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Garry Scarff, Barbara Graham, and the likes, you better watch your libel, defamation, threats, lies and cyberstalkings (They’ll roll away again soon, Marty, they have a real short attention span)

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But I decided to write them a brief message here, Marty, so that they are minded not again trying to fool around with me.

Garry Scarff, Barbara Graham and the likes, you better watch your libel, defamation, threats, lies, and cyberstalking activities  because you don’t want to come back on my list: “Darn, Barbara Schwarz sent the cops to my bum place!” You know that I miss NOTHING, not even concealed criminal acts and don’t even need any OSA hired PI to learn about them.

Better think about it before you target me. Stay away from my blog. If  you try again to mess with me, I’ll send you Officer Not So  Friendly and your police file is gonna get bigger and bigger until to the big raid where any illegal weapons will be searched at Barb’s spider place, and Garry who has no stove gets finally a warm meal in the slammer.

To the others: if I would had any doubt that Mr. Texas is the original Marty Rathbun, I would have already visited him. I would have booked a first class ticket on a  X-43 and landed right in his back yard and showered him with kisses. And in order to cheer Monique up, I would have invited a choir to come with me. You see, I take care of anything.

(I am the one in the center of the last row.  It’s an authentic photo as you can see. Nothing doctored. We are singing the notes to the Axioms. They were once set to music at the GO WW. The GO WW had their own choir once. Didn’t knew that, didn’t you? Nobody learns anything on WWP or other natter boards. You guys know nothing.)

BTW, if Mr. Texas would be my Marty, he would have come to me a long time ago.  My Marty wouldn’t start a 2D with another woman and not come by my place first. And all other indicators also tell me that Mr. Texas ain’t my Marty. Don’t worry about me, I’ll find my Marty and we’ll be very happy, and you better watch out not to become rotten to the bone people like Garry Scarff, Barbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Graham, and the likes. You don’t want a batch flashing in your face and handcuffs around your tattooed wrists and ankles, now don’t you?

Leave me alone and get a life. I have one, will be a lot better and happier once I am back with my Mart, but I am not wasting my time away on natter boards like you guys…

Hey, and Garry Scarff posts: “What… are you so bored to go to her blog? But he provides immediately all kinds and updates to my blog or interviews, he knows exactly why I don’t post on ARS anymore, etc. I bet he’s he clicks 30 times a day on my blog to see updates.

True, I don’t there are no porn images or guy porn images on my blog to which Garry (posted by a guy who sits all day in a little crammed room in L.A. and posts lies)  is accustomed but postings about spiritual and physical immortality, a better world, deceit by the SEGNPMSS, other adventures, and true love. What could be more “boring” than this?

And check this out: Santa Ana winds did blow some stuff about Garry to my door! Yikes! Scary boring Garry!  In troubles with other tenants and his landlord. And what does Scientology have to do with Garry? He was never a Scientologist. Scientology is defamed on one of these fliers. Perhaps Garry is making these fliers himself to get away from his boring like hell gay image? Stomping Garry, looks like tenants having a problem with him.  The guy in green must be the landlord. And why is Garry so brown? Trying to suggest he’s using a tanning bench?  Shave your chest and back, Garry.


Added on April 17, 2011:   

Barbara Graham spams her Sunday edition: “To the Sea Org Kids” posting on Usenet. In that posting (that she posted hundreds of times) she lies that I would “try to break the flow of communication about Scientology and its abuses”.

I never went after her ISP but she targeted mine and wrote false complaints about me to my ISP to cut my access to the Internet. Barbara Graham is a liar and a despicable person. I once posted against a pedophile who posted pro pedophilia on ARS. She attacked me for that. She is pro pedos!

She says that I “would try to break the flow of communication about abuses”.   I hate any kind of abuses. I never covered for any abuse, it doesn’t matter who does or did it or where it took place.  It is upsetting for me if bad people are in Scientology. I want them out. I don’t cover for them. Graham accused me of WHAT SHE IS DOING by covering for pedophiles.


Her “To the Sea Org kids” posting  has the purpose to alienate children from their Scientologist parents. I have seen a video on YouTube, an anti-Scientology lecture and Barb Graham was drunk. Some say she is never sober. She is a friend of Keith Henson. Two of his daughters say that he sexually molested them, and Barbara Graham under cover as “Chaplain” managed that the websites of at least one of these websites were removed. And that is the kind of woman who wants to destroy the families of Scientologists and wants to get her hands on the children of Scientologists.

Go figure! 

Barbara Graham in her own words: “Anything’s legal if you don’t get caught.” And: “You asshole.

I was *never* a good person, you sad piece of crap. — Spidergraham, Chaplain, ARSCC”



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  1. One motive for trolling, and perhaps one we’re all most familiar with, seems to be simple boredom — too much free time after school, at work, or between jobs. These are the individuals who are trolling to kill a few hours, entertain themselves, and even impress others of a similar mind-set.

    Groups of trolls coalesce on bulletin-board sites such as 4chan, where they post links to targets that might prove “fun,” and compete with each other to see who can be the funniest, cleverest, or most extreme. Interestingly, those same sites also tend to be the powerhouses that generate Internet “memes” — popular concepts that spread beyond the Internet to become part of our offline culture.

    A second motive appears to be a need for attention, a craving that will accept any kind of attention, however positive or negative, as long as that person is at the centre of it. Such individuals may not just post offensive messages, but also annoyingly implausible stories, grand claims and obvious lies.


    August 22, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    • Not just young people troll. Nasty boring old folks with no life and rotten characters are trolling too!

      Barbara Schwarz

      August 23, 2013 at 6:36 am

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