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Is that the real Gaddafi? And is he really dead?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are you? I think of you and wish we could celebrate Halloween together or anything else. Whatever you like. ūüôā

The photos of Gaddafi’s death are gruesome but I think it was not him who was tortured to death but another guy who probably tried to explain that he is not Gaddafi but got no chance. I wouldn’t want to be the doppelganger or impostor of somebody else. ¬† ¬† ¬†

Posting 73 in the link contains a picture of the alleged dead Gaddafi. I know that forum attracts all kind of conspiracy theorists but not all are always wrong.

Someone posted (post 287 in that thread):  

That is never the body of a 70 year old man.

People, you are gullible, its frightening.

The other guy posted:

Gaddafi is slimmer and taller than this guy, second his body might be sagging just like his face, (old age)

He had a double chin, where is it in these photos?

He had a sagging cheeks and either side of his Jaws where is the sagging?

Marty,  I also found that the alleged killed sons of Saddam Hussein looked anything but his real sons.

The execution of Saddam Hussein was filmed, somebody even filmed his face after hung, but he looked very peaceful to me. I learned that hung people likely have tongue and eyeballs pop out of their heads. Not Saddam.

The “pacer” who was killed by Navy seals looked to me very much like a doppelganger and not the real Bin Laden.

German psychs, the men behind Hitler helped Hitler also come away by having a doppelganger killed instead of the monster. The “dead Hitler” looks nothing like the real one.

If the world population would  be not remote-controlled by German secret service p$ychs and if people would think on their own instead letting their ear implant controlling case officers (who are controlled by their ear implant controlling case officers, and so on) do the thinking for them, the planet would be a much better and smarter place. 

But I don’t have to lecture you on that. I am sure you see all of that and more.

I love you so much my genius. The person who can fool you isn’t born yet and never will.

Many kisses, my hero!

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

October 30, 2011 at 9:37 am

Your impostor Mosey’s husband is a typical German agent without conscience

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Dearest Marty, my prince,

How are you? I miss you more than I can say.

I was on a long vacation with family and had no time until now to see those videos from Mosey’s husband’s German press conference on Sept. 7, 2011. I noticed again that he made no mention to the German press that he is not you, the first Marty Rathbun in Scientology, the¬†original Inspector General of Ethics in Scientology.

Ursula Caberta (why is she so restless on camera? If it would be me doing this, German p$ychs would¬† forcefully medicate me) says that she knows the name Marty Rathbun since 1993 or before. Duh! Exactly, before. OPC (for which she also works) is for sure part of the German plot framing you already in 1984 and 1988 and exchanging Mosey’s husband with you by organizing your wrongful incarceration in Spain and putting your impostor on your Inspector General for Ethics post in Scientology. How dare them! I have no intention to ever let them get away with it.

Germans know better than anyone that he is an impostor, after all, it was their plan to frame you (likely using German p$ych conditioned RB) and organizing that you are being wrongful incarcerated. They know that Mosey’s husband is your impostor and that they work with him together. It is not about DM (who received SCN from Ron’s impostor who was also German¬†controlled), they want to ruin Scientology because once there is no organization anymore, the Nazi boots and involuntary psych injections can stomp even better over Scientology¬†and¬†eradicate¬†it.

Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder are either too dumb or too corrupt or both to realize it.

However, kind of interesting is what Mosey’s husband said about President Clinton and his administration. As he is an impostor, I have a hard time believing him anything but let’s say it is true and that DM’s people were rather cozy with the Clintons and high executives of that administration, e.g. like Eric Holder of the DOJ and those who entered the government of Germany in the U.S. Dept. of States Human Rights Violation Report and ¬†that these people are now in office again in the Obama administration. Strange that Mosey’s husband is saying this because he run an election¬†campaign¬†for Obama. ¬†He is not consequent who he is supporting and neither is Mike Rinder. They are like dirty socks blowing in the wind. Anyone who has their secret service codes can make them make them run in a certain direction. Yesterday Scientology, today Germany and who knows what crap they do next. ¬†Maybe they will be pro psych drugs if they are not already on it.

If this part of DM and his supporters and representatives being very close connected to the Clintons and their administration is true, Marty, and if I am correct that you were framed and you are wrongfully incarcerated ever since, the by non-Scientologists infiltrated orgs must have done NOTHING to help you getting¬†acquitted as the Inspector General for Ethics¬†¬†and rather promoted your impostor. That is why I don’t feel sorry for DM. Instead of getting you, the innocent acquitted, he has to deal with the impostor and the Rinder snake. ¬†Ron was totally right with that people pull themselves things to penalize themselves. So did DM with Rinder and Mosey’s husband. But it is still not enough. He still has not published the truth about your impostor and Ron’s impostor and that means that he will pull in more motivators. If he (and Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder, etc.) would be real Scientologists, they never would be so unethical as they are.¬†

I had to flee Germany as the former President of Scientology Germany, not because I was a criminal (my org was raided by the fanatical German government, they carried out any piece of paper in the org ¬†and they still could not pin any criminal action on me despite they were trying so hard) but the Germans are still the same old Nazis, and their psychs are unable to handle criticism, and Mosey’s husband, the impostor tells the media that Germany are no longer Nazis. Yeah right,said by their very own agent. How “believable”!

He third parties the entire USA by saying that money can buy you anything in the USA. What a traitor. He is really stupid if he thinks that this is not also the way in Germany or in other countries.

Back to Ursula Caberta. She says that David Miscavige influenced the American government to think that the German government discriminates and persecutes Scientologists.

First of all, I think DM was rather was busy socializing with Hollywood celebs than being effective against the Germans. Scientology orgs do not consist just of DM but many individuals of which many have made very bad experiences with the German government. My educated guess is that they are the people who complained to the US government. So did I.

I rather think that DM helped the German government to a better reputation (Nazi apology) by influencing Tom Cruise playing a good Nazi so that the world things that the Stauffenberg story is all true and that they Nazis were not as bad as they were. 

If anyone wants to know what monsters the Germans still are, they just have to read my documented story.

Caberta’s wishes to influence the USA against Scientology (using DM’s¬†unpopularity and also his non-Scientological leadership) is somehow amusing.¬†She forgets that many within the United States government know that Mosey’s husband is not you but an impostor. I am sure that not just I but your representatives addressed the¬†government and Congress many times on your wrongful incarceration. Now a doppelganger shows up with the same name. Even most German agents within the US government would have a hard time juggling the fact of two different Marty’s, the original, you, and your impostor, and at the same time supporting Caberta and Mosey’s husband, the impostor.¬†

Germany pulled Mosey’s husband in, no doubt about that. The truth will come out and Germany will look bad, very bad as¬† they always did because they always have very dirty hands.

Caberta says that she contacts all kind of people who had high jobs in SCN. She never contacted me (former President of Scientology Germany) despite I know that the German government is reading my blog and before my postings on Usenet. She is afraid what I have to tell her that I am not a traitor and liar like Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder. They are not truly anti DM, they continue to conspire with him to cover up your wrongful incarceration, Marty, they are just using DM as an excuse to destroy SCN organizations that could deliver original Scientology, which the theety-wheety “Indies” don’t and never will.

She says that the OPC watches the Scientology orgs just because of DM, and they would have no problem with Indies still sleeping with Hubbard’s book under their pillows. (Yeah, sleeping maybe but not disseminating Scientology effectively. German agent Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder don’t disseminate, they just rip off org staff and public.)

I heard another OPC guy on a YouTube saying recently that they watch the orgs also because of “what Hubbard said”.¬† German secret service controlled Ron’s impostor and made him say dumb stuff on which the Germans think they can “act”. They are so deeply involved and changed a really good religion into a German cult. But they never could fool the real Ron or me or you, Marty.

Caberta says that the OPC does not watch people who are no longer in the orgs. In my case, this is for sure a lie. 

I love you, Marty. Can’t wait to find you again to bust all those impostor and infiltrator and still existing German Nazi psychs. They really ask for it.


Many tender and passionate kisses to you.


Yours forever,



German magazine Der Spiegel was the first to publish impostor photos in Germany of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, lying that the impostor is Ron

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Dearest Marty, my sweet sweet prince,

I hope your days are not bad. Yesterday, my favorite architect on the planet left after being here for 2 months. I really have a big loss. It always hurts a lot letting her go because we are so close. Until next spring, I will be alone, unless you (no impostor) come by one day, which I still hope.  

I saw an article in the German magazine Der Spiegel on Sept. 25, 2011 in which they praised your impostor, Mosey’s husband. In the mid 80s, this piece of lying German trash magazine was the first one who published photos from Ron’s imposter (“Jack Vistaril”) and lied to the readers that the impostor would be Ron. I saw it on the first glace that it was the impostor and not Ron. Just as I can see that Mosey’s husband is not you, Marty.

Here is again Ron’s impostor:

Here is again the real Ron and founder of Scientology: 

Here is again your German (and p$ych) loving impostor (Mosey’s husband) when you were approx. same age:

Original you, original Marty Rathbun and the original Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology:

What a difference! People are bought not to “see it” and to keep it a secret. I find it criminal by anybody who participates in that conspiracy: concerned media, governmental workers who know of it, representatives, Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, all the “Independents”, Scientology attackers, but also and very much David Miscavige and anybody in the orgs who covers it up and failed to publish those facts.¬† How these people think that they will pull in no motivator for what they are doing is beyond me. Their low¬†ethics¬†level is beyond belief.¬†

I think much of South Park is of poor taste but instead of targeting stupid writers and investing time and money to make out little fires, the orgs should simply end the war against our religion and publish the truth about how Ron was and you are impostored and how Scientology was (and still is) hi-jacked by German psych secret service through infiltrators who operate in grey zones, like those who left it, like Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and others, who accuse Scientologists of what they did themselves. I never did what they did while I was still on staff. I was truly¬†religious¬†and proud of my high ethics level. ¬†

Marty, in the mid 80s, I saw an article in the same mag, saying that Claude de Rothschild would be the man behind “C” weapons in the USA. A bit later, I asked them about their sources,and they suddenly claimed that they never have written such an article. But I have read it in the very same paper.

Fools believe Der Spiegel. They are liars, and their real business is to misinfom. Marty, as more your impostor works with the Germans (whose psych secret services are the source behind all the negative influence on Scientology and the infiltration) as more I despise the man and the likes.

I love you, my hero, and kiss you many times. You never would sell yourself out to the Germans, for no price. You can be really proud of yourself.

Yours forever,


White House “petition” reached its phoney 5005 “votes”…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome prince,

Tomorrow will be my last trip, and after almost 2 months vacation, my last visitor (M) will fly back, and I will resume work again. We were in an authentic salon yesterday that doesn’t serve alcohol but anything else was an authentic recreation of an 185o salon. The piano player was really good and he played whatever we wanted to hear and he told us a lot of anecdotes from his career as¬†musician. ¬†¬†

I read that Ursula Caberta (linked as agent to the German secret service OPC) assisted also to get those 5005 votes for the petition to show. I know for sure that some of these anti-Scientologists voted several times with TOR or other proxies and that the number of 5005 is actually a fraud. Do they really think that President Obama and his¬†administration¬†never heard of TOR or other proxies and can’t figure out that the petition got their votes by the same people voting many times?

And in the midst is Ursula Caberta. How long so the “voters” think it will take the President to figure that this “petition” is a German secret service idea (as you know U.S. Dept. of State reported Germany as human rights abusers for many years) and project and does not come from the heart of real Americans? ¬†

As I said, I am not on DM’s side for the reasons I mentioned before and because Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder worked for more than two decades with him together. If DM would be really carved from other wood than these German agents, he would not keep them ¬†so long as his most trusted “executives”. ¬†It’s former agents against current agent. If DM wouldn’t have inherited Scientology from Ron’s impostor, I think he would today with Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder. After all, they still conspire. The DM managed orgs still keep it a secret from me why Mosey’s husband imposters you and where you are. They are all suppressive.¬†

However, that “petition” would never shed light on that. It just supports German organized mud on the name of Scientology and Ron, who the fake “Independents” call so “affectionate” with the last name “Hubbard”. Sam lectured me that calling Tory Christman by her last name would mean to “depersonalize” her. As they do this with Ron, they “depersonalize” him.

They are: Do as I say but not as I do.

I love you Marty. Many kisses to you.

Yours forever,


I figured out why Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder have not yet published any books about their (no good) lives…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Numerous of those who blew from Scientology wrote and marketed their books. In my opinion, they wrote their books rather to draw attention to themselves, distract from what really is wrong in the orgs (psych secret service involvement, infiltrators, Ron, and you impostored, etc.) and to make cash.

But Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder have not yet published any book. However, Mosey’s husband mentioned such book plans a couple of times.

As Mosey’s husband is not you but makes the world believe that he is you (and Mike Rinder, and others are part of this plot), writing a book about their lives is really difficult, particularly difficult for Mosey’s husband. He has to coordinate (conspire) with Mike Rinder, and others, what to write to be able to impostor you further.

I remember that Mosey’s husband was asked by the SP Times reporter about his earlier times in Scientology, also times of which I knew that he was not there but you were the high executive in SCN, and Mosey’s husband stuttered and messed up dates and events and had to correct them afterwards.¬†

It must be really difficult to be an impostor. All that lying and coping, and the fear to be convicted one day. No wonder that he hates me. Wonder what his reward is for lying to the world that he is not you.  

We will travel tomorrow again for some days, and I will not have much time to post, but I am dreaming of you, Marty.

I was thinking already before Graham Berry drafted his “petition” to write to President Obama about your disappearance, your wrongful incarceration, and Ron, and you being impostored, etc. but as the German secret service stalks my every move and runs secretly the entire world with ear implants to conspire against us, there will be not many people who will sign that petition of mine.

However, I will address President Obama personally about these matters.

I love you, my prince, and miss you more than any woman ever missed a man.

Yours forever,


Is campaigning to find signatures against the Scientology orgs legal? Not in my book.

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince, how are you?

I say it right from the start again: I am not a David Miscavige apologist.

Hey, it was him who kept Mosey’s ¬†husband and Mike Rinder for decades on top exec positions. It is him, who is ultimately responsible for the tonelevel of the Sea Org and any criminal action committed inside. He failed to turn infiltrators over to the authorities. ¬†He accepted Scientology from Ron’s impostor and made Scientologists believe it is the real Ron. He knows that Mosey’s husband is your impostor but he does not make it public. In ¬†other words: they still conspire against you and me.¬†

I never have supported or worked for DM and I never will.

However, but is the signature campaign by the enemies of Scientology and the Independents (yeah right!) legal?  

They need 5000 signatures for President Barack Obama to “investigate” Scientology orgs. You might have heard about this “petition” too. It was drafted by Graham Berry who isn’t really successful in what he does, if you ask me.

Anyway, the petition doesn’t asks President Obama to investigate the German secret service psych infiltration and impostors in SCN because those who sign the petition apparently don’t want this investigated. They also don’t want to get you freed from your wrong incarceration but apparently want Mosey’s husband to impostor you further.¬†

By now, they have only ¬†3,738 from 5000 signatures despite weeks of hard¬†campaigning. Imagine this: over 6 Billion people on the planet, and they have a hard time ¬†finding 5000 people. I also suspect fraud and that many Scientology haters or “Independents” signed the “petition” more than once. ¬†(I will never sign it.) ¬†

It was posted on Mosey’s husband’s blog that Karen de la Carrierre can get 600 signatures per week. What is that? Do the “independents” and the enemies of Scientology (is there really a difference?) think that President Obama and his aides are unable to google that the signatures on this petition came not natural but were campaigned?

I am 100% sure that nothing will come of this petition, even if they get enough phony signatures to reach 5000 by end of October.

Marty, I am not saying that nothing needs to be investigated but neither org infiltrators nor “independents” (yeah right!) nor “critics” want the above named facts investigated: Ron was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and David Miscavige got SCN from the impostor and you are impostored by Mosey’s husband and wrongfully locked up. How dare those people calling themselves Scientologists who do that to fellow Scientologists.

Scientology is infiltrated by agents who work for the German secret service and p$ychs. The infiltration of our religion is also German political motivated and completely criminal under US and international laws.

You know that too, I know that.

Love you forever, Marty, and I kiss you many times!


What is a card carrying OSA agent? (Are Mosey’s husband [and his supporters] card carrying OPC or other German secret service agents?)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and hero,

How are you? I think of you and miss you so much. I never would mistake you for the creepy impostor (Mosey’s husband).

Mosey’s husband lies on his blog that he is pro free speech and does not censor. Guess that is why he and his friends tried to down this blog. I don’t blog on his ridiculous blog but today I did. As not otherwise expected, he (typical former infiltrator of Scientology) and his supporters (typically former infiltrators of Scientology and supporters of haters of L. Ron Hubbard) posted defamation, attacks and lies in response.

Mosey’s husband, apparently a German agent did not publish this posting of mine:

“And something else: you also posted never a word that you are the doppelganger (impostor of the original Marty Rathbun and Inspector¬†General for Ethics and also very surprising, you posted never a word that you aren’t. Doesn’t that confirm that you are but try to¬†keep the issue away from your blog?

Didn’t you guys go after my blog? Isn’t that censoring of free speech too?¬†I never tried to do this with an Indie or other blog.”

He hushed again up that he is a doppelganger and an impostor. I know that one day, Marty, you will hold him legally accountable for defrauding and anything else he did by taking your life away by claiming that he is you.

He claims that I am a card-carrying OSA agent. What is that anyway? He travelled to Germany and works with German secret service agents. Isn’t he rather a card-carrying German secret service agent?

What “documentation” is he talking about? That there was never any website on Chuck Beatty and Tory Christman (his Ron-hating buddies) by me? Mike Hobson, a loose cannon who lies that he is a Scientologist posted also German secret service organised defamation about me.¬†“Cat Daddy” who is also posting in favor of Germany, links to German secret service agent Tilman Hausherr’s defamation on me.

And last but not least there is Mike Rinder who calls me what he is, a “dupe”. I never had anything to do with any secret service activities as he and his friends and also some current OSA people are having.

Just like Ron said: The overt cried out loud in accusation. The German secret service can get the “Independents” (what a joke!) riled up against anything and send them off to “attack”.

They all glorify the impostor of Ron, Jack Vistaril, and the impostor of you, Mosey’s husband, and they sell out the good originals instead. And they are probably too stupid to know who is running them: German p$ychs.

I feel sorry for each member or pro poster in Mosey’s husband’s mob. I really do. But not for him because he is the total fraud.

Marty, I love you because you are completely different from him. I never would have fallen in love with you if you would have any character trait as he has.

Too bad that OSA is infiltrated and does not publish in Freedom Magazine or elsewhere that Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder are not just nothing worth as thetans but that Mosey’s husband is an impostor and Mike and others are his helpers and partners in crime.

Yours forever,