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Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde isn’t crazy. But she isn’t pointing her finger to German secret services and there is where she is wrong.

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

How are you?

Looks that I am getting lots more snows in the next days. As long as heat is in the house, things are alright.

Marty, there are many videos with Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde interviews on YouTube. As far as I know, she was a high medical official for the government of Finland. Wikipiggy makes her look like a nut but what else is new about Wikipedia defaming the state of mind of people? This is unfortunate because she is right on certain subjects on which most other people are clueless about.

I have not read yet anything about her UFO claims. Don’t know what to think about her UFO claims. I never saw a UFO except official shuttles going to the moon and space stations. Although, technically, it is possible to build and operate all kinds of flying objects, and only a majority of people (stupid folks) on this Earth think that there is no life on other planets. But I know how German secret service p$ychs are thinking. They are much too afraid to allow any UFO from out of space land on Earth. They would shoot them down in space in a blink of an eye, afraid that these aliens would do to them what they do to us and others. Whatever Rauni has seen or experienced, I am convinced that it wasn’t from deep space.

She says that there is no death because our brains consists of 87% water, and the body consists of 70% water, and the rest is energy, and according to Albert Einstein, energy doesn’t die, it just changes form. Understanding that she is not her body makes Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde a lot more knowledgeable than many other medical doctors all over the planet.

However, Marty, you know that L. Ron Hubbard (the real one) researched these data already decades before her and others. A person is not her brain or body but a spiritual being, a thetan. He explains that a thetan has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.

So, what is the energy that Rauni-Leena discovered? We all can feel it. When we open and close our eyes very fast, we can feel the energy in our heads. All those Scientologists who went exterior have no doubt of being spiritual beings. So what is that energy? It is the theta body of a thetan, an orb, one of these guys who I captured on camera so often and published on my blog. Here are some that other’s captured on film. Thetans with theta body. Can be seen through good cameras. Wikipiggy is idiotic calling them “dust”.   

Is Rauni correct by saying that there is no death? Yes and no. I once wondered why “death” is on the extended tonescale, Marty. I wondered that when a thetan is a spiritual being, why is death on that scale? And then I figured it out.

Ron didn’t mean the physical body death when Aunt Helga is forced to give her body up because she is 75 years old.  That is the process when the being and its theta body leave the human body, and Rauni, and others are right that there is no death. The old human body is left like a worn out old coat and the being continue to exist. I am sure that Ron meant that the thetan is so down that it  is dead as a thetan.

Einstein was one of those who said that energy continues to exist just alters its form. Ron said the same. But nobody is safe after death because SEGNPMSS alters often the form of that energy. If that energy is altered by psychiatric implant methods, how much is left from the original being?

The energy, the theta body of a diseased person can be captured with cameras and trapped. (Wikipiggy is of course too SEGNPMSS-controlled to get it straight.) I think that if we wouldn’t have a theta body, we would be much safer because nobody could spot or trap us. But we got one, and I assume that not many thetans know how to get rid of one and how to continue to exist just fine or even much better without a theta body. A part of the  original OT levels is not being trapped in any shape of form in between lives.

I am convinced, Marty, that most thetans think that they are their theta bodies after they died. Or some might not even know that they have one. The energy of the theta body can be seen, the thetan with theta body can be trapped and implanted to lose consciousness of its identity as a former human being. The thetan still exists but with a very altered form of awareness. And in my opinion that means that a thetan is sort of dead. Death on the tonescale. Let’s say, doctors trap and destroy the theta body (the energy that Rauni properly discovered inside of herself and others, the energy that survives the death of our human bodies) in millions of parts and implant them into (for example) germs, tiniest animals. If a thetan was thinking that he was his theta body and his theta body was split in many parts and  implanted into millions of bacteria, its “energy” still exist, but I would say that such a being is destroyed compared to what it was before. It lost its former identity.

Another form of alteration (but of course not as drastic as making theta bodies into germs or implanting into other animal bodies) is implanting a thetan who was formerly a woman into a male body or a thetan who was formerly a man into a woman’s body. That thetan is not dead but is altered, and these kind of medical/psychiatric experiments result into confusion and that is of course the basis of homosexuality.

I know it is hard to confront that anybody would do such a thing to others but suppressive people do it and in order to stop it and to get laws against it, people have to become aware of it. That is what Ron meant by saying that the spirit (thetan) must have the same rights as a person (see creed of Scientology). You know all of that, Marty, and I can’t wait talking to you in person about it.

Rauni is right saying that we can be are influenced by energy used against us. She says that she was in Germany on a congress about non-lethal weapons that was visited by scientists and law enforcement of 20 nations. Took place in Germany of all countries, huh? The place of truth and human rights? She makes a big error trusting the Germans.

(Marty, when I saw the Abu Graibh prison photos, I knew that the SEGNPMSS found primitive “Americans” to make Americans look like how the Nazis and the German psychs behind them were and are. I asked myself, how much is the USA taking of that crap until they bust the SEGNPMSS behind such disgusting set ups?)

Rauni says that everybody on that Congress talked about the source, those who are committing mind control and calling them “they”. And an American Colonel wanted to know who “they” are. He had a poster and held it up and blamed the Jews, the CIA, the FBI, and the British Intelligence Service. Isn’t that typically German to find an American traitor to go to Germany to mislead people and distract from the SEGNPMSS? “They” are German psychs, and they blame all the mind control atrocities on their poodles and front groups. Rauni fell in the same trap. “They” are German hard-core psychiatrists, the same force that was behind Hitler, and all the other horrible things that happened before and after the Third Reich. I just mention this era because in the 3rd Reich, they showed their real monster faces more than in any other time.

Germany failed to confess their hidden activities behind secret lethal mind control weapons and blames everything that their secret services, their psychiatrists, their medical doctors are doing on other nations as on the USA, or typically for the Nazis that they always were and still are: on Jews or also on L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

This is not really a joke because the SEGNPMSS supercomputer has indeed access to the inner ear of the entire Earth population. There is even the word EAR in EARth.

Rauni is right that mindcontrol, microwaves, radiowaves etc. are used to kill people but these horrible technologies are not American inventions but those of hard-core German secret service psychs, and they are using them against people and, they are telling their international agents of other secret services to use them too. She says that the USA was opposing the ban of these kind of new mind control weapons of mass destruction. That’s possible because SEGNPMSS radios their international agents to do things upon which the USA will be officially blamed and hated. She says that the USA is the world leader of these new mind control technologies. That’s because the SEGNPMSS is putting their “American” agents up to it. The SEGNPMSS knows that when the broad population will discover that also they are victims of some kind of mind control, they will get so angry that only the USA shall be blamed and not them who hide cowardly behind their “American” and international agents.

She is right that mind control experiments are criminal. The USA is guilty of not having busted the SEGNPMSS and allowing the SEGNPMSS to use it and destroy its reputation and resources. The ultimate goal is to make the USA into a 3rd world country that cries out to Europe and Germany at the top to take it over.  The main fault of the USA is not standing up against the SEGNPMSS. They rather sit there and allowing the USA to be blamed on all the high crimes that the SEGNPMSS set ups to smear and ruin this country.

Here is Rauni:

She says that scientists or people who know too much suddenly die. They have suddenly a heart attack or a brain tumor or whatever and die. She is right. These are some of the ways the SEGNPMSS kills people through remote control. Or they are getting rid of people who know too much in plane or car crashes. But America isn’t the source of that evil. It is German. It always was. And it needs to be convicted.

I love you, my wonderful husband. I miss you so much. Even without being able to talk to you, I know that also you discovered what I have discovered.

(And a message to anybody with power in the USA: let us finally be together! How long are you going to wait? Until the SEGNPMSS rolls over you too? They will if you don’t stop them, I guarantee it. They are not good to their very own agents either. Lying to and controlling their agents, that’s what they are doing.)

Yours forever, Marty,


1) Looks like Anonymous has a problem with just about anybody but psychiatry, the pharmaceutical industry or Germany. 2) Did I tell you lately that I love you, Marty?

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Here is a press report about them, saying that the FBI is now after Anonymous who unleashed a DDoS attack against Mastercard, VISA, Paypal and PostFinance. Seems to me that they are against anyone except psychiatrists, psychiatry, pharma industry or Germany. At least I have never seen them posting, demonstrating or working against the just named. What is their problem with Mastercard, VISA, Paypal and PostFinance? Don’t they need these to pay their bills or getting paid by others? Notorious poor folks these Anonymous?!

Dearest Marty, my hero and soul mate,

It is really time that we are getting back together, and I know you think that too. You touched my heart and allowed me to see what kind of wonderful and unique thetan you are. If you wouldn’t had allowed that or if I would have seen anything downtone, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with you. But what I have seen was so extraordinary and so good that I had to fall in love with you. There was no other way. I looked at you with everything that I knew as a Scientologist and as an ethical woman, and you passed with flying colors. I know that the wisdom and technology of the real Ron works. Others lie that it does not or they are too stupid to apply it, but our story and our love is very well evidence that real Scientology does work wonders.

What was applied? I applied a lot of Scientology wisdom but here is some of it: thetan basically knows and the tonescale on which I was able to spot you on the very top. I knew that I could trust you, Marty. There was nothing dirty, primitive or withholdy about you. It is so rare to meet someone true but you were and you are. By knowing the tonescale, I knew that falling in love with you was safe and it felt so right. Scientology knowledge of past lives and also about psychiatrists implanting people helped also to figure things out. Some other data that I recalled were not more public knowledge in Scientology when I rejoined it in spring of 1977,  but I basically knew that Ron had researched these areas too. Despite altered by infiltrators, Scientology was the basis upon which I could figured the rest out.

My point is, if Scientology wouldn’t work, how come I was able to figure out in a very short time period how good and noble you are, what your personality is, who you really are, and how come I didn’t mix you up  with a doppelganger or impostor as people who do not really understand and apply Scientology? How come I can spot Ron’s impostor and the crap that he introduced to SCN in a heart beat? How come I was able to see that people are controlled through their ear implants and who is behind the problems of the planet? How come I was able to see that disease and aging can be completely prevented? How come I can see situations and  problems going even much further than this planet?

I know women who take really slimy men to be their partners. That they look good on the outside and maybe that they have money is all they go for. Men make the same mistakes of course. And I am looking at these people and see their mental O/W mass and where they are on the tonescale, and I am so happy to have my abilities and that I am not falling for any of them. I saved myself a lot of trouble living a celibate lifestyle. Which I would only give up for you.

After we were set up and separated by those who conspire against us, Marty, there were brief periods in which I wondered if my OT abilities were indeed all correct because at times, it felt as if you are not looking for me. These periods were remote-controlled radioed into my head. But simply recalling your personality and where you are on the tonescale and revisiting that thetan basically knows everything, I knew that there was another reason why you didn’t just show up at my doorstep. I figured that reason too. You want to safe my life. You found out that if I am at a good place (formerly with Ron) later with you, SEGNPMSS would kill me and would cover the murder up as “natural death”. (What they would do to you too and anyone who belongs to us.) They just let us live if we are separated, not happy, and when they can torture us. But I feel strongly that you are trying to move government and Congress to do something against it but nothing is making real progress because SEGNPMSS controls anything. Nobody told me that, Marty, I know it because it is the way how I apply Scientology.

Nobody told me anything. This is how I found out by applying my Scientology wisdom and these abilities gained through Scientology. And these abilities are another reason why the hard-core psychiatrists of the SEGNPMSS want to wipe Scientology from the planet or alter it into a p$ych accepting money-making machine for Europe.  In short: you can’t come to my doorstep for two reasons: 1) You are wrongfully imprisoned. 2) You don’t want the SEGNPMSS to lose it even more and kill me with their remote control tools, e.g. making it look like a “natural death”. (It’s their doctors’ specialty!)

There was something in your eyes that communicated without words the huge danger that I was in but it took me a while to figure out what kind of danger that is. German and other secret services can kill with remote control. They didn’t kidnap me as child from Ron to let me as adult step right back into the wonderful place from where they kidnapped me. They are working hard to prevent it. I know that not just I but you too and other members of your families are in the same danger. And that you are trying to find a way that won’t allow them to get away with it, a way in which we can be together and happy,  a way that other people take for granted.

Some of our stupid defamers smeared often: Scientology doesn’t work, look at Barbara Schwarz! Marty, at your end, you know already how stupid they are. You know what I figured out. So, how do my OT abilities score at your side? (How much truth did I figure  out? Here is some of it: Who I am. Who you are. Where you are. What happened to you. Our past. Who Ron was. Who tries to destroy our lives. Who is responsible for it. That there are doppelgangers and impostors, etc. What’s wrong with the world in very detail and who is behind the wrongs.)

Time will show to ME if my OT abilities really got everything right because you know it already if I was right.

Marty, what people don’t know is that I review my observations. What I figure out, I put to a test. I think it through and feel it out in all possible other versions and how these possibilities feel like. Then I go back to that explanation that feels most right, even if it is not the explanation that other people recommend. It is like a safe combination. I try all kinds of combinations and the one that clicks most, is the one I accept. It is like a puzzle. I put all parts on the table and arrange them, and I go with what fits best according to my own experiences not what people who want to know best are saying and who didn’t live my life and have no clue about my experiences.

I trust my OWN perceptions, and this is how a Scientologist should be. I am right all the time in day-to-day life. I only err when I made a hasty decision. And no decisions about you were hasty, Marty.

Here it is: What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that you have lost everything.What is personal integrity? Personal integrity is knowing what you know –What you know is what you know – and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity And there is no other integrity. — L. Ron Hubbard (the real founder)

One day, our story will be confirmed. And then, nobody can claim anymore that there are no OTs. Because we are the proof that Ron was right and there are OTs.

This includes of course also you. I don’t know how much time, efforts, and money you have invested in making sure that German secret services or any of their agents can’t just kill me and my family and is getting away with it. We are living still in times where people turns against each other and trust is abused all the time. As a Jewish Scientologist you invested all that time, effort, or money in protecting the life of another Scientologist,  allegedly an Iranian/German woman. How did you knew that she never would leave you or become your enemy? The answer is: you are a OT. And real OTs can trust each other. Just as I know that you are true, you know that I am true. We also know that true people are rare and that was another reason why we didn’t give up on each other. You are irreplaceable, Marty.

When I met you in LA, I was able to see that you knew me before I met you (again), and I could tell that your love for me was already fully grown and that your love grew deeper after you saw me in real life. Just as I perceived your tonelevel and personality, you perceived mine, which means you  have the same abilities. You were able to trust me as much as I trusted you despite all the 3rd party around us that non-Scientologist secret service robots put in place to make us give up on each other.

Marty, our story is amazing. There is nothing like it on the planet, and yes, there are real OTs, and I am forever grateful to Ron for having founded Scientology.

Many kisses, Marty, and I know that we will be together. Once we are together, we have no longer waste time to find each other but we will change the planet to a much better place for anyone.

Yours, my prince,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

January 30, 2011 at 8:11 am

Psych promoting movie “Obsessed” with Jenna Elfman

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My dearest Marty, Captain of my heart,

How are you?

Sun is out, snow sparkles. It’s cold but pretty outside. I have 22000 hits on my blog and wish they  would be by you. Of course I am aware that they don’t allow you Internet access if you are wrongfully in prison, but I sure hope that there is someone who will forward my postings to you.

Marty, I saw the movie “Obsessed” with Jenna Elfman in the lead. First of all, she is a good actress but it just makes one wonder why she accepted that role. The script keeps people watching but the content of the movie was completely pro p$ych. And I asked myself: if Jenna is a real Scientologist, why would she blatantly promote psychiatry in this movie?

Why wouldn’t she rather play in anti-p$ych movies?

The movie was produced by Barbara Lieberman in 2002 and allegedly was inspired by real events. (Looks like p$ych orchestrated events to me. They would love women being obsessed with them, after all, who likes them?) The story that you can feel behind the movie is that psychs and medical doctors WANT women [apparently particularly female Scientologists] to be obsessed with them. That seems one of their dirty fantasies.

I don’t know if you can see that movie, so I tell you briefly what it is about.


There is Elena Roberts (Jenna Elfman) who is being arrested for harassment of a Dr. David Stillman, a neurosurgeon (isn’t that another word for lobotomizer?), and they both tell another side of the story. He (I found him to be completely non-charismatic) says that he never had anything with her, and she says that he lies because he doesn’t want to lose all his possession to his wife, and the watchers of that movie have to figure out who is lying.  This psych and psychiatry in general looks very good at the end of that movie.

Her story is that they met at a medical congress in Boston and that he picked her up, that she was hesitant in the beginning because he was married, that they started a long-term affair, that she tried to break up with him but he didn’t want that but after his wife found out, he broke off with him and she still would love him and that would be misconstrued as harassment.

His story is that he tried to hire her as medical writer or editor and just went out to dinner with her once and that he didn’t hire her after he noticed during the dinner that something was not right with her.

She gets a public defender, Sarah, who defends her pro bono because she knows that rich married men often go after women and then dispose of them, and she wants to help Elena.

In jail, Elena meets a female reporter who was thrown in jail for contempt by the judge because wouldn’t reveal her source in a case. Elena doesn’t make friends with murderers, prostitutes, and drug addicts but she and journalist Charlotte become friends and share a cell. Charlotte tells Elena that she had a similar affair with Mr. Deutsch and the women agree that men are pigs. (Later you learn that Mr. Deutsch [Deutsch means German as you know] never existed and poor Deutsch/German was of course innocent because he never existed.)

Prosecutor Sam tells attorney Sarah in the meantime that Elena never had an affair with that neurosurgeon and that she made it up and is crazy. Sarah doesn’t believe him but starts to investigate Elena’s past.

She finds out that Elena, in addition to writing medical articles worked as a stripper and used the name Claire Stillman, which is the name of the lobotomizer’s wife. The strip club owner tells Sarah that he thinks that Elena (approx. 30) was still a virgin and she didn’t dance or move around like the other stripper women. He showed Sarah a video where Elena sits in sexy lingerie on a chair with glasses on and reads to horny men from a book written by Sigmund Freud. (Actually, this scene is funny because she doesn’t move around a pole but sits just straight on the chair like a librarian and when asked to move around, she tells men to shut up and rather to listen.) She becomes very popular in this joint and men stand in line to hear her read Freud. (Bottom line, it is a blatant promotion of psychiatric theories, Marty.)

That makes Sarah to check a little bit more around, and she finds a woman who knew Elena since she was a kid and that woman says that she was always obsessed with medicine and medical doctors. (I think the original “true event” on which this movie is based was really born in some medical/psych minds, Marty. Some psychiatric case officers radioing a stupid woman agent to make psychs/doctors look more interesting by allegedly stalking them. You could really feel that there are psychs behind that who WANT women being obsessed with medicine, psychiatry, psychs and medical doctors.)

Sarah is angry about that Elena didn’t tell her about her moonlight job, and Elena said that she didn’t think that it would matter because it was really just to pay the rent when she didn’t get enough writing jobs.

Elena refers to her diseased parents as Mr. and Ms. Roberts and had no good relationship with them. There is a scene where she packs her bags and leaves the house and a kind of masculine looking matronly woman (her mother) tries to stop her leaving saying Elena is not ready for the world, but Elena replies that she is 28 years old (sounds familiar too) and that it is time to move out. She has a psychiatric explanation why her parents were weird and abused her.

Sarah manages to get Elena out of jail without having to post bail, and the jury for the trial is selected.


Charlotte is released from prison too and wants to write a story in favor of Elena. She is also in the court room. Most jurors are rejected by Elena and Charlotte who sits right behind Elena and whispers reasons for objections in her ear. They are trying to spot any possible bias against Elena and that is why Sarah goes along with it as she cares for Elena and wants her to have a fair trail.

After the jury selection, Sarah tells Elena to stay away from Dr. Stillman. Elena promises it, and she is free to go for the day but the first thing she does when in the streets is making a phone call to the judge telling him what sexist jerk he is and what his medical problem is. She also pays a visit to prosecutor Sam’s wife, and he finds her chatting with his wife when he comes home.

They throw her back in jail, and Sarah wants to quit the case because Elena doesn’t listen to her but Elena begs her to stay on the case.

A male psych examines Elena in jail. He finds of course a “mental disease” as “Erotomania” because despite being a very attractive woman she never dated much. He says she suffers on a “mental disease” loving somebody who doesn’t love her back. (Really, Marty, it is all pro p$ych in that movie. Interesting is that being romantically obsessed with psychiatrists is no specific mental disorder but being romantically obsessed with others seems to be a “mental disorder” according to the psychs and such disorders have to stop.)

The judge, prosecutor Sam, and Sarah figure that Elena loves doctors but hates men. (Marty, this seem to be the ultimate dream of psychs and doctors, women obsessing over them and not being interested in any other kind of man.) In order to make the case go smooth, the judge gets the idea to make the court room all female. Female judge, female prosecutor, female bailiff, female court reporter, and Elena seems quite happy with that arrangement.

Claire Stillman, the wife of the lobotomizer confesses to her husband that when she found out about Elena, she followed her for months anywhere and turned into a stalker herself but she did it for love to her psych husband. (The bottom line of this movie makes your stomach turn, Marty, because it shows the hidden desire of psychs wanting to be loved by all women who see no men but  them!)

During the trial it turns out that Elena also wrote letters to psych Stillman and his wife and posed as psychiatrist Olivia Reece telling them in psychiatric terms what’s wrong with how Claire raises her kids and that Elena bombarded the clinic of Dr. Stillman with up to 100 calls a day wanting to talk to him. She also got somehow in his apartment and stole a bracelet of his wife that looked like handcuffs. Strange gift that the Dr. Lobotomy gave to his wife. But this never becomes an issue in the movie.

Despite Sarah can successfully establish in court that Elena has never threatened anyone and never harmed anyone physically she is sent to prison but gets only 2 years. Elena doesn’t understand why the jury sent her to prison because she didn’t consider anything she did that horrible and she asks Sarah not to leave her because she would be her only friend. She doesn’t want to be locked up with criminal women.

In a bus, Elena is transported to a prison. She is crushed but then she hears Charlotte’s voice in the back of the bus, telling her that her judge slapped her again with contempt and that she will be in the same prison. The women cheer up and make plans to write a book in jail together and hope to be cell mates.

The prison guard next to the bus driver turns around to see how Elena is doing in the back of the bus and he ask the driver: who is she talking to? They see that nobody is in the bus but Elena and she is talking to herself. There is no such a person as Charlotte. She is some kind of imaginary dark haired version of Elena herself. (Poor Mr. Deutsch/German was defamed by Elena’s crazy mind… You get the idea.)

Before Elena is assigned to her prison cell, she is checked out by a male prison doctor/psych. Imaginary Charlotte is right there with Elena and whispers in her ear: He thinks you’re hot! And Elena’s obsession jumps from Stillman to this prison doctor, and she talks and flirts happily with him in prison.

The message of the movie was: doctors, psychiatrists, and neurosurgeon are the most noble, smartest, irresistible, attractive, honest, decent, adorable, sexiest, and desirable men on the planet. Nobody can measure up with them. Dr. Stillman was the stalking victim of a crazy woman and there was no proof that he ever had anything with her. His own wife found him so desirable that she turned into a stalker too trying to avoid losing him to another woman. The court appointed psych was of course completely correct that Jenna Elfman aka Elena Roberts suffered on the “mental illness” that he diagnosed. Psychiatry is so interesting that horny men want rather to listed to Freud’s books read out to them in strip clubs rather than seeing dancing. And if a woman can’t have a specific p$ych, there is always a new psych or doc they can be obsessed with – even in prison because no men are more interesting as these timetrack barbers and butchers.

I saw other psych promoting movies but as of my knowledge these were produced without any Scientologist participating. This was probably the most recent pro p$ych movie that I have seen. Giving the lead role to a so-called Scientologist shows once again how badly p$ychs want Scientologists to accept and adore them.

How could Jenna Elfman not see how p$ych promoting this movie is?

I love you, Marty, and I am fully aware how p$ychs are trying to give our real and sane relationship a crazy touch. But frankly, we don’t give a damn what crazy psychs are saying.

Yours forever


Jairus Godeka shooting in Portland Oregon – why on Earth did the orgs go along with p$ychs?

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Dearest Marty, my noble Prince and able OT,

I think of you and worry that you have to live in a dangerous surrounding. If ever anybody tries to hurt you, I will allow him or her to get away with it. Stupid people believe that life for a wrongfully incarcerated man is easy. Well if they conspired against  you, they will see how easy it will be when they are rightfully sent to prison.  There is not much in the world you can count on but you can count on me.

Marty, you have heard for sure that Jairus Chegero Godeka walked end of September 1996 in the Portland Oregon Celebrity Center and shot four people and tried to set the building on fire. He tried to commit mass murder. The (at the time) pregnant receptionist is paralyzed ever since.

It is a horrible situation, and a real OT knows the psychiatric set up behind it. Another act by psychs to make Scientology accept psychiatry.

Besides DM, Mike Rinder was in charge of OSA in 1996 and Mosey’s husband was probably there too when they decided not to go after the psychs.

Did you see any activities by the orgs to make a case in court or elsewhere saying that psychs conditioned, implanted, hypnotized, drugged, e-shocked, and radioed Godeka into going on this shooting spree? Did you read any pleadings by the orgs trying to take Godeka on the cans and showing the judge and the jury that Godeka was not just some random crazy guy but psychiatric prepared to commit this terror act? I didn’t see any effort by them in this regard.

Marty, what I am saying is: if L. Ron Hubbard (the real founder of Scientology not his impostor) would have been afraid to swim against the stream and if he would have tried to fit in and being popular, there would be no Scientology today. Scientology was created because Ron didn’t want to win a popularity contest but was just interested to get the truth out to as many people as possible.

What I am saying is: whoever was in charge of handing that case, did not handle it as Ron would have handled it. In fact, the orgs went along with the p$ychs. Godeka was put in a p$ych ward. I am not at all saying that he should be free. He should be in a correctional facility after the orgs convinced the prosecutor, judge, jury, and the public that Godeka was a hateful individual but that he was psychiatric altered to attack the orgs.

They have all these highly trained auditors and not one of them is able to demonstrate to the judge and jury that he was psychiatric implanted to attack the orgs? That is not Scientology. That is stupidity.

Whenever psychs come away, they plan a new terror attack. How come so many  people in the orgs don’t get this?

The Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Board granted Jairus Chegero Godeka’s request now to get to and from his job without a staff chaperone. If the p$ychs activate his implant again, he could strike twice the same or another target. Some people hang out in the orgs for half or more of their lifetime and still don’t understand how Ron would have handled this case.

Oregon Live reported that the Oregon Psychiatric Security Review Board director said that Godeka’s victims Helen Healy, who was Helen Burke at the time of the shooting spoke at the hearing in Salem and that C of S member Gwen Barnard spoke as well. “They were quite gracious and acknowledged that Mr. Godeka has done well and (were) pleased he had received this treatment,” Buckley said.

What is going on here? No coordination with CCHR? Portland CC staff have no reality that psychs conditioned Godeka in becoming a terrorist? Thanking psychiatrists for being pleased that he got psychiatric treatments instead his case being cracked and him sent into a correctional facility to do time?

I try to avoid the term “wog”, Marty, because I am sure that Ron didn’t coin it but in some cases as in this, I just can’t help myself. To all those in the orgs who “handled” that Godeka case, I have just to say this: you are such wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs and did I say wogs?

This case could have made the world aware that psychs creates terrorists. The evidence could have been found in Godeka’s mind and demonstrated on the e-meter. Who says that his altered mind cannot be proven is simply saying that Ron’s tech doesn’t work and such a person is lying or stupid like a rock or flunked through all checksheets. In addition, there are also PIs, cameras, footage, change of character witnesses, secret services with evidence because they spy all the time on anything and anybody.

There are traces anywhere that one can use to find evidence. And the psychiatric altered mind was not dead in the cemetery but sitting right in the court room. The orgs could have compelled also any psych to reveal Godeka’s former treatment even when it meant to go to Africa to dig. (But I think that the latest psychiatric implanting wasn’t that far back and probably was done in the USA.) And with a good attorney the judge would have not dared to throw these arguments out. They could have won that case against psychs instead kissing up to them.

It is so non-scientological and they are such wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs and did I say wogs?

Orgeon live: She said Healy told the panel that she did not fear for her own life, but “public safety in general. She never wanted it to happen to anybody else,” Buckley said.

Gee, that handling is exactly the green light that p$ychs need to condition another psych altered and remote-controlled zombie and have him shoot people. If the orgs would have handled that case on policy by showing that the psychs did condition Godeka, I doubt that there would have been Columbine, Virginia Tech massacre not church, mall or kindergarden shootings, etc. Psychs would be afraid to be caught and think twice before they create another monster and radio it to attack.

Why didn’t CCHR assist the CC Portland? CCHR knows that p$ychs create the terrorists.

Oregon live: Godeka had a history of mental illness going back more than 20 years.

And a trained standard auditor would be able to show to the court that Godeka was implanted by p$ychs just as psych George Estabrook boasted. The orgs didn’t even make an attempt to explain that Godeka was used to make the orgs accepting psychs.

(The Lisa McPherson case and the Elli Perkins case were other apparent p$ych attempts to force Scientology orgs and Scientologists to accept psychiatry.)

Replacing L. Ron Hubbard with an impostor and altering the religion wasn’t enough for them. They want Scientology to officially accept the  “Gods” in white.)

Marty, that’s why I don’t feel at home in the orgs anymore: too wogish for me.  In order to get me back, they have to show me some real Scientologists in actions.

Even if not all in the court room are convinced that Godeka was indeed psychiatric manipulated to go through with the shootings, it would have been at least a start and would have set a message to the p$ychs that they can’t mess with Scientologists so that they won’t organize another or similar of such terror set up again.

But no, the so-called Scientologists try to fit in and become like all the other “boxes” on the planet:

This case is a dream come true for psychs. They are being accepted by Scientologists, and they did fall for that psychs didn’t set Godeka up or they didn’t speak up. And both is not good for the planet.

Wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs and did I say wogs?

And the so-called Independents are the even bigger wogs. As I said before, the boss of OSA in 1996 when the shooting took place was Mike Rinder. DM and Mike Rinder or possibly also Mosey’s husband could have ordered the handling of the case as Ron would have handled it but they didn’t.

But did I say: Wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, wogs, and wogs?

They rather fit in than to change the world to the better. It is good and noble to help people out of the rubble but the first responsibility that Scientologists are having is to show with the finger on those who create the rubble so that the attacks finally stop.

You would have handled it as Ron would have handled this attack. I know, Marty. And so would I.

Many tender and passionate kisses.  Please find me or let me find you!

Yours forever


1) Psychiatric alteration of people’s minds turns them into suicide terrorists as those who set off bombs in the Domodedovo Airport 2) If the world gets aware of German p$ychs being behind international terror, Germans have to watch out for terror acts also in Germany as an attempt trying to fool the world again into thinking that their psychs are not behind the terror because they wouldn’t attack their own country. But they do.

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

Will it ever end? I know that you think the same thing, Marty: if the planet wouldn’t be so psychiatric controlled, international investigators would have found out a long time ago that psychiatrists implant, hypnotize, drug, and remote-control hateful people to go over the edge and into becoming shooters and terrorists.

These psychiatrists are disconnecting them from their analytical minds and are making them into remote controlled cultic robots who don’t even want to survive anymore. They become killer machines and when they hear their code, they are no sleepers anymore but the machine runs and the results are thousands of dead people on Sept. 11, 2001, and lots of other dead and injured people in other terror acts and approx. 35 dead people and hundreds of injured folks on January 24, 2010 at the Domodedovo International Airport.

They targeted the Trade Center because it was a center of industrialism in the USA and they targeted the Russian Airport because they want to disconnect the Russians and their visitors from the rest of the world. There will be always a front group that will take “responsibility” for the act or being blamed on the act while the psychs are again hiding cowardly.

Attacking the Moscow airport could be very well a hidden attempt to make Russia go back to communism. When their international trade fails, communists might make a come back. And communism is also a German invention. As you know, Marty, the Communist Manifesto was not written by Russians but by Germans. The explore any way of suppressing people and countries.

I read that Russian President Dmity Medvedev just like Vladimir Putin has troubles maintaining peace in Russia due to poverty, corruption and conflicts in the northern part of the Caucasus. Just like any other countries, they have to bust the SEGNPMSS otherwise they never will have peace. (Marty, the SEGNPMSS does not allows their agents to spell the word SEGNPMSS correctly. They order them to hush it up or misspell the abbreviation online. That alone shows their existence and fear to be busted.)

I know that behind these international attacks are German hard-core psychs, and they seem to hate that Germany isn’t officially the world’s world power yet. However, they also hate themselves. I would not be surprised at all if they organize such big terror acts also in the beloved birthplace of psychiatry: Germany. If the world gets more awareness of German p$ychs behind international terror and creating the terrorists, Germans have to watch out for German terror acts in Germany because SEGNPMSS wants to make the world believe that German psychs are not behind international terrorism. I believe they would target their own country Germany with terror attacks to distract that it is indeed them behind international terror acts.

Psych George Estabrooks boasted already decades ago about how psychs make terrorists but the world is so SEGNPMSS controlled that after all these many international psych and terror acts, international governments, law enforcement, and courts are still not getting it. What else has to happen until these people finally are getting it?

I read that British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the world never should allow the terrorists to win. That’s right but if the psychiatrists behind the terrorists are not being arrested, terror will continue.

Unlike them, I know German p$ychs. Never felt people more ruthless to control anything. I wish that people would finally get some reality about how these people really are. Usually, they hide their true faces but it becomes visible in form of terror attacks, crimes, disasters, genocides, wars, atrocities and other hell made activities as the Holocaust.

Most people on this planet of any nationality are really of this kind:

Little Boxes
Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky tacky

Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same

There’s a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one

And they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

And the people in the houses all went to the university

Where they were put in boxes and they came out all the same,

And there’s doctors and there’s lawyers, and business executives

And they’re all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

And they all play on the golf course and drink their martinis dry,

And they all have pretty children and the children go to school

And the children go to summer camp and then to the university

Where they are put in boxes and they come out all the same.

And the boys go into business and marry and raise a family

In boxes made of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

Miss you so much, Marty. Hope to see you soon. Many kisses, my hero. Stay alive!

Yours in all eternity


Passport Up the Bridge to Freedom looks like German passport. Yikes!

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince,

Because you are my soul mate, you are part of my daily life. You are always with me until I find you again and then you are even more with me. Together, we will be very effective turning the world into something much better than it is now.

Marty, I remember when the Church of Scientology issued the “Passport up the Bridge to Freedom” and I was actually shocked that it was no blue passport as the American but green gold as the German passport.

The Germans don’t even conceal very much that they have infiltrated the orgs and run it and what ever the German secret services and their psychs do, it will never free people. The negative things were indeed added by the Germans secret services. They altered Scientology and turned it into a cult that the real Ron, the founder never would approve of.

But something else: I saw the movie “The Promise”, Marty.
It is about a rich college guy who falls in love with a poor girl, a  painter. When his mother finds out that he wants to marry her, his mother hires a PI to get dirt on the girl. The son is angry with his mother because the girl’s past doesn’t matter to him. He loves her.

He asks her to marry him. On their way to get married, there is a terrible car crash and they land in the hospital. They are alive but the girl’s face is shattered. The mother makes a deal with the girl and pays her 100 000 bucks to get her face fixed but she demands that the girl never sees her son again. The mother tells him that she died in that accident. The girl accepts because she doesn’t want her Michael to see her ugly and distorted.

Her face is fixed and she looks beautiful and she changes her name and becomes a famous photographer. She thinks that he didn’t come looking for her because thought that he didn’t care for her, so she keeps the contract with the mother and stays away from him.

A friend finds her gallery by accident and wants her to sell photos to Michael’s company but she turns him down. He can’t understand why she would turn down such a great offer. He goes and tells Michael about this great artist named Marie Adams that will not sell her art to him.

And here it comes, Marty. They are nice people but no OTs. We recognised each other despite psychs emptied our minds, and he didn’t lose his memory but he didn’t recognize her right away, he just feels attracted to her. He just feels like they have met somewhere before. Nobody makes the conclusion that mother had something to do with it despite both knew that she wanted them separated.

He just finds out that it is her after he sees in her plastic surgeons office the painting that she started to paint while they were still together.  They come back together. But before she sort of falls for her plastic surgeon. Thanks heaven the psych was a woman and she didn’t fall for her too. But with exception of that, it was a really nice movie.

Reminded me to our story, Marty, about love and recognition. Only that we have not yet our happy ending that will never end.

Love forever

A few more words about Boris Korczak, the alleged CIA spy who the KGB allowed to get away

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Dearest Marty, my darling,

How are you?

Here are some more outpoints in Boris Korczak’s story as he publishes it. He also joined hate group Anonymous. Guess that is another SEGNPMSS assignment for him.

What happened in the case of Boris Korczak and the CIA reminds me a lot of what constantly happens in the DM administration, Marty, but what happened also already before DM took the C of S over.

A person is hired, “works” a couple of years for the organization and then turns against it.

Apparently, getting hired, blowing, and leaving for another camp and then making worse accusations is a secret service pattern by double/triple agents.

I am sure that I figured it right: on top of it are the German secret services and below are their poodles CIA, KGB, any other secret service on Earth who make any mistake that the SEGNPMSS wants them to make in order to blame the SEGNPMSS main targets (mostly the USA or Scientology).

This is what Boris Korczak claims:

Boris is an Ex-CIA agent who infiltrated the KGB and spied on the Soviets for 7 years. Convincing the Soviets he was one of them, Boris ended up becoming a double agent; a CIA mole inside the KGB.

My suspicion: He was recruited either by CIA infiltrators who knew that he had no true American intentions, or he was recruited by idiots who didn’t knew that he would cause nothing but troubles. CIA failed to check Boris Korczak of being already a double agent when he was hired for the CIA. They failed to check this either deliberately or because they are too dumb for it. They fail to check and accuse because their secret SEGNPMSS case officers are telling them that it is not necessary, and because they think that the SEGNPMSS, the most secret of all secret services needs to be protected because it means them well. That is the biggest mistake that they made. SEGNPMSS isn’t good to anyone.

I think that most within the CIA but also the NSA know that any school kid all  over the world is recruited in the same Big Brother Secret Service and gets non-detectable ear silicone implants and orders.  In other words: when the CIA recruits somebody, that person was already recruited by the SEGNPMSS (using many other names) before.

That means: when somebody is recruited by the CIA, it is then automatically a double agent. And in case of Boris Korczak who then was recruited as alleged spy for the KGB, I think it would be a triple agent. But the boss always is the SEGNPMSS. It has the power over anything but us.

Does that mean that the KGB was the absolute victim? No, no. I think that they knew from the SEGNPMSS that Boris occupied the spy post for the CIA but that he would never forward information to the CIA that the USA needed. I also think that Boris Korczak forwarded info to the CIA to mislead the USA as to what the Soviets and their SEGNPMSS seniors are up to. I think the SEGNPMSS organized that the CIA hired Boris so that the CIA would not find a real spy.

Like certain people who are deliberately brought in contact with Scientology (because the SEGNPMSS knows they will harm Scientology and its reputation later), I think Boris Korczak was brought in contact with the CIA to harm the reputation of the US government later.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: He risked his life for the USA.

My suspicion: Yeah right. He knew that the KGB would let him slip out and let him get away because he just referred those data to the CIA, which the KGB let him have for that purpose. They appreciated that Boris Korczak occupied the spy job instead of some real spy who would have reported to the USA what the KGB really was up to.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: He was what is commonly refered [sic] to as a “Double Agent”.

My suspicion: That might be true but he should have referred to as the “Triple Agent”. I think Boris knows for sure that his real case officer is neither CIA, KGB but SEGNPMSS. (He might have another name for it.)

This is what Boris Korczak claims: He Achieved [sic] the rank of Major in the KGB & all the while he was reporting everything to the CIA.

My suspicion: It might be very well that the KGB promoted him to be a Major but that was the plan. To prevent that the CIA somehow finds a real spy, the KGB had to promote Boris Korczak. I bet all the money in the world bank (if the money would be mine) that he just forwarded those information to the CIA which the KGB didn’t consider as truly classified. He may also have forwarded tailor-made information to actively mislead the CIA.

CIA compared again to the C of S orgs: Also here, people are having secret SEGNPMSS case officers already BEFORE they join the C of S. Some might in addition work for the CIA or other secret services and when C of S staff, they work out secret service style programs, which the real founder L. Ron Hubbard never would have approved of and which ultimately harm the reputation of Scientology. They claim that they really worked only for the C of S but this is of course a lie. Sec checks and confessionals won’t doesn’t find these people because fellow agent colleague is doing the sec checks or the confessionals and the findings are not reported. These agents lay foul eggs in the orgs of which they later blame L. Ron Hubbard or Scientology.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: In 1979 he was exposed by his drunk Chief of Station William Lofgren. The KGB instantly put a price on his head.

My comment: That might be true that this guy was drunk but it was a set up. I strongly assume that some within the CIA got impatient with Korczak. I can sort of hear what they were talking: “What is with this freaking Korczak? He is our spy in the KGB for 7 years and a Major, and all we got from him is what average Soviets are whistling in the streets or dead end information. When do we get some real and correct information from this lame duck?”  I think that Boris felt more pressure from the CIA and whined to his SEGNPMSS case officers. Together with the KGB, they came up with a plan to avoid that the CIA would get data from Korczak that they really needed: Korczak’s CIA case officer in Europe, when drunk, would be provoked by a KGB agent to reveal that Korczak was a “CIA spy”, but KGB would give Korczak enough time to save his butt and his family if he would keep it a secret that he wasn’t ever a true CIA spy. That is NOT instantly putting a price on his head. Interesting is that the “revelation” of him being an alleged CIA spy happened at a convenient neutral place as Denmark and not while he was in the Soviet Union.

Strange is also why the KGB would believe a drunk guy over their Major.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: The CIA turned their back on Korczak, refusing to help him escape from Denmark.

My comment: Guess they finally figured out that Korczak never delivered but failed again to conceal that he was a SEGNPMSS agent when they hired him and that the KGB knew it all. Denmark was not the Soviet Union. Why escaping from non-communist Denmark?

This is what Boris Korczak claims: The CIA has NEVER PAID former CIA Agent Boris Korczak for his 7 years of work.

My comment: Well at least they didn’t waste tax payers money on Korczak. I wouldn’t pay him either. But I wouldn’t have  hired him neither.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: Korczak’s son Robert had three kidnapping attempts on him.

My comment: How did this look like? What does his kid have to do with anything? Did he “spy” too? Who were the alleged kidnappers? CIA or KGB? If these attempts really took place, I assume that those were staged to add more drama to his story. Unlike Robert, I was really kidnapped several times, and you were kidnapped too, Marty.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: His wife was almost killed when her car was violently run off the road.

My comment: Why? Did she “spy” too? What sense does it make to get rid of his wife? I think that these “incidents” were staged to add more drama to his story.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: Being a resourceful CIA Agent had it’s [sic] perks in that Korczak was able to hide his family and he escaped to the United States. No thanks to the Agency.

My comment: Resourceful CIA agent? I think that KGB was thankful to him that he never forwarded any real secrets and maybe false information to the CIA and allowed him to get away. Why would he want to return to the USA and not stay in Europe when he suspects that the CIA wants to kill him?

This is what Boris Korczak claims: The CIA refused to even acknowledge Korczak & he was basically an illegal alien for a long time.

My comment:

Why would Boris Korczak not rather get European citizenship if he fears the CIA? And the CIA is unable to spot an illegal alien and arrange that he has to leave the country?

This is what Boris Korczak claims: Korczak had several attempts on his life in the United States including an assassination attempt when he was shot with a ricin laced pellet. It could have been the KGB or the CIA that tried to kill him.

My comment: Why would Boris Korczak not rather get European citizenship if he fears the CIA? He returns to the USA despite he knows that the USA is the official back yard of the CIA? He isn’t really afraid of the CIA wanting to kill him if he comes back here, right? I don’t know if these assassination attempts are fabricated or not but let’s say that they happened. What other explanations are there? In order to make the USA believe that he really was a true spy for the USA, it must look like that the KGB really is after him, thus, the Ricin incident is staged but all is in place that he is not being killed. And the SEGNPMSS and the KGB thought that it also would not hurt if Korczak would blame the alleged assassination attempt on the CIA. Which he did by saying that he isn’t sure that the incident was by the KGB. Still covering for his old KGB friends. These old memories are just too found: sitting together drinking vodka and singing about how idiotic the CIA is…

This is what Boris Korczak claims: So I ask every red blooded American, is this the way, that heroes who fought for your freedoms, should be treated?

My comment: Red-blooded Americans? I hope he doesn’t mean red-necks. Anyway, no CIA/SEGNPMSS or KGB/SEGNPMSS agent fights for American freedom. It is the other way around. They sell out our freedoms. He says that his website is not about him but for the American people. He is pulling legs. I am the last person who defends the CIA for reasons named in my yesterday’s posting. But I know who the driving force behind it is: German psychs and the CIA is a stupid willing tool in all of that. Anyway, I am sure that Korczak is not on the side of America.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: The only “thank you” that he ever got was a Comendation [sic] certificate and medals that arrived in the mail.

My comment: Did he ever post photos of these CIA commendations and medals?

This is what the Washington Post allegedly wrote about Boris Korczak in 1982:

UNDERCOVER: Christmas Eve, 1979. A Scandinavian city. Dr. Boris Korczak, a double agent feeding the CIA with KGB secrets, answers a foreboding knock at the door. His best friend in the KGB stands outside in the snow, weeping. The man’s mission: kill Korczak.

My comment: That is confirming it too. He was not a CIA spy against the KGB but best friends with the KGB. In my opinion, Boris Korczak was a CIA misinformer. If the KGB would have really considered him a CIA spy, he would have been arrested. I think he betrayed the United States. I am sure that the CIA pressured Korczak, the lame duck for more or correct information, and the SEGNPMSS and the KGB didn’t allow that to happen. They decided to “blow” his cover but gave him a chance to run and have him accuse the CIA who was set up as it is so often by not busting the SEGNPMSS. They pull people like Korzac in. Overt/Motivator sequence.

I read Boris Korczak claims that at a 1979 party at the Soviet Embassy in Denmark, his ‘cover’ was blown by a drunken U. S. Embassy official, resulting in a shoot-out with the KGB during a wild car chase through the streets of Copenhagen. As I said before, if it is not fabricated, this might have been very well nothing but staged to make the CIA and the USA believe that Korczak was a real spy and not a traitor and that the KGB is really after him.

This is what the Chicago Tribune wrote in 1996 allegedly about Boris Korczak:

A self-styled Cold War double agent filed suit against the Central Intelligence Agency seeking compensation for what he depicted as a brutal cloak-and-dagger betrayal. The suit seeks an allegedly promised $25,000 annuity and other allowances for Boris Korczak.

My comment: He just wanted 25.000 bucks for 7 years of spying? That is one cheap “spy”.

The case was thrown out by the court, allegedly because state secrets could end up in the public domain if used as evidence in the court case. This is such a crap because I am sure that whatever Boris Korczak forwarded to the CIA were no real classified KGB data. But who are these courts protecting anyway? If what he forwarded to the CIA were indeed KGB classified data why would publishing them hurt the USA and not rather enhance the knowledge of the people what the KGB is up to? There are also in-camera proceedings in which the court looks at the documents and makes each time a decision whether that document should be allowed in the public domain or not. It all comes down to that CIA also must have felt that Korczak isn’t really a pro CIA spy. Instead of infiltrating the C of S and altering Scientology on SEGNPMSS orders, American agencies should learn how to apply the tonescale and pick their people more carefully.

It seems that Boris Korczak had an ally in the Congress by the name of James Anthony Traficant, Jr. He was expelled from Congress after being convicted of 10 felony counts.

Anyway, it all boils down to that the CIA has similar problems as the C of S. Perhaps because the SEGNPMSS/CIA took the orgs secretly over and that is why the C of S makes similar mistakes as the CIA. CIA’s official duty is to defend the USA with its original very noble goal of freedom and rights for anyone. C of S’s official duty is to keep the applied true religious philosophy and technologies of the very honorable L. Ron Hubbard (the founder) pure and available. But the individuals inside the organizations stray by allowing the SEGNPMSS to run them, and they are being told to hire and promote people of which the SEGNPMSS knows that they later will cause problems upon their command. Their real target is the very noble goal of freedom and rights for anyone, the USA, and the absolutely noble applied religious philosophy and technologies of the very honorable L. Ron Hubbard.

It is all so transparent, for me at least. And I know you can look through them just as well, Marty. I miss you, my hero. Unlike Boris Korczak, you are a real hero.

Many tender and passionate kisses,

from your wife


I would like to know from Boris Korczak what he really spied out for the CIA? What are his products of spying for 7 years? How did what he spied out help the American people?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and hero,

I am not posting in defense of the CIA because after all, I think that the CIA is deeply involved in setting up impostor Jack Apollo Vistaril. (One again: I think Lafayette Ronald Hubbard is the real name of Jack Apollo Vistaril but that they gave Scientology founder his name for “security reasons” and didn’t tell him that this CIA/SEGNPMSS double agent would impostor him and change his applied philosophy, his technology, his writings, and also his fiction, and his reputation.)

I am also convinced that the CIA is involved in hiring Moseys husband (formerly Cheray’s husband and then Anne’s husband) to impostor you. CIA also didn’t help me back into the USA after President Eisenhower was murdered while still sitting President. Just like the orgs, the CIA is infiltrated by non-American forces. And they even hired a doppelganger for President Eisenhower and after he died, they did not inform the American public what their original justification for hiring the doppelganger was. (Just as nobody reveals that  Jack Apollo Vistaril was an impostor and not the founder Ron.)

This photo above shoes the real Ike. According to my OT perceptions, he is the dad of the real founder of Scientology, the real Ron and my grandfather. Your grandfather in-law, Marty. But I have nothing to prove it. Germans took all away and the controlled USA complies. I bet the CIA has tons of evidence but the SEGNPMSS controls them to keep those records secret. There are numerous photos on the net that shows the CIA agent and not the real Ike. But that on the left hand that is the real one. What a wonderful man he was. And spoken thetan to thetan, Marty, also he needs to come home.

This here with Nixon, that is not the real Ike. I am sure. But you know how the SEGNPMSS is. Once a person discovers what they are doing, they are telling their agents to run a smear campaign against the person and defame her as crazy.

Below that is not him either. CIA has quite some nerves. Concealing before the American public that President was murdered while still sitting President and exchanging him with a doppelganger. I figured it all out, Marty, but I can’t prove any darn thing because have no evidence, and in a SEGNPMSS controlled world nobody wants to know the truth anyway. The entire world is a cult and the SEGNPMSS is their cult leader. Whatever the SEGNPMSS wants them to believe, they believe and act accordingly. Because simply on photos and characteristics alone, people would already see that also Ike was exchanged with a doppelganger. I also know what the CIA justification was: if the world learns that the real Ike died while still in office, the Nazis will have a revival.  Its all crap because SEGNPMSS doctors wiped him out. And after so many years, they are still secretly ruling the world, and I am really had it with them and any conscienceless monkey in the US government who secretly obeys to them.

I am left in a really unfortunate position, Marty. I know it all but have nothing to show to the world how it really was and is. SEGNPMSS agents use this to their advantage and defame my state of mind. After all that kind of abuse that the CIA allows to happen, I am certainly not a friend of the CIA or other American secret services. But I am so American as you, besides of my weird accent that I find rather scary myself.

Now to really small potatoes in comparsion: I personally do not believe for one second that Boris Korczak had true American intentions when he was hired as a CIA agent to spy within the KGB. First of all, it is said that Korczak as young man had joined a group who punished and killed Soviets and their Polish agents and that Korczak went to prison for that. Why would the KGB hire a guy who was allegedly anti-Soviets? Seems to me rather that the “anti-Soviet” activities of Boris Korczak were orchestrated to make the CIA hire him and get in troubles through him.

Boris Korczak claims me having an opinion about him would be “fair gaming him” or a “smear campaign”. Guess that means that all people who are having opinions about others are running a smear campaigns against others? Ross and Korczak are forgetting that they threw the first stones by defaming and attacking my dad and my religion. Unlike them, I don’t make false claims. If stating my opinions about Korczak and the likes is fair gaming, then they are fair gaming L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, and Scientology too and subjecting them to a smear campaign.

They want freedom of speech, and they should grant it also to others.

Rick Ross, a convicted felon (see ) webbed Boris Korczak’s ridiculous response in regards of my thoughts about him.

Rick Ross: Boris Korczak: Ms. Barbara Schwartz [sic] of Scientology fame, started a smear campaign against Korczak where she stated the following: “What if the German secret service radioed secretly into the CIA to one of the CIA infiltrators to hire Boris Korczak to “infiltrate” the KGB? What if Boris Korczak never had true American intentions? What if he never provided the CIA with correct data? The KGB did not go seriously after Boris? Why not? He still is alive. Because he was one of them all the time he “worked” for the KGB? Because the KGB knew that a German secret service run Boris?”

Rick Ross: Korczak took a humorous approach to this slander…

My comment: Rick Ross should word clear the difference between slander and libel, and I didn’t do any of it. What is that with the Scientology haters? They may lie and defame all they want, and I may not even raise a question or suspicion? Is that freedom of speech aka Rick Ross and Boris Korczak?

Rick Ross: … and responded with a mock confession on his MySpace account, where he stated:

My comment: They should publish their real confessions.

Korczak: “After appearance of this marvelous piece on the Internet, I felt so ashamed that the tears started streaming from my eyes running down my cheeks, creating a large pool on my marble floor.

My comment: Idiot.

Korczak: Yes. I always worked for the German Psychiatrists to destroy Scientology, L Ron Hubbard and the USA. One day in late September while living in Sasel, near Hamburg a large crowd of German psychiatrist appeared …

My comment: I cut his stupid reply short because it isn’t even funny. It is just dumb.  Korczak tries to ridicule the fact that German psychiatrists do not just sit in a chair asking patients harassing questions about their sex life but mingle deeply in international secret service matters. His rebuttal insults intelligence. He tries to conceal the existence of the SEGNPMSS and that they use older kids in school to attach younger kids to that system in which everyone loses. However, this system is originated and controlled by German psychs.

Korczak: Now I am ashamed of my actions and I know I should have listened to my Chief of Station – Ed who preached to me Scientology and even gave me a copy of Dianetics. This is my response to this talented scribbler – Barbara Schwarz”

My comment: Yes, he should be ashamed.

What is his sudden interest in Scientology? Why does he hang out with the Anonymous youngsters? My suspicion: he is still a SEGNPMSS agent.

He posted on his website that he finally became a US citizen but that neither the CIA nor the US government helped him to get this citizenship. This is odd because the USCIS who approved Immigration and Naturalization is an office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. If they didn’t help Boris Korczak to become US citizenship who then? The SEGNPMSS?

I love you, Marty. Many kisses.

Forever yours


Romeo and Juliette but with a happy ending:

Atheists are angry at God. Funny, because it means they believe after all…

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Dearest Marty, most missed Prince who was ever born,

After all these winter pictures I needed something green on my blog. Spring means for me that I have to take care of lots of things outside but I still prefer it over winter. Looks pretty, all white and quiet but I want to see stuff grow.

How are you, my one and only? I think of you, trying to sense how your life and days feel like. I miss the magic of your personality and your eyes. There is nobody like you in the entire universe. I don’t regret anything. I would do anything all over again but with one the exception: This time, I would grab onto you. But back then, I thought we would have had all the time in the world. When the Germans took my passport away to stop me leaving the country again, it dawned on me that they must have filed some kind of case against you to frame you. However, they carefully hid any evidence. But I trust my OT abilities more than lying Germans and their disgusting helpers. They tried all tricks in the book to rip you out of my heart but all and anyone failed. I also believe that they did something similar on your side but I still can feel your strong love for me, Marty. I love everything about you and would not change you a bit.

Many people told me to move on. Hey, sure, I will but only with you. That love of ours also keeps me young. While others who gave the advice to forget you and move on  are getting “comfortable” or matronly, this is not happening to me. I got wiser than you saw me the last time but otherwise, my heart and attitude is still the same. When I figured that the Germans run secretly just about anyone through his and her ear implants to conspire against us, it made a lot of sense that none of your messages were delivered because their agents steal them, and being wrongfully incarcerated means that you can’t come yourself.

Question is, how will such a conspiracy end when just about anyone belongs to it? Well, the Almighty is on our side not on theirs. And they will pull in motivators and because any  SP in that systems screams loud to be handled. Our story is the ultimate love story, and we deserve a happy ending after all we have been through. Moreover, when people wake up and learn what their own system did not just to us but also to them, they want to end it too. Somebody once said:

True love doesn’t have a happy ending. True love doesn’t have an ending.

That is true, our love has no ending but goes on and on.

Look, Marty, they will make a movie of our happy end one day. And they announced it already today! 😉

I read that atheists are angry at God. They say, they don’t believe in God but they are angry at him. Funny, isn’t it? They are angry at someone of which they say does not exsist. They should be angry at their SEGNPMSS case officers. The SEGNPMSS world sucks not that of God. They follow their rotten case officers and contribute to the evil of the world and are angry at God instead of their case officers and their system when things don’t go their ways.

I leaned that people who are angry at God have a harder time to recover from diseases. Well, their own secret service, the SEGNPMSS, the senior over any other secret service or system is not telling them how not to get sick and old by living. Unfortunately, the switch over  from this world to the youth and life-preserving lifestyle is too expensive to create for an average person but the C of S could and should do it.

SEGNPMSS rather wants fellow colleague doctor making lots of cash than granting a  forever youth and health lifestyle for everyone. You know it even better than I do, Marty, getting old and dying is completely unnecessary. People think that I am crazy by saying that people can stay forever young. But they don’t see what I am seeing. The human body (on the inside and outside) doesn’t age at all under certain safe conditions, and none of the stuff of what the WHO says is safe is really safe. What they say consider “safe” is what ages people and kills people in average of 75 years.

If I would run Scientology, I would implement all of Ron’s environmental wisdom and technology and would build those safe villages for the Scientologists and the rest of the world. Glamorous buildings on the contaminated surface of the world is total crap and not the real Ron’s way. They don’t even investigate why Ron was once the leading light of American gerontology as mentioned on the SHBC. The impostor who also babbles on tapes was an idiot. But the  real Ron had researched that area very successfully.

OTs are getting older too and they are dying too. Because they are not allowed to live in these environmental safe places. One could say: okay, it is just one lifetime, I pick up a new body and start over. The problem is: they don’t come back. OT levels were changed by the impostor on orders of the SEGNPMSS. Something happens to them after they die and you and I know what it is. Not even Ron is back.

Many people are also getting angry about God when there is a so-called natural disaster.

It never dawns on them that it is not God who makes those but their very own freaking secret service, their holy cow for which they secretly work. With modern tech and satellites, there is not one disaster they can not create and they are doing it.

What hypocrites they are. They all forget to put themselves in God’s shoes. I put myself in God shoes, Marty. I told myself: “I am God now. Since ages, I tell all people to be good and not to commit rotten acts against others that they don’t want to be committed against themselves. But people don’t care and just call for me when they are getting themselves into troubles. They work for the SEGNPMSS also known as the Devil and conspire against those who I love and who don’t conspire against others. Why should I throw myself in front of the bad and conspiring  people to protect them? To award them for not listening to me? Who doesn’t want to listen has to feel what the SEGNPMSS does also against their own agents.”

However, I also know that God has nevertheless a mission to save the world and the universe, and it will work. It is just slightly or even very differently than most people think that mission is. Rotten people have to understand that being rotten makes them blind to see what God’s mission is. It makes them stupid. For me, it is easy to understand God and what he wants.

And for you too.

I love you, Marty. Many virtual kisses until I can give them to you in non-virtual form, which I absolutely would prefer.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

January 23, 2011 at 6:48 am

What exactly is the truth if lying infiltrators and non-Scientologists conspire together?

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

What I know for sure is that the real L. Ron Hubbard, the real founder of Scientology did not tolerate guns in or around orgs because he knew that they are accidents waiting to happen. He didn’t buy anyone guns. According to Serge (Stephen Pfauth) Jack Apollo Vistaril was into guns but anyone who ever met the real L. Ron Hubbard, and those with eyes in their heads knew that Jack Apollo Vistaril was not the founder but an impostor.

Ron, the real founder knew that secret service p$ychs wait for a chance to implant hateful infiltrators to open fire against Scientologists. As far as I recall, he had a “no gun”-policy.

I read the Jan 21, 2011 posting on the Impostorologists and Impostorettes blog, apparently posted by Mosey’s husband. I don’t believe that everything posted over there is a lie but they are no stranger to lies, so what can one believe?

Marty, I have to go with what I feel is closest to the truth. Thanks heaven, I am good at this and most of the time, it is exactly as I perceive it.

The Impostorologists and the Impostorettes rarely provide affidavits or other form of evidence as video, photos, printed material… They always think that just claiming so makes people believe that it is all true. That is not the case. Professional people want evidence.

Mosey’s husband wrote: Ron Miscavige Sr. told JB that the critics of his son “ought to be shot”? Was that just a stupid matter of saying? Did he mean it seriously?  Where is JB’s affidavit in this regard?

DM’s father is called “Ron” at INT? Scientology is now run by somebody whose father is another “Ron”, somebody who is not at all like the founder. No co-incident in my book.

Ron Miscavige Sr. was in the UK with his sons. There is a big chance that also senior did see us getting married by the real L. Ron Hubbard but he also seems to be one of those who are not coming forward about that either. So what kind of “Scientologists” are those?

I can’t imagine that DM’s father doesn’t knows that Ron was impostored by Jack Apollo Vistaril. And why would this man name these many aliases to police?

Someone posted on the net: What I’m wondering is… why is the man listed as having five aliases? What kind of law-abiding citizen needs to give a false name? R.T.M. has apparently called himself Ford, Bourke, Pratt and Webb. What are your crimes Ronald Thomas Miscavige? Somebody else posted: Thomas Bourke, Tom Webb, Tom Ford and Ron Pratt are other staff at Gold. Not sure why they would be aliases.

Senior providing these names  and different addresses when he gets in troubles so that his son arranges that they take the blame instead of Dad? If these people were with him in the car, they would not be recorded as Senior’s aliases but as other individuals, wouldn’t they?

I really don’t know if this is true but I have found data on the web saying that DM sent a mission to Philadelphia to handle rape charges brought by a underage girl against his father Ron Miscavige Sr. These reports say that he was arrested but the charges were dismissed. With help of C of S lawyers?

Makes me  wonder about something. According to my perceptions, the Germans accused you wrongfully on having raped me, Marty. But DM and the lawyers don’t help you who is truly innocent and rather hire Mosey’s husband as impostor to take over your job? But DM helps his father with a mission and C of S lawyers and C of S money to get the charges against his dad dismissed?

Marty, back to Mosey’s husband’s postings. He talks guns on his blog. Why do they need guns at INT? Waiting for “accidents” to happen? DM gives his execs guns as gifts? How creepy and low on the tonescale is that? DM has a guns room? What for?  He knows that there is violence by low toned infiltrators, and he gives them guns as presents and keeps guns at INT? How irresponsible is that? DM gives his violent executives guns and keeps it in a gun room? For what purpose? To fight in a war one day?  DM has an exclusive target range at INT for shooting? What for? Former infiltrator  Rick Aznaran was the Gun in Charge?  There is no such post by the real Ron on any org board. DM might think that he has it all under control because he has the key to the gun room but what when he will be implanted by psychs? What when others are implanted and steal the key?

The real Ron would have asked people with guns to deliver them to POLICE or the SHERIFF before they were allowed to join. No guns and no gun room in his orgs!

Having guns in the orgs plays into the hands of the SEGNPMSS setting up possible implanted and hypnotized shooters.

According to Stephen Pfauth, Annie Broker, (Tidman, Logan) gave her a  pistol as a Christmas present.  How creepy is this?  Jack Vistaril gave Gene Denk and Stephen Pfauth a rifle as a gift? Seems to me that Gene Denk returned the favor by giving him Vistaril shots in his behind.

Mosey’s husband posted that DM has more guns that David Koresh. They photographed DM’s personal gym but not his enormous gun room? Why not?

BTW, I am sure that “Clearwater Lawyer” on the Impostorologists and Impostorolettes’s blog is another sock of never-in-Scientology Neal Warren aka Gregory Hall. He copies his “wisdom” from other people’s postings and websites. He is afraid to be sued personally. The attorney of the Osterwalds (not related to SCN as far as I know) added Neal Warren aka Gregory Hall (one of the worst abusive trolls on Usenet) to their countersuit, starts at item 17. – Warren also lies on Usenet that he is an “ESQ”. With one of his many other socks he demonstrated recently on the very same blog that he didn’t even knew the very basic Scientology data that a person is basically good. I am sure that he is 50% of all posters on Mosey’s husband’s blog, 90% or even more on ARS, and don’t get me started on how he trolls the other natter boards against Scientology. The man just lies flat on his back or sit in his nutshell.  He can’t stand upright. He lives like a dwarf. So all he does is lying and trolling on his computer all day.

Back to Mosey’s husband’s blog. He posted that he was threatened with a law suit by the C of S but that the C of S didn’t go through with it because they would have nothing against him. There is – but as DM is involved in this too, he doesn’t want to sue: Mosey’s husband isn’t who he claims he is. He is not you. DM could come forward and publish all to know about the impostor business but I am not holding my breath. So, I made my own conclusion why DM didn’t made that public: DM has no clean hands on that doppelganger business either. So, he hopes that the doppelganger business will stays under wraps and that he can make Mosey’s husband go away otherwise.

It is all so unethical, unwise, and completely as real Scientologists are NOT.

And a small note on the comment remark of Chuck Beatty in regards of what Dan Garwin said about Mike Sutter. It’s a fabrication. When I met Mike Sutter, he was on a RTC mission and had the highest authority over FOLO EU. If he would be anything Garvin and Beatty said, he could and  would have  abused his power but I noticed no suppressive characteristic on him. He was anything but abusive and fair to anyone. When I learned later that you  (not Mosey’s husband) picked him as your deputy, I thought that it was again wise of you.

I think the truth will only come out through us, Marty.

My prince, I love you SO MUCH and kiss you MANY times.

Yours forever and ever