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House votes to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt

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Dearest Marty, my brave prince,

I just learned that the House voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for withholding records. This is what I suspect him and others having done also as far as we are concerned, e.g. your representatives or even Congress having asked feds for my FOIA records or other correspondence and a SEGNPMSS controlled US government not turning them over to sabotage and obstruct justice!

Honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue, and  that is what we mostly need from the officials!

I love you, Marty, and miss you so much!

Yours forever,

Many kisses



Australian Census showing that David Miscavige does not create the environment in which Scientologists feel safe to say that they are Scientologists?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

How are you? No rain and everything is completely dried out here, and the birds are stealing my strawberries! All of them!

I am back home. I tried to obtain a product for hard-earned cash, but I don’t get it. It is quite painful. I can do what I want, but in this unethical world people take money but  don’t give me what I want and paid for. This includes people with excellent reputations. And this thing  it is not related at all to Scientology. I have postulated severe justice, Marty, because judges have ear implants and march to the SEGNPMSS drum and do not grant rights once the SEGNPMSS orders it. We do not live in a free world, not even remotely free world! You know this as well, Marty. I bet you made very similar experiences. All the money in the world cant provide a good person with ethical products. SEGNPMSS causes that all people stink. It is really so. They bring out the worst in anyone. Except in us. They can’t and never will pervert us.  We are where their influence and dirty activities and corruption ends. 

Now about Scientology. I noticed  a press release by the  C of S in Australia of June in response to an ABC  Lateline report. That report says that C of S shrinks while other religions are growing. The answer by C of S Australia is denying the decline saying that new C of S buildings opened all over the world and mentioning their religion to the census would be optional.

I see at least three out points here: 1) Buying new buildings doesn’t mean new Scientologists 2) Scientologists are afraid or ashamed to say that they are Scientologists  3) People really leaving Scientology and the membership numbers are really declining, just as the doctor psychiatrists orders.

David Miscavige, His Cobness, thinks he is the king of Scientology and doesn’t turn Scientology to real Scientologists who don’t have his abusive reputation. That’s how little he loves Scientology and how little he is a Scientologist. A real Scientologist wants Scientology to survive and not stay on top to play king and by doing so driving Scientology into the ground.  


David Miscavige looks also bad in regards of the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. He was the best man  to this wedding.  Why wasn’t Scientology marriage counseling applied? It really works. I heard that DM approved of Katie Holmes as Tom Cruise’s wife. He must have, otherwise he would not be the best man to this wedding. She wasn’t a stable Scientologist or maybe not any at all any and just being briefly introduced to it.

Why didn’t David Miscavige see the risk for divorce and again bad PR for Scientology as far as  high-profile celeb Tom Cruise’s marriage to a person is concerned who is not a stable Scientologist? Of course I am not saying that DM should have stopped that wedding, and of course, he has no influence over who falls in love with who. But at least he should have denied being the best man of a marriage to a woman who was/is not a real or stable Scientologist. She did not sent her child to a Scientology school either, didn’t she?  Media says that she wants sole custody of their child. If TC doesn’t agree, it might be a battle in which Scientology is attacked again, despite nobody of the concerned applied it!  And COB was the best man to this marriage that did not last despite all the SCN counseling available! 

Nothing but failures and non-application of Scientology technology and wisdom on the part of David Miscavige! What does that all say about David Miscavige but being incompetent, being no real Scientologist himself, unable to predict the future, tonelevels, awareness, and pulling constantly things in that are bad for Scientology? David Miscavige is like a case of very bad measles for Scientology.  They might have married nevertheless but it would look a lot better on the “ecclesiastical leader” not being the best man to wedding that did not last.

John Travolta’s reputation is also scratched badly, however, he made  a  much better choice choosing  Kelly for his wife. She stands by him. But I don’t see both fighting these allegations effectively back. Price of freedom is to fight back. If  I would be one of them, I would fight fire with fire. They have attorneys and spokespersons but that is all too little on the PR front. I would give press conferences and explain and demonstrate why I am the target of these attacks and would provide as much proof that I can to make the world see that I am being set up and by who. What happens to John Travolta is also very negative for Scientology, and that is the main target of the secret service psychs, and how can Scientology win if even socalled Scientologists don’t talk about what is behind it all? Besides fighting back, there is also a pattern that he lately plays always the bad guy. Yes, I know, just movies, but is there a psych set up wanting him just playing bad roles because he is a Scientologist? I think so. 

But there are also good news for the INT base. It might be that Ronald Thomas Miscavige left the orgs. There are records on the net saying that he used a variety of  different identities to cover up his bad driving records. The names of the men he used apparently were working at INT.  I think that RTM was thinking that his son made himself to be the king of Scientology, so he can be above the law and can use his son’s servant’s names and identities to clean up RTM’s mess. What decent Scientologist and lawful person would ever do something like that? A man like RTM never should have been allowed to live at INT in the first place!  

I love you very much, Marty. All kinds of marriages of any denomination break. But ours last. Real Scientologists, real application of Scientology, real ethics.

Many kisses, my prince. One thing this world will never see: you and me no longer soulmates, and  you and me no longer Scientologists. This is so sure and true like an axiom.

Yours forever.


OT levels (Ron’s original versions not the impostor crap) make a lot of sense if among re-won spiritual abilities, one end product for the thetan is getting rid of the theta body

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Dearest Marty, my wise Prince and OT, how are you? In my thoughts are so often with you. Don’t forget this ever.

I read all kinds of  uninformed remarks about OTs by idiots or former or current infiltrators, but it is really worth thinking in depths about what Ron meant with “theta body”. 

Have a look at the orbs, what else are they than thetans with theta bodies? There was a time where I was confused about that a thetan consists of a tiny bit of matter but also read in the Axioms that it does not consist of any matter.

Then I figured it out: originally, the thetan had no matter and could not be traced. Then stuff happened on the timetrack, and he/she now has a theta body and can be traced. Thetans with theta bodies (also called orbs)  shows up on any good camera.

Allegedly, just the “black theta body” is a problem, but I doubt that this is from the real founder L.Ron Hubbard. What the average hypnotized Earth citizen does not know is that secret service psychiatrists trace each person after her physical death. Implant stations are not a thing of the past. And they can do that so easily by following the deceased person around with infrared cameras.  Above is an orb. Ron NEVER would have missed this. NEVER! He was also a photographer. I bet he had the first collection of orbs of anyone. (Yes, I know that Wikipiggy thinks it is dust, but the average Wikipiggist is a remote-controlled idiot and scribbles whatever their psychiatric case officers radio in their ear implants.) I know better. My orbs here at my place are no dust but responsive.

Anyway, Marty, you don’t need to be convinced. You are able to see what hypnotized people don’t.

If one of the end products of the OT levels is getting rid of theta bodies (and not just of “black” theta bodies but any theta body), it will be very to the disadvantage of stalking psych secret services. How will they ever track us if we exist and having fun without that cloudy/transparent baggage?  That is yet another big reasons for the stronghold of suppressives, German and international p$ychs and SPs to destroy Scientology and the OT levels. These people are driven to stalk others. They have cramps if they don’t know where everyone is and if they can’t determine and order the fates of EVERYONE and if the can’t decide who is tortured and who not.  The price to pay for them is that they also become victims of this system. They kill and implant another too.

I would like to know if today’s OTs are trying to get rid of their theta bodies with auditing by trying to get rid if body thetans. Although, it seems that knowledge and pictures of orbs as thetans with theta bodies were removed from Scientology a longer time ago, and not by Ron, but by his impostor, and the many infiltrator C/S Senior Ints on order of the SEGNPMSS. I also don’t believe that the founder kept these data or the OT levels confidential. How better for the p$ychs to steal and alter if knowledge is under wraps and just accessible to those who they control?

Moreover, I don’t get why anything about this important knowledge of p$ychs implant technology should be secret. Anyone can and has to face it. It is p$ych crap that not everyone should know right away and that the knowledge of OT III data causes pneumonia. They want people not to know what secret service psychs are up to until they have all  original SCN data from Ron removed or altered so that they keep tracking thetans and implanting them.

I will be on the road a few days, Marty. I don’t like it much but I need to finish something that I started. I hope to see you against all odds.  Until in a few days!

Yours forever,

Many kisses, my sweet, sweet soulmate.


Book title of Mosey’s husband’s book revealing that his real target is Scientology and not an infiltrated church?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

Book title of Mosey’s husband’s book is revealing that his real target is Scientology and not the church that is infiltrated by non-Scientologists. He is always saying that Scientology works, and he is even making a living with auditing others, but why doesn’t he make this clear in his book title? He always is saying that his problem would be one man, COB David Miscavige who didn’t grasp Scientology, who would not be entitled to lead the Church of Scientology and who would abuse others.  

However, his book title makes the impression that Mosey’s husband indicates that he finds something wrong with the religion Scientology, which he denies when he says that he is still a Scientologist.

Why didn’t he title the book: What is wrong with David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology? Why didn’t his “editors” Dan Koon and Russell Williams or his best friend Mike Rinder catch these outpoints in the title?  Because they are the same kind of guys and non-Scientologists.

The title of the book indicates crystal clear that Mosey’s husband is covertly or maybe even overtly attacking our religion. David Miscavige and the squirrel busters are just his justification.

What’s wrong with Scientology? Nothing! What is wrong with the Church of Scientology? This is wrong: German psych secret services infiltrated it with non-Scientologists, infiltrators, doppelgangers, and impostors to destroy the true and very effective applied philosophy that is in the way of the psychiatrists and Germany, the country that once conscienceless gassed millions of people and didn’t become better suddenly by just losing a war.

What’s really wrong with the orgs is for sure not stated in Mosey’s husband’s book, because your impostor, Marty, is one of the reason, why there is something wrong with the orgs. He does not come clean. But neither does anyone else of former or current infiltrators, his friends nor His Cobness.

And does he really think that he gets real Scientologists on his side with a book title like this? Good grief!

It is also misleading. The squirrel busters on his book cover are not Scientology. They are Miscavology, and Mosey’s husband doesn’t make that clear in his book title.

His subtitle “healing” indicates the secret medical influence. Nothing can heal by concealing the truth and the facts of the psychiatric infiltration, a fact that Mosey’s husband does not publish. BTW, in Germany, we couldn’t use the word “healing” in our publications, because psychs and other medical doctors and the German government said by doing so we would practice medicine without license. 

As Mosey’s husband gets away with it, one can assume that doctors and p$ychs were the real editors of his book. He does anything but busts the psychs and doctors. Even if I would not know that he is your impostor, Marty, he has secret psychiatric agent tattooed right on his forehead – just as DM who promoted the likes of your impostor or Mike Rinder, etc. for decades.  

So what would the real Ron and founder say what Mosey’s husband did and does with his title: Forwarding the psychiatric enemy line against Scientology, wrongfully indicating that something is wrong with Scientology.

Love you bunches, Marty. Sometimes, I imagine how it would be just to share ordinary daily things with you that other couples who are not conspired against and kept apart are taking for granted. And I always come to the conclusion that sharing anything in life with you would be anything but ordinary. 

Yours forever,


How secret service psychiatrists steal the foundation and havingness and rights to straighten out infiltrated orgs and altered Scientology as the founder’s child…

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Dearest Marty, my brave and genius Prince and husband, how are you? I am thinking of you and I am sure you know and feel it. 

There are people who wonder why the “Hubbard children” don’t lead Scientology but instead David Miscavige. Some think that David Miscavige must be a real good and capable man because Diana accepts him as her senior.  Unlike these folks, I know you figured it out, Marty, and so did I: Diana, Suzette, Arthur, and Quentin grew up with Mary Sue and “Jack Vistaril”, a secret service guy who likely worked for the CIA and the SEGNPMSS as double agent who was married to Mary Sue. “Jack Vistaril” impostored the founder. I bet a million dollars that the real founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard never saw Mary Sue, and maybe he didn’t even ever meet Diana, Suzette, Arthur, and Quentin and didn’t know of their existence.   

Secret services try to sell the impostor “Jack Vistaril” as the real founder to Scientologists and the word  (and just about any idiot on the planet thinks that there were no doppelgangers/impostors), so they needed good kids to make Scientologists to believe that they are Ron’s. Downtone lawless people like “Jack Vistaril” and Mary Sue never would produce uptone and smart kids. That is why I believe that they are indeed the biological children (my siblings) of the real founder Ron and not the biological children of Jack Vistaril and neither of Mary Sue.

It is easy for secret service doctors to arrange a certain hair color. A little gen manipulation, and I would be too a light red head and not a dark redhead. But they did want me light red because I never should figure whose daughter I am. When I saw Suzette (after being back in Scientology) at the UK and LA orgs, I noticed that she is my sister. And I am pretty sure that she knows it too.  But I am a 100% certain that Ron didn’t father any child but me.

So, what about the havingness to lead Scientology for the “Hubbard” kids. As the “Hubbard” kids figured that the man who they grew up with was an impostor, they will not have the havingness to lead Scientology. They might know that they are the biological children of the real founder Ron and also that they have a much better biological mother than Mary Sue, but how would they prove it? SEGNPMSS would run a campaign against them lying that they are insane or killing them if they would have a plan and make it look like suicide. They killed Quentin already. In other words, under these conditions, there might not be too much havingness to kick infiltrators to the curve and lead Scientology.

The question also is: do they have an antenna as I do knowing what is written and said by the real Ron and what not? Would they know where to find Ron again? Would they know who to compel to get original Scientology back? I would and I do.

I have the other problem than the ” Hubbard children”. I am the real Ron’s only child, fathered by him being passionately and tenderly in love with my biological mother. But thanks to the Germans and their psychiatrists secret services, I was kidnapped and my true identity is stolen, and any worthless, unethical, criminal, and degraded person on the planet helps the SEGNPMSS to cover it up. I have the skills and the courage to stand up against anyone and demand the truth to be documented, but they have left me no shred paper to prove who I am. That is how secret service psychiatrists steal the foundation and havingness of the real Ron’s family to convict the infiltration and the alteration of Scientology.

However, the last chapter is not written. As Merida of the movie Brave said: If you could have the change of your fate, would you? The fate that Germany, these slimy secret service p$ychs, and international conspirators are having for you, and me,  for us have in store is with all my heart and being REJECTED by me. If I don’t succeed and if I don’t succeed to turn this all around and get the life that I had when I was born or was with Ron and you, I will die trying, but I never will give in and do what they want or work in their favor. Never!  I will come after them, dead or alive! They created in me an opponent for all times to come. I want TRUTH and JUSTICE!

I know that there are Scientologists who actually want me to win.  But these Scientologists could at least mail or hand me some evidence of being Ron’s daughter that was stolen from me, so that I have what I need to kick those psych killers and terrorists butts once and forever.  If SEGNPMSS is not convicted, all of them will lose too.

For a fact I know that Ron researched and worked all his lifetimes on the time-track to create Scientology and build a better world. He might have named it differently but it was the same: technology and wisdom to turn this planet into a jewel for anyone.  I believe that that they kidnapped him this lifetime to Germany to be a German. And Germany is paralyzing to any free and able spirit. I felt like being buried alive there.  Maybe he is not re-creating original Scientology again this time. And what then? Only Jack Vistaril’s or other squirrel or incomplete versions of Scientology are left? What will happen to Scientology if Scientologists don’t take individually responsibility but just relay on: Ron will somehow manage to handle whatever might be… Is  that fair?

Since you are wrongfully locked up, Marty, it often feels as if I am the only rebel left among a planet of blind and hypnotized people.

I love you more than words can say.

Yours forever and many kisses, my honey. You rock! Always have, always will!


Are there really good bacteria? (I don’t think so.)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and hero,

I am thinking of you, and I wish I would know your whereabouts (not just knowing basically your whereabouts).

This summer seems dryer than others, and I try to water whatever I planted. So far, it seems that all plants are making it.

A garden really brings joy. It is wonderful nice to see my plants and trees growing. However, I can also see that planting directly on the surface on the Earth is not the wisest idea. And even less wise is that farmers spray their crops against bugs instead of planting their crops under roofs so that bugs don’t get in them.

What a beautiful and intelligent world it could be, unfortunately, it is not.  

I read a couple of article written by medical people (who else?) that we need good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria. They make it sound as if we need germs, which I think is the ultimate leg pulling and lies. 

My proposal would be living without being objected to bad bacteria so that we don’t need good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria. I believe that secret service doctors can and do change good bacteria into bad bacteria. Recently, I took a spoonful of yogurt (allegedly very healthy stuff) and rubbed it on my skin.  The bacteria in yogurt are supposed to be the good bacteria. A short time after, I felt that yogurt treated spot became itchy and painful. Apparently, the “good” bacteria did not just attack any “bad bacteria” left on my skin but also my skin and nerves, and likely anything underneath it, in other words, they were attacking my body.

It felt as if these “good” bacteria were biting right into my flesh. You can imagine what happens when these “good” bacteria are eaten.  I rinsed the yogurt off and it felt better.

My point is: a dog might be tame but can be turned into a pitch bull. This can be done with any animal, and bacteria are microorganism, a tiny animal. In other words: under certain circumstances, with microwaves or silent sounds, secret service doctors know how to use not just the bad bacteria to attack and they can also turn the “good bacteria” into bad attackers to attack a body.  Doesn’t osteoporosis look like under extreme bacteria attack? As if they bite right through the bones and make them brittle. Some people swallow the alleged good bacteria in form of  lactobacillus acidophilus pills. That is so gross! And I think it is really stupid because what is allegedly good can go bad.

We better live in a world without the germs, then we need no “good” bacteria to “defend us against the bad bacteria”.

Infiltrated Scientology and Ron’s impostor sure did a lot to change original OT levels. Whatever the orgs, the Freezone, or the so-called “Independents” think that they are having, I am convinced that only the secret services and psychs have original Scientology and the original OT levels (stolen from Ron and then altered for the rest of the people).  

Body thetans are ridiculed by many, and they call them “space aliens”. In view of that a being lives forever, one can conclude that forever was also before this Earth as we know it was populated, in other words: it is highly unlikely that immortal beings never lived on other planets, thus, anyone is an alien, also those who think that aliens don’t and never existed. Yes, what an irony. As you know, Mormon believe that people came from planet Kolob, thus, Mormons are aliens, are they? The Garden of Eden was/is allegedly not on Earth either, which means logically that any being that was and is there is an alien too.  

There can be thetans who attach themselves to human or animal bodies or to other’s thetans theta body or in form of theta bodies to a thetan. I can feel that they are there and “blanket” a person, e.g. in old buildings. I felt them in old German flats, basements and attics! There are some very creepy thetans hanging around. Doing the OT levels to get rid of them is not a bad idea, but I think we have bigger problems than them.

Finally there are bacteria, viruses, and germs that attach themselves to anyone’s body because they are anywhere in this dirty world. They make people sick and kill them. These critters are beings too and it would be better for people, if they would not invade human bodies. If these germs would leave our bodies, we all would be more healthy, right?

If a Scientologist would swallow lactobacillus acidophilus pills, he has in my opinion gazillions more body thetans to get rid of than he already has. Unless one thinks that germs and viruses are no thetans. But what else should it be? Animals are thetans too. 

So, I asked myself: what kind of  body thetans Ron wanted to leave the human body and other thetans. My answer is: all of them. He wanted us bothered by nobody and by no other thetans.

I can’t say how effective altered OT levels are, but if they don’t take care of ALL these above named problems, they are not the original OT levels. I am sure Ron had considered everything in his processing and rundowns.

Can’t wait to study the real and original OT levels. Must feel like being finally home again, Marty. Ron was spied on his entire life. Secret service have all these OT levels. But I doubt their own OT abilities. They started out as dishonest spies with withholds and overts. Under these condition, nobody can become a real OT. They don’t believe that ethics is the key to anything, but you and I know that it is really so. 

I miss you like the desert misses the rain after years of droughts. I miss you more than words can say.

Yours forever and ever. Many kisses, my love. 



The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard (not his impostor “Jack Vistaril”) opposed psychiatry because German secret service psychiatrists were the force behind the Nazis and continued their high crimes after they helped Hitler escape.

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and husband,

You don’t need a lecture of what secret service psychiatrists are up to. Medical doctors and psychs indicate and admit themselves in their emblem that they are snakes. 

Ron never tried to sell Dianetics or Scientology to anyone, particularly not to the men behind Hitler or other Nazi (SEGNPMSS) psychiatrists or any psychs at all. Mosey’s husband (your impostor) is clueless about the real founder. All he and his “independent” fan club does is glorifying impostor “Jack Vistaril” but not ever the real Ron. According to them, the real founder has not even a right to his own identity, just as you don’t have in their (but also DM’s) universe.

Historian Ernst Klee once said: The Nazis didn’t need the psychiatrists. But the psychiatrists needed the Nazis. – Nazis barged into homes and arrested people and made their heinous experiments with them. Before the Nazis, psychiatrists couldn’t do that as society wouldn’t had allowed this in this form. So, psychs needed the Nazis and SEGNPMSS psychs looked for a psychiatric altered man: Adolf Hitler. Indeed, without psychs, the Holocaust never would have happened! 

As far as I know, some psychiatrists indeed admitted what is known to any honest historian of the Third Reich and below citations are indeed made by some psychs. However, they say no words that secret service psychs CONTINUED WITH THEIR ATROCITIES IN MODERN TIMES and that they create also today’s terrorists and shorten all of our lifespans by not telling mainstream that they want people to live on the unprotected surface of the world to get sick and pop their pills for them to get very rich.   

Here is the old stuff:

During the National Socialist regime, “…psychiatrists killed their patients.” – Michael von Cranach, director of Kaufbeuren Clinic

“There were doctors who were active in and primarily responsible for the different euthanasia organizations. They guided and directed the different euthanasia campaigns. They were the so-called T4 experts, psychiatrists in responsible positions, mostly clinic directors who observed and controlled the selection of those to be killed. They advised those mainly responsible, and themselves suggested actions and carried them out…laid the scientific foundations of the euthanasia program and used the victims for research purposes. There were psychiatrists in institutions who were identified with these actions and who carried out with conviction the registrations in Berlin, the transferals and the killings.” — German Society of Psychiatrists

Responsibility exists on all these levels. The images of doctors involved are variously inhuman, possessed or banal. However, the greatest responsibility lies before the brutal acts which capture and hold attention, at the level of ideas. The racist science of the Third Reich was not a consequence of political events—it was the ideological agenda. While not a Nazi creation, it was central to the party’s platform, refined to provide a bio-medical vision of racial purity that galvanized support and gave direction to political events that focused hatred and violence. — Dr. Ernest Hunter, M.D., psychiatric consultant, “Dimensions of Medical and Psychiatric Responsibility in the Third Reich,” Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 1993

“The responsibility of doctors and the profession of medicine, in which psychiatry must be seen to figure prominently, may be examined on several levels: as providers and refiners of the ideological and intellectual foundations for race theory and medical killing; as influential supporters lending legitimacy to an immoral regime, both silence and complicity; as planners and administrators within the bureaucracy of state sanctioned killing; as designers and refiners of systems for expeditious killing; as executioners; as beneficiaries of the suffering and deaths of their victims (through payment for processing euthanasia evaluations of psychiatric patients, power within the state medical system, and advancement through ‘research’); and as survivors, who have frequently fared far better in the aftermath of the War and the Holocaust than other supporters of the murderous regime.” — Dr. Ernest Hunter, M.D.

“During the 1930s the German public were prepared for the killing of psychiatric patients by sophisticated propaganda, including emotional films in which degraded psychiatric patients were used to present an argument for their own ultimate annihilation.” — Dr. Ernest Hunter

“Ultimately, over a quarter-of-a-million sterilizations were performed. The major force in this program being Dr. Ernst Rüdin, a Swiss psychiatrist who became professor in Munich and who had been a student of Emil Kraepelin (German psychiatrist).” — Dr. Ernest Hunter

“Medical observers from the United States and Germany at the Nuremberg Trials, concluded that the Holocaust might not have taken place without psychiatry.” — Peter Breggin, M.D., psychiatrist, “Psychiatry’s role in the Holocaust,” International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine, 1993

“German psychiatrists proposed the killing of mental patients before Hitler came to power. Then in Nazi Germany, organized psychiatry implemented involuntary eugenical sterilization and euthanasia, ultimately killing up to 100,000 German mental patients. The six psychiatric euthanasia centers utilized medical professionals, fake death certificates, gas chambers disguised as showers, and the mass burning of corpses…. Eventually, 250,000 to 300,000 patients were murdered throughout Europe according to the Allied estimate at the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial.” — Peter Breggin, M.D.

“…It should be realized that this program was merely the entering wedge for exterminations of far greater scope in the political program for genocide of conquered nations and the racially unwanted. The methods used and personnel trained in the killing centers for the chronically sick became the nucleus of the much larger centers in the East, where the plan was kill all Jews and Poles and to cut down the Russian population by 30,000,000.” – Leo T. Alexander, psychiatrist, U.S. Army Representative at the Nuremberg Trials

“The tragedy is that psychiatrists did not have to have an order. They acted on their own. They were not carrying out a death sentence pronounced by someone else. They were the legislators who laid down the rules for deciding who was to die; they were the administrators who worked out the procedures, provided the patients and places, and decided the methods of killing; they pronounced a sentence of death in every individual case; they were the executioners who carried it out—without being coerced to do so—surrendered their patients to be killed in other institutions; they supervised and watched the slow deaths.” — Frederic Wertham, psychiatrist, quoted in A Sign for Cane

“The euthanasia centers played a central role in developments leading to the larger holocaust…. When the giant extermination centers were set up in the east, a psychiatrist from the euthanasia program was…one of the first commandants. Consultants from the euthanasia program helped set up these extermination camps and personnel from the program initially staffed them. …Furthermore, the first systematic murders of concentration camp inmates took place in the euthanasia centers under the direction of teams of psychiatrists led by Werner Heyde.” — Peter Breggin, M.D.

“…something like 40 percent of German psychiatrists had joined the SS by 1933. [I BET BY 1940, OR EVEN EARLIER, IT WERE 100%, Marty] They weren’t forced into the SS. They just joined it naturally because the beliefs were very, very similar…. Hitler was promoting the idea that white people were top of the tree in some way, and so were the psychiatrists….” — Craig Newnes, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, UK, quoted in CCHR’s documentary: “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death”

“Academic medicine in Germany on the whole stood waist-deep in the Nazi sewer, and bears heavy responsibility for the disaster that followed. After 1933, degeneration [racial purity] became an official part of Nazi ideology.” Subsequently, “the notions of degeneration and heredibility became identical” and “synonymous with Nazi evil.” — Edward Shorter, A History of Psychiatry: From the Era of the Asylums to the Age of Prozac, 1997

“The significance of racial hygiene did not become evident to all aware Germans until the political activity of Adolf Hitler and only through his work has our 30-year-long dream of translating racial hygiene into action finally become a reality.” — Ernst Rüdin, German psychiatrist, circa 1930s.

What is the typical idiot saying? These old times are gone. Really? How come PSYCHS implant and hypnotize people to fly planes into the World Trade Center and condition to commit other deadly terror acts and murders?

The biggest enemy on this planet is that the large majority is in trance. Disabled by their psychiatric ear – and body implants to realize that they are manipulated into not seeing who is running them and where this all is headed: eternal pain and terror for anyone. The irony is that this eternal terror also applies for the top guys once another top guy takes him down. Basically, they are nothing complete idiots. 

How many disasters still have to happen until people finally see and act? And will they ever? Are they doomed? Most people think that the worst times are behind us and a system as the Nazis or other suppressive systems can’t form anymore.  And this despite history repeats itself. 

Another word to the CIA and the Guardian Office crimes. I am 100% sure that the “Jack Vistaril” and his wife Mary Sue were CIA/SEGNPMSS double agents. In other words: the CIA (like other agencies of any other government in the world) is SEGNPMSS controlled and infiltrated. If proven that Jack Vistaril and Mary Sue were hired by the SEGNPMSS/controlled CIA (for whatever reasons), that would mean that the criminal acts against the feds (GO break-in to steal files) were also committed by the CIA, right? That means that the CIA broke into other US agencies, correct? If they allow this, how non-American is this agency? After all, they run these people or had them under surveillance.

What I despise about this planet is that it needs so much for the truth to surface and that so many people are so untrue.  I could not live one day with their kind of “conscience”. I asked myself very thoroughly if I would ever conspire against anyone for personal gain or at all. The answer is no. If the SEGNPMSS would have addressed me ever (under whatever cover), I know, I would have refused whatever they would have offered me and would have worked against them as I do now. I rather be true and proud than swimming with the masses and being worth NOTHING as a human being.     

One thing is true, Marty: original Scientology, original Ron, and our love.

Many kisses, my prince. Hope to see you against all odds.

Yours forever,