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Dearest Marty, my awesome prince and husband, how are you?

I don’t write much today, just a few words for you so that you know that I think of you and love you.

I needed another bed to be prepared for my visitors, and I checked around online and found some but the customer reports were not that good. Finally, I found one but the store didn’t take any of my debit card despite not expired and enough money on both. Guess some error on their websites because they usually work.  So, I had it and decided to build one myself. I did it! 🙂

Looks great. I got one 4 by 4 post and cut it in four even parts with my power saw, then I screwed fresh untreated boards for the lengths and the width and then I hammered and screwed them together and this became the frame. Finally, I cut boards and laid them all across the frame and nailed and screwed them down. It is really, really stable. Even someone as tall as you could sleep on it without having to be afraid that the bed crashes.  Cost: 45.– for the wood, including screws and nails.  It looks kind of rustic but I like this look a lot better than plush and metal. I also painted another room. Color: tan. The color of my office is: cinnamon.    

I heard that Linda Simmons Hight  who defamed me to the media in 2003 and pushed covered p$ych lines, married and her name is now Linda Wieland.  Guess that was wrong. Looks like Linda Simmons Hight and Linda Wieland are two different persons.  One of them apparently told the media that the Squirrel Busters have nothing to do with the Church, which is not true either. If they would be real Scientologists, they wouldn’t pull in bad PR in for Scientology. A stupid infiltrator in OSA runs them for sure. As if these Squirrel Busters would crack Mosey’s husband. Only the truth, that he is your impostor could turn things around. Squirrel Busters just prove his point that he is harassed. 

Back in 2003, when reporter Christopher Smith of the Salt Lake Tribune called Linda Simmons Hight and she made me look like a liar or a crazy person despite she never met me.  Back then, she helped Mosey’s husband (at that time Anne’s husband) by not telling the reporter that Mosey’s husband is not you, the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology. Briefly afterwards, he blew but still as of today those remaining in the C of S continue to cover up that he is not you.

All the problems of Scientology are not Scientology’s problems but problems secret service agents versus secret service agents cause. Despite that they attacking each other (also pushing psych lines on both sides), they still conspire together on such important issues as that Ron was impostored and you are impostored. They don’t apply Scientology, otherwise they would know that they will pull in huge motivators for their participation in this conspiracy.

I miss you so much, Marty, hope to see you soon.

Many kisses.

Yours forever,



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