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Amusement parks…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome prince and husband.

I am thinking of you and hope your life isn’t bad. We were in a huge amusement park and still feel nauseated from some of the rides.  Some remind me of implants. I can’t help myself. They call it fun parks or something like it but people leave those roller coasters and fall towers with the palest faces ever.  Other rides as like wild canoe rides through really wild water are really fun.  I could ride those all day long.

Wish you could be with me.

Hope to see you soon. Have a hard time at the moment to catch up on Scientology news. I am rarely alone. I won’t complain because I love my family and invited them, but this is how it is.

Many kisses. I love you very much!

Yours forever,


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August 31, 2011 at 2:43 am

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I will be always yours, Marty, even if I am rarely on the net these days…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, and awesome Prince,

How are you? I think of you, and there are really no words that describe how much I wish I could be with you.
Some of my family members are here, and it is not an easy balancing act to make things right for everyone. I sure try. Most of the time, I succeed.
On Monday, we will be even one more and then we are heading for California.
I rarely access the Internet now and even less when we are traveling to California because we are trying to catch up and we are going places. And I am the glue who keeps them all together.  
I miss you so much, Marty. I don’t care what others on the Internet are saying. They know nothing about us, our personalities, our history, and our love. Should they natter all day long. Our love deserves a happy ending and that is why we will have a happy ending.
Hang in there, my wonderful husband, hang in there. Our path will lead together. I can feel it. 
Hard to say when I have another moment time for posting. Please don’t ever think that I forget about you, but right now, the time that I have for myself and posting is almost zero.
I love you so much and send you billions of kisses.
Yours any mile that we travel!

Written by Barbara Schwarz

August 27, 2011 at 6:01 pm

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I will leave to the airport in a few minutes

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Dearest Marty, my awesome prince and hero.

How are you?

My first visitors arrive tonight. The last will stay until end of October. It means that I will not regularly on the net and will not have much time to post in the next two months but I try my best to find some minutes solitude to post you at least a few words.

But even if I don’t post regularly, keep in mind that I am thinking of you and being with you is all I want.

I love you so much from Earth to the universe and all the way back! It is YOU who I want.

Many passionate and tender kisses,

Your wife,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

August 21, 2011 at 10:16 am

My home pretty much sparkles….

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince,

I captured any dust bunny, removed any piece of furniture, also behind the fridge and the washer, and then, after I was done, I put some laundry in the washer and the washer over-flooded because I was distracted for a moment. In other words, I cleaned the floor TWICE. But it is okay now. Far cry from a house with a sunken in floor. My visitors (first visitors are scheduled to come on Sunday) will have a real hard time finding anything in my place that is not squeaky clean. I would pass any wide glove inspection. Remember those? 🙂

Although the land outside doesn’t look so good. Either it sparkles outside or inside. I never managed to handle both at the same time. It is too big for one person with a more than full-time job. But I take turns, so that neither inside nor outside look real bad. I am in actions around the clock. I don’t know how to be lazy. Probably doesn’t feel good. I wonder if I ever was.

While my guests are here, I will not have much time to blog but never think that I don’t think of you, Marty. I do very much so. One day, hopefully not too long in the future, we will sit on a bench and holding hands, as if we would be teenager and just fell in love. And we will have each other so much to tell, and we will have such a good time, and we will have fun and will feel like forever 20 and have just eyes for each other. It will come true.

Much much love and many many kisses and hugs!!

Here is a really great song for you, Marty.

You’ve been on my mind, 
I grow fonder every day, 
Lose myself in time, 
Just thinking of your face, 
You’re the only one that I want, 

Every feeling, every word, 
I’ve imagined it all, 
I dare you to let me be your, your one and only, 

Promise I’m worth it… 

Yours forever, and you are perfect. You will be always perfect to me, my sweet, sweet prince and husband. 


What is wrong with Samantha Domingo (“Dingo”)?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome hero,

How are you?

I wish that this vacation would lead me straight to you!  

Otherwise, I really have to ask the question: what is wrong with Sam Domingo?

On Mosey’s husband’s blog, she claims to be a Scientologist, but I saw a photo of her, where she wears a shirt with the print: SP and proud!

Does she know so little about Scientology to not know that this term it  not from DM but the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard who  Sam allegedly admires.

It was Ron who discovered that some people on this planet suppress others, and he named these people Suppressive Persons, (SPs). He discovered that the world would be a great place  if SPs would no longer be SPs.  

A real Scientologist works for a world without SPs. He or she wants SPs to think about themselves and change their harmful behavior. But Samantha is PROUD to suppress others, in other word, proud to be a SP. That means that she is the ANTI-SCIENTOLOGIST. It is like a person who claims that she is a Christian and wears a shirt with the print “Proudly belonging to hell”.

So, what is the purpose of this woman wrongfully claiming to be a Scientologist? Apparently to destroy Scientology, one way or the other, if she could. Apparently to mislead Scientologists to follow her if they are stupid enough to do so.

I love you, Marty, many kisses!

Just for today, cara mia mine, good bye!



I’m busy to wrap up things before my vacationers arrive….

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But I think of you, Marty, my Prince, I dream of you, and even if I don’t write much these days, you are of most importance to me, and I will love you until the end of days. I want to be with you by all means. It will be you or nobody. I would be the happiest person on the planet, no, in the universe if I could find you again. And I hope each day that our paths will lead us back together. 

Yes, when you are with me again, you can give me something: many kisses and your love, which I know still burns hot just as my love for you!

Anyway, Marty, I love you! So much! And forever! This love will ever die. It is one of a kind, like you!

Your wife,

Millions of kisses, my darling, blown in the dark summer night outside until I can give them to you in person. 



Actually, Mosey’s husband’s car wash was kind of funny,  although I guess he will have a high water bill, and the cleanest street in Ingleside at the Bay if he will do that every day.    

Sometimes, I wonder about the Squirrel Busters, the PI, and the staff at OSA who runs them and DM. Instead of guys and one elderly woman, they should send Mosey’s husband real hot ladies in that golf cart. Wanna bet that he wouldn’t water these hot ladies down? Maybe he wouldn’t find the Squirrel Busters anymore that horrible if they would be all really attractive ladies? 


Looked online for clothes to buy and found interesting stuff

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Dearest Marty, greatest and cutest prince in the entire universe,

How is your live? My land screams to be mowed, so I was out there today because when the week starts, I have even less time for things like that but at least the house it pretty clean.

I was thinking of getting some new clothes for traveling and I found these funny ads:

10,000 men! How did they figure that number? Was there a survey? A guy riding from door to door asking if men want great fitting clothes shirts? In a town that has at least 10,000 men, there was no other tailor?  

Fur, fur, fur? Pretty much political incorrect in our days.  When the Olympic Games took place in SLC, I saw just about any kind of coat on the surface on the planet but only one woman who wore real fur.

I had a fur collar in the 80s, I believe it was a silver wolf. I didn’t buy it but somebody gave it to me, and it was said of her that she was a real Russian princess. She flew from the Communists with her husband.  I liked her but wasn’t particularly found of  fur. It was designed to be thrown over the shoulders. I don’t have it anymore. I think it is still in Munich somewhere.I don’t miss it.

Interesting prices in the year 1868, and they apparently had not yet invented the 96, 97, 98 and 99 cent prices behind the dollar. Five cents yes, but nobody had to deal with yet $ 2.96, 2.97, 2.97, 2.98, 2.99.  Boot for six-dollars probably was a fortune back then. I saw a pair of boots at Walmart for 7 bucks recently. Seems that just the gas and healthier food is so expensive these days.

Book straps, lunch boxes, what ever happens to them? Anyone still carrying books with book straps? Maybe there will be an e-book strap soon? I should invent one and get the patent for it. 😉 Reins for boys?  Why do they want reins? Playing horses?  What are the bells for? To keep bears away?  To warn anyone that they cross the street?   

Those bear bells didn’t help much, Marty, here he is already, and what a trustworthy sales man! Who wouldn’t want his purchase wrapped by that guy and count the money in his paw?

Sold at sacrifice. That hasn’t changed in all these centuries, that business men try to make the impression that they do mankind a favor and selling their stuff basically for nothing. And panic in the market is something old too, here from 1868. Who would have thought that the world last at least until 2011 despite the financial crisis some-when in 1986?

Opossum fur! They are grunting around my house at night and are ugly! And pussy cat? Isn’t that a normal house cat? Nothing what I would wear!

These collars from 1890 look really stiff and uncomfortable. I wouldn’t force you to wear those, Marty.  I want you t be really comfortable.

And here is the famous corset. I am sure you know that ladies fainted all the time because they wore these and tied them too tight. Thanks heaven, I don’t have pounds to hide, so I don’t need one. Besides, I really can’t afford to faint a couple of times per day.

At that age, a girl wants really cute shoes but doesn’t care if they are Standard Screw Fastened. Shoes fastened with screws, does that sound very comfortable? But she is cute and I am glad she has a good daddy. But he can’t be better than mine.

Now, this is interesting. A real invention, one can stick on another heel and has a different shoe.  But did anyone really notice? And the company want people to pass on their promo and oblige. Wonder if it worked. But it can’t hurt trying.

They cure a weak back?! Maybe I should get one after all. 😉 What is better, fainting with a strong back or not fainting with a weak back? 

Boots extra for bicycling! Didn’t knew that one needs extra boots for bicycling.

Hmm, a very pretty lady but what does she has to do with shoes and rubbers? Strange notification. What kind of favors are they talking about?

This is a very odd circus like ad, which shows that odd people doing odd ads and wanting sensations are not a new thing.

In earlier times, a woman would not leave the house without a hat, and now a woman doesn’t leave the house unless she wears no hat, except a baseball cap maybe. Only English ladies wear hats as Ascots and that just out of tradition, I assume. Fashion makers seem to ignore hats completely, and maybe has something to do with the movie and cinema industry. All those hats in front of you when you want to watch a movie…

Exactly my style, Marty. 😉

She looks like his daughter with the braids not like his wife.

It had an open back? The birth of the hospital gown?

Real cotton too cold for real men?

That is either a real small kid or a really big shoe size.

Gregory Peck always looked great but you are even much more handsome, Marty.

Babyboomer fashion in  the 1970. Coke apparently cashed in on the peace movement. 

You can pick me up anytime, Marty. You need no special shoes.  You also can come barefoot. 

I will buy some simple cotton clothes and be packed in 5 minutes for our vacation or to see you!

I love you, my darling.

Yours forever and many kisses,