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What is the exact definition of “ecclesiastical leader” of a religion? Is there such a thing as an ecclesiastical leader of a religion instead of a church?

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince,

I read a letter by Karin Pouw (I know her as Karin Godin and she also knows that Mosey’s husband isn’t you, because she was around when you and not Mosey’s husband was part of the RTC) to an Australian Broadcasting Corporation, dated November 9, 2011. I don’t want to go in any of the subjects, just want to remind that I mistrust the information of former infiltrator or infiltrator’s children within the Scientology orgs as much as those of current infiltrator or infiltrator’s children. There is just one line that I want to discuss. Karin describes David Miscavige as “ecclesiastical leader of the religion” (not the church but the religion Scientology). 

Can somebody be an ecclesiastical leader of a religion? I googled “ecclastical leader of religion” and got not one hit. 

I googled “ecclesiastical leader of the religion” and I got only links related to David Miscavige. That means that no other religion has an ecclesiastical leader. Only churches have ecclesiastical leaders no religions as such.

Here is my take on this: if Scientology would have stayed the way Ron, the real founder, established it, we would need no ecclesiastical leader of the religion Scientology but just a temporary leadership that keeps it running the way the real Ron left it until he’s back. This of course includes not injecting impostor material found in same  garage into Scientology, which apparently the  “ecclesiastical leader of the religion” is doing or intents to do.  

Here are some definition of “ecclesiastical”:

Relating to a church, especially as an organized institution (Okay, then such a leader should be and behave truly religious but shouldn’t introduce new material to Scientology, right,  of which he finds that Ron hasn’t introduced it  or hasn’t introduced it in orderly form.) [Give me a break!]

(Christianity/Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to the Christian Church, … associated with a church (especially a Christian Church)

(Yeah, Catholic looking pomp was introduced into SCN under DM, including the DM mobile that looks like a movie star bike 😉 The name Ron on the pomp stage has not much significance because he glorifies the impostor who left him Scientology and doesn’t investigate the true fate of the real founder.)

Term ecclesiastical is used in relation of the church, the organization of the church, or the clergy (Okay then, but that doesn’t mean that he has the authority to alter the religion by adding new stuff and cancelling for example book about past lives. Wonder if DM run one past live himself!? People who cancel past live information are suspicious to me.)

Of or pertaining to the church; relating to the organization or government of the church; not secular (DM behaves very secular, as far as I can see).

So, the ecclesiastical leader is no spiritual leader or founder and should just run organizations truly religiously,  but should not add and remove spiritual content by the founder, am I right? I am sure that DM says he doesn’t do that but is that really true?

Wish we could be together, Marty. I love you. 

Yours forever,


P.S. Still nobody has officially acknowledged that Ron was and you are impostored by doppelgangers! People are so untrue. It is a shame that they are allowed to call themselves human beings. 

Some might ask: if psychiatrists or their agents infiltrated the Church of Scientology, why didn’t psychiatrists close down CCHR yet? The answer: the cowards and liars use it for alibi reasons.

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Dearest Marty,

How are you? I miss you very much. It is getting colder, and I am pretty much done with doing things outside. If the winter is not warmer than usually, I guess, I will spend the next three months inside, except for trips to places I have or want to go. 

Some people might ask why CCHR is still there, if the Church of Scientology is infiltrated by international agents of psych secret services. They might ask why CCHR was not closed down and occupied with something else but psychiatry. (Look at their front group Anonymous, these guys can be distracted with anything.)  I am sure that psychs working on closing CCHR too or at least want to replace its mission informing and  investigating about psychiatric violations of human rights, but that they allow CCHR to stay is some kind of alibi for the p$ychiatrists. (However, they set up that CCHR is involved in scandals that are bad for it.) As long as CCHR is there, as long they can goof gullible people that they have not infiltrated the Church of Scientology and have not changed the religion and have not exchanged the founder with one or more doppelgangers and impostors.  

If all breaks down and they will be accused of having done all that, they will say: if we destroyed the religion from inside out, why  didn’t we take down CCHR?

For me, the answer is very easy, Marty, and I’m sure to you too. Psychiatrists are cowards and always will be cowards. They are always hiding behind others, including Nazis and terrorists. They  want CCHR gone, but if is not that easy at the moment without to make Scientologists suspicious of p$ychiatrists indeed having taken over the church.

However, they also changed what kind of issues CCHR addresses. Ron’s findings (the real founder, one not one of his impostors) about secret service p$ychs sending silent comments any minute of the day in the minds of just about any human being or animal to control them and bring them down is not really a part of CCHR anymore. CCHR does attempt to inform about psychiatrists behind terrorism (which p$ychs absolutely are) but the SEGNPMSS set up/arranges/organizes legal troubles for the chairman whose picture is in the relevant brochure. That should help a lot to discredit that psychs are indeed behind terrorism.

I am 100% sure that p$ychs turned Jeremy Perkins into a killer. They have their methods, e.g. hypnosis, running people through ear-implants, drugging, e-shocking, etc. to stab his mother 77  times. Psychs can make this kind of monsters. And they make them daily. His mother Elli was pro CCHR. Psychs tried to “send a message” to Scientologists and CCHR supporters to give up opposing psychiatry or else… The mishandling and death of Lisa McPherson is also a result of the p$ych infiltration.

And the p$ych infiltration within Scientology is revealed also by having the orgs and CCHR not saying so. Those scandals, beatings, human rights violations, “suicides” and murders of Scientologists, arranged by secret service p$ychs, are all swept under the carpet. This is to make each other and others believe that nothing is wrong inside of the Church of Scientology and that p$ychs are just a problem outside of Scientology, and it tells me too that the psychs are right inside the orgs.   

P$ychs want to change the attitude of Scientologists towards psychiatry, and the so-called “Independents” (yeah right)  are pretty much there because they are p$ychiatric agents and almost embracing these monsters.  Most Scientologists in the orgs are not there yet to embrace them and that is why p$ychs try to break the orgs by putting non-Scientologists (who lie that they are Scientologists) also in the highest church positions and make them behave that it reflects bad on SCN and the founder.

P$ychs think that they win with time.  They were successful with altering the OT levels because they ordered Ron’s impostor to keep them secret. Things can be altered very quickly when people are not supposed to know what’s in them and should not talk about it.

Everything goes pretty much their evil ways, Marty, except we. Dead or alive, Marty, we will never get them away with it.      

I love you, and many kisses.

Yours forever




Stomping feet on the original and admiring the fake… What’s OT about that?

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I am sure that you asked yourself the same question yourself, dearest Marty, my prince. People want to be OT but either are corrupt or unable to see that Ron, the founder of Scientology was impostored by a secret service agent, despite not just the behavior and character but also the photos indicate that clearly.  And it doesn’t matter where these alleged “OTs” are, with the C of S, the “Freezone”, the “Independents” (yeah right!) or on their own. The fact that they don’t see it or do not speak out about also proves that I am right that all (includes also non-Scientologists) are run like stupid blind sheep by the same secret service that doesn’t allow them to speak up or turns them into remote-controlled robots.

What kind of “new” and “better civilization” do these people want to build? They can’t build anything better because they are not better or smarter than any miserable civilization we had before!

It is particularly a shame for so-called Scientologists to fall into the category of blind and corrupt idiots.  Although Scientology is altered since decades, any smart person should be able to figure out the real Scientology from what the p$ychs left of it. Any smart person should be able to figure out  the character of the real Ron and the character of his above the law and slimy impostor.  

I am shocked about the low IQ of people who were/on Scientology lines for many years and don’t see it.

Marty, I have a few expectations of  Scientologists in order to call them Scientologists: being ETHICAL,  SMART, ABLE and COURAGEOUS. And if they are not, they are not Scientologists. Because a person who applies Scientology is all of that. A person who doesn’t apply it and just says she does apply it is not ethical, smart, able or courageous.      

I know you are different.  I saw it right away, Marty.

Love you bunches!

Yours forever,


Lyrics to Take My Heart :

You can take my heart very close to your heart
You can take my heart forever if you like 
You and I
You and I are meant to be
I’m the one for you,
You’re the one for me
You love me as much as I do
When you look at me and we’re skin to skin
I want you so
Please come in
And you love me more and more
And my love grows up with you
And you kiss me more and more
And I kiss you, too
And I kiss you, too

If I take your heart, I will cherish it every day
If I take your heart, I will heal these old wounds
If I take your heart, it’s to make it happy
If I take your heart, it’s forever close to mine

I don’t care, I don’t care
If I’m again carried away
If you swear, if you swear
To give me your heart in return
To give me your heart in return

About the FBI raid of Scientology orgs in 1977

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

Thanksgiving is over, and after I made clear to the ladies at the party that I DO NOT WANT TO BE HOOKED UP WITH ANY GUY (or woman of course), it was quite enjoyable.

Marty, I found Scientology again in spring of 1977. Just like me , you returned to Scientology also in 1977, likely before the huge FBI raid of July 8, 1977. Our memories of the many months before were stolen by p$ychs. Germany and its secret services didn’t just organize international infiltration, doppelgangers, impostors and our separation, I am also sure that they used the FBI to FIND AND REMOVE ANY  SHRED OF EVIDENCE THAT SHOWS THAT YOU AND I WERE IN SCIENTOLOGY BEFORE 1977 AND THAT WE MARRIED AND THAT I AM RON’S DAUGHTER. I am sure that this was the true reason for the raid and nothing else. “Snow-white” was an infiltrator program and alleged and real eavesdropping was just a justification for the raid. Real Scientologists weren’t involved in any criminal activities, infiltrators were, including the impostor of Ron, “Jack Vistaril” and his wife Mary Sue. But it was all ordered by German secret service p$ychs, the most secret or all secret services, the SEGNPMSS.

In July 1977, 150 agents stormed D.C. and LA orgs (in Munich in 1984, when I was C of S Germany President, they raided with 100 police men to pin something on me, so even more than individually for D.C. and LA org) and removed tons of papers, officially to find wrongdoing, but unofficially to put the SEGNPMSS p$ychs at ease that no photos, no paper, nothing indicated our past and that our memories were stolen by p$ychs. Tough luck for them that we figured it out nevertheless. I am saying that the FBI was used by the Germans for this raid in 1977. I also believe that if there was evidence of us with Ron, it was  or would have been illegally REMOVED  not just by infiltrators  in the orgs but also by FBI agents on secret SEGNPMSS orders. So much about law and order and human rights.

I wish anybody involved exactly what he or she deserved. 

Miss and love you so much, Marty.

Many kisses,



Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 25, 2011 at 5:29 am

I was never Catholic but Catholic Church deducted money from my pay check in Germany. Despite I asked them to reimburse me, they never did.

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful hero,

How are you? I miss you so much. Thanksgiving is near. I am invited  to a party but if you are wrongfully incarcerated, you can’t celebrate with your family. I am so sorry! 

I read all this stuff about reg cycles in the C of S.  Scientologists can say no to any reg cycle. I did so in the past when I was asked for cash that I didn’t want to spent for what I was regged for. A real Scientologist can hold her position quite easily and  effectively. Those who donated allegedly against their will either never applied Scientology (gee, with good TRs, KRC and ARC, one can tell a reg to ask somebody else of the 7 Billion people on this planet for a donation and not always the same folks) or they once have given it willingly. I really find it odd to donate and then ask for money back. I donated money to the IAS and didn’t ask it back, despite, in our case, the IAS didn’t keep its mission promise to unite Scientologists.

People should make their mind up BEFORE they donate. There are lots of people who also are giving lots of cash to other churches, e.g. the LDS church or the Catholic church, the Lutheran church. I don’t know how intensively their members are asked for, but these churches are getting cash too. In Germany, the Lutheran Church and the Catholic Church are asking for donations AND in addition take money  from the pay check in form of taxes. I never was Catholic and not just the Lutheran Church, the Catholic Church took taxes from me and when I complained, don’t think that I got a refund.  

It should be also known that the C of S Germany paid to the Catholic and Lutheran churches taxes for those staff members that didn’t resign from these churches. While on staff in the C of S, I  was never asked to resign “my membership” in the Lutheran Church. I was still was a “member” of that church while being the President of C of S Germany and despite Lutheran priests as  Friedrich Wilhelm Haack and others made my personal life so miserable. I didn’t stay a member because I  ever felt like a Lutheran but because I didn’t have the time to resign, and they also want money from you if you resign, and you have to fill out their freaking forms. You have to pay money to leave a Christian church in Germany. I never wanted to be Lutheran but they claim you as a kid and ask you in tender age of 14  to confirm your belief. If you say no, Lutheran parents will simply order you to confirm your “belief” or else. As if a 14-year-old kid could walk away! 

Yes, I do believe that the C of S does not follow the original financial policies by the real L. Ron Hubbard. Ron knew that in order to survive in this world, Scientology needs a good organization and finances to keep it run. But he was never asked for anything excessive. His impostor maybe.

Another issue is on my mind, Marty. The fact that not just Ron’s impostor and others altered Scientology through the decades but that David Miscavige accepts stuff that was found in a garage, material that allegedly belonged to L. Ron Hubbard. I am sure it is stuff from the impostor. P$ychs would never allow that material of the real Ron is being found. If it would be really Ron’s material, ANYBODY could have added forgeries to that material in the garage. David Miscavige indicated that the material was never in order and not in sequence and that his people have to do all this. This  tells me too that this stuff is not original Scientology. The real Ron was organized in any pen stroke that he made. He did things in sequence.

In a way, it really turns into Church of Miscavology and that is no church in which I am at home. Those vaults don’t protect real Scientology. But I know where I can find it: with the CIA and other US secret services while they had Ron (the real one) under “protective” surveillance. Another way to find it would be to find the real Ron, but again  Church of Miscavology thinks this is not possible (or they don’t want him back). Wogs! Pardon my French but wogs they are. If Sue Wilhere indeed said that David Miscavige *is* Scientology, it says it all. The guy accepts Scientology from an impostor and does not inform the authorities that the original is missing or was killed. The guy works for decades with your impostor and does not let me know where you are. What is ethical about this? What is Scientological about this? What is admirable about this? Freaking nothing! 

Marty, there was still no mail, message, letter, note, call, telegram, fax, subpoena, anything by you or on your behalf for me, because the SEGNPMSS conspiracy does not let anything through to me but I keep on loving you. Third party and disconnection won’t work.

Many devoted kisses, my sweetheart. I am thankful that you exist, Marty, the real you, nobody else instead of you.



I always wanted Scientology to compose its own music and songs. So many skilled artists but no music is dedicated to Ron. How sad.

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Dearest Marty, my awesome prince,

how are you? I think of you and wonder every day about your real whereabouts.

It’s the weekend but I have a lot to do. Yes, I saw the IAS video. It is high energy and fun to watch, and even the song is good, despite I am rather into soul and blues and anything else but rap and hiphop. I like just certain hiphop songs, like Switch of Will Smith and a few others. But overall, it’s more talking than singing to me. Anyway, what I noticed is that these folks were in Scientology  premises with  Ron’s photos in the background but not one time was the spotlight on just him. He just was in the background. Which is wrong.

I  always wanted Scientology to compose its own music and songs. So many skilled artists but no music is dedicated to Ron. How sad. I know how gifted you are in the music department, Marty. I think that you composed pieces or could compose them. I should try too.

An old-timer Scientologists told me decades ago that he had insider information that the captain of this ship is Ron and that the song is about him.
Seventy-three men sailed up
From the San Francisco Bay,
Rolled off of their ship
And here’s what they had to say.
“We’re callin’ everyone to ride along
To another shore,
We can laugh our lives away
and be free once more.”
But no one heard them callin’,
No one came at all,
‘Cause they were too busy watchin’
Those old raindrops fall.
As a storm was blowin’
Out on the peaceful sea,
Seventy-three men sailed off
To history.
Ride, captain ride
Upon your mystery ship,
Be amazed at the friends
You have here on your trip.
Ride captain ride
Upon your mystery ship,
On your way to a world
That others might have missed.
Seventy-three men sailed up
From the San Francisco Bay,
Got off their ship
And here’s what they had to say.
“We’re callin’ everyone to ride along
To another shore,
We can laugh our lives away
And be free once more.”
Ride, captain ride
Upon your mystery ship,
Be amazed at the friends
You have here on your trip.
Ride, captain ride
Upon your mystery ship,
On your way to a world
That others might have missed.
Ride, captain ride
Upon your mystery ship,
Be amazed at the friends
You have here on your trip.


Other news is that the White House denied the “petition” of the “Independents” and the attackers against Scientology. I saw it coming. The irony is that Mosey’s husband run a campaign to get him elected.  However, what President Obama really should investigate is the infiltration of Scientology by German secret services, the doppelgangers and impostors, how and where the real Ron died and by all means where you are.

I love you so much, my husband, and on the day I find you again, bells will ring and violins will play all throughout the universe.

I am so glad that you exist.

Yours forever,


Well, I think, you know it. 🙂 

Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 19, 2011 at 5:16 am

The most magical island on the surface of the world is in Utah

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Just a few words from me  telling  you that you are safe and sound in my heart. It will never change because I know you. Secret service p$ychs have ways to undo OTs but they failed miserably as far as we both are concerned.

Here are some photos of the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island, Marty. We shot these photos, and despite I was there a couple of times before in this lifetime, this place  is always magical to me. I don’t mean necessarily the free roaming buffalo or  antelopes but the atmosphere of the place. I mean the lake water that doesn’t allow people to dive or drown and what lies underneath. I can feel that there is so  much more than meets the eyes.  

Just a fraction of the  island is open to the public and only few people visit it. There is no mass tourism on this island. We often heard for hours nothing but the wind. Amazing, right next to noisy SLC. 

The island was covered with sun flowers, and yes, we saw the antelopes.

And the bisons. They have a tiny buffalo restaurant, the only one on the island. It is most of the time closed. I find it strange that people come to admire  those wild bison  and then want to eat them. 

And here are more bisons. We saw bison tracks close to the little restaurant.  They should serve vegetarian buffalo burgers in that joint. There were just two boats in the marina. Very deserted everything but beautiful!

It is an awesome place, and even more beautiful, no AWESOME, it would it be when you were with me. I want to be anywhere where you are, my one and only.  You put your arms around me and I am home.

Many kisses, my love.

Yours forever


Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 16, 2011 at 5:49 pm