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A few more words about Boris Korczak, the alleged CIA spy who the KGB allowed to get away

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Dearest Marty, my darling,

How are you?

Here are some more outpoints in Boris Korczak’s story as he publishes it. He also joined hate group Anonymous. Guess that is another SEGNPMSS assignment for him.

What happened in the case of Boris Korczak and the CIA reminds me a lot of what constantly happens in the DM administration, Marty, but what happened also already before DM took the C of S over.

A person is hired, “works” a couple of years for the organization and then turns against it.

Apparently, getting hired, blowing, and leaving for another camp and then making worse accusations is a secret service pattern by double/triple agents.

I am sure that I figured it right: on top of it are the German secret services and below are their poodles CIA, KGB, any other secret service on Earth who make any mistake that the SEGNPMSS wants them to make in order to blame the SEGNPMSS main targets (mostly the USA or Scientology).

This is what Boris Korczak claims:

Boris is an Ex-CIA agent who infiltrated the KGB and spied on the Soviets for 7 years. Convincing the Soviets he was one of them, Boris ended up becoming a double agent; a CIA mole inside the KGB.

My suspicion: He was recruited either by CIA infiltrators who knew that he had no true American intentions, or he was recruited by idiots who didn’t knew that he would cause nothing but troubles. CIA failed to check Boris Korczak of being already a double agent when he was hired for the CIA. They failed to check this either deliberately or because they are too dumb for it. They fail to check and accuse because their secret SEGNPMSS case officers are telling them that it is not necessary, and because they think that the SEGNPMSS, the most secret of all secret services needs to be protected because it means them well. That is the biggest mistake that they made. SEGNPMSS isn’t good to anyone.

I think that most within the CIA but also the NSA know that any school kid all  over the world is recruited in the same Big Brother Secret Service and gets non-detectable ear silicone implants and orders.  In other words: when the CIA recruits somebody, that person was already recruited by the SEGNPMSS (using many other names) before.

That means: when somebody is recruited by the CIA, it is then automatically a double agent. And in case of Boris Korczak who then was recruited as alleged spy for the KGB, I think it would be a triple agent. But the boss always is the SEGNPMSS. It has the power over anything but us.

Does that mean that the KGB was the absolute victim? No, no. I think that they knew from the SEGNPMSS that Boris occupied the spy post for the CIA but that he would never forward information to the CIA that the USA needed. I also think that Boris Korczak forwarded info to the CIA to mislead the USA as to what the Soviets and their SEGNPMSS seniors are up to. I think the SEGNPMSS organized that the CIA hired Boris so that the CIA would not find a real spy.

Like certain people who are deliberately brought in contact with Scientology (because the SEGNPMSS knows they will harm Scientology and its reputation later), I think Boris Korczak was brought in contact with the CIA to harm the reputation of the US government later.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: He risked his life for the USA.

My suspicion: Yeah right. He knew that the KGB would let him slip out and let him get away because he just referred those data to the CIA, which the KGB let him have for that purpose. They appreciated that Boris Korczak occupied the spy job instead of some real spy who would have reported to the USA what the KGB really was up to.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: He was what is commonly refered [sic] to as a “Double Agent”.

My suspicion: That might be true but he should have referred to as the “Triple Agent”. I think Boris knows for sure that his real case officer is neither CIA, KGB but SEGNPMSS. (He might have another name for it.)

This is what Boris Korczak claims: He Achieved [sic] the rank of Major in the KGB & all the while he was reporting everything to the CIA.

My suspicion: It might be very well that the KGB promoted him to be a Major but that was the plan. To prevent that the CIA somehow finds a real spy, the KGB had to promote Boris Korczak. I bet all the money in the world bank (if the money would be mine) that he just forwarded those information to the CIA which the KGB didn’t consider as truly classified. He may also have forwarded tailor-made information to actively mislead the CIA.

CIA compared again to the C of S orgs: Also here, people are having secret SEGNPMSS case officers already BEFORE they join the C of S. Some might in addition work for the CIA or other secret services and when C of S staff, they work out secret service style programs, which the real founder L. Ron Hubbard never would have approved of and which ultimately harm the reputation of Scientology. They claim that they really worked only for the C of S but this is of course a lie. Sec checks and confessionals won’t doesn’t find these people because fellow agent colleague is doing the sec checks or the confessionals and the findings are not reported. These agents lay foul eggs in the orgs of which they later blame L. Ron Hubbard or Scientology.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: In 1979 he was exposed by his drunk Chief of Station William Lofgren. The KGB instantly put a price on his head.

My comment: That might be true that this guy was drunk but it was a set up. I strongly assume that some within the CIA got impatient with Korczak. I can sort of hear what they were talking: “What is with this freaking Korczak? He is our spy in the KGB for 7 years and a Major, and all we got from him is what average Soviets are whistling in the streets or dead end information. When do we get some real and correct information from this lame duck?”  I think that Boris felt more pressure from the CIA and whined to his SEGNPMSS case officers. Together with the KGB, they came up with a plan to avoid that the CIA would get data from Korczak that they really needed: Korczak’s CIA case officer in Europe, when drunk, would be provoked by a KGB agent to reveal that Korczak was a “CIA spy”, but KGB would give Korczak enough time to save his butt and his family if he would keep it a secret that he wasn’t ever a true CIA spy. That is NOT instantly putting a price on his head. Interesting is that the “revelation” of him being an alleged CIA spy happened at a convenient neutral place as Denmark and not while he was in the Soviet Union.

Strange is also why the KGB would believe a drunk guy over their Major.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: The CIA turned their back on Korczak, refusing to help him escape from Denmark.

My comment: Guess they finally figured out that Korczak never delivered but failed again to conceal that he was a SEGNPMSS agent when they hired him and that the KGB knew it all. Denmark was not the Soviet Union. Why escaping from non-communist Denmark?

This is what Boris Korczak claims: The CIA has NEVER PAID former CIA Agent Boris Korczak for his 7 years of work.

My comment: Well at least they didn’t waste tax payers money on Korczak. I wouldn’t pay him either. But I wouldn’t have  hired him neither.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: Korczak’s son Robert had three kidnapping attempts on him.

My comment: How did this look like? What does his kid have to do with anything? Did he “spy” too? Who were the alleged kidnappers? CIA or KGB? If these attempts really took place, I assume that those were staged to add more drama to his story. Unlike Robert, I was really kidnapped several times, and you were kidnapped too, Marty.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: His wife was almost killed when her car was violently run off the road.

My comment: Why? Did she “spy” too? What sense does it make to get rid of his wife? I think that these “incidents” were staged to add more drama to his story.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: Being a resourceful CIA Agent had it’s [sic] perks in that Korczak was able to hide his family and he escaped to the United States. No thanks to the Agency.

My comment: Resourceful CIA agent? I think that KGB was thankful to him that he never forwarded any real secrets and maybe false information to the CIA and allowed him to get away. Why would he want to return to the USA and not stay in Europe when he suspects that the CIA wants to kill him?

This is what Boris Korczak claims: The CIA refused to even acknowledge Korczak & he was basically an illegal alien for a long time.

My comment:

Why would Boris Korczak not rather get European citizenship if he fears the CIA? And the CIA is unable to spot an illegal alien and arrange that he has to leave the country?

This is what Boris Korczak claims: Korczak had several attempts on his life in the United States including an assassination attempt when he was shot with a ricin laced pellet. It could have been the KGB or the CIA that tried to kill him.

My comment: Why would Boris Korczak not rather get European citizenship if he fears the CIA? He returns to the USA despite he knows that the USA is the official back yard of the CIA? He isn’t really afraid of the CIA wanting to kill him if he comes back here, right? I don’t know if these assassination attempts are fabricated or not but let’s say that they happened. What other explanations are there? In order to make the USA believe that he really was a true spy for the USA, it must look like that the KGB really is after him, thus, the Ricin incident is staged but all is in place that he is not being killed. And the SEGNPMSS and the KGB thought that it also would not hurt if Korczak would blame the alleged assassination attempt on the CIA. Which he did by saying that he isn’t sure that the incident was by the KGB. Still covering for his old KGB friends. These old memories are just too found: sitting together drinking vodka and singing about how idiotic the CIA is…

This is what Boris Korczak claims: So I ask every red blooded American, is this the way, that heroes who fought for your freedoms, should be treated?

My comment: Red-blooded Americans? I hope he doesn’t mean red-necks. Anyway, no CIA/SEGNPMSS or KGB/SEGNPMSS agent fights for American freedom. It is the other way around. They sell out our freedoms. He says that his website is not about him but for the American people. He is pulling legs. I am the last person who defends the CIA for reasons named in my yesterday’s posting. But I know who the driving force behind it is: German psychs and the CIA is a stupid willing tool in all of that. Anyway, I am sure that Korczak is not on the side of America.

This is what Boris Korczak claims: The only “thank you” that he ever got was a Comendation [sic] certificate and medals that arrived in the mail.

My comment: Did he ever post photos of these CIA commendations and medals?

This is what the Washington Post allegedly wrote about Boris Korczak in 1982:

UNDERCOVER: Christmas Eve, 1979. A Scandinavian city. Dr. Boris Korczak, a double agent feeding the CIA with KGB secrets, answers a foreboding knock at the door. His best friend in the KGB stands outside in the snow, weeping. The man’s mission: kill Korczak.

My comment: That is confirming it too. He was not a CIA spy against the KGB but best friends with the KGB. In my opinion, Boris Korczak was a CIA misinformer. If the KGB would have really considered him a CIA spy, he would have been arrested. I think he betrayed the United States. I am sure that the CIA pressured Korczak, the lame duck for more or correct information, and the SEGNPMSS and the KGB didn’t allow that to happen. They decided to “blow” his cover but gave him a chance to run and have him accuse the CIA who was set up as it is so often by not busting the SEGNPMSS. They pull people like Korzac in. Overt/Motivator sequence.

I read Boris Korczak claims that at a 1979 party at the Soviet Embassy in Denmark, his ‘cover’ was blown by a drunken U. S. Embassy official, resulting in a shoot-out with the KGB during a wild car chase through the streets of Copenhagen. As I said before, if it is not fabricated, this might have been very well nothing but staged to make the CIA and the USA believe that Korczak was a real spy and not a traitor and that the KGB is really after him.

This is what the Chicago Tribune wrote in 1996 allegedly about Boris Korczak:

A self-styled Cold War double agent filed suit against the Central Intelligence Agency seeking compensation for what he depicted as a brutal cloak-and-dagger betrayal. The suit seeks an allegedly promised $25,000 annuity and other allowances for Boris Korczak.

My comment: He just wanted 25.000 bucks for 7 years of spying? That is one cheap “spy”.

The case was thrown out by the court, allegedly because state secrets could end up in the public domain if used as evidence in the court case. This is such a crap because I am sure that whatever Boris Korczak forwarded to the CIA were no real classified KGB data. But who are these courts protecting anyway? If what he forwarded to the CIA were indeed KGB classified data why would publishing them hurt the USA and not rather enhance the knowledge of the people what the KGB is up to? There are also in-camera proceedings in which the court looks at the documents and makes each time a decision whether that document should be allowed in the public domain or not. It all comes down to that CIA also must have felt that Korczak isn’t really a pro CIA spy. Instead of infiltrating the C of S and altering Scientology on SEGNPMSS orders, American agencies should learn how to apply the tonescale and pick their people more carefully.

It seems that Boris Korczak had an ally in the Congress by the name of James Anthony Traficant, Jr. He was expelled from Congress after being convicted of 10 felony counts.

Anyway, it all boils down to that the CIA has similar problems as the C of S. Perhaps because the SEGNPMSS/CIA took the orgs secretly over and that is why the C of S makes similar mistakes as the CIA. CIA’s official duty is to defend the USA with its original very noble goal of freedom and rights for anyone. C of S’s official duty is to keep the applied true religious philosophy and technologies of the very honorable L. Ron Hubbard (the founder) pure and available. But the individuals inside the organizations stray by allowing the SEGNPMSS to run them, and they are being told to hire and promote people of which the SEGNPMSS knows that they later will cause problems upon their command. Their real target is the very noble goal of freedom and rights for anyone, the USA, and the absolutely noble applied religious philosophy and technologies of the very honorable L. Ron Hubbard.

It is all so transparent, for me at least. And I know you can look through them just as well, Marty. I miss you, my hero. Unlike Boris Korczak, you are a real hero.

Many tender and passionate kisses,

from your wife



17 Responses

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  1. Oh you poor sick woman. I read this nonsense I I feel sorry for you.
    You see – your mental disability cause you being kicked out of Scientology.
    Even the could not tolerate your idiocy.


    January 25, 2011 at 8:16 am

    • Hi Boris,

      This posting of yours shows very typically you still being a psychiatric agent. Particularly, your beloved KGB used psychiatric defamation on their critics. People who opposed the KGB were defamed as crazy, weren’t they? And you are doing still the same thing, on your Facebook page, on Rick Ross’s website (he is convicted felon), on WWP, etc. I pity you.

      You are defaming me because I figured you out, didn’t I?

      BTW, I wasn’t kicked out by Scientologists but by infiltrators, by people, well sort of like you. Didn’t you hear the other rumor? Allegedly, I work for OSA… Can’t make your mind up, Boris?

      Let me help you: I am my own woman, I work for nobody but the truth, and have no obsessions with anyone.

      Your case officer (who is superior to the KGB and the CIA) told you that the orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that you and others accuse L. Ron Hubbard and real Scientologists on what they didn’t do but the infiltrators did, isn’t that so, Boris? How despicable to accept work like that.

      Tell me the details, how you protected the USA. It wasn’t worth much because you just demanded 25.000 bucks, but I really would like to know what the USA owes you beside a kick in your behind?

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 25, 2011 at 10:50 am

  2. Congrats. Glad you took Korczak on. He’s one crazy freaking liar. I call him a CIA outcast.


    January 25, 2011 at 10:42 am

  3. Hey, Barb, Boris posted this in a forum:

    This contract promised me a “safe haven” in the event that I was exposed; an annuity of $25,000 as well as the cost of resettlement; education for my children and reimbursement for material losses. In the contract, the CIA agreed to compensate me by payment of an annual annuity for life upon the completion of my assignments. No money was offered during the period of my services due to the Agency’s allegation that payment could jeopardize my cover, although minor expenses were paid for by the Agency.


    January 25, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    • I didn’t see this contract posted online. It may be so or not so. But what I find odd is that Boris writes that no money was offered during the period of his “service” for the CIA because payment could jeopardize his cover but that the CIA paid minor expenses. How weird is that? Why would minor expenses paid by the CIA for a Major in the KGB not jeopardize his cover? It all boils down to that I think that the CIA officers figured that Boris Korczak was pulling their legs and provided no useful information to them and rather covered KGB secrets and buddies and that he thought he could rip Uncle Sam off. The KGB is no longer. He has nothing to fear from those who do no longer exist, so ask him what information he provided that the USA has to be thankful for what he did. So far, I believe he just convinced James Trafficant jr., a former Democratic Congressman, convicted of 10 felony counts on that he deserves the compensation. I want to know how the world was changed to the better thanks to Boris Korczak because I don’t see it. All I see is that he attacks the religion Scientology and uses psychiatric defamation just as the old KGB guys.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 25, 2011 at 1:36 pm

  4. You’re in a chatty mood today, Barbara. Didn’t you hear about the Independents and Michael Fairman?

    James Bond

    January 25, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    • I try to avoid the comments section of Mosey’s husband’s blog. If they smear me over there, I am sure somebody will tell me about it, and otherwise, I pretent it doesn’t exist. The reason for it is cyberstaker Neal Warren from Islamorada aka Gregory Hall and his hundreds of socks. He still tries to troll my blog too but his typical intoxicated posting style always give him away. It seems that he isn’t just into booze but also into drugs, wants to legalize Cannabis for his Irregular Bowel Syndrome (Yuk!) and calls himself “Streetspirit” (which the homeless bum is), lies that he is much younger and has wife and kids and is promoting this photo:

      This man is a red flag for me. His tonelevel and his personality is so disgusting slimy that I don’t have words for it. On top of it, he is a nobody. He lives of other people’s fame. He lies to the world that he is or was a Scientologist. He never read a SCN book and he never was inside of a mission or org.

      I got bored with ARS, particularly after I figured that 90% of all posters are his socks. I left. He noticed that I followed Mosey’s husband’s blog and ever since he is posting with a large amount of socks there, and he wants me to see him. He doesn’t hide before me that he trolls this blog like a lunatic, only the non-OTs over there are not getting it.

      See for example the Michael Fairman comments and my posting of December 2010. I posted the Hallelujah flash mob here:

      He posted it now on Mosey’s husband’s blog, the Michael Fairman thread with one of his socks and his own socks admire his postings on the same blog.

      What the “Independents” are not getting is that Warren manipulates them. He wants them to destroy the orgs and then he wants to destroy the Independents. Warren isn’t interested in human rights. He posted before that beatings in org management would be normal and fine. He wants to destroy our religion Scientology INSIDE OR OUTSIDE OF THE ORGS. He is a SP, a bitter man who thinks that not all people have equal rights. People like him make the world to a bad place.

      Not long ago, he posted on ARS and asked if I would be ready for Mosey’s husband’s group. He is the dumbest man ever born by not knowing that I NEVER would go near a group that is in contact with Neal Warren. There is no bigger turn off for me than a group with who he has contact. I really rather would work with OSA convicting that show of criminality.

      In short: I don’t read the comments on Mosey’s husband anymore because I am sick of seeing SP Neal Warren’s slimy snake personality slobbering down and up that blog trying to make an impression on me or him using psychology or psychiatric “Wisdom” that this fool found on Wikipedia to influence Scientologists in becoming losers as he is.

      I killfiled the comments because of Neal Warren. He is 50% of all posters there and his purpose is to destroy Scientology also if he allegedly posts pro LRH on hat blog. In other forums he defames him maliciously.

      I don’t want to see his postings, and that’s why Mosey’s husband’s comment section died for me. Most people don’t read comments at all. If Mosey’s husband allows him to post main articles, I will not read that blog anymore at all. And when I am defamed again outside of the comment section of his blog, there will be people telling me about, I am sure.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 25, 2011 at 3:17 pm

  5. You got a PI on the Gweggie loser?


    January 25, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    • I don’t waste a cent on Neal Warren. But as closer he gets to the “squirrels” as more likely OSA might check his present and his past out. Deserves him right. He indicated that he influences the “indies” with Carnegie psychology. In other words, whatever happens over at that blog, I really don’t miss a thing not reading the comments made by his large sock battery.

      He attacks me and lies that I am a “bag lady”. One summer, around 1990, I was homeless for approx. three weeks because I had no papers to work in this country but could not go back to Germany because that government denies notorious my rights. After those weeks, I managed against all odds and in a decent and lawful way always to have an apartment. Now live in a nicely renovated house with 5 rooms. Neal Warren and the likes always had papers to work here, so what is Neal Warren’s excuse to live since the mid 80s on a tiny boat, in which he can’t stand upright? He chose homelessness because he is the born DEBE, the born bum. He has no sanitary equipment on his nutshell. How can one not get diseases living like that? He sitting on his computer all day, spying with field glasses on undressed wives of other men and otherwise is insulting, defaming, harassing, manipulating, trolling, misleading, lying, and attacking and tries to heal his contracted diseases with booze and cannabis instead with healthy living conditions. He likely is on p$ych drugs too. Must be really depressing that women don’t want the loser.

      On top of this insanity, he wants a woman to take care of him. He looks for a “helpmate”, which also indicates in what condition he is. Production is the basis of moral said L.Ron Hubbard. Warren avoids since decades to produce anything except sitting on his computer attacking people and trolling. It appears that he looks now for a help mate in Carol Kramer or one of the other Indies but it is a pretty sure bet that none of these women want to take of a notorious homeless Alcoholic and drug abuser who had always papers to work but rather chose a Debe lifestyle.

      He lies to all the Indies that he is a Scientologist. He is none and never was one and he is to downtone to ever become one. Those who believe him that he is must be stoned or drunk too or no Scientologists either.

      He defames people who don’t approve of him as mentally ill or elitists. But he never thinks for one second that he and his street “spirit” life is the problem. The “spirit” here is booze.

      The Indies pulled that man in. He is a motivator. Truth comes out always. So will Neal Warren’s dirty activities.

      Neal Warren is the same kind of person like Garry Scarff (Smurf). Lying and being abusive bums is their way of life.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 26, 2011 at 3:48 am

      • Gweggie’s a stooge.


        January 26, 2011 at 1:45 pm

  6. As a general rule, I don’t read comments on squirrel blogs. Waste of time. Read one and you read them all. Lol.


    January 26, 2011 at 6:20 am

  7. Hey, Babs. Xenu Barb hates you!


    January 26, 2011 at 7:12 am

  8. I know Boris personally. We were working the same case out of Atlanta over ten years apart.


    March 22, 2012 at 10:36 am

  9. The CIA has released documents which for the first time formally acknowledge its key role in the 1953 coup which ousted Iran’s democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadeq.

    News for ya

    August 19, 2013 at 4:10 am

  10. Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier sentenced to 35 years in military prison for the biggest breach of classified documents in the nation’s history, said on Thursday he is female and wants to live as a woman named Chelsea.

    News for ya

    August 22, 2013 at 2:23 am

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