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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

Ear implants are more important to people than Scientology – that is why they all are losing sooner rather than later. OTs don’t come back because they don’t kick psych butts where they should. Their critic ends with opposing pills, and that is just small sector in which psychs have blood on their hands. Other so-called Scientologists even embrace psychs and  ignore this secret medical world  completely and demonstrate to me how stupid they are.   

Someone as smart as you will figure very soon that ear implants (same principle as cell phones) are not just unnatural but are used not only to send loud commands to a person but to send also also subconscious commands to people and manipulate then accordingly. People are not free and they don’t know it. And I don’t mean just people in Scientology, I am speaking about the entire population of this planet. Actually, Scientologists may be the first people who could get it based on original Scientology and what Ron discovered about implants. But from what I see, they are in-line with the rest of the population, doing exactly what the doctor orders.  

Imagine lovers and he or she repeats or does what the case officers whisper to his or her ear implants. How phony is that? Would you want to have a spouse like that? No, you don’t.  Me neither. What a nightmare. Sleeping with the enemy! You want me as I want you. How can  a person even know his or her spouse with that kind of dishonesty and withholds? Their case officers will be always more important to them than their partner! What treason!  With me, you know there are no strings attached, and I never would conspire against you and worship secretly a “holy cow” (ear implants) and having a withhold having them.


It is not easy to be me because I am (like you) a big SEGNPMSS target but I LOVE being completely unattached to any system. I can do and say what I want. I am proud of having no case officer. I would feel really silly and restricted with one. At least the SEGNPMSS got one thing right: They can’t run and attach me. Ron, the original, wasn’t attached either. Jack Vistaril had ear implants. I could tell  the way he behaved. I can see it often when people are getting a message sent through their ear implants when they talk to me or when they talk on a video, even on TV, etc. 

Hip-hip hurrahs for real independence. 

Anybody who has or figures the frequency of these ear implant agents can run and manipulate them. Stupid agent says: “Does not happen to me. My case officers like me.” They are wrong. In fact, it happens to anyone. Even if their case officers mean well with them (I doubt it), there are millions of others who are butting in who know all the details about the agent from their supercomputer. One can run these agents within a minute by just using the data from their past from the supercomputer.  What a destructive cult! 

L. Ron Hubbard, the real founder of Scientology (not robotic “Jack Vistaril” the impostor) was very much against these ear  implants. If I recall correctly, a person run with ear implants was the original illegal PC. And all sec check questions: “Are you having a case officer who radios you  messages during auditing session” were removed from Scientology, right? Typically, SEGNPMSS. Scientology was their top target and it shows.

Can people who are run by these ear implants since they were kids really be proud of what they “accomplished”. Not when they are honest. They don’t even who they are without those implants.

Ron didn’t lynch anyone who admitted having ear implants. He understood that schools were deliberately designed to make kids getting these implants to “get ahead” or “to be safe”. But isn’t it time for adults to recognize what that system does to them?

Ron said that the system is a huge trap and that even matters as easy past live access and recall is blocked by these ear implant traps that constantly play tapes that prevent access to past lives and recall. People are radioed in their subconscious minds that there is no such thing as past lives!

It misleads persons. It alters personalities. And it is completely UNFAIR. There is one OT, for example, trying to get advanced abilities and millions of tapes secretly played into his subconscious mind trying to avoid it and stop him. On top of it, they altered the OT levels. How can one OT win that unfair psych war? Just if psychs are legally forced to stop it. But how to stop it and create awareness when anyone, from the most influential to the most influential person on this planet has these implants?  Psychs make them feel as if they are an elite. “Free agents” of whatever. Instead of the truth: controlled people so that they don’t developed own thinking, characters, and personalities.

Nobody needs this system. I go through my life without hearing any voices, and I don’t miss what they are having.

This system is a worldwide cult having attached Billions of people and even animals. One agent conspires against the other. German psychs think they are so smart having invented it. Well, they are not smart enough for me.   

There is a reason why OTs don’t come back. That system wipes their minds clean. Implant stations still exist. They for sure exist in form of tapes and radio frequencies sent towards the embryos. Having a new switch board (brain) and after nine months (pregnancy) or tube existence, also former OTs minds are wiped clean from what they figured in their former lifetimes. Otherwise, they would be back. SEGNPMSS places them in different worlds than that of Scientology. They don’t want any OTs, they just want idiots. They are so much easier to be controlled and wasted.

Franky, Marty, I don’t care what people say about me. I would have a “political correct” blog but what a waste of time when what this planet needs mostly is the truth! If I don’t speak out about what is going on, nobody else is doing it. Ron was just like that. SEGNPMSS agents are dumb and feel the need to defame me and my state of mind. But it is their shame not mine. At least nobody ever can say that I am dumb and robotic as they are.

I love you, my prince. Let’s straighten the world out. There will be no civilization anyone can be proud of when the world is run by the psychiatrist ear implant cult.  If so-called Scientologists believe that having ear implants and being subconsciously manipulated and altered is not a problem, they most certainly don’t belong into Scientology, the original anti-cult. 

Miss you so much, my darling.

Many kisses and yours forever.





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