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Didn’t know that Mosey’s father is a psych…

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 Yikes, another cross!!  

Marty, my sweet prince,

I can’t help it but psychology seems to me psychiatry having used some Scientology wisdom (tracing problems back to the roots) but still not getting it right. Ron said that he researched Dianetics and Scientology a long time before he ever published something. They spied on him.

I didn’t know that Mosey’s father is a psych. What do I conclude? Behind the scene, SEGNPMSS brought your impostor together with Mosey so that the “Independent Scientologists” (yeah right!) become psych-friendly dupes by turning Mosey’s husband into the opinion leader of the “Indies” and their movement.

P$ychs are so transparent and predictable, at least for a mind of a real Scientologist, a mind like mine and yours, Marty.

Mosey’s dad is a psych but he doesn’t get that Mosey’s husband is an impostor? Or does Mosey’s dad and also Mosey know but they are not talking about it?

If the pro-DM websites would be worth a cent, they would have mentioned that clearly, but no, that is too much to ask… I just read one comment somewhere that Mosey’s husband might be hypnotized by Mosey’s father but no clear hint that he is a psych.  No, I had to fish that information to make above conclusion from Tony Ortega’s long and often biased ramblings. Yes, that Backpage guy who probably was/is married to a Muslim woman but probably now lives together with a Jewish woman. That might be his contribution to the “peace” in the Middle East.

I meet a certified nurse and medical therapist recently, Marty. Never discussed Scientology with her. She is retired now, but she told me that ALL psychiatrists and psychologists who she met became psychiatrists and psychologists to be able to handle their own mental problems. ALL of them became psychiatrists or psychologists for exactly that reason.  Shocking, isn’t it? She said that she never met just one without mental problems. Not one!  Does that not mean that crazy guys are asking people to lie down on that couch? 

Remember that boy who did lie on the couch and the psych asked: “Tell me about your mother…”. And the boy answered: “She wants you to stop calling her!”

Or that one where a patient tells the psych that he has no mental problems, and the psych says that he will treat him with the “Mental Disease Deficiency Disorder”.

However, if psychs wouldn’t do anything  but just giving “advice” (even if  the advice is not much if worth anything) to people who like voluntarily blowing their money on them and pay their excessive fees, they  wouldn’t be that dangerous to mankind. But the problem are the dangerous drugs they prescribe, involuntary commitment, e-shocks, hypnosis, implants,  making of terrorists, set ups, infiltrations,  infiltration of governments, crimes, murders, secrets, conspiracies, and numerous other secret service methods that are enslaving mankind.

You understand the problem. Miss you more than words can say, Marty.

Love you forever, my dashing hero and one and only!


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    • Bozuri? Sounds like Suri. Bozuri, just another secretly celeb-obsessed weirdo.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 17, 2012 at 7:57 am

    • Know that joke?

      Patient says: “I can’t decide whether to slash my wrists or blow my brains out.”
      Psychiatrist answers: “You have difficulty making decisions.”


      July 18, 2012 at 1:30 am

      • A man is walking along the street when he is brutally beaten and robbed. He lies unconscious, bleeding.

        While he is lying there, a police officer passes by, but crosses to the other side of the road, without trying to help.

        A boy scout troop does the same as do a number of pedestrians.

        Finally, a psychologist walks by and runs up to the man.

        He bends down and says, “My God! Whoever did this needs help.”


        July 18, 2012 at 2:44 pm

  1. Read online that Alexander Jentzsch had no drugs in his system and that LAPD is looking into his death.

    Lonny Bonny

    July 17, 2012 at 3:56 pm

  2. Got a question for you. Did you work with or for DM?


    August 11, 2012 at 2:01 am

    • No never. DM is the reason why I am not back. He ain’t good nor capable. He knows that the founder was impostored and the first Marty Rathbun in Scientology is impostored, yet, DM covers it up. No wonder DM pulls in one motivator after the other. DM doesn’t run the orgs like a real Scientologist would.

      Barbara Schwarz

      August 11, 2012 at 5:26 am

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