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Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde isn’t crazy. But she isn’t pointing her finger to German secret services and there is where she is wrong.

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

How are you?

Looks that I am getting lots more snows in the next days. As long as heat is in the house, things are alright.

Marty, there are many videos with Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde interviews on YouTube. As far as I know, she was a high medical official for the government of Finland. Wikipiggy makes her look like a nut but what else is new about Wikipedia defaming the state of mind of people? This is unfortunate because she is right on certain subjects on which most other people are clueless about.

I have not read yet anything about her UFO claims. Don’t know what to think about her UFO claims. I never saw a UFO except official shuttles going to the moon and space stations. Although, technically, it is possible to build and operate all kinds of flying objects, and only a majority of people (stupid folks) on this Earth think that there is no life on other planets. But I know how German secret service p$ychs are thinking. They are much too afraid to allow any UFO from out of space land on Earth. They would shoot them down in space in a blink of an eye, afraid that these aliens would do to them what they do to us and others. Whatever Rauni has seen or experienced, I am convinced that it wasn’t from deep space.

She says that there is no death because our brains consists of 87% water, and the body consists of 70% water, and the rest is energy, and according to Albert Einstein, energy doesn’t die, it just changes form. Understanding that she is not her body makes Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde a lot more knowledgeable than many other medical doctors all over the planet.

However, Marty, you know that L. Ron Hubbard (the real one) researched these data already decades before her and others. A person is not her brain or body but a spiritual being, a thetan. He explains that a thetan has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.

So, what is the energy that Rauni-Leena discovered? We all can feel it. When we open and close our eyes very fast, we can feel the energy in our heads. All those Scientologists who went exterior have no doubt of being spiritual beings. So what is that energy? It is the theta body of a thetan, an orb, one of these guys who I captured on camera so often and published on my blog. Here are some that other’s captured on film. Thetans with theta body. Can be seen through good cameras. Wikipiggy is idiotic calling them “dust”.   

Is Rauni correct by saying that there is no death? Yes and no. I once wondered why “death” is on the extended tonescale, Marty. I wondered that when a thetan is a spiritual being, why is death on that scale? And then I figured it out.

Ron didn’t mean the physical body death when Aunt Helga is forced to give her body up because she is 75 years old.  That is the process when the being and its theta body leave the human body, and Rauni, and others are right that there is no death. The old human body is left like a worn out old coat and the being continue to exist. I am sure that Ron meant that the thetan is so down that it  is dead as a thetan.

Einstein was one of those who said that energy continues to exist just alters its form. Ron said the same. But nobody is safe after death because SEGNPMSS alters often the form of that energy. If that energy is altered by psychiatric implant methods, how much is left from the original being?

The energy, the theta body of a diseased person can be captured with cameras and trapped. (Wikipiggy is of course too SEGNPMSS-controlled to get it straight.) I think that if we wouldn’t have a theta body, we would be much safer because nobody could spot or trap us. But we got one, and I assume that not many thetans know how to get rid of one and how to continue to exist just fine or even much better without a theta body. A part of the  original OT levels is not being trapped in any shape of form in between lives.

I am convinced, Marty, that most thetans think that they are their theta bodies after they died. Or some might not even know that they have one. The energy of the theta body can be seen, the thetan with theta body can be trapped and implanted to lose consciousness of its identity as a former human being. The thetan still exists but with a very altered form of awareness. And in my opinion that means that a thetan is sort of dead. Death on the tonescale. Let’s say, doctors trap and destroy the theta body (the energy that Rauni properly discovered inside of herself and others, the energy that survives the death of our human bodies) in millions of parts and implant them into (for example) germs, tiniest animals. If a thetan was thinking that he was his theta body and his theta body was split in many parts and  implanted into millions of bacteria, its “energy” still exist, but I would say that such a being is destroyed compared to what it was before. It lost its former identity.

Another form of alteration (but of course not as drastic as making theta bodies into germs or implanting into other animal bodies) is implanting a thetan who was formerly a woman into a male body or a thetan who was formerly a man into a woman’s body. That thetan is not dead but is altered, and these kind of medical/psychiatric experiments result into confusion and that is of course the basis of homosexuality.

I know it is hard to confront that anybody would do such a thing to others but suppressive people do it and in order to stop it and to get laws against it, people have to become aware of it. That is what Ron meant by saying that the spirit (thetan) must have the same rights as a person (see creed of Scientology). You know all of that, Marty, and I can’t wait talking to you in person about it.

Rauni is right saying that we can be are influenced by energy used against us. She says that she was in Germany on a congress about non-lethal weapons that was visited by scientists and law enforcement of 20 nations. Took place in Germany of all countries, huh? The place of truth and human rights? She makes a big error trusting the Germans.

(Marty, when I saw the Abu Graibh prison photos, I knew that the SEGNPMSS found primitive “Americans” to make Americans look like how the Nazis and the German psychs behind them were and are. I asked myself, how much is the USA taking of that crap until they bust the SEGNPMSS behind such disgusting set ups?)

Rauni says that everybody on that Congress talked about the source, those who are committing mind control and calling them “they”. And an American Colonel wanted to know who “they” are. He had a poster and held it up and blamed the Jews, the CIA, the FBI, and the British Intelligence Service. Isn’t that typically German to find an American traitor to go to Germany to mislead people and distract from the SEGNPMSS? “They” are German psychs, and they blame all the mind control atrocities on their poodles and front groups. Rauni fell in the same trap. “They” are German hard-core psychiatrists, the same force that was behind Hitler, and all the other horrible things that happened before and after the Third Reich. I just mention this era because in the 3rd Reich, they showed their real monster faces more than in any other time.

Germany failed to confess their hidden activities behind secret lethal mind control weapons and blames everything that their secret services, their psychiatrists, their medical doctors are doing on other nations as on the USA, or typically for the Nazis that they always were and still are: on Jews or also on L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

This is not really a joke because the SEGNPMSS supercomputer has indeed access to the inner ear of the entire Earth population. There is even the word EAR in EARth.

Rauni is right that mindcontrol, microwaves, radiowaves etc. are used to kill people but these horrible technologies are not American inventions but those of hard-core German secret service psychs, and they are using them against people and, they are telling their international agents of other secret services to use them too. She says that the USA was opposing the ban of these kind of new mind control weapons of mass destruction. That’s possible because SEGNPMSS radios their international agents to do things upon which the USA will be officially blamed and hated. She says that the USA is the world leader of these new mind control technologies. That’s because the SEGNPMSS is putting their “American” agents up to it. The SEGNPMSS knows that when the broad population will discover that also they are victims of some kind of mind control, they will get so angry that only the USA shall be blamed and not them who hide cowardly behind their “American” and international agents.

She is right that mind control experiments are criminal. The USA is guilty of not having busted the SEGNPMSS and allowing the SEGNPMSS to use it and destroy its reputation and resources. The ultimate goal is to make the USA into a 3rd world country that cries out to Europe and Germany at the top to take it over.  The main fault of the USA is not standing up against the SEGNPMSS. They rather sit there and allowing the USA to be blamed on all the high crimes that the SEGNPMSS set ups to smear and ruin this country.

Here is Rauni:

She says that scientists or people who know too much suddenly die. They have suddenly a heart attack or a brain tumor or whatever and die. She is right. These are some of the ways the SEGNPMSS kills people through remote control. Or they are getting rid of people who know too much in plane or car crashes. But America isn’t the source of that evil. It is German. It always was. And it needs to be convicted.

I love you, my wonderful husband. I miss you so much. Even without being able to talk to you, I know that also you discovered what I have discovered.

(And a message to anybody with power in the USA: let us finally be together! How long are you going to wait? Until the SEGNPMSS rolls over you too? They will if you don’t stop them, I guarantee it. They are not good to their very own agents either. Lying to and controlling their agents, that’s what they are doing.)

Yours forever, Marty,


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  2. Is this for the eyes of Dr. Rauni-Leena?

    julie bailey

    November 20, 2011 at 7:44 pm

  3. Does anyone know when Dr. Kilde’s book bright light on black shadows is due to be out? I certainly wish I spoke Scandinavian languages! Her writings. are awesome. And I believe this one due to be out in English is on mind control. Great author.


    February 4, 2015 at 6:04 am

    • Enormous

      February 27, 2015 at 1:53 am

      • Sorry to hear that. But I repeat, she made the HUGE mistake not pointing with the finger on still existing Nazis secret services. They come away with murder because people don’t talk about the atrocities after the Third Reich. They can cause cancer and other diseases with remote controlled germs. She was a medical doctor. She should have known that. The USA is controlled by Germany, but Germany is the driving, secret force behind making people sick and killing them.

        Barbara Schwarz

        February 27, 2015 at 3:59 am

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