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About this video, DM, episodes of Mosey’s husband and also about Ursula Caberta’s German dirty smirks

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Another day without you, Marty, my hero, but I know that we will get back together against all odds. Those who conspire against us will be defeated by their own OWs and the truth will come out ALWAYS, said Ron.  And so it will be.

I watched below video.  Your imposter, Mosey’s husband sure flies off the handle often. Guess, he doesn’t believe that TRs work. If he (including Mike Rinder, and the likes) would do TRs, including TRO Bullbaiting, they would be as cool as cucumbers.  Their statements that they are Scientologists are lies because evidently, they  don’t apply Scientology. If Mosey’s husband would do TRO Bullbaiting before he leaves his home, there would be not footage of him attacking and spitting at people or slamming the car door into people. Scientology works, but just when applied. I also notice how often the media calls him an ex-Scientologist. He is your impostor, and an impostor is never a Scientologist because being ethical is the most important trait of a Scientologist. The media that he LIKES on himself calls him an ex-Scientologist, so if that is what he likes, that is what he is. No Scientologist. 

His wife Mosey lies right in the police officer’s face that she never saw her husband being violent. Unbelievable! What morals are those? I was wondering if she will lie too when he asks her one day if she is truthful to him. If my partner would lie without the bat of an eyelid, I would be worried.  

However, I can’t let David Miscavige and his supporters off the hook either. If a person believes DM and his supporters about Mosey’s husband, and Mike Rinder, she comes to the conclusion that they are the worst SPs ever. DM wasn’t bothered by their bad or suppressive characters while both were not just working for him but his highest executives. Which makes me think that DM is carved of the same wood as Mosey’s husband and  Mike Rinder. And typically, they make no difference between you and Mosey’s husband. All of MH’s bad deeds are just dumped on your reputation, Marty, because DM, OSA, and their supporters still have not published that there were/are two different individuals by the name of Marty Rathbun in Scientology and that Mosey’s husband replaced you in 1989 and that you disappeared completely. (Mosey’s husband talks about 1985 as he would have been present in Portland, but that was not his time in SCN external affairs but yours. That means that he still wants to convince the world that he is YOU, and DM, OSA, and the squirrel busters let  him get away with it.) That is why the entire “Indies” vs. DM/squirrel buster war” and  DM/squirrel buster against “Indies” war is nothing but NON-SCIENTOLOGIST-INFILTRATOR  VERSUS NON-SCIENTOLOGIST INFILTRATOR. Both has NOTHING TO DO WITH REAL AND ORIGINAL SCIENTOLOGY.

The “squirrel busters” behaved provocative, and they wanted Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder to snap, which worked but it is not the scientological way but a secret service kind of way to “handle” people. Look what they got: instead of being prosecuted of having infiltrated a religion and impostered you, Mosey’s husband was released right way and his community rallies behind him.  The “squirrel busters” made him and his dishonest wife look like victims. What an idiotic job by the “squirrel busters” and the incapable people who came up with that busters program and supervised it. It is Scientology that gets the bad rap.

Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder show two faces: one to the Scientologists to make them believe that they are Scientologists and one to the media, of being no Scientologists anymore. Two faced people!

As they don’t apply Ron’s tech, evidently, TRs are OUT, OUT and OUT, real Scientologists hardly will conclude that Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder are Scientologists. Moreover, violence (even if provoked) is on 1.5 on the tonescale and no real Scientologist is down there.  If Scientology wouldn’t have the technology to help Scientologists being calm in provocative situations, I wouldn’t say anything, but TRO is basic Scientology! And Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder don’t apply Scientology.

Marty, I noticed something that is the same with all the infiltrators. Those who advocate THEIR point of view (it doesn’t matter how wrong or twisted that point of view is) all are good, and those who are against their points of view, are all bad.

First I noticed that with the so-called critics of Scientology. Whenever somebody is in Scientology, staff or public, or remains to be a Scientologist, the so-called critics pull the person into pieces. If a person leaves Scientology, the person suddenly is the best person despite worst character flaws (to put it lightly), and all what the person did, who is suddenly with them,  is simply blamed on others who are not with them.

Same I noticed with the so-called “Independents”.  Whenever somebody is in Scientology, staff or public, the so-called “Indies” pull the person into pieces. If a person leaves the orgs and joins the “Indies”, the person suddenly is the best person despite worst character flaws (to put it lightly), and all the rotten things a person did who now joined the “Indies”  is simply blamed on others who are not with the “Indies”.

Same I noticed with DM’s supporters.  As long as the person is on staff, or public who goes along with DM or the non-Scientology infiltration, the person is “okay” or even an “exec who deserve respect”  despite the worst character flaws (to put it lightly), which is off policy. David Miscavige’s good friend Tommy Davis indicated to the SP times in an outburst (another one who does not apply TROs) that violence took place over 50 times, and he indicated (and that made me to draw a deep breath)  that he, DM, or his other supporters would never have said anything public about this if Mosey’s husband wouldn’t had said anything about violence to the media. That means that DM’s closest supporters would have covered it up. This is off policy. No violent person should be on staff or on-lines. Period.

With that said, I don’t believe that  DM never has raised the hand against somebody else. If DM would be truly a uptone and wise man, he never would have  assigned Mosey’s husband (back then either Cheray’s or Anne’s husband) the highest executive jobs for more than two decades. If DM would be a real Scientologist and uptone, he never would have assigned Mike Rinder the highest executive for more than two decades. DM doesn’t apply the tonescale. He doesn’t see anything.  He is no OT who can predict the future. No real Scientologists would have assigned executive jobs to either one of them, and the real Ron would have never left DM Scientology for the same reason. He also doesn’t get that all that talk of violence within the orgs indicates the German Secret Service preparation of more violence to be blamed wrongfully on our religion.

I know, I read that Mosey’s husband was once good and suddenly turned into a SP. Same for Mike Rinder.  That is crap. A person does not fall from being good to one of  0.5% SP population just because over some disagreement with the leader. Besides, Marty, they mix you up DELIBERATELY with Mosey’s husband. You are the absolute non-SP, and DM deserves all the critic by covering up that Mosey’s husband is not you. He rather tolerates the bad press about Scientology and has Scientologists rather leaving instead publishing the truth about impostors being sent in the orgs. What a “fine” leader he is.   

DM might build and buy buildings for Scientology but let’s face it: he is no good leader for Scientology. He might be a Jack Vistaril fan but he is not a real Scientologist as per the founder. If DM would be on a high tonelevel, the entire SO and most of all his own org would be uptone and not on 1.5. Only a non-Scientologist thinks that being persistent in getting products and reaching goals must be archived with  being rude or even brutal or treating people arrogantly. It really reminds me of nothing but German past and German secret service methods. They come away with it when they hide behind other nations or organizations. In this case, they let Scientology get the severe drubbing. Whatever current infiltrators and past infiltrators of Scientology are doing, it is used to make Scientology SMALLER.

As you know, Marty, in earlier times in Scientology, when the real founder was around, Scientologists cared really truly for each other. The signature “love” or “much love” was true.  And Scientology boomed. And nobody was violent, nobody supported impostors and crooks, abortion was consider on 1.1 and harmful to thetans, and not practiced in Scientology. As far as I am concerned, as long as DM or any other non-Scientologists runs the orgs, it is not my orgs but I won’t resign either. Non-Scientologists are the people supposed to get out and resign.

Here, a pro DM video, again not saying that Mosey’s husband is not you but an impostor.  As long they don’t publish it, DM, his people, Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, etc. are still conspiring TOGETHER (!) against real Scientologists:

And finally a word about Ursula Caberta. Thanks to that DM and others within the DM management fail to reveal Mosey’s husband as infiltrator and impostor, Germans use him for their secret service plans to bury all of Scientology worldwide. See that dirty smirks on the faces of this odd woman? Like she has a trophy next to her in Mosey’s husband, and he plays right into the hands of the Germans. Makes my stomach turn. Mosey’s husband is not just no Scientologist but not even an American by selling “his soul” to the Germans.

Yeah, I heard that the “Indies” say that Germany would be only against Scientology the way DM runs Scientology, against the cult, the high prices, and the violence, which is the biggest baloney I ever heard. Fact is that Germany attacked Ron, the founder, before the DMSMH was published,  THEY came up with the impostors to smear the originals with the dirt  that the impostors do and did, they came up with the international non-religious infiltration of Scientology to blame the characters of these people on our religion, they created a cult, yes, and also the high prices, and the violence, and that the group is everything and the individual is nothing, except for the leader who the founder didn’t chose, it all is originated, planned, and executed by psychs in German secret services . The high prices serve two purposes: 1) slow down the stream OTs so that the OT levels can be altered so that nobody will be really really OT  2) make Europe rich with SO reserves in Europe, which Germany plans to lead not just unofficially but soon officially.  I know all their plans. 

The “Indies” are the biggest fools of all if they think that German secret service would not use them to destroy our religion Scientology. Caberta says, she has nothing against it if some people SLEEP with some books of Hubbard UNDER their PILLOW!!!!!!

What kind of expansion is that? Not just her dirty smirks but also her own words say what the “Indies” can expect from the Germans. Not a world that freely applies Scientology. If Indies would reach out (and they don’t, they just steal from the orgs as far as I can see)  and really would bring new people to Scientology, they would make the experience that the Germans are anti-Scientology not REALLY anti-DM. In their eyes, the only thing that DM didn’t do to their satisfaction is that he didn’t succeed making Scientologists officially accept psychs. 

I know that you understand what I am saying, Marty. It’s the cowards and the dummies who can’t follow me.

And of course Annie Broker Logan Tidman was not the founder’s best friend as Mosey’s husband wrongfully claims, but was a friend of Ron’s impostor, Jack Vistaril. She helped the impostor wasting the founder’s cash. According to Jesse Prince and Tory Christman (not the greatest sources of truth but huge amounts of money were really involved), Annie and her husband Pat, carried each week one Million Dollars to “L. Ron Hubbard”. Which was not the founder but the impostor. I feel sorry for the way she died but by supporting the impostor instead of the real founder, she helped sabotaging the founder’s plans to build villages for the wonderful life away from cancer causing material. 

Again, DM, and others with DM, had something on her. Her own actions didn’t make her a free being. Mosey’s husband said that she just dropped her shoulders and went back with him to DM’s Int Base instead being with the man she allegedly loved in Canada. Who acts like it if not afraid of the consequences not to go back? And I think it has something to do with that she and her ex Pat worked together with the impostor and wasted the founder’s cash. If Annie would have had clean hands, she would have told Mosey’s husband to beat it and boarded the plane. My gut feeling tells me that it is not “doing the right thing for Scientology” that brought her back. Somebody who supports the impostor instead of the founder could not care less about Scientology. 

Did the “final care giver” as Mosey’s husband called Annie knew that Dr. Denk injected Jack Vistaril with a psych drugs? As if any real Scientologist would be ever involved in something like that! 

Many kisses, my love.

Yours forever,


Controversial painting leads right to Wikipiggy (Wikipedia)

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Dearest Marty, my hero, and Prince, how are you? I worry about you.

I have some snow but nothing dramatic this year for a change. Sun is out but I am not sure if I should get out in the cold to walk to my mailbox today. I would if I wouldn’t know that the world conspires against us and that no letter of yours will be in my mailbox despite you mail them. It  will be never delivered, and same goes for calls, e-mail, poster comments, carrier mail, telegrams… Those who conspire against us would even shut down a pigeon if it would carry a letter by you for me. Idiots, and at the end, their house of cards with all the lies, will crash nevertheless, and the truth will come out.

Wikipedia published a painting of famous people, Marty, the picture above. Knowing the SEGNPMSS, I am sure that history and lives of historical figures is wrongfully recorded, but I don’t expect Wikipiggy editors to catch up with that.  The painters of the picture painted themselves also in the picture, in the good company of Dante. I find the arrangement of the historic or famous people rather strange. Mass murderers are in it. Hitler sits right next to Beethoven, which is an insult against Beethoven. Bin Laden is also in it, near the 72 virgins of Islam. Steven Spielberg sits behind Friedrich Nietzsche, Abraham Lincoln looks admiringly to Mao Zedong… Dwight David Eisenhower is in it. I didn’t recognize him. Maybe it is just his doppelganger and impostor (just as the term impostor suggests: imposter is in the poster). They painted him below the “lol cat” and a camel, and near Salvadore Dali, that creepy painter with his hypnotist eyes! Yuck! 

The guy who leads the camel is either Darwin or Moses. They are not sure. Man! They are too occupied with the “lol cat” to figure things out. 

They show Hemingway as drunk and not as what he originally was before psychiatrists brought him down, a gifted writer.

But what made me laugh is that they sat Jack Kevorkian and Sigmund Freud on one having them playing cards. Who wins can shut off some tube in the hospital?

They can’t spell Charlie Chaplin but what else is new on Wikipiggy-linked stuff?

Elizabeth II looks a bit Chinese to me but  this doesn’t bother me. She looks pretty good. 

Plato has his hand on Bill Gates’ shoulder. Too bad that Plato’s influence does not reflect in Microsoft products. Office 2010 is bugged too!

Dolly, the cloned sheep takes a walk with Gandhi. Good grief. 

Audrey Hepburn grins over a TV screen showing  the bombs going down over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The “lol cat” sits right next to the TV and cracks a joke. What is wrong with these guys? Is that the right corner to crack jokes?

Some insults against celebrities “who look like camels” are also included in the “art work”. It was pained in oil (what a waste) and computerized by three guys. 

And Jesus didn’t make it in the painting of most famous persons. Guess the Wikipiggists think that the “lol cat” is more important and famous. I am sure glad that they forgot to put Ron in that painting.

You can see the original painting here:

You can roll over the painted figure and it will lead you to the articles of all these “bright Wikipedia editors” on these famous people.

I love you, my wonderful husband. Many kisses, Marty.

Yours forever,








One SEGNPMSS strategy is: using Jewish or American people or Jewish or American names for their activities so that Jews or Americans are being blamed when something goes wrong

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My dearest Marty, 

The weekend is coming, and I wish I could spend it with you. I guess I will just work. This is the only way to make time pass quickly.

As most people know, Eli Lilly is a Jewish name. If the Colonel was Jewish or not, is not known to me, but the name is clearly Jewish. Eli means My God, which is rather scornful because God would never ask people to take chemicals with known or unknown side effects. His solution is creating a world in which people don’t get these kind of “diseases”.

A typical German strategy, a SEGNPMSS strategy is to use Jewish people or Jewish names and let them conduct work that is most helpful to them. But what is most helpful to them is not most helpful to the people, e.g. swallowing chemicals who shortens their lifespan and to make again doctors and pharmacists rich.

So, how do they get Anti-Semites Jewish people to work for them?

No race is free of bad apples. (But the Germans have more bad apples and that is why they kidnap good people from other races [when they are babies] and plant their bad apples in the USA [when they are born again.) SEGNPMSS knows that reincarnation is a fact. They just don’t tell billions of agents.

What the SEGNPMSS often does is making a loved one sick and have it dying. The remaining rich spouse is then led on a wrong track: a medical and pharmaceutical way instead of a new way of living where people are not coming in contact with anything that could be deadly over a short or longer period.

The cure is no pill but so simple actually that only a deeply psychiatric hypnotized planet is not able to figure out the fountain of youth and physical immortality.

SEGNPMSS leaders (anti-Semites through and through) are thinking that in case people learn that pharmaceutical drugs harmed them, they should not blame those who organized the idea of these drugs (Germany and the SEGNPMSS and other German secret services) but Jews should take the blame as it was done under a Jewish name.

I grew up under Germans. I know how they think and plot. The idiots never should have kidnapped me in their country because there I had a chance to study their dirty and rotten as hell minds and actions.

They think they are the smartest nation on the planet and superior to anyone (but have to steal other nationals and having them think that they are Germans to upgrade their race!). If they would be so smart, I wouldn’t be able to discover just about anything they did and are up to.

They are such idiots.

Marty, I love you. What I love about you is so non-German. Nothing about you reminds me to those brutal idiots.  (That does not go for Mosey’s husband who sold his soul [so to speak] to the Germans.)

They still hold the world in the dark. They still hold a cloak before the eyes of mainstream. We have to lift it. And we will.

What the German secret services do reminds me a lot of  what Hitler (I bet they planted him in a new baby body the USA) and the men behind Hitler did to their own German soldiers. They knew that the war was lost and they didn’t all their soldiers back. These soldiers fought for NOTHING. They were just food for the canons and so where those the Germans fought against. With us, they do the same thing. They don’t call it quits because they are complete idiots who don’t get as more and longer they plot against us, as worse the OW motivator will hit them right back.

Remember during the Third Reich, when every Jewish woman had to carry the middle name “Sarah”?  The Germans should carry the middle name  “Idiot”. Or better “No bigger idiot to be found in the entire universe.” 

Love you bunches, Marty.

Many tender and passionate kisses


Written by Barbara Schwarz

January 27, 2012 at 4:12 am

Drug company cash?

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Dearest Marty, how are you, my magnificent Prince?

I often wonder what you think about how many bad things are being said about our religion Scientology, how Germany and psychiatry wins due to the non-Scientologist behavior of  some former  and current staff and public. No doubt that former or  current infiltrators contribute very much so to the bad reputation of a true religion who intended good for anyone.

I heard that David Miscavige received money from Eli Lilly in 1999/2000 to make him hush up Scientologists about that drug company and its drugs, so I looked  a bit around to find evidence.  I found a recent discussion on Mosey’s husband’s blog  and noticed that none of the “Independents” (yeah right!) spelled the name of the company right. Either they don’t know how to spell it, but I guess they are afraid of the drug company or don’t want the information shown when one googles the name of that company. They all called the company Lilley instead of Eli Lilly.

The “Indies”, a loose bunch of non-organized people want to replace Scientology. But they are afraid to call others by their real names and are anything but honest. How can they guarantee that Scientology will survive by having no backbone and being dishonest?

I googled Eli Lilly+CCHR. In this PDF of 2008, CCHR is critical of Eli Lilly and its drugs:

So, if the “Independents” are trying to say that David Miscavige took drug company money in 1999/2000 to no longer be critical of Eli Lilly drugs, the message didn’t reach CCHR in 2008, and they were not afraid to spell the name of the drug company correctly. (However, once again, I maintain that CCHR failed completely to document psychiatric mind control and alleged suicide and murder within the orgs and among Scientologists or so-called Scientologists, staff and public, and that is catastrophic because the price of freedom is to fight them back. By acting as if they did not infiltrate the orgs and don’t nap Scientologists or so-called Scientologists to alter their minds and behavior, the orgs, Scientologists, so-called Scientologists, staff and public will remain in danger of more such secret medical psych attacks and terror. They will never get rid of the p$ychs if they continuously act as psychs didn’t set up some of their staffs and public to DIE or to manipulate their minds.) 

The “Independents” don’t mind to work together with the Germans. (Germany is the cradle of Psychiatry as you know.) Without German psychiatry, Eli Lilly probably would  produce salad dressing or something like it. Anybody knows that I don’t approve of David Miscavige and the reason why I don’t approve of them. But there is just as little to approve of the alleged “Independents”. 

They are untrue, and Ron says that the road to truth begins with honesty, and they are not honest, and therefore are not real Scientologists. The real target isn’t really DM. If it would, they would publish that he received Scientology from an impostor but not the real founder Ron, and that would end his “right” to lead Scientology immediately.  Their real target is the real founder’s organizations, which they want to ruin. If DM would no longer lead Scientology, they would find another excuse to attack the orgs under the cloak of “Scientologists” but in fact marching to the drum of non-Scientologist secret service case officers.

I love you so much my hero. It is time that we get back together, because we could make it right.

Many kisses!

Yours forever


Written by Barbara Schwarz

January 26, 2012 at 4:30 am

My thoughts to: “Why did God take her or him so early???” or “Why did God allow this to happen???”

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Dearest Marty, my terrific Prince and the most missed husband in the entire universe!

I can’t wait to hear all your thoughts… And I will, when we see each other again.


I hear and read this often: “Why did God take her or him so early???” or “Why did God allow this to happen???”

And I am thinking or saying: “Why do you think GOD of all beings is doing it? Why do you think GOD is the one who lets people die?”

Then people say: “Well, he allows it to happen!!!”

I say: “What makes you think that? The GOD who I know is opposed to having people suffer and die. Medical terrorists, snakes, are those who openly and secretly  killing people, old and young. Blame their activities not on GOD.”

They say: “But God, if he should exist, could stop all the people who do bad by turning them into stone or flushing them down the drain!!!”  

And I say: “If he would do that, just he and a very few really good people would be left, because anyone else is a stone or flushed down the drain. Besides, people who died are born again, and usually, they are just as bad or good in their new lifetime. So sentencing rotten people to death is not effective. They will strike again.” 

Then they say: “I might not be a saint, but I am not so bad that I deserve to be turned into a stone or flushed down the drain.”

Then I say: “If God would walk among people, and your case officer would tell you to conspire against that person, you would. And so would just about any other person on this freaking planet and maybe even in the freaking entire universe. So, why should God throw himself before you and protect you, and the conspiring likes?”

Then they say: “No, I would not if I would know it is God.”

And I say: “If he would tell you that he is God but your secret case officers would tell you otherwise, you would rather believe your case officer than God.” 

Then they say: “So, you are saying that God has forsaken us?”

I say: “Not me.”

They say: “But me?”

I say: “You are not frozen into stone or flushed down the drain yet, aren’t you? Don’t ask what God can do for you, for a change, do what he would do when he would be in your shoes. And that is not marching after the drum of secret case officers radio in ears or participating in conspiracies.”


I have no problems understanding God, and I know you neither, Marty.  

My next visitor plans to come in the beginning of June, Marty. I wish you could come, and before that date.

I miss you so much. 

Many kisses, my one and only.

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

January 25, 2012 at 3:59 am

Most Christians believe that Jesus could fly by having a body. And Scientologists don’t believe that a real OT (person with god-like abilities) can fly, or do they believe it?

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable Prince and Hero,

Most Christians believe that Jesus could fly by having a body. And Scientologists don’t believe that a real OT (person with god-like abilities) can fly, or do they believe it?   Depends who you ask.

Okay, Jack Vistaril, the impostor of L. Ron Hubbard, the real founder, did think that Jesus never existed, was an implant. The real founder Ron did not think that the bible is a book that was not altered by suppressive forces, in other words, medical snakes. The porn in the bible and the suppression of women as 2nd class beings are just two examples of dirty and perverted hands smearing around in the “good book”. I am sure that the real founder Ron said (what a couple of other scholars now seem to acknowledge): a person like Jesus did exist and was brutally killed (like some other  good and able men and women) but rather was a woman than a man. Even the name gives a hint “Jesus” spelled “Shesus”. “Let the children come to me…”, etc. that is typically female, and so is pretty everything else that is being said about Shesus.  

I am not going on about this, but I am sure that Ron didn’t say that Jesus/Shesus didn’t exist, and it makes no sense in hell that he should have said so because Ron said that  thetans were OT in earlier time. By saying that Jesus/Shesus didn’t exist, it would mean that OT abilities don’t exist. (Jesus/Shesus lost the OT abilities temporarily under much pain. For all who wait for Jesus/Shesus to come to salvage them, they should think that Jesus/Shesus might be stopped by  SPs  with any methods available, and therefore, despite the best intentions and having not changed for 2000 years, can’t salvage others, besides that the world is bad and not too many deserve salvation. Jesus/Shesus was supposed to be back in 2000, and know it is already 2012. Someone wants to be on schedule but can’t… Christians shouldn’t ask what Jesus can do for them, but should ask what they can do for Jesus. They are many people, Jesus/Shesus is just one person. It is easy for many people to make a change, not that easy for one person, even if she is extraordinary.)

Ron is the last person in the whole wide universe who says that OT abilities don’t exist.

Anyway, I rather wanted to talk about flying than about the bible. 

Marty, I was informed that one GO MUN staff completed OT7 and complained to AOSH EU that he is not cause over life because he can’t fly. I think he did right by writing this complaint. 

We all can lift an arm. If we are exterior enough, we should be able to lift the entire body up, shouldn’t we? 

Yeah, I know, the stupid doctors come in and tell us that it all is about the nerves and when the nerves of a person are damaged, she can’t even lift the arm. That is right but I bet this just is the case because the person is not fully exterior and therefore not able to lift the entire body. (Hey, doc, you fool, without a thetan, even healthy nerves are nothing but DEAD!)

So, why is it not possible to simply go exterior full enough to fly through the landscape as Jesus/Shesus? Ron knew it, you know it, Marty, and I know it.  Times have changed. Jesus/Shesus lived at a time where there were no secret sounds (millions of unknown to the person radioed commands in her subconscious mind) to keep a OT with body  GROUNDED. It wasn’t a good time at all but one that was technically not advanced as far as mind control is concerned. This is the problem of our times now.

Here I said it: an OT cannot go enough and stable exterior because p$ychs radio in anyone’s subconscious mind. And I know you are aware of this. And the real founder Ron said so too and he said it long before I said it.

In order for anyone to go and stay really OT, in order to have true and permanent OT abilities, non-altered and original OT levels must be restored and  psychiatric mind control must be BUSTED and ENDED. As soon as the mind control is busted, as soon as the tapes do not longer play (underneath the ringing of the tinnitus, which is not a medical but a medical technical terror thing to cover up the silent sounds) we will see real and permanent OTs.

Any who knows, maybe Jesus/Shesus decides to fly again. 😉  

Many kisses, my sweet sweet prince.

Eternally yours,


One has to look at this very unwise planet with eyes of an extraterrestrial who just has landed

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Dearest Marty, my genuinely decent, wise, and also breathtakingly handsome Prince, 

I just came home from town. It was a cold day. Bought myself another pair of gloves to protect my hands, otherwise it was fine. They have really good deals at the General Store. 😉

I am thinking of you. The only thing that I know of you, since I saw you the last time, is what my OT perceptions are telling me. And I have to carefully separate “thetan basically know” with what the SEGNPMSS radios in my direction to mislead me.

People are such idiots conspiring against us and lying to us. As if we would let mankind go down. I think many of these idiots think that once we are together, we have all we need (which is true), and we will live in our wonderful world and they will be left in misery. Well, it is very tempting to do that, after all, they conspire against us, but we are  original Scientologists and no p$ychiatrists or their dumb agents, and we want others to be also forever happy, able, young, strong, and healthy, and that they obtain also all spiritual abilities that also we are having.     

People are introverted into this old non-functioning world. They don’t even have any idea how the world could be re-organized to be better to them and the people who they love. In order to see what’s wrong with this planet, one should assume the role of a wise extraterrestrial (for the sake of arguments, let’s say there are ETs) who just landed per accident on this planet. (They never can land because SEGNPMSS would shut them down before they could even come close to Earth, but anyway, let’s pretend that  two made it against all odds.)

Commander 1,  handsome, except of his very green hair ;): Commander 2, nobody in the entire universe wants to live on Earth, do you know that?  And we shouldn’t stay here long either…

Commander 2, great looking lady, except for her very green hair ;):  Hm… Let’s listen to what the Earth people are talking about, maybe we find out why they want to protect their environment but not themselves.

Commander 1 and 2 are hiding in the bushes and listen to a bunch of people on their lunch break. As their hair is so green, bushes are the perfect place to hide! 

They learn that people talk how they hate to age and getting diseases and about that friends and family members of them die on a horrible disease or terrible it was for Grandma during the last ten years of her life, when she was so fragile and helpless, how expensive all is, and how uncertain the future is, and there is also terror  and criminality… 

Commander 2: I don’t get it. They don’t want to age and don’t want to get sick, but they don’t come up with any solution to stop it, except popping pills which will not solve their problems. The sun and UV rays are wrinkling their skin. But they think that some magic sun lotion will keep them young, despite their parents’ skins prove that they can pour buckets of sun screen over their skin, even with SP 50000 and  their skin still ages. I don’t get it, why don’t they build towns with roofs over it, which will stop these rays from entering and aging these folks? The entire world needs to be overhauled, so to speak, so that means that there will be more jobs than people.

Commander 1: They use chlorine in their water and wonder why their hair is getting white, instead of making their own  free of any impurities water. Very unwise, and they drink this horrible stuff. I believe that there are 500 000 diseases on which these poor people suffer. And they just take it without protesting their non-functional way of life. 

Commander 2: Many have Asthma (not that we know what this is because we don’t live as stupid as people on this planet) but they breath in the fumes of cars and all kinds of other industries fumes. Why don’t they leave their cars outside and have a roof over their village and use an environmental friendly train or  conveyors to transport them to the places inside their town? What are these white smoking sticks in their faces?

Commander 1: I believe that those thingies that smoke are called cigarettes, and those that don’t smoke are lollipops. Looks pretty dumb, doesn’t it? And smells bad too. They are addicted to that stuff, and they are getting cancer, not just from smoking but all kind of stuff they eat and breath in.

Commander 2: Come on, let’s go in one of these stores and let’s check what they sell. 

(They walk in a store and read the labels.)


Commander 2 (interrupts): These Earth people must be nuts eating that stuff. Maybe they are really all suicidal and wanna die?

Commander 1: I don’t know, that is contradictory to what he heard in the park, people wanting to stay young, healthy and fit. Look outside, some are running  to keep fit…

Commander 2: Running in a contaminated world without any protective suit… How senseless is that? Look, there is another store! Says organic food. Let’s follow that guy who has a baseball cap on saying that he is DM’s chef. What is buying?

Commander 1 picks up a small apple for 3 Dollars: I believe he’s buying strictly organic. But here is what many folks don’t know. The chemicals from the non-organic fields are washed into the organic fields by the rain and wind. There isn’t really good and safe food on this planet. IT IS ALL CONTAMINATED. The only safe food is grown in very clean conditions and not in the open environment.

Commander 2: The Earth people talk a lot about corrupt people and that it is hard to trust others, even their own government! Yet, they eat food of who they don’t know who grew or produced it! What makes them think that they and food inspectors are honest and ethical? Anybody can blow toxins and other contaminates in their water, food, air, faces!  Dumber than dumb.  And they don’t demand environmentally protected towns from their governments, and they don’t just build it for themselves. They seem in trance or something…

Commander 1: Yeah, some kind of planetary hypnosis going here. That’s why nobody from our planet wants to live here. 

Commander 2: Approaches a group of people and says: I have the looks of a 18-years old, but in fact, I am 4289 years old, because I am living in a protected environment and eat just food and drink just water that contains no contamination that  can attack my body. Even that fashionable suit that I am wearing keeps all that away that is aging and killing you guys in an average of 75 years.

Group of Earth people: Shut up, bitch! Take your meds! See your psychiatrist!

Commander 1: Let’s leave here. They attack what they never have tried. Their governments and doctors make them believe that aging and dying is normal. They rather age and die instead of trying another way life.

Commander 2: Yeah, let’s return to our planet. No wonder that our  people ignore Earth. Rude idiots!

Commander 1: Okay, but I’ll buy a CD of Van Morrison before we leave. They haven’t figured out to stay healthy, young, and fit, but some of them know how to make music.

Commander 1 and 2 are getting back in their space ship and never will return.

I love you, Marty, soooooo much. You are none of these blind people who wouldn’t  even want to give the sanity of protected living a try.

Many kisses. Can’t wait to give them to you in person.

Yours forever,