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It is just a matter of time for Germany to go also after “the Independents”

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you today, my love? I think all the time of you, and I am so sorry if you have to suffer wrongfully in prison after you were framed. I would travel anywhere immediately to change this for you.

This is what Buddha said, and what he said reminds me a lot of how Ron was:

If a person foolishly does me wrong, I will return to him the protection of my boundless love. The more evil that comes from him the more good will go from me. I will always give off only the fragrance of goodness.’ (Buddha).

Numerous Scientologists told me that they believe that Ron was Buddha in his past life. I agree with them. On many pictures it looks to me as if Buddha is on OT TRO. ūüėČ

(And yelling at an ashtray isn’t Ron’s version of Scientology but the German run impostor’s version of Scientology.)

However, ¬†Buddha didn’t say that he would allow monsters to butcher mankind and he still would give them the protection of love. Buddha said that he still would love a ¬†fool, he didn’t say that he would protect evil.

In What is Greatness, Ron says: To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And this may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.

This  is even a more generous gesture,  but we all know that loving mankind does not mean allowing monsters to destroy it. (And German secret service psychs are still monsters and bring out the worst of their international agents. And because they do not want to better themselves, Ron and the Scientology, the applied religious philosophy is defamed and infiltrated. )

The real L. Ron Hubbard, the real founder who keeps on loving mankind is the person that German secret service p$ychs hated, defamed, stalked, impostored, and ordered to be murdered, and whose philosophy and research they either altered and stole through their infiltration or want to outlaw.

This is for sure no news for you, Marty. The insane German attitude towards Scientology is  somewhat published in this report: of the Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV) in German. In English, people call it the Federal Office for Protection of the (German) Constitution (OPC). Its President is Heinz Fromm, and do I think that he is run by the SEGNPMSS? Of course. Actually, the German constitution exists just on paper. As a Scientologist, I had no rights whatsoever in Germany. The government plotted and conspired against me and for sure also against  you, Ron, and Scientology.


What is so disgusting about the Germans is that any terrorist, right wing or left wing or extremist group, etc. mentioned in that report is run by the SEGNPMSS. The STILL EXISTING GERMAN NAZI PSYCHIATRISTS’ MINDCONTROLLER SECRET SERVICE (SEGNPMSS) runs all those terror groups. They could simply radio these groups to call it quit, and it would be the end of them. But they don’t because they are nuts and evil beyond belief.


Even Scientology is SEGNPMSS infiltrated, and all that which is not ethical and good these days is a German product, a product of the SEGNPMSS infiltration.


Here are just a few lines in that OPC report, which show that Germany will come overtly or covertly rather sooner or later after the “independent Scientologists” too.


Very creepy is that the OPC seems to know how many Scientologists are in Germany, currently 5000 to 6000 in 2008. And they claim that Scientology lost around 500 members this year (guess that is result of the DM scandals) and there are just 4500 to 5500 members in Germany.


While I was in the C of S Germany, the biggest org, we had a membership count of probably 20.000 members (individually signed membership forms)  and with all the missions combined, the estimate was that there were 50.000 Scientologists in Germany in the 80s with additional truckloads of Scientologists coming from Switzerland and also many coming from Austria.  Anyway, as the OPC spies on Scientology, they might have counted only those who are actively on line. However, there are also many Scientologists who are Scientologists and are not online for numerous reasons but they consider themselves Scientologists and may not want to tell the German government this.

And  I wonder if they count their own infiltrators as Scientologists or not, Marty.


But back to why the crazy OPC can’t sleep at night:


They have a big problem with that Scientologists want pure L. Ron Hubbard technology. So, if the Independents should grow and insist of pure tech by Ron, they will get in troubles with the Germans.

They pick on individual paragraphs in LRH policies or bulletins and don’t like that policies are reissued in non-altered form, which is not true because the OPC knows that the SEGNPMSS ordered infiltration changed a lot in SCN already secretly. They are anti-Ron but not particularly anti DM. And the scandals didn’t happen under Ron but his impostor and later under DM.

All that cultic behavior of the infiltrators is not Ron’s Scientology but a SEGNPMSS plan and hypocritical Germany blames Ron and Scientology of what their infiltrators did to Scientology. The individual was the most important item in Scientology under Ron. It was all about the individual. As you know, Marty, Scientology under the real Ron was the place for originals not for robots. Human robots are a German invention. Remember their Nazi cult? And this behavior they tried to introduce to Scientology but not to preserve it but to create a climate in which nobody feels confident anymore to speak up when things are altered or even perverted. The son of a bitch and bitch cult is German!


The OPC lies in that report that L. Ron Hubbard’s policies would deny basic human rights to people and the right of free development and equal treatment. (Hey, that is exactly what the German government denied to me, Marty.) The OPC knows that Ron, the founder was impostored by a doppelganger but they hush that up and blame Ron, the founder whose work was based on granting human rights, equal treatment and right of free personal development to every one. He founded Scientology to make it sure, and the Germans turned it into something else behind his back. You being impostored by a doppelganger, Marty, this is also a German idea but could be CIA poodle approved. Almost perfect plan, but I won’t let them come away with it.


The OPC lies that Scientology will not allow people to vote. This is complete crap. They just have to put finally non-robotic and non-SEGNPMSS controlled politicians on the ballot and also more Scientologists will vote. Ron never said that Scientologists cannot or should not vote. While I was in the org, many Scientologists voted. I am sure that Ron voted too. Particularly for Dwight David Eisenhower. ūüôā

And let’s not forget that in still existing Nazi Germany, Scientologists are not allowed to join a political party or run for office.


OPC goes ¬†on saying that a real democracy is per Ron only possible in a nation of “Clear”. (That statement made me laugh, Marty, because also a guy who still has engrams can be a democrat. He just will not feel so well with that fear of heights when he flies with the helicopter to campaign places and afraid to look down as he still has not run his engrams.) After all these years of persecution of Scientology, the Germans have still not figured out what a clear is.

They are also afraid of OTs. (If it wouldn’t be a government who issues this garbage, I would laugh out loud about it.)


The Germans are also contradictory. First they complain that they think that Ron said that a real democracy is just possible with Clears, then they quote that he has said allegedly that one does not need Clears to create a good society! Duh. And what is so bad anyway to lose fear of dogs, heights or swimming? Why is a society without fears of dogs, heights or swimming (as examples) such a problem for the crazy Germans?


They cite a German translation that was done by somebody else but Ron of course. They take things out of context and are huffing and puffing¬†about that Ron wants to build a new society of OTs. Man, these Germans are weird! Didn’t they always say that there is no such thing as OTs and now they are afraid of them? How can one be afraid of what does not exist?


Fact is, they know that there is such a thing as an OT. Ron was OT, you and me, we are OTs, ¬†and they are afraid of that real OTs, real smart thetans looking into their cards and that they won’t get away with their inhumane activities¬†and rights violations anymore.


They are afraid of an OT civilization. Particularly that Ron said that people under the tonelevel 2.0 or lower should be audited or separated from the society. (L. Ron Hubbard, ‚ÄěDie Wissenschaft des √úberlebens‚Äú, Neuausgabe 2007, S. 184). Germans want to leave those under 2.0 in the society so that they continue what they do best: committing crimes. People under 2.0 on the tonescale are murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and so on. Any decent society would lock ’em up but not the Germans. They rail against Scientology without acknowledging that they understood, which kind of people should better themselves through auditing or which kind of people should be kept away from good people. The bad people, like Nazi and those who needed the Nazis to do to people what they want: the psychs, ¬†who came away like this pig:


I will write more about this next time, Marty, my love, I am not yet done with that report. It demonstrates current German “persecution mania” and hypocrisy at its “best”.


Anyway, if people and so-called “Independents” like Amy Schobee or any of the other so-called “Independents” think that they should help Germany break the CofS because the Germans will not come after their “independent movement”, they should think again. The Germans don’t like our religion for one main reason: Scientology has the potential to create very sharp minds who could figure out the secret service activities of the Germans, and those activities reveal them once more as the old disgusting Nazi psychs that they always were.


Until very soon, Marty!


I love you up to the sky, trough the Milky Way, the galaxy and the entire universe and all the way back.


Your wife forever,


Sarah/Barbara (Defeating the monsters. ūüėČ



Check this out: present time Biergarten-Nazis:


Heinz Fromm’s Secretaries?


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  1. NSA says Snowden likely not a Russian spy.

    Lordy Lordy

    June 3, 2014 at 10:58 am

    • Snowden works in favor of Germany. Germany does not longer be watched by the USA while establishing another insane Grossdeutsches Reich.

      Barbara Schwarz

      June 3, 2014 at 3:44 pm

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