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Gerson therapy – sounds really smart to me – except some things are missing…

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Dearest Marty,

How are you on this early November day? Afternoons are rather nice here but evening and mornings sure are on the chilly side, and I put a space heater back in the bathroom like last years because I am no hero showering in the cold. When we were children, RB showered us with really cold water to “toughen” us up. She said, we just should repeat: “I don’t feel cold, I don’t feel cold, I don’t feel cold…” and then we would not feel that the water is cold. She must have heard that from crazy German doctors who also inspired the impostor Jack Vistaril and His Cobness to throw people overboard and into cold ponds, where they could suffer cardiac arrests. I sure toughened up. But not the way RB wanted it. I screamed so loud that the neighbors could hear it, so she put away with the cold showers.

I saw yesterday the documentation of the Gerson miracle, Marty. Here is a link:

The quality of the documentary is not very good, the camera moves around too much and the non-vital sounding voice of the old doctor is annoyingly monotone as if he reads the data mechanically from a piece of paper. They should have hired a professional speaker with a clear voice to do this.

But generally, they are right but some parts, the Gerson people don’t approach, e.g. medical terrorism as far as remote-controlled germs and a lifestyle in a closed protected village with a roof and own oxygen, water and food necessary. completely away from any toxins and any possibility of medical terrorism is concerned, as Ron, the founder (not Jack Vistaril) discovered it and how you and your family discovered and supports it. I learned that organic food isn’t often that organic because the  toxins from one field blow over to the organic fields or are in the ground water.

The Purif helps a lot to get rid of it and indeed takes away mind fog, but not all of it. The Purif is great, I had wonderful wins but there was more tech by Ron concerning the subject staying healthy or not getting effect to toxins and germs. For physical immortality, people should live so that any purification wouldn’t even be necessary. The Purif does good when certain things  went wrong but the stuff that the Purif removes from the body shouldn’t be in it in the first  place.  If the human body would never been objected to poison, chemicals, radiation, preservatives, etc. it would need no cleaning and cleaning is never so good than never being contaminated in the first place.

If people are born in such protected villages and if their fountain, food, air, water, and surrounding will be never poisoned by toxins or germs and if they have a defense system shield against medical terror activities, as microwave and germ activation, and if they don’t let UV beams wrinkle their skin, they will have physically eternal youth and health, and they can become thousands of years old with the same body. If Scientology implements the original data of L. Ron Hubbard hereto, people will run in the doors to do Scientology and be a part of it. And when the toxins and germ-controlled inabilities don’t influence their thinking anymore, they will see there is such a thing as engrams but also OT abilities.

They can keep it as long as they want and they can stay forever young, fit, active, sexy, good-looking. Gerson therapy misses this approach of protective living and the Scientology orgs lost these data. They were stolen from Scientology by p$ych/medical agent infiltrators because the medical profession won’t earn money when people stay young, fit, and healthy.

You likely heard of the Gerson therapy, Marty. He was a Jewish physician in Germany, the Nazis killed most of his family and he flew to the USA but the United States government didn’t allow him to open an alternative health clinic in the USA (typically for a psychiatric/medical controlled government) so his daughter decided to open their clinic in Mexico. (Mexico is of course p$ych/medical controlled too but I guess they need the dollars of the people who come to visit the center).

The Institute indicates that Gerson’s original notes were stolen by an infiltrator and that he was poisoned at the end. I think it is true because this is typically an act by other doctors who want to get rid of one who doesn’t poison the human system with chemical drugs or warns how the dangerous chemicals are to the body.

They juice a lot and it makes sense. There is that sick body and they fill it up all hours with a nutritional organic juice, and just an idiot or a corrupt psych/med. terrorist or his agent or the pharma industry would say that it won’t be much better for the body than eating processed food. I am not surprised that they heal and prevent cancer and all kinds of other diseases.

However, if somebody came in contact with germs, bacteria, toxins and radiation, as we all did, because medical terrorism makes sure of that, there is a possibility that any of us can get sick of cancer or any other deadly disease because medical terrorists activate the germs via remote-controlled till the body is destroyed.

One of the people, Norman Walker who juiced nutrients in his body stayed fit all his life and became 117 years old. Still young, if you consider that he could live forever with Ron’s data and your family’s way of life but he lived still 43 years longer than the average person.

The documentation said that Michael Landon who played Charles Ingalls, the lovable Dad of the Series Little House on the Prairie (its corny but always was my favorite TV series) got cancer and started the Gerson diet but that doctors talked him out of it and that he did chemo instead and died on colon cancer. The documentary says that he stated at the end of his life that he should have rather stayed on the Gerson diet and I think that too.

The Gerson diet is anti-salt and I believe also anti many spices. The problem might be that their food may taste rather boring, although one can get used to it  I lived on a diet of fruit and vegetables without salt for 2 years once, not because I was sick but because I was disgusted of processed food and one can get really used to eating that way. I think I will go back on it as a preventative measure as a new years resolution for the coming year.

But what I am saying is this: if a village as yours makes food, spices, sweets, and salt itself and it is free of germs and toxins, food might not just heal diseases and make people live forever, it is also very yummy.

Haters of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology accuse Ron and Scientology of being unprofessional because Ron said too that cancer and other diseases can be healed. What these haters are not telling (or they are too stupid to know) is that Dianetics and Scientology is no longer complete because their psychiatric/medical terrorist case officers had agents steal these alternative living  data from Scientology.

In addition to auditing, training, and the purification rundown, I remember that Ron also said that juicing of raw organic (and also not germ contaminated) food, and alternative protective living away from any toxins (not on the unprotected surface of the earth) is necessary to heal the body of diseases and protect it from disease and aging.

David Miscavige sits on top of Scientology and doesn’t implement these data from Ron, despite he must have heard him talking about this in the UK. What is wrong with His Cobness?

He rather has people ridiculous L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, and he rather has Scientologists die of cancer like other people than re-introducing the environmental protective ways of living of Dianetics and Scientology.   It is not squirrel. Squirrling is not using his technologies of alternative ways of living but rather trying to fit in the stupid chemical and germ invested world as we know it.

We have to change this, Marty. He won’t do it. Looks to me that his non-Scientologist case officer doesn’t allow him to do that. And he complies and rather throws people into ponds and rather keeps busy going after those who once worked with him.

I love you, my Prince, and kiss you many times. We can and will transform planet Earth into paradise.

Yours forever


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  1. Was this shit any type of joke? I bet it was written by a silly doctor or other healthcare professional.


    September 17, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    • You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. What we or others put in our bodies make us sick and kills us. It makes a lot of sense to me that if you put healthy stuff in it (food, water, etc.) that it will heal or not getting sick.

      Barbara Schwarz

      September 17, 2016 at 4:20 pm

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