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What exactly is the truth if lying infiltrators and non-Scientologists conspire together?

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

What I know for sure is that the real L. Ron Hubbard, the real founder of Scientology did not tolerate guns in or around orgs because he knew that they are accidents waiting to happen. He didn’t buy anyone guns. According to Serge (Stephen Pfauth) Jack Apollo Vistaril was into guns but anyone who ever met the real L. Ron Hubbard, and those with eyes in their heads knew that Jack Apollo Vistaril was not the founder but an impostor.

Ron, the real founder knew that secret service p$ychs wait for a chance to implant hateful infiltrators to open fire against Scientologists. As far as I recall, he had a “no gun”-policy.

I read the Jan 21, 2011 posting on the Impostorologists and Impostorettes blog, apparently posted by Mosey’s husband. I don’t believe that everything posted over there is a lie but they are no stranger to lies, so what can one believe?

Marty, I have to go with what I feel is closest to the truth. Thanks heaven, I am good at this and most of the time, it is exactly as I perceive it.

The Impostorologists and the Impostorettes rarely provide affidavits or other form of evidence as video, photos, printed material… They always think that just claiming so makes people believe that it is all true. That is not the case. Professional people want evidence.

Mosey’s husband wrote: Ron Miscavige Sr. told JB that the critics of his son “ought to be shot”? Was that just a stupid matter of saying? Did he mean it seriously?  Where is JB’s affidavit in this regard?

DM’s father is called “Ron” at INT? Scientology is now run by somebody whose father is another “Ron”, somebody who is not at all like the founder. No co-incident in my book.

Ron Miscavige Sr. was in the UK with his sons. There is a big chance that also senior did see us getting married by the real L. Ron Hubbard but he also seems to be one of those who are not coming forward about that either. So what kind of “Scientologists” are those?

I can’t imagine that DM’s father doesn’t knows that Ron was impostored by Jack Apollo Vistaril. And why would this man name these many aliases to police?

Someone posted on the net: What I’m wondering is… why is the man listed as having five aliases? What kind of law-abiding citizen needs to give a false name? R.T.M. has apparently called himself Ford, Bourke, Pratt and Webb. What are your crimes Ronald Thomas Miscavige? Somebody else posted: Thomas Bourke, Tom Webb, Tom Ford and Ron Pratt are other staff at Gold. Not sure why they would be aliases.

Senior providing these names  and different addresses when he gets in troubles so that his son arranges that they take the blame instead of Dad? If these people were with him in the car, they would not be recorded as Senior’s aliases but as other individuals, wouldn’t they?

I really don’t know if this is true but I have found data on the web saying that DM sent a mission to Philadelphia to handle rape charges brought by a underage girl against his father Ron Miscavige Sr. These reports say that he was arrested but the charges were dismissed. With help of C of S lawyers?

Makes me  wonder about something. According to my perceptions, the Germans accused you wrongfully on having raped me, Marty. But DM and the lawyers don’t help you who is truly innocent and rather hire Mosey’s husband as impostor to take over your job? But DM helps his father with a mission and C of S lawyers and C of S money to get the charges against his dad dismissed?

Marty, back to Mosey’s husband’s postings. He talks guns on his blog. Why do they need guns at INT? Waiting for “accidents” to happen? DM gives his execs guns as gifts? How creepy and low on the tonescale is that? DM has a guns room? What for?  He knows that there is violence by low toned infiltrators, and he gives them guns as presents and keeps guns at INT? How irresponsible is that? DM gives his violent executives guns and keeps it in a gun room? For what purpose? To fight in a war one day?  DM has an exclusive target range at INT for shooting? What for? Former infiltrator  Rick Aznaran was the Gun in Charge?  There is no such post by the real Ron on any org board. DM might think that he has it all under control because he has the key to the gun room but what when he will be implanted by psychs? What when others are implanted and steal the key?

The real Ron would have asked people with guns to deliver them to POLICE or the SHERIFF before they were allowed to join. No guns and no gun room in his orgs!

Having guns in the orgs plays into the hands of the SEGNPMSS setting up possible implanted and hypnotized shooters.

According to Stephen Pfauth, Annie Broker, (Tidman, Logan) gave her a  pistol as a Christmas present.  How creepy is this?  Jack Vistaril gave Gene Denk and Stephen Pfauth a rifle as a gift? Seems to me that Gene Denk returned the favor by giving him Vistaril shots in his behind.

Mosey’s husband posted that DM has more guns that David Koresh. They photographed DM’s personal gym but not his enormous gun room? Why not?

BTW, I am sure that “Clearwater Lawyer” on the Impostorologists and Impostorolettes’s blog is another sock of never-in-Scientology Neal Warren aka Gregory Hall. He copies his “wisdom” from other people’s postings and websites. He is afraid to be sued personally. The attorney of the Osterwalds (not related to SCN as far as I know) added Neal Warren aka Gregory Hall (one of the worst abusive trolls on Usenet) to their countersuit, starts at item 17. – Warren also lies on Usenet that he is an “ESQ”. With one of his many other socks he demonstrated recently on the very same blog that he didn’t even knew the very basic Scientology data that a person is basically good. I am sure that he is 50% of all posters on Mosey’s husband’s blog, 90% or even more on ARS, and don’t get me started on how he trolls the other natter boards against Scientology. The man just lies flat on his back or sit in his nutshell.  He can’t stand upright. He lives like a dwarf. So all he does is lying and trolling on his computer all day.

Back to Mosey’s husband’s blog. He posted that he was threatened with a law suit by the C of S but that the C of S didn’t go through with it because they would have nothing against him. There is – but as DM is involved in this too, he doesn’t want to sue: Mosey’s husband isn’t who he claims he is. He is not you. DM could come forward and publish all to know about the impostor business but I am not holding my breath. So, I made my own conclusion why DM didn’t made that public: DM has no clean hands on that doppelganger business either. So, he hopes that the doppelganger business will stays under wraps and that he can make Mosey’s husband go away otherwise.

It is all so unethical, unwise, and completely as real Scientologists are NOT.

And a small note on the comment remark of Chuck Beatty in regards of what Dan Garwin said about Mike Sutter. It’s a fabrication. When I met Mike Sutter, he was on a RTC mission and had the highest authority over FOLO EU. If he would be anything Garvin and Beatty said, he could and  would have  abused his power but I noticed no suppressive characteristic on him. He was anything but abusive and fair to anyone. When I learned later that you  (not Mosey’s husband) picked him as your deputy, I thought that it was again wise of you.

I think the truth will only come out through us, Marty.

My prince, I love you SO MUCH and kiss you MANY times.

Yours forever and ever



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  2. A seven year old girl should not shudder when kissed by a man. Dianetics?

    Unknown boatman

    May 9, 2016 at 1:33 am

    • Of course NOT. Such a statement is completely out of character for Ron, the real founder. BTW, the real founder would NEVER dedicate a book to a medical doctor. Yet, Germany and their international medical and psychiatric secret services arranged that the Dianetics book is dedicated to a medical doctor. The real Ron was a huge critic of not just psychiatry but also the medical professions because they just doctor around , mostly chemically, to make big cash without effectively stopping aging and deceases. It is so easy to figure out (at least for me) that doctors are adding their crap, dirt, and perversions to Dianetics and Scientology. And at the very end, these idiots will get busted. They can’t see it, but I can.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 9, 2016 at 6:22 am

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