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Why I am not even remotely impressed by reporters Joe Childs, Thomas C. Tobin, Maurice Rivenbark or Tony Ortega

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Dearest Marty,

I am thinking of you, my soul mate. Above is another of our photos of the Lassen Volcanic National Park. While being there, I thought that it is no surprise that some people call America, the Beautiful. It sure is.

However, what’s a surprise is that reporters as Joe Childs, Thomas C. Tobin or Tony Ortega are glorified as great journalists. These three have their noses constantly in matters pertaining to Scientology, yet, nobody of these three have published the fact that the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and that you are being impostored by Mosey’s husband, currently living in Texas. All they had to do is to compare the photos and other footage or google the subject. Anyone who researches the name L. Ron Hubbard or Mark or Marty Rathbun will rather sooner than later find one of my postings in this regard. (My blog has now far more than 50.000 hits and can be found easily.) Besides, I e-mailed Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin earlier this year, relevant information. Guess they bought the lies that I am the person behind David Miscavige or a OSA agent. (What a crap.) Unlike them all, I never was an agent of anyone or anything. 

So, these reporters report about alleged or real dirty business within the current Church of Scientology, based on reports of people who once were in the orgs. However, these reporters don’t investigate the fact that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists till up to the very top of the organisations and that some of these former infiltrators  are their current informants. So, how good can their information be? They are still conspiring with their secret services as to doppelgangers and impostors and the infiltration of Scientology.

What am I getting at? Okay, reporters and other people who constantly “research” Scientology and don’t figure out that secret services try to ruin Scientology in any way and form  they can (incl. excessive prices and money that is on European bank account and will make Germany a lot richer once they head EU officially)  and had the founder but also you impostored are either corrupt and don’t want those facts revealed or they are completely blind and stupid and shouldn’t call themselves investigative reporters. 

Marty, I have to mow my place one last time before winter sets in and must also  replace a lock at one of my outer doors. The wind recently opened my door despite it was locked. I got up in the morning and saw that my door was wide open and leaves blew inside.  Creepy, ain’t it? Never did it but I bet I can do it. 🙂

Many kisses, my hero. The day you make an official appearance will change history! And it is badly necessary!

Yours forever,




My take on “The Basics” published by the Church of Scientology in 2007

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Dearest Marty,

How are you, my prince? 

Isn’t it weird that after Dianetics and Scientology existed for many decades, David Miscavige published “the basics” of Scientology? Who is he and his non-Scientologist case officer kidding? Why wouldn’t Ron have published the basics in the many decades he was there for the Scientology orgs?

I also don’t believe that these “basics” are from the real founder, rather from his impostor “Jack Vistaril”. It is a joke believing that the SEGNPMSS allows original data of Ron lying around in a garage to be found. I am sure that those are Jack Vistaril papers, p$ych crap added to it to alter Scientology. Maybe they added a few data of Ron into those papers so that Scientologists believe it is from him but most of it is secret service material and not original Scientology.

German p$ychs, German secret services stole lots of Scientology technology, but I believe that the real Ron was under “protective surveillance” of the CIA and that they have footage of anything that the real Ron wrote and said. And the CIA must be compelled to return these data to Scientology. They know that Scientology was altered by Jack Vistaril, and they are also involved as far as Jack Vistaril was also their man. 

Marty, I know the Germans.  Officially, they attack the “money machine” in Scientology (to harm the religion) but unofficial, they created and run the money-oriented machine (which is not by the real founder) in the orgs to make cash and more cash, which is on European bank accounts, and Germany wants to lead it officially soon.  They might be able to fool others, but not you and me, Marty.

I love you so much, and miss you more than words can say.

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 13, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Where is the org board of the unprofessional “Independents”?

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Dearest Marty, my incredible soul mate, I am thinking of you and then I feel that we are really in contact on a theta level. But if the disgusting and human rights violating German controlled p$ych world wouldn’t conspire against us with their many independent agents, we could be also otherwise together.

I noticed that the “Independents”  don’t have any org board. Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder are their opinion leaders but they are not organized. They act as if Ron never would have written any org board or any admin policies. They seem to attack organizations, just because of the word organization and not just because of disagreements with David Miscavige.

Despite buying new buildings (not buildings that would be life-preserving  as the real Ron would have built), DM ruins Scientology by promoting non-Scientologists into highest positions and creating with their assistance a SO on the tonelevel of 1.5 and by accepting Ron’s impostor (and an impostor for  you, Marty) and changing the religion from top to button, e.g. cancelling book about past lives, and who knows what else, and his former best men, Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and former infiltrators, and non-Scientologists  attack the idea of Scientology organizations from the outside. I am sure  is all done on order and under the supervision of the SEGNPMSS and the German Vaterland. This is how they want to bring Scientology down on both fronts.    

Do the “Independents” (year right) really think that Scientology survives without any organization but just with a bunch of dope smoking lose people who keep friendships with those who have sworn to bury our religion and defame the founder for decades?   

The “Independents” don’t even have any Div 6. They make no new Scientologists. It is a shame that they are just waiting for departing theety-wheety people from the orgs to join them.  They are like dogs who wait for food to fall from the table that they can carry away. 

What happened to the Christians? Jesus was a OT and even preached and taught the existence of past lives. But most Christians today think that believing in past lives is wrong or even the idea of the devil. So, what happened? Those who don’t want people to believe in past lives (because they can control people better who don’t believe in it than those who try to find their diseased loved persons in the future life, etc.) apparently removed  these data from the bible and added stuff that is not-religious. This reminds me very much to what happens today to Scientology.

The “Independents” are not organized. They are a bunch of former infiltrators who are unable to organize themselves. And without org, p$ychs have it even easier to stop all over Scientology. Ron wrote countless policies on good organizations, yet, the “Independents” don’t apply them. They are unprofessional and unorganized, and that is also why they don’t reach the many Scientologists who actually also disagree with DM. From the way they post, I can see that the people who join Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder are hardly Scientologists.

People have a tendency to alter. If nothing is stable organized, nothing will survive. Ron knew it, and we know it too.

The “Independents” (yeah right) and DM’s leadership, are two wrongs, and both keep conspiring together that Ron was not impostored and that you are Mosey’s husband. How unethical, how non-OT. How psych secret service.

Many kisses and much love,

Yours forever,


P.S. These are our own dolphin shots, Marty, made at the Pacific. We saw hundreds of them, many had babies, very cute.

See those two below? Together like us if we could!


I liked working in the Guardian Office… Clean hands make a happy life. L. Ron Hubbard (the real one not his imposter) was so right.

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Thanks to lawless Mary Sue (wife of Ron’s impostor), Jane Kember (who looked a lot like RB) and her above the law staff, all of the Guardian Office staff got a bad reputation. But were all in the GO criminal and bad? Sure not me. Those who committed lawless acts in the GO would have also committed them in OSA, in other parts of the orgs, in the Sea Org, or at Walmart, or in the White House or with the “Independents” or where ever they were and are.

I interacted with the media, German senators, VIPs, allies, etc. and was operating on the policy “never lie in PR” (and otherwise neither) and always applied ethics to my life. My worst OWs were not always keeping my study cycle, eating junk food and smoking cigarettes. But I got no tattoo! 😉

I corrected falsehoods and lies about Ron and Scientology in publications.   There was never anything covert, all was open and transparent what I did. When I became AG MUN later, I continued the transparency.

Larry Brennan learned of the illegal activities (by non-Scientologist infiltrators) in the orgs. I always liked Larry. I find it incomprehensible that he simply dumped his religion for decades. It meant nothing to him and he couldn’t have had those huge wins that I had.

However, when I was at Folo EU, he ordered GO files to be destroyed. Isn’t it an irony that he now wants the German government to have what he ordered to be destroyed in the 80s?  (The infiltration is German. Even the impostor of Ron and his wife were controlled by a German secret service. The criminal actions and programs by Mary Sue’s people were German ordered to blame it on the real Ron who likely didn’t even know of the existence of a Mary Sue. So, whatever was illegal in Scientology, its German organized. Said so by me, who knows Germany better than anyone.)   

Guess, in a way, I have to be thankful to Larry. If  by Mary Sue and Jane Kember ordered material would have been still in the org in 1984, when it was raided, despite I had nothing to do with it (and no GO PR paper needed destruction under the law),  fanatical D/A Keltsch would have pinned it on me. That is the only reason why he raided the org.  

Actually, when I heard of the GO actions (copying classified files from the feds without rather asking the courts to settle the dispute), I was shocked. Back then, I thought everyone had my clean hands.

But in any case, I never worked in B1, my activities where transparent and ethical. Legal, Finance and SOCO couldn’t been that bad either. Apparently  WW B1 covert activities is what brought the GO in troubles.

I remember when the Finance Police, a DM movement, I believe entered the Munich. They sec checked me not just once. (One time because a girl named Lisa  didn’t find a file. She was in Legal, me in PR. I still didn’t understand why I was sec checked because Lisa lost a file, but what the heck, I came up clean because I wasn’t involved in any secret service stuff or criminal actions.) 

So, when somebody says: What, you were GO? Then I say yes, with clean hands and I liked it. I wish it would come back. OSA, that is not by Ron. The Guardian Office was by Ron, until MSH, the impostor’s wife took over.

With clean hands, one doesn’t have to fear sec checks.

I miss you, Marty. And I love you.

Yours forever,


What I found really dishonest in Mike Rinder’s speech at the Trinity College in Dublin,Ireland

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soul mate, how are you?

I worry about you. I can imagine how bad it must be, being locked up for crimes that you never committed and surrounded by a German controlled conspiracy that wants to see you tortured, sick, and dead. Whoever knows of your incarceration, who ever participated in it, even just remotely (this includes also people who know and don’t tell me so that I can’t testify on your behalf) can never count with my forgiveness. I want all of these people slapped with the most severe justice that this universe ever saw. In my eyes, these people are no humans but animals.

Not a far stretch from here to Mike Rinder. I heard his pseudo scientific lecture before the Trinity College in Dublin, but what I found most shocking was again an attempt to sell “Jack Vistaril” as L. Ron Hubbard, the founder to the public. So, what did he say?


“But what about all those who would second guess these scholars and claim that Scientology is not a religion because there’s writings of L. Ron Hubbard that don’t sound religious. To those you can point to writings in any religion that, when taken out of context of the body of the work, hardly sound religious in tone or content.”

He is right that text should not be taken out of context but what else is so bad about it? Because I bet a gazillion Dollars on that Mike Rinder knows that unlike L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, his German secret service  impostor had the flawed character, and the imposter added writings to Scientology that were indeed not religious. I read a story somewhere that Mike Rinder met (the impostor of) L. Ron Hubbard on the Apollo but left same day or day after to Australia. Any Scientologist would consider it the greatest honor to work with Ron, but Mike Rinder left. Why did he do it? Because he knew that the Apollo “LRH” was just the impostor. He wasn’t worth sticking around. In this regard, I even agree with Mike Rinder but not in regards that he is mum as to that Ron was impostored and that the real founder Ron is blamed as to what his impostor did.

So, what Mike Rinder should have said is that Jack Vistaril wasn’t the founder. (If these guys were just a little bit OT, Marty, they would know that the “cat is out of the bag”. It is not yet mainstream knowledge yet, but I know more and more people notice that  Ron was indeed impostored (and that you are impostored)!

Back to Mike Rinder. He said: “And what about those who dismiss Scientology by claiming that L. Ron Hubbard is not worthy to found a religion? Well to begin Scientologists don’t aspire to live the life of our founder, unlike other faiths who try and emulate Jesus, or Mohammed, or Buddha. And Scientology is not based on divine revelation unlike Mormonism and Joseph Smith. Scientology is a 20th century religion and for someone to appear on this earth today claiming to be perfect in every regard, a divine figure sent by god to save the world, they’d be locked in a mental hospital. So, there, if there is to be a new religion on earth it cannot be judged based on the standards of the founders of older religions.”

Again, he concealed that Ron, the founder was impostored by “Jack Vistaril”, a doppelganger and above the law secret service agent (who introduced with his wife Mary Sue also secret service behavior and programs to SCN and the GO). And this guy was not worthy and no religious man. Mike concealed that what is objectionable in Scientology comes from the doppelganger, the secret service and p$ychs behind him and other infiltrators. Scientology is not just a religion but also a science, and the character of the founder plays a VERY HIGH ROLE for real Scientologists. Real Scientologists often ask themselves when they have a problem, how Ron would have handled it. The real Ron never said he would be perfect, but for me he was and most Scientologists say that he came damn close! One cannot come up with research (as Ron did) that shows what horrible impact the OWs are having, if a person commits them. There is also the tonescale. If Ron would have been lowtone and flawed, he never could have seen what’s up there, because lowtone people can’t see above! They are too down to know how it feels above 4.0 on the scale. Period! If the real Ron would have done what his impostor did, the tonescale and all the other many findings, never would have been found. 

However, Mike Rinder is right that a person who would say that he/she is perfect and sent by God would be locked up in a mental institution. So, particularly Christians should finally handle psychiatrists if they ever want Jesus to come back. 

Mike Rinder is not right by not telling people that it was not the founder who had the flawed character but his impostor. Acting as if the flawed character of the impostor wasn’t that bad, is wrong too because it degrades character of  the real founder. The impostor was bad. Period. 

Mosey’s husband and also David Miscavige, Mike Rinder (just like obedient German secret service agents) continues the charade telling people that “Jack Vistaril” was L. Ron Hubbard. A real Scientologist wants real Scientology to make sure that nothing was altered or is missing. A real Scientologist wouldn’t just believe his secret service case officer that Scientology is complete and not altered. A real Scientologist wants to convince himself/herself and cannot live with lies. It is as simple as that. By accepting the impostor as L. Ron Hubbard, Scientologists defraud themselves. They will never know what original Scientology was, and never will have the wins, and never will have all the OT and other technology. Fools they are!

So, what Mike Rinder basically was saying is that Ron’s character wasn’t up to the character of Joseph Smith. How dare him. Due to that Ron was impostored, some people accuse him of polygamy. (Could probably happen to you too, Marty, if it will not be publicly documented that you are not Mosey’s husband, because you were probably still married to Carol when your impostor, Mosey’s husband married Cheray.) Smith may have married 31 women and some of them were already married to other men. But our Ron (not the impostor) is not up to the standard of the founder of other religions? Give me a break! 

I love you, Marty, so much and I worry really. It is so inhuman what is done to you. I couldn’t live one day with the (lack of) conscience of other people.

Can’t wait until you put your arms around me and I am home!

Yours forever,



What would have to happen for me to work with OSA…

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Dearest Marty,

Above is a photo that I made on my last vacation in California. Amazing,  isn’t it? What a luck that I can swim!

The “Independents” (year right!) , Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and others accuse anybody not approving of their activities as “OSA” or “OSA agents” just as their partners in crime, the attackers on Scientology. How “convenient”.  So, any rumours that I am a OSA agent” are completely false. Did OSA contact me during the last 10 years? I’d say so but did I get an answer on my repeated question where you are and why Mosey’s husband impostors you? No. Anybody who claims to remotely know me should know one thing: NOBODY can expect me to work for or with anyone who doesn’t tell me about your whereabouts, Marty. 

I do not have allergies against or fears of OSA. If they would consist of ethical Scientologists, I would support them as good as I can, but ethical Scientologists in the sense of L. Ron Hubbard (the real one) wouldn’t lie to me and keep an innocent person (you) suffering behind bars for crimes he never committed. If  they want my support, I would give it to them in a heartbeat if they would consist of real ethical Scientologists and no secret service infiltrators and agents.

They would have at least have to do the following:

A) Tell me about your whereabouts and why you are being impostored by Mosey’s husband

B) Stop the infiltration of non-Scientologists in the orgs

C) Investigate and publish that Ron was impostored by Jack Vistaril

D) Removing all changes applied to Scientology by Jack Vistaril or anyone else but the real founder

E) Searching for the real Ron and asking  him to come back (just infiltrator wogs [pardon my French]  in Scientology say that this is not possible and that Scientology does not have this kind of technology to determine who is who beyond any doubt).

I really don’t ask for much, don’t I?

Recently, I read Freedom magazine again. I have mixed feelings about it, particular because this fight former infiltrators against current infiltrators is dirty business that reflects bad on Scientology, one way or the other, and I’d know how to resolve these problems peacefully and lawfully without that anything would reflect bad on our religion. Despite that OSA knows that Mosey’s husband is your impostor, the mag mentions nothing of this kind. Some uninformed people who knew you briefly before 1989 might now confuse you with him. How dare them to do this to you! And people who knew you more than just briefly, all know that you are not him.

Anyway, I read in the Freedom Mag that when Mosey’s husband (at that time Anne’s husband) “skulked away from the Church in 2004, he had no debts, more than $100,000 in assets and about $178,000 cash from a family inheritance—a reasonable sum to tide someone over, but not when you’re an irresponsible spendthrift.”

Well, Mosey’s husband told the SP times that he inherited quite some money from his family, but I wonder about the USD 100.000 in assets. Where did he get that from? Is that the price that he got form the infiltrated orgs on order of  German secret services  to impostor you, Marty? Freedom Mag didn’t write that the assets were part of the inheritance. So, where did he get those assets that were not from his inheritance? Mike Rinder told a reporter that he just earned weekly a few Dollars on staff. I don’t believe him (because he is also lying about me and my character) but if it is true  how come Mosey’s husband had all those assets?

Mosey’s husband is out since 2004 and gives a damn on DM’s rules and regulations, but he still maintains the lie that he is the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology. I strongly assume he is no longer on the org’s payroll, so, is somebody else paying him to keep this charade up to prevent that people note that you are missing so that others can testify on your behalf and establish your innocence? What else can be his motivations to claim that he is you?

I love you very much, Marty, and I know the day will come when you make a public appearance and your impostor,  and his supporters, and any co-conspirators in the orgs will run and hide. Or be arrested.

Many kisses.

Yours forever,


If this German archive about post Third Reich “justice” is complete, it shows how few of their psychiatrists and medical doctors were prosecuted and convicted

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you? 

I have a lot to do, also outside, and the day is always too short to get it all done at once.

I found this German archive online. Shocking about it is how few psychiatrists and other medical doctor of the alleged “denazified” were prosecuted in Germany. Also shocking is how mild some sentences were (just 1, 3, or 5 years) for mass murder  and how  many got completely off the hook (Freispruch or Verfahren eingestellt).

From other sources, I know that just about anyone in Germany was a Nazi in the Third Reich. Here is a movie about this.    

After I was kidnapped from the USA, I grew up very close to Passau, Anna Rosmus’ city. I observed the same kind of people in my town and everywhere where I went. I am convinced that it is a present German secret service program to re-write history, e.g. using foreign agents for Holocaust denial or Nazi apologies.

It appears  nobody was prosecuted in these trials for raping women, which makes some people believe that Nazis and psychs didn’t rape. Sure, these Nazi animals did also rape.

The Nazi trials should have never been in Germany. I boggles my mind also that the so-called “independent Scientologists” and others think that Germany is now such a cool and human rights obeying country. It is not. Particularly for Scientologists, one thing should be clear: also the Nazis, Nazi psychs, concentration camp doctors, wardens, GESTAPO, and SS people who died, came back in new bodies. The have other identities but they too reincarnated, not just the killed Jews and other murdered minorities came back.  (Accord. to Anna Rosmus ANYONE in her big town was pro Nazis, and it was very likely so in any other German town.) Nobody audited them to become better people. They made no personal and individual amends whatsoever to the people they harmed and killed. How can such monsters suddenly be good?

During the Third Reich, they didn’t bother much concealing their evil deeds, but now, the same operation conceals their evil deeds behind other nations. They have other nations do the terror and other atrocities for them. They put the international criminals up to and hide cowardly behind them. Actually, the German psychs picked Hitler for the same reason. An Austrian, no German, so that when the plan failed and the Third Reich would become unpopular, they could blame it on another country. However, as they picked Germany to initiate officially all the atrocities, Germany did not get off the hook as the men behind Hitler had hoped. Now they need Holocaust revisionists and other idiots to rewrite history to make the world Nazi and psych apologetic. Or even blame the Holocaust on America.

I love you so much, Marty. And I know exactly that your are light years smarter than your impostor. You never would work with the Germans as he and his buddies does. You would know that they are just using you and would trick you at the end.

Many kisses, my husband.