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Anti-Scientology hate mongers conceal that Cyril Vosper was a (one of my) convicted kidnapper(s)

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Dearest Marty, my Hero,


I just came home from a trip into town. Lots of activities down there, which the orbs will like. As more people are around, as more orbs (thetans without body and just with a theta body) show up there. They like to be on parties and around kids because that is what they would be if they would have a young human body. I heard that one man who likes to film them doesn’t see them always but when his children are singing, they are coming. However, kind of interesting that they are so attracted to my place because here are not many people, it is mainly just me. They probably like what I blog about them and are my spiritual fan club. 😉


Marty, many of the so-called critics of Scientology promote Cyril Vosper and his idiotic book “Mind Bender” who was a former infiltrator of Scientology and my kidnapper and abuser. He is a felon and tried to “bend” my mind into accepting his garbage and his lawless ways of living.

There is a thread on Michelle “Emma” (Ryan) Sterling’s hate message board by “SuperPowers” (Yeah right, that guy probably has a hard time tying his own shoelaces!), “DartSmohen” and “RogerB” on Cyril Vosper. Her posters glorify my kidnapper and legally convicted Vosper and promote his book. Vosper is a felon and was very gruesome! I was injured, blood was running down my hands and wrists and he kept me captive without calling a doctor.


If anybody in Scientology would do that, we wouldn’t hear the end of it. If I would have died in that captivity, the “critics” would  have blamed that on Scientology too and not on those who held me captive: criminal non-Scientologists!


Dave Touretzky promotes Vosper’s book also on the CMU website without informing that the man was a criminal. Vosper was a liar, a coward, inhumane, a hypocrite, and he sold “services” that were a total failure. He was a con using the worst of tricks to kidnap and to make lots of money. His book is unprofessional (as he was himself) and riddled with lies. If people in the orgs played tricks on him, then those were people like him,  former infiltrators who shouldn’t have be in the orgs because not ever Scientologists.


I am certain that Vosper knew that Ron was impostored by a doppelganger, and Vosper blamed the real Ron deliberately on what the impostor did. I am also sure that Vosper saw us getting married, Marty. I remember that hundreds of St. Hiller’s attended our wedding.


Anyway, “SuperPowers” recommends the book of criminal and convicted Cyril Vosper without mentioning that Vosper is a convicted kidnapper and nothing that he said and wrote or did can be trusted to be the truth. ESMB Poster “DartSmohen” promoted Vosper too without informing lurkers that Vosper was a criminal under the law. Those lurkers on ESMB are so misinformed. But what else to expect from board owner and moderator Michelle Sterling from Australia who is a hate monger too.


Vosper, the non-Scientologist and former infiltrator did a really bad job processing “DartSmohen” because “DartSmohen” turned into a dishonest person who covers up criminal activities as kidnappings and brutal activities to steal someone’s religion and make her resign from her religion. If Vosper would have had a clue about the tonescale, he would have known that only downtone people become like their abductors and run over to the other side but that it does not work with people who are uptone and themselves. DartSmohen tries to imply that Ron was interested in Vosper’s wife. Sure not the real Ron. But criminal Vosper was interested in the real Ron’s daughter, me and he had no change in hell. Vosper had no sense of humor and no love of life because he was self-destructive by kidnapping people. He was fearful. When I started to fight back, I put the fear of God in that man. I saw it in his eyes and then he said: “Perhaps we owe you an apology and you are the wrong person for this.” Yes, he and his partners sure kidnapped the wrong person. I did fight for my  freedom and it was the end of their kidnapper career. Vosper reminded me of Hitler. He knew that he had lost the war, that he never would convince me of his lies, abusive ways and his criminal business but didn’t call it off. He didn’t let me go until the “war” was completely lost and police arrested  the criminal pig and his partners. He was nothing but an idiot and his book is also idiotic.


According to DartSmohen, Vosper did drink. He died 2004 on advanced cancer and a heart attack. I wasn’t sad to hear it. No surprise. Vosper had no love for “technology”, he was a nobody, just a SEGNPMSS robot with ear implants who did whatever his p$ych case officers radioed in his ear and wanted him to do. He was a man who didn’t think things through, a person who did the most horrible things for money, and he had no respect of other people’s rights. DartSmohen posted that he audited Vosper and apparently let him get away with all his OWs. He audited a SP and didn’t get it.


Vosper knew that the man who married Mary Sue was the impostor. Yet, he framed the founder on what the impostor or MS did. Who ever declared Vosper a suppressive person was 100% correct. He was rotten like hell and he was on the button on the tonescale.


Poster RogerS added the lie that Vosper was a man with “integrity” and that his book was meant to “get ethics in on Hubbard and the organization”. Again, Vosper concealed that he knew that the founder of Scientology was impostored by a doppelganger. Great “integrity”. Marty, he had no courage whatsoever. After he figured that he impossible can turn me into a non-Scientologist and hate monger against my religion and Ron, he still didn’t let me go but kept me jailed with deep wounds on my hands and wrists while he tried to plan his escape without getting arrested.


If Germany wouldn’t deny rights to Scientologists and particularly mine, the judge would have sentenced Vosper to prison for the rest of his lousy life.


Anyway, kidnappings didn’t work out for him. He got caught and the coward settled in Australia because he had no guts anymore to show his face in the UK.


May he rot in hell and also those who conceal that he was a criminal. The “critics” of Scientology are the ultimate hypocrites. A “critic” gets away with murder. They still would find him innocent. They are nothing but hate monger trash. They have no morals whatsoever.


I love you, Marty. Many kisses from me to you.


Yours forever,





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  1. Lawrence Wright and Alex Gibney are saying that it needs very courageous individuals to take on the Church of Scientology.


    January 27, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    • Hell it does. It is “in” to attack Scientology. It is very easy and fashionable to attack Scientology at the moment just as Germany and psychs order it. (They also organized that non-Scientologists infiltrated it on the inside and left it vulnerable to attacks. Some of these infiltrators leave and smear from the inside, some stay like DM and others and keep the true story of Scientology from the public.) Nobody needs courage. All are just little secret service wheels.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 29, 2015 at 4:56 am

  2. From a church letter

    Ms. Remini’s anti-Scientology antics also have inflamed acts of religious hate.

    Take Erin McMurtry, who on December 14, 2015, drove her car through the front of the Church of Scientology of Austin, Texas. McMurtry plowed across the lobby before coming to a stop in front of the nursery, which only hours before had been filled with children. Before McMurtry committed her crime, she had posted on her Facebook page praises for Ms. Remini and Ms. Remini’s anti-Scientology rhetoric, with such statements as:

    “EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! This is the most crucial thing I have ever posted!!!…. It is called Scientology!! … ‘Thank you many times over to Leah Remini.”

    “I’m pissed that Scientology…even exists”

    “F–k them!”

    “Shut them down… (NON-negotiable)”

    McMurtry had no prior experience with the Church. She had never been a member. Thus, it is hard to miss the connection as the lies being fed to the press by Ms. Remini pushed McMurtry further and further over the edge, to the point where she smashed her car through the front doors in Austin. It was a miracle that no one was injured and only a stroke of luck the nursery, where McMurtry stopped before backing out again, was empty. McMurtry was arrested and has since been charged by the authorities.

    In another incident, Ms. Remini’s support of wife beater Ron Miscavige and another apostate Lois Reisdorf, an expelled Scientologist who had been spouting hate speech on various anti-Scientology websites, coincided with a hate crime and death threat by Reisdorf’s son.

    Brandon Reisdorf drove to the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles, got out of his car and threw a hammer through the window. He then retrieved the hammer, threw it again a second time even more forcefully and drove off. The car he escaped in was registered to his mother, Lois. Brandon also sent threatening emails to Scientologists. And according to a Tarasoff Reporting Form, issued by Brandon’s psychiatric care providers, “Brandon Reisdorf has been threatening to harm Mr. [David] Miscavige.” Reisdorf was subsequently arrested by the Los Angeles police and is awaiting trial.

    Then there was Andre Barkanov, a 48-year-old Chicago resident with a long criminal history. On July 21 and July 23 in 2015, Barkanov made nine telephone calls in which he made death threats naming individual Scientologists and the leader of the religion as his targets. The LAPD tracked him down and extradited him to Los Angeles, where he pleaded guilty to hate crimes. He served jail time and is now on probation with a 10-year court order to stay away from the Church. When asked what direct knowledge he had of his “targets,” Barkanov admitted he had no personal knowledge of the Church. When asked what incited him to threaten these people he cited recent media reports, including those about “the King and Queens lady: she just left the Church” (i.e., Ms. Remini).

    Stop the hate

    November 19, 2016 at 12:07 am

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