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Wikipiggy (Wikipedia) in troubles with the FBI

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,  my one great love,

You probably heard that Wikipedia is in troubles with the FBI over use of the FBI seal on the Wikipedia site. FBI says that Wikipedia used the seal without FBI permission and threatened with legal actions if Wikipedia (founded by Jimmy Wales and edited by many other creepy people) doesn’t removes it.

Jim Wales is also the founder of the “adult”search engine Bomis. I heard that he doesn’t like people to call Bomis a porn search engine but there are about 332,000 results on Bomis relating to porn on Google and 104,000 hits on Bomis and child porn. I don’t want to read anything of these links  but the FBI should look into it.

Here is one article about this dispute:

I don’t consider Wikipedia’s editors and administrators free people and impartial people but cultic robots with ear implants who comspiratively defame and harass people like you and me and others on this undemocratic encyclopedia. I had to watch their lies about me (and you and Ron) while they banned my IP number to prevent that I provide correct information.  Anybody who wants to harass anybody else, anybody who wants to redefine history and who wants to cover up how things really were and are can do so by through Wikipiggy who gives a damn on individual rights of good people.

The attorney of Wikimedia, Mike Goodwin should rather look into how many people’s rights were violated by anti-free speech “encylopedia” Wikipiggy and how many good people are defamed  and harassed by their lawless editors and admins and how many deliberate falsehoods are on Wikipedia.

I think that Wikipiggy deserves any legal troubles they can get.

Here is somebody else who did some research on Wikipiggy:

English Chris Owens (according to the RFW, he is an admirer of Bin Laden) who smears and scribbles almost a decade on Wikipiggy and denies as their admin free speech to people on Wikipedia who just want to correct false or incorrect entries is involved in that FBI dispute too and shows  his anti-FBI attitude. (See Wikipedia discussions.)

I webbed some of my FBI letters. It appears that the FBI has visited my blogs too, Marty. They haven’t yet said anything to me but if David Larson or anybody else of the FBI wants to tell me something, they can always approach me. There are many other FBI letters on other websites and blogs by other people but I sure have a nice collection, haven’t I?

I have no intention violating any laws but when the FBI approaches me, I sure will tell them more about my negative experiences with Wikipiggy and will ask them to collect my stalkers. Asking them about you is rather senseless, Marty, as they will more than ever refer me to Mosey’s husband  instead of you since he decided to appear in the spotlights.

But again, the FBI and the CIA has the technology to determine that Ron, Jack Vistaril, you and Mosey’s husband are four different individuals but they failed to do that yet.

The CIA seal is on Wikipiggy too. Wonder if Wikipiggy gets in troubles with the CIA too. I have a public image photo of the CIA emblem on their floor on my blog.

I will watch that, Marty. I am sure that you told somebody to make copies of the FBI letters for you in case the FBI demands that I take them down.

I love and kiss you many times.

I’ll be your love till the end of time

(What a great song but the dancing girls made me laugh. You don’t see this anymore today – unless in a comedy.)

Yours forever,


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