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It is not safe to be a real Scientologist in Germany

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,

I have not read anything of the “Indies” for many weeks but I noticed a posting saying Mosey’s husband and Mosey were in Germany and that Scientologists are safe in Germany.

Who are they kidding?

Infiltrators and impostors might be safe in Germany because the German secret service put them up in the first place but no real and outspoken Scientologist is safe. Any Scientologist who opposes Germany and psychs, one who is a public critic of them and will not tolerate their crimes will become the target of rotten German secret service activities and might be wrongfully and innocently imprisoned and might be forcefully medicated in a p$ych institutions as long as Germans want to and might be also killed.

German Courts never rule against p$ychs. Psychs are the gods in Germany, and if Mosey and her husband haven’t noticed that, they simply don’t know what is going on. I have not yet had time to watch their videos but their statements that Scientologists are safe in Germany is complete bull.  

Long before DM took over, Germany attacked Ron and Scientology. As a matter of fact, the first public attack against Germany and Ron was made in Germany by secret psych agent Friedrich Wilhelm Haack already before the DMSMH was published. Psych friendly Haack, allegedly a Lutheran priest, was the one who told RB to “deprogram” me and put me under “guardianship”. Both criminal and inhuman activities did not work out how he wanted it. He died on cancer in the late 80s. One of my GO B1 juniors found the name of Haack’s father on the list of active Nazi SS people during the Third Reich.       

And here is something else that makes me scratch my head. Your impostor Mosey’s husband says he is an auditor. That people have lived before this life must then be very real to him. Just about all Germans had no auditing and still don’t know what ethics means. They were born again and likely became what they were before: psychs, other doctors, judges, officials, butchers, killers, congressmen and -women, etc. How can they suddenly be good people without having made the damage good again to the people they abused, tortured, and killed (if this is even possible)?      

German Nazis killed Millions of people before 1945.

Anna Rosmus (the “nasty girl”)  investigated Passau (I grew up very close to that Bavarian town) and found ANYONE was a Nazi there.

Not just I, she too left Germany.

I really would like to know from Mosey and her husband why they think that the Germans suddenly are good people and no danger to real Scientologists without that they were audited and without studying Scientology ethics principles and without having made the damage good again to what they did in their present or past life to Jews and other minorities.

I am sure that you understand what I mean, Marty. But you are not Mosey’s husband.

I love you, my hero. There was still no mail, message, or anything from you or on your behalf for me. Of course I know that your mail is conspiratively stolen and despite that I am in the USA, it is a German secret service keeping us apart. Unlike other people, I really know the Germans.

Many kisses,

Yours forever,


Finally home again…

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Dearest Marty,

My wonderful prince and husband… How are you? We are finally home after travelling for almost four weeks. Even in better hotels, Internet access was often not as fast as that at home so I accessed the Internet rarely in all these weeks. But I thought of you many times of the day and wished you could be with me.

One member of my family is still here, the others are back in Germany.

We stayed a couple of days in Santa Barbara. It is one alive place and very beautiful with great beaches and very pretty south-western style of houses. Officially, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. I am sure you saw it when you were in the PAC area. The Santa Barbara Scientology Org is right downtown in the best area. Hundreds of people walk by every day. Last time I was down there, I saw that they had the doors wide open to their nice bookstore but I saw nobody going in and no bodyrouter.

We spent some days in San Francisco too and I found the C of S San Francisco Org. At the time, nobody was going in and out and no bodyrouters were in the street.

I was thinking at the hard times that I had as President of the C of S Germany and the threats that the KVR boss, fanatical Peter Gauweiler made against bodyrouters (that he would imprison any bodyrouter or any other person trying to disseminate Scientology and of course against me if we would not stop bodyrouting. Our high-priced attorneys (among them the former President of Upper Bavaria Adam Deinlein) and attorneys of the stars, Detlev Wunderlich advised me to stop bodyrouting for a brief while to avoid staff getting arrested and disseminate otherwise (which would have been possible with more FSM activity) until the matter would be resolved in a court in an expedited decision. While I tried to resolve Gauweiler’s blackmail, I of all people was blamed by INT for having stopped bodyrouting. DM had already overtaken Scientology, and Haydn James was the one who was at OSA INT responsible for Germany and should have backed me and the legal actions up, which he has not done. He was one of the most lousy “exec” that I had to work with. I had reported everything and the solutions to him and he probably hasn’t even read the reports.

Peter Gauweiler is now a member of the German Bundestag but rather should have sent to jail.

The question is why I was kicked off my post by INT back then over the bodyrouting blackmail of Gauweiler when other orgs and missions simply don’t bodyroute at all and are not under threat of an official as fanatic as Gauweiler. (He was also the chief of the Munich police and had the power to order police to arrest anybody Gauweiler wanted to have arrested.)  

I really never had any intention to stop bodyrouting and worked days and nights on a legal solution to solve the problem (also at the criminal German activities to  dissolve the orgs as registered entities) with Gauweiler and other Germans who really acted like a Nazis and violated our religious rights with illegal threats and blackmail. Although I have seen that FSMs bring often a better quality of people to Scientology than bodyrouted people, I would have put bodyrouters back in the streets as soon as a court would have corrected Gauweiler’s illegal and unconstitutional activities against Scientology, Scientologists and me.

Anyway, back to my vacation, Marty. We drove up the southern, central, and northern coast to Oregon and then to Portland. The beaches of Oregon are even better than those in California. Ocean water was cold but the beaches are awesome. Miles and miles and miles and miles fine sand, crystal clear water, big rocks, no litter at all, and few people.

There are a lot of ex hippies who have now restaurants, shops, and art work shops at the coast from California to Northern Oregon. I found it funny that waitresses in California wear rather fashionable clothes, and in Oregon you see waitresses in big aprons and braids. People in Oregon have also a friendly mentality. And they fish and crab a lot. The forests with Redwood trees are amazing too. Never saw bigger trees in my life.

However, despite all the beauty, the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island is still our favorite. There is nothing compared to watching the buffalos and the antelopes on this island while swimming in water in which one cannot sink.  

We were at so many places, and I have to download the photos first to remember them all.

I have to clean the house from four weeks of spider webs but otherwise nothing bad happened here. 

I love you so much and always and send you many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


American Riviera…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you? Despite I am traveling, you are constantly on my mind, and I can’t tell you how much I miss you. I am on the American Riviera in an upscale hotel but wireless Internet still does not work how all the time how it should and I am as good as never alone. I got up very early today to write this posting for you.

My family wants to watch whales and that’s why we are in Santa Barbara since quite a while. I am sure you where here in earlier times too. It is a beautiful town with its south-western houses, beautiful clean beaches, artists, and things to do, etc. but it has no roof over it, and no alternative lifestyle which means, its residents are as unprotected as anyone else and will have the same fate in an average of 75 years. Too bad for them. But the Santa Barbara court-house is so pretty that one wants to sue or be sued. 😉  Haha! There is also music every where…

They played this song in the huge garden of the court-house when I walked through but I was thinking that the place for us should not have open skies even if the skies are as beautiful as where I am now.

I also noticed the Santa Barbara Scientology Org. It is downtown in the best possible location of the town with the most activity, but I didn’t see much activity of people entering and leaving the place.

Yesterday, we were in Los Angeles, Universal Studios. It is fun but loud like hell and at night I was glad to be out of there and back in Santa Barbara. During all these days, I was thinking how much more beautiful each place would be if you would be with me.

I love you so much! And want to kiss you from morning to late.

Forever yours!




Written by Barbara Schwarz

September 6, 2011 at 1:51 am