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So-called expert books that attack Ron and the religion Scientology kick the crap out of all those other books

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Dearest Marty, my honorable, intelligent, sweet, handsome, forever young sexy prince and husband, how are you?

I think of you and worry about you. Wish I would know what to do to help you and where to find you.

Yes, my family booked flights into the USA for mid/end August. One will stay home feeding the birds but all others booked their flights.

They have some kind of sirens here, and they have them howl when there is bad weather, high wind alert or when something looks like a tornado. During one of the last nights, I heard the sirens when I was already in bed. My neighbor told me that she was called by the community to seek shelter in a safe spot but she doesn’t know any but her bathtub. Haha. So, she stayed in bed, and me too.

They didn’t call me. Does that mean that they consider my life worth less or what? But I am actually glad that they didn’t. They should build a safe place where anyone in the neighborhood can go and should tell them in advance about possible wild weather. Anything else isn’t helping. I know one tornado basement around here and last time I looked inside, it was full of water. Maybe one can save once’s life from a tornado in there and drown instead. I know nobody around here who has a building that is tornado-proof. So, they call and tell people to be safe. So, what are we supposed to do? Wear a hat?

Quite some bigger branches came off my big trees but otherwise it is okay. The little trees all survived. I planted them well.  I am having now this brand new floor with brand new wood and joint in cement under my office. Maybe when high winds hit again, I bind myself to that floor. The entire house might break down, Marty, but that floor will stay. That one is tornado-proof. Haha!    

 I saw an ad for Janet Reitman’s book online. She is just another person who wrote another book that will not tell the true story of Scientology. I feel sorry for the trees that are cut down to print her crap. Scientology is not secretive but the secret service that has invaded it, is secretive. But she doesn’t get it. She will be one of those who will wish that she never would have written that book once the truth breaks that Ron and you were/are impostored and the good and ethical originals are mixed up with the impostors. But I am telling you, Marty, all those people who wrote about Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard have NO EXCUSE. Anybody can see that the founder (Ron), his impostor, you, and Mosey’s husband are four different individuals by comparing photos. If I am really the only person who can see it, I then am the only bright person with those abilities and the rest are fools.            

Regarding another subject, Marty, I just run in an article about beauty and who has it. The way to go is to preserve health and youth and who is old now, should at least be able to do it in his or her next lifetime. Many people think that forever young and healthy is not possible because their thoughts are mislead. But all are interested in health, youth, and beauty. They want it but they are being lied to that it is not possible.

There is a “Beauty Culture” exhibition in the USA. There are people (not too many) that are beautiful inside and out, there are people who are not more that beautiful but still beautiful on the inside, there are people who are beautiful on the outside and really ugly on the inside because their characters are rotten, etc.

Women particularly are interested in beauty, and I am really no exception here. The exhibition features beauty including an 80-year old working model, Carmen. She looks like 50 and she doesn’t has the 5000 Dollar plastic surgery but rather the 50,000 and more plastic surgery. But she really looks good and is still on the cat walk.     

I found this gallery of ladies, former beauty queens. Interesting how they look now.

I like Sylvia (Hitchcock) Carson’s look, 65 and look at her gorgeous hair. Most woman decades younger don’t have this kind of beautiful hair. Picture 7.  

Anyway, the only person who looks perfect and never needs any plastic surgery is you, Marty. You will be always the most handsome and most sexy man in the universe. It doesn’t matter how old you are. You got it all. Your noble character shines through and that makes you irresistible.

Oh, I started to take omega 3 supplements because I want to keep my joints oily. Don’t know if that stuff really helps. But I have a hard time swallowing these big gels. They a pills that big as they would fit for a horse.  

Many kisses and I want to give them to you in person.

Yours forever,



In his Open Letter to Residents of Ingleside on the Bay Texas, Monique’s husband doesn’t complain that I post that he is a doppelganger/imposter (because it is true).

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Dearest Marty, my hero and soulmate,

How are you? I still have some renovation to finish and other work to do but  think of you, Marty. And I miss you so much! My family will come end of August (tickets are already bought)  and they (we) want to take a trip through California, in the first two weeks of September. Our architect will stay 2 months (or even longer with me).   

Mosey’s husband wrote an open letter to the residents of Ingleside, and he’s complaining about all kinds of stuff but he says no word about being no doppelganger or impostor because he sure is.  If he wouldn’t be one, he would complain about it but as he is one, he says no word about my allegations and just wants my blog to be gone. If he mails me where I can find you, he can have that because when I am back with you, I have better things to do than blogging.   

And look at all the efforts DM and his supporters are making to battle Mosey’s husband. They could convict Mosey’s husband of being an impostor with a snap of the finger but they rather keep us apart and you wrongfully behind bars. Guess they all rather pull in some mighty motivators and ethics and justice will be put on them because they are not doing it.    

Really, I look at both sides and ask myself: where are the Scientologists? A real Scientologist would never allow an innocent person being locked up and impostored nor support an impostor.  And a real Scientologist would also never settle for Jack Vistaril’s version of Scientology.

My wildflowers are growing, Marty. Beautiful. Not that thick as in the picture above but very colorful too. I have to go out and water them.

I love you, sweet prince. Forever yours and many tender and passionate kisses.

When we see each other again, we will sing to each other like these two. 😉  It is a beautiful song but she dies in his arms, as you will know. Tuberculosis. Too bad, but I simply won’t copy her.  

We will leave Paris, oh dear one,
We will spend our lives together;
You will have reward for sorrows undergone,
My(your) health will be restored.
You will be desire and light for me,
The entire future will smile upon us.


Janet Reitman and Tony Ortega are clueless

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince,

I miss you and I hope wherever you are, you don’t have to suffer. But knowing that you are the target of a German psychiatric movement that secretly controls the world (that allegedly does not exist – but what surprise, there are even highly secretive movements within the US government that allegedly don’t exist), I know that I have all reasons to worry about your well-being. Anybody who knows that you were framed and lets you suffer wrongfully behind bars can go straight to hell for all I care. If they let you live in hell, they deserve hell themselves. Simple math. 

Anyone knows that I am not a DM apologist, but Tony Ortega and Janet Reitman who just published a book on Ron and Scientology are CLUELESS.

I don’t go into the many details of what they got wrong  because I don’t have the time, but I will just mention two major points. 1) Reitman and Ortega think that psychiatrists were not behind the Nazis and Hitler despite non-Scientologist historians confirmed this. 2) Reitman and Ortega failed to see that L.Ron Hubbard was impostered and that you, Marty, are impostored by a doppelganger, Mosey’s husband. It is not funny at all, after all, neither you nor Ron is/was a mouse.  

Yes, it is true that some psychiatrists or psychologists died also in concentration camps but that doesn’t  mean that psychs were not behind the Nazis. Bad people also are often are not found of their own.  Mafia people kill their own all the time.

The deeper origin of Hitler’s anti-Semitism remains a “mystery” because he was a puppet who did what his psychiatric case officers told him to do through his ear implants. That anti-Semitism and “ethnic cleansing” of the German Nazis continued in our modern days because the p$ychs behind it never were officially convicted. Only their front group, the Nazis were busted. The German psychs even picked an Austrian (Hitler) to be the Nazi leader, so in case the Nazis would fail, that the Austrians and not the Germans would be blamed.  They are such cowards.

Many people make the mistake and are thinking of psychiatrists only as some kind of nerdy guys with a twitch in the face asking patients harassing sexual questions for 300 bucks an hour and describing them questionable psych drugs. They are all that but also ruthless secret service types with tons of blood on their hands.

Once again, before p$ychs helped Hitler and the Nazis into power, it wasn’t that easy in Germany to arrest people and make just about any psychiatry and medical experiments on them sick minds can come up with. In order to do his, the psychiatric and medical profession needed the Nazis. They created and controlled the Nazis to do all their insane human experiences and to openly control the world in their human being wasting style. Any non-fool of an investigator finds tons of evidence hereto.  And they are doctors without borders. They lie that Jews control the world. In fact, p$ychs and doctors control the world (also into present time) and are to blame on what’s wrong with it.   

Hitler had psychiatric treatment during WWI. I think he was already downtone like hell before psychs got hold of him or selected him, Marty, but I am sure that p$ychs hypnotized him into becoming this anti-Semitic hate monger and mass murderer and then they hid or destroyed his psychiatric file to get rid of the evidence and killed those who knew about it. 

Janet Reitman and Tony Ortega believe that the psychiatrists were not behind the Nazis. But what do they know? They can’t research. They also didn’t do what any investigative reporter should do most of all, compare all the photographs of “L. Ron Hubbard” and “Mark or Marty Rathbun”, and then they would see that there are doppelgangers and impostors, instead of sweeping those rotten psychiatric  secret service doppelganger activities in Scientology under the carpet.

They rather blame Ron, the founder of what the doppelganger did. Mosey’s husband being a doppelganger himself, will do anything but shedding light of that a secret service lookalike altered Ron’s work and caused a questionable reputation for him because Mosey’s husband does pretty much the same to you by impostering you.  DM received Scientology from the impostor, which means, he will not blow the whistle either because he is afraid that he will not more be the top man if it becomes known that he received Scientology from an impostor and not the real Ron. 

Once again, instead trying to down Monique’s husband, your doppelganger, with ineffective “squirrel busters” (whose T-Shirts rather prove Mosey’s husband’s point being stalked to the media and don’t reflect well onto the church because most people don’t understand the T-Shirts, and the “Squirrel busters” don’t behave like Scientologists), the orgs finally should blow the whistle on Mosey’s husband being an impostor and that he is misleading the world of being you, the first Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology. Instead being truthful, parts of the org, as DM’s OSA indeed rather act like a stupid psychiatric run intelligence service, which creates bad media on Ron and Scientology (e.g. Caliwog who attacks Ron maliciously to make DM look better and it all results in making the world believe that Mosey’s husband is a poor persecuted victim). Looking at both sides, Marty, DM’s OSA and the “Independents”, I found all of them to be non-Scientologists but rather psych secret service agents at war and that Scentology and the truth loses on both sides. In other words, you won’t see me support any side.

We could straighten all that out, Marty,  and this is one of the main reasons why the SEGNPMSS doesn’t want us back together.

I love you so much, Marty. Many kisses, my hero.

Forever yours,


The aftermath….

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Dearest Marty, most missed prince in the entire universe, how are you?

Google news discovered the Scientology song “We stand tall” of 1990. I think it was made briefly after you disappeared without a trace (likely wrongfully incarcerated in Spain end of 1988) and replaced with Mosey’s husband. That is not you standing next to David Miscavige and Greg Wilhere singing. Interesting is how happy Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder look in that video. Life couldn’t have been that bad for them. Wonder who “forced” those happy smiles on their faces.

After a German so-to-speak “u-boat” hit my foundation with a tornado like the Titanic, the aftermath is costly, and with family coming, I work from morning to late to make more cash, Marty. And that is why I don’t post so much lately. I learned now that there was once flooding under my house and the foundation apparently never dried completely out. I put a ventilation system in too. I saw some termites but not a lot. Water damage and termites were not good for the house but I know that it was a laser terror act that made my house crack exactly in the second I tried to drift into sleep that night. Without that, my foundation would have lasted some 50 years more.  That makes me feel “real good” that the terrorists are right in my neighborhood and follow me obsessed around like the black plague. But I know that you have the same problem. They are after you just as much, Marty. I worry a lot about your well-being, my soul mate.

I work, paint, move, renovate, hire, supervise, mow my own grass, and that is all what I am doing right now. Neighbors and kids coming trying to talk but I have to kick them out too. No time for anything or anybody.

But I want to tell you that I love you so much and miss you more than ever! I would give anything to see you again. And despite what is being done to you, you are standing taller than anyone, Marty!

Your wife,


Does it really need a rocket scientist to figure out that p$ychs want CCHR infiltrated and attacked and that it are p$ychs who are give it bad ratings?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only prince and soul mate, how are you?

I have hundreds of things to think of, to do, to consider and rarely a minute time to do nothing and I noticed that my birds have no care in the world. At 4:30 am, they are awake and sing and talk loudly, makes me feel like in an aviary, and all day long, they are talking and singing and enjoying life, while I have to do so many things. 

Once in a while, I want to join them, flying to where they are and singing with them and giving a damn about anything else. But then they would invite me to dinner and I am not that much into worms.

But in winter, they are for sure miserable. Just some fly to the south. The others remain here in winter, which is kind of stupid. I saw on Friday an eagle sailing over my land. Beautiful.

It came to my attention that the “Indies” distribute a list of “OSA agents” that live “west of the Mississippi”. I live west of the Mississippi and my name was not on that list, nevertheless, the “Indies” spread the rumors that I am an OSA agent. OSA apparently had the wish me making their lives easier by writing about their attackers but my answer is simple. If they don’t tell me where you are, they can’t expect me to do favors for them. And there are so many infiltrators, non-Scientologists on both sides, “Indies” (also Freezone) and the orgs, that whatever I would do for them, I wouldn’t do it for Scientology. Right now, Marty, I am glad that I have nothing to do with either side. I will be back in Scientology when real Scientologists finally are calling the shots.   

“Indies” are attacking CCHR now. After Ron explained what p$ychs are up to, CCHR was likely the first movement on Earth that had the guts to criticize psychs. The “Indies” apparently can’t conclude that p$ychs want it infiltrated and attacked. Psychs were behind the Nazis and the sneaky secret service mind control programs are also by p$ychs. But the “Indies” apparently can’t make the conclusion that p$ychs are the invisible masters of infiltrators and work hard at it to drive Scientology and CCHR in the ground.

CCHR does a good  job on certain things, e.g. warning of the side effects of psych drugs and e-shocks. People who think that these do not harm and kill are complete idiots. However, CCHR has to do more, e.g. accusing psychs of active secret service mind control and making terrorists and they also have to prove that p$ychs are having their dirty hands in the orgs and SCN programs. The orgs are making the impression to me that just outside of the orgs are the problems and not inside of the orgs too. And that is wrong. I still doubt that Jan Eastgate is guilty of what she is accused upon. But CCHR failed constantly to prove to the world that p$ychs set up “suicides”, murder, infiltration, terror in or against the orgs, Scientologists, and Scientology. And that is a HUGE mistake. That means that p$ychs can continue what they do best: infiltrate and destroy.

I am pretty sure that you agree, my wonderful husband. I miss you like crazy.

I wait for a specialist doing some work in my house. He works on residential properties only on rainy days. So, I wish for rain now. All together, the repair did cost me a couple of thousands of Dollars. With a laser, any rotten secret service terrorist one can beam into a home and make break. But what they are forgetting is that one day they are being caught.  P$ychs/Nazis/pedophiles, etc. should do amends in dirty crawl spaces all over the world. Haha! 

I have to finish everything before my family comes end of August. Of course they would help me but I don’t want them working when they are coming. I think they are all stressed and just want to relax. So, I do what I can to make it really nice and cozy here. 

Many kisses, my prince.  I love you so much!

Yours forever,



I am here, just busy…

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible prince, soul mate and husband, I am here but work piles up that I have finish within just a few days and construction is not completed either. But the new floor is in. Very stable. The base board is not placed yet and then I have to paint at least two rooms again.

Nobody around here likes painting, so I guess I have to do it myself once I have a free day at hand. We have to inspect the other side of the house too if work needs to be done on the floor. I have so much to do at the moment that I had to mow the lawn with high speed. That was fun, racing over the land. Summertime, and the living means even more work than in winter.

How are you, my sweetheart? I worry about you, and I am thinking of you and wish nothing more than seeing you again. I would like to get on my lawn mover and race on the Interstate 😉 as fast as I can to wherever you are. Behind me the state troopers trying to catch me and being unable to keep up with me. 😉 

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling.

Forever yours,


Greta Eckhoff-Alexander’s fabrications

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Dearest Marty, my awesome prince and hero,

How are you? I am thinking of you.

Above is the photo of the old Munich org. It was in the Lindwurmstraße between lots of hospitals and the Uni of Munich p$ych hospital was very close, in the Nußbaumstraße. Creepy neighborhood but I liked the old org.       

Greta Eckhoff-Alexander supports the “Indies” since quite a while and published a “coming out report”. Munich org had numerous staffmembers who were originally from Switzerland, and Greta was one of them.  I don’t know her times in Scientology before 1977 and after 1984, but during the time I was on staff I can tell that what she wrote about that time period is not what actually happened.

First of all, I remember that Greta was either C/S-ing or auditing and I rarely saw her. I remember her being at the rollcall and at weekly staff meetings and unlike me she was a quiet person.  I don’t recall having much conversation with her except saying hi when we passed through the same halls or rooms. 

Munich org had numerous staffmembers who were originally from Switzerland, Greta was one of them.  She says that she was AGPR MUN in 1973.  Maybe, but when I entered the orgs in 1977, that position was held by Kurt Weiland and Greta had nothing to do with the GO.

She wrote: “…got some mini training at GOWW and then held that post as well as I could. Highlights were getting data from a 1.1 journalist, surface data of 3rd party and highly libelous data that had been simmering underground. This data in hand allowed starting all of those lawsuits against FBI, SCOTLAND YARD, etc…” This doesn’t sound like Scientology or PR but like secret service activity  to me. I did extensive PR training at GOWW (after Mary Sue, the impostor’s wife, Jane Kember, etc.  were gone) and I didn’t study anything like that.

What she didn’t write about is that there was a wave of people attesting to “natural clear”, which is a complete crap because anybody who ever was born and pressed through the narrow birth canal has at least one engram. And on top of that, people were not just born once. What I would like to know of her if she approved all those “natural clears”, a tech directive that was cancelled a few months later. To me it was very clear that this “natural clear tech” never was from Ron but from some non-Scientologist trying to cancel regular Dianetics and not wanting PCs to get rid of their engrams. David Mayo was the SNR C/S INT back then.

I don’t remember the EU orgs collapsing in 1982. We were growing and that is why we needed a new building.   Scientology in Germany was always the target of psychs, corrupt government, and media and production was going up and down but collapsing? I don’t think so. 

This is what Greta wrote: In summer of 1982 the European Orgs were collapsing. I don’t remember why. When the humming of production ceased in Munich I ran the org from the C/S office of sorts. I came out to raise hell, including the GO, to get the wheels of production turning again. Shortly thereafter I was being recruited into SR C/S INT OFFICE. I didn’t hesitate even for a split second. 

She didn’t run the Munich org from the C/S office (if she did, it was off policy) and most certainly, she did not run the GO. I was in the GO at that time and I know a 100% that Greta Eckhoff had nothing whatsoever to do with the GO from 1977 – 1984. 

She says she was in power in Munich. She was there and she held tech executive posts but she never run the org or the GO. 

Here is the new building in which we moved in 1982 because we needed more space:

Unlike false reports, we did expand. However, the name Scientology Kirche Deutschland was changed later to Scientology Kirche Bayern for legal reasons. I was the President of   Scientology Kirche Deutschland. The new building is much bigger than on that photo. I guess that photo on the website is more advertisement for Bavaria than the org because you can see more alps than org.   

I will be back soon, Marty, work is piling up and my construction workers have not finished yet.

I love you so much and I am sending you many kisses.

Yours forever,