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1) More lies on ESMB 2) Ron said that love is tender admiration 3) Something still puzzles me

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Dearest Marty, my hero, and my tenderly admired prince!

Karen De La Carriere posted today that you, Haydn James, and she were on a mission together in 1982 to NY. And they both want to sell that they didn’t figure that Chiquita’s dad is not you and has a completely different personality, Marty? Either they go as the corruptest kind or the dumbest kind of people into history once the truth breaks.

However, there is one thing about Heber Jentzsch that also puzzles me. If I am right and you were arrested in Spain (on secret order of German pychs) together with Heber, he must know that you are still wrongfully incarcerated and that you are not Chiquita’s dad, your doppelganger who came to Scientology around 1990, likely hired on orders of David Miscavige “to avoid bad press” on his version of “Scientology” instead helping you out of your wrongful incarceration. And it would be a classical example how a motivator follows the overt as Chiquita’s dad and Mike Rinder talk to the press and have not much flattering things to say about DM. I can’t imagine that Heber hasn’t noticed that Chiquita’s dad is not you, Marty. If I am right with that you were the one who was arrested with Heber on November 21, 1988, I strongly assume that he knows that you are still behind bars and that DM exchanged you with a doppelganger. So, what I don’t know is what Heber is thinking about this doppelganger business and what he is doing to help you. I know that he delivered powerful speeches against corrupt psychiatry in the past.

I wrote to Heber years ago and asked him if he would know your whereabouts. My mail came back with a stamp that he is unknown. Imagine this: the President of  C of S INT not known to the C of S INT. Scientology is really infiltrated by non-Scientologists and corrupt people. However, Heber Jentzsch is free. He can go where ever he wants. If he would want to leave the SO, he could. It is his own choosing not leave. Actually, the SEGNPMSS wants real Scientologists leaving the SO and infiltrators stay. But YOU can’t leave the place of your wrongful incarceration, Marty, and it is a disgusting double moral by any one who screams Free Heber not rather to demand: Free the original Marty Rathbun of Scientology because he was framed and conspired against! There is something else: there still is (or was until recently) a connection from where you are into the C of S. You disappeared without a trace end of 1988 and around 1990, Chiquita’s dad takes over your position as Inspector General for Ethics. All photos before November 1988 in C of S publications on “Marty Rathbun” or “Mark Rathbun” shows you, and all publications after that date show Chiquita’s dad. (Just like Ron’s impostor, he is on many photos.) But while (according to my perceptions) you were already incarcerated for many years, this photo of you in your 40s shows up suddenly on the RTC website. Here it is: This is not Chiquita’s dad, this is you. What puzzles me is how the DM administration received this photo of you. Most non-thinking people fall for the deception that Chiquita’s dad is you. I am the only one who publishes that you are not him and that Ron’s impostor isn’t Ron, the founder. I think publishing your photo was an attempt trying to fool me into thinking that you are free. It causes some doubts with me because I was able to say that this handsome prince in that photo is you. But the person(s) who webbed it and who tried misleading me, didn’t think that Chiquita’s dad would blow just briefly after that photo of you was published in 2004 and that the world (including I) would see a lot of Chiquita’s dad. Despite he reports your years and history in Scientology repeatedly as yours, one cannot fool the eyes of a woman in love. I didn’t fall in love with a body (although your body is very handsome), I fell in love with your personality, Marty. Just as the eyes of the real daughter can’t be fooled by an impostor of Ron. Real Ron on the left:                                                                                                                                                                     Stupid impostor on the right: And speaking about love. There are so many lies on the hate message boards against Scientology. Take for example “Vadim Volgov”, a sock puppet of one of the many SPs on the hate message board of Michelle Anne (Emma) Ryan Sterling from Australia, a former colony of English convicts. (I have to mention this briefly and that people who die come back. This includes convicts who come back too. Wonder if Senator Nick Xenophon has any reality about that.) So, sock Volgov lies: “Love is something that Hubbard could never terminatedly [sic] describe. I had participated A LOT in Scientologist’s discussions of “creating 2D” (and love as a “side effect” there), and NOONE [sic] had come up with a “final definition” of love by L. Ron Hubbard.” As you know, Marty, Ron (the real one) wrote a lot about love and was able to give greatest and unconditional love. And look as the two of us: we are the best example of how real Scientologists are able to love. One definition of love by the very L. Ron Hubbard (the original) was: Love is tender admiration. I tenderly admire you so much and so eternally! I had a chat with a neighbor’s wife recently. During our talk, I noticed that she mentioned that her husband refers to me as “girl”. Love and celibacy is working, Marty. I am staying young, people are thinking I am a girl and no woman. Lol. But if I have to wait another century for you, Marty, I will eventually look 30. There is just so much that a woman can do to stop the clock while not living in the environmentally protected and age eliminating village of yours. Come soon! Love you forever. Many tender and passionate kisses.

I need a nose job too, Marty, my nose was broken several times by the SEGNPMSS butcher psychs but I don’t want a very thin nose like Karen’s. But she still looks good.

1) Weekly 50.000 hits on your doppelganger’s blog, Marty…. 2) The Apollo guy was the impostor 2) Heber Jentzsch isn’t a robot…

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I’m in a bit a hurry today, Marty, my Prince, so I don’t write much, I just want to make a brief remark about Chiquita’s dad’s and Mike Rinder’s posting of today, the
doubt formula announcement of  Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch on Chiquita’s blog.

She says, he has 50.000 hits per week on his blog. Most of the people who visit his blog will not know that he isn’t you but he makes them believe he is you by not informing that he joined Scientology around 1990 and that the former Marty in Scientology  is you and not he. If people think that I sound like a broken record, I don’t care because there is nothing wrong with repeating the truth. It is rather necessary.

It is beyond me why he not simply clears it up. It is as if DM still would control him because I think he (and maybe also Mike Rinder) was the one who hired him to replace you after you were wrongfully incarcerated. His friends and supporter will continue to support him. His own experiences and training, nobody will take that away from him. He was longer on staff than you and I, and I admit this. Therefore, he doesn’t need your years in Scientology, Marty. I wonder what he thinks he wins by not saying that he is somebody else. It would help Scientologists a lot if he would come forward because they would understand better that also Ron had an impostor. Every Scientologist has a right to know that.

Karen knows you personally and you worked in the same building and ate in the same small dining room. Heber’s office was on the same floor.  Karen must have seen you thousands of times, Marty, probably talked to you hundreds of times, and I saw her many times too going in and out of the SU. I can’t imagine that she doesn’t know that Chiquita’s dad isn’t you. But she too keeps the secret just as Haydn James, Mike Rinder, and David Miscavige, and others do. They think that this deception isn’t unethical. Well, I beg to differ very much.

The Apollo guy who Karen, Janis Gillman, and anybody else on the Apollo met wasn’t the real Ron, the founder of Scientology but “Jack Vistaril”, his impostor.

I pity everyone who just met the impostor. However, as DM was in the UK, where the real Ron really was for quite a while, he must have seen the real Ron and later the impostor but he doesn’t inform Scientologists about it and this is the ultimate deception.

As Karen doesn’t clarify that Chiquita’s dad isn’t you, Marty, I can trust her as little as Haydn and Lucy James and everyone else who knew you and Chiquita’s dad. Therefore, before I believe that her story about Alexander is true, I rather wait until Alexander speaks for himself one day.

Heber Jentzsch isn’t a robot but a Scientologist. He always had great ethics presence, and he was widely respected. Not feared but respected by Scientologists. I don’t think that DM did force him to divorce Karen but that Heber wanted the divorce himself. I think it is a nightmare that all private matters of Scientologists play out that much in public. Nobody has any privacy anymore.

But Karen’s information is sure more bad PR on  DM and his stats for Scientology are horrible, and the BBC report will be even more oil on that fire… DM got Scientology from the impostor not from the real Ron. But DM will not assign himself to the RPF, I assume. That’s just the place for the others…

Otherwise, Marty, I decided to stay out of this. The truth will come out and all the doppelganger deceptions will be revealed. Thetan basically knows. I know it will be revealed one day. Before being convicted, I rather would confess because I would think ahead.

If DM, Chiquita’s dad, and Mike Rinder don’t clarify that Ron and you were impostored, they might one day share a prison cell together and being charged with conspiracy. What a reunion that will be…

I love you, Marty. I will be with you soon. Let’s see whose postulate will come true. The crummy unethical postulates of the blind Apollo and other  infiltrators or ours, the real Scientologists.

I love you so much, Marty. I’ll be back soon!



If a thetan can’t be destroyed by anything, death wouldn’t be on the tonescale

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I miss you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. If you would be a stranger, our love would have never lasted so long and still going and going and going and going like the Energizer bunny. See this picture on the left side? That should be us and our kid.

I received a forged message in your name, Marty, insulting me and demanding to delete my blog. Sure, I delete my blog, when hell freezes over. It’s for sure not sent by Chiquita’s dad either because this “Marty Rathbun” forger claims he is no Scientologist, and Chiquita’s dad posted many times that he considers himself a Scientologist. That message is not your style at all and neither that of Chiquita’s dad. Many years ago, Garry Scarff tried this a couple of times. He mailed me “disconnection orders” in name of “Marty Rathbun”. I bet that Chquita’s dad got many crazy messages that my stalkers sent to him pretending to be me, and they would mail even more forgeries to you if they would know where to reach you. But this time, the criminal forger is not Scarff. He still is a liar and defamer but he isn’t the only one.  The criminal forger, bum, and coward will be convicted. Evidence against him piles on.

Marty, there is so much misinformation on “body thetans” on the net.

Lots is written about it. I don’t think it was Ron, the real founder of Scientology who made body thetans into a secret but rather his impostor “Jack Vistaril” on orders of the SEGNPMSS. Ron wanted people to know what is influencing and controlling them and not that they have to pay excessive prices to find out what’s ruining their lives.

Some people even seem to mix up “body thetans” with engrams. But they are not the same. The Scientology Abridged Dictionary lists engram and defines it as “mental image picture of an experience containing pain, unconsciousness and a real or fancied threat to survival. It is a recording in the reactive mind of something which actually happened to an individual in the past and which contained pain and unconsciousness”. Numerous terms have different definitions, and this is the definition of engrams in Dianetics and Scientology.

Ron never “apologized” for having used the word “engram” as some people lied. His impostor worked behind his back to make him look ridiculous as ordered by German secret service psychs. If Ron would have changed a term in Dianetics and Scientology if he would have considered it a wrong term. But “engram” says perfectly what does, it causes problems for a person: fear of flying, fear of swimming, fear of the ocean, fear of traffic, fear of fire, fear of elevators, fear of dogs or other animals, fear of getting sick, fear of dying, fear of being locked up, fear of being in a confined space, and the list goes on.

There is a reason for that fear and when the person knows it and when the person is audited by a trained and ethical auditor, it can run these horrible events safely and the engram goes away and the person feels more free and better. As you know, Marty, once all these engrams are gone and the person isn’t influenced anymore by these mental images in her subconscious mind, she is a Clear. The people who never run an engram either never had a good auditor or they are cowards and afraid to confront their engrams, which is very stupid because these engrams will hold them back.

Some people wrote that it would be disappointing that a person is not done after being Clear and that the OT levels would nothing but business. Well, they are wrong. I am very happy that Ron didn’t stop researching after having discovered engrams and how to get rid of them.  As you know, after persons were indeed Clears, Ron discovered that there are still some other things that might influence persons and he found out more in his research. There is the term “body thetans”. Awfully ridiculed by idiots on the net. The term is kept confidential and so are the OT levels, but I bet a million dollars that this kind of secrecy is not the idea by Ron, the founder of Scientology but that of his impostor and the SEGNPMSS who ran the impostor, Marty.

These are the body thetans that I discovered, Marty:

1)      “Body thetans” no. 1: The thetans with theta bodies. Orbs. Basically dead people (or animals) who hang around without a body and try to get a body or just exist as thetans without bodies. Thetans originally cannot be measured or seen but their theta bodies are visible with good cameras. They attach themselves to people (blanket them) to get a new body or because they don’t want to be alone. I read that one orb watcher said that they are coming particularly where people are. Those more uptone will hang around uptone people while the downtone hang out in dark basements and attics and on cemeteries.  One even can call them. I think if somebody would call the name “John” on Time square in NY would film an incredible amount of orbs. Just like people, some orbs are rather nice and harmless and others are evil. But the downtone thetans have not much power, they have no hands, are not good in postulating and can’t kill a person. What they can do is making people depressed once they invade a living person’s body as people are thetans too and notice their downtown presence . I made this discovery first time in attics and basements of old German houses. Old Nazis without bodies hang out there. It’s so yucky, Marty. But I always was able to shake these thetans off. Once I left their dark and creepy environment, they went back up there or down there and I felt uninvited again. Those are “Body thetans” no. 1. In this picture, you see another bodyless thetan. That transparent stuff must be his theta body, his dimension or anchor points.

2)      “Body thetans” no. 2: SEGNPMSS case officers who radio with silent sounds via remote control into the subconscious mind of people. Supported by inhumane patents and a supercomputer. The worst kind of “body thetans”. They have secret access to any mind and person and tapes running in everybody’s subconscious mind, and I wrote often already what they do and that they are killers. Most people are completely unaware what they are doing to them.

Body thetans no. 3 would not be that dangerous without body thetans no. 2.

3)      “Body thetans” no. 3: Germs and bacteria, etc. which are in my view destroyed thetans. Some animals are cute but they basically are degraded thetans who don’t know how to get a human body or think who deserve none or were implanted into animal or germ bodies. No uptone and aware thetan would want to become a dog or any other animal. It’s no life for an intelligent human. Nothing can be accomplished. (And then there are the people who behave like animals, which basically tells me that the SEGNPMSS sometimes implants animals back into human form, and they become then case officers with the SEGNPMSS and torture and kill good people or they become criminals, murderers, pedophiles, and stalkers.) And as we can see here, law enforcement agents can be pigs too.

Ron defined a thetan basically as a static. DEFINITION: A life static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and to perceive. But thetans have theta bodies. When people die, they take the theta bodies with them and then look like orbs.

The SEGNPMSS destroys these theta bodies and once a thetan has the reality that he *is* the theta body, it could be the death of a thetan. Germs and bacteria are smallest animals. Animals are thetans, or how I perceive it, parts of thetans/theta bodies. As you know, Marty, when a thetan decides to adopt a viewpoint or location in the physical universe, it does so by creating dimension points and anchor points. These have a tiny bit mass. Physical universe forces which may have effects on thetans do so by affecting the dimension points and anchor points of the thetan. The thetan having identified with its dimension points and anchor points,  feels as an effect on self – an illusion which complicates any decision or efforts to be free of the physical universe. Dimension points and anchor points are real, and have mass – creating an illusion of mass directly connected with the thetan, in the physical universe. And this seems to be the orb, and these dimension points can be destroyed and it seems to me that the destroyed orb body split into billions of pieces can be implanted into animals and germs, and thus, the thetan who thought he was his theta body, his dimension points and anchor points is destroyed and implanted, and this thetan will be no longer aware of having once been a mighty thetan but continues to exist in split up form (destroyed by psychs) in billions of parts and the only bodies that these parts might pick up are insects or germ bodies.

Many Scientologists believe that one thetan just plays around with animal and insects and germ bodies and runs from an exterior point all these creatures at once. I think such a thetan would be a real weirdo, Marty. I know that the SEGNPMSS does that with microwaves and silent sounds but they are not mighty thetans, they are the weirdest tech freaks and p$ych geeks that one can imagine.

And they don’t do it with spiritual OT power but with microwave, silent sounds and other high tech secret service devises. The  mind (consisting of pictures of the physical universe containing all 52 perceptions related to the human body at the time each picture is formed) has physical mass and energy, and since people can remember and actually be affected by past lives, these pictures are carried around by the thetan. This is the mental mass the thetans drags along when they leave their bodies. Orbs again. Too bad all about orbs knowledge was removed from Scientology by the SEGNPMSS, Marty, I know that Ron knew of  them before anybody else spoke of them.

Those are “body thetans  no. 3”. These are the only kind of body thetans that I discovered. Except Ron in a spiritual form, there is no other thetan with me, except those who just pass through so to speak and have no influence on me except that I can feel their presence also without camera. I feel you, Marty,  visiting me in spiritual form

and talking to me but no other thetan.

The other stuff that happens to me and any other person on Earth is high tech stalking from the SEGNPMSS and that are SPs with bodies. In order to be more OT, Scientologists have to bust the SEGNPMSS and these destroyed thetans or destroyed dimension points and anchor points, the destroyed theta bodies, the destroyed orbs who have now germ and bacteria bodies, sure should leave our bodies or at least stop bothering us with allergies, sickness and death. As far as saving the thetans whose theta body and awareness was destroyed, an OT could probably set those back together and make them give up existing as germs or insects and become aware of being thetans.

4)   Genetical line is not a thetan as you know, Marty. An animal is not the genetically entity as described by Ron. An animal has a personality and is the “I” of a body. I wouldn’t go so far and would say that a germ has a personality but they are tiny tiny animals. They are born, eat, mate, and die, and the disgusting thing is that they want to do this all on our human bodies. As how I understand the Genetic Identity: it was a one time creation and postulated by the creator in keep on going: like plants that keep on growing without that there is a “I” personality as with humans and animals.

It’s psych garbage that we need germs to live. Germs and bacteria are animals and body thetans. Something went awfully wrong with them  that they are germs. Can it go lower? Yes, becoming a SEGNPMSS case officer would be even lower.

Death is on the tonescale. It is possible as thetan to be dead. That means a thetan is so low that there is no awareness of him being alive as a thetan anymore.

Marty, I was thinking that when thetans cannot not be destroyed as some Scientologists think, if there would be no current movement anymore that destroys thetans with psych implants in Xenu style, etc., why does the creed of Scientology contain this line:

That the souls of men have the rights of men… ??

Xenu style implants are not history, psychs continue to implant thetans between lives, and those who do not know it, will step in their traps as thetan without a body but a theta body.

The point of this posting is basically, that the secrecy of the OT levels allowed the SEGNPMSS to alter Ron’s research without much pains as nobody talked about the content of the OT levels, while Ron’s non-confidential material is a lot harder to change. But also there, non-source changes were made too by the impostor and SEGNPMSS agents. I read many postings of people who said that they found Scientology working except the OT levels. They failed to  understand  what was actually altered because there is a way to understand Scientology by reading between the lines.

It is such a shame. But Ron’s postulate that the truth will come out and that Scientology will be restored exactly how he and not the impostor write it, will prevail.

I love you, Marty, with all my heart and I kiss you many times and I have no intentions to stop writing to you in this blog. This blog will take a break once I have found you but not sooner.

I love for ever and ever and ever and ever.

Many kisses and yours


your wife

Look, a glance in the near future: we are finally back together!

Philosophy or religion? Ron says Scientology is an applied philosophy

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

How are you?

There are always discussions on web forums about if Scientology is a religion or not. Ron said in the video taped interview that Scientology is an APPLIED philosophy. That means Scientology is a pursuit of wisdom, a search for a general understanding of values and reality, an analysis of the grounds of and concepts expressing fundamental beliefs, while religion is the service and worship of God or the supernatural,  a commitment or devotion to religious faith, or an institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices. It would mean that Scientology is both of it but I agree completely with Ron, Marty, it’s the pursuit of wisdom that got me into Scientology and that is what I did all the time, finding out the secret of this universe and to better this universe.

Marty, I know that you as real OT know that Ron is still on this planet. But I think that Scientology has changed so much from how it originally was under Ron (not just through DM but already through the impostor “Jack Vistaril” ) that he doesn’t feel at home in those orgs anymore. Otherwise, he would be back. But the good news is that Ron doesn’t just work with one body. His postulates become true through us. His enemies think they defeated him and they own Scientology, and they made sure that it is just available in p$ych controlled form. Before Ron picked up his body and did his amazing research with it, knew  that at least one of his identities (thetan without a theta body who can’t be seen and measured) had to be the coordinator. So, when Ron’s body was murdered, nobody caught the coordinator who speaks and acts now through us. Ron is so genius. And if we are murdered, he speaks through other good people and real OTs. Psychs thought they defeated Ron by killing him. Ron organizes and plans under considerations of centuries, and they think in very short time periods only. Their rap sheet got a lot worse by killing him, the penalties that they will suffer will be much much harsher but defeating Ron? Never in a billion years. Never in all eternity. While the SEGNPMSS and psychs are thinking, they are winning, they are not. The final winner will be Ron and we with him.  Let them ridicule Scientology, the truest philosophy ever,  but the last laugh will be ours.

I cleaned parts of my house today because yesterday evening, I was invited to a party. I wasn’t much in the mood for any party but the person who invited me helped my on a couple of occasions in the past and it seemed kind of ungrateful to say that I wouldn’t be coming. He was always helpful and kind to me. But at the party house, it wasn’t my world, not my kind of cleanliness and sense of order, and a couple of the party guests were smoking, so the first thing that I did when I got home was throwing my clothes in the washer and then jumped in the bathtub and got the smoke smell out of my hair.

Although nobody was drinking, not even beer, which is a good thing. There was a party guest sitting at the bar, mainly eating or just starring at me or on his plate. He was really odd. All others were chatty and introduced themselves to me and were open and told stories and laughed but not this guy. He was the creepy guy who no woman wants to meet. After 2 – 3 hours, I said goodbye to the hosts and the other guests and the weird guy at the bar came running after me. “Did you find Jesus yet?” he asked me and tried to recruit me in his Christian church. I told him that I have my religion already. He inquired details about my religion but he was so creepy that  I ignored his robotic question. He gave me a leaflet about his Christian church but I left him standing there and just made clear to him that I am not interested. I am not interested in men and not in other religions. I have you. Marty, and I have Scientology as my religion. It is just unbelievable that the weirdest, uncharismatic, non-communicative, boring, and robotic people on Earth think that they have a chance recruiting me into Christianity. I threw the leaflet in the next dumpster that I saw.  The  geek knew nothing to say than his contradictory Christian crap. A person who doesn’t introduce himself with his name and has no manners or social communication skills wants me to join his Christian club to become like him? Well, thanks a lot but I pass on that one.  (I hope is isn’t a stalker. My phone number isn’t listed.  Of course, I didn’t tell him where my place is but he lives around here and could find out. But the best thing to show creepy people off is to ignore them completely.) Christians have nothing to offer me. A religion that denies past lives does not contain the most important basics of truth.  And most Christians are horrible hypocrites anyway.

I love you, Marty. I have a strong feeling that we will be back together soon.

Many kisses

Your wife


I like Fado music, Marty, the official music of Portugal. It kind of touches me. Might be past life or because I love everything that starts with Fa, Pa, Va  or Dad. 🙂

It’s also possible that you, Ron, and I sailed this lifetime to a port in Portugal and I remember the music from then. I am no fan of Europe but the good memories that I am having in Europe contain all you, Marty and Ron.

I wish I would have the total recall about every second that we were together, Marty, but as you know, without a trained auditor, its not easy to lift all the layers of a memory that was psychiatric stolen and put it there again.

1) Cute rabbit 2) Wood 3) Stupid stalkers 4) I love you so much, Marty

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Dearest Marty,

I am back on this Saturday, thinking again of you, my irresistable God in human form.

A little rabbit moved on the property. He is not bigger than a hand and he thinks, I am his mother. He came from the woods, just a minute away. I told him that he should go back there and look for his real Mom, but he won’t listen. Now he lives underneath my riding lawnmower. There is no more dangerous place for him because once that blade is running, it will cut him into pieces. Before I can mow, I have to get him out of there. I saw him the first time a few days ago, and he is still here or came back. He is awfully cute but not even remotely as cute as you are, Marty.

I have lots of fresh good-looking branches and twigs. Two years ago, I did build outdoor furniture with it but they were not stable enough, so I dismantled them. But I want to try it again and learn from my mistakes. Look how nice they can look under a tree:

But most of all, I like the cabin style furniture! They look awesome. As far as I remember, the furniture in your village were cabin style like that. Have a look at this great bed. It’s so beautiful, just one thing missing: you are not lying in it. No bed will be ever perfect if I don’t find you in it.

Awesome office chair!

Interesting is that when the first settlers came, they must have built their furniture only with logs because there were plenty of trees and they had the log form. Instead of sliding it in lumber, they must have built these rustic furniture. And after centuries, I still find it the most attractive style to live. Forget about the metal, plush, concrete, marble…

Wood is the most exciting material to work with and live in. It is warm, cool, smooth, natural, gorgeous…

How are your days like, Marty? I hope every month to learn where you really are.

My stalkers post comments on my blog, trying to impersonate Scientologists, and they got it all wrong. I can see right away that they are no Scientologists but trying to troll me. I ignore all these comments. I said it right from the start. This blog should reach you and it will not become another natter board. My stalkers also link from blogs and websites that  have “live feeds”, in other words, once you click on them, the stalker can see the IP number or place/town/city from where a person clicked. They are so stupid!

I NEVER go to other websites or blogs WITHOUT A PROXY. Most of the time, I don’t click on the links at all. I just click on them when the link really should interest me and I am not into dating sites and I don’t go there. I have you, I am not interested in their lousy links. And if they finally would find an interesting link (e.g. how to make the perfect Willow outdoor bench), I would just use a proxy as I always do because I am not as dumb as my stalkers. These people have no life and they are sitting  days and nights drunk in their confined spaces at their germ invested computers trying to trace me down. What low life forms!

I will be back soon. I have to do some cleaning in the house before the new work week starts. I have a lot of work outside too, so I always rush out when the sun doesn’t burn too hot and it is always good to have a break from the computer. Once I am outside and neighbors happen to come by, they tell me just about anything that happens in hero township so I don’t have to bother reading the papers.

My place looks good, Marty. I transformed it a 100 % from what it was before. That’s why my neighbors call me a blessing.  I call you a blessing. Oh, I can’t wait to get my arms around you and I will. I know it, I know it a 100%. Thetan basically knows and we will be back together and the most happiest people in the universe.

But whatever I do, I am thinking of you, Marty. You are always with me. And you are the brightest star and you have no competition. It doesn’t matter who knocks at my door, it doesn’t matter who I meet in town, it doesn’t matter who e-mails me, it doesn’t matter who I meet on the Internet, it always was you and it will be always you.

I love you so much!

Yours forever,

Your wife

And I want to kiss you from morning to late!

Written by Barbara Schwarz

June 26, 2010 at 11:13 am

“Personality investigator?” That’s a p$ych!

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

First a few private words from me to you. Are taking naps sometimes? I never. When I sleep during the day, I can’t sleep at night, so I don’t nap. Also, when I sleep during the day, not much gets accomplished. But I sure wish that you can relax whenever you feel, you want to.

You probably can’t nap being wrongfully incarcerated as people wake you up at all times. As you know, SEGNPMSS mind controllers and p$ychs have high tech remote controlled devices that measures energy and they know when when a person is just about falling asleep, and when they target somebody, they have somebody else make a noise exactly that moment to stop their victim from falling asleep and this goes on and on. I know all their dirty and inhumane tricks.
But today, I want to write about something else.

First a  message to somebody: Hey, blog owner of  get your own WordPress theme! I chose this theme and posted to and for the original Marty or Mark Rathbun many months before you started to post about “Marty or Mark Rathbun squirrel”. You deliberately did choose the same theme! There are 99 other choices for you. Choose another one.

Now I am back again talking to you, the original Marty:

There is this anti-Marty blog that uses the same WordPress Theme as I do: .  The owner used the same theme as I, AFTER I posted with it already for months. My blog is dedicated to you and his blog is about your security name Rathbun. He saw my blog before he chose the same theme. I don’t appreciate tricks like this. I am not defending Chiquita’s dad (I posted over and over that I want him to come clean on that he isn’t you) but I don’t like the tonelevel of this squirrel blog either who tries to mislead readers that this blog could be mine too because he uses the same theme and is also about the name Marty or Mark Rathbun. What a coincident. (Not!) This impostor blog also pushes p$ych lines. (They are pushed in Chiquita’s dad’s blog too.)
WordPress offers 100 different themes and after having seen the theme of my blog for months, the squirrelrathbun blog owner  picks the same theme that he saw me using. What a slime ball. I also don’t like that this dishonest and downtone blog writer tries to make the impression he is on the side of L. Ron Hubbard or even a Scientologist. He is not. He likely is an infiltrator. If lowtone people attack L. Ron Hubbard, the situation is clear: a low tone guy can’t stand the uptone Ron so he attacks – but if a lowtone and dishonest guy implied that he is pro Ron, I am getting angry because a lowtone and dishonest guy (he also publishes the “f”-word and other primitive language) doesn’t apply Scientology. It creeps me out that such people are online or on staff. Ron doesn’t approve of cowards who are not men or women enough to identify themselves as the author and try to blame their lowtoned scribble of somebody who has nothing to do with it. In this case: me. There is no other reason why this creep choose the same theme as I did. He wants me involved in this lowtoneness. He wants people to think I wrote his lowtone and hateful garbage.  That I am not on Chiquita’s dad’s side, doesn’t mean that I am on DM’s lowtone 1.5 “tough son and bitches”- side either.

I am on Ron’s and your side and all those who are truly changing the planet to the better, with good intention, ethical high products,  truth, postulates and affinity for good beings. That photo, where Chiquita’s dad originally imitated his dog is cut off and that makes him look like a nut or with the dentist. It will follow him probably around until the end of his days and beyond – just as Ron impostor’s auditing of a tomato photo never died. The writer of the blog isn’t playing fair by cutting the dog off the pic.
Real Scientologists don’t have to resort to such measures. They can stay honest, and play fair, and win nevertheless. Too bad that you and Ron are in the middle of all of that because everybody deliberately fails to establishes that there are indeed four people: the real Ron and founder of Scientology, Jack Vistaril (his impostor), you, and Chiquita’s dad ( your doppelganger).

The originator of writes that there were two Mark Rathbuns. One would be in Texas and the other one in the Calipatria State Prison.
I also want to make very clear that you are NOT the convicted rapist Mark Rathbun in Calipatria State Prison. Fact is, there are not just two Mark Rathbun’s but hundreds of people by the same name. What he doesn’t say that there were two different individuals by the name of Mark or Marty Rathbun in Scientology who also looked very much alike. Looks to me that DM does not want this become public knowledge.

The impostor of my blog seems to be a Scientology infiltrator, and he writes that he got an article by a non-Scientologist but he published the p$ych crap: My father was officially a “personality researcher” by profession and his clients were very diversified from agencies, bureaus, cops, estate trusts and you name it.
[Personality researcher, isn’t that a psych?]

He could crack the detailed backgrounds and roots of anyone—from the most wanted; to lost loved ones and even getting the real goods on somebody. He could find the real identities and past tracks of someone that nobody could crack. He called them the “untraceables.” He was the DNA tech of his time. On the side, he studied and documented the parallel of names—especially murders, rapists and some very sick m….. [a very primitive and disgusting term that Ron never would use or publish deleted] —to someone else who had the same name. Weird shit but interesting.
[I really don’t like cheap people in the orgs, on org lines and on staff who write or publish primitive stuff. Those are the people who bring Scientology constantly in troubles. So, this father is a “personality researcher” and he hasn’t figured out that you and Chiquita’s dad have a very different personality, that is “grand”! Typical psych! ]

And here is where the parallel between Mark Rathbun and Mark Rathbun intertwine. Back in the late eighties, he did a favor for a friend who was acting as a rep for some guy named Mark Rathbun. It seemed that Rathbun wanted to find records of his mother’s institutional and electroshock history with the added request to find out if she was pregnant with him (Mark Rathbun) when she got zapped. Of course, he wasn’t told who Mark Rathbun was in the social strata and since it was requested that no names were mentioned, my dad of course checked who this Rathbun was.

[In the late 80s, you were still on staff, the original Marty Rathbun. Nobody in your family was institutionalized.  Again, this psych father never found out that there were/are two Marty Rathbun in Scientology. Typically psych arrogance. They say they know it all but know nothing and their research is a bad joke.]

However, there was no internet facilities back then so slow tracing. For some reason after a year passed, as he would do the Rathbun research on the side because it wasn’t a paid job but a favor, he was told to drop it. He suspected it was because Rathbun was some bigwig in the Scientology organization and probably feared something about his family background becoming public knowledge.

[Could have been DM too not wanting anybody to know that he hired a doppelganger for you, Marty. President Obama has one too. Light is a bit different but otherwise… ]

But this was after he had already done some looking on the subject. At the same time, my dad got involved in a serial rapist case that later turn out to be another Mark Rathbun. Weird shit! My father would jokingly spit out at times—who is Mark Rathbun?

[Is a p$ych allowed to talk about this work/client/patients with his family and joke about them?]
Which one is the real Mark Rathbun for they both lived and grew up in the Long Beach-Laguna Beach areas.
[I am not even remotely impressed by that psych “dad” because he failed to find out that Chiquita’s dad is not the original Marty Rathbun in SCN but you are and that DM knows about that. Can’t psych do anything right?]
He eventually found out what Mark Rathbun wanted to know about his mother and about her receiving electroshock treatments when pregnant with him. He also found out all about his mother’s mental history and treatment and her suicidal jump off the Golden Gate Bridge when Rathbun was five. He met with Rathbun’s father who did not like or trust Mark for reasons he would not discuss. However, he did discuss Mark’s mother’s and sons’ mental histories. He found out a lot for it was all research for him and his potential theories or discoveries on the same name identifications with a serial killer or rapist.
[What a loser of an investigator that psych father is as he did not find out that the C of S photos before 1989 show you instead of Chiquita’s dad. He probably tried the e-shock machine on himself too. To me it looks like that this “personality investigator” psych was originally hired by the DM administration to get your doppelganger high up in the C of S and now after he left, these data are used against your doppelganger but also against you, Marty, because DM and others know  Chiquita’s dad is not the only one by that name. It is also interesting that when your doppelganger was hired, nobody cared that his mother was e-shocked when pregnant with him as he got your job as DM’s left hand. But now, as he left DM, this mother got shocks-issue is a big scandal. How come DM put him on this high job despite the shocks on Mom? Anyway, this story is really weird. It might be that a psych  investigated the black Rathbun because he was a rapist and killer but once a person comes across somebody who just has the same name, he doesn’t in depth investigate this person too (with interviews of family member) who isn’t related to that other person and has nothing in common but the name.]

In 1991 when Mark Rathbun’s brother was found murdered, it caught my dad’s attention and he noted it.
[What is he implying? That Chiquita’s dad (at this time acting as doppelganger for you) killed his brother Bruce? And with this article and not clarifying that you and nor Chiquita’s dad were the first Marty or Mark Rathbun in Scientology, isn’t he also smearing your reputation, Marty? You have nothing to do with either one. That is all he did? The psych dad just noticed it? Why didn’t he investigate the murder? Because he is a joke of an investigator?]
When Mark Rathbun, the serial rapist in Southern California, was finally caught and convicted in `95, my dad thought he was onto something big with the “Mark Rathbun” name theory. [This p$ych wants to proof that  crimes lie within the common name? All Rathbun’s are bad? That is typically psych blah blah.]
Due to serious accident, my father’s work got sideswiped and postponed his “name association” theory.
[Gee, what a “loss”. What happened? ECT machine fell on his foot? Finger stuck in the electrical outlet of the shocker?  He never did a good job, that loser psych investigator. He didn’t even compare photos or videos as I did. He didn’t see the other posture, the different wives, the different sea org uniform ribbons, the different expression on the face and behind the eyes. Good grief! And this unprofessional psych stuff sneaks into the orgs!]

We have discussed his name theory many times and it wasn’t just the Mark Rathbun name. But a funny thing happened.
[Funny? Nothing is funny, in the entire story. Psych humor isn’t funny.]
The name Mark Rathbun hit his radar screen over the past few years. It was the Mark Rathbun in Texas. My father told me that Mark Rathbun’s dad was an interesting character, likable and friendly but very upset about his family history and he said Mark Rathbun had a lot to do with it.
[I don’t have the facts but I assume it was Slade who committed his wife? The “personality investigator”, the psych of course finds husbands who commit their wives “interesting characters” and “very likeable”. I am not at all on Chiquita’s dad’s side because he impostors you, Marty, but he did not commit his mother. He was 5 years old or younger or not even born when this happened the first time.]
He mentioned that Mark Rathbun would drive his older brothers nuts when he was a kid. He mentioned that Mark Rathbun hated his brother Bruce who was brutally murdered in 1981.

[I googled “bruce rathbun+murder” but got no hit.  The psych personality investigator or his son screwed the years up. When was he murdered? 1981 or 1991? Or was the poor man murdered twice? What the psych or the person who wrote that posting basically tries to imply is that Chiquita’s dad (or you because they don’t differ between you and him) killed Bruce. Again, interesting is that DM didn’t had any considerations to hire him for your top job years ago after the murder of Bruce already took place.]

Dad did a grid on both Mark Rathbuns’s locale when rapes or murder occurred and they were always within short driving radius to the crime incidents.

[What is he trying to say? That not the black and convicted Mark Rathbun committed the rapes and murders but Chiquita’s dad did it or even you? It sure fits in the German conspiracy set up against you, Marty, of which I think it really exists: they blamed you on having raped and murdered me, which you of course never did. To me it looks that this psych “investigator” dad was originally hired by the DM administration just to make sure that Chiquita’s dad is not mixed up with the convicted rapist Rathbun so that he can act as your doppelganger.]
Of course, I mentioned that it was too incredible that Mark Rathbun Texas was as nuts as Mark Rathbun Long Beach. Dad said that was the same what was told him when they were tracking down Mark Rathbun Long Beach when dad had connected him with numerous rape incidents. He told me also that the cops had Mark Rathbun Long Beach in their scopes many times but he always got out of it or they let him go free because they couldn’t pin the rapes on him until good old DNA nailed his ass.
[What a primitive language, even if a monster was convicted. You can read behind the lines, Marty. That psych “personality investigator” says basically that Chiquita’s dad (or even you) could have committed the crimes that the black Mark Rathbun was convicted of.  He is an investigator who is too stupid or too corrupt to find out that there were two different Marty or Mark Rathbun’s with very different personalities in Scientology despite there is so much evidence of it!]
Dad was annoyed after having met Mark Rathbun Texas’s dad, for he liked the guy, who said his son Mark Rathbun hated him and blamed him time and time again for the anguish that his mother and brothers went through. Per the Mark Rathbun’s father, the clues pointed in the other direction to Mark Rathbun himself. A disturbing memory to Mark Rathbun’s (Texas) father was two incidents that remained a mystery for him regarding his son.
[Sure, p$ych likes guys who commit wives. If Chiquita’s dad hated his son, how come he left him a lot of money?]

One was some murder of a woman in the mid or late `70s that Mark Rathbun was supposed to be protecting. The woman’s ex-husband shot her to death, after Mark Rathbun wrestled and fought the man. Rathbun was bigger and stronger than the guy but still let the guy get out of his strong hold and ran up to the woman and shoot her in the face—dead.
[Isn’t that the story that Jesse Prince posted all over the net? Is that woman Diane and her husband John? This is really weird because in the late 70s, you and not Chiquita’s dad were in Scientology but I know for sure you were not involved in this, Marty. When I saw you in the 80s, you were as stable as a rock. No sign of any instability or trauma, bad conscience, drinking, confusion, aggression,  and the last person in the world who would commit a crime or allow a crime to happen was and is YOU.]
The father said that in one of Mark Rathbun’s drunken binges at his father’s house when visiting, cried his woes about the woman’s death and that he let it happened. He told his  father that he could have prevented it but he went weird and allowed the guy to pick up the gun after Rathbun had wrestled and knocked it out of his hands and then run and shot the woman. Now we come a full circle—Father’s Day.
[So, what is the writer (who uses the same  Wordpress theme like me to confuse and writes also about Marty or Mark Rathbun) saying? That Chiquita’s dad is a conspirator of murder? I sure know that you have absolutely nothing to do with it, Marty, and it is disgusting that such article defame also you maliciously because they don’t clarify who is who. They even add more confusion by adding a black Mark Rathbun who is a convicted rapist and neither Chiquita’s dad nor you are that guy. Chiquita’s dad’s dad is dead, so for a p$ych personality investigator and for org infiltrators,  it means free sailing in the fabrication department. Yes, I can see that full circle too in form of a psych pill.)

Rathbun hated and blamed his father for his mother’s and two brother’s insanities. Yet it was Mark Rathbun who tormented and hated his older younger brothers when young and drove them nuts.
[DM recruited him as his left hand. Nothing wrong with DM, right? Yeah right. He makes more mistakes than people who never heard of the tonescale!]
But here’s the bombshell—Patricia Rathbun was institutionalized and shocked treatment when pregnant with Mark Rathbun.
[Hey, what if the baby was switched by psychs at birth and Patricia got Chiquita’s dad who should function as your doppelganger when grown up?]

And from all my dad found out about Mark Rathbun’s history many years ago and the current scene with him from reading his blog and what is written on this site, he has come to the conclusion that Mark Rathbun Texas and Mark Rathbun Long Beach have many things in common and the main one being insanity. Though Mark Rathbun Long Beach (who is in jail for 10 life terms) and Mark Rathbun Texas who has yet to be discovered and sentence to his jail terms are one and the same mentality.
[Once again, that “personality investigator” is a psych, a non-professional. And since when do they know about sanity? Any professional investigator would find that there were two different Mark or Marty Rathbun’s in Scientology and both have a VERY DIFFERENT PERSONALITY AND HISTORY and none of them was the black and convicted one from Long Beach. I am not even remotely impressed by this article on my theme impostor’s blog.]
There are other criminals and murders that my dad has researched out again other persons with the same name which he hopes to put out in a book.
[Can’t wait till that crap p$ych book is published. Once again, the claims that he is a “personality investigator” and an “expert”  and investigated the cases of the Marty Ratbuns  but doesn’t find out that the two Marty Rathbuns in Scientology have different pasts, lives, and wives (Chiquita’s dad married to Geray and then Anne and you married to Carol [and me before the psych theft of our memories] and personality is another shame to the psych world. This guy is so blind that he doesn’t see the different ribbons on your uniforms, different postures,  different ways to walk, different way to talk, different shine behind the eyes, different tempers, different personalities. However, a book that Chiquita’s dad publishes in which he writes that he is you, might get him one day also in hottest legal water.]

The name Mark Rathbun is just one (or two) of a number of cases he has documented.
[And despite so fascinated with anybody with the name  Rathbun, he didn’t find out anything about the doppelganger thing? What a blind p$ych loser.]
However, he is playing out in hope that something comes to light on Mark Rathbun Texas to justify a book. My dad won’t see the day the book’s published but I will as I am editing it.
[Once you, the real Marty Rathbun will come forward, ALL OF THEM will look like corrupt idiots.]
But here’s the kicker in it all. My dad didn’t dedicate the book to me or my mother. He dedicated to a man called Slade Rathbun—Mark Rathbun’s (Texas) father. He really liked the man Mark Rathbun (Texas) hated.
[Sure this book will be dedicated to the dad, after all p$ych like husbands who commits wives or relatives… But I believe this book will be written by a highly paid DM ghost writer.  Interesting that in all that hate, Slade Rathbun left his son a lot of  money… Chiquita’s dad named the sum in the SP Times interview. Where is the world coming to when fathers who are hating their sons are leaving them lots of money? If he hated his son so much, why didn’t he donate it instead to a non-profit org?]
And why do I bring this up on Father’s Day. My father said one of the biggest upsets of his life was that Mark Rathbun (Texas) never, ever once wished his father a Happy Father’s day.
[Did Slade institutionalized his wife? I couldn’t wish RB Happy Mothersday either, after all she did to me.]

So on this day, I dedicate to Mark Rathbun’s (Texas) father a Happy Father’s Day from my father. Happy Father’s Day Slade Rathbun. You weren’t to blame for your wife’s insanity, institutionalization and suicide.
[Slade Rathbun wasn’t to blame but Chiquita’s dad is? At age of 5? What a horrible kid. Tongue is out again. He probably signed the  papers to agree that his mom will be institutionalized and the psychs didn’t notice that he was just 5 years old.
Seriously, who else than psychs killed that woman? Psychs implanted her to go crazy and she jumps from the bridge. I think that entire family was a huge target for the p$ychs. It seems to me that Chiquita’s dad himself thinks that psychs aren’t so bad as they are despite that they wiped out much of his family. I don’t get this. How can he not know what p$ychs do secretly in treatment rooms that does not show up on the hospital bill because it is too horrible to mention? I have seen with my own eyes how normal people turned in people who didn’t knew anymore what they did after they were alone with the psychs. They had no access to their analytical mind anymore.  So, what pushed them over the edge? Being alone, just one hour behind closed doors with the p$ychs can cause this.]

You were not to blame your son Bruce’s institutionalization and murder. You were not to blame for your son Scott’s insanity or institutionalization.
[He is blaming it all on Chiquita’s dad of who most people believe it is YOU, Marty. But he does not blame the deaths on the psychs!]
And to you Mark Rathbun (Texas) your secrets will be revealed some day. That I swear not only to my father but to your father—Slade Rathbun. Happy Father’s Day Mark Rathbun!
[I think that a husband has a lot to say when a wife is being institutionalized. It’s usually not the 5 year old kid that has the saying. I sure hope that the writer of this article is right at least in one point, where he says that Chiquita’s dad’s secrets will be revealed. But it goes hand in hand with DM’s secret. They will be revealed too.]

Marty, what do you say to all of this? Don’t you think that this blog author should use his own WordPress theme when wrestling with Chiquita’s dad?  Don’t you think that the writer should reveal that Chquita’s dad is not you, the original Mark and Marty in Scientology?
Isn’t it time for the truth?

I love you, Marty. MANY KISSES!

Another failure of Germany: Hitler had fun in prison

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Dearest Marty, my dashing prince and wonderful husband?

How are you, my love?

You might suffer wrongfully in prison while Hitler had 1924 for 9 months lots of fun while he was “incarcerated”. Seems to me, his “incarceration” was just a big show. The Weimar Republic didn’t  treat this bastard as he deserved it. You probably read that somebody found  approx. 500 old documents pertaining to his incarceration.

He wrote Mein Kampf in prison. I never read it but RB did. She told me that she had to read it in school. It was mandatory and she said it was very boring book. Lol. Hitler, on top of being a mass murderer, he was a bore! How much worse can it get?

Salt Lake City library has approx. 7 exemplars of Mein Kampf in the best shelf place. The good books of American heroes are much harder to find in this library but you run in lots of Adolf in that library, which is a shame. What is the purpose of that but promoting that insane man and his insane ideas?

I think the “Bierkeller Putch” (attempting to stage a coup against the Weimar Republic in November 1923) was just a show. It should mislead people that not all people in Bavaria or Germany, in the Weimar Republic or elsewhere are run secretly by the SEGNPMSS. Those people who think he acted alone are really clueless. He also was broke. How can a broke man lead suddenly the country? SEGNPMSS put him there. That is how he got into power.

According to these new found documents, approx. 30 people celebrated with Hitler in his “cell”. This was no real confinement.

It was a SEGNPMSS alibi. Not all people are run from the same p$ych/Nazi source is what they were already back then were lying. Yeah right, only idiots believe it.

They are telling their agents: If we would run the entire world, we would not have to do secret things, we could do them in public. But they can only control people through secrecy. If they would put away with their secrecy and would do openly what they do secretly even to their own agents, their own agents would come after them and take them apart. You know that, Marty, I don’t have to lecture you. It just came into my mind.

German General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff visited Hitler allegedly many time in prison, which basically indicates that World War I “heros” were Nazis too. Look at that “uptone” face of EFWL.

Ernst Hanfstaengl said that here was fruit and flowers, wine and other alcoholic beverages, ham, sausage, cake, boxes of chocolates and much more in that “cell” of Hitler .

Something else, Marty, I learned that hits on blogs are rather “approximate”. So says Bloggers and I learned that WordPress doesn’t show hits done by proxies. If somebody uses TOR, he can access and read the blog but his visit doesn’t count on the WordPress statistic for the blog. I tried it on my own blog just to see if it is true. It is correct. Despite a very different IP address, the visit didn’t show. And one cannot leave a comment with TOR. That could mean that Chiquita’s dad could have many more hits than a Million on his blog.  And most of those who read his blog might really think you are him. I wish he would make a posting about this.

Life is kinda slow at the moment here, Marty, which is nice as it is rather warm. I have the air conditions or the fans running and the breeze feels good. Outside, there is always work but I don’t want to obsess about each culm having exactly the same size.

Wish so much you would be with me. I cherish you, my honey. We will see each other again and then you will hear me sing:

And I will kiss you back! Jippeee! And will have more fun than all teenagers on the planet combined, Marty.

I love you because you are you and because you are a proud and non-degraded being and because there is nothing slimy about you. I love you, because you are true, Marty.

Yours forever and you are so much exactly my type!


Mind control and silent sound patents

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Here I am again, Marty,

on this hot summer day, writing to you because your opinion is the only one that matters to me.

One SEGNPMSS strategy is to defame anybody who comes close to figure them out as “mentally ill” or “nutty conspiracy theorist” or “tinfoil hat person”. Once the average person hears it, she should not take seriously anything that the person says or writes who is so close to figure them out or did even figure them out completely, like Ron, you, and me, Marty. They also hire their own crazy agents to make up nonsense conspiracy theories to give anybody who comes up with a conspiracy theory a bad and nutty reputation. Conspiracies are as old as the universe. The first conspiracy was born after the first time two bad people came together and plotted something rotten. Just a complete idiot and the corrupt SEGNPMSS says that there is no conspiracy. A person who suspect foul play and conspiracies is a lot smarter than anybody who says that there are no secrets. The person who says that there are no conspiracies is either a liar put up to spread this falsehood or he has a pitiful IQ.

Here are some official patents on mind control. One just has to imagine which invention the p$ychs of the secret services came up with that not NOT PUBLIC AVAILABLE in form of patents. Some people are really weird. They think when it is not announced in the Evening News, it does not exist. They should world clear the words “confidential” or “top secret” or “classified”. I am sure that there are lots more inventions that never were officially patented because they are so secret and in use by secret services.

US PATENT –4,717,343 –METHOD OF CHANGING A PERSON’S BEHAVIOR–A method of conditioning a person’s unconscious mind in order to effect a desired change in the person’s behavior. Video pictures are sent in the UNCONSCIOUS mind of a person to change her behavior. (The inventor says, he wants to use it for positive change of a persons’ behavior. For example, a stalker would then give up stalking, a pedophile would lose interest in children, a drug addict would be no longer interested into drugs. But imagine a secret service using this invention on people sending them bad pictures! That explains a lot why this world is so rotten.)

US PATENT 5,270,800 –SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE GENERATOR–A combined subliminal and supraliminal message generator for use with a television receiver permits complete control of subliminal messages and their manner of presentation. (Here again, messages are sent in the unconscious mind to make the person [or animal] do what somebody else wants.)

US PATENT 5,123,899 –METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ALTERING CONSCIOUSNESS–A system for altering the states of human consciousness involves the simultaneous application of multiple stimuli, preferable sounds, having differing frequencies and wave forms. ALSO SEE: US PATENT –5,289,438 –METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ALTERING CONSCIOUSNESS SOURCE. (That makes all people who say that there is no such thing that manipulates the behavior if human, animal and even germs look like complete idiots. This invention says it is for humans but it from there, it is just a little step to apply it to animals and also germs. Angela Belcher of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Cambridge) knows how to make her germs do what she wants. She even knows how to dress a virus with the make up of germs or bacteria so that viruses act like germs or bacteria. For example, if germs and bacteria are breed under application of certain codes, sounds, different frequencies and wave forms and then let lose in the world and come in contact with the human body, may it be through air, food, water or otherwise through the environment, they can be manipulated with an invention like this to make people sick and murder them with remote controlled germs.)

US PATENT 4,877,027–HEARING SYSTEM –Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts. (What a horrible thing this is. Have migraines written all over it. So, they are sending silent sounds to people and to animals and any other life form. It is such a violation of human right. And Ron was likely the first who warned of it but lots seems to be removed from Scientology today.)

US PATENT 6,011,991–COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND METHOD INCLUDING BRAIN WAVE ANALYSIS AND/OR USE OF BRAIN ACTIVITY–A system and method for enabling human beings to communicate by way of their monitored brain activity. The brain activity of an individual is monitored and transmitted to a remote location (e.g. by satellite). At the remote location, the monitored brain activity is compared with pre-recorded normalized brain activity curves, waveforms, or patterns to determine if a match or substantial match is found. If such a match is found, then the computer at the remote location determines that the individual was attempting to communicate the word, phrase, or thought corresponding to the matched stored normalized signal. (Mind control, mind control, mind control… What’s wrong with the old fashioned way of communicating? I don’t want anybody to monitor my brain activities. I don’t want it transmitted by satellite to a remote location. Do you know what I think can be done with it? Any thought by a person can be read by a medical criminal who has access to inventions like this. Okay, SEGNPMSS does this since many centuries but as just about anyone on Earth is their agent, all fall victims to it and nobody of them blows the whistle. I think something else can be done with it too: They can mix two or several different people’s brain activities and then force these several persons different brain activities on their victim and altering her/his personality and the victim has no clue that she or he is not more herself.)

US PATENT 4,858,612 – HEARING DEVICE –A method and apparatus for simulation of hearing in mammals by introduction of a plurality of microwaves into the region of the auditory cortex is shown and described. A microphone is used to transform sound signals into electrical signals, which are in turn analyzed and processed to provide controls for generating a plurality of microwave signals at different frequencies. The multifrequency microwaves are then applied to the brain in the region of the auditory cortex. By this method sounds are perceived by the mammal which are representative of the original sound received by the microphone. (What can be done to mammals can be also done to humans but also smaller animals and creatures as small as insects and germs. Small animals and germs apparently don’t need a silicone implant in their ears but all is needed are microwave sound signals and negatively used, cancer and other illness carrier germs can be aggravated through inventions like this and kill people by attacking the body of a person or animal. Another word for the invention: when animals attack or go wild. I often sat on SEGNPMSS controlled horses like that one. I know what I am talking about, Marty).

US PATENT 3,951,134 – APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR REMOTELY MONITORING AND ALTERING BRAIN WAVES–Apparatus for and method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject’s brain waves. The interference waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is then displayed for visual viewing and routed to a computer for further processing and analysis. The demodulated waveform also can be used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein. (What a creepy invention! I don’t want my brain waves monitored and altered! I don’t want a psychs “desirable” effect on my brain, mind, and personality! And what’s so typical with those invention is that they can be used from a remote location. A person doesn’t have to be committed in an institution to be subjected to these unbelievable invasions of the brain, mind, and personality.)

US PATENT 5,159,703 – SILENT SUBLIMINAL PRESENTATION SYSTEM –A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplitude or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers. (Non-aural carriers? Doesn’t that mean carriers using something else than the hearing system? That means that silent sounds are directly sent into the brain/mind of a person or animal or creature without even going through the ears. As I always knew, mind control can be done also without ear implants.)

US PATENT 5,507,291- METHOD AND AN ASSOCIATED APPARATUS FOR REMOTELY DETERMINING INFORMATION AS TO A PERSON’S EMOTIONAL STATE (Oh, man. That explains a lot by watching the odd behavior of humans and animals and even germs.)

US PATENT: US5629678: IMPLANTABLE TRANSCEIVER-Apparatus for Tracking And Recovering Humans. (And as if this is not also used negatively to STALK people.)

US PATENT 5,539,705 – ULTRASONIC SPEECH TRANSLATOR AND COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM–A wireless communication system undetectable by radio frequency methods for converting audio signals, including human voice, to electronic signals in the ultrasonic frequency range, transmitting the ultrasonic signal by way of acoustical pressure waves across a carrier medium, including gases, liquids, or solids, and reconverting the ultrasonic acoustical pressure waves back to the original audio signal. (Speech translator so that any Bavarian lunatic SEGNPMSS p$ych can radio in the minds of all kinds of people all over the world and manipulate any person without that the psych has to learn another language?)

US PATENT 5,629,678 – PERSONAL TRACKING AND RECOVERY SYSTEM–Apparatus for tracking and recovering humans utilizes an implantable transceiver incorporating a power supply and actuation system allowing the unit to remain implanted and functional for years without maintenance. The implanted transmitter may be remotely actuated, or actuated by the implantee. (That is old news. SEGNPMSS implants and tracks people since centuries and nevertheless kids and other people disappear. In such cases, the SEGNPMSS explains it to the grieving parents if they are agents themselves: “Our system failed, we could not track the kid…” And they are lying, they know exactly where everybody is at any time. They are too insane not controlling everyone including germs all the time.)

US PATENT 5,760,692 – INTRA-ORAL TRACKING DEVICE-An intra-oral tracking device adapted for use in association with a tooth having a buccal surface and a lingual surface, the apparatus comprises a tooth mounting member having an inner surface and an outer surface, the inner surface including adhesive material. (The visit to the dentist is even more fun knowing that he might implant an additional tracking device to make sure that the SEGNPMSS never loses contact with the tortured victims.)

US PATENT 5,868,100 – FENCELESS ANIMAL CONTROL SYSTEM USING GPS LOCATION INFORMATION–A fenceless animal confinement system comprising portable units attached to the animal and including means for receiving GPS signals and for providing stimulation to the animal. The GPS signals are processed to provide location information which is compared to the desired boundary parameters. If the animal has moved outside the desired area, the stimulation means is activated. The signal processing circuitry may be included either within the portable unit or within a separate fixed station. (Animals and even the smallest life forms cannot be controlled? Yeah right.)

US PATENT 5,905,461 – GLOBAL POSITIONING SATELLITE TRACKING DEVICE–A global positioning and tracking system for locating one of a person and item of property. The global positioning and tracking system comprises at least one tracking device for connection to the one of the person and item of property including a processing device for determining a location of the tracking device and generating a position signal and a transmitter for transmitting said position signal. (SEGNPMSS uses such a system to track ear and body implants of people and animals. They MUST know where everyone is and that everyone stays in line, otherwise they are going even more nuts as they already are.)

US PATENT 5,935,054 – MAGNETIC EXCITATION OF SENSORY RESONANCES–The invention pertains to influencing the nervous system of a subject by a weak externally applied magnetic field with a frequency near 1/2 Hz. In a range of amplitudes, such fields can excite the 1/2 sensory resonance, which is the physiological effect involved in “rocking the baby”. (Rocking the baby? Any good parent would want these inventions as far away from their babies as possible. Anybody who has problems with his or her nervous system is likely a victim of mind control. It might also “rock” germs and bacteria to “rock” into attacking a human’s body.)

US PATENT 5,952,600 -ENGINE DISABLING WEAPON– A non-lethal weapon for disabling an engine such as that of a fleeing car by means of a high voltage discharge that perturbs or destroys the electrical circuits. (That might be very interesting information for people who are not on the run but have sudden troubles with their cars. It might be also interesting for people who have any problems with electrical circuits.)

US PATENT 6,006,188 – SPEECH SIGNAL PROCESSING FOR DETERMINING PSYCHOLOGICAL OR PHYSIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS USING A KNOWLEDGE BASE (Did you ever hear a person laughing really weird? Very high pitched or otherwise annoying? I am sure you did, Marty. I bet a Billion Dollars that the SEGNPMSS uses such inventions, deposits the stolen data in their base and then alter the speech or sounds that a person makes and then introduces it back to a person and then she laughs that weird or constantly uses the same word, e.g. like “like”, a person who uses the word “like” three times in each sentence that she speaks…)

US PATENT 6,017,302 – SUBLIMINAL ACOUSTIC MANIPULATION OF NERVOUS SYSTEMS –In human subjects, sensory resonances can be excited by subliminal atmospheric acoustic pulses that are tuned to the resonance frequency. The 1/2 Hz sensory resonance affects the autonomic nervous system and may cause relaxation, drowsiness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency near 1/2 Hz used. The effects of the 2.5 Hz resonance include slowing of certain cortical processes, sleepiness, and disorientation. For these effects to occur, the acoustic intensity must lie in a certain deeply subliminal range. Suitable apparatus consists of a portable battery-powered source of weak subaudio acoustic radiation. The method and apparatus can be used by the general public as an aid to relaxation, sleep, or sexual arousal, and clinically for the control and perhaps treatment of insomnia, tremors, epileptic seizures, and anxiety disorders. There is further application as a nonlethal weapon that can be used in law enforcement standoff situations, for causing drowsiness and disorientation in targeted subjects. It is then preferable to use venting acoustic monopoles in the form of a device that inhales and exhales air with subaudio frequency. (Yuk! Relaxation? Rather falling asleep at the wheel, drowsiness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency near 1/2 Hz used! Marty, you are as smart as Ron, you know that this is not a new invention but used by secret services since a long time. There is no mind control say people? Guess these official patents must be also a “tin foil hat hallucination”.)

US PATENT 6,051,594 – METHODS AND FORMULATIONS FOR MODULATING THE HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE–The invention is directed to improved methods for modulating the human sexual response by orally administering a formulation of the vasodilator phentolamine to the blood circulation and thereby modulating the sexual response on demand. (Gross! There was a p$ych in the German Max Planck Institute in Munich. Many decades ago, he already worked with a device that made apes have sex with each other once he pushed the button. The problem is that many people are as primitive as apes, so that will work on them too. And it doesn’t work on us, Marty, because we wait for each other and don’t have sex on the push of a button.)

US PATENT 6,052,336 – APPARATUS AND METHOD OF BROADCASTING AUDIBLE SOUND USING ULTRASONIC SOUND AS A CARRIER–An ultrasonic sound source broadcasts an ultrasonic signal which is amplitude and/or frequency modulated with an information input signal originating from an information input source. If the signals are amplitude modulated, a square root function of the information input signal is produced prior to modulation. The modulated signal, which may be amplified, is then broadcast via a projector unit, whereupon an individual or group of individuals located in the broadcast region detect the audible sound. (Mind control is alive and well. Most of the time, people hear their SEGNPMSS case officer using the agent’s own recorded voice via their ear and body implants but apparently, there are also ways to mind control people and animals without ear implants but just by using ultrasonic sound as carrier.)

(This one is in German. It says that “harmless” bacteria become suddenly deadly. What it doesn’t say is that it is crazy to pop those allegedly useful bacteria in pills because they can turn against a person too, particularly with some kind of insane remote controlled SEGNPMSS invention.)

In order to activate germs to make them do what a person wants them to do, one likely just has to do what Angela Belcher did: breeding bacteria/germs and who are then distributed all over the world (that is not what Angela Belcher did)  and are then activated with silent sounds or/and microwave and make a person sick and kill through the secret use of germs, bacteria and viruses coded with the genetic makeup of germs/bacteria (that is not what Angela Belcher did but she knows how to breed and control germs and to make them do what she wants them to do).  SEGNPMSS can alter the genetic codes of microbes easily and accurately and they can turn harmless bacteria into killer germs and activate them with microwaves and silent sounds.  I understand that this is no good news and creeps people out but one has to be courageous and smart to stop this one day. Sticking the head in the sand and staying stupid as to many people will not help to stop medical terrorism. And I am so glad that you are none of the cowards and idiots, Marty. I’m sure you figured that out already before I did.

The real Ron must have written a lot about that too. There are indications that he talked about “silent sounds” and that his skin was germ attacked and that he wanted his clothes rinsed often but that the the impostor impostered Ron in a downtone and crazy manner. (Gerry Armstrong – of who I think that he knew very well that the hysterical guy on the Apollo was not Ron the founder – spoke of that on a YouTube video). While the real Ron would calmly explain that there are silent sounds and that there is such a thing as remote controlled secret service germs, the impostor and SEGNPMSS agent behaved like a jerk or a crazy man to cause a bad reputation for Ron, the founder of Scientology.)

Sure, those primitive SEGNPMSS agents lie that this would be not true. But what else is not new.

I love you, Marty. Summer is here, its warm and I miss you so much!

Many kisses from me to you.

Your wife


Posted lots more FBI documents saying that L. Ron Hubbard was never of investigatory interest to the FBI

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Dearest Marty,  my uptone Prince

When I am right and you are wrongfully incarcerated, you might suffer in a small cell without fresh air, in which it is too cold or too hot, in which germs are biting you, in which you get bad food and water, in which inmates and wardens attack you, in which you hear constant noise and entheta and where you live in danger of being hurt or killed… I wish I could take it all away, Marty, and get you exonerated.  Anyone who conspires against you and tries to hurt you has to face justice. At the end, justice will be ours. There is that saying: who laugh at the end will have the best laugh. It will be us who will be very cheerful. God is on our side, my sweet, sweet prince.

I have my air condition running, and it is really nice to get inside and cool off. Feels good.

Marty, I updated my records blog with the FBI/OIP docs.

Yes, I asked each FBI field office and the FBI HQ also if they have any records on you – but I sure knew in advance  that they wouldn’t provide me with any records on you but I wanted to have your name in these records so that you have a right to obtain them. (A few years ago, I had no clue that Chiquita’s dad’s name was indeed Mark Rathbun too.  Originally, I thought he is a doppelganger with another name and not a doppelganger with the same name. If he should be worried that I got FBI records on him: I didn’t. FBI didn’t mail me any records on him or you, Marty.)

On many FBI documents, your name is blackened out or deleted, Marty, but your name is just in any of these letters. They were deleted because those FBI documents should be on a L. Ron Hubbard only webpage on Andy’s server  because what the FBI had to say was mainly interesting about Ron.

People lie from morning to late that L. Ron Hubbard was a fraud and criminal, and all these FBI field offices say basically the opposite that he was NEVER of any investigatory interest and never under electronic surveillance. But they should have investigated the impostor. How could they have missed it that the founder of Scientology was impostored? With both eyes wide shut.

I love you, Marty, so much. I feel deep joy while imaging us together in future.  A love as deep and special as ours has to become true. It will happen. I know it. No psych, no Nazi can prevent it. We belong together. We were born for each other. We know us since Billion of years. When I saw you again, there was this feeling of total excitement but also coupled with a feeling of Billion of years of familiarity. I knew that I could trust you. I don’t think that there was one lifetime, which we didn’t share. Our love story never would have happened and lasted so long if we would be strangers.

But there we were, OTs who discovered themselves again and who made the postulate to come and be together despite all the dark and suppressive forces on Earth. They will not win against us, Marty. And when we are together, Marty, we will be on top of the world because from timetrack I know that our marriage works really beautifully. We two are completely into each other. And what can be better than being married to the person one really wants and adores and worships. We were and will again treat each other like treasures. I can’t wait to be back with you, Marty, you are so adorable and special and I am proud that I saw it right away and that I kept on loving because you deserve it.

Yours forever,


Your wife and lover

Written by Barbara Schwarz

June 22, 2010 at 2:54 pm

There are no remote controlled germs, bacteria, viruses say dumb and corrupt people

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

I hope you don’t have to suffer,  if I would know how to make your life easier, I would do it in a heartbeat. If anything bad ever should happen to you, I will raise hell against the Germans in all my mightiness because I know for sure that they target you. They better think twice than hurting somebody who I love.

Since many years, I am ridiculed and defamed by idiots and corrupt people because I said germs can be remote controlled, Marty. Let’s see how advanced my thinking is or how crazy.

There is not too much information about that on the web, after all, it is the most secret German weapon: remote controlled germs, make anybody sick, kills anybody, causes lots of other destruction.

Germs and bacteria are alive and react like animals. They can be controlled and they hear silent sounds just like humans.

Angela Belcher of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Cambridge) hasn’t figured out that germs and bacteria are used since centuries to make people sick and kill them but she figured out that they can be bred to do remote controlled functions. That’s more than what most other “scientists” figured out.

If germs can build computer chips, they can be trained to kill people with cancer too. And they are trained to kill people with cancer and other diseases.

“…a crowd of microbiologists in New York City heard materials scientist Angela Belcher make a bold prediction: within six months, her laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, Cambridge) would have genetically engineered a virus to coat itself in a crystalline semiconductor sheath and locate and bridge two electrodes–thus forming the critical part of a field-effect transistor, the kind on which most computer chips rely…”

(I don’t think it is a really smart idea to build anything with germs or viruses that got the make up of a germ because any germ that remains on the chip might also harm it. If they have no way to make 100% sure that all germs are gone and none will be back, I would not want such a chip.)

The MIT breeds germs to build computer chips. The SEGNPMSS breeds germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses in all kind of labs and releases them in huge volumes into the world where these germs are getting in our environment, food, water, clothes, meds, air, furniture, you name it.

This is one big reason why Ron said that Scientologists should live in areas that are protected from these germs and not in “ideal orgs” within a contaminated world. These germs hear their codes through silent sounds to attack a body within anybody’s area and the people die then on cancer, heart attack, and any other illness one can think of.

Genius of the SEGNPMSS? Not really because those idiots fall victim to their own rotten inventions sooner or later.

“Living creatures produce the most complex molecular structures known to science.” [Yep, including cancer, and they also kill anybody.]

“… scientists can alter the genetic codes of microbes with increasing ease and accuracy, more and more research is showing that this same mechanism can be forced to construct and assemble materials…” [Yep,  and they are breed to make sick so that people have to buy drugs and make the pharma industry rich and then to kill because the SEGNPMSS thinks it is so much fun to kill Billions of people with diseases and getting away with it as their controlled scientists are too dumb to figure it out until they fall also victim of the germ crimes.]

(Look, Marty, this little insect looks like another kid of Chiquita’s dad.)

Can viruses be remote controlled too?  “…because viruses are not really living things–they must hijack the cellular machinery of bacteria…” That means that crazy SEGNPMSS lab guys make viruses hijack the cells of bacteria and then they act like germs and bacteria life forms and kill people remote controlled too.

That was the official stand of science in 2003. Marty, somebody as genius as you knows that secret services were much more further advanced. And they don’t publish what they can do. That’s why they are called Secret and not Public Services. What is really interesting is the  UNOFFICIAL STAND OF “SCIENCE”!

SEGNPMSS kills with germs since centuries.

Since centuries, the SEGNPMSS lab monsters are breeding constantly new variations of dangerous germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi with the purposes to make sick and kill upon command. Really, Marty, those people who cover it up deserve to become their own remote controlled germ fatality.

It is so easy to do that. Germs and bacteria are breed with codes in labs and spread all over the world. With certain silent sounds, they become like pitch bulls and attack and kill the human or animal body.

And the real Ron knew all about it and he had an effective handling for it but idiots with a secret death wish stole that technology from Scientology. While we would do all to bring it back, I don’t see DM going in this direction.

I will be back, Marty. Life could be so wonderful without the SPs and the idiots who do not turn them in.

Neighbor’s son just came by and invited me to whatever I want to do. At least he ain’t a jerk and has good manners. He is nice but all I want is YOU to come by, Marty, my love! I just have eyes for you!

Yours forever,