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Part 1: About the “Freezone” posting that say that L. Ron Hubbard was missing for 10 months

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Dearest Marty, my one and only Prince and irresistible husband,

It’s Halloween, sun is out and I got rid of more leaves today. Yesterday I spent many hours getting rid of them. I burned them in a controlled fire with a water source right next to it and poured water over the “campfire” at the end just to make sure that nothing gets out of control at night. Today I thought I mow a last time over my place but the riding lawn mover died on me. It wasn’t the battery, the oil, the gas but the starter plug. I had this problem earlier this year and the person who checked my lawn mover this spring said that I don’t need a new one, it just needs to be cleaned. He cleaned it and it was running again, problem is that I was distracted and didn’t see where it was located. It died on me with the front wheels and the nose on my neighbors place when I drove a curve. He rarely is here but it is just not a good idea to leave it  half on somebody else’s place, so I tried and I tried and finally managed to drive it into the barn. Mowing season is over, so I worry about the starter plug next year. Maybe  I can exchange the starter plug myself, and if not, I hire somebody and if that thing continues to cause me troubles, I buy myself a new riding lawn mover next spring.

Unless, we are back together by spring, Marty, or earlier, I miss you so much, and I would give anything to see you again.

Another subject, Marty,  I am sure that you have very similar if not the same thoughts as I have in regards to questions that a  “Freezone” website raises. They claims the following:

“Freezone”: L. Ron Hubbard was missing for ten months.

[Fact is, there was at least one  doppelganger, so who do they mean, the founder or the doppelganger was missing? Or both?]

“Freezone”: On 4 December 1972, L. Ron Hubbard was abducted by agents of the United States government when the plane he was traveling on from Lisbon landed in New York City. Jim Dincalci – a former nurse – and Paul Preston – a former Green Beret – were the only two people with him when it occurred.

[Again, who do they mean? Ron, the founder of Scientology or Jack Vistaril, the doppelganger who impostored him? While the CIA is a secret German poodle of the SEGNPMSS and anything but innocent, it is quite revealing that this “Freezone” article says nothing about the Germans, and the SEGNPMSS  who wanted the real Ron dead in fear of psychiatrists losing their secret handle on the world through his teachings and killed him at the end. I also would like to know more about that former nurse and the former Green Beret because according to my recall, Marty, we were with Ron during these years, and we married at St.Hill. SEGNPMSS shot at us with dummy munitions but at Ron with real munitions. They used dummy munitions on us because RB was with them and wanted “her kids” back alive (even when she endangered our lives because the real munitions could have hit one of us) and they used dummy munitions on you and your family (because the part of your family that stayed in the USA would have raised hell against CIA who was assigned with protecting you and your family). So what are they saying?]

“Freezone”: LRH was “gone” for ten months, until mid-September 1973 when he “returned” to Flag. It is Dincalci’s testimony that during this MISSING TEN MONTHS, LRH was “hiding out” in Queens, New York – with only Dincalci and Preston as witnesses – and that during this period LRH purportedly wrote the project that launched “Snow White.”

[If that is true, then it was the impostor who wrote Snow White, of who I believe that he was a CIA/SEGNPMSS doppel agent, because the founder of Scientology didn’t write that program and he also wasn’t married to Mary Sue but the impostor was. The real Ron was married once to my mother who was killed by “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide” during child birth, giving birth to me, and Ron, the founder stayed widower all his life. Maybe the impostor went to NY to be further briefed by the SEGNPMSS and the CIA on how to continue to impostor the real Ron.]

“Freezone”: It is unknown whether LRH was replaced by a “ringer” during that ten months, or was PDHed and made dependent on pharmaceuticals. What is known is that after his “return,” he was never remotely the same, that he never again gave another extemporaneous lecture (which he had done for the twenty-two years prior), and that he never personally wrote another Scientology book.

[It is known that Ron, the founder was replaced by a doppelganger because one just has to compare photos to see that this indeed happened. I strongly assume that the doppelganger always was on drugs. People just have to watch the interview with the Granada reporter on the Apollo, then they see that this guy was on something. Apparently, the person who “returned” to Flag in 1973 and never wrote a new book was not the founder but the impostor and that explains the “other personality”. That also explains why Mosey’s husband has another personality than you do. You are two different people. I am certain that Ron continued to write but that his writings never made it officially into any Church of Scientology because infiltrators turned these books and other writings right over to their secret service case officers. It also explains why there was never an extemporary lecture again. The real Ron didn’t need any preparation because he knew his philosophy, but the impostor was a non-Scientologist and needed to be prepared by his CIA and SEGNPMSS case officers what to say before he had the guts lecture before many Scientologists. It is treason by anybody to conceal these facts, and the motivator is that much of the most valuable technology on the planet will be forever lost because nobody is demanding it back from the secret services. This planet will stay hell because of nobody turning their secret case officers in and that is such a hypnotized p$ych decision.]

“Freezone”: But here is a sequence of things that did happen within just over a year after the missing ten months: 1973 Mid Sept. L. Ron Hubbard returns(?) to the Apollo.

[The impostor was on the Apollo and upon SEGNPMSS and apparently also CIA  approval, he introduced abuses as overboarding, 1.5 behavior that DM adopted, and perhaps even locking people up and approving of certain abortions, all that stuff that was p$ych secret service ordered to ruin Ron, the founder’s and Scientology’s reputation.]

“Freezone”: 1973 early Oct. Robert Vaughn Young is promoted to the USGO.

[The impostor promoted him. Ron would have NEVER promoted Young as he was able to see immediately who isn’t a Scientologist but joined Scientology for secret service infiltrator reasons.]

“Freezone”: 1973 early Nov. Michael Meisner arrives in Washington DC as Director of the Information Bureau in the DC GO.

[Another impostor action because Ron, the founder wasn’t there. He also did not assign the Controller post to Mary Sue. He probably never heard of her and she was married to the impostor. Ron the founder also didn’t make Jane Kember to be the Guardian.]

“Freezone”: 1973 early Dec. Robert Vaughn Young is “assigned to the PR section of the most secret and largest program in the Guardian’s Office – the Snow White Program” (his own words).

[He was not assigned by Ron, the founder to a program that Ron, the founder never wrote or approved. The real Ron was very interested in convicting the p$ych infiltration of Scientology and not in covering up the rotten actions of the infiltrators.]

“Freezone”: LRH has a motorcycle accident on Tenarife in which he breaks an arm and several ribs, is massively bruised, and is put on pain-killers. Dincalci is his medical officer, but the wand then gets passed to Kima Douglas – another former nurse.

[That wasn’t the Ron, the founder. He was elsewhere, recovering from being shot at with sharp munitions the by the SEGNPMSS after we had married, Marty.]

“Freezone”: 1974 early Jan. Gerry Armstrong is in place as the Port Captain for the Apollo.

[Lol. Never done by Ron, the founder. The impostor was low on the tonescale and typically for low tone people, they don’t know how to work with the tonescale and put other low tone people on high posts. Jack Vistaril was an idiot and that is why he promoted Gerry Armstrong, a former infiltrator of Scientology who fled to Germany of all countries for refugee after he was wanted by the American authorities.]

“Freezone”: Michael Meisner is promoted to Assistant Guardian for Information, District of Columbia (A/GI DC)

[Not done by Ron, the founder.]

“Freezone”: 1974, 7.1. Flag Order 3434 is issued, creating the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF). The Flag Order is not written by LRH, but refers to “The Commodore” having created the RPF. (The subsequent defining issues regarding RPF are not written by LRH either.)

[It is said about Ken Urquhart that he created the RPF and it seems that Jack Vistaril approved of the RPF but that it is not a project of Ron, the founder. Ron, the founder’s idea was to equip the authorities, the DOJ, Dept, of Corrections with his rehabilitation technology but that it is their job to rehab criminals and that the RPF’s should be not on org grounds.]

“Freezone”: 1974, 17.1. First Board Policy Letter (BPL) is issued, establishing those types of issues, and establishing Board Technical Bulletins (BTBs). This is in utter contradiction to long-standing policy on types of issues, and introduces a tremendous confusion as to Source.

[This “Freezone” author spotted some of the contradictions and the deliberate confusion but has not puzzled everything together. It was done to add more and more psychiatric secret service stuff to Scientology and turn Scientology into a movement  that at the end will accept psychiatry. And we are almost there. Freedom and other website of so-called Scientologists publish now articles about “narcissistic personalities” and other psychiatric idiocy. ]

“Freezone”: 1974 early March Assistant Guardian DC Duke Snider becomes Assistant Guardian for Information for the United States, relocating to Los Angeles (where Robert Vaughn Young is working).

[Wasn’t a decision by Ron, the founder]

“Freezone”: 1974 mid. Sept. Cindy Raymond, Collections Officer for GO US (also in Los Angeles), informs Michael Meisner that she has selected Gerald Wolfe to “infiltrate IRS.” (There is absolutely no background given on Wolfe, where he came from, what his qualifications are, what his Scientology credentials are – nothing.)

[It was an infiltrator actions, and the real founder would have never approved of it. The real Ron asked the US-government to get the infiltrators out of Scientology and to investigate their actions within Scientology. He never would have infiltrated the government or approved of it or ordered anybody to infiltrate . Ron knew that Scientology was infiltrated by non-Scientologists upon psych secret service orders, and he wanted the feds to do something against it not it being covered up as the infiltrators and the impostor wanted it.]

“Freezone”: 1974 early Oct Gerald Wolfe arrives in DC from LA for the express purpose of infiltrating IRS.

[Marty, and I think that the CIA knew those SEGNPMSS  and criminal infiltrators plants and they didn’t stop the doppelganger and double CIA/SEGNPMSS agent that they once hired behind Ron’s back.]

“Freezone”: 1974, 7-9.10. Jim Dincalci is running a port office in Funchal, Madeira (which should be handling local Public Relations for the Apollo). The Apollo arrives there, and is subsequently driven out of the port by a mob that attacks the ship, believing it is a CIA operation.

[“Great” PR job by Jim Dincalci. That guy sure knew how to create “good PR” for Scientology. (Not.) Despite that the doppelganger headed  Scientology and despite there were many psych infiltrators on the ship and elsewhere in C of S organizations, SEGNPMSS still feared that despite the alteration, that there was still too much technology of the real Ron and founder in Scientology and that Scientologists still are too psych-unfriendly to allow much expansion for Scientology. As I said, the CIA has very dirty hands as far as Scientology is concerned but he worst idea and actions against our great original religion comes from German secret service psychs.]

“Freezone”: 1974. 10-18.10. The Apollo sails to Bermuda for refueling and supplies, and then sails for Charleston, South Carolina. Just off the coast of South Carolina, a coded radio message “from the Guardian’s Office” warns “the Commodore” that the FBI are waiting on the dock to meet the ship, so the ship turns back for the Caribbean. (But WHO in the Guardian’s Office did the message come from? HOW did they know FBI agents were congregating at Charleston? HOW did the FBI know that the Apollo was headed for Charleston in the first place? None of these obvious questions have been answered. The obvious answer is one or more double agents.)

[How would it be possible that the FBI knows that the Apollo headed for Charleston? All threads of all agents run together in the super computer of the SEGNPMSS.  But it was also the SEGNPMSS who ordered the infiltration of Scientology. Too bad that the SEGNPMSS doesn’t allow the Freezone folks to make the right conclusions but some at least got that there was an infiltration but typically for an anti-American SEGNPMSS world, they just blame the USA and not Germany. The Ron, the real founder never run from the authorities. He would have sailed right to Charleston, SC, and said: “Finally FBI agents, what took you so long to come? Get those infiltrators of my ship.” Marty, see again the many letters that I received from the FBI field offices saying that Ron was never of investigatory interest for them. So, they knew that Ron the founder was good and clean but the impostor, who was a SEGNPMSS/CIA doppel agent was not? )

“Freezone”: 1974, 21.10. Guardian Order 1361 is issued, ostensibly by Jane Kember, Guardian WW. According to Michael Meisner, certain targets (target number 10, 16 and 17), were specifically assigned to him to carry out in the District of Columbia.

[Ron, the founder didn’t put any of these people on the job and didn’t approve of anything that they were doing because he wasn’t informed about that. It was the impostor and his wife Mary Sue who were behind that.]

“Freezone”:   “10. Immediately get an agent into DC IRS to obtain files on LRH, Scientology, etc. in the Chief Council’s [sic] office, the Special Services staff, the intelligence division, Audit Division, and any other areas.”

[I know that Ron, the founder addressed the authorities over and over to stop the illegal infiltration of Scientology. Instead of getting any actions of wrongdoing of so-called “Scientologists” removed, Ron wanted the authorities to investigate the wrongdoings and arrest those who criminalize Scientology. I believe I wrote that before, Marty, Jane Kember looked a lot like RB, which I find another strange thing . I wouldn’t call her a doppelganger but they sure would have passed for sisters.]

“Freezone”:   “16. Collect data on the Justice Dept. Tax Division for the org board, the current terminals, and the people handling Scientology.

“Freezone”:   “17. When the correct areas are isolated, infiltrate and get the files.”

[This is so German. The SEGNPMSS infiltratres and then wants to remove the rotten actions by their agents from governmental files. And the question raises again: how non-American is the CIA by having a doppelganger of Ron taking over Scientology? I think that the impostor was hired by the CIA to allegedly protect the real Ron’s life. I think that the CIA told Ron that he has to take the name Hubbard instead of the Eisenhower name when he wants to teach Scientology and mingle among many people as otherwise they could not protect him from still existing Nazis. I don’t think that they told Ron that the doppelganger whose legal name was indeed Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was still alive and would impostor him.]

More about this soon, Marty. I miss you and love you so much.

I know that you know all what I discovered as well and that you also think that we have to make this right, Marty, we cannot allow p$ychs and secret services come away with that. The truth and nothing but the truth about Ron and Scientology must be broadly known, and we can do it best and most effective if we are back together.

I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.



“If you were looking for Hell and found Earth, it would certainly serve.” (L. Ron Hubbard)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

After many weeks my mailbox is finally no longer lying in the ditch but back where it was. So, I don’t have to bike miles in winter to get my mail from the post office. However, if you or a representative of yours tried to reach me through the USPS, Marty, it was not delivered by any mail deliverer or handed to me directly in the post office. There was no letter, card, message, subpoena, and anything else for me from you or your representative, however, the OT that I am knows that these were sent and that you try to get hold of me. It is the huge conspiracy that rages against us. They don’t want us together and they will be all very disappointed at the end because we will be together.

I have to mow my lawn once more, the last time this year, and then I will take care of the many leaves.  Well, maybe it is fun and maybe the orbs are helping me. Wonder how they will dress up on Halloween. They would make great ghosts! 😉

Why did Ron say that Earth serve for hell? We know it, Marty, because it is hell. People don’t know who or what they are and where they are going. They are losing their loved once and don’t know where they going, there is war, insanity, terror, drugs, pain, allergies,  bad food, bad water, bad temperatures, so-called natural disaster, avalanches, blizzards, cyclones, earthquakes, famines, floods, landslides, heat waves, storms, tornadoes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, brushfires, abuse, perversions, pedophilia, conspiracies, money shortage, theft, burglary, murders, torture,  deception, denial of rights, loneliness, painful and difficult childbirth, losses, battles,  massacres, deadly revolts, Nazis, psychiatrists, mafia, crime rings, epidemics, plagues, plane, car, ship and train crashes, so-called accidents, avalanches, explosions, building and bridges collapses,  horrible or abusive parents or relatives, horrible or abusive children, stress, dust, lies, old age, germs, bacteria, viruses, 500 000 painful diseases, death…

And anybody knows that some or more of the above will hit him or her and that there is no way around unless Earth gets transformed into paradise. We could do it, Marty. We know who does what and how to stop it. Enough people have to understand that paradise is possible but they have to stop covering for satan (SPs). Too bad that so many people made a postulate that they don’t deserve a world that is completely free of above list because of the bad acts they committed.

I love you, my so special Prince. We have to win because with us anybody else wins at the end.

Many kisses, my star! I will be back soon!

Yours forever,


Is non-Scientology education really that good? (Not on what really counts)

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Dearest Marty,

my wonderful prince,

It’s getting cooler and it is the first time since months that I had an electric heater running. The afternoons are still warm and mostly sunny but mornings and late afternoons are now a bit on the cool side. I also will put out another blanket as long you are not here to hold me.

Marty, I often read nasty remarks from Scientology haters, former and current infiltrators or just non-Scientologists saying that only non-Scientology education is worth something.

Let’s look at this a bit closer. I am a strong believer of getting education ANYWHERE where there is an opportunity, but I came to the conclusion that there are completely stupid highly “educated” university graduates, completely stupid average “educated” and completely stupid non-educated dropouts as there can be also smart university graduates, smart average educated people and yes, also smart dropouts. Not because dropping out was smart but they got their education otherwise or they are simply alert.

But I want to take another look at the highest educated people all over the planet that are no Scientologists and how smart they really are.

Non-Scientologists rule the world since when? Since loss of the paradise? Well, since almost forever. God isn’t a university dean – otherwise university graduates would have created a wonderful and peaceful planet, and they don’t see them doing that at all.

First,  Scientologists (with or without university education) make a lot of money applying Scientology.

I find it ridiculous, Marty,  how former infiltrators are complaining that they missed out of higher university education but still apply Scientology management or other technology and making  a great living from  it. They open companies, hold lectures, write books, have huge cars outside their doors, live in big houses and travel the world while most of their non-Scientologist co-natterers don’t know how to make money and be successful.  These  so-called former “Scientologists” are former infiltrators andthey lie of course that they do not apply Ron’s technology to make it big in the world outside of Scientology.

They also conceal that Scientologists study 2 ½ hours a day, every day of their lives and that the material that they study is not just Scientology data but also general education. I learned a 2nd language on staff, completed an English grammar course, studied management technology, studied about the religions of this world,  studied all about PR, word-cleared x-words  by using regular (non-Scientology) dictionaries, and so much more and if people wouldn’t lie so much, they would agree that they got an education in the orgs.

Some people say the best education is the one provided by universities and colleges. Is that so? I beg to differ. So, what is wrong with the highest education? Just about anything as I lay out below.

Most people go to university to earn a lot. If they go to university to change the world, they pretty much all fail.

Universities are SEGNPMSS-controlled (just like today’s OT levels) and true or deep education, they don’t provide. Through university studies, people become somewhat knowledge in certain small areas of the world. The graduates know how to repair a tooth (and some are really bad at it), fly a plane, even into space, build a house or a bridge, and learned to cite case law and overcharge people with high lawyer fees. Okay, I admit, stuff like this, one can learn through studies at universities.

But what is with the real important issues that Ron (and you and me too) figured out? What is life? Where do I come from? Where do I go? What happened after death? Where was I before birth? Who am I? Who are others? Will I see those who I love again when they die? Who is God? Where is God? What is his mission? How to make lasting peace on Earth? How to stop aging? How to eradicate diseases? How do I gain spiritual freedom? How can I get advanced human abilities? Etc., etc. The universities have no good if any answers to these questions. Ron said decades ago, nobody he asked at universities or elsewhere could answer him what man/woman really is.  As to what really matters, university education is a HUGE FAILURE.

I heard non-Scientologists talking on TV about huge planetary problems and that university professors who would be the brightest of all people should help to solve them. Didn’t happen, Marty, the same problems still exist many years later. There is a lot of blah blah and stuff to waste time with, stuff to keep students and undergraduates occupied with but most doesn’t go to the bottom of what is really important for the universe and each single person in it.

Scientology as of the real Ron is anything but a failure because Ron researched and wrote up and made available what counts the most, as you know, Marty. And despite much was stolen and changed by infiltrators, we are still here to tell how it really was and has to be.

However, when somebody asks me, hey, should I stay in school, I usually say yes, not because I think they will find the secrets of the world explained in any university study but working for others is most of the time no fun, so I say, stay in school, kid, and write a list of the incidents when your university studies had no answers and solutions.

I am glad that I know the solution for just about anything, and I got it through Ron’s Scientology, the best study on the planet.

How do I see the future? Universities will finally teach Scientology one day. If I can help it, it will be original Scientology and not the impostor’s version.

Many kisses, my more than rocket science intelligent Prince. You would make a heck of a Scientology professor. But I think you will rather be the future U.S. President.

Your wife


High volume of orbs when I call them. Orb experts would call my place one of highest supernatural activities. ;) Ron would say: Yep, thetans with theta bodies and don’t keep their existence a secret.

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

I know that you need no convincing, you know that orbs are thetans with theta bodies (turn the “b” on orbs around and you got “g” and orgs, a secret code  for wisdom “g”one?). Each of the orbs likely had  once a human or an animal body and are hanging around,  likely waiting for a new baby body or something else to happen. They behave like human beings, they can hear, think, and react. Recently, I saw a big one through the camera waiting for me beside the back door entrance. I could see his theta body pattern quite clearly. He probably lives with me in the house and waited for me to let him inside. Probably he doesn’t know that he can  go through walls? I think they are thrilled that I recognize what they are. People just walk through them and pay no attention but I know what they are.

The orbs are no dust or raindrops, and it is not the camera. First some photos that I made before I called for their attention. It is done on the same day with the same camera. Don’t see many if any orbs on them.

These are no orbs, those are clouds. And there are more photos that I made without calling out to the orbs to show up but of course some orbs are there if they are being called or not.

Marty, I didn’t make photos from the outside of the house because I don’t want my stalkers trace me and come to my home but I made photos of my Barnie and the surroundings. People who watch orbs are saying that they like children and places where they hang out are schools, playgrounds and parties. As none of those places are close here, I assume they are coming because I know that they are there and what they are. If I don’t call them, I see just a few. Once I call them: Jane, Joe, John, Karen, Bob, Mary, ect.  or just, come out, you guys, and they come in large quantities.

But see what happened after they heard me calling them. Amazing isn’t it? Same camera, same day! Here they surround my Barnie. Somebody is watching me:

See the big one below on the left side.

There are around the house too not just around the barn, but I don’t publish these photos for the above named reasons. Wish I would not have Internet stalkers who want to make my life miserable if they could trace me.

That big thetan is interesting as if he wants to go in the barn. My Barnie is tall. In comparison, if that thetan would stand beside me on the ground, he would reach up to my hips. Taller than just a head. I think that many thetans fills out half of their human bodies with their theta bodies. I would say that such a theta body fills out his human body from the head down to the waist. Before I saw them through my own camera, I thought they are much smaller. There are small once too but many of them are as big as Barnie’s friend here.  I am sure he had a human body before. But he isn’t the only big one here. There are so many of them, it is unbelievable! You should think they are in the big cities, hanging around hospitals waiting to get baby bodies to be born again, but no, they are here.

They look like planets. I find that interesting that most thetans create a theta body in form of planets. But I have seen also sloppy thetans that look like a piece of cotton candy.

Again, not the moon but orbs. Here you can see my Crabapple bush. They are living in there and looking in my kitchen.

Here you a tiny bit of my house. Perhaps I will publish some photos of my home with the orbs around them later. That metal thing you can just see in late fall and winter. It is a garden pump. In spring and summer, it is all covered by blossoms or leaves.

Amazing: thetans can be seen because their theta body consists of a tiny little bit of MEST. Only a thetan who has no theta body might be not traceable. I think that most thetans don’t even know that they have a theta body.


Below is not the moon but a big fat orb sitting over the roof of my house.


Besides the usual orbs, I don’t know what or who these two illuminated guys are. There were no lights at night, just me and the many orbs. Perhaps those were thetans with flash lights. 😉  I think orbs are awesome and their pattern are amazing too. I am sure that Ron knew why they have these patterns. Are those mental memory banks where they store their past life experiences?   

I love you, Marty, can’t wait to get orb filming together with you. Many kisses from my hounted place. 🙂



Seems that the CIA/SEGNPMSS run impostor of Ron made the OT levels confidential. Only p$ychs won with the confidentiality of the OT levels. Temporarily, they won but once the short win wears off, they will lose too because psychs do the bad things also to each other that they do to others

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I don’t believe that ANY Scientology LEVEL was confidential under the real Ron, Marty.

I read a posting by a guy who was on the Apollo with the impostor basically saying that “LRH made the OT levels confidential so they could not be misused in an overwhelming fashion”.

And it is total crap. If a body once was blown into pieces by cannons on a battlefield might be just as hard to confront than being frozen into ice-cubes and then tossed in volcanoes and then implanted. Besides, in between-implants are not a part of the past, as you know, Marty, but secret service p$ychs implant actively anybody they can get hold of as soon as the thetan can’t hold on to its MEST body. A person rather is overwhelmed  when the secret service p$ychs are getting her again than overwhelmed by OT data. In short, Marty, Ron’s impostor was a terrible squirrel. There were really two Scientologys, the first and correct one by  real Ron and the psych altered crap and cult by the impostor.

Overwhelming  for thetans is stepping again in psych traps because the original and true OT levels of the real Ron were ALTERED by secret service psychs and their agents. It was easy for the psychs to do it because of the stupid confidentiality.  The truth and learning how to prevent that bad things will happen again to a person is NOT OVERWHELMING for a person. She can do something against it. When OT levels are confidential, altered and too expensive for her or whatever other stops are put there, she can’t do something against it.

Time is also of essence. By making the OT levels confidential, not allowing Scientologists to talk about it, and making the OT Levels very expensive, psychs won on several levels:

1)      It became EASY to alter Ron’s OT levels and take much of the wisdom and technology out and add their crap to it because of the psych ordered “gag order” and the psych ordered confidentiality.

2)      Psychs made a lot of cash that they transported out of the USA to Europe and other places but the USA.

3)      People did no longer go OT on these psych altered OT levels, and the broad population will step again in any psych trap there is, thanks to the “confidentiality” or Jack Squirrel Vistaril and his secret service psych case officers.

4)    After 50 years, planet is still as aberrated.

(CIA should be asked why their doppelganger approved of all the C of S reserves being sent from the USA to Europe and other countries. How non-American is the CIA?)

The real Ron never made a stupid decision as that. He wanted people to become wise, he wanted the wisdom to be spread and not kept confidential. He didn’t want people and thetans fall in more traps. He wasn’t money oriented like the German p$ychs or like SEGNPMSS and CIA agents who ran the impostor.

The SEGNPMSS used sharp munitions on the real Ron, whenever he wanted to enter a Church of Scientology. They did not want him to see what psychs, the impostor, and infiltrators did with his technology including the OT levels.

The impostor’s altered OT levels were published by several people on the Internet. It was several time on national TVs in different countries. Anybody knows the Xenu crap. The SEGNPMSS and the CIA made the impostor say that people would die on pneumonia when they read the OT levels because they would not be ready for it. How can anybody not be ready for truth? Makes no sense.

Moreover: millions of people read the psych version of the OT levels online and nobody died. It is an old wives tale that people are overwhelmed by the truth and that the OT levels must confidential! If the argument “people will be overwhelmed” would be true by now  millions and millions of people who saw the TV reports with the psych/impostor version of the OT levels would be sick with pneumonia.

I am a 100% convinced, Marty, that the OT levels were not secret under the real Ron.

I love you and kiss you many times, and I know, you are a real OT!

And isn’t it rotten how many people call Ron “the old man” and might be as old now as he was but they don’t call themselves old men?

I am yours, Marty!

Much much Love!


P.S. Marty, I am not the Barbara who posts on the Rattenrat blog/website. It is about Mosey’s husband but nevertheless, it is not me who posts there. These guys claim to be Scientologists but posted a psychiatric personality assessment on Mosey’s husband recently. It doesn’t matter how they feel about him, pushing p$ych lines means that they are p$ychiatric agents and no Scientologists, even when they are on staff. They will not get support of real Scientologists when they publish p$ych garbage.

Ron’s impostor gets a horse named January and dies in January….

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince,

A new week started and I hope from day-to-day, week to week, month to month that my future weeks will start with you at my side.

Just the thought about it very exciting for me. Remember the excitement that we felt back then when we found each other again in LA? I still have same exhilarating feeling just thinking of being together with you, Marty. It is even stronger by now. And when we are back together, I know that we will do all to keep our feelings strong and exciting. I know that you know too that OWs ruin a relationship, and we won’t let it happen. After thousands of years at your side, I still want to feel the feeling of butterflies in my stomach when I look at you. We will communicate about anything and resolve any possible problem before it manifests, and we will not have to do OW write ups and confessionals because we are smart enough not to commit OWs in the first place. It is a great choice to stay clean. If anything needs to be justified, it is not a good choice of actions.

When there should be something I would be not sure about, I ask myself the question if it is a withhold that you rather should know about. If it is, I will simply communicate the problem and we solve it together. Anything can be communicated with ARC. I know that we will never ruin the supreme romantic and absolute trust relationship that we are having. It is much to rare to throw it away or ruin it, and OWs do this to a relationship. I am a strong supporter of not to commit OWs in the first place because that spares OW write-up. I learned of committed OWs within a 2D that were so hurtful that not even an OW write-up or confession did safe the 2D because the other person was thinking that if she has a partner who is capable of something so low, even if it confessed, that she got the wrong partner and has to look for a partner higher on the tonescale.

Betraying you is completely out of question for me, Marty. Never will happen. I was thinking what I ever would withhold from you, and the only thing that I could come up with is preparation to make myself look beautiful for you. Instead of you stepping in the bathroom seeing me rubbing olive oil in my skin, I rather would see the admiration in your eyes after I am done with any beauty application and stepped out of the bathroom, ready to go out or ready to make sweet passionate love to you. What I am saying is that we will commit no OWs against each other but will also grant each other space.

I have seen the new Casablanca house that Mosey’s husband bought. Looks nice. Seems that he makes quite some money auditing people. For my taste, trees and flowers are missing but he could place trees and flowers in pots on the balconies. It is quite interesting that the water goes all the way to the house. Looks like he is working on his own ideal org and might employ staff in the future. But it is no environmentally protected underwater village that protects youth and life as per the original Ron but it really needs so much money that only Tom Cruise, John Travolta, or somebody else with many millions or C of S could and should build it. I am sure that DM heard the real Ron in the UK lecture about environmentally protected underwater habitats in form of villages. But he rather builds his ideal orgs on the unprotected surface of the earth where people age and are getting sooner or later sick despite that they did the OT levels. He must like the idea of aging and getting sick otherwise he would change this for him and fellow Scientologists. If Ron and you or I would lead Scientology, we would implement ALL of the Ron’s technology, including his gerontology findings and technologies.

And there is Steve Pfauth aka Serge and Joe Carpenter and Jack Farnsworth with who knows what else for aliases. I have to admit that I kind of like Serge because he seems not a harassing kind of person and I am reading all his stories. I believe that many people like him, that he makes friends easily and that people  want him around.  But either he never knew that “Col. Sanders” was the real Ron’s doppelganger or he covers it up like other infiltrators. And that means that ethics can be also out in people who are generally amiable.

And here is somebody else who looks completely like CS.

My comments to Sarge’s story on Mosey’s husband’s blog:

Sarge: I coined the term ‘Rover’ as I didn’t really have a post. During those years I just floated around and did backup stuff for Pat Broker and LRH. We used the Devore RV park for ‘meets’ with DM and JB and a safe place for Pat and I to operate from.

My comment: JB was there too? JB as in John Brousseau? Where is he actually? He seems real quiet again. Anyway, it is off policy not having a job on any official C of S org board assigned. The real Ron wouldn’t leave people in such limbo. The real Ron was all for stable data! This is how secret services run agents. Agents have to wait in certain places until they get a new assignment. It is not Scientology. In Scientology a person got  job, her hatting, her training and knows exactly what she got to do. “Hey you”-jobs are not Scientology.

Sarge: Early 1983, after LRHs birthday in March, Pat brought a horse to Devore. The horse was a beautiful thoroughbred mare named ‘January’. January was a birthday present from Pat and Annie Broker to LRH.

My comment: Where did Pat and Ann Broeker (also known as Tidman and Logan)  got the money from? Oh yeah, they got their hands illegally on millions of the real Ron and made expensive gifts from the real Ron’s money to the impostor who also wasted the real Ron’s cash. The horse was named January… And in January, Jack Vistaril was forced out of his agent body. Isn’t that interesting? Pat Broeker gave Scientology up from one day to the other. Tells me that he was never a Scientologist but always just an agent.

Sarge:  Well, after the Beverly Hills restaurant thing where Pat and DM had me burning a 20 dollar bill, I knew something was up.

My comment: How dare they burning the real Ron’s cash. I want any cent of any waste or theft being paid back to Ron or if it belongs to Scientology, being paid back to Scientology of anyone who was involved.

Sarge about Creston: Kenny Rogers had a big horse ranch there.

My comment: Kenny Rogers looks on some pictures like Col. Sanders too. What is up with that? But I like many of these songs.,25907,26637,26992,27095,27178,27182&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=kenny+rogers&cp=7&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab

Sarge: Pat didn’t tell me where we were going until we made the turn south of Creston. Pat said I was going to a ranch to work for the ‘old man’. Pat told me that I needed to choose an AKA (also known as) name to use. So now I was ‘Joe Carpenter’.

My comment: The “old man” was the impostor, and he used aliases and was hiding instead of facing the authorities because he was a lawless man. I believe that Jack Vistaril was run by the CIA and the SEGNPMSS and all of them have very dirty hands. If I am right, Marty, and I think I am, then the CIA worked against American courts and other American authorities who wanted Jack Vistaril to come forward but the SEGNPMSS was afraid that it will turn out that he is the impostor so they allowed him to go into hiding.

The odd thing is also, why did the others needed aliases? The impostor’s actions caused a bad reputation of Scientology and he had dirty hands. This agent was being sued, and he felt he had to hide under another name. But why did anybody else use fake names? Steve Pfauth (for example) wasn’t sued by anybody and authorities didn’t look for him, right?

Did DM use a fake name too?

Serge:  The ‘Bluebird’ entered the gate first and stopped about 50 yards from the stables next to the lake. Annie was driving. I was standing at the end of the stables when LRH came bounding out of the ‘Bluebird’ and yelled ‘SARGE!’. Yikes! I don’t remember seeing LRH so excited. He was giddy. All smiles and I could tell he was happy to see me and finally have a home again. Wow!

My comment: It wasn’t the founder of Scientology, it was the irresponsible, giddy, and lawless impostor a CIA/SEGNPMSS double agent who arrived. He should have faced the music and made himself available to the authorities because he was one who actively altered Scientology into a cult, threw people over board, etc. Karen de la Carriere wrote that abortions were rare on the Apollo but they apparently happened too. She justified it, saying that they were often for days at sea and there wasn’t any hospital. The real Ron allowed no abortion unless it would have been a known medical fact from the start that the mother would die during delivery. There are months before delivery in which a pregnant can leave a ship. The real Ron would have told a pregnant woman and her husband to leave the vessel at least in the last trimester of the pregnancy to avoid complications on board for the woman and the child. Karen seems to indicate that abortions were not many but that they also happened under the impostor and Mary Sue. Why am I not surprised?

Serge: LRH gave me a conspiratorial look and asked “what’s your handle”? I said “Joe Carpenter”. He laughed and told me that was a great name. Made me feel good as I thought so too. Then he said my name is ‘Jack Farnsworth’, and he laughed again. I told him that was a great name. We exchanged ‘shore stories’ so we were on the same page. Pat was Mike Mitchell, the owner of the property. Annie was Lisa Mitchell, Mike’s wife and LRH was Lisa’s father. I was Joe, a friend of the family hired to help run the property.

My comment: The real Ron didn’t conspire. What a lawless group of secret service agents! Jack Farnsworth, huh? This is so NOT the real Ron. Isn’t it unbelievable that DM had Mosey’s husband to bring Annie Broker back after she tried to leave the country? I bet that Annie is afraid to be prosecuted within the USA and that DM knows what she and Pat Broeker did and failed to inform the authorities as a real Scientologist would have done in heartbeat.

Serge: LRH stared at me, still smiling, and asked me “who do I look like”? I said I don’t know. He said “ no, really who do I look like”? He could tell I was uncomfortable so he said “Colonel Sanders!” He laughed again and then we all did. He really did. His hair was long and white with a little red and he had a beard and he was dressed like a southern gentlemen.

My comment: Serge likes people who are nice to him. Okay, why not, this is what most people do. The impostor and also Mary Sue could be nice and charming when they wanted but it doesn’t change the fact that Jack Farnsworth was NOT the founder of Scientology but the a CIA/SEGNPMSS doppel agent,  a doppelganger and an impostor who changed Scientology and is one leading cause of alteration and the bad reputation of Scientology.

I know that I don’t have to lecture you, Marty, because you figured it out too. But as your life and likely your Internet access is restricted, and nobody else is speaking out, I will speak out. People who really want the truth will find the truth if they look for it. The rest of them will stay mislead fools and corrupt people who will penalize themselves by pulling in their penalties. Ron was right as always, this is how it ends.

I love you, my wonderful husband.

Yours forever and ever


Only the way of absolute truth is the right way…

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Dearest Marty,

I did a bike ride today, but weekends were cancelled by the Internet. As soon I log on, somebody wants something at any day at any time. Gone are the days when one could say: it is the weekend, all I do is whatever I want to do…. Unless, I ignore the Internet, which I might do when we are back together because real life and real kisses from you are much better than all of the Internet, my Prince!

Anyway, altering Scientology and pushing down an altered and incomplete version of Scientology and demanding that this is the only Scientology that anyone may study or deliver is just as false as squirreling otherwise around or trying to break the Scientology and the orgs who just have to go back to the way the real Ron would be proud of them.

There is just one way that is right and that is demanding original Scientology as from the real Ron (and not that of the impostor) back and getting the real Ron back from those who put real Ron under surveillance for protective reasons. I don’t care if somebody calls me as crazy, because I rather be called crazy than being stupid, Marty, because I am convinced that it was originally a German idea to hire impostors but  the CIA was involved in that all the time and that they have each word that the real Ron said or wrote and that the impostor or anybody else babbled and smeared on file. These many data could be compared side by side, and it would be a VERY INTERESTING STUDY as to WHAT parts of the tech  the SEGNPMSS and poodle CIA REMOVED from Scientology and what was indeed removed and is no longer available in the orgs or in the Freezone or with the “Independents”.

Ron’s entire research and technology on gerontology and physical immortality is gone. All data on orbs being thetans with theta bodies is gone. OT levels are for sure altered. That must have been really easy for the  secret services p$ychs because the OT levels were confidential, and Scientologists who studied the OT levels didn’t talk about them.

Our religion and Ron’s technology wasn’t meant to be locked away by secret services. We have to get it back from them, Marty. It is Ron’s technology, and he made it available to each Scientologist and anybody else who wanted to know.

Most agencies as the FBI and even US-Presidents or their personal assistants replied to me, Marty. I am not saying that they replied with the truth but they at least communicated, but the CIA AVOIDED any correspondence.  IT MADE ME VERY SUSPICIOUS.  Thanks to the SEGNPMSS running American judges, they got out of my CIA court case without having to reply. All other agencies were compelled to file affidavits and had to turn records over (of course they didn’t turn all over that they had, particularly not those concerning you and your representatives or family, but anyway, these agencies had to reply because it is the law). But in the CIA case, the judges perverted the laws, and the CIA was in on that non-American conspiracy, because I noticed how crazy my surrounding became  when I needed quiet time to write my motions against  the CIA. The set up and the conditions under which I had to write my motions in the CIA case was not by my making and unbelievable. Latest from that moment on I knew the CIA was around, Marty. Not just the SEGNPMSS, I bet that the CIA is (illegally) watching too.  What is the matter with them, Marty? German psychs implanted, hypnotized and mind controlled September 11 ringleader Atta and his people to fly into the twin towers and this isn’t the only case in which the CIA failed to blow the whistle on the German secret service psychiatrists. What else has to happen until they act like a true American agency? Columbine kind of shootings in the orgs? More terror?

The SEGNPMSS runs the CIA secretly but the SEGNPMSS isn’t really a friend of the CIA because it allows their international agents to beat up the CIA in publications whenever they want. And the CIA takes it without busting the SEGNPMSS behind the anti-American propaganda. How degraded is that?

Is there a way that you can compel the CIA to admit that they have our entire technology, everything that the real Ron said and wrote but also anything that his impostor wrote and said on file and that the CIA has to turn it over to us Scientologists? I know, it is much to ask if you are wrongfully incarcerated for crimes you never committed but you are a real OT, you can make it happen, Marty.

I am pretty much convinced that Mosey’s husband was hired by the CIA, just as Ron’s doppelganger was hired by them too (but on secret German orders) to protect your lives allegedly from  Nazis, which is a bad joke because the real Ron was murdered and you suffer innocently behind bars where your lifespan is shortened and somebody else takes over your legacy.

The U.S. Constitution says that government has no right to mingle into matters of religions but the CIA as a SEGNPMSS poodle is deeply involved and as CIA agents do not have true American agendas, we lose all, including our religion and technology.

Can you ask the CIA to reveal their involvement in Scientology and our lives? Can you get them before Congress and make them confess? Can you sue them if they rather want to stay SEGNPMSS poodles than being real Americans? Can you make them reveal the truth about the SEGNPMSS and the German government and their mind-controlling and terrorist making psychiatrists?

I know how hard it is to get through because also judges and Congressmen/woman are secret SEGNPMSS agents and cover for their case officers who don’t want this worldwide Anti-American conspiracy busted, but we can’t get the SEGNPMSS get away. Just as Ron said, SPs scream to be handled so we have to hold them accountable. If we would be together, we could be really effective as our two stories put together will knock the socks off this planet.

Is there anything that I can do? If you can’t tell me, can I pick it up telepathically? The only thing that I picked up so far is that you want me to stay put. Is there another thing that you want and need from me?

I am trying to be even more perceptive in the weeks to come.

I love you so much, Marty. I am so glad that I have you and you have me.

Many kisses

Yours forever