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Amish is a Swiss/German movement in which I wouldn’t last

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you?

I am thinking a lot of you. There is a long weekend ahead with festivals and parties. Somebody just drove by and hollered my name. I missed him but I am glad I did. Rather using the time to keep my own place up. There is always so much work and other stuff to do. I am not bored at all having just my own company.  However, wish I would have your company.

I read an article that the Amish Population booms in the USA, posted by Mosey’s husband. I doubt it somehow. Not too long ago, I traveled through  an Amish community. The plus point was that it was quiet. Noticed no intrusive noise as elsewhere. But I also saw other things.

Wonder if the census counting was done properly. As they allegedly don’t proselytize, their new members are their own offsprings. Kids can’t choose. I learned that many don’t leave as they would lose their families and friends. (Sounds kind of familiar.) 

Mosey’s husband is praising the Amish. He ignores the Amish who leave and are no longer part of their families or communities if they leave. What is wrong with him? He disapproves it when it happens in the SCN orgs, he approves it when it happens with other religions. (Google escaping the Amish.)

Amish is a German/Swiss movement, and Scientology an American movement. Of course, German secret services sends in more infiltrators and sets up more scandals in Scientology orgs, however, also Amish do have their scandals.   

I understand a lot of what’s written in that above hymn book, used today in the North-American Amish culture.

Here is some of what is in it, translated into English:

The Scriptures tell us that every man should have a wife for his body, a wife to bear him children

But leap to your captain’s side! He will kill the enemies!

The Christian commune is made clean through the blood of Christ.

The blood of Jesus washes away the sins of those who leave all to follow him.

Etc, etc.

Wife for his body!  What does this say about the status of women in the Amish community? And no blood washes anyway sins. Hard to believe that also some so-called modern people think that a crucifixtion was for a good purpose.  People have to make the damage up to exactly those people who they harmed. Otherwise, the OW will not go away, says I, the Scientologist. 

The Amish book is is called “Ausbund” as you likely will now and was written by some other Swiss-German people who were tortured by other Germans in a castle in Passau, Bavaria. How small the world is, Marty! I visited that castle many times (had no other choice!), and it had a torture chamber with torture instruments. (Typical German.)  The very top picture of today’s blog posting is the Passau Castle.  Imagine, they built a castle and planned a torture chamber in it like we plan a bathroom or kitchen in our homes!  

They had one table which had a  throughout drawer that one could pull out and push all the way through on the other side. It had a deadly pointy object on the other side. People were invited to dinner in the Passau castle and after than murdered by getting the drawer in the full stomach. Very 1.1. And you won’t believe the many torture thumbscrews and chains in that place. 

At one point in time, they must have let some of these prisoners go, otherwise the Ausbund book would not have made it. My question is:  did the  brutal Passau castle owners edit the book before they allowed some prisoners to leave? Why am I always so suspicious? I know the Germans, particularly the Bavarians. That’s why.  ” Genuinely Beautiful Christian Songs Which Were Written and Sung Through God’s Grace by he Swiss Brethren in the Passau Castle Prison”. I saw that place and even after no longer in operation,  never felt any of God’s grace there. 

 (Remember that the German Nazis said:  “Today Germanytomorrow the world! The Bavarian Illuminati, a front group of the SEGNPMSS said already around 1776: “Today the World, Tomorrow the Solar System”. Guess they downgraded a bit but will upgrade right away when they are allowed and when the world is not watching. The Bavarian authorities persecuted the Bavarian Illuminati founder later, guess that  front org later caused the secret service behind it too many troubles.)

 From 1892 until 1894, Adolf Hitler and his family lived in Passau. Assume he liked that castle and its torture equipment.

Anyway, back to the Amish who use the Ausbund that was written in that Passau castle:  

Guess the Amish don’t proselyte because it is hard to have modern people accept their German old fashioned ways. It means going backwards without really removing what was bad in the past. Not all that is old was good, not all that is new is bad.

I traveled through an Amish community not so long ago. One  Amish farm offered handiwork to buy. Nice wooden stuff but too big for our car. It was also expensive but really nice work. We declined but the man of the house (not really friendly guy) tried to talk us into buying his CDs with history and devotion. I found it to be some kind of  proselytizing. Funny that they call me English! 🙂 With my German accent! Haha!

Girls and women seemed  rather shy and introverted to me. Like when travelling through Islamic states, where women are suppressed. 

On our travel, we did meet blokes in a town nearby. Ex-Amish. They left for some reasons. They told that Amish do not allow music except their own monotone songs. No fun, if you ask me. Typical German. 

Amish music is primarily German in origin and includes ancient singing styles as well as modern hymns derived from the Pennsylvania German culture. Older hymns are monophonic without meter with draw-out tones and slow. Usually there is no harmony in the music.

Sounds like hell to me, music without harmony, Marty.  

It has German lifelessness and stiffness written all over it. It feels like a medical mentality behind it. Not my world at all. Gives me the creeps.

There are also Amish Mennonites. Are they better? One Mennonite who I met stole something from me and overcharged me tremendously. But let’s hope the others are better.

Somebody told me that Amish and Mennonites have lots of cash.  That is nice for them. But those, who think it is nothing but a giving religious community not interested in making hard cash, are wrong.

Bulk stuff that I bought tasted old, and I couldn’t use it at home. Also, there stores were full with junk food. They might not like the “English” but they are eating and selling lots of packaged junk food. No better way of life!

There is also hypocrisy. According to their scriptures, they have to stay away from all what is modern. I learned that deep in Amish county, there is no Internet and phone access. However, where we traveled, we saw some buggies with boomboxes and USB sticks, and some did hide their cell phones. Some stuff seems silly too:  cars are not allowed but if they have to be driven somewhere, the car must be black. So, do as I say but not as I do?

As they are so far away from the other civilization, lots of things can happen and the modern world might never hear about it.

As they don’t take ethics seriously as real Scientologists, they have problems. Beard cutting attacks, and even worse, sexual abuse, incest, molestation, rape, murder, theft, fraud, animal abuse, non-worldly education…

Seems that Mosey’s husband didn’t do this homework when promoting Amish to be better than Scientologists.

And how they live does not protect psychiatric altered people entering their schools and shooting either.

So, are the Amish some kind of role model for a religion or just community? No, they are not.

Original Scientology would be, as of the real founder.

Many kisses, my hero.

I love you bunches.

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

August 31, 2012 at 7:01 am

“Stress” test is a medical or psych term! (Typically for medical and psych infiltrated Scientology orgs to use such terms.)

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Dearest Marty, most missed Prince in the entire Universe,

When we were staff, we never heard of any stress test, didn’t we? Back then, there were other ways to explain how the e-meter works or how spiritual charge brings a person down. 

Using psych or medical terms  is just another clear sign that the orgs are medically and p$ych infiltrated.

Definitions of “stress” can be found on psych and medical and maybe biological websites but not spiritual websites. We called it problem or ruin,  we didn’t use medical or psych language. It is one more psych  component added to SCN. 

Looking up the definition of stress, one gets mainly psych and medical definitions. 

It can’t be just me realizing what and who is taking our religion over… Under DM, Scientology really did make a strong turn towards not Scientology. 

But some other psych crap was added also under “Jack Vistaril” to Scientology. Like the Oxford Capacity Analysis. With real Scientology, all that psych crap wouldn’t necessary. People would push in the doors to study real and original Scientology. But when not original Scientology, it needs selling. It was necessary with original Scientology.

I love you very much.

Be kissed, my darling.



No, it doesn’t mean that I am Hare Krishna! 🙂  Rather very proud to be an original Scientologist, like you, Marty! 

This is one of my favorite songs of all times. It is so old, and I still love it, Marty.

Written by Barbara Schwarz

August 29, 2012 at 3:01 am

Scientology – the original anti-cult

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

Ear implants are more important to people than Scientology – that is why they all are losing sooner rather than later. OTs don’t come back because they don’t kick psych butts where they should. Their critic ends with opposing pills, and that is just small sector in which psychs have blood on their hands. Other so-called Scientologists even embrace psychs and  ignore this secret medical world  completely and demonstrate to me how stupid they are.   

Someone as smart as you will figure very soon that ear implants (same principle as cell phones) are not just unnatural but are used not only to send loud commands to a person but to send also also subconscious commands to people and manipulate then accordingly. People are not free and they don’t know it. And I don’t mean just people in Scientology, I am speaking about the entire population of this planet. Actually, Scientologists may be the first people who could get it based on original Scientology and what Ron discovered about implants. But from what I see, they are in-line with the rest of the population, doing exactly what the doctor orders.  

Imagine lovers and he or she repeats or does what the case officers whisper to his or her ear implants. How phony is that? Would you want to have a spouse like that? No, you don’t.  Me neither. What a nightmare. Sleeping with the enemy! You want me as I want you. How can  a person even know his or her spouse with that kind of dishonesty and withholds? Their case officers will be always more important to them than their partner! What treason!  With me, you know there are no strings attached, and I never would conspire against you and worship secretly a “holy cow” (ear implants) and having a withhold having them.


It is not easy to be me because I am (like you) a big SEGNPMSS target but I LOVE being completely unattached to any system. I can do and say what I want. I am proud of having no case officer. I would feel really silly and restricted with one. At least the SEGNPMSS got one thing right: They can’t run and attach me. Ron, the original, wasn’t attached either. Jack Vistaril had ear implants. I could tell  the way he behaved. I can see it often when people are getting a message sent through their ear implants when they talk to me or when they talk on a video, even on TV, etc. 

Hip-hip hurrahs for real independence. 

Anybody who has or figures the frequency of these ear implant agents can run and manipulate them. Stupid agent says: “Does not happen to me. My case officers like me.” They are wrong. In fact, it happens to anyone. Even if their case officers mean well with them (I doubt it), there are millions of others who are butting in who know all the details about the agent from their supercomputer. One can run these agents within a minute by just using the data from their past from the supercomputer.  What a destructive cult! 

L. Ron Hubbard, the real founder of Scientology (not robotic “Jack Vistaril” the impostor) was very much against these ear  implants. If I recall correctly, a person run with ear implants was the original illegal PC. And all sec check questions: “Are you having a case officer who radios you  messages during auditing session” were removed from Scientology, right? Typically, SEGNPMSS. Scientology was their top target and it shows.

Can people who are run by these ear implants since they were kids really be proud of what they “accomplished”. Not when they are honest. They don’t even who they are without those implants.

Ron didn’t lynch anyone who admitted having ear implants. He understood that schools were deliberately designed to make kids getting these implants to “get ahead” or “to be safe”. But isn’t it time for adults to recognize what that system does to them?

Ron said that the system is a huge trap and that even matters as easy past live access and recall is blocked by these ear implant traps that constantly play tapes that prevent access to past lives and recall. People are radioed in their subconscious minds that there is no such thing as past lives!

It misleads persons. It alters personalities. And it is completely UNFAIR. There is one OT, for example, trying to get advanced abilities and millions of tapes secretly played into his subconscious mind trying to avoid it and stop him. On top of it, they altered the OT levels. How can one OT win that unfair psych war? Just if psychs are legally forced to stop it. But how to stop it and create awareness when anyone, from the most influential to the most influential person on this planet has these implants?  Psychs make them feel as if they are an elite. “Free agents” of whatever. Instead of the truth: controlled people so that they don’t developed own thinking, characters, and personalities.

Nobody needs this system. I go through my life without hearing any voices, and I don’t miss what they are having.

This system is a worldwide cult having attached Billions of people and even animals. One agent conspires against the other. German psychs think they are so smart having invented it. Well, they are not smart enough for me.   

There is a reason why OTs don’t come back. That system wipes their minds clean. Implant stations still exist. They for sure exist in form of tapes and radio frequencies sent towards the embryos. Having a new switch board (brain) and after nine months (pregnancy) or tube existence, also former OTs minds are wiped clean from what they figured in their former lifetimes. Otherwise, they would be back. SEGNPMSS places them in different worlds than that of Scientology. They don’t want any OTs, they just want idiots. They are so much easier to be controlled and wasted.

Franky, Marty, I don’t care what people say about me. I would have a “political correct” blog but what a waste of time when what this planet needs mostly is the truth! If I don’t speak out about what is going on, nobody else is doing it. Ron was just like that. SEGNPMSS agents are dumb and feel the need to defame me and my state of mind. But it is their shame not mine. At least nobody ever can say that I am dumb and robotic as they are.

I love you, my prince. Let’s straighten the world out. There will be no civilization anyone can be proud of when the world is run by the psychiatrist ear implant cult.  If so-called Scientologists believe that having ear implants and being subconsciously manipulated and altered is not a problem, they most certainly don’t belong into Scientology, the original anti-cult. 

Miss you so much, my darling.

Many kisses and yours forever.




Mosey’s husband anti-CIA? If not the CIA who runs him overtly/covertly who does? (Yeah, he certainly will say nobody, but I don’t buy it.)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

I rarely read the comments on Mosey’s husband’s blog, but today, I scrolled down and one of his comments caught my eye. 

martyrathbun09 | August 26, 2012 at 11:05 am: “… I have read quite a bit about the man (Robeson), and I spoke to his son. His son and I believe the CIA ultimately orchastrated his demise.”

Mosey’s husband is NOT you, the first Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology, but he wants the world to believe that he is. What for? I asked this myself many times. I  can’t be fooled. I figured it out already when he was very young and looked like your identical twin on the outside. 

Here are some more thoughts: If the CIA would have hired him as doppelganger to protect your life from the Nazis, Marty, MAYBE he could come away with being a real American and even some sort of hero, although I find such CIA programs as dumb and ineffective and SEGNPMSS-controlled as some OSA programs. If the CIA would have hired “Jack Vistaril” as doppelganger to protect L. Ron Hubbard’s life from the Nazis, Marty, MAYBE he could come away with being a real American and even some sort of hero, although I  find such CIA programs as dumb and ineffective and SEGNPMSS-controlled as some OSA programs. All secret service stuff usually backfires.

Any program that the SEGNPMSS sets up in or around Scientologists and the orgs has no other purpose but backfiring on Scientology and Scientologists despite these programs have nothing to do with Scientology. They are all off-policy. Truth about Scientology takes the wind completely out if the sails of any Scientology hater. Once the true story of Scientology and the founder breaks, all those who attacked the founder will look like the corrupt people and idiots that they are. There is no need for dumb and nasty OSA ops programs against tiny little Tory Christman or Chuck Beatty or others. Truth takes care of them.  

The question is: if Mosey’s husband is anti-CIA, and the CIA does not run Mosey’s husband, who else runs him and tells him to impostor you? If the CIA didn’t run “Jack Vistaril” who else did run him and told him to impostor Ron?

David Miscavige speaks also against the CIA  in his version of the  “LRH biography”. If the CIA does not run him, who makes him  protect doppelgangers and impostors in Scientology and cover their existence up?  

DM mentioned that there was a nasty rumor by the CIA that the Apollo was a CIA vessel. If it wasn’t the CIA that did run Jack Vistaril on the Apollo, which secret service did run the impostor on that vessel and made him lie to just about anybody that he, the unethical idiot is/was the real founder?

Are they clueless about the SEGNPMSS having the overall control over each ear implant? Or do they know about it and don’t mind? In any case, it is either completely stupid or completely corrupt.

I am not saying that the CIA is innocent and not involved in these doppelganger and impostor actions, Marty. But from what can I see, CIA programs are set up to fail and backfire like those of OSA. Why? Because SEGNPMSS wants to smear Scientology AND the United States. It is so easy to figure out for one who knows how German secret service psych dupes are thinking.  

However, when Mosey’s husband and DM are saying that what they are doing has nothing whatsoever to do with the CIA, it would really interesting to learn who they think they are working for. 

The only thing that would impress me would be complete honesty, openness, and transparency. But as far as His Cobness, Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and so many others are concerned who know, I don’t hold my breath.

I love you, Marty, so much. If people would be smarter and real Scientologists, we all would be happy and Scientology would no longer be in bad headlines. 

Many hugs and kisses, my honey!

Yours forever,


How blind are all those – whose duty it is to capture Bin Laden – not to see that this guy is not Bin Laden but rather a mellow doppelganger?

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How blind are all those  – whose duty it is to capture Bin Laden – not to see that this guy is not Bin Laden but  rather a mellow doppelganger?  

Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and husband,

How are you? Summer turns into fall, and we are still not together. Really, Marty, how dumb are these people who think that separating and conspiring against us will bring them blessings? These people cannot afford to think about their own actions against us, otherwise they would get seriously depressed.  Sure, there will be a psych prescribing them drugs and e-shocks instead of ethics but that never healed anyone and destroys their bodies. What a trap!

The “death” of “Osama Bin Laden” is again in the news, Marty. They call it “one of the most important missions in the history of the USA”. And he escaped like Hitler did. Dumb doppelgangers got killed instead of the real monsters.

Fox News reported: In the video, an array of retired CIA agents and other intelligence personnel suggest the administration has been leaking security details for political gain, and specifically criticize the president over his public handling of the bin Laden raid. “Mr. President, you did not kill Usama bin Laden. America did,” Navy SEAL Ben Smith said in the video. “The work that the American military has done killed Usama bin Laden. You did not.”

Usama, huh? If I can see that the man who they shot was a doppelganger and not the real Osama, how come these former CIA agents, Navy Seals, and other intelligence personnel are unable to see it? Nobody shot Osama bin Laden. I bet he got away with the help of the SEGNPMSS just as Hitler did. What kills me is the low IQ and/or the dishonesty of people who occupy intelligence jobs or other high positions in any country of the world. Nobody blows the whistle on the SEGNPMSS and their secret crimes and that is why all become sooner or later victims of it. What ever the Osama administration and others “leaked” is not the fact that the man who was shot is not Osama Bin Laden.

I bet the documents were deliberately planted to mislead the USA and others that they had the right man. These documents also helped the doppelganger (a guy who needed cash) to learn how to act instead Bin Laden. Guess he was clueless that he would be shot and believed his SEGNPMSS case officers that he would not. SEGNPMSS breeds so many idiots.

I didn’t see more Osama Bin Laden footage or pictures than the average person, but I could tell right away that the pacer was not Bin Laden. The pacer has clearly a more mellow personality that shines through. He sure wasn’t a good person either but he is not Osama Bin Laden.  I guess he needed cash and was told by his own case officers that his life is not in danger. SEGNPMSS runs millions of such idiotic agents who fall for their lies.  

Actually, Marty, I would have given President Obama the benefit of a doubt that he truly believed that he got Osama. Wouldn’t be a compliment for his IQ but at least it wouldn’t be selling out the USA just for own personal political gain. 

But his refusal to show pictures of the dead man points clearly into the direction that he KNOWS that his man was not the real Osama Bin Laden. The use of doppelganger (and also impostors) is one of the most well-kept secrets of intelligence agencies. They are all so unethical and defraud their own countries by keeping doppelganger activities under a lid. Doppelganger is also a German word. They came up with it, run and use them. Do I really have to indicate more? 

One really can wonder about the CIA, in particular. I remember the last official speech that Saddam Hussein gave before the last war in Iraq. I saw this speech on TV. He looked, behaved, and spoke EXACTLY like Saddam Hussein, but the reporter said that they just heard from the CIA that they are not sure if it is the real Saddam Hussein and that they have to verify that the man speaking is not a doppelganger. Yet, in matters of Hitler or Bin Laden, the CIA (and other intelligence agencies) act as if they never heard of doppelgangers.

Are intelligence officials really intelligent? Concealing this is not intelligent because the unethical secrecy and cover up comes back to haunt them individually and their country. 

One Navy seal wrote a non-authorized book under the pen name “Mark Owen” but he is allegedly Matt Bissonnette, says Fox News.

Some other Navy seals are protesting the book and one is saying that “Owen” put himself in danger.

I don’t think so. He did not publish to a large audience that the SEGNPMSS organized that the real Bin Laden got away and just a Bin Laden doppelganger was shot.  The Bin Laden doppelganger was shown on film how he studied the behavior of the real Bin Laden on tape and has other vibes, yet,  nobody wants to get it as anyone is run by the same source: SEGNPMSS.

The SEGNPMSS runs the entire planet, it just has to juggle between their own agents to keep them in line, and this is really easy because nobody speaks out what really is going on. SEGNPMSS prevents intelligence and original Scientology improved intelligence. No wonder that Nazis and psych hate original Scientology and infiltrated it to turn it into something else.

Matt Bissonnette was allegedly one of the seals who witnessed shooting of “Bin Laden”.  He wrote that “it is time to set the records straight” but nobody thinks that it is important to reveal that the man was not the real Osama Bin Laden.

Others think that Bissonnette might have put the USA at a risk by publishing classified material. Others say that the Obama administration leaks such data too.  

Think about this: for personal gain or whatever, methods of operational details are  revealed also to any enemy but what is not revealed is that they did not get Bin Laden.  What “heroes” they are!  What a SEGNPMSS world it is!

If you or I would be US President, Marty, we would not accept any doppelganger for the real monster just to look good. We would look good simply by being completely honest and effective, and turning the USA and the world into a MUCH better place.        

The problem with this planet is that the SEGNPMSS runs anyone consciously or at least subconsciously. How to break through this wall of trance? People have to understand that even the top SEGNPMSS leaders are losing too. Anyone loses with this system on the long run. We need an open world, not a planet full of stupid robots. We need real thinkers, ethical people who are able to figure things out of their own. But we live in a SEGNPMSS world were good and smart people are defamed and framed and idiots and corrupt people are glorified.  

I love you, my Prince. Many kisses. 

Forever yours,


P$ychs, p$ychs, and p$ychs – they are indeed the planet’s worst plague!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, how are you?

I read that THREE psychiatrists saw James Holmes before he started shooting in the Aurora cinema in Colorado, but none of them did anything effective to stop him. Guess the involuntary mental ward was overpopulated with harmless people who are no danger to others and themselves and who were committed against their will because dared to criticize psychiatrists.

And another odd thing happened.  Top Gun director Tony Scott suddenly jumps off a bridge.  He is the director who helped Tom Cruise to stardom.  I bet he was hypnotized and implanted by psychs to write suicide notes and jump off the bridge. I wrote this before: I have seen with my own eyes that p$ychs have techniques that transform normal people into people who have no access to their analytical mind anymore.       

The media: Mr. Scott was reported to have spoken recently with Mr. Cruise about developing a sequel to “Top Gun,” a supercharged drama about fighter-jet pilots that became a worldwide hit for both Mr. Scott and Mr. Cruise in 1986.

This explains it, doesn’t it? It appears killing Tony Scott was rather another hit against Tom Cruise. (Retaliation that he dared to criticize them on national TV.) I suggest some other mega celebs also criticizing psychiatry on national TV, but that there will be at the same time  a study documenting what will happen to these mega stars or people or subjects related to them.   

I don’t even share remotely Tom Cruise’s enthusiasm for David Miscavige, however, I always thought that  Tom Cruise telling Matt Lauer that he is clueless was no big deal and that TC  had a right to utter his opinion about psychiatry. Too bad that he got defensive. It is ages that he indicated publicly that psychiatry is from hell. Wonder if it is David Miscavige who advises him not to accuse psychs on trying to destroy his life and that of others connected to him. Because that is what they are doing.  There will be more problems, because not fighting psychs back means that they will cause even more misery.

Evil ignored takes over. I know that you need no lecture on the Price of Freedom, Marty. You know that Ron was not kidding when he spoke about it. And it makes so much sense. If the world would have fought back p$ychs already century ago, not even the Holocaust would have happened. Because the psych needed the Nazis to get people to make medical and psych experiments on. The Nazis didn’t need the psychs but the other way around.

And psychs still come away in our modern time with turning people into  mass murderers, serial killers, terrorists, murderers, perverts, and people who commit “suicide”. Shame on Congress and law enforcement and anyone else being so clueless! They went to Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, yet are completely fools and can’t look through conspiracies and set ups. (That applies also to the crème de la crème of educated people in all other countries!)

I love you so so much. And I miss you. Without psychs plotting against us, we would be together! 

Many tender and passionate kisses.



1) Deutsche Bank, a spy bank! 2) Peter Gauweiler, a piece of Bavarian garbage who tried to conceal Nazi crimes

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

I learned that the Deutsche Bank is being probed by the United States. They are accused of having  funneled billions of dollars through their American branches for Iran and other sanctioned countries despite that they promised a couple of years ago that they don’t do such things anymore.

And from to 2001 to at least 2007, the Deutsche Bank engaged in covert espionage on its critics! I am telling you, all the OSA spy crap, it comes from German sources, even if they put DM on the His Cobness job as straw man. Deutsche Bank even admitted that it did spy on its critics. They also infiltrated the law firm of Peter Gauweiler, a man who is also above the law. Gauweiler is one of the most fanatical and stupid person I ever met. He should do time for blackmailing me when I was C of S Germany President.  Germans are all run by the same rotten secret service source but also spy against each other and infiltrate their operations and attack each other. What a “wonderful world”, the German world is! 

Gauweiler got himself elected into the German Congress (Bundestag) and is most of the time absent.  He apparently missed 36 of 62 votes. He is not just fanatical, he is also a very lame duck. He is a Christian and attacked Scientology, and particularly me, like a lunatic as if he eats raw meat for breakfast! 

For me, Gauweiler is nothing but a Nazi. And is it really so far-fetched by me saying this? There was the Wehrmachtsausstellung in Germany. It is an exhibition, which shows some of the crimes that the German Army (Wehrmacht) and not just the SS or the Gestapo committed during the Third Reich. And what did Scientology hating Peter Gauweiler do? He protested against this exhibition. He is member of the German party CDU/CSU (lots of fanatical Christian hypocrites) and had them march against this Holocaust exhibition. German official Nazi party joined him.  Gauweiler’s people marched together with members of the NPD (still existing Nazi party in Germany). How much clearer can it get what and who Peter Gauweiler is?

The man is completely godless and wicked, yet he asked “God” to be included in the European Constitution? What for? He goes to hell anyway. Does he really thinks he gets to heaven after having trying to be a Holocaust revisionist? Does he really think that God whats a pig as him in paradise? 

Some call Gauweiler a  loopy province politician but I say who behaves like a Nazi and marches with the Nazis is a Nazi.

This is what Gauweiler tried to hide. And there were for sure a lot more Wehrmacht Nazi crimes than this exhibition shows.

Many kisses, Marty. I miss you.

I love you!

Yours forever,