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1) I believe there is such a “tunnel” with “LRH” documents but… 2) No need for the Nazi doctors to create talking dogs. They were/are talking dogs!

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Dearest Marty, love of my life,

Isn’t it funny that computer’s were supposed to make more of our time and now they turn out to keep us all so busy. That’s because the real good computers are not yet on the market. Computers that a real assistants. We tell them what to do and they do it, we want something to know, and they tell us, instead we typing our fingers sore or to doctor around on the inside to make it do what we want. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others have to do a lot better. We need less interactive computers and more time savers. When I heard Bill Gates say on TV not long ago that he works on making computers more interactive than they already are, I knew that he is on the wrong track.  He wants to waste more of our valuable time.

Marty, there is a discussion about a “tunnel” with materials not yet published and written by L. Ron Hubbard. David Miscavige allegedly talked about this in 2003. I wrote about this before and just briefly want to raise two issues here.  A) It is almost 10 years after that alleged announcement. Shouldn’t Ron’s tech be among people to be applied instead in tunnels? Why not publishing these materials as they are?  B) Ron was impostored and his handwriting was forged, not just by one impostor. As you know, there was a letter writing unit that forged his handwriting on a daily basis. Who can guarantee that those materials are really by the founder and not forgers? C) Who think that p$ychs haven’t stolen much of the real Ron’s writings and haven’t exchanged them with their planted stuff in forged Ron’s handwriting has to do urgently something to raise his/her IQ.

Speaking about German p$ychs. I read an article on the net saying that  Nazi “scientists” tried to “create” an army of talking dogs. Haha! There was never a need for that. They were and are talking dogs. Why creating what already existed?

 In his new book Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities, Cardiff University historian Jan Bondeson mines obscure German periodicals to reveal the Nazis’ failed attempt to breed an army of educated dogs that could read, write and talk. “In the 1920s, Germany had numerous ‘new animal psychologists’ who believed dogs were nearly as intelligent as humans, and capable of abstract thinking and communication,” he writes. “When the Nazi party took over, one might have thought they would be building concentration camps to lock these fanatics up, but instead they were actually very interested in their ideas.”

That’s because the psychs were the force behind the Nazis. The psychs needed the Nazis to have all stops removed to conduct the most gruesome experiments on humans.  

I am sure you have the same thoughts that I am having, Marty. German psychs are the implanters of the planet. They implant smallest implants in body of humans and animals and measure the energy levels of these thoughts and can figure out what the person or the animal is thinking. It can be done easily and these patents that violate human rights were invented already centuries ago. I became already suspicious when I was indoctrinated years in German schools to sing the German song: “The thoughts are free” over and over and over again!

These guys are animals and that is why they are more concerned about animals than humans. They murdered Jews and other minorities in concentration camps but the Germans flooded newspapers with angry letters as to what happens to the pets they left behind! They didn’t care about the people only about pets! I think that German psychs are helping animals to get human bodies and that explains the behavior of psychs and Nazis very well. They are the animals. A person with a human timetrack doesn’t behave like them.

I love you, Marty, so much. I kiss you a million times. I hope to see you soon. You are always in my thoughts and just thinking of you lightens up my day.

And here is beautiful Josh Groban music for you.

Per te. This is exactly how I feel when thinking of you, Marty.   

For You

I smell in the air the scent of you
Little dreams had lived with me
Now I know, I don’t wanna lose you
That sweetness which has no age
Your beauty has no rivals
My heart wants only you

For you, For you, I’ll live
Love is gonna win
With you, With you, I’ll have
Hundreds days of happiness
Hundreds nights of serenity
I’ll do what you’ll ask me to
I’ll go always anywhere you go
I’ll give all the love I feel for you

Tell me that you know the future, yet
Tell me that this is not gonna change
Without you I don’t wanna exist.

Yours forever


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  1. Doganese is a recognized language amongst my K-9 friends.


    May 27, 2011 at 4:40 am

    • I am not saying that dogs (like other animals) don’t understand a thing and are not trying to communicate. I am just saying that the Nazis were animals and treated human beings worse than animals.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 27, 2011 at 6:26 am

      • German’s inhumanity makes my heart stop. Dogs are superior to humans. Sick, sick!

        Parker is home

        May 28, 2011 at 11:48 pm

  2. Imagine being a Jew or of another majority, Parker, and arrested by dog GESTAPO, judged by dog judges and sent by them to concentration camps in which dog p$ychs make experiments on you…

    But dogs or people like dogs, sadly, it did happen…

    Barbara Schwarz

    May 29, 2011 at 2:56 am

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