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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince,

Somebody mailed me old advertisements, which I never had seen before. I am shocked about the issues that these ads pushed decades ago. Ronald Reagan advertising for cigarettes. What was he thinking? No unpleasant aftertaste? Anyone has it who sees this ad!

Ronald Reagan is widely regarded as great president. Not by me. The fall of the Berlin wall is attributed to his words: Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. Germany who is also behind communism recognized that they need capitalism to become world leader no. 1  and dominate all others with their insanity. That is why Ronald Reagan was allowed to say this. To help Germany to take over EU and then the rest of the world as the richest and most influential country by holding all other countries, including the USA down. Heil German psychiatric ear implants in all of mankind! Oddly or typically, the Berlin wall came down on my way to the airport when I left Germany forever for the USA.

These ads are so old that I assume they are in the public domain, so I publishing them here. If not, Dr. Marlboro and the others can contact me, and I take it off if they provide the proof that they can’t be published by me on a blog.

Look at this! And why does one need a revolver maybe just once in a lifetime? Because the gun owner is dead too after having using it once?

Desi died on lung cancer, didn’t he?

I’ll be darned,  German heroin sold in the USA.

The P$ychs of course and already then, selling their chemical crap.

What a sexist!

That is so stupid that it made me laugh, too bad that many people believed it.

These ad executives and companies had (have) not much of a conscience, didn’t they?

Man! I read in a history book that many women who had abusive husbands mixed poison in his food or coffee to get rid of him. This guy probably became a statistic.

Tape worms? How gross and dangerous can it get?

Baby raised as an Alcoholic, drunk and stupid.

Smoking is good for you, says Dr. Marlboro. Didn’t the poster boy cowboy for Marlboro die on lung cancer?

Serving the white master in this ad:

They outright lied because smoking causes fatigue.

That is a nasty little ad too. According to this ad executive, woman should not attract one man but more men.

Yeah right! What revolting sexists some men are. I am so glad that you never were like that, Marty.

And that kind of world really sucks. Not just black folks were slaves. Blondie here is too.

Guess it was normal for the time back then to bash women and some old retards still do.

Sugar and artificial sweeteners are good for people, says Dr. Cancer.

They had to paint that woman. Didn’t they get any actress to get photographed with that sexist slogan?

Dr. Marlboro’s baby says that Mom should smoke… Creepy!

I love you, Marty, and want to be with you so very much! Many kisses and I will be back soon.




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