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I remember Anna Stilo (now Paddock) quite well, she was one of my favorite staff members in the Munich org, and Mosey has the “ARC” of a pit bull or an ice cone!

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Dearest Marty, my awesome prince,

I remember Anna quite well. Back then, she was a MUN GO exec too and married to Glen Stilo (also MUN GO exec) who I considered easy-going.  They had a cute daughter by the name of Donna. I had a real good comm line to all kids in the Munich org, so one day Donna told me about the healthy teeth of her Mom. Anna had really had the brightest white teeth (before dental tooth whitening was mainstream) and she smiled often. She always had ARC, and I liked interacting and chatting with her. Just like Carol Riess, the American staff course supervisor in the Munich org, I found Anna and Glen refreshingly non-German and kind. 

When Donna was still a kid, Peter Stumpke headed a GO mission. Funny that he was in the same org for a while in which Donna was and that she later would marry his son. I found Peter to be a nice fellow too, but I had my own thoughts of that mission. It was about research into Freemasonry and to see if they are behind p$ychs. There might be psychs  and other Scientology  attackers who are Freemasons but the force behind psychs are other psychs, secret service psychs. There is nobody else but psychs behind psychs.  

Marty, I worked also non-Scientology jobs in Germany but whenever I entered the orgs, I noticed that it was MUCH MORE FRIENDLY there than in German companies. In other words, the rough streak that entered Scientology later, is not Scientology, not even American, it is German, and that is the indicator about who infiltrates it and radios its agents to behave German.
Anyway, whatever people write on Mosey’s husband’s blog is not my experiences with Anna who is really originally from Texas. We worked for years in the same org. She was capable and had a  really pleasant personality. 
In the video that Mosey shot of her, one can clearly see that she doesn’t harass or  tries to provoke Mosey with offensive questions or with one of the stupid squirrel buster T-shirts, but she asks and tries to make Mosey understand that a Scientology academy needs a course supervisor, which they seem not having.
I wonder too if Mosey gets star-rate checkouts, does clay demos, if she ever got a pink sheet, wordclearing, exams, and if anyone is there to pull any MUs.
But on the other side, I think it is futile to go their house. Mosey just hears horror stories from her husband and others who blew. Her mind seems closed on the subject.  She never knew the times that I experienced, in which orgs were indeed the much kinder places to be than any non-Scientology organization and that many of these kind Scentologists are still in the orgs.  However, who ever  in OSA or above runs a program sending Scientologists to Mosey or Mosey’s husband are wasting their time. 
It seems also to me that Mosey waits for Scientologists or current Scientology infiltrators to show up, so that they she can film the interaction and complain about it. I saw the video, and it seems that Mosey sat right behind the door with the camera. She could have chosen not to open the door but she opened it to shot a video that she thinks she can use against Scientology.
I haven’t seen Monique’s face on that video, heard only her voice, which is not relaxed and has no ARC whatsoever. She comes across being robotic and stiff. Anna makes a much better impression in that video but Mosey’s voice. It is correct that Mosey has a right of privacy and should not be harassed. But why is she waiting behind the door with a camera, and why does she even open the door to a stranger if Mosey doesn’t want to “tape” some kind of “scandal”, which Anna didn’t deliver? Anna remained calm and friendly and left immediately after Mosey told her to leave.
Interesting is that Mosey didn’t tell her to leave right away, as any truly harassed person would do. She talks to Anna in a very ARC-lacking manner to video tape it and to show it to the fan club of her husband and getting her shoulder padded by them for these kinds of nonsense videos. If you read the comments on Mosey’s husband’s blog, you can see what a hate club the fan club of her husband is. Anna didn’t ask anything else but if they have a supervisor and a course room, and they rip her into pieces on the blog. What was Mosey’s problem saying yes or no? 
I never would fit into the “independent” cult, Marty. Really, I differentiate. They all see things in black and white and this is not what I call objective or intelligent.  
Mosey’s husband wrote that Anna was sneering and whining. There is no evidence of that at all. I truly believe that Texans have an extraordinary friendly mentality, but you would never have guessed this when listening to Mosey on the video. She is stiff, rehearsed, ice-cold, has no ARC whatsoever and just makes accusations. A = a = a, everyone coming to her door is the same, in her mind. She doesn’t even try to  find things out – just accuses. 
 If Mosey is so convinced that she does the right thing, why didn’t she tell Anna in the same high ARC that Anna showed, her points of view? After all, Mosey allegedly studied lots of SCN material, shouldn’t she be able to communicate better? 
Anna asks her if she has objections talking to her. Instead of  saying “yes”, what an alleged harassed person would say, Mosey says “no, she has no objections at all” but threatens Anna with police, despite Anna would have left if Mosey would have said that she has objections to talk to her. Mosey has the ARC of a pit bull.
Mosey seems to be the obedient and a non-for-herself-thinking helpmate of Mosey’s husband. Why can only Mosey’s husband answer the question if they have an academy and a supervisor? How come she knows so little or is she not allowed to talk?  I am sure completely different like Mosey. I am curious and like to play games instead being dead serious like on funerals. 
Once again, those Squirrel Busters are idiots, provokers, and harassers who just help make Mosey’s husband, Mosey’s and his fan club’s case that they are harassed, and yes, the way how John Allender and his friends approached Mosey’s husband, it was harassment and senseless because they should know that nobody will talk to them or turn files to them when they have the face of the person on a squirrel body on a T-Shirt who they want to cooperate or convince!
But this all was not the case when Anna approached Mosey. Mosey’s husband and his friends say that Anna was downtone. She was not. I don’t know Mosey, but from what I heard on this tape, it is Mosey who  is downtone,  on 2.0 or below. But the “independents” don’t know the tonescale really, and they don’t apply it. 
If she really wouldn’t want to talk to Scientologists and feels harassed, why the heck does she open the door to a stranger? Fact is, Mosey wants scandals against Scientology on camera and that is why she waits eager with the camera behind the door, which is pretty pathetic. 
Besides, Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and Haydn James  harassed orgs too by standing outside of orgs and making demands or otherwise. What goes around, comes around. They are the same as current infiltrators that are in the orgs.
I believe the main concern of David Miscavige is not that some people squirrel. There are Freezone organizations, which get rarely any attention if any by the C of S. I think DM fears that Mosey’s husband and his supporters empty the orgs. There is a possibility that this could happen (but likely not with a person at his side that has so little ARC as Mosey, that will not attract most Scientologists) and despite DM knows he is such a red flag for so many, he doesn’t love Scientology enough to step back and leave Scientology in the hand of real Scientologists who are no red flags for others. He loves his power more, and one day, this will all escalate.
Mosey’s husband and his group appears to be DM’s main concern, and despite he would spare no expenses to make Mosey’s husband and his group go away and start instead a knitting club, he continues to cover up the fact that Mosey’s husband is an impostor and impostering you, Marty.
Keeping you wrongfully behind bars and me away from you and unable to testify on your behalf and prove your innocence  must be even more important to DM than convicting Mosey’s husband on being an infiltrator and impostor.  They are such German run secret service freaks!
Well, we make it also without them getting their ethics in. Guess, they rather wait for motivators than confessing and getting their act together.
I love you so much, Marty. Nobody has a chance against this love. It will bring us back together and conspirators behind bars.
Many kisses, darling.

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  1. She’s B O R I N G and unable to discuss Scientology.


    July 16, 2011 at 10:21 pm

  2. Monique worked in the “health sector”. Only the Almighty knows how often she participated in committing people to psychiatrists, where they were messed up…


    July 16, 2011 at 11:16 pm

  3. Ever wondered where her husband got his weird admiration for Malcolm X and Farrakhan from? Mosey! I wager, she hates Jews.


    July 17, 2011 at 12:32 am

    • Those are some of my thoughts too, Ali. I also doubt that she is clueless having married an impostor.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 17, 2011 at 2:53 am

  4. Barbara, my encounters with Anna were always positive too. Monique got nothing on her.


    July 17, 2011 at 2:37 am

  5. Hey, Barbara, I am back! 🙂

    I’m glad you’re fine. I’m thinking about a new Scientology movement: we are the Scientologists who do not agree with either side…


    July 19, 2011 at 2:23 am

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