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Anti-Wikipiggist issue of December 29, 2011!

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Dearest Marty, my awesome hero and husband, how are you?

When I am gone for a bit and come home, there usually is  a lot of work waiting for me.

Anyway, I very rarely google my own name.  I just sometimes google yours, Marty, in hope I find some trace of you. I know all about myself a lot better than other people, so naturally, I am not into reading about myself on the net. Most other people don’t have any clue about my real personality and activities anyway, so why should I read their misunderstandings and scribblings about me? However, I ran per accident in below Wikipiggy crap on me. They know that I don’t want to be in Wikipiggy but they don’t do me the favor. Crap on me shows up in there again and again.  

I remember when Wikipiggy editors started to smear about me. They blocked my access to Wikipedia and then I heard them discussing my life or what they thought it is. They got it all wrong, and they gave me a good insight how stupid they really are. It is like writing an article about music that they never heard. And when somebody offers them to listen to the music, they  decline, because they are full-blown idiots who know all better than the source.

Here is the some of what they publish on me, all based on just one lousy (and confused) press article of a reporter who wasn’t interested in facts but just in sensations. I filed FOIA/PA litigation for numerous other reasons than what Wikipiggy claims. They don’t even look at the facts. They collect just false or complete information from other sources and pile them up in Wikipedia. My goodness! Hey, and look in what “company” I am, listed with mass murderer, serial killer and Nazi propaganda publisher! Thanks a lot. No place I want to be

Under the header “Pro se legal representation in the United States”, Wikipiggy smeared:

  • Edward C. Lawson, an African American civil rights activist, was the pro se defendant in Kolender v. Lawson (461 U.S. 352, 1983), in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a police officer could not arrest a citizen merely for refusing to present identification.[53][54][55][56]
  • Robert Kearns was the inventor of the intermittent windshield wipers. He acted as his own lawyer in parts of his long legal battles for patent infringement against Ford and Chrysler.[57] His legal battles are the subject of the 2008 film Flash of Genius.
  • Colin Ferguson, a mass murderer, whose trial was notable for a number of unusual developments, including his firing of his defense counsel and insisting on representing himself and questioning his own alleged victims on the stand.
  • Clarence Earl Gideon was too poor to afford an attorney and thus proceeded pro se in his criminal trial in Florida in 1961. He was found guilty and subsequently appealed. He was appointed counsel when the case reached the U.S. Supreme Court; the Court ruled in Gideon v. Wainwright that the right to counsel means that states are required to provide counsel free of charge to indigent criminal defendants and that Florida’s failure to appoint such counsel in Gideon’s case constituted a violation of that right. On remand, Gideon was represented in the new trial, and was acquitted.
  • Brandon Moon spent 17 years in jail for a rape that he did not commit. He was convicted after being picked from a lineup 18 months after the rape in which he was the only blue eyed white man. He was a sophomore in college and a veteran of four years in the air force when he was accused. He was released due to DNA evidence after help from the Innocence Project. He spent his prison years learning about blood tests, eyewitness identification and law. Before the Innocence Project became involved, Moon represented himself and repeatedly applied for relief but, according to his lawyer he was “bounced around the courts like a Ping-Pong ball” because “The courts are so hostile to pro se litigants. The instinct is to deny, deny, deny.”[58]
  • Thomas Van Orden, a lawyer with a suspended license to practice law who was living homeless in Austin, Texas, managed to challenge a religious display on the state capitol grounds, and successfully navigated his case all the way to the Supreme Court. While he was ultimately unsuccessful at getting the display removed, he was extremely successful at litigating the case.[clarification needed] See Van Orden v. Perry.[59][60][61]
  • Michael Ray “a former paralegal who is nearing the end of a six-year sentence for real-estate fraud, has no college or law school education. Yet he drafted an appeal for pro-se litigant Keith Lavon Burgess, who is in prison for crack possession. Ray argued that a 20-year mandatory minimum sentence was inappropriate for Burgess because his prior drug conviction was a misdemeanor, not a felony. Against all odds, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the case, which will be argued by Stanford Law School Professor Jeff Fisher. A successful appeal could reportedly cut Burgess’s sentence in half…Ray… conducts his own CLE by reading legal journals and joining legal associations, including the ABA.”[62][verification needed]
  • Barbara Schwarz, of Salt Lake City, Utah, has filed a large number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. When the responses failed to verify her claims, she responded with litigation, which she has done pro se. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, “at least one of Schwarz’s lawsuits has been considered by a U.S. District or U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals somewhere in the nation every year since 1993.”[63]
  • Harold J. Stewart, a high school drop-out, successfully represented himself in a murder trial and won. The court files include a stack of handwritten motions more than 4 inches thick.[64]
  • Jim Traficant, a former U.S. Representative from Ohio, represented himself in a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act case in 1983, and was acquitted of all charges. Traficant would represent himself again in 2002, this time unsuccessfully, and was sentenced to prison for 8 years for taking bribes, filing false tax returns, and racketeering.[65][66][67]
  • Joe Gamsky, also known as Joe Hunt, successfully represented himself in a kidnapping-murder trial. He had been accused of murdering a businessman in order to use his fortunes to pay off debts Gamsky had accumulated in a Ponzi scheme. The jury hung 8-4 in favor of acquittal. Although he wasn’t convicted of that murder, he was previously convicted in the murder of a con artist and is serving life imprisonment without parole.
  • Lenny Bruce represented himself in a number of his obscenity trials, including the Chicago Gate of Horn case, People v. Bruce.
  • Notorious serial murderer and former law student Ted Bundy represented himself during his 1979 murder trial. Bundy was convicted, and ultimately executed, as a result of that case.
  • Rudy Durand, writer and director of Tilt (film), sued Warner Bros. in a breach of contract dispute over final cut of the aforementioned film. Durand represented himself throughout the process and had no prior legal training. After arguing on appeal to the 9th Circuit Court, Durand was awarded $7 million in damages from the studio, 12 years after the initial action.
  • Robert Henry Best, an American broadcaster of Nazi propaganda during World War II, represented himself in his treason trial and appeals

 Under the header “Neutral reportage”, Wikipiggy scribbled some more:

Barbara Schwarz v. The Salt Lake Tribune

In May 2003 the Salt Lake Tribune, of Salt Lake CityUtah, published an article entitled S.L. Woman’s Quest Strains Public Records System[17] documenting Salt Lake City resident Barbara Schwarz’s extensive pursuit of FOIA records.[17]

Schwarz sued the Tribune, claiming that the Tribune’s use of “yellow journalism” resulted in “malicious defamation”, “emotional abuse” and was accomplished by deceiving her into giving an interview, unauthorized use of her photo, violation of privacy, refusing to print a correction or letter to the editor, in addition to theft of approximately 100 photos and negatives.[18]

In its ruling the three member court stated: “The public interest in being fully informed about controversies that often rage around sensitive issues demands that the press be afforded the freedom to report such charges without assuming responsibility for them.”[18] Judge James Z. Davis further wrote that the Tribune article was protected by “the neutral reportage privilege because it contains ‘accurate and disinterested reporting’ of the information contained in the record.”[19] Her suit was dismissed and her appeals denied.[18]

No word by Wikipedia that I wasn’t ever a public person. I  filed my FOIA/PA requests and appeals and the litigation to find you and to prove how federal workers conspire against you and me and that they don’t have true American intentions and that German secret service have access to their freaking ear implants. I didn’t file these cases to stand in the spotlight of the stupid world.  Moreover, I don’t have the means of a public person, and this is very important before treating a person like a public person. Well, I don’t have to lecture you about it, you know it, Marty.

Note also that the Wikipiggy link to the First Amendment Center online didn’t work.  They refer to the article below.

Anyway, Marty, at least they put away their earlier Wikipedia  harassment articles on me (written by German secret service agents Tillman Hausherr and his buddies. This hostile garbage is still on Hausherr’s  celebrity obsessed  Scientology-hating Snafu website. ) 

I finish for today, I love you, Marty, many kisses, my darling.

Yours forever,



I am on the road tomorrow, my Prince of undying love…

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Dearest Marty, my immortal soul mate and forever love,

Recently I read somewhere that people becomes what they are being called. Since my teenage years, I call you Prince, and that you are. But you would be also a Prince even if I would not exist. 

I am thinking of you and wish we could be finally together. 

Have to do a trip and the roads that I am taking are rather snow-free, so, this isn’t too bad for a trip. I’ll be back soon.

Over the holidays, I discovered  this link, Marty:

It let’s you listen to AWESOME classical music, which you for sure all know. But many 0f my favorite classical pieces are not in this 200 list but they are on YouTube.

Somebody said that Heavy Metal is inspired by classical music. Well, maybe Wagner…  He isn’t my kind of composer. Okay, pieces like O Fortuna (I know, it is not by Wagner) are really mightily but Heavy Metal can’t hold a candle to them. Or Bach’s Toccata and Fugue…  Amazing music.

Some classical pieces sound like a triumph, like being on the top of the world. I don’t know what was won in the old world, but it sounds as if they did win and had the triumph and the fanfare on their side. Maybe, they composed it with glance towards the future, which has not yet arrived

But Pachebel, Canon in D (I love it!) inspired Heavy Metal? Haha, I don’t think so. 

Many of these pieces give me wings, e.g. help me to go exterior.

Much, much love and many, many kisses

Yours forever


Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 26, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Great musical piece of Handel mixing government, monarchy, and religion. Sounds great to me. Somebody call the ACLU. ;)

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Dearest Marty, my dearest  soul mate,

Some people have collected their favorite classical music pieces on YouTube. It is great what treasures one can find there!

Well, this posting is about the lyrics of For unto us a child is born by Handel.

I am sure that this song is also a favorite of yours too. 

Here it is:

For unto us a child is born
For unto us, a son is giv’n
Unto us, a son is giv’n

For unto us a child is born
For unto us, a son is giv’n
Unto us, a son is giv’n
Unto us, a son is giv’n

The government shall be upon his shoulder
The government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be call, Wonderful, Counselor
The Mighty God, the Everlasting Father
The Prince of Peace
Wonderful, Counselor
The Mighty God, the Everlasting Father
The Prince of Peace

For unto us a child is born
For unto us, a son is giv’n
Unto us, a son is giv’n

For unto us a child is born
For unto us, a son is giv’n
Unto us, a son is giv’n

For unto us a child is born
For unto us, a son is giv’n
Unto us, a son is giv’n
Unto us, a son is giv’n

The government shall be upon his shoulder
The government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be call, Wonderful, Counselor
The Mighty God, the Everlasting Father
The Prince of Peace
Wonderful, Counselor
The Mighty God, the Everlasting Father
The Prince of Peace

You are also a Prince of Peace, Marty, one who will kick Nazi psych butts.

I love you so much. Many Christmas and Hanukkah kisses.

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 24, 2011 at 6:17 am

C of S lobby likely took place, Marty, but did any of their lobbyists ever address the feds on your disappearance? (BTW, pharma industry spent approximately $182 million on Federal lobbying from January 2005 through June 2006 alone.)

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate,

Okay, it  appears that the C of S paid quite some money to Greg Mitchell for lobby actions. But it is not illegal if the lobby service was/is used for true reasons explaining the government and Congress that Ron’s technology really works and does not deserve to be crushed by notorious intolerant Germany, psychs, and the pharma indu$try. Lobby is covered by the U.S. Constitution.

These “Independents” have to understand that not just the pharma industry has a right to lobby. Besides, pharma  products really suck and are dangerous while original Scientology is not. Is has nothing to do with “shuttering Mike Rinder into silence”. It is a fact that he and Mosey’s husband committed actions in the orgs that are not part of Scientology. I don’t think that they make every complaint about DM up, but I still don’t lose the overall picture and don’t allow myself to become a tool of Germany and the p$ychs by trying to destroy the orgs that Ron once founded and trying to “replace them” with a bunch of non-organised people who do not expand Scientology but rather do the dirty work for secret service p$ychs.

According to the  Center for Public Integrity,  the pharmaceutical industry spent approximately $182 million on Federal lobbying from January 2005 through June 2006 alone. The industry with their dangerous and often death-causing products  has 1,274 registered lobbyists in Washington D.C. But this is completely okay with the “Independents”.  Compared to this, C of S is a really small fish in the lobby pond.

Anyway, but I can’t approve of the C of S either because what did they ever do to help you, Marty? Did Greg Mitchell, who looks like a younger bro of Bill Clinton, ever address Bill Clinton or Senators or Representatives about your wrongful incarceration? I doubt it because you were replaced by an impostor (Mosey’s husband) and despite all what was said and done, David Miscavige and his supporters still conspire with him and Mike Rinder and others together, to keep this all under wraps, including that “Jack Vistaril” was not Ron, the founder, but an impostor too. How dare those people calling themselves Scientologists. They have no clue what ethics mean. None, whatsoever!

I think when Greg Mitchell and other lobbyists for the C of S would have documented to the Presidents and Congress how you were framed (mainly by German secret services and its government) you would be found and freed and your human rights would be finally acknowledged and restored. Instead of covering up how you were framed and exchanged with a doppelganger, the C of S should (in addition to lobbying) hold press conferences and tell the world about it. Why doesn’t it happen? My guess is because David Miscavige accepted Scientology  from the impostor and had a lot to do with that Mosey’s husband was hired into the exec strata of the C of S “to replace you”.

Marty, whatever they do, they will just pull in motivators. They don’t see it, because they just saying that they apply Scientology. They don’t apply it in real life because what they are doing is not within the character of a real Scientologist.

Some fools are thinking that OSA is telling me what to do and write. I don’t work for OSA because they cover for DM. Some other fools think that I don’t know that OSA “runs” me. Yeah right, that would be the case if I would be a fool like them who are used by Germany and p$ychs. It is easy to determine if it is OSA that is doing the addressing, simply by looking at what kind of addressed issues those are.  Fact is that I am myself and like an original Scientologist, I’m grown up and believe in my own perceptions. Nobody in the whole wide world runs or can run me. That people have ear implants and case officers is the biggest secret in the world. Agents don’t talk about this. True people who are not operated by anyone like me have the liberty to say whatever they want as long it is the truth. 

Some others think that Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband are some kind of heroes and that I simply don’t like them. Others think that DM is some kind of hero and that I simply would not like him. This is not true either. If they would be true and wouldn’t impostor you or wouldn’t cover up impostorism and other unethical acts, I would like them, like I like anyone who is good. The door to my heart is easy to open for any good and true person. People who claim to be good and true, but are not, fail miserably by trying to make me support them. 

As far as I am concerned, I don’t want to “shutter Mike Rinder” or anyone else “into silence”.  I wish he and others would finally hold back nothing anymore. We need more TRUE communication not less.

Many kisses, Marty, our time will come. I love you because unlike with others, I obnosed no dirty secrets in your personality. Under a million of doppelgangers and impostors, I would pick you (or Ron) out, because I can sense truth and decency just as I can feel dishonesty and cover up in others. It is a OT ability that helped me to stay alive through all of my turbulent life. 

I miss you bunches. May those who conspire against you grow some kind of conscience during the holidays, but I am afraid, I can’t hold my breath.

Yours forever,


Through the window I can see

Snow begin to fall

Knowing you’re in love with me

Is the greatest gift of all

The “Intel program’s” on Mosey’s husband’s blog are from Mike Rinder again

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince,

How are you? How will your holidays look like? I would love so much to spend them with you. 

I notice that none of these programs on Mosey’s blog are in print. They are just typed and that’s not very convincing. However, I tend to think that these programs exist(ed) at least to Mike Rinder’s times in the orgs.  On the other hand, they show no header that an attorney approved these programs. Don’t approve attorneys such org programs?  I am not sure about the details of  the  law but seems not illegal to hire a lobbyist.  The Constitution allows it under the  Bill of Rights, the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law… Or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

However, if the lobbyist claims to those who he lobbies that he is not being paid, that would not be legal. Mike Rinder said he hired Joe Grieboski. (I have no first hand information as to what JG did or not did.)  But Mike Rinder’s attitude to his former actions are astonishing. He acts as  if he bears no responsibility for his own past, actions, and products by just changing the camp. In the view of Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and their supporter, anyone is guilty in the orgs and automatically is no longer guilty once having blown. Amazing. 

The other Intel program mentions that Greg Mitchell has become a Scientologist and is being paid $3000 and sundry expenses to get LRH secular tech on the Hill and to lobby Senators, Representatives and their Aides. It sure raises questions. Would he be also a Scientologist if he wouldn’t be paid? I also would like to know if GM indeed provided ethical work for  Scientology.

However, Senators, Representatives and their Aides might chuckle about the USD 3000 because lobbyists of other organisations are getting paid a lot more than what GM got:

I lobbied for Scientology in Germany too but was just paid my Class IV org salary, mostly around 20 bucks per week. 

The question is if the lobby described in the program is illegal. Both intel programs came again from Mike Rinder’s computer. They are dated January 2007 and that is the year when he blew.  (DM apparently does not apply LRH’s executive policies and  the tonescale because DM trusts people who turn on him and he also might have given them reasons to be upset about him.) If the purpose of these programs were to “invade” the US government (it doesn’t say so in the programs but Mosey’s husband think they did), doesn’t it mean that Mike Rinder (an Australian) and Mosey’s husband are guilty of that too? After all, they worked with David Miscavige for more than 20 years!

Revolting is that the “Independents” in their dislike of DM attack all of Scientology, the orgs, the tech, the programs that could help others, the religion of  which they claim are still having. Because of their dislike of DM, they want schools without study tech, criminals without Criminon, and rather dangerous psychs and the pharma industry to win than CCHR. 

What’s most contradictory about the “Independents” is their open support of Germany and psychiatry and their complete ignorance of  Scientology admin policies. The “Independents” claim that Ron’s technology works but on the other side, they attack this technology and call it an “invasion” only because some lobbyist(s) is/are/was/were asked to inform these  Senators, Representatives and their Aides on it.

Ron said clearly that Scientology needs organization or it will not survive. That is apparently what the “Independents” want. They rejected a proposal of somebody who suggested to open an org in LA that is completely standard per policy that would show DM how it is being done. If the “Independents” would be real Scientologists who think that DM sucks, they would jump on that idea. Instead they called that poster a troll or something like that. I have no idea who that poster is and me posting about this should not mean that I promote this person or agree with him. It just struck me that the “Independents” are people who refuse to open a standard org and just attack orgs and that means that they are no Scientologists.

There are two ways to destroy Scientology a) pushing down altered Scientology from the top (Jack Vistaril [Ron’s impostor] and DM) and b) being a bunch of unorganized “Independents” who do not get how Germany and psych secret services are using them to wipe out the tech.

There are a lot of Scientologists who have serious doubts of DM but they will never join the “Independents” because they just get those in their corner who were no real Scientologists to begin with.

I am sure you noticed these outpoints too, Marty.

Many kisses, my love.

Yours forever and ever,

Your wife,


What’s wrong with Switzerland? It is too close to Germany…

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince, how are you?

I learned that  Kim Jong-II’s son Kim Jong-Un (the new leader of North Korea) went to school in Switzerland “because Switzerland was/is neutral in regards to North Korea”.

My question is: how can a state or people be neutral about Kim Jong-II presiding over  a 1990s famine that killed hundreds of thousands of people? Or how can Switzerland be neutral in regards to North Korea’s  asymmetric warfare strategy,  wide range of unconventional techniques and equipment, such as GPS jammers,  submarines and human torpedoes, vast array of chemical and biological weapons, anti-personnel lasers, active nuclear and ballistic missile weapons programs and North Korea being  subjected to several  United Nations Security Council resolutions for carrying out both missile and nuclear tests?

Can anyone decent being neutral in regards to actual or planned mass murder? Below, a street in Switzerland, apparently.

Switzerland’s problem is being too close to Germany.

Many passionate and tender kisses, Marty.

Yours forever,


Happy Hannukah, Marty. – I love you!

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Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 20, 2011 at 11:12 am