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Is Wikipiggy (Wikipedia) really a DEMOCRATIC encyclopedia?

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Dearest Marty, my forever Prince, how are you?

The entrance to my home will be soon overrun with weeds and have so many other things running at the moment. So, just a short posting for now. I think of you, Marty, and despite all odds, I postulated that we win and find each other against all odds and the conspiracy. I simply can’t imagine that they don’t pull in their own penalties for what they did and do and any corrupt system crashes sooner or later.

That brings me to Wikipiggy. There is rarely a person on this planet who is not run with SEGNPMSS ear implants. This Still Existing German Nazi Pyschiatrists and  Mindcontroller  Secret Service has the control about what editors write in this encyclopedia. How can that be democratic?  Of course people lie that they don’t have them but who are they kidding?  Only what the SEGNPMSS approves will enter Wikipedia. This is for sure also the case with other encyclopedias but at least they don’t claim to be democratic.

I love you so so much!

Yours forever, and feel yourself kissed and embraced!


Psychiatrist Lynne Fenton won grants, worked with the Air Force and didn’t spot the Manchurian Candidate?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome prince,

It is all over the media.  James Holmes, the shooter suspect was a patient of psychiatrist Lynne Fenton, a Colorado university psychiatrist specializing in schizophrenia before the attack. She treats students “with mental illness”.

The media:  She worked as a physician in private practice in Denver from 1994 to 2005, and was chief of physical medicine with the U.S. Air Force in San Antonio, Texas, in the early 1990s, according to the resume. Since 2008, she’s won various grants and contracts to study schizophrenia. Fenton did her undergraduate work at the University of California, Davis and earned her medical degree from Chicago Medical School in 1986.

Apparently, even as former chief of physical medicine with the U.S. Air Force in San Antonio, she is either clueless about Manchurian Candidates or she isn’t reporting them. However, what’s for sure is that she apparently didn’t spot what James Holmes was up to and she probably had no policy in place that would alert her when getting mail from her “intense and quirky”  patients, future psychiatrists and neuro”scientists”.

And by golly, she is another one who won grants from the government! Feds really have to review their policies to throw money at psychs.

There is a possibility that advanced psych students have turned James Holmes. Other “intense and quirky characters”… They must know a lot about psychiatric secret service methods to produce such a remote-controlled robot. And of course, it is always the SEGNPMSS who gives the final ok to any atrocity.

If a psych student wants to finish first in class and get the grants, he just as to ruin his competition, other students, by turning them into Manchurian candidates.

The media: Had the package contained clear threats and arrived before the shooting, there would be no question about the duty of the psychiatrist to hand it over to authorities, said Professor Arthur Caplan, head of medical ethics at New York University’s Langone Medical Center. The school said Wednesday in a statement that it received the “suspicious package” on Monday. It described as “inaccurate” a Fox News report citing a source who said the packaged was received July 12 and sat in the mail room. But Fox was reporting Friday that its source said “the package was mailed well before the attack took place, but had not been delivered to its intended recipient.”

I have two questions and spot outpoints: 1) Did Prof. Caplan ever warn that psychiatrists, neuro-“scientists”, secret services and even psych students know how to make Manchurian candidates by hypnotizing, implanting, e-shocking, drugging them and what does he do to implement measures that it won’t be done? 2) Why was the package not delivered in time to the intended recipient?

I know that people conspire, Marty, and that is what this case is: another conspiracy.

The media: Fenton was also reprimanded for failing to maintain a medical chart or to enter appropriate entries for the charts relating to herself, her husband or the employee, 7News reported. As part of the reprimand, Fenton had to complete more than 50 hours of medical training and to promise not to prescribe medications to family members or employees, according to 7News.

But the medical training didn’t enable her to spot Manchurian candidates…  

The movie theater usually provided security guards but not that night of the shooting… Conspiracy? Conspiracy! But is that a guarantee for security? No, it is not because also former or current police officers and others can be turned into Manchurian candidates as you know.

I am brief today, got lots of urgent things to do. But I will be back soon.

Many kisses and I love you,

Yours forever,


If Jesus can walk as human on Earth, why not another person as well?

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Dearest Marty, my sweetheart and adored prince,

Just a short posting today.  If Jesus can walk as human on Earth, why not another person? Christians say that Jesus is God and that God is in Jesus. One  God identity has a body, the other one watches in form of a spirit over the God identity that has a body. Works for me. 🙂 

Only a few Scientologists know real Scientology. The others are mixed up in Jack Vistaril’s alteration of SCN. 

Real original Scientology could change anyone’s life not just to the better but even build a civilization that would fit the bill of paradise.

That I say this in times in which Scientology has that bad of a reputation,  is really something, isn’t it? Well, I am convinced that there will be a change and real Scientology will emerge when the Almighty steps in.

Ron figured what Einstein didn’t figure and what Jesus didn’t write down in any scientific way (or these writings were stolen).  And likely there was a lot more by Moses than the 10 Commandments and better Commandments but they were also altered. What happens to Scientology happened before to the other religions.

But again, If Jesus can walk as human on Earth with a mission by God, why not another person? Or even persons? Right, there is nothing that would indicate that it can’t happen or did not happen. 

Science also does not exclude the existence of an Almighty spirit. Besides, I can feel his existence clearly. As an aware thetan, I simply know subconsciously and can turn it into consciousness.  

Some say that science did/might/can discover God. I don’t think so because God has no theta body and can’t be measured in time (Axiom 1).  God has a reason why he does not want crazy psychs who run “scientists” to know where he is. 

You know it, I know it, some few smart people know it, and the clueless people don’t know a thing. They try to bring down what they never understood. Fools.

I love you, Marty.

Kisses for you!

Yours always,


P.S. Einstein hopefully doesn’t speak for us, Marty, because we came so far and understand A LOT! 🙂

Written by Barbara Schwarz

July 28, 2012 at 1:15 pm

The very strange, contradictory, unprofessional, secretive, conspirative, and dangerous world of international psychiatrists

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Dearest Marty, my first and only love, 

This is a long posting because I see all these outpoints in the case of psych James Egan Holmes. 

 I hope you have the opportunity to read the comments by psychiatrists on one of their own: terrorist James Holmes.  Not one of them makes the correct conclusion:  James Holmes, psychiatric altered into a Manchurian candidate by other psychiatrists.

Also, nobody of these psychs  are getting the message that this terror act carried a secret very twisted warning against Scientologists.  Here are the clue words: Holmes (although the terrorist is not related to Katie or her family but I would say that implanting and terrorist-making psychs selected James Holmes because he had the same last name as Katie), Batman, movie business and harming it, and red hair, insane attempt by psychs to blame Ron, despite he got nothing whatsoever to do with it, except having recognized that psychs are dangerous, and maybe there will be more clues. (James Holmes said he is the joker of Batman but he has green hair. So, his psych case officers radioned in his ear implants and subconscious mind to rather die his hair red to blame it on the terror act they have planned next?)

Naturally, psychs suddenly are claiming that James Holmes wasn’t that great of a “scientist” – despite psychiatry isn’t a science at all.  If other psychs didn’t promote Holmes that much and gave him top grades, why did the National Institute of Health throw so much cash at him?

Very odd is also the notebook story. Numerous papers reported that James Holmes mailed a notebook “full of details about how he was going to kill people” to a University of Colorado psychiatrist and it sat in the mailroom of the university for weeks unopened?

How weird is that? Why didn’t they read the mail? Or did they know what was in it? And what about the other person who mails a second mailing to the psychiatrist under the name of the terrorist? It is as he/she indirectly pointed the investigators to search for packages and probably knew that the other package was in the mailroom for a long time before the terror attack. That would mean that the anonymous (?) person who slipped the 2nd package after Holmes’ arrest probably knew of the first one that was mailed by Holmes to the psychiatry professor. 

The psychiatrist who is also a university professor turns the mailing in that was not by the terrorist but the notebook that the terrorist indeed mailed weeks before, he did not turn in? Was the second mailing some kind of alibi indicating that the psychs would have turned the first one in if he would have received it?

Fox news:  The source said the package had been in the mailroom since July 12, though another source who confirmed the discovery to could not say if the package arrived prior to Friday’s massacre. It was not clear why it had not been delivered to the psychiatrist.

And this doesn’t sound like a conspiracy? I say it does.

Another paper:  Had cops gotten their hands on the notebook, they might have prevented the most gruesome mass shooting in American history.

The Media: Police said Holmes received more than 50 packages at the school and his home that apparently contained ammunition, combat gear and explosive materials that he used in the attack and to booby-trap his Aurora apartment.

That dangerous stuff was apparently also mailed to the mailroom of the psychiatric faculty of the university! That means that either they allowed it or nobody there knows to check mail for dangerous content!

Look at the photos of the man, Marty, this guy is clearly psychiatric altered, hypnotized and implanted.  I have seen such messed up people before and psychs are to blame. They even do it to their own!

Is Homes aware of what he did? I say, basically yes, I see some shame and guilt, but would he had carried out the terror act if other psychs wouldn’t had used their psych implant technology? I don’t think so. He rather would have stayed a wealthy p$ych and would have made the world believe that psychiatry is harmless and a science. So, why was he psych-picked to become terrorist?  Because of his last name.

The media reported: James Holmes spent a year in a small neuroscience doctoral program, surrounded by scientists and roughly three dozen classmates delving into the inner workings of the brain.

And all these “intense psychiatrist characters” didn’t get that this guy was either turned into a Manchurian candidate during the time he was on the program or before he was allowed to enter the “elite” program? I get it right away when a person is altered.  The transformation of people into zombies is the scariest thing I ever saw. No exaggeration.  

The media: Experts say, however, the intimacy of the program and its focus on the brain may not have been enough for staff and students to detect that Holmes was on a course that police say ended with a deadly rampage at a midnight showing of the new Batman movie.

Well, then psychiatry is crap and original Scientology absolutely fantastic because I (and I bet Ron and you too) can see on the first glance when a person is implanted and psychiatric turned.

That guy who ate the face of the homeless man in Florida was also psych implanted and hypnotized. I bet that this is also the case for pretty much all school, mall, church, kindergarden shooters as well as so-called suicide bombers or terrorists and many murderers. They were implanted and hypnotized to kill themselves after they committed the crimes. They feel better when the “evidence” of their crime, the psych altered mind is gone after the Manchurian candidate committed the terror act.  

The Media: Supported by a prestigious federal grant, Holmes, 24, was in the first year of a program at the Anschutz Medical Campus dedicated to neuroscience, studying such topics as how the brain works or malfunctions or helping develop drugs to treat epilepsy and other disorders. But it is not behavioral science or psychology, experts say.

Makes people hopefully think twice before they pop pills that were developed by “intense characters” who use federal grant money to buy deadly weapons. I didn’t study behavioral science or psychology but I recognize a psychiatric altered person right away. Not one of the psychiatrists or psychologist figured that other psychs implanted one of their own and turned him into a Manchurian candidate.

The media:  “It’s really only a fraction of professors  who could identify a simmering mental disorder,” Eagleman said. “Many people in neuroscience are not specialized in the issue of picking up mental illness … There are plenty of people who just study mice and cats and stuff like that.”

That is “great”, isn’t it? And how much taxpayers money goes into paying those mice and cats psychs? And the fraction of professors who could identify that “mental disorder” don’t identify that James Holmes was implanted and hypnotized into a Manchurian candidate by his own peer. 

Authorities say Holmes began shopping for firearms while studying neuroscience.  It brings out “the best” in same.

He joined the program in June 2011 after receiving a National Institutes of Health grant to cover his tuition and provide a $26,000 annual living allowance.  The cluelessness of the feds is unbelievable!

Media:  The school refuses to say what specifically Holmes studied. But an online syllabus listed him as making a presentation in May during a class called “Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders.”

Psychs apparently uncooperative in revealing the crap that Holmes studied. Why? Do they want others to study the same crap? Is there something that America and the rest of the world should not know about psychs?

Media:   “He had, as is now common knowledge, excellent academic credentials,” said Barry Shur, dean of the university’s graduate program. Shur said the graduate program is “like a family” in which faculty carefully monitor students’ progress.”

That family apparently doesn’t interact when one family member is turned into a Manchurian candidate.

The media: “It would be a logical step to assume there were people in that program who worked closely with him and would have the expertise to assess his behavior,” said Mary Ellen O’Toole, a former FBI profiler and the author of the book “Dangerous Instincts: How Gut Feelings Betray Us.” And “But being able to recognize concerning, troubling behavior does not mean you can prevent a mass homicide,” O’Toole said. “There are many people at a university level who act quirky and strange and don’t go out and commit mass murder.”

That’s right but what Ms. O’Toole doesn’t get is that the “intense” or “quirky” and “strange” characters shouldn’t be the one who have the monopoly  to decide who and what and who is “mentally ill” as they have their own marbles not together.  These are the guy who decides who gets to be involuntarily committed and decide what goes in the pills that people swallowing.  

Besides, also she misses the point that these “intense” or “quirky” and “strange” characters hypnotize and implant others into becoming Manchurian candidates and terrorists.

The media: Academics studying the human brain may not have the same ability to size up threats as someone who makes his living spending time with people firing guns, O’Toole said.  Glenn Rotkovich, owner of a private Colorado gun range outside Denver, quickly concluded there was something wrong with Holmes.

So what are they saying? A non-psych gets it immediately and psychs doesn’t get it.

The media: Holmes applied to join the range in late June. But Rotkovich said that after calling Holmes back and hearing a “bizarre” voice mail message — spoken in a strange, low-pitched voice with heavy breathing — he concluded he didn’t want Holmes as a member.

Why didn’t Rotkovich inform the police? If he spoke in a strange, low-pitched voice with heavy breathing psychs were not concerned because they have these many “intense”, “strange” and “quirky” characters who do the same?

The media reported that the booby traps and the weapons in Holmes were very sophisticated and expertly put together, so that he might not come away with the insanity defense. But what is sane about killing people in a cinema?

Psychs come up with all kinds of theories, that he either is nuts or faking it. What they basically saying is that they know as little as anybody else who has not studies psychology or psychiatry and they sure know a lot less than we do: because we see that psychs implanted another psych.   

Psychs can strip away the barriers of a person with their hypnotizing and implant technology.  A person with evil intention might have murder on his mind but the idea of being socially no longer adored and shunned by  family, friends, colleagues and the rest of the world and the idea of being imprisoned or put to death is preventing the person of of the time to go through with it.  But it does not stop the person with evil intentions to implant and hypnotize another person with evil intentions and let her conduct the despicable act of murder and terror.  As long as implant p$ychs are getting away with it, as long there will organized terror and murder.  And the people with the evil intentions who were set up by its peer don’t even get that they were set up.  Their analytical mind is so disabled after the implant and the hypnosis that they don’t get it.   

The media: “Most psychiatrically ill people who commit violent acts have tried to tell a mental health professional about their intentions,” Ablow  (Dr. Keith Ablow) said. “In this way Mr. Holmes is more like other people with violent fantasies than unlike them.  Most of these things are telegraphed.”

Who commit violent acts… That means that they are happening and the psychiatrists don’t prevent them despite they know that they will happen? 

Keith Ablow also is cited in Fox News saying that Homes will be tested on physical matters, if he has for example has a brain tumor, etc. but also that his personality will be analyzed in a series of psychiatric interviews, as well as well as a determination of whether he harbors any fixed and false beliefs (delusions)–like being under the control of aliens, being specially selected to save the world, being pursued by the CIA or having thoughts implanted into his head by devices in the walls of his apartment. 

So, the Google folks who warned people on Google Incognito to be aware of agents monitoring them wouldn’t pass psych tests?

People who are claiming that the CIA or other secret services are after them are mentally ill? It never happened before? Guess not according to psychiatrists who want to sweep their own secret service activities under the carpet.

As far as being specially selected to save the world is concerned, it is a sure bet that Jesus will end up in the loony bin if psychs have the saying.  And some other TV doctor said he wonders why Jesus doesn’t come back.  

Thoughts implanted by devices in the walls of his apartment? Guess that shows that psychiatrists will label a person mentally ill if she figures out that secret service psychs have technology to influence the mind of people. (This psychiatrist makes it look ridiculous by saying these devices would be in the walls and not for example in a van of secret service psychs parked somewhere in the area of the victims.)  

Hearing voices is the first thing that psychs wanting to know. Marty, I don’t hear voices, but I know others hear their psychiatric-run case officers all the time, as to what they should do and say. If somebody blows the whistle on them, psychiatrists of course say that there is no such thing and that those who hear the voices are mentally ill.  

Well, if that is maintained by the psychs then they should not wonder if one day psych colleagues conspire against them and turn them also into Manchurian candidates just as they did with James Holmes.

18th Judicial District Chief Judge William Sylvester has barred cameras and also audio recordings. This is just “great”.  More secrecy instead of more openness in a psychiatric implant case.  As less people see that James Holmes is a Manchurian candidate as better for those who made him to a Manchurian candidate and who cover it up.  

Marty, as you know if Scientology technology is applied correctly, it could be proven scientifically that James Holmes was implanted, hypnotized, drugged, e-shocked, conditioned. But I think that his psych implanters rather want him get the death penalty or make him commit suicide to bury the “evidence in his mind”.

The media: College academics came easily to Holmes, who studied at the University of California. One former classmate told the Washington Post: “He didn’t even have to take notes or anything. He would just show up to class, sit there, and around test time he would always get an A.”

That could mean that a case officer was transmitting everything to him through ear implants. And exactly those ear implants and the way to control people through them might be very well the cause that James Holmes carried the terror act out. He sat in the auditorium of the movie theater and heard his case officers calling his code through the ear implants and to attack and the rest is very sad history.

The media: In the summer of 2006, he scored an internship at the prestigious Salk Institute that may have raised some red flags. His supervisor told the Christian Science Monitor he was an [sic] usually bad intern, “odd” and “stubborn.” But he still graduated from University of California at the top of his class, according to USA Today. After that, he enrolled in a neuroscience doctoral program at University of Colorado.

Odd people are allowed to graduate on the top of their class and become psychiatrists, but we knew that already, didn’t we. The nurse that I spoke to recently said that she never met any psychologist or psychiatrist who had no mental problems.

Experts have suggested he might have had a psychotic break after failing to meet the expectations of his father, who has a degree from Stanford and a successful career, the Daily Mail reported.

I think that is nonsense.  The others said that everything came so easy to Holmes. Why would that suddenly stop – except he is on drugs or/and hypnotized and implanted into a zombie.

Just as September 11 terrorist suddenly got robotic and odd in Germany, James Holmes is getting odd in Colorado where he is away from his family so that they can’t notice that something is wrong.

He is looking for love and people noticed his “soul-penetrating eyes” and asked if women would visit him in prison. Hypnotized eyes would be the better word for what is going on with that fellow.

People who met him short before the terror attack say he was “nice”. Because he was a sleeper.  Who knows how many of such sleepers psychiatrists produced.   All what it needs is apparently a call in the ear drum implant and the sleeper wakes up and attacks.

If this isn’t a reason for bad people to change their characters? Not being the easiest kind of people that can be turned into a Manchurian candidate by other evil people?

George Estabrook, another psychiatrists who knew how to turn people into enemies of the USA indicated that the person to be turned.

Estabrooks alleged statements:

“I can hypnotize a man — without his knowledge or consent — into committing treason against the United States.”

“Is hypnosis dangerous? It can be. Under certain circumstances, it is dangerous in the extreme. It has even been known to lead to murder. Given the right combination of hypnotist and subject, hypnosis can be a lethal weapon.”

“The key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in splitting a man’s personality, or creating multipersonality, with the aid of hypnotism…. This is not science fiction. …I have done it.”

“During World War II, I worked this technique with a vulnerable Marine lieutenant I’ll call Jones. Under the watchful eye of Marine intelligence I split his personality into Jones A and Jones B. Jones A, once a ‘normal’ working Marine, became entirely different. He talked communist doctrine and meant it. He was welcomed enthusiastically by communist cells, and was deliberately given a dishonorable discharge by the Corps (which was in on the plot) and became a card-carrying party member. All I had to do was hypnotize the whole man, get in touch with Jones B, the loyal American, and I had a pipeline straight into the Communist camp.”

“War is the end of all law. When we speak of keeping within the rules of the game we are childish, because it is not a game and true rules never hold. In the last analysis any device is justifiable which enables us to protect ourselves from defeat.”

“Only a people who refuse to permit themselves to sink into intellectual lethargy and conformity, only a people who question and think . . . can be sure that hypnosis–disguised or direct–will not undermine their freedom and rob them of their very lives.”

In my view, the best candidates to be turned into terrorists are people who have evil intentions and are trained to do what their case officers radio with a code through their ear implants. The case officer just has to send the code and the hypnotized and implanted robotic person with evil intentions carries the terror attack out.

Psychs are now saying that Holmes wasn’t supersmart. He was dissecting birds in University of California-Riverside in 2010. Psychiatry is so weird and bloody.   Neuroscientist David Eagleman says Holmes’ credentials were no better than those of an average student.  “He didn’t know anything.”  

That is what we say about psychiatrists all the time, don’t we? They don’t know anything. 

Psychiatrist Eagleman is quoted in the media: “He (Holmes) was just a second-year grad student,” he says. “He didn’t know anything.”

What kind of science is that, which doesn’t teach a thing in four semesters? Just was we thought, Marty, in first and second year grade, psychiatrists LEARN NOTHING. Later, they learn how to implant and hypnotize others including their own peer. In future, they should just skip these grades and go back to their barber roots and cut hair.

Eagleman says, “Holmes is being depicted as some sort of brilliant researcher who won a rare grant, but there are thousands of research students in this country with such grants. Everyone has one. There is nothing elite about it.”

It is time, Marty, that the government stops awarding anyone with grants and stops psychs making terrorists.

The media: Marissa Randazzo, former chief research psychologist for the U.S. Secret Service and an expert in mass shootings, told Good Morning America today that there are several possible explanations for Holmes’ recent behaviors. “One is that he is in the middle of a psychotic episode which is quite possible. We see him distracted at multiple points, an almost sort of ‘coming to’ and trying to figure out where he is and process what’s going on,” she said.“ The other thing that we’re seeing — and we’ve seen some of this behavior in the past couple months — might suggest mania. Meaning hyperactivity, hyper energy, been possibly up and not sleeping for days. What we might be seeing here is the post effects.” Randazzo said a third possibility is that Holmes, a former neuroscience student, is faking mental symptoms he likely learned during his studies.

Marty, what does that woman know for sure? Three possibilities but not what is really wrong! Anyone can make the conclusion: either he is nuts or faking it. But the real conclusion: Psychs hypnotized and conditioned one of their own to go nuts is not drawn by her. Anything but the real McCoy!   

Shouldn’t she – as former chief research psych for the U.S. Secret Service –  be a lot smarter? Shouldn’t she have secret service methods, in other words implant and hypnosis awareness? How come she doesn’t consider that Holmes is hypnotized and conditioned as a Manchurian candidate?  I am shocked that she doesn’t get it. No wonder that the USA can’t live in peace and psychs can produce as many Manchurian candidate terrorists as they want when not even the American secret service “experts” are spilling the beans on that! I bet those are also the kind of “expert” who say that they got  Obama when instead they got just a doppelganger.

The blindness of psych “experts” leaves me flabbergasted. Really it does.  

America is not in good hands, and neither the rest of the world! They have for sure conditioned somebody to commit yet another atrocity, e.g. at the Olympic Games in the UK, but less hope that whatever attack is planned, that the plan will be crisscrossed.  I am sick and tired of reading about attacks, behind which I can see clearly psychiatric mindcontrol. The price of freedom is to fight them back. Nobody fights them back by not monitoring them.

The only reason why they go through with one terror attack after the other is because they know that they are getting away with it.

I know that you think that too, Marty.  I love you. Hope to see you against all odds soon.  And I think the orgs should watch out very carefully for any psych conditioned people within their own rows and should get rid of any kind of weapons.

It would be even better if their security guards had no weapons but would call for police help in case of an emergency. Sure, I know that police officers can be turned into Manchurian candidates as well but I noticed that psychs want to blame violence, brutality, terror on Scientology and Scientologists.  And Scientology management should not play into their hands by being unaware or plain stupid.

Yours forever,



This is my notebook, Marty. 🙂

No side is true and cool! (The Headley case)

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Dearest Marty, most missed prince in the universe, how are you?
My thoughts are with you, even if there is work and despite that our times has so many challenges and distractions. I love you so much and eternally, and this will never change because I know the decency of your personality. Unlike others, I can judge people on the tonescale. If I wouldn’t be able, I would have mistaken you with Mosey’s husband and “Jack Vistaril” with Ron like so many others do.
The 9th US-Circuit Court ruled on the Headley case (10-56226) and affirmed the decision of the lower court. The Headley’s lost also the appeal case. Maybe they appeal to the US Supreme Court if they think circumstances favour their case. They seem to me rather opportunists than victims in the legal sense.
I don’t look at the case from the view of the Headley’s, enemies of Scientology, “Independents”, David Miscavige, or the court. I look at it with the eyes of a real Scientologist as per the real founder L. Ron Hubbard (not his impostor “Jack Vistaril”).

Look at this psych crap:

The court came to the conclusion that Dr. Robert Levine, an “expert in the psychology of persuasion and mind control” offered a purported expert opinion. Needless to say, the “expert” didn’t recognize or admit that it is not Scientology but Jack Vistaril’s and DM’s ways to run SCN or the SO. The courts did strike his opinion as they felt that it was not done professionally, e.g., the psych didn’t ever speak to the Headleys in forming his opinion. What do I say? Just another unprofessional psych.
The “critics” of Scientology are thinking all the time that anyone buys what they are saying. Looks like they live in their own little mind-controlled world as not everyone is buying what they are saying. The California Courts are completely unimpressed of what they are saying.
These events are not the doing by the founder although the Headley’s blame him in unjustly manner. All these events that the Headleys are complaining about are either fabricated or clearly off-policy.
Ron, the founder did believe in amends, as you know. He rightfully thinks that people should make their damage up again to the one they harmed. It does not just helps the one who was harmed; it also helps to get rid of the guilt and bad conscience that the person has who committed the rotten acts.
But here is an important point: if it is heavy out-ethics as in criminal actions that needs to be corrected, no org is the right place for it. Marty, I bet the farm on it that according to the founder, the rehabilitation for criminals should be rather done in an official prison that works with the rehabilitation technology and not in form of labour camps or the RPF inside orgs. RPF on org grounds was according to former communicator Ken Urquhart invented by him and not by Ron.
However, there is a way to route out of any org, and if a family truly does love each other, they are making compromises to stay together or they leave together. If family members are attacking each other (incl. also DM’s family), there was something wrong to begin in that family that has nothing to do with Scientology, and Scientology is not applied, otherwise there would be love, support, and understanding. Unless there is a real SP among them who suppresses good, but once again, if there is a real SP, how come that he/she was not spotted before or during the start of that family in Scientology? It means Scientology is not applied by non-Scientologists who falsely claim they are Scientologists.

We didn’t disconnect in earlier times of Scientology. Family was very important to Ron. He didn’t want family torn apart over something as trivial as who is pro or against DM! He didn’t want them to be torn apart at all.
However, there is indeed an official way to route out, and if a family truly does love each other, they are making compromises to stay together. Either they leave or stay together. If family members are attacking each other (incl. also DM’s family), there was something wrong to begin with, and Scientology is not applied otherwise there would be love and understanding. Unless there is a real SP, but once again, if there is a real SP, how come that one was not spotted before or during the start of that family in Scientology? Scientology not applied by non-Scientologists under cover.
We handled our problems back then and didn’t run and allowed scandals and accusations to follow us. During my time as AG or President of C of S Germany, not one single person disconnected and neither did I despite RB. It was no fun but whenever I was around, she calmed down.
If DM would be wise, he would have known that unethical people don’t handle their situations and rather conveniently disconnect and that this results in lots of complaints and bad PR.
Unethical people bring the Sea Org down and in troubles. If people would be selected according to their basic tonelevel to work in Scientology, the Sea Org would have no problems on the inside and also a less on the outside because SPs don’t find the munitions to attack Scientology with. What is missing is the tonelevel test for anybody recruited on staff. DM makes so often wrong decisions in hiring people. He doesn’t apply the tonescale at all in selecting his executives. The tech is there but it is not used.
If a person would be selected as to her basic tonelevel, DM (who got SCN from the impostor and not from Ron) would never become the leader in the first place. That means, Jack Vistaril, Ron’s impostor didn’t apply the tonescale either. I posted before why DM is not a good leader for Scientology, and I doubt that he is a Scientologist at all. Which real Scientologist would allow doppelgangers and imposters in Scientology? (That is just one of my “disagreements” “with His Cobness.)

However, sure is that most Sea Org members travel a lot. Thinking back, I was constantly traveling, Marty. Most Sea Org members see a lot more of the world than the average citizen of any country, and they don’t do that in chains and also have their papers when travelling. People who say that they can’t leave, surely make it up. I think too that the Headley’s had thousand opportunities to leave but didn’t want to.
I am not sure how the RPF at DM’s personal org handles matters in detail, and it might be true that leaving the RPF might be difficult, however, they can route out with a routing form, and if they are lucky, DM throws money at them so that they won’t say anything bad about him. (Off policy to award the downstat!) He cares not much if at all about the reputation of the founder (as the Cook/Baumgarten contract and pro DM/bash LRH websites reveal) but a lot about his own lousy reputation.
It is true that we agreed to serve the Sea Org but as envisioned by the founder but not a “Sea Org” that conspirers even against the founder and alters our religion. When secret services take over and alter it, we Scientologists should not have to take this, but I noticed that the Headley didn’t blow the whistle on that and rather blame the founder on what the secret service infiltration should be blamed on.
This includes DM’s anti-survival and rather Catholic policy of having no children, which apparently makes downtone people (who never should be accepted in the SO) consider something as non-Scientological as abortion. If Claire Headley, her husband, and others would be uptone, they would never aborted any child, it doesn’t matter who said it. They could have left the SO for a Scientology Class IV org and delivered all the babies.
I was the President of a Class IV org. Abortion was never any issue, Marty. Not one time with more than hundred staff and thousands of public! We had nurseries and babies were born and grew up with their parents. Did they produce less? Nonsense. Where they distracted? Most of the time, they were not. Once in a while: yes. But the fact that people accuse DM of running orgs with staff members that abort harms Scientology (and the conscience of those who abort) more than putting up with a little family distraction once in a while.

If DM would be a wise man, he should know that his no children rule invites abortion with the low tone people who join his orgs. I wouldn’t want to have abortions on my conscience. Motivators will follow. If you and me would lead Scientology, we never would have implemented a no children rule for Scientology. Indifference towards children, gosh, that is on the bottom of the tonescale! Besides, DM does not offer original Scientology OT levels and neither Ron’s research to preserve also health and youth through an alternative style of living. If these SO members have no family, who will take care of them when they are too old and sick to work? Right now, he hands these kind of Sea Org members to their family but what if no family is left?
There are of course also Sea Org members (those who are more uptone) who leave the SO for class IV orgs and are delivering their babies. It does not speak at all for opportunists Marc and Claire Headley that they did not do the same but rather aborted. The Catholic church has a non-2nd friendly policy and doesn’t allow their priests to marry. It results into homosexuality and paedophilia. DM’s policy results into abortion with donetone people aborting, because he allows the first part of the 2D, which is naturally followed by the 2nd part of the 2nd dynamic. Ron said clearly that the 2D has two parts and DM is ignorant of it as of so many other things that Ron said.

However, Marty, there is the danger in the air that I am feeling that an org might become the subject of a terror act. I feel that you sensing danger as well. If in such a case no children are around, it would be a blessing. On the other side, if DM and other infiltrators would not cover up any non-Scientologist psych infiltration and would admit it, there would be no danger of such a terror act by infiltrators, because psychs would be afraid to be discovered and that would mean that children in the SO would be absolutely safe in a Sea Org with their parents, uptone and real Scientologists.
I don’t approve of the judges accepting the way Jack Vistaril (Ron’s impostor) and DM, and others infiltrated and changed Scientology from the applied philosophy that it originally was under the real founder. They seem to accept anything the non-Scientology infiltration changed in original Scientology. Whatever Jack Vistaril and DM order, the judges seem to be fine with it. They accept the non-religious alteration of our religion as a religion. Vistarology and Miscavology is not Scientology!
I also wonder if they applied the same standard when making decisions against you, Marty, the innocent and framed person. (I still think that the German government framed you and that the infiltrated orgs under DM won’t help you out.)
Many kisses, my soul mate.


Google warning of surveillance by secret agents…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, it is me again. 

I am sure you noticed that some people are labeled mentally ill for no other reason but being alive and expressing a view, while others get away with it. Whatever p$ychs are in the mood for.

Google published something about secret agents. If I would tell a psychiatrists that agents are doing secret surveillance, the would call this “mental illness”. 

Sometimes my Google Chrome browser shows me too many pop ups and in order  to avoid this, I switched over to Google Incognito. There, I read the amazing Google text. Here it is:   

Going incognito doesn’t affect the behavior of other people, servers, or software. Be wary of:

  • Websites that collect or share information about you
  • Internet service providers or employers that track the pages you visit
  • Malicious software that tracks your keystrokes in exchange for free smileys
  • Surveillance by secret agents
  • People standing behind you

  • Surveillance by secret agents…  And also yesterday, I read on a  Fox website that psychiatrists are saying that it is a mental illness if somebody feels being pursued by CIA secret agents. Lucky for Google folks that they grew too big for p$ychs to commit them.  

I bet that numerous psychiatrists would say that this statement “Surveillance by secret agents” is a delusion, a mental illness and needs to be treated. Particularly hypocritical psychiatrists will say that about those who know that secret services indeed spy on others.

Psychs are having the mental troubles. I find it really revealing that psychiatrist calling their own crazy peer “intense characters” but non-psychiatrists that have the same or similar “intense characters”, they label insane. They are the ultimate hypocrites.

Miss you so much! Thousand passionate and tender kisses, my love.

Yours in all eternity.



God or man?

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Marty, my irresistible soul mate,

I don’t expect many people to understand this posting but you will, Marty, my sweet, genius, and divine prince.

Some of the enemies of L. Ron Hubbard the real founder  of Scientology (not his above the law impostor Jack Vistaril) claim that DM and his supporters think that Ron is God. Really? Guess that is why they conceal that Jack Vistaril was his impostor, left the original Ron behind without giving  a damn and  are glorifying (just as the “Independents”) his impostor.  That is how people treat God, isn’t it? 

There is also a PR woman in one of DM’s orgs who was filmed saying: “Some people say that L. Ron Hubbard was a God but he was just a man. – Really, it is nothing…” (Video is on YouTube.)

He was and is NOTHING in the eyes of stupid and rotten infiltrators! Basically all of them agree: Ron was just a man.

But we are real Scientologists and no infiltrators, and our viewpoints count.

Marty, I KNOW that God, the Almighty is on a mission to make people understand that they can have paradise on Earth if they would give up their evil intentions towards others and finally learn from experience. If one believes in God, where else would such a mission come from? And Ron’s work reflects this mission. It differs from any other movement that preaches “be good” because Scientology really works, and there is so much more to it than even most Scientologists know yet.

I also saw the Almighty behind your eyes, Marty, and how you swept into my heart and never left it. I discovered that God can have several identities even at the same time.  Why should the creator of the universe not be able to have several identities at the same time or being able to speak through a special person?

And God is still working at it to save mankind by making it UNDERSTAND.

The phrase: “It is not for us to know” is anti-God. It is the most stupid and wrong phrase I ever heard, Marty. I figured that the Almighty wants people to raise their awareness about who they are, were they came from and where they go. He wants them to know, how they have to behave and what they have to do (and it is fun, rewarding, and not boring at all as you know) to live forever happily and in peace.  

Anything to create that great world (and I don’t mean Jack Vistaril’s or DM’s cult or any other similar system) and eternal happiness for all (actually, paradise on Earth) and a way to get there was discovered by the real founder L. Ron Hubbard. That means that the real Ron either was/is an identity of  God or God spoke/speaks through him. If you ask me, both is the case, however, the pure spiritual identity of the Almighty or also called the Heavenly Father is watching over it all from some distance to guarantee the happy ending. (This statement will be ridiculed by all those who are clueless of the magnitude of Ron’s research and fall for the defamation, set ups, conspiracies, and lies of suppressive people, which could be also called: satan.) But I don’t give a damn. Somebody has to tell it how it is.

A lot of Scientology is altered or stolen but there might be a way to get it back. Knowing apparently more about Ron’s research than many others, I say that he established paradise on Earth (training, processing, but also the alternative lifestyle that stops aging and diseases), and based on all of that, a knowledgeable and spiritually alert person will agree at least to the degree that the Almighty spoke through Ron by having him find out WHAT ALL OTHERS MISSED. One could also say that Ron was/is the chosen one for this very difficult scientific mission. Why? Because he did it. How can that not be divine that he figured all that that nobody else found out? 

Christians believe that there is satan but they don’t believe that satan can ruin the reputation of one of God’s identities, despite that Jesus was accused of being a criminal and sentenced to death? To me, Christians don’t make a lot of sense.  And atheists neither. They are not even aware of being spiritual beings. That is the awareness of animals.

I love you, Marty, so much and many heavenly kisses. It is a race of good versus evil and evil having perverted the entire world to make good look evil. We had it all before. If the case of Jesus isn’t an example, what else is?

History indeed repeats itself. But God is not giving up his mission. He wants us Scientologists to make the human race understand and create paradise on Earth for all those who decide to be the best they can, and we will do just that. I am so excited about it, because I feel it is coming true even if it doesn’t look like this at the moment in time.

Yours forever anywhere,


P.S. I want to add here that in German churches, God or Jesus are referred to as the “Herr” (not the Lord), and any average Joe is called “Herr” too. Any male creep stands is called by the same name as God. Well, that is Germany, the cradle of satan if you ask me.