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Typically German secret services: letting anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan who does not change his antisemitic ways praise Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. What an insult to the founder of Scientology! Farrakhan recommends SCN only to white people who do not listen to him and doesn’t recommend it to extremist blacks, who listen to him.

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

I am not going into stuff as Farrakhan describing a 1985 “religious experience” in which he ascended into a flying saucer and heard the voice of Elijah Muhammad  or that the Nation of Islam believes in a UFO called “the wheel” or “the Mother Plane” –  (I sure hope that it will not be mixed into SCN) but I am going into that the Anti-Defamation League recorded some of Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic statements, and they are so disgusting that one asks where the C of S ethics officers are. The “Indies” are just as bad with their leader Mosey’s husband recommending Antisemitic Farrakhan.

A person like Farrakhan recommending L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology is an INSULT to Ron and Scientology! He also makes L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology look like it will overthrow the U.S. government. Farrakhan is clueless about the founder’s peaceful intentions and the peaceful mission of Scientology who convinces through knowledge and cognitions.

According to the Chicago Tribune: Farrakhan called on President Barack Obama to allow protesters to march, urging the president not to attack innocent people when they do.

They are not innocent, they follow the lead of an Anti-Semite by the name Farrakhan!

The Chicago Tribune: Speaking for about four hours Sunday, Farrakhan jumped from topic to topic.

That sounds very “clear” and “non-confused” to me.

Chicago Tribune: He praised Scientology and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Farrakhan extolled the virtues of Scientology and its auditing process, which is considered spiritual counseling by its members.

So, he got auditing but no ethics handling, just as it was missed with Paul Haggis who indicated that the orgs doesn’t make celebs applying ethics. We can hold our breath until the next celebrity attacks L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. It will be always so when no ethics is applied. And no ethics is applied because Farrakhan continues his hatred against Jews and whites.

Have a look here to see how he pushes German hatred against Jews and white people:

The orgs under David Miscavige allow such a man to promote SCN and L. Ron Hubbard! It is unbelievable. And Mosey’s husband would do the same thing like DM, despite that they both know that Farrakhan’s promotion is hurting Scientology’s and L. Ron Hubbard’s reputation.

The Chicago Tribune: L. Ron Hubbard is so exceedingly valuable to every Caucasian person on this Earth,  Farrakhan said: L. Ron Hubbard himself was and is trying to civilize white people and make them better human beings and take away from them their reactive minds. … Mr. Hubbard recognized that his people have to be civilized,” Farrakhan said to a cheering crowd.

He does not recommend Scientology to his black supporters and most of his supporters are black. He says it is just good for white people. Him recommending Scientology has no advantage for the orgs at all, only disadvantages. The Caucasian people will not do what he recommends. The opposite: THEY RATHER WILL STAY AWAY WHEN EXTREME PEOPLE AS FARRAKHAN RECOMMEND IT. And he doesn’t recommend it to his people, BECAUSE HE MISINFORMS THAT SCIENTOLOGY IS JUST GOOD FOR WHITE FOLKS. BLACK FOLKS DON’T NEED IT! Yeah right!

Whoever Farrakhan’s contact in the C of S is, Al Freddy, or who else, including the relevant ethics officer it is not a Scientologist. It is a person who does not apply SCN and failed to put ethics on Farrakhan. It should be a person who tells him that if he doesn’t ditch anti-Antisemitism, he may NOT promote Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard.

Farrakhan also attacks main stream blacks and accuses them of being pro white Jewish.  Farrakhan is a hypocrite and pro white German Nazi.

Farrakhan says he will fight to destroy… L. Ron Hubbard wants to peacefully convince with knowledge not destroy.

How can DM or others in the orgs as alleged Scientologists allow Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard being positioned with Anti-Semite Farrakhan? I repeat: controversial Farrakhan recommends Scientology to white people who don’t listen to him, don’t like him, fear him because he is a hate monger or who think that he is crazy. They rather do the OPPOSITE of what he recommends. Controversial Farrakhan does not recommend Scientology to mainstream black people because they don’t listen to him, don’t like him, fear him because he is a hate monger or think that he is crazy. They rather do the OPPOSITE of what he recommends. Controversial Farrakhan does NOT recommend Scientology to his Anti-Semite black extremist followers to become better people. He recommend Scientology only to people who would never listen to him. Who loses? L. Ron Hubbard’s and Scientology’s reputation! Does one needs to be a rocket scientist to figure this out?

They Celebrity Center and INT should handle Farrakhan’s out ethics and Antisemitism at once! And if he doesn’t change, Scientology is better off without him because he rather keeps mainstream Blacks, Whites and Jewish folks OUT of Scientology. Isn’t there anyone left who can count that together or what?

I love you, Marty. This would have never happen under you.

Yours forever,


1) I think these photos are a hoax 2) Mosey’s husband’s postings about the name Marty or Mark Ratbun and Paul Haggis.

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Dearest Marty, wonderful and sweet prince, how you are you?

I calculated my taxes today. What a fun that is!

Some people think that these photos are real, e.g. that these workers indeed sat without a safety belt or net on these skyscrapers having lunch.  I doubt it. I believe that those who worked up there used safety belts. If they didn’t, they must have been pretty dumb and probably died like flies falling down.


I think the photographers were pulling legs telling people that those photos are not doctored.

And how realistic is this picture?

I checked Mosey’s husband’s blog today but ignored the comment section. He wrote that  C of S is buying his name Marty or Mark Rathbun for website domains. That might be right but he is not the only one by that name. That is also the name that the feds assigned to you, so whatever is done with that name concerns also you.

He also wrote that since he started his blog that the orgs created more than twenty web sites and blogs devoted to attacking him. I haven’t counted them but there are some around, that is correct.  He wrote that after they (whoever that is) exposed one after another and the unlawful and tasteless content on each, the orgs shut one after another down and settled on one central “anti Marty” site and he feels that they pirated his name  “”. These blogs that he likely means are still around but some are not active.

It don’t like that they used the name Marty Rathbun Blog either because it is also your name, Marty, and even people who are not on Mosey’s husband’s side feel that the “rat blog” pirated the name. If they wouldn’t use these kind of tricks, they would have more success to convince.

Once in a while, Mosey’s husbands posts critical about the FBI but he never drops the name CIA. Wonder if he has some kind of contract with them. I believe that he also tells his followers that secret services have nothing to do org infiltration or his operation. I believe that as much as that these golf players played on the skyscraper constructions sites.

He goes on and defends Paul Haggis, who was never a Scientologist and admitted himself that he never should have been in the orgs. I am a critic of DM too but in order to express that criticism, I don’t throw myself before people who smear Ron’s research and legacy.  Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder kiss up to anyone. Not one of them made a statement about Paul Haggis lack of character. (He used SCN to get rich and famous and then ditched and defamed it!) Infiltrators in the orgs are capable setting others up but with Haggis self-admitted past, nobody has to set something up. It is all there…

Haggis used Scientology and its connections to get rich and famous and now he attacks L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics, and Scientology. If Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder and the rest of the Independent gang would be Scientologists, they would not excuse Paul Haggis, it doesn’t matter how rich and famous he is.

I love you so much, Marty, I would like to fly to you like a butterfly and have lunch with you but not on skyscrapers construction place! But if that would be the only place I could meet you, I would have lunch on one with you too! Nothing would stop me.

Yours forever, and many kisses,



1) Your irresistible scent, Marty 2) William “Rex” Fowler guilty of first-degree murder

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Dearest Marty, my handsome and noble Prince, how are you?

I have more snow but it is fine, it will not last forever. Warmer temperatures are on the way. I am fine and anyone around here I talked to recently, thinks it will be an early spring. All the trees and bushes will be in pink, red, violet, white, blue, yellow colors and at night, when you go out, the air is filled with these scents. It really smells different than chemical perfumes. I am getting headache smelling those. I threw my perfumes, I believe it was Cloé or Femme, or both of them, away in 1984 in L.A. after I read a HCOB in which Ron basically said that the chemicals in perfumes are p$ych stuff. I checked by perfume bottles, read all the horrible small print chemicals on the backside and smelled them once again to verify consciously, and indeed, I felt that my brain cells pull themselves together when smelling that stuff. Ever since, I am using no perfume anymore, there is just the natural perfume of my skin and hair, the scent of your woman, which smells after cinnamon, lilac, and jasmine. You’ll like it, Marty. You loved it before.

Interesting that each person has her own scent. I have someone in my family who is an expert smeller and also stays away from chemicals. According to that expert, I smell like an  island. And I also remember your smell, Marty, it is so intoxicating in a very good way. After Haydn James assigned me wrongfully to the decks, I had to do RTC laundry. Your laundry was delivered too in a light blue hamper. From all the hampers I came across during that time, Marty, your UNWASHED clothes smelled the best. Sexy, masculine, irresistible, like a fresh morning breeze, with santal, cedar and spices of your breathtaking personality. I should have stolen a sock 😉 from you to have at least your scent with me, if I would have known that I would be so long separated from you. But that scent would have lasted only for a few days and then it would have had my scent. I was thinking that it is such a waste of your sexy irresistible smell being of your clothes and being stuffed in the washer! No soap or detergent smells as good as you do! Our scents merge perfectly together. I was also in your room too with my Deck twin. I saw no chemicals anywhere.

From the perfect scents to the most horrible stench: the Rex Fowler case.

So, they found him guilty of First Degree Murder. I will not defend this man, Marty, but the orgs took his money, they owe him at least to look into it if he wasn’t p$ych implanted because a Scientologist and an OT can solve the problems that Fowler had and doesn’t plan suicide over them.

What a p$ych case that is. That “suicide” defense had also written p$ychs all over it, and I repeat, I am sure that guy was psychiatric altered to write that suicide note. Another hidden psychiatric attempt to tell the C of S that Scientologists including OTs need p$ychs. But I am sure that Fowler was no Scientologist and no OT but rather one of these guys who do are getting auditing and waiting for a magic bullet to turn them into supernatural beings by “studying” p$ych altered versions of Scientology.

I agree with prosecutor Yvette Werner who said that three gunshots into somebody’s head are made with intentions to kill, however, I think that Fowler had not much access to his analytical mind anymore when he did it because he was p$ych implanted. I really think that the C of S should have asked the court to make an appearance in court. They should have asked for permission to prove that this man was p$ych implanted. It is a big mistake to look the other way because that means another such set up will be planned and executed by these p$ychs.

A Scientologist or OT doesn’t kill himself over Fowlers little problems. An infiltrator maybe. Scientologists know how to start over and earn money. Scientology had the answer to his problems, and I am sure that Fowler knew it. I am 100% sure that this man was used by the p$ych because he had anger issues that he had not handled, and they used that to turn him into a killer by implanting him. If Fower would be taken on the cans, it could be established. And then the orgs has to find ways to make it stand in court, and there are also ways to do that.

I am sure he will appeal.

As real OTs, Marty, you and I, we know what happened. Too bad that there are so many non-Scientologists in high places in the orgs, and they don’t understand anything or they cover it up. Ron said the price for freedom is fighting back. Did you see the orgs fighting back in this or other psych set up cases that are similar? I don’t. Which means, that the orgs and anyone in them is losing their freedoms because p$ychs can implant any angry guy to become a killer and they can implant just about any other person in one who commits suicide or goes otherwise crazy.

Haven’t they learned anything from what Ron said?

I love you so much, Marty, and your scent. 🙂

And these arms of mine are longing to hold you again….

Yours forever,



Just some comments on the Rex Fowler case

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and soulmate,

I have not much time to blog today but I fixed my presidential photos below. They disappeared once in a while from my blog and then they were there again. Strange. Well, I reposted them in a different way.

Anyway, I read about the trial in the Denver Post.  What is so strange about it is that an alleged Scientologists wants to commit suicide because his company is failing.

What crap  that is! There are tons of data and technology by L. Ron Hubbard to 1) save the old company or 2) start a new one and pay off debts and being anything but depressed.

Prosectors said Fowler shot Thomas Ciancio to death and then turned the gun on himself because the software company he founded was failing, but Fowler’s lawyers said Fowler aimed to kill himself, and Ciancio interrupted his suicide attempt.

Fowler was allegedly on the OT levels. A person shouldn’t have  any suicidal ideas  anymore  after Life Repair!

Adams County District Judge Francis Wasserman barred prosecutors from asking prospective jurors about their views on Scientology. I don’t get this part either, Marty. If he doesn’t want them to have no opinions of Scientology, they should have selected jurors with no negative or positive opinions of Scientology but not asking the jurors about their opinion could nevertheless mean that they have them and are biased.

The Denver Post wrote that Fowler allegedly shot Thomas Ciancio three times in the head with a 9mm Glock handgun at Fowler Software after Ciancio came to collect $9,900 in severance pay. Ciancio had resigned his job as chief operating officer of the business in a dispute over the way Fowler was managing the company. Prosecutors have claimed Fowler shot himself after shooting Ciancio. I am sure that Fowler was no OT at all  and not even a Scientologist but an angry man who selected by psychs because of that anger and was  implanted in George Estabrook style and implanted to kill Ciancio because p$ychs want to blame the murder on Scientology and the  OT levels that are not more Ron’s original OT levels anyway and  psychs.  I still think that the orgs should demand in this case checking Fowler on being implanted. If they don’t do it, p$ychs will never stop making terrorists or implanting people into suicide.

I am sure that you have the same thoughts, Marty,

I love you, many kisses from me to you. I miss you so much.



German secret service BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) hired Nazi criminals

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

I have a lot to do but otherwise I am BORED to tears. I scrolled briefly through the natter boards and blogs against Scientology and found myself even more bored. They are all playing the fools acting as they never have heard that the founder, the real L. Ron Hubbard was impostored and that you are impostored. People are just interested in pushing their hidden agendas and not in the truth. There is one new blog that asks for the denial of the non-profit status, and they have the tomato photo with Ron’s impostor big on the main page. It can’t get more lame. One day, even Donald Duck will throw tomatoes at them.

However, there was an article that got my intention. It was published by the German magazine Spiegel (no fair magazine at all as far as we are concerned but anyway) on February 16, 2011. The article said that the German BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst), the other German secret service and foreign spy agency hired Nazis, and that they hired now historians to look into this. Marty, but I can sense cover up.

Here are certain things that Angela Merkel doesn’t cover up. According to the Spiegel, Angela Merkel and/or her administration  wants to cover  the Nazi past of the new German government up. She isn’t into covering her cleavage up. I think that dress is highly inappropriate for the head of a state. Not even Lady Gaga would wear it. Neither would I. The man next to the Chancelorette is not her husband but a Norwegian minster. She is lucky that nobody sued her for lewd conduct or sexual harassment.

Here are some details and lines from the article. Apparently Johannes Clemens aka Tiger of Como worked for the BND.  He belonged to a squad that shot 335 civilians in the Ardeatine Caves near Rome in 1944, one of the worst massacres on Italian soil during World War II.

Former chief inspector Georg Wilimzig also had blood on his hands. His 300-member squad, known as IV/2, murdered thousands of men, women and children following the German invasion of Poland in 1939.

After 1945, Clemens and Wilimzig both found themselves working for the same employer — the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany’s foreign intelligence agency.

It is said that the German Chancellery isn’t that happy about such an investigation and blocks it. (Hungary kissing Germany’s hand… Smooch! Hungary, give Baron Herzog’s relatives their art back that the Nazis stole from them and don’t block Nazi cases that should have gone to court 60 years ago!)

Article says that historians Jost Dülffer, Klaus-Dietmar Henke, Wolfgang Krieger and Rolf-Dieter Müller will look into the BND’s early years, as well as the history of its predecessor, known as the Gehlen Spy Organization. But I bet the entire Chancellery on that none of these historians will ever spot the most secret of the secret services, the SEGNPMSS because the SEGNPMSS will not let them write about them. There is a German secret service with hard-core psychiatrists that is behind all other secret services and when they wouldn’t have managed to attach just about any soul to their horrible system, I wouldn’t be the only one writing against them. Most people are so afraid of them that they deliberately misspell that name.

The British press at the time openly mocked the “Gestapo boys” working at the BND’s headquarters in Pullach, near Munich. Marty, I always had a strange feeling being in Munich and feeling Pullach so nearby. Strange vipes came from there.

Former SPD (socialist party) boss Kurt Schumacher allegedly had raised the subject with Adenauer, who was also the head of the CDU (Christian conservative party). Schumacher described the Gehlen Organization as “riddled” with former members of the murderous Sicherheitsdienst (SD), the SS’s intelligence agency. The CIA didn’t dismantle the Gehlen Spy Ring, which means that the SEGNPMSS run the CIA officials that made that decision. CIA documents turned up by the BND’s historical department show that the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, was also informed about the matter. At least 40 employees of the Gehlen Spy Ring were former SS and SD employees, and I say, 100% of all were SEGNPMSS controlled.  The U.S. Army asked Gehlen to work for them against the Soviets. This means that actually a part of Dwight David Eisenhower’s legacy turn up side down. As you know, the U.S.A. was already an ally of the Russians and they fought together against the German Nazis. Ike didn’t agree with communism and any restricted freedom for the Russians but Stalin and Ike agreed that the Nazis must be stopped and that Hitler faked his death.

After there were already somehow ally relations between the USA and the Soviets that could have been developed in a good friendship under the condition of democratic rights for the Russians, the SEGNPMSS turns the attention away from the German Nazis and created the cold war by using the KGB and Soviets. They can’t fool me, Marty, I know what they did and do. Shame on them.

The so-called Agency 114 was set up for phony purpose after the Soviets were made to be the enemies, and this agency became one of the main points of entrance for Nazi criminals said the former BND employee Hans-Hennig Crome.

Crome came across Alfred Benzinger, who was nicknamed “der Dicke” (“Fatty”). A former sergeant with the Nazis’ notorious Secret Field Police (GFP), Benzinger headed Agency 114. The agency was located in a back courtyard on Gerwigstrasse in the city of Karlsruhe, behind a doorplate advertising “Zimmerle & Co.,” a company supposedly specializing in roller blinds. Marty, I wonder how many SEGNPMSS offices worldwide are in places with harmless company doorplates.  The fact that Nazis were allowed back into Germany’s high official ranks will be of course again blamed by Germans on the Americans. “They made us do it…”

Benzinger “openly recruited” former members of the Gestapo, SS and SD, as CIA agent James Critchfield later reported. Konrad Fiebig, who would later be charged with the murder of 11,000 Jews in Belarus, was one of these men. Another was Walter Kurreck from the SS death squad Einsatzgruppe D, who was responsible for tens of thousands of murders. As the CIA reported prior to the German government’s 1956 takeover of the Gehlen Organization, the government was no longer concerned with “former Nazi and SS-types,” in the CIA’s words. What a bunch of idiots! They hadn’t even started to investigate the worst Nazis of all: the German hard-core psychs of the SEGNPMSS who recruited Hitler and organize the Nazis into power. How can an analyst miss that the German Nazis used the Soviets and Muslims to pull the attention of the USA away from them?  As Gehlen once told the CIA, his agency employed, in percentage terms, fewer former SS and SD members “than most ministries.” The ministries he meant were those of the German government in Bonn. Isn’t that “great”, Marty? And they passed their insane attitude onto the government of modern days, so no wonder that I had to flee from Germany and you were framed by Germans and wrongfully incarcerated.,1518,745640,00.html

I love you and kiss you, many times, and no, we won’t let them get away. We know that they are still at it, and the first step in brining them to justice is to make the world admit that they exist, those cowardly monsters.

Yours forever


It’s very presidential here:

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Greek God and future President,

How was your day?

I was rather busy but that is normal. Without you having fun by being wrongfully incarcerated and tortured, I don’t want to act as if all is fine and engaging in all kinds of fun activities. We will have than fun when we are back together.

Look at the painting above. I think it was painted by a Republican painter because the Democratic Presidents are missing or they are lying under the table. (Just kidding!) But why is crook Richard Nixon on that painting and George Washington is missing? That is a riddle, isn’t it? He captured Ike’s smile really well, that painter. He had the brightest smile of all.  I think President Reagan is bluffing and Nixon is cheating.

Here are some cars in which some of the Presidents traveled:

President Truman in the  Lincoln made for President Roosevelt. Nice looking car. Look at these secret service guys traveling with the President. Just like in the movies. 😉

Marty, this is allegedly President Eisenhower in a 1953 El Dorado. I doubt very much that it is him because after he kicked the Nazis behind, they were after him. He never would stand in the car with his arms wide open, inviting some Nazi infiltrator in the USA to pull a trigger. I think that was a CIA hired doppelganger and if he would have been shot, the CIA would have exchanged him with another doppelganger. I looked at this photo and I noticed that the man in his car looks like Mosey’s husband. He was born 1957. Maybe he was a doppelganger of Ike and a CIA agent already in his last lifetime and shot by Nazis who mistook him for the real Ike right after that photo was taken. But seriously, I am sure that this not the real Ike.

This 1950 Lincoln with first bubble top was also allegedly President Dwight David Eisenhower’s idea but once again, I doubt that very much because one can shoot easier through that bubble top. Because he was anything but an idiot and after the took Nazi Germany apart, he was the prime target of Nazis and they were not just in Germany.

This is the 1961 Continental X100 in which President Kennedy was shot short before his hearings in the U.S. Congress.

This is the 1972 Lincoln and Nixon, Pres. Ford and Pres. Carter allegedly cruised around in this car.

President Reagan got himself in 1983 a Cadillac. Notice that secret service agents can’t ride on the sidesteps anymore and I bet it is not that much fun in the trunk.  Have also a look at the nice flowers that Nancy planted.

This is the car that President George H. W. Bush used in 1989. Heard a rumor that Saddam wanted to hitch a ride in the car and listen to Frank Sinatra at the car radio but Pres. Bush didn’t let him.

This is the 1993 Cadillac of President Clinton. I know how it looks inside. Monica told me all about it. Just kidding!

This 2001 Cadillac DTS drove President George W. Bush. That license plate is funny. Zeros so that Pres. Bush doesn’t have to remember so many numbers. That one of Pres. Truman had a real number.











This is President Obama’s high tech car. He has a real good time in it. See how he smiles.  It uses one gallon gas per 8 miles. Just like my lawn mover. 😉
















This is L. Ron Hubbard’s (the real founder) transportation when he flies without body and smiles down, particularly on you and me, Marty.











And when you run for President, you need twice the size of this limo to have room for all the supporters who want to drive with you, Marty.  I’ll drive. I drive my lawn mover really well now.  😉

I miss you, my darling!

Many kisses and hugs,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 22, 2011 at 4:43 pm

History repeats itself. It is not tinfoil seeing that Nazis are again on the rise.

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Dearest Marty, my one and only Prince,

Great job by Donald Duck. That  is one  great throw. But he might have some more throwing to do.

There are scary news from Germany again:  Nazi rally in Dresden turned violent on Saturday. They are still in the minority but the former Nazis were that too once and that changed quickly, and they got the upper hand. 4000 Nazis in that German town alone.  It has just around 500,000 residents. A  judge (what else is he but a covert Nazi too?)  in Dresden approved of this Nazi march. There is really so much truth in that history repeats itself.

As you know, Marty, they are in the USA too. The writer of this article doesn’t like Nazis but says that they have a right to assemble. If a  non-American secret service as a German one secretly organizes those Nazi marches to bring the USA through Nazi activities down, which is the intention behind those Nazi movements, not a bigger America,  then they have no right to assemble because it undermines the US constitution and all what the USA stands for. Ignoring them is not a solution.

Have a look what horrible people come out of these Nazi movements: Spisak was executed now at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville. He was 59-year-old  and convicted of killing three people on a Cleveland college campus in 1982 in a shooting spree that targeted blacks. During the 1983 trial, Spisak grew a Hitler-style mustache, carried a copy of Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” and gave the Nazi salute to the jury. What a sick beast. The condemned killer’s final words were Bible verses read in halting German.

The  idea alone that somebody arrests you and jails you in some kind of concentration camp makes my blood boil, Marty. There is no way that this will be excused, forgiven or forgotten.

Marty, here is a list of movies about the Third Reich.

They don’t have the movie Uprising on this list. It is a very powerful film and shows how a few Jews fought back against the Nazis and the big German Army while surrounded by Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto, and they won! Some died but others made it out who would have been killed if they wouldn’t have fought back. It shows how robotic stupid the Germans really were, they are like the Borg, and how much a few smart people were able to do for their freedom and the freedom of others, when ear implant commands not to fight the Nazis back did malfunction. These few Jews fought themselves out of the by Nazis surrounded Polish Ghetto and any step of the way, they showed that they were much smarter and so much more courageous than the Nazis. The movie also shows how much survival spirit and strengths is in certain women. Just as much as in men.

I know one thing for sure, Marty, if the German secret service psychs had not organized that also the Jews like any other race are being attached to the SEGNPMSS ear implants system before they created the Nazis and recruited Hitler for the extermination, the Jews would have fought back, and there would have been never a Holocaust with over 6 Million dead people. Those Jews were all lied too that being quiet and hushing up would save their lives. I am very glad that this strategy at least failed at least in the Warsaw Ghetto.

On a much lighter note, this here is an ad by a language school on YouTube.  The German superior officer of the German coast guard explains the new recruit the controls and leaves. The new recruit gets a Mayday call from a ship. “We are sinking, we are sinking!” Most Germans have a hard time with the English “th” and “s”. Instead of sending help, the new recruit asks: “What are you thinking about?”  It’s really funny.

Marty, my grass is growing already at certain spots. When I look out of my window, I look directly into a huge that is always green. It is wonderful. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I look into at large fir trees, I think I should concentrate on writing fiction, which is an uplifting thing to do. Guess, I have to reorganize my time to do this but I won’t kill this blog. Besides being in contact with you telepathically, it is my other way to talk to you.

Many kisses, my sweet, sweet Prince.

Your wife,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 21, 2011 at 4:11 pm

Deep affection to the end of all days… Marty, my Odysseus, many kisses from your Penelope

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, how was your Sunday?

I find myself thinking of you, whenever I have time. It is as if you just left yesterday and no day passed since then. It is really amazing but true love does exist and it does not die. Only “love” that isn’t true dies.

I was reading about lovers in history, there is of course Romeo and Juliette. Their story is so sad that it could have really happened on a planet like this.

But we are more like  Odysseus and Penelope. As you know, this Greek couple married and was separated. They waited 20 long years to be reunited. Pretty good, although not as good as we are.  Odysseus had to go to war right after he married pretty Penny. Although she had little hope that he would  return, she resisted the 108 suitors who were anxious to replace her husband. This is so familiar, must be one of our past lives.  Odysseus loves her just as much, and he even refuses  eternal youth offered by a beautiful sorceress because he just wanted to return home to his wife. He is just like you, Marty, you wouldn’t have aged one day if you would have stayed in that beautiful village of your family but you rather came to meet me to take me to your world.

True love is worth waiting for.

Our day will come, Marty.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the darkness in which the SPs are living who want us to move on without each other.  Can you imagine how hard it is to be so blind?  They have no idea how sure we are that our postulates are working.

I love you so very much, my darling.

Your wife,


Not much did happen here, except this here:

Disorder versus order…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you?

Somebody send me an e-mail with different desks of some famous people to compare. (If any of these pictures are not in the public domain, the owner can contact me and when his copyright is indeed violated, I will remove the photo.) I don’t think he likes President Barak Obama because he says that creative minds are rarely tidy. Here are the different desks.

1. Desk of  William F. Buckley

He should have fired his secretary. How was he able to find anything?

2. Desk of Nat Henhoff

Probably has a well-paid assistant who never keeps order? At least she should hang that wall picture straight.  But maybe he has  some kind of color-code system in there?

3. Desk of Albert Einstein

That desk isn’t too bad-looking, Marty. Looks like mine when kidnapped and the SEGNPMSS goes through my stuff.

4. Desk of President Obama.

If he would have desks like  William F. Buckley, Nat Henhoff or Albert Einstein, what would the American people say? But if I may make a small suggestion, Mr. President, on a big desk like that, a few papers and books wouldn’t hurt. But thumbs up for your secretaries and assistants. They know how to clean up!

5.  Desk of L. Ron Hubbard

And then I was looking around to find the desk of the real L. Ron Hubbard because I remember how orderly AND creative he was. Here is one of his desks as young man. Marty, see for yourself. Not sloppy at all. Compared to this, imagine how disorderly and disorganized the rooms of those young men of his age might have looked!

6. Desk of L. Ron Hubbard

Here is Ron at his desk a little but later in life. Orderly again, everything on the right place and no mess but also not sterile. It is not just a desk for photo purposes. He did his work on it. Notice also that he isn’t into marble and gold as a certain somebody else.

7. And here is his impostor slob on his disorderly desk.

Look at his disorderly suitcase. What’s in there? 30 different kinds of wills? CIA/SEGNPMSS agent contracts? No ashtray on the desks of the real Ron. Allegedly, Annie and Pat Broeker dropped each week a million dollars on his desk. I know that California is an expensive state but I always thought that for a couple of million a person can afford a hair cut.

I remember how orderly your SU desk was, Marty. Too bad that I made no photo of it. You were not sloppy at all, no confusing on your desk. I remember when you found in that little conference room desk lots of legal papers just stuffed into a drawer. You didn’t say much about it but I noticed that you like disorder as little as I am. Orderly spaces feel good.

Let me find you soon, Marty, let’s be very orderly together and also a bit disorderly. 😉

Many kisses and yours forever.


your wife

1) Imagine impostors being impostored by impostors 2) Church of Scientology should increase security for March 11, 2011 3) Judge Wasserman says that Scientology is no issue in Rex Fowler case 4) Does Tom Cruise really want and need those real or alleged DM or C of S gifts?

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

I like spring on the way, although spring means lots of additional work outside for me but spring feels always hopeful like a beginning, and I sure hope we will have a beginning soon too. In that Day of our Life soap opera, the original Rave Hernandez is behind bars and tries to telepathically reach his wife who is seduced by his impostor. He tries telepathically to make her see that he isn’t that person. She only noticed that he is different but not that he is another person and she sleeps with the impostor. That is nothing you ever have to worry about, Marty. We are real life OTs, and telepathy from you to me and the other way around works.

Speaking about impostors, I don’t think that Ron, you, or me have each only one doppelganger. I am sure that there are more. Now that Mosey’s husband is a VIP for numerous people, imagine him being impostored by a doppelganger of his own. Of course not you, because you would never impostored anymore. But imagine the confusion if other impostors would show up impostoring the impostors. Nothing ever will fool me. What I did was duplicating  your personality, all of it with that much masculine sweetness and perfection that you can call your own. I am sure that Mosey’s husband can be sweet too when he wants to but never the way you are.  Impostors only work for people who don’t want to know or who are helping to cover bad things up.  I find the idea of impostors being impostored by other impostors really funny, particularly, when the original impostors are getting a dose of their own medicine and are complaining that those doppelgangers are not them but impostors. Lol.

Anyway, Marty, I am 100% sure that DM knows that Mosey’s husband is an impostor, yet, he fails to make a statement in this regard. Despite they are more or less at their throat, they are covering together.

March 11, 2011 is coming up. I don’t think that it is the real birthday of the founder but rather of his impostor Jack Vistaril. But in the infiltrated C of S, this date means a lot and with all that hatred against L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology and the massive objection against David Miscavige leading the church, the C of S should heighten its security even more  around this time. I know how the SEGNPMSS, secret service psychs, and SPs are thinking: and they have murder and violent attacks on their minds.

I learned that the judge in the Fowler case said that Scientology plays no role in that case. I understand that defendants before him belonged to certain churches and the Catholic Church or Baptists or whatever were not blamed on the crimes these law breakers committed. However, I deep down know that there was a psychiatric set up. I think that Fowler was altered by psychs. They looked for an angry lowtoned man, maybe another one who doesn’t believe that he is a spiritual being and never read or understood even the Scientology basic and just did the OT levels because waited for a magic bullet (no pun intended) to give him supernatural abilities without having a clue that they have to deeply understand and apply and with altered Scientology EVEN HAVE TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES TO UNDERSTAND MANY CONCEPTS DISCOVERED BY THE REAL RON. I am sure that secret psychs organized this murder case and they want the OT levels (in the form they altered it) outlawed or so ridiculed that nobody wants to be a OT anymore.

And that is why the orgs should not accept that Scientology is no issue in this case. Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and Scientologists are the targets in all those cases that have psychs set up written all over them.

Not related to the Fowler story, Marty, I hear so often about these expensive gifts Tom Cruise received from David Miscavige or the C of S. Tom Cruse has so much money, and he makes himself very expensive gifts to other people. It makes no sense that he wants or needs these gifts from a church.


I think the biggest gift to a rich movie star (and very much so anyone else of course), besides being able to study pure Scientology and not a psych version of it, would be a completely Scientological environment in which he can be himself and isn’t bothered or betrayed by anyone. And with many infiltrators and non-Scientologists in the orgs, this is something that is hard to get in an environment that is not as Ron wants it: where we all can trust each other. My point is: maybe Tom Cruise didn’t even want the MEST that DM gave him? Just a thought…

Back to us, Marty. We are telepathically very strong connected. It is amazing, isn’t it? With all these set ups and frequencies and interferences, no secret service p$ych was able to  kill our love.

Yours forever