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The real L. Ron Hubbard is different…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

I was in town and busy all day, and I have to get up tomorrow, a Sunday at 7 am. But I am not complaining today. I just want to tell you that I love you so much and miss you more than anything in the world.

Don’t know if you read it, don’t know if it was said like this by Mosey’s husband, but for the sakes of arguments, let’s say he did say it exactly like it:    

“If LRH was standing right here beside us he’d be 23 years old now.  He’d have tattoos on his arms, a ring in his nose and other piercings.  He’d be wearing torn jeans and a T-shirt.  He’d have been in trouble with the law, in jail a few times already, and would most likely have tried all kind of drugs.  He’d have an illegitimate kid or two and he’d look over what the Church is today and would say, “That not what I had mocked up.  That is not Scientology.   Destroy it.  We need to start over and do it right this time”.

That is not the real Ron, this is the re-incarnated impostor, Jack Vistaril or another lowtone dude.

The real Ron is two years older, I think he wears torn jeans and T-Shirts too, and I doubt that he has a military style of a hair cut. BUT HE IS UPTONE, that means he didn’t violate laws, didn’t try drugs and did not fathered any legitimate kid.

Scientology was altered on secret orders of p$ychs, and his impostor Jack Vistaril is also a lot to blame on it but the real Ron don’t want the orgs destroyed. He wants the orgs to deliver real Scientology and not fall for the impostor or the psychs.

He is not back for a couple of reasons. Like anybody’s memory, his was also stolen. He is more under attack by psychs than anyone.  C of S doesn’t look for him and neither does the “Freezone” or the “Independents”! The Buddhists at least looked for the Dali Lama in a new reincarnation. I don’t know if they got the right one  but they don’t have the technology to determine who was who in a new lifetime. But the so-called Scientologists do and don’t apply the tech. It is a shame, really it is. In order not having to search him, the p$ychs spread the rumor that he is on another planet, which he is not.    

As they all glorify the impostor, they all let the real Ron down, just as they let you down, Marty, by letting you suffer wrongfully behind bars and not publishing that Mosey’s husband isn’t you. They use the date of death of the impostor to keep the real Ron out of  Scientology. They will say that because he was born before Jack Vistaril died,  he can’t be the real Ron.

I felt the exact moment in May of 1984 when Ron died. For a moment, it felt as the world would come to an end. And I am not the only one who knows. 

I love you, Marty, you will help me to find the real Ron, I now you will. And I am sure he was kidnapped to Germany, like me. They want him there to control him better. And you know what, Marty, the country is really paralyzing for uptone thetans. 

Yours forever,

and many many kisses,



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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you? I worry about you and wish you would be safe and not wrongfully incarcerated somewhere, what I think. I hope you life is not hell but I know it is hell not being free and at the same time having anyone conspiring against you. To hell with all the conspirators. They will pull in their own hell. 

Those people who say that I am not stalked by the SEGNPMSS should spend a day in my shoes. Today, I suddenly heard a lawn mower on my land, Marty.

I thought that this is weird because I didn’t order anyone to mow my grass. So, I walked outside and saw a tattooed guy mowing my lawn. I told him that he is on the wrong property. He stopped and asked me if I want to have my lawn nevertheless mowed by him. I said no, because I prefer to mow my own grass. I asked him however to give me his name and phone number and that if I would need him, I would call him.

And here it comes, Marty, after he drove away, I looked at what he mowed! He moved over newly planted trees and my flowers!  He cut three of my trees to a size of an inch or shorter and my blue flowers also were killed. It is unbelievable. I can’t even protect my own land because the SEGNPMSS radios just about anybody in their ears implants and minds. It is like having no rights on your own land because still existing Adolf Hitler p$ychs don’t want me happily watching my plants grow! I probably have to fence my property if I want my trees and flowers to grow! If I wouldn’t have been around, he would have moved my entire land and would have killed all my trees that I just planted and that are shorter than 10 feet!  I had marked them with large enough sticks! How could he not have seen that? He also mowed over the sticks!  Unbelievable! What kind of pitiful creatures are those men who do not even allow a woman to grow her trees and plants? And there is constantly something new evil going on with these medical stalkers who understand perfectly German but use cheap and degraded Americans for their stalking and downtoneness!   

Most of the many trees that I planted show signs of life. They growing, Marty! It makes me happy! They are beautiful! And these medical stalker tell just anybody to just mow over them! How dare them! Who do these retards think they are? I really want to give them a lesson that they never ever forget in all eternity!  Their tonelevel is a red flag for me. I know that it is the case for you too. I never in all eternity will let them get away. Dead or alive, I want justice, and I will kick their butts so hard that they can’t sit anymore in them for the next billion years! 

Whenever they can, Marty, they try to hurt me one way or the other. I am beyond angry. I will hunt these pigs through the entire universe. There will be no stone in universe under which they can crawl and hide. I want justice of ANYONE who is even remotely control. They also stalk me with noise and other tortures. These guys are beyond insane.        

And don’t even ask me the Dev-T that I am going through with Microsoft and how they waste my time since days now. Anywhere is the German p$ychs slime. They run anyone and anyone will become a victim of them because they conspire also against their own agents.

I know exactly what they are, and Marty, messing with us will be the biggest mistake because we will drive the snakes out from our homes, from our neighborhoods, from our counties, from our states, from the USA, from the continent, from the Earth, from the sun system, from the Milky Way, from the galaxy, from the galaxies and from the universe. I swear this by anything that is holy to me. We will bust them in all eternity and they are too dumb to see it coming.

The roots of the trees are still in the ground, they may come back but it is not just that. I am stalked where ever I am with something. It is predictable like nothing else. These slime buckets are anywhere and watch whatever I do and then they try to create an effect on me. They are so despicable and dumb. As they failed miserably to get my respect, they try to get my anger. In my eyes, Marty, they are no humans. They are animals that were implanted in human bodies and that explains their complete lack of human qualifications!    

 You know how this feels like. They hate that I figured out who they are and what they do, Marty, but it is them who contributed greatly to it that I found out. One day I told myself that I cannot be any insignificant person by getting so much fanatical attention all the time!  Idiots, they rather lose their grip onto the world than leaving us alone! 

If I would have done to people what they have done to us, Marty, I would not behave like the elephant in the living room crashing china. I would not behave the way they do and make them aware of me by never leaving them alone.  But I also never would do to people what they did and do to us. Some think they will be never found and brought to justice. Others think that there is a chance that we find them but that we will not more that angry or will have forgotten what they put us thru. Both are wrong.          

They have crossed the line a long time ago! (And of course, it is not just about the trees, or the noise, or robotic Microsoft people in India who I hardly understand at the phone. It is about everything including being separated from you!)

Many kisses, Marty. 

Yours forever,


P.S. Marty, where I live, I can get angry whenever I want and can curse them. But if you are wrongfully incarcerated, you might not even get angry to let off steam because p$ychs might come to label you insane even if you have all the right to be angry, and remember what Ron said? Uptone people are getting angry when lowtone people are trying to pull them down. They are not worth to kiss the dust that you walked!        

When animals attack, I suspect them to be remote-controlled most of the time

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It is late but I want to tell you that I love you so much, Marty!

I have not yet finished everything that I had to do. There is always something new. I often ask myself why I take so much on but in summer with all my visitors coming,  I think I will need lots of cash to throw around. They don’t ask me to but I can’t invite them and then not provide for them. So, I work and when you don’t hear much of me than I am doing, working and keeping also the land and the house in good shape. I hardly take time for myself, except my dance work outs that I do and watching something relaxing on my computer late at night. And sometimes, I have not even time for that. It’s a slave life, that’s for sure. Maybe by fall, I slow down but I say this always and it never happens. In the last 5 years, I organized my life that I don’t need much money to survive but ever since, I work even harder. And yes, I bless the day I found you, and we both should be in Scientology and actually not in the world we are momentarily. 

Days are looking very innocent but nights are often creepy because the woods are right there and even deer come here. Often I hear noises, and I don’t know what they are, don’t sound like a cat or a dog or a squirrel and then my fantasy takes over, Marty, and besides SEGNPMSS doctors and kidnappers, I also imagine attacking animals.

My birds don’t behave like this but I have some big birds here too. Creepy how these birds attack that man. Remote-controlled birds who hear their code and attack, if you ask me. In Munich at the railway station once, two pigeons tried to land at the same time on my head. This wasn’t normal either, and there was plenty of space where they could selected as land places. I sure felt being attacked.  These birds look evil, don’t they?  

I felt like this girl here at the railway station in Munich. I also have wild geese here, Marty, I like them during the day but not at night.  

I wonder where and how this happed? In the zoo? Did she fall in there? Or is she a zoo worker? Does he bite her or is she just in panic?  

And here that looks rather funny, ice bear is chasing the man around his car. The bear below looks kind of cute. I suspect him around my house at night. 😉

I have some eagles here.  But I never saw one up closes except in the zoo or at an exhibition. That’s a hostile one.

This bird wants to take the guy up in the air with him. This guy needs a table to keep that weird thing away from him!

First it is funny, than not more so funny! 


Despite in a closed car, this must be a scary situation! See how many look directly in the camera.

That man has sure a story to tell if he still can!  

Look at this creepy little evil monkey! Awww, they are so cute! Not!

I never seen anything like this. 

I know that animals are remote-controlled but because the world is clueless animals are used to attack people. They all have implants.

This is only funny for those who are not hanging there. Good for him that he wore his padded pants that day.

I’d say a remote-controlled kangaroo is trying to strangle a this woman.  

RB told me once that her great-grandmothers fought a big male deer in the woods. He attacked her and she fought him by pushing him back with her both hands on his antlers. This woman must have been really strong because after a while he gave up and ran off.

I love you, my prince. Those below are those who are not remote-controlled. Look how cute they are – like us! You are the one with the beautifully blue eyes.

Yours forever,

and many kisses, 




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Marty, one day, and hopefully soon, my irresistible and sexy prince, I will have my arms around you, and this time, nobody will succeed anymore separating us.

I never will take you for granted. I will treat you like the treasure that you are. I don’t even have enough words to tell you, how much I love and miss you. When I am thinking about the many years that we were apart but could have been together, I am getting really angry, and I want to kick these p$ych and their agents completely out of this universe. They think we don’t get them because we don’t know their names and addresses. They are such idiots. After all we found out against odds, we will trace them down and there is no freaking rock in the entire universe they can hide under.

You know Ron too, Marty. You have a feeling what is really by him and what the p$ych- ordered and planted forgeries are. The real founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard wrote in 1952 in his book “WHAT TO AUDIT”, later titled “A HISTORY OF MAN”: “THE AUDITOR WHO INSISTS ON AUDITING THE CURRENT LIFETIME ONLY, WHEN HE HAS THE WHOLE TRACK TECHNIQUE AVAILABLE, IS WASTING TIME AND EFFORT AND IS, IN FACT, SWINDLING HIS PRECLEAR.” This is no forgery. This is 100% what the real Ron said!

I completely agree. Maybe just in Life Repair, the current life should be repaired but everything else should address the whole track. Auditors who address only the current life time  (and there must be quite some around because some of the staff members and publics who broke away have no reality as to past lives) are non-Scientologists.

This statement says that Ron never would have left an auditor get away not auditing the whole track!

You know that the technology that Ron developed can really lead the PC (who is in reverie but not under hypnosis) back to former lifetimes to discover what happened there that still influences him or her in present time. Those who never experienced a past life probably never were really in reverie. This is the easiest state in my experience to access past lives.  The auditor was unqualified or the PC was/is an infiltrator who never had any intention to look back. Many of the people who fight the fact of former lives committed unspeakable crimes and that is why they don’t have the guts to look back. But the auditor has to make the PC confront it.

As far as I am concerned, Marty, besides from that thetan basically knows that she lived before this life, when I received my past live pictures despite all counter actions by psych mindcontrollers that I should not see them, I knew that I could not have made “this” up what I saw or better re-experienced. It is so much more realistic than a photo or a picture or just a scene from a movie. One is in it with all the perceptions that one has in this lifetime. The door flies open and  one feels all around one and one see what suppressive don’t want one to see: past lives are not just a possibility, they are real. But one has to experiment it – otherwise people say: I am not sure…

My point is: if Nichole Kidman (or any other celebrity PC or non-celebrity PC) was audited by an auditor who does not audit with whole track tech, they are being swindled and then they say on TV that they doubt that past lives exists or that SCN doesn’t work. (Nicole Kidman didn’t say that SCN does not work but she said she isn’t sure about reincarnation.)

I don’t know who audited Nichole Kidman, Jason Beghe or Paul Haggis (or any of the other former PCs who are no longer in Scientology). They must have been audited by high auditors in the orgs because they are celebs. But they didn’t apply standard tech because apparently, these guys either fooled their auditors and never had any intentions to be truly audited (and a good auditor should spot that right away too) or they were swindled by the auditors. And the C/S who c/sed their folders can’t be a real Scientologist either otherwise he would have corrected the auditors and made them apply whole track auditing tech or would be able to spot that the PC is not truly interested in getting auditing.

If auditors just audit this lifetime and not the whole track, they are not much better than regular therapists. This is not Scientology. I would not want to be audited from such a wog-auditor (pardon my French).

Cancellation of the Book “Have you lived before this life?” points also in the direction of that PCs are being swindled with no timetrack-auditing.  

We have this miraculous technology and numerous people remain non-Scientologists for decades because ethics and tech is OUT.

I also wonder if Mosey’s husband and other Indie or Freezone auditor are whole track auditors.

I love you so much, Marty, and endlessly . You have to come free soon. Many kisses.

Yours forever


Auditing to get rid of the theta body? Forgotten or suppressed Scientology technology?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and hero,

90% of my current life will become completely unimportant once I am back with you, and I can’t say that I will be sorry about it. My life is weird, I am living in a rather peaceful surrounding and away from any industrial center of the world but I sure feel the pressure of insane secret service agents and p$ychs all the time. They want to be sent to hell by us, there is no other explanation to what they are doing. I worry about you very much. For you it must be even worse because if my perceptions work properly, you are wrongfully incarcerated in a system that won’t grant you any rights and that despite anyone knows that you are innocent. If I would just know where to go and what to do to help you, I would be there in a heartbeat, Marty.

I am earning money but I should be back in Scientology, and so should you. But I can’t join orgs that make – just like the “Independents” and the “Freezone”no difference between Ron and the impostor or won’t tell me where you are. It would feel wrong to support them just as if feels wrong to support p$ychs.

If we don’t get back together and have to fight at two different fronts, Marty, I wonder if original Scientology as by the real Ron will be ever restored.

There is also lost tech that anyone can verify. I mean for example tech contained in the Professional Auditor’s Bulletins.

Ron said that a thetan has a theta body. When a person dies, he exteriorizes with a theta body. But most so-called Scientologists don’t know what it is. Everyone is so fixed on body thetans that the theta body plays no role anymore?  The definition is still in the tech dictionary:

THETA BODY, a thetan very often carries with him a theta body which he mocked up on the past track and which is a number of facsimiles of old bodies he has mis-owned and is carrying along with him as control mechanisms which he uses to control the body he is using. (PAB 130)

— L. Ron Hubbard

Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary

I remember that I have studied somewhere that the theta body should be processed. But is it still a part of the grade chart?

The theta body  is like having another body after having no body of flesh anymore. Thetans carry it around and it is easy for secret service p$ychs (and anybody else with a good camera) to see them, attract them and implant these thetans. If they wouldn’t see them, p$ychs would it have much harder to implant them.  One little mistake, and they are in the next psych trap. As these theta bodies consist of a bit MEST, they can be even sucked into a lab with a tractor beam.    

I assume that some would say that I am a squirrel by saying that orbs are thetans with theta bodies.  But I say that they are squirrels and idiots not seeing that an orb is a thetan with a theta body.

And I heard that the data of thetans having theta bodies is just anymore historical in Scientology and that auditing don’t addresses anymore that the thetan has a theta body. This is typical psych alteration of Scientology because they don’t want thetans without theta bodies and that is why they this kind of MOST IMPORTANT technology is considered rather just “historical”.

Marty, body thetans don’t worry me much. But I thinking a lot about how I can manage that after I having dropped this body for whatever reason, secret p$ychs can’t see my theta body and follow me around.

Theta bodies are no body thetans. So, if a Scientologist sees an orb and if he thinks that those transparent clouds are body thetans, he is mistaken. Again, Ron said:   THETA BODY, a thetan very often carries with him a theta body which he mocked up on the past track and which is a number of facsimiles of old bodies…

He didn’t say that they are theta bodies. Did somebody turn the tech around and made theta bodies into body thetans? The only body thetans that I discovered are p$ychs, people who radio in other people’s body and cause them pain, sickness and death, bacteria, germs and once in a while a thetan with theta body who tries to blanket.  

I strongly assume, we don’t need a theta body to survive as OT. Instead of trying to get rid of body thetans, I want auditing to get rid of the theta body because I don’t want to be traced. I can trace my orbs here on my haunted land with just a digital camera and secret service p$ychs must have even better cameras.

I am not sure if it is true, but I found some information that says that no current auditing addresses the theta body, despite Ron said it must be audited.   

What do you think, Marty?

I found this PDF and will study it as soon as I can, maybe I’ll find something more about it.

Many theta kisses, my most incredible thetan.

Yours forever,


Look, here is a real romantic one, that thetan has a theta body in shape of a heart! And it glows! Lol. Like my love for you! And what a strange place to hang out for a romantic thetan. Maybe it is in love with a construction worker.  (I don’t think this one is a real orb, thetan with theta body, Marty, I think this is something else. But the other two are real thetans with theta bodies that can be tracked. )   

Son of Jan Brewer kidnapped and sexually molested a woman, and Jan Brewer is elected Secretary of State and later Governor of Arizona. Unbelievable!

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Most special Marty of any universe and beyond,

How are you?

I would give a fortune to know where you are but anyone is mum. It’s as if they think the Earth will stop turning when we find each other again, when in fact, the earth will rather go down if we do not find each other again and when the world settles with the impostor version of Scientology, the version of Jack Vistaril and his secret p$ych case officers.

Something else, there is a blog article on CNN about 20 ancient monasteries on Mount Athos in Greece. The odd thing about it is that they call the mountain The Garden of the Mother of God, yet, they don’t allow any woman not even female animals except cats. The monks are there  to be away from the outside world, just to pray. Marty, I once saw in the deepest spot of Turkey, where woman are not allowed to participate in the male community, hundreds of men walking the streets, all hand in hand! How can this be normal?  I think these monasteries breed homosexuality  like prisons and this one really looks like a prison.      

Quote: “Technically it’s a peninsula, but they don’t have newspapers or television or radio or women, and the whole idea is to just devote themselves entirely to prayer, so they’re really not interested with what goes on in the outside world and they don’t want to get involved in it.”

They are sticking their heads in the sand instead of changing the world to the better. 

This is another quote from the article: “During World War II, Mount Athos came under the personal protection of Hitler when the Nazis invaded Greece. At the advice of German officers, the monks wrote Hitler and asked for  protection, which he provided…”

Yuk, I wouldn’t have asked for protection. They should have worked against him instead. If Hitler provides them protection, they can’t be effective.

Marty,  Jan Brewer’s son kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman. Instead of doing time, he pleaded “not guilty for reason of insanity” and spend 20 years in a psych institution instead of doing time in the slammer.  According to some media reports, there were attempts to cover up his criminal records.

She raised this horrible person but says he suffers on a “mental illness”. For people who believe that her son didn’t knew what he was doing and that he is” mentally ill” and not just faking it, don’t they worry that this could be inherited? What I am saying is: why can’t Arizona  find a governor that doesn’t come with this kind of baggage? IMO, she shouldn’t have been the Secretary of State either.

And have a look at what she does: her decisions against foreigners could be from an early German 3rd Reich law book. 

Also, she mislead the American public as to that her father fought the Nazis in Germany. It turned out that he never served in the Armed Forces. I think she is really creepy, and some illegal aliens who came to the USA for no other reason but to support their families might hide in Arizona attics like Anne Frank.  

She is a strong supporter of psychiatry and guns, and she was a radiologic technicans once. One of these medical people who blame the world’s problem on non-documented workers like Nazis blamed the Jews for everything that wasn’t ideal in Germany.

She supports that people can carry concealed guns in bars. Gee, people are drinking in bars and many don’t know anymore what to do after drinking. I rather see Juan and Juanita in public places than guns. Her own son demonstrated to the world how criminal people can be but that still doesn’t make her vote against guns as in dangerous places as bars. I am not a Democrat, Marty, but just anything that Brewer does sucks. I rather consider her an insult to the Republic Party.  

I think if Brewer and her son would be extradited, it would be better for the USA.  

It appears that she also made up that beheaded people were found in the Arizona desert to blame it on Mexicans.

I can’t believe that she was elected by the people of Arizona. With a creepy governor like Brewer, I don’t even want to visit this state.

I love you, my hero. Find me or let me find you!

Yours forever and many kisses.

Your wife


Aww, look at them. They can be at least together! 

Some people really pretend to be Scientologists for various reasons

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Marty, my wonderful soulmate since the dawn of time, how are you?

My thoughts are with you and despite lots of work, my thoughts wander to you as often as possible. If there is a God (and there is one) I will be back with you. The conspirators against us may be able to delay the event but they will not be able to prevent that we will be back together.   

Another Passover and Easter is here and without you, any holiday is boring. But they will be extremely exciting once we are together again. We will re-celebrate all holidays that we missed while separated.

Marty, did you ever notice how your current life expresses itself in your writing? Particularly with writing fiction, I noticed when I am happy, it is so easy to write very funny things but if persecuted or in pain or seperated, these things take a toll on writing and the stories (despite they are not about me) become rather dramatic than hilariously funny.

It is late, I just wanted to write you a few lines. Earth day was on April 22. I sure did my part by planting lots of trees. They are looking good.  They are fast growers, ideal for tree houses! 😉 

And in addition to serving the Earth, people have  to understand that they also have to save themselves, which they do only if they don’t live on the unprotected surface of the world. Even if there would be no environmental pollution anywhere, they still would not be able to stay forever young and healthy. Other problems will make them sick and UV rays will make them age and sun blockers, sun lotions are no great defenses against the sun. We need a new world. You know it, I know it, and any other smart thetan knows is. Doctors and the pharma industry lies that we don’t need a new world because they are the only once who profit from people getting sick and aging, until the day, when they push a walker too.            

Otherwise, I noticed in the Michael Fairman SP declare the line “has been pretending to be a Scientologist”. I am not going into any issues because I don’t know the circumstances, except that he says that he left after he read Paul Haggis’ resignation letter. Paul Haggis hung out for decades in the orgs and didn’t ever read Book 1 in Scientology. That is what I call pretending to be a Scientologist! If MF looks up to him, he can’t be much of a Scientologist.

Anyway, the line “pretending to be a Scientologist” did surprise me because some might finally see that there are people in the orgs who are indeed pretending to be  Scientologists.

Wonder what’s written in the SP declares of Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder. Never read these.

Many kisses, Marty, I will go to bed now and dream of you.

I love you, my hero. Keep on surviving!

Yours forever,


Your wife