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How incompetent is just about anyone anyway?

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Dearest Marty, most wonderful prince of the entire universe, how are you?

I know that you know a lot about federal finances, and I am sure that you are concerned and that you shake your head about the debts of the US government and that you would know how to handle that mess and prevent it by creating a completely new way of doing and financing things.   

Some people say that the problem wouldn’t be serious because those are own debts and no debts to others and that the USA makes lots of Billions per month and can handle those debts quickly. Well, if it is not serious, why did the WH and Congress make such a big deal out of it? To scare Wallstreet, just for the fun of it?

Moreover, not all of it is just “US-intern” debts. USA has debts to China. China ows 1/4 of US securities as you know.     

I learned that the United States (Federal Reserve) received USD Bio. 172  this month but spent this month USD Bio. 306. That means that  the feds overdraw USD Bio 134. What a shame, and I know how it happens. SEGNPMSS radios in the ear implants of federal workers and tells them to overspend and waste. How better to ruin a country but running the federal workers, judges, and members of Congress, etc. via ear implants that they got installed in school already in the tender age of around 6 years old!

The USA pays USD Bio. 50 per month on Medicare and Medicaid. Goes right to doctors and the pharma industry who ears all that money because the federal government does not build environmentally safe villages where people don’t get sick or age. I think USD Bio. 49  monthly go to social security. If people would stay young and  healthy in a village that takes care of the basic living necessities of each resident a member of the village family, who needs social security? If people feel young and healthy, they rather want to earn their money with their dream job instead of retiring with pain and a medicine cabinet of drugs.  

Quite some Billions go also into defense.

If the USA would bust the SEGNPMSS that sets situations against t he USA to involve it in wars, the defense bill would be dramatically lower too.

Instead of doing these things right, they “raise the debt ceiling”. Any debt is stupid.

 US public debt had a very downward trend since the 45/50s but Ronald Reagan increased the public debts dramatically and it became a pattern for most other presidents that followed.   

US Dept. of Treasury has a Debt Office. If a government has a DEBT OFFICE, it maybe has no intention to become debt free.

Here is the public debt clock:

Also weird is that the USA does not rather balance its debts but rather allows foreign countries as China to owe 26% of its securities. China is still communistic but owes  one quarter of the USA. Isn’t that weird? Maybe the good part of it is that they don’t start a war against their own 26% but what else is it good for than putting the USA at the mercy of others?       

These presidents and administrations make all the same mistake: they continue to traditional way of  stupid way of life and that is why the USA is going down. And that is what the SEGNPMSS  by all means wants.

I really would like to talk to you about this. I don’t have much time to post about it, but I am extremely interested in finding the real USA because it will stop the SEGNPMSS stupidity in this country. It could be the beacon of hope for other countries and it could introduce paradise for mankind. We know exactly what we have to do to change the world to the better.

I love you so much, my hero!

Yours forever,

your wife


Whatever the fight is: it is infiltrators against infiltrators because real Scientologists come up with peaceful and effective solutions

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Dearest Marty, most special prince in the entire universe, how are you?

I miss you because you are so very different from anyone but the real Ron. I am so proud of you, and I strongly feel that we will see each other again. Let’s hope it will be sooner than later. 

Gee, I have the radio on, try to listen to some nice music and my SEGNPMSS stalkers constantly interrupt the air waves. What a bunch of retards, and they constantly have to come on strong.  They can’t exist for an hour without trying to be in my face. This is of most importance to them, to create an (negative) effect on me (because they are too low to create a positive effect), and I think that they do similar things to you. (And I don’t even go into what else they do). They act as they never have heard of human rights.

What’s so weird with the world is that when somebody is in the Church of Scientology, he or she is allegedly “bad”. If somebody leaves it and becomes a Scientology attacker or an “Independent”, the person is automatically “good”. Happens from one second to the other.

Anyway, I read this Village Voice article on Paulien Lombard, and she says she was an OSA spy. Hmmm. I am accused or was accused of the same thing, but I never accepted any spy activity orders by anyone. Paulien says that her spy name was Sarah White. My last name is Schwarz, which means Black, or is it a mixture between my and Suzette White’s name? Whatever, don’t know if Paulien made it up but let’s say, she didn’t. That means if somebody is an “OSA spy”, she or he gets a code name. I didn’t get one because I was none. They didn’t write a code name of mine in their programs, which I still think came directly from Mike Rinder’s computer as his former programs. But they defamed me as an operative on low programs despite they knew I was none.

Anyway, I don’t want to go into this again, except that Paulien says that she loves Mike Rinder.  That’s nice for him, but here is the big elephant in the room: Paulien says she was a spy and she knew and loved Mike Rinder. Why would a spy know Mike Rinder if he wasn’t the spy or OSA supervisor?

What’s kind of creepy is that Paulien doesn’t get that Anonymous is a hate group. I don’t approve of any infiltrators in the orgs, and they insulted me by writing my name in OSA “intelligence” programs but Anonymous is no good either. It is a psychiatric front group, but on the other side, psych infiltrators are also in the orgs and with the “Independents” or the “freezone”, and for such infiltrators, running over to Anonymous and howling with the wolves against Scientology is just a short step for them.

I listened to Paulien’s speech to the Riverside  County, California Board of Supervisors. She blames Scientology and not the infiltration and that is a lie. Guess that is why her name is PauLIEn.  She talks of the “history of  Scientology online”. I read that “history’ for a decade now, and it consists mainly of  lies, misinformation, and hatred of former infiltrators and others.  At the end, Paulien promotes the book of Janet Reitman who never was in Scientology, and she annoys one of the Board Members by patronizing him. “Great job”, Paulien. She didn’t convince me either, except on that she never was a real Scientologist to begin with.

A real Scientologist doesn’t behave like this: “…I didn’t think twice about it.”   Where was her personal integrity? Personal Integrity by L. Ron Hubbard. What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that you have lost everything. All those robotic people are and were no Scientologists but infiltrators. A Scientologist is a person who applies Scientology as Ron (the real one) did. 

So, I am not impressed by Paulien at all and I question her motives. That I don’t approve of DM and the infiltrators, doesn’t mean that I have to approve when they are blowing and blaming their own dirt and non-Scientology behavior covertly or openly on our religion.

But I want to add some words about Mark Bunker being the alleged “impartial” person and “not really a persecutor of a religion”. Marty, you know that I am saying that the OT levels were altered by “Jack Vistaril” (secret service man and impostor), others, and their non-Scientology case officers. I say that Ron said that those who commit those incidents and implants were and are a bunch of psychs. Jack Vistaril’s handwriting says, it is just one guy, Xenu and changed the date of the events to make the real Ron look ridiculous and contradictory.

So, many people in Scientology believe that there was really that one guy Xenu and that people can become sick when they are restimulated by that incident. There are stories in the Bible or also in the Book of Mormon or other scriptures that sound unreal too. But Mark Bunker calls his operation XENU TV despite or particularly because he knows how many people in Scientology feel about this.

In other words: he is provoking and attacking the BELIEF of many people but positions himself as reporter who just want to make sure that here are no violations against anybody’s rights, and I think it is a load of baloney. I don’t buy any of his snake oil. All people who attack Scientology because of the “Xenu” thing, attack what they think the religion is and to provoke Scientologists but not because they have good intentions and want to change bad conditions to the better.

I know you share my thoughts, Marty. There are articles and blogs and postings about Scientology all over the net, but people can’t read between the lines. It is shocking how dumb many are.

Something else, Marty. Something very good! M. passed her architecture exam today. It is one of the hardest studies, and we are so proud of her. Her final huge architecture project was different from that by others, accord. to the prof. They took a safe route to pass the exam, she did a much more daring thing. I read the introduction of the presentation. Its enormous. It is very, very technical.  In a few weeks, she will be here and she’ll stay for 2 months.  The next house that will be built on my land will have very straight floors. 🙂 I remember the old times when I played doll house with her. She hardly could walk but she expanded her doll house immediately by adding a swimming pool, a garden, a playground, a park and other things to it, and she created and built all herself from things she could find in the household. I know that you have architecture,  design, creation also on your mind, in your blood, and personality, Marty. Me too, I am thinking about creating villages under water. 🙂        

I love you, many kisses my hero. The day I see you again will be the best day since the day I lost you out of my sight.

Yours forever,

Sarah (not White) Barbara

Why I don’t trust Mark Bunker (Emmy Award Winning Journalist) at all!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only Prince,

Maybe you heard the news or you will hear this soon: Mark Bunker supports your impostor Mosey’s husband.

And here are some of my big problems with Mark Bunker, who is an Emmy-winning reporter who doesn’t get that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored.

The question is: how blind is Mark Bunker not to see that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and you are impostored by Mosey’s husband? Years ago, Mark Bunker used to post on ARS, where he has seen my postings. He knows since many years that I am saying that Ron and you were impostored, but in all those years, the Emmy-winning reporter (who says that he is banned on YouTube at the moment but didn’t tell why) failed to compare photos and footage of “Jack Vistaril” and Mosey’s husband with the real Ron, founder of Scientology and the original Inspector General for Ethics: you, the first Marty Rathbun in Scientology.

So, whatever Mark Bunker’s film will show, it will not be the truth because he swims in the same stream with the rest of the foolish people or those who cover the truth up.


Isn’t that the ultimate homework that one should expect from a reporter when writing about Scientology? But this also goes for other reporters who failed to do this, e.g. the SP Times reporters, Janet Reitman, Tony Ortega, etc., etc., any reporter who ever reported about Scientology should be able to see it by comparing the footage and the photos to each other. It is so easy but they all are keeping the dirty “little” secret until they will break nevertheless, and nobody will refer to any of them as “experts” on Scientology.

I know, Mark Bunker often comes across like a decent guy who just happen to dislike certain aspect of DM’s reign. After upset Tommy Davis confirmed to the SP Times that there were indeed approx. 50 beatings at the Int Base, I heard Mark Bunker on his Xenu TV saying that if that would happen in a corporation, the CEO would be out of a job. I was thinking that Mark Bunker was right on that, that no leader should stay in power after such activities happen in his top management, but yet, Mark Bunker supports your impostor, Marty, who admitted of having been violent to others in the very top management and who shows another example of his bad temper by slamming several times the car door in the head of a reporter. (He could have died on the head injuries and Mosey’s husband on the defendant bench.)  Mark Bunker’s high morals are suddenly gone.  In other words: he is just against certain “slappers” and not  all “slappers”.

But here is the message in a nutshell: anyone who does not see or does not say that the biggest problem of Scientology is non-Scientology infiltration and psychiatric organized doppelgangers and impostors will go as stupid little footnote into history.

Guess Mark Bunker handles my criticism by saying that I would be an OSA agent or crazy or whatever. I am none of it, but if I would be one of that or all three together, the fact that Ron was and you are impostor remains. One just has to print out all the photos and start comparing…

Scientology is my religion. It is natural that I support it but not when it is taken over by some secret service agents who tried to use me in their programs. Once again, I do not even remotely approve of Tory Christman and Chuck Beatty. I don’t want to be associated with them.  They kiss up to Mosey’s husband on his blog and in other forums, they are the worst defamers of the founder and our religion. 

According to the secret service OSA programs that Mike Rinder had in his possession from the times when he overlooked or managed OSA, there was allegedly an initiative “to stir me up”.  But as the Internet proves, it didn’t work. I didn’t know, work on, or execute secret service programs. I read them know, I think that they might contain correct data on Christman, Beatty, and others, but these programs are no Scientology programs. Whoever had the idea to “stir me up” is clueless about my personality. I was kicked out because I didn’t follow infiltrator orders. What I don’t find ethical, I don’t do.

Tory posted that she worked on some programs on ARS that were above the law. I did not and never worked on such. That is one of  the differences between Mark Bunker’s friend Tory Christman and I. While Mike Rinder was still at INT, he hoped that I would get his stats up: but again: what’s not ethical, I won’t do. Moreover, who covers up where you, the first Marty Rathbun in Scientology is, is also not my friend and not supported by me.

I have a lot of energy, and I could do a lot for my religion. All that energy is unused. I could move mountains. But instead helping my religion, I put my energy in earning money. And why? Because there is nothing to support. Supporting the orgs or the “Independents” is like supporting the same secret service that exchanged Ron with the impostor and Mosey’s husband with you. And why would I do that? 

If somebody wants my support, he or she has to be completely honest with me. If the person has no intention to do it or is too remote-controlled by his or her psych case officer, he or she won’t get anywhere with me. Whoever wrote or supervised these programs on Christman and Beatty has no idea of my personality or ethics level.

Yes, I want Christman and Beatty stop spreading lies about the founder and our religion, but I also want a better world. Parts of these programs are on the same level that is not creating a better world or a waste of time, and that’s where they can’t count on me. I handle SPs by confronting them with the truth. (When I was the AG MUN, my BI did not run one ops. Just overt data collection.) I don’t “handle” SPs by committing low actions against them and turning SP myself. No, I won’t do that.  How can that create a better world? Okay, one  or the other SP might get tired on these secret service programs and retire from attacking our religion but the next SPs or a whole bunch of them (either former infiltrators or others) will be stirred up again by the psychs, and the insane fight continues. All these “programs” are nothing worth, and yes, it is insulting to find my name in it.

Instead trying to include me and my name in ridiculous or even grey legal zone programs, Scientologists should ask me: Barbara, how would you handle this?

I know how, and I would show them that I can handle it,  and it would be no freaking secret service crap but ethical handling.

But as I said, in return, they have to be completely honest with me, and if they don’t want this, they can go to (their self-made) hell with those who they try to handle for all I care. 

 I love you, Marty. You know how I am. You never would try to include me in something as a ops. Just like me, you were always open and never wrote nor worked on one. “Jack Vistaril” was the secret service freak, not Ron, the founder. He was the religious and decent man.   

Many kisses my sweetheart until we meet again, hopefully soon!



1) Norway was lenient on planned terror before 2) Unlucky stars

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

I miss you and worry about you.  Just a few lines today to tell you that I think of you and never will stop loving you.

Marty, I noticed Lars Gule all over Norway TV. He is referred to as terrorism expert. He was interviewed as an expert about the latest terror acts in Norway in regards of terrorist Anders Breivik.  Excuse me, Lars Gule now consulted by anyone as terrorism expert? Lars Gule planned terror himself, and now he is an expert? What will happened in a couple of years, Anders Breivik will be interviewed as the terrorism expert on some other terrorists?

Thanks heaven, Lars Gule was caught BEFORE he could blow up Israeli’s but in 1977, Lars Gule was arrested in Beirut, Lebanon for carrying explosives, intended for an armed attack in Israel.  The explosives were meant for on behalf of Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) in an operation to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

What a lenient sentence he got: he was convicted only to half a year in prison in Lebanon for illegal possession of a weapon (i.e. explosives), but was not convicted on terrorism charges. If countries and judges would be tough as nails on people who plan terror, some terrorists would re-consider going through with the atrocities. 

Something else, Marty:

Another subject, somebody mailed me below photographs. Those are photos of the original Rascals. They showed then in re-runs decades later on German TV and that is why I know them. The odd thing is that from all these kids, only Butch seem having had a longer life. (But who knows what tragedies happened in his family.) Psychs are very jealous. They hate success, joy, health, and peace in anyone’s life. They notice particularly those who are famous but those who are not rich and famous are targeted as well.

Look at this. Here are the original Rascals but as Ron said, artists are particularly (hidden) p$ych targets. 
  This is Alfalfa (Carl Switzer) was shot to death at age 31.

This is Chubby — Norman Chaney who died at age 22 following an operation.

This is Buckwheat – William Thomas who died at age 49 of a heart attack. (I always thought that  Buckwheat was a girl!)

This is leading lady Rascal Darla Hood who got hepatitis and died at age 47.

This is Kendall McCormas, known as Breezy Brisbane, who committed suicide at age 64.

This is Froggy — William Robert Laughline who was killed in a motor scooter accident at age 16.

This is Mickey Daniels – he died on liver disease age 55.


This is Stymie, Mathew Bear led a life of crime and drugs. He died of a stroke or pneumonia at age 56.

This is Scotty Beckett –either died at age 38 following a brutal beating or took too many pills.

This is Wheezer – Robert Hutchins was killed in an airplane accident at age 19.

This is Pete, the dog likely  poisoned by an unknown assailant.

This is Robert Blake who was accused of murdering his wife.

This is Tommy Bond as Butch, the only one who older and died in 2004 on a heart disease and had to deal with lots of disappointments.

The only one who made it to a respectable age! 

And here are some other actors of that series. How stupid are people believing that this is normal?

Robert H. Young "Bonedust" (9/15/17 - 9/10/51)
Died in a hotel fire, which started when he fell asleep smoking in bed.

Dorothy Dandridge "Dorothy" (11/09/23 9/08/65)
Committed suicide after an investment scheme caused her to go bankrupt.

Harold Switzer "Deadpan" or "Slim" - (1/16/25 - 4/14/67) 
As was the case with his brother, Harold was also killed following a dispute with another man.

Darwood Kaye "Waldo" - (9/08/29 - 5/15/2002)
Killed by a hit and run driver while walking on the sidewalk.

Jay R. Smith "Jay R" - (8/29/15 - 10/05/2002)
Stabbed to death and left in the desert by a homeless man he had befriended

Before these actors, other child actors played these parts, and these actors were replaced by others, and I would be surprised if those had better “fates”. It is a bad world but could be paradise of people would know that we are not the only people who are targets of conspiracies.     

Here is the youngest cast:

I love you so much, Marty. I hope to find you soon and we will build a truly better world. I am sending you millions of kisses.

Yours forever,


The biggest lie of people when they say: I got no ear implants!

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible soul mate,

I think of you strongly and would be the happiest woman in the universe if I could see you again.

Ron said that an OT does not lie. In fact, OWs and lies make a person incompetent, it makes a person to anything but an OT.  The way  not to be an OT are lies, and OWs.

Scientology is well named.  It is the road to truth.  It is a study of the truth… And when a person has no more lies left in him he’s OT… And all the mechanics of OT work out too…   – L. Ron Hubbard

Only a very very very very few people on EARth have no ear implants. All others have them, and they are lying about it. In other words: they are not proud of it and they are no OTs. And also those very very very very few people on EARth who (for some reasons are not run by the SEGNPMSS through ear implant commands) got these implants when they were babies or under narcosis, and just as Billions of SEGNPMSS agents all over the globe, they are also subconsciously influenced by what is radioed to them with silent sounds. Nobody is safe from manipulating silent sounds. Nobody.  

So, how does it look in real life when a person with ear implants that works for the SEGNPMSS in audited? He is the ORIGINAL illegal PC (not a person who against his or her will was injected with p$ych drugs and not even an e-shocked person but an infiltrator, sent in the orgs by his secret service [on the programs that OSA writes, one can see that they are secret service infiltrators in the orgs]) who does not honestly answers the question of the auditor. The auditor asks that “PC” to give up lies, overts, and withhold or confront a past life incident to help the PC, but these illegal infiltrators, the ear implant carrying “PCs” don’t do it because they are dumb cowards. They reply to the auditor according to what their case officers radio in their ear implants during sessions. And if the auditor and the C/S are infiltrators too, they allows the PC to get way with this, and we have these people who attested to OTs but have no OT abilities whatsoever. We all know some of those.     

That is why cases are not cracked, and why completely incompetent and unethical people attest to Clear and OT. They are cheating themselves. Fact is also that Scientology is no cult, rather the anti-cult, but the SEGNPMSS is and their agents and infiltrators of Scientology are cultic and that is what they turn Scientology into: a covert p$ych cult. They converted Scientology in a remote-controlled German p$ych cult to kill the truth that the real Ron discovered and made mankind available. Psychs altered SCN and destroyed it. Somebody once mentioned that there would be two Scientologys. He probably didn’t really knew how close that is to the truth.    

Where ever the psych secret services are active, they are leaving ruins of what once was great.

Upon SEGNPMSS orders, all sec check questions as to if a person has ear implants were removed by Jack Vistaril, his psych case officers, and the infiltrators. It is their well-guarded secret. It is their tool to control people. And the foolish infiltrators think that their case officers are helping them. They are too mind-controlled to suspect the truth: they are run thru the SEGNPMSS supercomputer since their childhood to be controlled. It is all to prevent that they will be ever real OTs.

The first indicator of a person on the way to real OT is the awareness that the ear and body implants and silent sounds have to go because they prevent people going truly OT. 

The math is SO SIMPLE: A person tries to be cause over MEST and hundred-thousands silent commands on tapes are played underneath the ringing in her subconscious mind. Doctors sell people the crap that this ringing is a medical thing that anyone has more or less, and they made even a name up for this kind of medical human rights violating secret service terrorism: tinnitus.



Besides not lying at all, the real Ron said, in order to go full and truly OT, people have to give up their ear implants (which they anyway just have because it is very convenient for the SEGNPMSS to control them thru them) and convict that system, because p$ychs,  medical terrorists also run them with 100.000’s silent commands to avoid them going truly OT.

This is how afraid they are of real OTs!

Instead of settling for Jack Vistaril’s SEGNPMSS-watered down “Scientology”, we need original Scientology back, because that is the only applied philosophy that creates real OTs.

Marty, I know that you are thinking the same thing. Another reason why we are separated is that the SEGNPMSS doesn’t want us to restore real Scientology that at the moment nobody has, not the orgs, not the “Freezone”, and not the “Independents”. It is in the hands of the SEGNPMSS and also likely locked away in some secret CIA cabinets.

What most people don’t know about is that top secret psychs tried and try to go OT. But they are using the tech to get more powerful to suppress others, which is not in the nature of a real OT. And that is why they are doomed too. With their kind of overts and withholds, even the best and purest tech doesn’t work. They are idiots, complete idiots.

And what they don’t get is that being good feels good. Being ethical feels good. They think that being ethical is very hard to obtain and maintain, which is crap. They just should try to tell the truth and nothing but, and they will that it feels very naturally good and is uplifting. It provides with high self-esteem, and a real OT discovers soon that he/she is too good to lower  him- or herself to commit OWs.

A truthful person will be a proud and happy person (proud always, happy only if not physically tortured by the SEGNPMSS because they are jealous as they are NOTHING like the true person.  They are the “OT” inside the word IdiOT. The real OT is no idiot and will win despite all odds. But the challenge is: will the non-OTs win with them? Only if the SEGNPMSS and its disgusting psychiatric methods are cracked.    

Secret service psychs think that original Scientology works on them without having to apply ethics. But it is like taking the engine out of a space shuttle. They are going nowhere, those p$ych idiOTs. And they are killing each other, and these thetans are implanted in new baby bodies, their memories emptied (sort of like men in black) and all there is left, is evil suppressive people with low tonelevel and low intelligence who will not remember anything.

They are not like us, Marty. When our memories are stolen, we still have the high tonelevel. Yes, they try to steal this too by trying to make us adopt their disgusting tonelevels but that isn’t that easy because we don’t let them pull us down by participating in their crimes. And our tonelevel helps us to recover despite all odds and millions of silent SEGNPMSS commands radioed in our subconsciousness not to remember. And that tonelevel of yours made me recognize you again, Marty, what an AWESOME thetan you are and you always were, in this and any former lifetime.   

The only way they temporarily win is by manipulating the thinking of each man, woman, and child on this planet. But it also means that they lose on the long-range BECAUSE  that system helps other bad people and bad people do not just commit horrible crimes against good people but also against bad people.

In other words: the SEGNPMSS psychs are sitting in their own trap. They stole original Scientology and besides from the original very potent OT levels (which fail on them because they continue to commit unspeakable OWs) they live in beautiful oasis with the best of food, water, and air, and haven’t aged a day in hundreds of years, they are killing each other and plant the freshly killed p$ychs on Earth where they have to live a short life in which they will age and are subjected to all the crime and pain that their own former system keeps alive.

They can’t sleep well at night and cannot relax during the day because at any time, some co-conspirators might barge into their quarters and conspire against them and take them out. It happens all the time. And if they don’t think that they are on the chopping block, they are even dumber than idiots and they will be killed by surprise.

Idiots. Remember when their movement the Nazis gave each Jewish the middle name Sarah and each man the middle name Israel? They all need the middle name “idiot”, or better “full idiot” or “the biggest idiots ever”.

In view of thetan living forever, the only thing for them not to step in any of their own traps is to remove any trap for anyone in the entire universe. That is the only guarantee they are having. But they are too suppressive to grant all beings that right. They rather risk their own eternity by keeping those traps up, in which they will end up themselves too, rather sooner than later. I know their biggest problems, I know their Achilles’ heel and that is that they can’t trust each other. 

And here is Ron:  “On the day we can fully trust each other there will be peace on earth.

The SEGNPMSS is light years away from this goal. They can’t trust anybody because they know how bad they are and naturally conclude that everyone is just as bad as they are. Which is not the case. We are not. Their only salvation would be to become good immediately and PROVE IT and see to it that anyone else gives up the lifestyle of crime and perversion as well.

Feel that you have very similar thoughts, Marty, my prince.  And I think you are where the “boys” are and that you are waiting for me.

The only reason why nobody tells me where you are, and you are being impostored is because thetans on this planet and around this planet have an eternal death wish and want to go down with the SEGNPMSS for all eternity.

I love you so much. Many kisses my  darling! Right now, we are rained on because the SEGNPMSS is targeting us but it will not be forever. Like any corrupt system, they are postulating their own downfall and working against it by taking us (of all people) on, because we have the ability to convict them.        

Yours forever,


Your loving wife


Reminds me of old Guardian Office days, when we GO staff played sketches to entertain each other.

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

It reminds me of times in the GO. We played sketches not to reg but just to entertain each other. It was funny. The best sketch was awarded with something, so we had our own “Oscars” for best sketch, best costumes, best background music, etc.  

The Gone with the Wind costumes are great. Wonder where the Lausanne Org got them.    

That is what Rhett Butler said: No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how. 

It is amusing to imagine hearing Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara talk now Swiss dutch, that sounds like that:

I love you so much, and kiss you many times, Marty.



Jamie DeWolf doesn’t like “Jack Vistaril”. Neither do I. But he should slam the guilty guy and not the founder of Scientology.

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Dearest Marty, my awsome prince and hero, how are you?

I am thinking of you and also worry about your life. For your sake, I hope I am wrong and you are not wrongfully incarcerated but that is not what I am feeling. I feel that your life is very hard and even at risk. And nobody who conspires against you and leaves you wrongfully behind bars or who hurts you will get away at the end. Justice will be put on all of them.  If nobody else, Congress should help us together, because I finally want to kiss you, my prince. America will win with us and it will lose without us because it trusts its enemies more than its true friends.  

It is hard not to notice Jamie DeWolf. He is a “slam poet” and the grandson of Nibbs DeWolf. (I am still not sure why Diana Hubbard Horwich carries the name  de Wolfe, a little bit different version than DeWolf.) He is a good performer but he also gets it very wrong: his great-grandfather is NOT the true founder of Scientology who was assigned the name L. Ron Hubbard by a secret service for security reasons, likely misinforming him that poor Lafayette Ronald Hubbard died in the war and has no relatives and the name would be free to take, and if he – as son of  Ike Eisenhower – wants to mingle among people, he can’t do it under the Eisenhower name but HAS TO TAKE THIS HUBBARD SECURITY NAME OR ELSE.

In other words, the legal name of Jack Vistaril was indeed Lafayette Ronald Hubbard but he is not the founder of Scientology but a secret service agent and impostor. I like “Jack Vistaril” as little as Jamie does.

Also, Jamie should consider this: just because he has red hair, doesn’t mean that he really is the great-grandson of Jack Vistaril. He might not even BE the grandson of Nibbs DeWolf. I know German p$ychiatrists and their destructive obsession with Scientology, and the real founder Ron (not Jack Vistaril), and switching babies (as they did it with me) is a routine action with those still existing Nazis. 

Red hair means just red hair and doesn’t prove any relationship. (The photo of the red-heads meeting  below is funny. Looks like some bald, blonde and brown-haired people are there too!)

For those who know that the real Ron and true founder of Scientology is basically an Eisenhower (state official wrote to me that he saw Ike and Ron playing golf together), the SEGNPMSS added another confusion. The Kennedy name. Jamie was born a “Kennedy” and changed his name to DeWolf. Why is somebody by the name of  Kennedy in that family? Despite no relation to the presidential Kennedy family, I guess the SEGNPMSS arranged this somehow so if somebody thinks in regards of Ron (the real founder) being a member of a presidential family, it should be confused with Kennedy instead of the real relationship: Eisenhower. 

Jamie should try to explain THIS in one of his slam poetry events. And he should finally compare footage of his alleged great-grandfather, Jack Vistaril and the real Ron, founder of Scientology who was impostered by Jack Vistaril.

Here is again Jamie’s alleged Great-Grandfather (the impostor of the real Scientology founder):

Here is the real Ron and founder of Scientology:


How BLIND are people not to see that those two are not the same person but lookalikes?  It is so obvious. Am I really the only person who has the ability to see this right away?  That the imposter used deliberately the phrase “this is very interesting” means nothing. That is what impostors do: trying to copy the originals. Putting the Captain hat on, means nothing either, except that he wants to convince people by all means that he is the real founder, which he was not.   

So, if Jamie is asked if he knows L. Ron Hubbard, he answers: Which one?  Exactly, which one – because with Nibbs added, there were three individuals by that name. And the founder of Scientology HAD TO take this name on orders of an American secret service to explain Scientology to people. Jack Vistaril (Jamie’s alleged great-grandfather) just altered Scientology, made it into a cult, wasted the real Ron’s money, and yes, the altered version with the Jack Vistaril crap added to real Scientology is in the vault, and when Earth go to pieces, the altered version will survive, not real Scientology, which was never a cult, never money-oriented but a true religious applied philosophy. 

Jamie has the Scientology ARC and KRC triangle tattooed on one of his arm. I think, basically, he wants to become a Scientologist badly but can’t get over the crap of his alleged great-grandfather Jack Vistaril added to our religion. And neither can I.

Many kisses, Marty, hope to see you. I know one main reason – why the world conspires against you and me getting back together –  is that all these facts should not become known to mainstream. SEGNPMSS  wants a planet with dumb misinformed  robotic sheep, which run all in the same direction. And the worst about it, these dumb sheep think that they are smart and know it all. They know nothing. 

I love you!

Yours forever,