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A few words about the Elizabeth Smart case

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Dearest Marty, my Hero,

The trial against her kidnapper Brian David Mitchell aka Emmanuel David Isaiah is underway, and I noticed that the defense wants to portray him as insane person. Apparently, he thinks he’s better off and soon again in the streets once p$ychs declare him insane and once judges fell for it, so he behaves DELIBERATELY irrational. Disruption and singing hymns in the courtroom to disrupt belongs to his strategy to get psychiatric treatment instead of prison.

I recall having seen him too in downtown Salt Lake City, right out of the ZCMI mall entry at mainstreet. He was sitting there more or less pan handling but I think he was rather waiting for a female victim. I remember him quite clearly because he did seek direct and intrusive eye contact and was holding it, which is rather unusual with intoxicated bums who have a blurred vision.

By looking him directly in the eyes, I didn’t see a crazy person but am highly alert but very calculating man. His behavior otherwise also told me that he wasn’t acting alone and that him hanging out before the mall was rather organized crime. I can see these things by looking at a person or by looking her into her eyes.

Elizabeth Smart is quoted having said about her kidnapper:  “He was a very capable, intelligent human being.”

No criminal is intelligent because they all are getting caught sooner or later or live with bad conscience all of their lives, but I agree with her that he was completely in control of what he was doing because that is what I saw too looking in his eyes. This guy worked on a plan.

He was dressed like a Jesus impostor, all in white, and I was thinking that he had access to a washer and lots laundry detergent and bleach because his “Jesus”-outfit was really snow white. He had more hair than now and also his long beard was washed and shiny. He reminded me of one of these fanatical Mormon fundamentalists who actively are seeking for a new wife and were checking them out because thinks he owns women and can have as many as he wants and any way he wants them.

I didn’t talk to him, didn’t smile at him of course, just passed him, and walked into the mall.

A while later, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her bedroom. Nobody knew who did it and where she was, and police, and the FBI searched her all over the world and the media reported constantly about that case.

Next to the apartment house in which I lived was a little store. They had a missing poster with her picture in the window. Actually, the poster with her photo and being missing was plastered all over town. You could not make 5 steps in town without seeing another one. Elizabeth must have seen her many photos and the information that she was missing many times.

One day, I was coming home and I saw two women leaving my apartment house. We passed each other on the outside steps of the apartment house. They were dressed all in white, with long white dresses and a veil like Muslim women, except that I never saw Muslim women dressed all in white, rather all in black or in all kinds of colors. But these women who came out of my apartment house were all dressed in white.

I went upstairs in my apartment, minding my own business and did forget about them. I just noticed that there was more activity going on during that time underneath my place in that apartment house, more cooking smell and more use of the shower and the bathroom but I had other things to do and ignored it.

I didn’t see a man. Those were just two women and they seemed to be friends. I didn’t see that one held a knife or a gun. There was no cable on any of the women’s legs. I didn’t see one holding the other as hostage. They left my apartment house together without any man. One of them could have easily reached out to me and said: “Please help me”, which I would have done but she didn’t, and I had other things on my mind and if somebody doesn’t cry for help, I leave people be and don’t intrude. I just saw four eyes that could belong to anyone. I saw and felt no distress from any of these women.

I heard her Mom Lois saying on a morning show that she feels strongly that her daughter is still alive and maybe is in  somebody’s basement.

After police finally identified Elizabeth Smart in the streets and arrested Brian David Mitchell and his wife Wanda Eileen Barzee, information started to unravel, and they lived indeed in my apartment house for approx. one week while the FBI was looking for them. Elizabeth called herself Augustine. Revealing is that she didn’t say that she was kidnapped but that she ran away from home when police stopped them in the street.

Media parked outside of my apartment house and photographed it. (After this wave died down, Salt Lake Tribune reporter Chris Smith entered the same apartment house and left a note at my door that he wants to talk to me because the government denied the free press FOIA records and a story about my FOIA cases could change that. I wrote him that Mitchell, Barzee, and Elizabeth lived in the same house while the world was looking for them but he didn’t mention that in his confused and false light article about me.)

While the FBI, state police, and local police looked everywhere for them, Brian David Mitchell, his wife Wanda Eileen Barzee, and Elizabeth Smart went to parties. What I find incomprehensible is that Elizabeth Smart says that Mitchell raped her on a daily basis but she didn’t run off while on a party or asked the many party guests to protect her. She could have torn her veil off at those parties and shouted: “Help me, I am Elizabeth Smart and I was kidnapped!” Anybody knew who she was, anyone had seen her photo, and most would have called police and brought her home. Instead she goes back with those people and back to places where Mitchell raped her every day three to four times a day, according to her own statement. How did she prevent to get pregnant? I saw her father’s plea on Utah TV after the abduction to get her home. His “crying” looked like real bad acting to me.

It might be true that Mitchell told her that he would kill her, but how can he kill her if there are lots of other people around, jumping on him and Barzee, turning them over to the police and protecting the girl – if she just would have removed her veil and asked the many people for help? If he threatened to kill her family if she’d run off, if he would have been overwhelmed by the other party goes and arrested, he wouldn’t be able to kill anyone.

Like anyone else, I knew that Elizabeth was missing but  I never expected her to run around behind a veil and not being chained to anything and not being held at gun or knife point. If she would have run off, down the street outside my apartment house, in a town that she knew very well because she was lived here, the much older Barzee would have been never able to catch her.

Today, I am pretty sure it was Elizabeth and Barzee who left my apartment house that day.  I lived on the top level, Marty. There was one apartment in between, and Brian David Mitchell and the two women moved into the basement, in an apartment that was rented by a health store clerk. It was directly underneath my place but one other person’s  apartment was in between.

After Mitchell and Barzee were arrested, I met an FBI agent in the same apartment house. He wore a batch and asked me where he can find the manager. I told him. Apparently, he was investigating how long the kidnappers and Elizabeth lived in this place and why they moved in here the first place. Hope they didn’t had the foolish idea of me joining them after I looked Mitchell in the eyes. Last I ever had on my idea is joining a creepy Christian or perverted Mormon fundamental movement. Speak about a destructive and lawless cult!

Also numerous of these fundamental Mormon women have lose screws too by accepting that her perverted husbands can have other women including their own sisters. Or maybe their men are such pains that they are glad that other women are around that don’t have to fight these animals off all the time and can share the pain. What a compliment (NOT!) for these men.

I never surrendered to my kidnappers. I fought them, and I would have escaped at the first opportunity. John Ashcroft, the former Attorney General awarded Elizabeth Smart with some kind of  “Courage Award”.

I feel really sorry for her being taken from her bedroom and being raped but what courage did she show? She stayed with her kidnappers and according to her, the rape continued. Where was her disgust and courage to scream and run?

She had multiple opportunities to tell people that she wants to get away from her kidnappers without that she was held at gunpoint or knifepoint but she never did. She was very young, just 14 when pervert Mitchell got to her but in that age and at the same age as her, I would have escaped at the first opportunity and then would have raised hell to hunt my kidnappers down.

Love and kisses for you, Marty. I am so glad that you are a real Scientologist and truly religious and anything but a pervert.

I miss you, hope to see you soon! Our dreams will come true and we will be back together.

Yours forever,



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    • If that isn’t another strange thing in this matter. Her memoirs? Was he present during that “kidnapping”?

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 26, 2012 at 7:24 am

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