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Behind “Godwin’s law” are Psychs and Nazis who don’t want to be called what they are

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you? Momentarily, I am confronted with one problem after the other. In middle of the mowing season, my riding lawn mower has suddenly two flat tires. Typically. Belongs also in the malicious “mischief ” department. I’ll ask my handyman to buy new tires and screw them on. One of my neighbors said: “It is just one of those days.” I have only such days. SEGNPMSS targets me 24/7. They are getting crazier by the minute. Yeah, I know, officially they don’t exist but neither did the Navy seals who put bullets in Bin Laden’s replacement. 

Marty, there is an article on a blog, allegedly written by Scientologists promoting “Godwin’s law” If non-Scientologists are impressed by Godwin, okay, but Scientologists should be smarter. The people who do not want the word “Nazi” dropped anymore are Germans, who are Nazis and psychs in this lifetime or were them in their past lives and when they hear the word Nazi, a HUGE withhold is missed. They want to forget what they have done but of course are not bettering their characters. They want to rule officially the world (not just secretly as they do) and if people don’t stop talking about Nazis, how can Germany become officially the most powerful nation? They never will get rid if their bad reputation if there is no law that strikes the term “Nazi” from anyone’s vocabulary. Maybe the only reason why they have not yet officially taken over the world is because many people are still appalled by the 3rd Reich Nazis and that is why they want anyone applying “Godwin’s law”.  No more talking about Nazis to make them feel better and that will help them to a better reputation so that they can rule the world officially. 

Nazis and psychs use Mike Godwin’s crap and make a “law” out of it by saying that if somebody tells somebody else that he is a Nazi, he “loses”. Who does Mike Godwin think he is by forcing this onto people? The people who lose are not those who talk about Nazis but those idiots who think that Godwin’s law doesn’t help still existing Nazis and future Nazis. Hey, they can march again, because Godwin said that nobody can call them by their name!

The term Nazis can’t be overused. As more used, as better. If it stays the worst word forever, it is a good thing because hopefully most people don’t want to be like that.  

Interesting is also that this crap attempt to control the free speech is called “a law”. That is how much p$ychs and still existing Nazis hate that people have not yet forgotten what they did, so they make a “law” out of it that nobody may violate. It is an attempt to control free speech and just an idiot doesn’t get that Godwin’s law is helping Nazis.      


A stupid Godwin defender might say that Godwin didn’t mean that nobody can talk anymore about what the Nazis did but that he just want this “law” applied so that people don’t call people Nazis who are no Nazis. Marty, from the amount of people who conspire against us,  are there really many people who are no Nazis?

Anyway, I noticed a couple of years ago that a poster was attacked on Usenet on allegedly having violated “Godwin’s law” because he complained that he tried to edit Wikipedia articles on Nazi crimes, and that he was ganged up against by other Wikipiggy editors and admins who cover up certain Nazi crimes by deleting them from the Wikipedia article. In other words,  in the real world, “Godwin’s law” is used to cover up real Nazi data and atrocities.

It also happened to me. When I referred historically to Nazis (not accusing another poster of being one), I was accused to of having violated that “Godwin law”. It is being used to hush up Nazi activities and real Nazi history.

I find it pitiful that socalled Scientologists (for sure no real Scientologists) can’t see through it that behind “Godwin’s law” are nobody but  Nazis and p$ychs who want a better reputation. 

Michael Godwin was the attorney for Wikimedia (Wikipedia), who give anonymous people a platform to defame and attack people who want to live in peace and also defame L. Ron Hubbard and our religion. Yet, these alleged Scientologists don’t have any problem to promote Goodwin’s attempts to control free speech about Nazis. This is so not Ron’s Scientology! Looks like all are run by the same non-Scientology source.

I know that you can follow me, Marty.

Occam’s razor is another stupid agreement on the Internet. That stuff is from the 14th Century and this is where people are stuck. Isn’t it natural to make the most logical conclusion before any other? Who needs Occam’s razor? “Godwin’s law” is used to gag people who want to talk and write about Nazis and Occam’s razor is used to stop people from thinking far. Times have changed. We don’t live anymore in the 14th Century. Our world is so much more complex and often problems lie hidden and are not visible but they exist. What so many Internet idiots are not getting is that their Occam’s razor is stopping them to think deep and big enough. I never would have figured out what I decoded by having followed some outdated 14th Century crap.        

I miss you… How long do I still have to wait till I can see you? I know why you can’t come but isn’t there finally a way around? I know our day will come one day – but can’t we make it happen now than again later?

Many kisses, my love.

Your wife,


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  1. Barb, you are 100% correct. Godwin’s “law” is forced on folks as if it would be a “law”. People who don’t submit to the “law” are treated like outcasts and targeted by the “Internet community”. If people want to belong to any Internet or Usenet community, they better do as Godwin says, and I understand that Scientologists also surrender to it. Most Internet and Usenet posters are taking this “law” very seriously.


    May 30, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    • I doubt that they are real Scientologists. People who support the Nazi movement to hush up Nazis (even if they feel it is used inappropriately on one who is in their eyes not a Nazi) are most certainly no real Scientologists. Or they are stupid, which is also no excuse. No real Scientologist is stupid. Infiltrators are dumb.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 30, 2011 at 12:14 pm

  2. Mike Godwin is the average Wikipedia fool.


    June 19, 2011 at 3:21 pm

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