  Bonnie Woods, Richard Woods,  Steve Whitlatch,   Scott Yeager,  Antoine Young – Robert Vaughn Young  Sabrina Zimmer,  Barbara Zizic, Bill Zizic,  Margo Zumbrich.

End of this list of people who can’t see, refuse to see, are not allowed by their non-Scientologist case officer to talk about the truth: From day one: Scientology was infiltrated and L. Ron Hubbard had at least one impostor.

See you tomorrow, Marty, I love you, my hero. Hang in there, Ron said that the truth will always come out. If these people and all other alleged Scientologists or the critics would have ever understood the basics of Scientology, they would know that all lies will crash down like a house of cards one day.

The others may have an eternal wish for stupidity and blindness and the horrible consequences involved but as you know, Marty, we don’t need anybody, just the two of us can things make go right.

I cleaned all of my kitchen today except the windows, they have to wait until spring and I will slow down now.

I love you so much and in all eternity and I give you a million very tender and passionate kisses until we meet again, and then I will give you even more.

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 28, 2010 at 1:41 pm

Buckwheat, Marty, I remember that we slept on buckwheat but feather pillows…

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Marty, my great Love,

How are you, my wonderful Prince?

Memory is really an interesting thing, when it comes back.  I recalled a lot since the last time I saw you but there is still work to be done. But sometimes, it just enters back into my mind when I do things, like making the bed… We had no down or feather pillows. In our pillows were clean cool buckwheat… We’ll sleep again on buckwheat pillows, Marty, you and I, together. It will be heaven again.

BTW, speaking about pillows and beds… when Haydn James assigned me deliberately wrongfully to the deck, my twin K.O. and I were one day assigned to clean your room. She made sure that anybody’s room was cleaned very thoroughly. When I started to clean your room thoroughly, she told me that your room doesn’t need to be carefully cleaned because you are “just Marty”. I was shocked to hear her discriminating against you and serving the infiltrator monkeys in the orgs a lot better than you. You were much higher in rank than the others whose rooms needed to be spotless. Another time on the deck, somebody had messed up your room deliberately so that I should think bad of you. Your Sea Org room that day was very messy, and I figured right away that somebody tried to 3rd party you to me. You were so upstat in person.

The orgs sure are infiltrated since a long time, and they are also in the Freezone and in the Independent Zone and also the people who attack blame Ron on what their own secret service ordered them to mess up in SCN.

I read Steve Pfauth’s (also known as Serge)  posting on Mr. Texas’ website. He calls the alleged L. Ron Hubbard “the old man” because he either knows or subconsciously knows that the man who was married to MS was the doppelganger and not Ron the founder of Scientology.

Fans of Mr. Texas say that Serge’s posts reflects love and respect… Yeah right, they don’t want to be called “old man”! Remember, Serge talks about the early 70s were Ron was actually in his prime. Hidden defamation job.

From what he wrote about the personality of that man, it is not Ron who worked together with Steve/Serge but the creepy impostor.

Steve/Serge wrote that he liked Mary Sue. Is a person who married an impostor and tries to fool Scientologists and others that it is him, a good person?

The only person in the German Guardian Office who had a picture of Mary Sue (the “controller of the GO”) in his office or on his desk was Swiss infiltrator Juerg  Stettler, the absolute non-Scentologist who worked secretly with psychs. He still is an exec in the Swiss orgs.

Somebody in the Guardian Office (an old Scientologist  and still on staff, I believe) told me around 1980 (BEFORE Mary Sue’s criminal involvement in the government break-in was revealed) that Mary Sue was rotten to the core.

She was anti-Ron by marrying an impostor to take SCN over and change it into a SEGNPMSS cult. She ran a criminal GO and Ron (who I believe never has heard of Mary Sue) got blamed. How can anybody glorify such a woman?

Some people published what they think her date of death was. She died a few days after I started to post on ARS in 2002.   That’s her in my eyes:

Just took a shower after I was many hours in town today, after I digged the entrance to my barn free, Marty. There is a lot of snow but it is light like whipped cream or kind of powdery. It is the kind of snow that is easy to shovel. On my way into town, I saw some cars stuck in the snow who tried to take short cuts. They gotta stay on the main roads in winter… When I came back, I could sit in the deck as so warm in the sun. Was nice, I just heard birds and in the distances a dog or too and otherwise just the sound of the wind.

But I would give it all up in a heartbeat to be with you in your underwater habitat, Marty.

I am tired now and call it a day, will watch a movie and will think of YOU, my precious prince.

Love in all eternity,




“Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is his own trap.” – L. Ron Hubbard

(Too bad that infiltrators and other rotten people think that this applies just to others and that they can continue being honest without pulling in the consequences.)

Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 27, 2010 at 3:07 pm

Why people are getting fat…

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate, prince and husband,

I don’t think that weight gain is your problem being wrongfully behind bars. You might be often hungry but can’t trust what is in the food and the water. I worry a lot about you and what kind of rotten contaminated food they serve you. There might be some people who think that an incarceration is not that bad – but it is, particularly when the person is a genius and good as you are and under attack by the SEGNPMSS. Contaminated water and food is just one way to kill an innocent incarcerated person as you, and I wish with all my heart that I could help you of there and get you acquitted. And then this would happen all day and all night:

I’ve noticed Kirsti Ally’s new weight loss website. Here she is after the animation intro:

Good for her that she doesn’t put herself under the knife for gastric bypass surgery. Even those people who have their stomach stapled gain weight again.

Kirsti is right that adequate nutrition might help to get a handle on good craving and hunger. But as you know, there is a lot more to it.

When somebody creates such a natural vitamin and mineral program, she might have best intentions but I don’t trust the SEGNPMSS one inch. They have access to anything and can organize that all kinds of stuff can be mixed in those pills or tablets or powder or fluids. That is why even people might get sick and die on cancer who never forgot to pop all their life nutritional supplements. And then of course the SEGNPMSS have their dumb doctors dish up another lie: You got bad genes! (SEGNPMSS infect family members with the same diseases to get away with their lies that people die on that they had no better genes.)

Most people think they know why people are getting fat. Because these people would be couch potatoes, don’t work out and eat too much or have no will power. But you know, Marty, that there is a lot more to it.

SEGNPMSS is making people fat to ridicule them and to have doctors and their industries make Billions. Fat people often are not getting the same respect as thin people. I have seen actors on TV who put on fatsuits to test how it is to be fat and were harassed and made fun of anywhere and who didn’t get jobs. Fat people also are getting sooner sick than thin people and that results in Billions for the SEGNPMSS’s favorite pets: medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

Anybody will gain weight once the SEGNPMSS targets his or her waistlines. (I know their methods and I watch out not to step in their traps.)

How do they make people fat? They choose people (also of course their own agents) at random and deliberately radio them constantly through their ear- and body implants in their subconscious minds that they are hungry, that they want to eat, that they should  forget that they just ate something. Tapes run constantly in the person’s subconscious  mind and the person will eat a lot more than a person who is not on the SEGNPMSS fat program. These tapes are not played in the subconscious mind of a thin person. Anybody who is a target of the SEGNPMSS-fat-program will balloon if she is just for a brief while too busy to watch her weight. And once these persons slimed down despite all odds and a hard hungry battle, they gain the weight again because the SEGNPMSS has access to the subconscious minds of persons through their body implants. They simply run a program and the person forgets her former standards and falls back into the old habit. I have no doubt in my mind that weight would stay off in most cases if the SEGNPMSS would not be involved.

And that is not all, in addition to high calorie food that is anywhere, there is also food that  contain body implants, tiny silicone implants that some corrupt people added to some kind of junk food that anybody of us ate. Through these smaller than needle head silicone implants, the SEGNPMSS can pump air in the stomach of a person via remote control and a person will feel hungry despite she ate. People who are spared for some reason will feel full and satisfied after a bit of food. The person that is targeted wants to eat a horse or two or three. Yes, the SEGNPMSS is extremely unfair to all the chubby people in the world.

Without these stomach and colon implants, a person would not say that she is starving just because she has not eaten for a couple of hours. I am convinced that hunger would feel slight and gently and not ravenous, Marty.  People would rather craving nutrition that  junk food if they would crave anything.

Most people are getting bigger when middle aged but I don’t think it is normal. We have so much to do, we are under so much stress, we all should be rather skinny with all these actions that we have to handle. People just eat more because the SEGNPMSS is at them and wants them fat and sick.

And Americans are more targeted than any other nation because the SEGNPMSS wants Americans most of all ridiculed despite most Americans are German poodles (knowingly or not) just like the rest of the world.

I heard Oprah saying that she believes that there is more to weight gain that missing willpower. Exactly, it is called SEGNPMSS body implants, silent sounds and targeting people secretly to gain weight.

So, what about the minority of people who never had weight problems and always were slim? Are they spared by the SEGNPMSS? No, they are not! SEGNPMSS has other programs to make them sick and kill them with something else.

Skinny people might not understand that it is hard to lose weight with the SEGNPMSS channeling in the subconscious mind of the big person and pumping air in her stomach to making her feel empty or having the remote controlled germs and body implants causing her painful hunger cramps.

But when the SEGNPMSS decides to put them on their secret fat-program, they could figure it out if they would use their heads.

The Germans say: “Warte, du wirst dein Fett schon noch abkriegen.” (“Just wait, you will get your fat too.”) Which basically means that the thin person will be put on the SEGNPMSS  fat program too.

And then, people are going through the unpleasant and often painful way and are losing weight despite of the tapes in their subconscious mind and despite of the painful air in their stomachs that causes extreme munchies and once they are there, the SEGNPMSS distracts them and instead of letting them eat normal, they make them pack on the weight again that they lost.

There is not one person on the entire planet who wins through the SEGNPMSS. All are losing. Even the top SEGNPMSS psychs, the Dorian Grey’s who try to kill each other for the top SEGNPMSS spot or other reasons. Once they are killed, they’ll have a new body. And wouldn’t it be irony if those who ran programs to make others fat would become the fattest people in their next lifetime because this time around, another corrupt SEGNPMSS targets them with their own former fat-program?

Simple minds usually can’t follow me, but you can all the time, Marty. J

Once people find out what the SEGNPMSS did and does to them, they want them busted.

It’s late here. I have to do my workout now. SEGNPMSS hates me to do it. They already ruined two of my work out DVD’s with their remote controlled germs. One day, I they will stand in front of us, crying, wanting forgiveness and mercy for all they have done and still do. But no mercy from my side. I had it with them.

I love you, Marty, so much, and I can’t wait to see you again. It will be heaven!

Yours forever,


Squirrels, squirrels, and more squirrels….

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Here I am again, Marty,

Happy that I will be one day together with you and nobody can ever change it.

This or any other lifetime, you are the one for me. And we will hold tight onto each other and no freaking SEGNPMSS p$ych will ever be able to rip us apart. We are made for each other, we are born for each other, we were together in former lifetimes, and we fit perfectly together in any form and way. We helped each other all through the long and hard time track and never did let the other one down. We always could fully trust each other, we were always loyal towards each till to death,  and we always loved each other tenderly and passionately and were intoxicated by the other person’s personality, and there was never and will be never a boring moment. Evil forces want us ripped apart, good forces wants us to win because they know, when we win, they will win too.

I didn’t know that Paul McCartney shared an apartment with a mouse but here is the evidence. 😉

There is so much about Scientology squirreling on the net and all the squirrels in my trees are telling me: “We don’t do it!” Even they don’t want to be squirrels anymore.

As you know, Marty, Ron said absolutely that Scientology and Dianetics should not be altered as otherwise it won’t set free people. But DM, the orgs, the Freezone and the Independents even accepted a doppelganger and his version of Scientology, how can that not be squirreling by all of them? That is why I don’t want to support any of them. They are all squirrels.

I asked myself a question: is it easier for the SEGNPMSS to alter Scientology when it is controlled by only one person (who is not Ron) or when it would be applied at many many places all over the world? As the SEGNPMSS controls just about anybody, they still could destroy Scientology but if it would be at many places, it would be harder and more work for them. And Ron wanted just one thing: the world transformed into a planetary community that can be proud of each member. Ron wanted paradise for anyone not money. He knew that all the riches in the world can not pay for a truly good civilization, a real OT civilization.

But I know that Ron would not obsess over squirrels. In the video interview with the real Ron, (not the doppelganger), he laughs about that Dr. Anderson said “Dianetics does not belong Hubbard anymore but the medical community.” Ron knew that these psychiatrists doctors would squirrel but he didn’t go on a squirrel hunt. He kept on what he always did, researching and writing and was a good example to anyone who knew him.

It seems to me that the DM’s administration wants to fit in the world of non-Scientologists. Ron didn’t try to fit in. He tried to change what was bad. He didn’t care if idiots defamed him. As you  know, he worked against stupidity and walked very successfully his very own way.

DM’s orgs do not implement Ron’s entire way of life but what the SEGNPMSS  left inside the orgs.

And that are not the original OT levels. What is left of Scientology is just a small fraction of what it originally was. And a lot is altered. If the orgs would drop the impostor’s SEGNPMSS altered version of Scientology and would go back to original Scientology (which the Freezone and the Independent) don’t have either, the Independents and anybody else would come back.

Hand in hand, they all would work together for spiritual and physical immortality. Scientology stood once for both, and now, nobody can get any one of it anymore anywhere, unless we are getting Ron back (and the footage of all Ron ever did, which the CIA for sure and probably also the NSA has).

Marty, I know you think that because of the SEGNPMSS, it is not safe for me right now – but when you think it is, tell me what I can do to be with you.

You and I, from the top of the world, we will make it go right and restore it all and kick SPs butts once and forever.

Just the two of us can make it and Ron is with us. We need no fellowship. We just have to speak, and the world will listen and will be speechless for all we have to say. It will be a brand-new world. Peace, personal peace, justice, freedom and truly rights  for all, that is where were are heading then.

Much love forever,

your wife


I will be right here if you need me, Marty. Once you or somebody truly sent by you, Marty, will approach me,  I will tell you or them exactly where they can find me. But I think you know it already. I will recognize you or who is sent by you. Thanks heaven that we are OTs.

Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 25, 2010 at 11:51 am

I bet that Ron said that Scientologists have to be vegetarians if they wish physical immortality…

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My prince, my Marty,

How are you? How do your days go by? Fast or slow? Is it cold or warm where you are? I’d give anything I owe just to know your true whereabouts.

I invented a new game. It is breaking up lots of icicles and throwing it as far as possible in the untouched thick layer of snow and creating a piece of art by doing that. I created nice pictures in the snow. I should sell them for couple of millions before they melt…

Right now, it is completely quiet outside, once in a while I hear some birds but no people and very rarely a car that drives by.

Marty, I am sure that Ron wanted Scientologists to be vegetarians to beat physical mortality but that is no longer part of Scientology, thanks to psychs thieves who stole the tech. And the impostor looked to me like a meat and potato guy.

Too bad that so many people think that they need to slaughter other thetans (animals) to eat. I believe the top SEGNPMSS officers just let us eat the animals while they eat vegetarian gourmet food and stay young and live forever with the same body (although their dirty minds decay and they live in fear that other p$ychs barge in and kills them) while Scientologists and all other people should fall in the meat trap and die and make doctors rich by fighting for their lives, popping pills to cope with the pain, the cancer and all other food-born diseases.

Some people think that eating rice and beans is such a penalty but it is not. As you know, eating rice and beans is a lot better for the body than the red meat that the non-RPFs are eating.

The residents in your protected habitat village that I recall were vegetarians and the food was absolutely DELICIOUS. I think when people would eat a week as the real Ron recommended and as it was practiced in the village of your parents, Marty, they never would want to leave this place. They would refuse to go.

They would chain themselves to the village trees so that nobody can carry them out, they never would go back to the killer food that they eat right not even when served in a 5-Star restaurant.

Imagine Marty, you and me, after a long walk and swim in our pool, sitting in a romantic secluded corner and having dinner on a beautiful decorated table and candle light and flowers that are eatable! What do you think of secret ancient love recipes? Oh my God, imagine the happiness, just the sweet two of us.

How do you like this menu, Marty? Consider yourself invited and served  on my table in a secluded pagoda.  (I admit, I burned food in the past but once we are back together of course nothing will be burned or too hot or too cold!)

Toast with a glass of our favorite sparkling non-alcoholic beverage
Eggplant Cornucopias

Sweetheart Salad with Baby Greens
Avocado Caesar Dressing

Passionate Pineapple Tempeh
Cupid’s Favorite Quinoa
Steamed Asparagus Spear-Kisses
Roasted Beet Hearts

Love Tart with Raspberry Almond Sauce

And lots of real kisses before, during and after the dinner!

And then a dance on the terrace. Can you feel the romance, the sparkles and the fire?

Or how about a recipe from the Hare Krishnas? In Utah, the Mormons and the   Hare Krishnas did built a temple together and the Hare Krishnas did cook for the Mormons. You probably heard too that the Hare Krishnas are great cooks. Look how delicious their recipes are.

Besides of the murder of the thetan who is in the animal body who rather wants to eat a bloody, hairy, lousy, contaminated, stinky animal with all kinds of diseases?

Look how gross, those eggs are still alive!

There are numerous athletes who are vegetarians and who leave their meat-eating competition in the dust. And their muscles are impressive too.

I remember, Marty, when drank my first sip of vanilla soymilk. I was thinking: it tastes a lot better than cow milk! And as you know better than anybody,  it is healthier too!

The Hare Krishnas don’t live in protected underwater habitats as your village and they don’t grow their food there and they don’t make their own water and air that is why they are physically not immortal. Same goes for all other vegetarians.

Or how about this menu for us, Marty? We cook it together. Cooking between kisses and hugs, what could be better?

Artichoke Party Dip
Sun-dried Tomato Hummus
Toasted Pita Wedges


Touchdown Salad Bar and Tahini Miso Dressing
Vegetarian tofu meat served over Steamed Brown Rice, Bulghur or Baked Potatoes
Whole Grain Bread with Homemade Garlic Spread
Winter Fruit Medley

Apple cake with vegetarian cream

And how about a love tea?

Exotic Love Tea

1 cups water
1/4 cup honey
1 cup apple juice
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tbsp Cranberry Tea

We could try every day another meal from all parts of the world.

Even if I could afford a cook or many, I rather cook our own food as I don’t want any SEGNPMSS to mix something in it that would make us mortal.

I love you, Marty. Mostly, I am hungry for your kisses.

And then we will make love the whole night through.

Yours forever


Honesty is such a lonely word. But that is what we need most of Scientologists and anybody else

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Dearest Marty,

My heart is chopped liver for Mr. Texas. He gives a damn if you and I die of a broken heart.

If you would be him, you would have come to me instead of just driving through the country. But he knew that I would see right that you are not him. It is true that people change but I noticed already around 1990 that he is not you. I saw on the photos that he is not you. But he could have come and tell me that he is not you and where you are. My address in SLC was constantly posted all over the net by my stalkers. Why didn’t he tell me?

He broke with DM and he is still covering for him. Same goes for Mike Rinder.

In the Munich org and all other German orgs and Missions, we had for years just approx. 10 photos of Ron on display in the orgs. Yes, photos of the real Ron, not his dumb Vistaril munching impostor who was apparently married to Mary Sue.

Ron is on the left side, impostor is on the right side.

Then, after infiltrators in the orgs ganged up on me (“thanks”, Haydn!) I saw in the German magazine Spiegel photos of Jack Vistaril, and I knew that he was not Ron. Besides that, I know of a woman who has exactly my face. She looks so much like me that some of my stalkers would want to marry her. She looks so much like me that even I thought for some moments that somebody doctored my head on her body. I know for a FACT that doppelgangers exist who look more like clones that just having similarities.

David Miscavige, Haydn James, Lucie James, Larry Brennan and Mike Rinder are just a few people who know EXACTLY that Mr. Texas is not you, the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology.

It looks to me like Mr. Texas is writing his autobiography. I don’t think that the excerpt that he posted on his website is badly written. He kept me reading the entire page but I think even in his autobiography, he will pretend being you. If he would reveals in this book the doppelganger business, it would be a bestseller. It would shed new light also on the fact that Ron was impostored too.

Mr. Texas makes me look like an idiot, crazy woman or a liar before blind people by not just admitting that he is not you but  still actively pretending that he is you. Those who are not blind see it also without his admission.

Your doppelganger writes about his broken heart but gives a damn about ours, Marty and that we can’t be together as the entire world conspires against us.

He found the love and soulmate of his life in form of Mosey, he has his friends, he seems to be happy most of the time but why doesn’t he want us to be happily together?

What does he got to lose except feeling better when he got the doppelganger business off his chest? I strongly assume that his supporters and friends Christie King Colbran, Cathy Greenbaum,   Steve “Sarge” Pfauth, Mareka James, Kat James,   Martin Padfield, Ignazio Tidu, Paul Haggis, Geir Isene, Roberto Sánchez Núñez, Steve Hall, Rob Thomas,  Tiziano Lugli, Jamie Sorrentini Lugli, Ivan Obolensky, Eric Knutson, Dan Koon (Joe Howard), Mariette Lindstein, Ken Urquhart, Jim Logan, Stefan Tunedal, Katrina Tunedal, Samantha “Sam” Domingo, Trey Lotz, Silvia Kusada, Lise O’Kane, Kathy Braceland, Russ Williams,   Murry Pearlman, Exilda Pearlman, Kirsi Ojamo, Brad Hagemo, Natalie Hagemo,  Jack Airey, Tom Felts, Shannon Kimoto, Hiro Kimoto, Boyd Hutchins, Sherry Katz, Mary Jo Leavitt, David St Lawrence, Gretchen (Gilbert) St. Lawrence, Helmut Flasch, Helen Chen, Jan (aka Sims) Weiss, David Friesenbichler, Colwell V. Garth, Linda McGinley,  Sinar Parman, Jackie Wolff, Tom De Vocht, Shelly Corrias, Marc Headley, Claire Headley, Bruce Hines, Gary “Jackson” Morehead, Theo Sismanides, Olga Vernardou,   Jonathan Burke,  Ralph Hilton, Michel Puzzolante, Michael Brown, Margaret Kerr Tatiana Baklanova, Greg Cook, Don Jason, Ted Horner, Vic Krohn, Vicki Krohn,  Maurice Green, Ron Minor, Ronald Ramirez,  Steven R. Bode, etc. will stick further to him and applaud him if he would admit he came to Scientology because David Miscavige and Mike Rinder hired him (to pretent being you to cover up your wrongful incarceration because it would be “bad PR” for the orgs). They applaud anything he does, so what could go wrong?

Potatoes would fall from the eyes of so many blind “Scientologists” and they finally would dig out photos and clearly see that Ron was also impostored and that DM knew it all along and cover it up.

What will Mr. Texas, Mike Rinder, DM, Haydn James and so many others do when you come free despite all odds and make a public appearance?

For Mr. Texas and his supporters and friends:

Honesty is such a lonely word.
Everyone is so untrue.
Honesty is hardly ever heard.
And mostly what I need from you.

Back to the two of us, Marty. I had to go to the mailbox today. My goodness! I got so much snow. Could open the back gate just 8 inches and slip through. But I am fine. Heat is on, water is running, food is in the pantry, no pipe is frozen. It looks nice, that snow. I could build some igloos outside.

But when the sun shines on the part of the deck that is under a roof, the wood is warm and I can walk without shoes, funny, isn’t it?

The icicles hanging from my roof are huge. Could fall on a stalker’s head and render him unconscious for a long time.

I miss you, Marty, and love you until death do us part.

I never give up loving you. Many tender and very passionate kisses!

Yours forever,


Awwwww, look at them, just like the two of us walking through our village! And I like your hat. 😉

Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 23, 2010 at 5:34 pm

Never compromise your own reality, said Ron. Exactly, Marty, and my reality is that Ron and you were/are impostored.

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you?

How often did we hear that the Internet is the “highway of information”. Is it really? After all, with people lying all the time and finding conflicting and false data on just about anything, isn’t it rather the “highway of confusion?” What do you think, Marty?

A person can’t trust information she finds on the net, so she decided what she finds “likely to be true” if she ever gets to this point and does not leave the subject as confuse as she started. And that is too bad. What a waste of time!

People who spread rumors and lies are pitiful creatures and they steal everybody’s time as their false data slow down or prevent the research of people who really want to know. For each lie on the net, there should be a stiff penalty, paid by the people who posts lies with malicious intent.

The Ex-Scientologists Board by Michelle Sterling the former Michelle Ryan (from Australia) also using sock puppet names as “Emma” and others is such a magnet for liars. Some of the worst libel and defamation can be found on her message board.  Her top posters were never in Scientology but the board is called “Ex-Scientologists”. Speak about false advertisement. But the other message boards, Anonymous and Andreas Heldal-Lund’s defamation board aren’t much better. He was never in Scientology either. Telling the truth e.g. that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored and that you have a doppelganger who claims to be you, results in immediate defamation on these boards who just have one purpose: to spread lied and defame and to cover up the truth.

Anybody who disagrees with their hatred and lies is defamed as mentally ill. Typical behavior for psychiatric trolls.

Ron on the left, his impostor on the right:

You on the left Marty, your doppelganger on the right.

Too bad that I can’t defend the orgs as they are infiltrated by non-Scientologists.

Some websites and Blogspots of socalled Scientologists who are on line are so low on the tonescale that it is really creepy, Marty!

For example, if I would state in a Scientology org of today that I am not satisfied with the information that L. Ron Hubbard is on another planet (the impostor’s Vistaril-filled crap that he allegedly told to Annie Broker doesn’t count), I suppose I would  be routed to ethics. Wasting Scientology money for offices and buildings for L. Ron Hubbard (which are against the style of living that he advised) seems not crazy under DM’s management but saying that Scientologists should search him and get him back, that could probably would earn a person a Type III label.

Like the Christians who wait for the Messiah to show, Scientologists wait for Ron to show? But how can it work? Christian churches would call psychiatrists to come and get Jesus in a psychiatric institution and Scientologists would call their security officers and route Ron out. It probably already happened. Or he left.

It is always the same story. In just 50 years, the C of S seems rather be interested in being “political correct” and being accepted in the “wog world” but rocking the world with the real Ron’s original technology. The “beyond”, the after world is not free. Scientologists owe it each other to look out for them. Yes, Ron is absolutely genius and I discovered God in him (as I did also in you, Marty) but Scientologists owe it nevertheless to Ron to find him an to offer him anything back that belonged to him.

Hey, if that would be the standard procedure, nobody would be murdered anymore by a relative who wants inheritance and the world would be also here a bit better.

C of S speaker Tommy Davis indicated (after Jett Travolta died) to a (non-hostile) reporter on TV who wanted to know if John Travolta and Kelly Preston will meet Jett again that Scientologists believe in past and future lives but it will never be that Scientologists will know exactly who was who in a past life or that they will be back together.

Ron’s Scientology was different. Ron’s Scientology was scientific. With his processes, he was able to determine beyond any doubt who the person was in her past lives and he also knew that thetans can be tracked in the “between lives”. With Ron’s tech you’ll find your loved ones again.

All that is missing from Scientology who wants to be rather “political correct” and accepted in the “wog world”. Scientology still can make lives of people better as it is right now BUT it is a lot less as it once was before the SEGNPMSS infiltrated and altered already since 1950. Ron researched it and build it. As soon as he left, some SEGNPMSS infiltrators exchanged his data with altered versions and put his doppelganger at work to impostor him. THAT IS THE STORY OF SCIENTOLOGY.

But you know this all, Marty. You are the last person who needs a lecture about this.

Sometimes, the truth just wants to get out of me again and again.

I got more snow again. I haven’t figured out yet how to get to the mailbox. Can’t open the fence gate. Luckily, I don’t have to shovel snow as I have no sidewalks to clear and nobody comes here in winter but the mail deliverer or a neighbor who doesn’t shovel either. But my pipes are not frozen after I redirected the heat.

Yesterday night, I watched Coraline by Neil Gaiman. This story is more imaginative and scarier than Harry Potter. It is good that they animated the movie because if it would star real people, I would allow my kids to watch it alone only when they have completed their 40th birthday. The story is fantastic and there is not one boring moment. Once action after the other! And it is cute and funny too in middle of the scary backdrop.

I am sure you write too, Marty. Would love to read something from you. Due to my way of making living, I spend already so much time on the computer that when done with that, my fiction drafts remains in the drawers because I have to shut that computer off to do something else.

Guess it has to wait….

I love you, my Prince, and I know we will be back together. The Almighty will not allow that evil wins against us.

More kisses than planets on the universe for you.