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The Bavarian instruction about the “duty” of officials to obey the German constitution would make me laugh out loud if they wouldn’t be so brutal, those old freaking Nazis.

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Dearest Marty, my sweet prince and husband,

You are so quiet, I wish you would and could change that ¬†and talk for a couple of months to me without pausing. ūüôā

As I mentioned before, no Scientologist and not even somebody who ever donated anything to Scientology or any of their causes is allowed to become an official in still existing ¬†Nazi Germany, and as I also said, I rather be dead than becoming a Bavarian official. I felt skin deep how Dr. J√ľrgen Keltsch bent the laws and the constitution and as of today, after all he did years go he continues to persecute our religion and has no regret having denied my rights. Just imagine this: the guy tries to avoid an extradition application for another country because knows it would not be approved by the other country, lies to that country that the person is needed as witness, kidnaps me, has me beaten up by his Nazi police bullies, denies my right to an attorney, throws me in different jails, then steals my passport and lies that I can’t care for my own affairs and throws me in a mental institution where psychs mess my kidneys up and doesn’t allow any Scientologist talk to me, lies that I violated the laws and fabricated these violations, steals my freedom for almost a year, everything gets dismissed by the court and he gets promoted and becomes a JUDGE!!!!! ¬†Markus Stuckenbrock recently adored Nazi Keltsch on Michelle Ryan’s hate message board by¬†publishing¬†his recent Scientologists’ persecuting “work”. These guys are clueless.

I never seen a more robotic machine that Keltsch himself.…em_so_engl.pdf (English)

I will address this report later, Marty. First this: The German constitution exist only on paper. In Germany, good and innocent people HAVE NO RIGHTS, Marty.

I wrote about this before on this blog how concerned the Germans (OPC report for 2009) are that Ron said good people have rights too!

Many things suck in the USA and just about any other country because the SEGNPMSS runs just about any national in their own language to control him or her but nothing is worse than Bavaria or Germany. I am disgusted by them in all eternity.  I am sure that the recent hostilities against immigrants in Arizona is also a secret German program, which Ms. Brewer will of course deny.

Below instruction as to that a Bavarian official shall hold up constitutional rights is all lies. Here is that paper that is so hypocritically dirty that I don’t want to wipe my windows with it.

When the Bavarians see something good, that should be protected by a constitution, they infiltrate, hire impostors and change it so that they have something to attack and then they blame L. Ron Hubbard, the founder on it. SEGNPMSS made such a mistake kidnapping me into their country. I can read them like a book, Marty. Many others might be clueless but I know what they did, what they are and what they are up to.

Based on this paper, the Bavarian government has to outlaw itself. They talk of human rights and human dignity and they GRANTED NOTHING of that to me. They are the same old Nazi liars that they always were. They say that officials who violated the constitution would face disciplinary actions. Hey, I have “seen” that, Marty. Keltsch threw me in jail FOR NOTHING AND DENIED AN ATTORNEY TO ME. He fabricated a case that WAS DISMISSED LATER. POLICE CAME AWAY WITH BEATING ME UP. This is the typically Bavarian face. They steal people’s rights and freedoms! THEY ARE FROM HELL.

That instructions says that officials may not participate in activities that are against the German constitution. That means, Marty, they may not work for the Bavarian State or all of Germany because they are violating its own constitution. Clueless people believe that they are not the old Nazis anymore. I lived in Germany, I know a lot more. Nazis! That is all I can say.

The officials have to sign allegiance to the Bavarian state and Constitution and then they are getting drunk and behave like the Nazi pigs.

Who does Keltsch think he is? He still is ranting against my religion and still employed by the Bavarian government while he violated my constitutional rights so outrageously.

These Nazis have an entire page (no. 15)  devoted to Scientologists. This must have been exactly the same page that the Nazis used against Jews some decades ago. They just exchanged the word Jew with Scientologist.

It says if an official to be does not answer page no. 15 (about SCN) the application will not be processed. It is all about the German hatred against Scientology, who would be without any fault if the hypocritical German/Bavarian secret services wouldn’t have infiltrated the orgs and changed Ron’s legacy into a money oriented fight club that abort babies. But this is not what they are asking, they ask for if anybody ever did something in Scientology or supported it.

In other words, Marty, you and I are completely unfit to work for the German and Bavarian still existing Nazis and that is something we can be very proud of.

The Germans know very well that Scientology is a true religion but they say that it is not after they order their infiltrators to cut as much of the religious content out and by radioing their agents to be as non-religious as possible.

That “cult” that people don’t like is German. It never was an idea of the real Ron. He developed Scientology to end robotic behavior and the Germans secretly introduced their own brutality and robotic behavior at even at the highest level of the Sea Org.

I learned later that the German/Bavarian tax office forged papers (and had to admit it later) to pin them on my Presidency of the C of S Germany. It is just unbelievable what scum those officials are!

That paper also says that an existing official may not do anything that relates to Scientology. In other words, they might not touch a dictionary or clay because that already is what Scientologists do on a daily basis.

It’s like “Don’t buy from Jews.” The same German Nazi thing.

That introduction is signed by Edmond Stoiber who promoted Keltsch after he violated the German constitution so outrageously. What a SEGNPMSS robot.

I love you, Marty. Please contact me soon. I miss you so terribly and when we are back together, we can kick Nazi butts much better.

I kiss you so many times!

Yours forever,


Germany is an extremist organization

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you?

Madame Liberty is very concerned about the Germans and noted numerous of their rights violations down.

I know the problems in Europe and Germany very well. And I always said, if socalled Independents or many people in the Freezone think that the Europeans, e.g. the German, Russian, French government will leave them alone because they are not the C of S, they are very in error. German run infiltrators are not just in the orgs but also with the Freezone and the Independents, however, it is true that DM and his ways provides these governments with munitions that they need to broaden their attacks on Scientology. These countries are poodles for the Germans and so is the Australian government who wants to outlaw our religion. (Reincarnated criminals once from the UK. Well, yes, they don’t want to be reminded of this but UK used to deport its criminals to Australia as you know. They died there and came back and they don’t want Scientology to remind them on their formerly committed crimes. Missed O/Ws. Before I would allow an Aaron Saxton or an Caliwog on staff, I would check their past life OWs.)

Anyway, Max Hauri referred  recently to this link:

It is a form papers for those who want to become Bavarian officials (I rather would be dead…)

It asks if the applicant would have ever supported an extremist organization. Hey, whoever supported the Bavarian government supported an extremist organization! It lists all kinds of extreme groups, and they are all run by the SEGNPMSS who also runs the officials!

They call Scientology “other kind of extremism” but they forgot to mention their own Bavarian and German government as they are the worst extremists.

They don’t allow any Scientologist nor anybody who works with the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard to become an official. That means, no public school in Germany may apply study tech. Any Scientologist reincarnated in Germany will not be allowed to apply study tech in his next lifetime in school despite it is so awesome. (They won’t get me anymore to Germany, Marty.) Interesting is that they attack Ron and not any infiltrator or DM. It is the poor and good tech that they don’t want but they use the rotten deeds of their infiltrators to have something in their dirty bloody Nazi hands against L. Ron Hubbard.

Nobody may become an official in Germany who ever supported Scientology in any shape or form and they lie that what the German controlled infiltration made out of Scientology and the Sea Org would be Ron’s doing. They are lying through their teeth because even the impostor was a German set up – although CIA poodle seems having complied.

This above linked form is approved by Edmond Stoiber, the Bavarian Ministerpresident. He hired Dr. J√ľrgen Keltsch for his administration and he still publishes one Nazi paper after the other against our religion. Keltsch attacked Scientology long before DM’s name was known in Germany. I met him in person and when I am saying that he is a Nazi than it is not an exaggeration, Marty. He ordered me being kidnapped from Denmark with the police. He avoided an extradition process (because knew he would not win that because I had done nothing wrong) and threw me in jail (for being president of C of S Germany). He denied my right to an attorney (despite law in Germany), and so did his cronies of judges, I was beaten by German police and they lied that I would be not able to care for my own affairs and they put me under guardianship. While under guardianship, I won all my cases and I represented myself. Helmuth Bl√∂baum and Rainer Weber offered me the help of a C of S Germany, Wilhelm Bl√ľmel but as he was a traitor, I defended myself, and I won approx. 40 legal cases that the Germans had filed wrongfully against me personally while being President of the C of S Germany. (It was later renamed C of S Bavaria.)

A German judge said (after he saw me appear in court) that he thinks that this Guardianship would exist only on paper, and this was exactly what it was. They put me under Guardianship (was not allowed to travel, they took my passport away) so that I can’t see you. It took me approx. 2 years to win it back and then I think they got the idea to arrest you on wrongful charges and had the Spaniards help them.

I won ALL my German cases and that proved also that Keltsch kidnapped an innocent person. ALL OF THEM! They were all against me personally for being the President and they were all fabricated and I was able to prove it. I suffered for nothing in the hands of German law enforcement and their beloved abusive police and psychs.

Germany has no right to show with the fingers of any right violators because they are the worst right violators of all.

There is one guy who wrote that Scientology brought it all upon itself. Oh, really? Guess this applies then all the Jews who were killed by the Germans and on orders of the Germans? They all brought it upon themselves? Give me a break!

I love you, Marty. (They are also behind what happened to Ron and to you.)

Many kisses



Silent sounds against invisible dust mites (Crazy science fiction by me? Lol. No, I’ve seen some for 40 bucks on sale)

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible hero,

Despite I have lots of work to handle, my thoughts wander often to you and I try to imagine what you do and how you feel and would drop anything if I would know where you are exactly. If we wouldn’t have been a target of a worldwide conspiracy, I would have found you the exact place as to where you are ‚Äď but they simply would move you and would tell me that my OT abilities don’t work. (Yeah right!)

Since many years, I had to listen to dumb creeps saying that there is no such a thing as remote controlled germs but there are devices that anybody can buy for 40 bucks and perhaps cheaper that control for example dust mites and they are also invisible to the human eye. Dust mites may be technically no germs or bacteria but it is not a far stretch from dust mites to germs.

This company says: The DustMite Controller works by emitting a range of acoustic ultrasonic sounds (not heard by humans or animals). These sounds interfere with the feeding and reproductive cycles of the dust mite immediately reducing the amount of allergens produced by the dust mite (fecal matter) and over a period cause the population of mites to decrease rather than increase. Research trials show a reduction of the symptoms just after a few weeks use of the dust mite controller.

(What a disgusting thing that these mites use our beds and bodies to have sex and use it as dining room and rest room.)

Anyway, they can hear and react accordingly. And my argument is that secret services and the medical mafia (SEGNPMSS) has for sure much more powerful control devices for such critters, e.g. germs, bacteria, fungi, etc. and they know how to attack the human body. The pharma industry wants to make lots of cash. Remote controlled bacteria and germs make people sick and they can curb the sales of medicine by simply having their medical terrorists causing people all kinds of horrible diseases, not just allergies but cancer, heart attack, Alzheimer, you name it.

So, who is the “mad” scientist? Not me!

Besides of best notorious and non-germ and toxin infested water, I would design cancer defeating counter devices for a cancer sick person. A devices that interrupts the acoustic ultrasonic sounds of the SEGNPMSS, the medical secret sound mafia and makes the cancer germs die down without radiation and chemo.

Will I see you this year, my Prince?

I love you and kiss you many times.



Two wrongs make no right

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Dearest Marty, my one and only Prince,

How are you?

I was travelling all day today and I am kind of tired.  Took a shower and will go earlier to bed today.
The anti-Marty blogs on the web are multiplying. Your doppelganger does not deserves my defense, Marty, and I hope that the CIA sees that you need to get your de Rothschild name back because the name Rathbun comes with a reputation that you absolutely do not deserve.

However, I am also shocked by the low tone level and the primitive, hateful, lowtone speech by the people who defend DM – like the writer of this blog:’s-marty/
(like Caliwog who attacks even Ron to make DM look like an innocent baby). I am not in the Freezone. I am not an¬†so-called “Independent Scientologist” but it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure that these kind of blogs are written by hateful Miscavologists. And that shows again that the tonelevel of 1.5 didn’t die out with Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder leaving the C of S.

Anybody has the right to free speech but the public may stumble over these hate blogs, and they may mistake this kind of hateful tonelevel with Ron’s or Scientology in general. It is disgusting.These people should not be in Scientology. They are apparently not bright enough to figure that they can be traced ¬†and that non-hateful and blogs ON A HIGHER GROUND may result in more sympathy for the subjects of their blogs than for the guys who are spitting poison. There are numerous of such hate blogs on the web and they are all sending a false message to the public, implying that Scientologists have these kind of low tonelevel as these “writers”.
I hope that DM gets legally busted ¬†and that the C of S will return to nothing but Ron’s technology. I don’t want C of S destroyed, I want with all my heart that SCN survives, but I am sure glad that I don’t have to rub shoulders with those low tone infiltrators who don’t understand what higher ground means and who show the world their real lowtone tonelevel. They aren’t intelligent either because anybody who reads a few lines gets that they are Miscavologists.

The writer of the MoneyMakerRacket tries to imply that he is in the Freezone or an “Independent”¬†but who buys it when a blog serves the defense of DM? ¬†DM is the reason why the “Independents” or the “Freezoners” are no longer on C of S lines. There might be numerous people in the Freezone who might not like Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder but none of them would defend DM because they say that DM altered the tech and Scientology (even if their version is altered tech too) .

Stupid people and low tone people should not be on ¬†staff. They are unqualified. Period. My¬†advice: get a blog on a higher ground. But if somebody is downtone, he doesn’t know how to post uptone or on a higher ground.

Yours forever, Marty.

I will be back! I love you SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!


1)Dianetics and Scientology came with a certain way of life! 2)Forever young, I want to be forever young

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Marty, my one and only,

The “critics” of Scientology say that Dianetics and Scientology don’t work because people are getting sick and old and die just like other people. They are making fun as to that Ron said that cancer can be healed.

What their p$ychiatric case officers are not telling them is that despite KSW, Dianetics, and Scientology were altered and original tech was stolen. In addition to handling engrams (e.g. fears of certain things) and in addition to getting advanced spiritual abilities (auditing and OT levels) and building a better world to obtain the goal of Scientology: a society without criminality, terror, war, and insanity, the real Ron laid out exactly how to live to prevent contacting any diseases and how to stay forever young. Ron also knew how to turn cancer around with auditing, nutrition, an alternative way of life and cutting off medical terrorism. That all together healed cancer and just about anything else. You know how little is left now of his original research.
It’s like stealing parts of the the motor of a plane and saying gloating: “Your plane is a fraud! Your plane won’t fly!” It will fly once all part of Ron’s tech is returned! I don’t care if idiots call me crazy or a squirrel, I know I am right, and they are idiots with a secret death wish.

Medical doctors and the pharma industry makes a lot of cash when people are getting sick and old. It is self-explanatory as to who removed the alternative living technology from Dianetics and Scientology.

Short but sweet posting today, Marty. I know that you do not need to be lectured by me and I don’t. I just have to write it down once in a while, what I am thinking. I ¬†love you, and I know you will make my dreams come true and I make yours true.

We will turn this planet with its secret eternal death wish into another direction.


Your loving wife,

Showering you with kisses, Marty


Forever young, i want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever, forever forever
Forever young, i want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever forever forever
Forever young, i want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever, forever forever
Forever young, i want to be forever

I don’t believe that the OT levels were confidential under the real Ron

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Dearest Marty, my eternally vital and so sexy Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you and any thought about you makes me happy.

Gerontologist Robert N. Butler (MD) passed away in tender age of 85, and here are the  mission goals for the Gerontological Society of America, Marty: To promote the conduct of multi- and interdisciplinary research in aging by expanding the quantity of gerontological research and by increasing its funding resources; to disseminate gerontological research knowledge to researchers, to practitioners, and to decision and opinion makers; and to promote, support, and advocate for aging education, and education and training in higher education.

But gerontologists grow old and die because they don’t build environmentally closed villages, they don’t make their own clean oxygen, they don’t make their own clean water, they don’t make their own clean food, clothes, furniture’s, etc. They let people live on the contaminated surface of the Earth and wait for a miracle pill to come along, which never will come along because the key to eternal youth and health is how Ron explained it (and what was stolen from SCN) a different way of living, which feels much better than living in luxury mansions.

How these gerontologists can’t see what’s necessary to stop aging and diseases is beyond me. I was in my 20s when I figured it out, what is their excuse? Ron had the money to build these places but he could not settle because the SEGNPMSS were after him with sharp munitions. I could not build it because I was kicked out of Scientology and lack that kind of money to build these villages.

And DM sits on all Scientology money and doesn’t build these places, and OTs have to check in nursing homes and hospitals because their bodies grow just as old and fragile as those of non-Scientologists. Barbara Rinder did likely everything that DM asked her. She did exactly those OT levels that he approved of. But she is in a nursing home! Her body got weak and old. And why? I am sure you agree, Marty. Because one big part of Scientology is missing: the preventative lifestyle for crying out loud!

If the body is completely irrelevant and unimportant, how come there is the purification rundown that indeed makes the mind think clearer? If the body otherwise is completely irrelevant, why do OTs get sick, old and die?

I sure don’t have to lecture you, Marty, because you know it all and you know the truth but sometimes, ¬†it breaks out of me when I hear stuff like OT VIII are in nursing homes or dying of cancer or another disease!

Well, first of all, the alternative living style of Scientology is completely missing (except the purif) but the OT levels were altered too by the psychs of the SEGNPMSS. What is easier to alter than what is kept a secret? If you ask me, Marty, I don’t think that Ron kept the OT levels a secret. He researched and published them, and the SEGNPMSS had his doppelganger conceal them, and they came up with a phony excuse that people getting pneumonia when hearing some (altered) OT data. Old wives tale! Never said by the real Ron.

Scientology works absolutely but when it is altered, it won’t work and Scientologists suffer and die like all others. And after they died, they are left for the p$ych traps and Scientologists of today don’t know anymore to trace a thetan without a body and to assist him to a new body and this in times in which the in between lives is controlled with high tech traps and knowledge of these were removed from the OT levels.

To me, the Miscavologists are not just squirrels. They are wogs.

Please find me, Marty, you and me, we can make it go right. We will invite Ron (the real one) back. We can build these places. We know who we have to do to restore real Scientology.

Fact is that all these people who found Scientology when they were 20 could be still feel and look 20, having all the health and strength of a 20 year old if they wouldn’t rather have listened to their non-Scientologist secret case officer and the Ron-impostor but instead to the real Ron. Sooner or later, they are in a nursing home or hospital too. What a motivator for not having kept the real Scientology working.

They die and the SEGNPMSS, its psychs will make sure with their high tech devices and methods that their memories to their former lifetime will be completely emptied and they will continue to step in the traps and

It is Sunday and I have lots of things to do and a trip to make on Tuesday. I might not post long postings this week, but I think of you every minute of the day.

I love you so much, Marty! We will be back together, I know it for sure. OTs know and that is what we are.

Your wife,



With real Scientology, no OT would be in a nursing home

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

An¬†OT VIII in a nursing home! Wouldn’t be the case if real source technology would be applied.

I heard that Mike Rinder’s mother is in a nursing home. You know this Marty: if Ron’s technology, his real OT levels, his real technology for alternative living to protect¬†youth and health would be applied by the C of S, if Scientologists would live (in addition to having the real OT levels)¬†in environments in which they produce their own water, air, food, clothes, furnitues, etc. nobody would age, nobody would die and no OT would be in a nursing home. ¬†The purif is great and works to take the “mind fog” makes one think clearer and study faster but it does not prevent aging and dying as alternative living does as the real Ron wanted it.

DM ages too. One motivator for accepting Scientology from the impostor instead of keeping real Scientology is that they all die like the non-Scientologists and before that, they might live pitiful lives in nursing homes and might be put on drugs to cope with the pains, and in their future lifetimes, they will step in all high tech psych traps that are waiting for them. And with the impostor’s version of Scientology, nobody is there who makes sure that they come back to their families and to Scientology but are left behind for the psychs (when they needed their families and Scientology particularly, at the end of their lives, in between lives and with small bodies) because according to Miscavian Tommy Davis “It never will be like that”, and he is completely wrong. That’s a hell of a motivator. In all eternity damned to grow fragile and sick (and also other horrible fates are waiting) because stupid and corrupt people rather listen to their non-Scientology case officers and the impostor but the real Ron.
I find it hard to believe that any mother wants to disconnect from her kid, it doesn’t matter how old he is or what he has done.

In regards to the disconnection, I always ask myself what would Ron (the real one) do?

If somebody is actively suppressed by a real suppressive person, who indeed harms the well-being of this person, Ron would not force that person to live with a SP (the way I was forced by the German state and others to live with RB who even hired kidnappers who harmed me) but he would never ask a mother at the end of her life (or at any other time) to write a disconnection letter and perhaps never see her son again, it doesn’t matter what he has done. What is the worst that Mike Rinder could tell or do to his own old mother in the nursing home? ¬†Influencing her to leave the orgs? She already left the orgs. She is in a nursing home.
Ron wasn’t afraid of free speech. He wanted anybody to speak freely. If today’s Scientology would be original Scientology as by the real Ron and everything included, DM would not have to fear that he loses control to defectors.
But I also don’t understand Mike Rinder that he didn’t stay these 9 days until she returned or why he didn’t travel to Adelaide to see her. If I would ¬†love my mother, DM and nobody else would not be able to stop me to talk to her and seeing her a last time.
One can’t keep Scientology together on the back of broken family ties, and most people don’t like Scientology because of this DM rule. When I was in Scientology, disconnection was not applied and Scientology grew nevertheless. What I see is that disconnection is broadly used. People might be ¬†too lazy to handle a PTS A sit and rather disconnect. ¬†And Ron never would have approved disconnection over PTS/SP tech.
DM’s disconnection rule might even stop the dissemination of Scientology because people think that when they join and their family members disagree later that they will be disconnected. In short: DM’s disconnection rules are so broadly applied because he thinks that this is the way to control the families of Scientologists being unhappy with him. But it creates worst PR for Scientology and new people might think twice joining because of the disconnection rules and the bad PR all over the media and the internet.
His COBness copies the “wog” world and looks up to the non-Scientology world by having Scientologists living in their ways and in their world and even pop pharma pills when they are getting sick (instead of building alternative living habitats) ¬†with exception of psych drugs, etc. He wants to be recognised by the “wog world” but implements disconnection when people are criticising his ways without understanding that his beloved “wog world” despises his disconnection rules. You know that Ron wasn’t afraid of criticism, Marty. If Scientology would be like the real Ron wrote it, defectors could do and say what they want and it would not stop the expansion of Scientology. Actually, if Scientology would be like the real Ron wrote it, nobody would defect.

If Scientology would be like the real Ron established it and not how the German controlled infiltration changed it, there would be no defectors.

Something else, Marty, I learned that Andreas Heldal Lund invited Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband to Norway. I wouldn’t want to visit anybody who is associated with a legally convicted terrorist. (Lars Gule and Andreas Heldal Lund acknowledged on ARS that they are associated and “lecture” together. You probably heard that Lars Gule, a trained terrorist was arrested before he could kill Israelis).
Heldal Lund tries to imply on his website that the FBI was interested in L. Ron Hubbard. ¬†But there wasn’t one FBI field office that wrote to me that they ever were interested in Ron on an investigatory level. They wrote me a completely different story than of what Andreas Heldal Lund implies.

He also violated your copyright by using your photo on T-Shirts that he sold for money, Marty. He didn’t use Mosey’s husband’s face. He used yours!
Warren McShane wasn’t missing and neither was Mosey’s husband. He just chose to make no public appearances¬†back then. Mosey’s husband wasn’t missing and Warren McShane wasn’t missing. Andreas Heldal Lund simply made it up.

He also violated your copyright by using your photo on T-Shirts that he sold for money, Marty. He didn’t use Mosey’s husband’s face. He used yours despite having no¬†permission by you to use you photo! He gives a damn on you or any other Scientologist being missing, he just uses your photo for his anti-religious hate campaign against Scientology and Ron.


I will be back soon, my prince, and I kiss you many times. Can’t wait to put my arms around you and hold you tight.

Yours in all eternity,

I’m not impressed by Brian Seymore‚Ķ

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince,

How are you? I feel that you are very informed about anything that is going on. You might be wrongfully in prison but I don’t think you are out of touch with the world and I think you know what happens in politics around the world and also to Scientology and all the bad PR surrounding it, and I sure hope you know of my blog for you and that someone is forwarding my postings to you.

For me, that Australian TV Today Tonight Show with Brian Seymore was hard to miss . But I heard not much news, except that Mike Rinder said that DM tried to strangle him but he had no proof of it. He didn’t address the authorities, he didn’t had any medical examination and no affidavit provided. In other words: it wasn‚Äôt really news worthy.

Here are some points, that I noticed, Marty:

1) ¬† Brian Seymore is quite an “investigative reporter”, instead of showing a photo of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, he showed the slimy 1.1 grin of the Apollo impostor, “Jack Vistaril”. If he would be a good investigative reporter, he would notice that there was at least one doppelganger of L. Ron Hubbard very active in Scientology. Anybody who is not able to see that Ron was impostored is completely stupid in my eyes. I saw it right away. In the Munich org, we really had not one impostor photo anywhere. All photos in the orgs were the real Ron. The first photo of Jack Vistaril, I saw in the German Magazine Der Spiegel. I saw it immediately, that he was impostored. I never thought of Ron being impostored in the Munich org and neither in all other orgs also not in the SO because those photos hanging on the orgs walls were ALWAYS the real Ron until the Spiegel and then the Internet published the photos of the lookalike, and I then I saw the many impostor photos on the net and YouTube Video… I am a 100% sure that I am not the only person who noticed it. Karen De La Carriere posted recently that she knows of 2500 more photos of “LRH” not being published by DM. I think that DM has a very good reason for it: these photos reveal even more that there was a doppelganger who infiltrated Scientology. A doppelganger hired by the German secret services but with the blessing of their poodle CIA. Just as they did with you and your doppelganger. On the left, there is the real Ron a few years before he was murdered by German run p$ychs. On the left is the impostor. Interesting is that somebody doctored this impostor photo and added the picture of the real Ron ¬†to the impostor photo to “convince” others that this bum is Ron. Like: Of course it is him, even his former photo is at his wall. Yeah right. This is how the SEGNPMSS works. Any trick they can find, they use to try to ¬†manipulate the thinking of people. ¬†The reason why I was kicked out of Scientology is because I started to see the entire German ordered and controlled infiltration of Scientology. ¬†The real Ron on the left side, the impostor on the right side:

2)   C of S failed to publish the truth about this, and any other Scientology facts, which would take care of the bad PR and the hostility against Scientology.  As you know, Marty, most people would embrace Scientology if they would know the true story of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. We, you and me, Marty, we could turn it all around, we can end the lies because we know the truth. You and me, we see the facts and we are anything but gullible. That is one major reason why the German secret services and their poodles want us separated by all means. Instead of making things go right, we should be busy a lifetime fending on our own in different corners of the world, trying to find us until our lives are over. My list of serious claims against them is miles long and getting longer by the day!

3) I agree that DM wastes Scientology money by putting PI’s reporting on defectors and other things instead of expanding Scientology. If Scientology truly would expand, it wouldn’t hurt the C of S if Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder audit some people in some kind of shack or even in palace! In the only filmed interview with the real Ron on YouTube, Ron laughed about that somebody told him that Dianetics wouldn’t belong anymore to him but to the medical society. Psychs experimenting with Dianetics calling it their own! Ron knew they would squirrel. He didn’t go after them with PIs but made sure that what he delivered to new people was standard tech. Ron wasn’t worried to death about what some squirrels would do. He didn’t waste time and energy ¬†running after them. He rather was an example of how all was done right. ¬†There are more than 6 Billion people on Earth and only a very few number of people compared to the total number got the benefit of auditing. But by creating worse and worse PR for Scientology and by having the impostor altered version of Scientology, dissemination of Scientology apparently isn’t that easy anymore. 4) ¬† If they would publish the truth and nothing but, nobody would listen to any defector but just to the facts and the truth. Although, I don’t understand what product is achieved filming Mike Rinder or Mosey’s husband constantly but I have to say that C of S has the same rights like reporters to film others if these guys are public persons. If Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband would claim that they are no public persons and would bring some kind of legal proof, it might be a different story but both were with Hadyn James when he filmed Scientologists going into Fort¬†Harrison and these Scientologists entering in that¬†orgs likely were no public persons either.

Having millions of hits on their shared blog and numerous press interview given rather indicate that Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder are now public persons and have to count with “paparazzi”.

Brian Seymore was clearly harassing Chris, a PI, the person who filmed quietly from some distance, and my sympathies actually were with Chris, and I am sure I wasn’t the only one who felt so . Chris told him that he was hired by a law firm and isn’t a Scientologist, and Brian misinformed the public on air that Chris “is Scientology”. No person is Scientology. (DM of course neither.) 5) ¬†However, Brian Seymour had a point by saying that it is very odd that Mike Rinder was removed from post in 2002 because of serious violations (and DM didn’t turn him over to the authorities)¬† but just two years later, DM was indeed on stage with him and allowed him to address Scientologists and allowed him to be the top spokesman for Scientology. Same situation applies to Mosey’s husband. Despite known violence (and DM didn’t turn him over to the authorities either), he is hired back by DM into high positions and asked to audit top celebrities, etc. What if his violent streak would have broken through while with Tom Cruise, John Travolta, celebs or others? ¬†Anybody else would be assigned to the RPF or the hole or the SP hall By DM if he or she would have made the errors in judgment and¬†handling¬†as DM did. But Your COBness doesn’t apply the tech, the tone scale and no ethics handlings for himself and that is why he continues without getting himself handled and our religion has to suffer. Some Scientologists might say that he is upstat when they read the letter that his friend Tommy Davis mails to the media. But I am not remotely impressed, Marty, because the tech is not more pure, they accepted an Ron impostor in Scientology and allowed impostor crap into Scientology tech. The buildings, they are also not Ron’s ways because Ron didn’t want Scientologists live on the unprotected surface of the world. In other words, Your COBness isn’t upstat in my eyes and according to the latest Religious¬†Self identification¬†Survey (if not doctored) the SCN membership¬†shrunk almost to half it size¬†¬†and DM caused worst PR situations with who he hires in the highest position and how he treats people and how he spends SCN money. I also do not believe that he never raised a hand against anybody but even if he did not, HE is responsible for the 1.1 and 1.5 tonelevel of the Sea Org in which violence and abortion (completely off policy and out tech) took place. As you know, Marty, the leader sets the tone. Ron was very amiable and kind to people, and Scientology grew under him in a spectacular way. It lost members under the impostor of course but never under the real Ron. One doesn’t have to be a son of a bitch or a bitch to disseminate Scientology. That is Nazi valence think to stop Scientology and create enemies. What is coming down from above sets the main climate. ¬†Instead of Ron’s positive¬†enthusiasm to spread Scientology, these INT stories tell the stories of Nazi valences. Again, it shows that the orgs are German infiltrated and controlled.

6) ¬†I read about Mike Rinder falling asleep on the job. It depends what he did during the day and night before. I worked long hours on staff. Particularly, in my last years on staff, I often took the latest street cable home at 2 am in the morning and had to be back on post on 9 am. While I was FOLO EU staff, it was just that too. ¬†Sometimes, I even worked through the nights to handle German Nazi¬†attacks against our religion, however, ¬†I never fell asleep on the job but after long, long hours or work and stress, I felt tired too. I wouldn’t hold that against Mike Rinder that he dozed off once in a while. If he would have worked under the real Ron, Ron would have checked his nutrition and made sure that he would get the sleep that he needs to be productive. But what I hold against him is that he doesn’t clarify that Ron and you were replaced by doppelgangers and also that he did meet with Nick Xenophon and apparently is working together with him. That is creepy because Xenophon wants to outlaw our religion. If Mike Rinder considers himself a Scientologist, how can he work together with that man? Xenophon doesn’t ask for true religious leadership of Scientology, he wants to get rid of Scientology completely.

7) ¬† About Mike Rinder’s accusations of DM trying to strangle him‚Ķ Without footage or medical expertise not even an affidavit, it will be always a he said, she said situation but what makes me upset is the culture of violence of “tough sons and bitches” under DM (that Tommy Davis admitted) and that the entire world thinks that DM’s incapability of being an ethical and wise leader and aborting babies is Scientology. It is on tonelevel 1.1 and 1.5.¬†Disgusting! This is Nazi valence and anything but Scientology of the real Ron.

8 ) Mike Rinder said that he earned only 50.– per week while in the SO. That is completely contrary to what Moseys husband wrote in his declaration. He wrote that DM paid their executives high (and not deserved) bonuses. And Mike Rinder was DM’s right hand. So, I think something is not right with this USD 50.– per week statement by Mike Rinder.

9) Freedom Magazine says that DM at a point, removed Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband and assigned them to lower churches. If they were so dangerous why didn’t he turn them over to the authorities but instead allowed them to stay in Scientology orgs were they could be a danger to other Scientologists? ¬†What a “caring” and “wise” COB that is!

Marty, do you remember a time when you had a melody of a song in your mind but forgot the title and the text but at the moment you heard it again, you remember it, and you said: That is this incredible song! After psychs stole out memories, I had forgotten the words, your name, everything, but when I saw you again, I heard that melody again. I knew, you are my song! You are that part of me that was missing. And I want you back. Our postulates are powerful, those of Gods, we will be together again,  my great love of my life!

When I am finally are back together with you, Marty, I will sing this song with all my heart:

Your wife


The rest of the OPC tin foil hat report

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Good morning, Marty, my love, and wonderful Prince,

Too bad that I can’t whisper this in your ear when we wake up together but I know it will be like that. It is about time that we find back together and the truth will be revealed. As more people lie about the true story of Scientology, Ron, you, and me as more they will pull bad things in.

Something else, Marty, I got a brand new digital camera as a gift from a ¬†friend. ¬†I even can film with it, and I might take many pictures in future. The one I used last summer isn’t here anymore. I have planned a little trip soon and take it along but I have to be very careful with anything that I publish because my insane stalkers lurk, and I don’t want any of these criminals at my door step or tracing my trips or harassing others. It’s horrible, I know. Police takes information and they arrest when they see a criminal in the act but they will not stand outside my place all the time, and I feel that the responsibility to keeping these dirty and insane people away from me is mainly my own responsibility. Unfortunately, ¬†it results also that I have to think twice about everything that I post in a blog to you. Naturally, I am very open and that I can’t tell you all the details in my life really bothers me a lot, Marty. I want you to know¬†everything¬†about me. It feels like withholds but there is not much that I can do to change it at the moment because insane stalkers and defamers would just again use these data to smear my image and lie about it and harass me.¬† I really long for that day when nothing stands anymore between us. And I am proud of you, Marty! Can’t wait to be back at your side!

As an OT, I don’t need to read news about you on the front page of a paper. I know how hard you try to get me over to where you are without getting me killed, and you are really a God. As you know, God sometimes takes a human form, and I know he is in you as he was/is in Ron and as he is also in me and in some other rare individuals. If all people would be like you, Marty, we would have peace on Earth and life would be wonderful for anyone. I love that you are so good and so high on the tonescale.

Hm, I have seen the photos of DM’s expensive gym but nobody has published yet any pictures of that mysterious SP hall and the “hole”, all stuff that wasn’t in existence when we were on staff. Wonder why nobody made any photos of these places? Isn’t that kind of strange? So many people complained about it but nobody made a picture but yet, there are pictures of DM’s personal gym who might be harder to be accessed? I am not saying that the SP hall or the hole never existed in COBkingdom but I just wonder why there are no photos or drawings whatsoever.

Here is the rest of the OPC tin foil hat report, Marty. I provided a link to that report in this blog in earlier postings.

The German secret service complains about CCHR, its flyers and info stands and other activities against criminal psychiatry as violator of human rights and that they warn against the “alleged danger of psychiatric drugs”. (Duh, anybody know that these danger’s are not just alleged but real.) It looks that CCHR Germany filed a penal complaint¬† because of murder by negligence against a psychiatrist who treated Tim Kretschmer. That juvenile opened fire on others and I believe he killed 16 people. Before he committed the atrocity, he was treated by a psych and put on psych drugs. And the OPC thinks that it is against the German constitution to warn of dangerous drugs or file penal complaints! Do they rather want more people killed like that?¬† Psych drugs do bring out really bad reactions by creepy people but there is more to it. German CCHR doesn’t talk about hypnosis and mind control, and these psych “tools” are also used to make terrorists, and the OPC should rather prevent these crimes instead of warning and spying on critics of p$ychiatry.

Here is the German website of the German CCHR.

The many complaints to the KVPM from people were real. They wrote hundreds of letters for help against psychiatry per week to KVPM. I know so because I had a desk in the same office. I never worked directly for CCHR but I saw letters coming in from all kinds of people from all  parts of the country with my own eyes and one day, I  accompanied the CCHR i/C Mun on a  visit to a family near Munich whose family was in tears as psychs killed their young son.

OPC says that KVPM had exhibitions in Berlin and Hamburg about Psychiatry:¬† – Death instead of Help – to demonstrate “horror of psychiatric abuses”. OPC complains that¬† KVPM sent a new DVD “Business going in the Billions: Dangerous psychiatric drugs” to medical doctors, district attorneys and law makers “to make pressure onto them”. OPC has loose screws. Informing the relevant people others about psychiatric crimes is not “putting them under pressure”. The attitude that the OPC shows in this report says that it is not a free country. Its like what people would expect to read from the Nazis or the KGB, informing others is “pressure made upon them”. Makes no sense. What did that DVD do to these people? Force them? Why should medical doctors, district attorneys and law makers not learn what people mail to the KVMP? OPC makes no sense in hell.

OPC complains that KVPM sent that DVD to a director of a health agency and mentioned in an attached letter that the DVD shed light on the unholy alliance between psychiatry and the pharma industry and that people who seek help are the victims.

Once again, the OPC insults the intelligence of any German medical doctors, district attorneys and law makers by wanting to keep these data away from them as if they couldn’t come to their own conclusion.

Apparently, OPC wants to hide truth from them.¬† OPC says that it would be agitation against psychiatrists to say that there are into profits. (Yes, people who look at their psychiatric bills just imagine those 200 bucks an hour! Must be their “mental illness” witnessing what p$ychs charge for their crap and dangerous treatments!) They object to that KVPM said that psychs know no God. I got 69.100 hits on “psychiatry+godless” and most of these articles seem to be written by others than Scientologists or the KVPM or CCHR. And there are 75.700 hits on psychiatrists and godless. They really must have a huge problem of godless psychiatrists in Germany and the OPC missed it. Gee, what a lame secret service.

OPC complains in that report that CCHR says that psych fabricate illnesses to make cash. P$ychs fabricate but they also cause confusion and pain with silent sounds and mind control and other psych methods to make sure that people go nuts and they’re not running out of ¬†patients. They also enjoy torturing people and ¬†provoking God. In other words: they screaming out: God handle us! Bust us! We deserve it! – And I am sure they are getting what they praying for, Marty.

And of course they added the French SEGNPMSS set up to that  report, the court case that took place last year in France.

1) They send infiltrators in the orgs as staff and as public 2) They secretly order the infiltrator staffs to make false promises 3) They have the infiltrator public sue the orgs 4) The French kangaroo courts blames L. Ron Hubbard (the original not the impostor) and Scientology for the SEGNPMSS set up. Stupid tricks and they keep on coming because Your COBness isn’t cool and pulls them in for Scientology.

I wonder about one thing, Marty… If a certain French high executive currently in Scientology should be one day convicted of being an infiltrator, does Scientology have a case and right for damages against German poodle France? I thinks so.

This is the end of the OPC report. Saner countries than Germany will not understand why these lame allegations against Scientology are in the report of a secret service. It’s really a tin foil hat report.

I will be soon back here, Marty, you and I will be back together because God wants us to be. We need nothing but each other. Its like the psychs separated magnets that belong together and once we are back together, I have the feeling that even the entire world would benefit from it as we would not more try to survive at different ends of the world, fighting insanity and crime but be together and not more wasting time in trying to find us but rather use the time to make the wrong things on this planet and in this universe right!

I love you, my darling and kiss you.

Yours forever,


And yes, I got my mind set on you too. ¬†And it feels like home. The marriage vows that we once took really were awesome as nothing can’t kill them. No love is strongerthan ours.

Giving away their eternity‚Ķ With impostor Scientology there will be no OTs‚Ķ. A movement based on impostor lies is doomed from the start

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

There is one thing that I find really shocking. And this is the attitude of people (I can’t call them Scientologists) who accept Scientology from Ron’s impostor and think that they will become OTs by studying his (German radioed) version which is crap. I know that there are many who know that the Apollo and Vistaril guy was an impostor (I’m sure DM, Mike Rinder, Mosey’s husband, and many other know that) but they rather don’t talk about it and rather deliver this altered (and missing) tech by calling it “standard tech”. How can it be standard SCN tech if an impostor wrote, changed or approved it?

Mosey’s husband made recently a statement on his blog saying that the derogatory words about Jesus were not written by L. Ron Hubbard but also by nobody else in the C of S. He is right that the real Ron never spoke derogatory of Jesus or any other religious figure but shouldn’t he provide more information about who wrote these words and why Ron is being blamed on them? Where are the affidavits as to who stole what material or what tech and who planted which or what material?

DM (also called His COBness) lives a luxurious life since more than two decades but what will happen down the road and in future lifetimes when there is no real Scientology but just the impostor’s Scientology, the p$ych version of Scentology to “save” his and anybody else’s eternity? There is nothing more shortsighted than not to demand original Scientology, and the impostor business goes on a long time. Some “Scientologists” believe that Scientology was just altered since DM took the control and everything before the 80s is standard SCN. That is not so. Scientology was already altered before DM took over and he should know because there is clear evidence that DM met the real Ron when DM was a teenager and were in the audience when the real Ron lectured.

For His COBness it might have looked like a great deal getting SCN from the impostor but His COBness can’t save his eternity (a few decades in¬†luxury¬†compared to¬†eternity¬†in disasters that we know from history and that repeat themselves in future) ¬†years with impostor tech either or is he no Scientologist and having real tech or not doesn’t matter to him at all?

As you know, Marty, once the p$ychs and the German secret services figured that Dianetics and Scientology can indeed create the best civilization of good and free beings in the universe, they interfered and simultaneously, while the real Ron lectured, the impostor lectured too (what the German secret services wanted him to say) but to destroy real Scientology and to make the real Ron contradictory and ridiculous and to alter Dianetics and Scientology in a way that it cannot truly save the thetans, the planet and the universe anymore.

Why do many people think that an impostor (nothing but a look-alike) has the same abilities as the real Ron and founder of Scientology to research? Beats me because he has not. What is wrong with those people? The thetan is important not a look-a-like body. There are light years of differences in character and abilities between the real Ron and “Jack Vistaril” the impostor as are with you and Mosey’s husband. I pity everyone who has not the IQ and character to look through this. The people who don’t see the obvious are so dumb that I have no words for it. They don’t think for themselves.

This impostor (upon German secret service) removed some of Ron’s research and made changes to all kinds of research of the real Ron, and these guys accept it and protect these alterations under KSW! They build vaults to protect altered Scientology, the impostor writings! I would not pay one cent for impostor Scientology! It is like people on this planet have an eternal death wish and are thinking that they don‚Äôt deserve real Scientology that make real OTs. That’s probably it, Marty. They basically think they don’t deserve it, so they don’t demand it and whatever they do will not save them. The p$ych traps will remain in the universe, and nobody will make it because nobody (except us) demands the doppelganger business investigated and original Scientology restored. Anybody else but the few of us are happy with the impostor Scientology‚Ķ Unbelievable but true. If they would want real Scientology, they would have already launched any effort in the world to clear up that Mary Sue’s husband wasn’t the original L. Ron Hubbard.

An American intelligence analyst once indicated on TV about intelligence analysis of cases that as more outlandish a theory of a given situation was as more it was true.

Somebody who isn’t smart and signs away his or her eternity by allowing the correct data to be stolen or altered, shouldn’t be in Scientology in the first place. And they cover the truth up despite they studied that they will penalize themselves for being corrupt, in other words, will pull in the motivator. (And that is a correct finding of Ron that thankfully survived but is not observed by the many non-Scientologists in the orgs).

By not revealing the doppelganger business, they are working against the truth and actually betray each individual on the planet who has a right to the truth. A person who has not observed the OW/MOTIVATOR sequence to be true is completely stupid. Interesting is that some people always think that just others pull bad things in not themselves too. It’s non-confront to think that a person doesn’t pull in a motivator just because his also robotic and non-Scientologist case officer says that it is okay or necessary to conceal the truth. The entire doppelganger business and infiltration of Scientology has more DISASTER written all over it. Why is thinking so hard for certain people?

The left ¬†picture with Mary Sue is from the hate message and defamation board Ex-Scientologist of Michelle Ryan Sterling “Emma”. This again is not Ron but the impostor. The right photo is not from that hate message board and shows the real Ron.

We all know that the information that Ron moved to other planets was nothing but a convenient lie not having to look for him and not allow him back into Scientology. With such crimes, I don’t see any civilization without criminality, terror, war, and insanity. One cannot build a good civilization on cover ups and lies. Such a “civilization” is doomed from the start.

This wasn’t meant to be a lecture for you, Marty, because I know that you are different and that you work hard to make things right in opposite to these people who work hard on making things.

Ron singing here (sotospeak) except that he never lost it. And that why he was murdered in May 1984.  SEGNPMSS got rid of the impostor in January 1986.

Look what they have done to his song, original Dianetics and Scientology.

But if we are gone too, who will be left to write and speak the truth and nothing but the truth?

I love you, Marty, very much. If we don’t come through Marty, the world is stuck with impostor Dianetics and Scientology because Ron (who is on this planet with his new body) didn’t join DM’s church. And that version doesn’t raise the IQ of people much otherwise they wouldn’t be as stupid accepting impostor crap and the infiltration of Scientology.

I love you, Marty, and a very special kiss from me. Yes, you are very special, Marty, the kiss is for you but ignore the rose. Since I was once suppressed by somebody with that name, I am not that much into roses.