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Pat Broeker – first supporting impostor Jack Vistaril and wasting the real Ron’s cash – then turning to med school?

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Dearest Marty, my divine Prince, how are you?

After Scientology Patrick Broeker attended med school? He sure must have been impressed by the Vistaril injections that Dr. Eugene Denk injected Ron’s impostor that he wanted to become a doctor as well. And did those injections that the coroner found prolonged the impostor’s lifespan?  

I assume you have heard of the matter and maybe read the media coverage, Marty. If C of S would have a better reputation, I doubt that Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold would have filed their law suit against the C of S. I think they try to cash in the stream of “Let’s hate and milk the C of S”, and yes, a lot has to do with DM not being a better leader and making really dumb decisions. He had others call him “the Duke”? So, he is HIS COBNESS after all, isn’t he. He sure is full of himself.

Back to the Private Investigators. On what planet are these two living not asking for a written contract? If they don’t have a contract in writing, they can be out of a job the next day. This is how it is anywhere on the planet. That “verbal contract” that they were having, was pretty good if it lasted for almost 30 years. 

There is a video on the net, those two being interviewed by Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin. What gets me is that these guys should know that the person who hired them and told them not to do anything illegal wasn’t Mosey’s husband but YOU. As private detectives, they should have figured right away that not just the founder was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” but that Mosey’s husband was/is not you either but a doppelganger and impostor.  

That means that Mosey’s husband is no witness to whatever took place in 1988 in regards to these detectives and Pat Broker. YOU are the witness. You disappeared end of 1989 and Mosey’s husband showed up around 1990 and took your job. The secret service psychs who arranged that were never in love. Otherwise, they should have known that they can’t fool a woman in love with a doppelganger. People with really low IQs run the planet and that is why everything is such a mess and going to hound them.

Another thing stroke me as odd. One of the detectives’ father was a good friend of Pat Broeker. That detective spoke of Pat Broeker as “the gentleman” instead of “the suspect”. Are PIs whose relatives befriend the suspect  really impartial to do an impartial job?

Just some thoughts of mine. DM apparently still has a great need for PIs. What made him to dump these PIs? Why didn’t he just reassigned them to watch the other guys who he has under surveillance? It seems that Karen Pouw indicated that there were “irregularities”. What does that mean? They overcharged? They were not really on the side of the C of S? If one is not completely on the side of the one who hired them, what makes one think that they reported truthfully about what Broker did? 

Did he hire new PIs to watch Broeker?  Are the missing millions retrieved? Who took them and who needs to go to the slammer?

Besides, Broeker worked with DM for a long time. He KNEW that he would be under surveillance if he would leave. Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder knew at once that they were under surveillance. But Broker did miss it for 30 years? Who believes that? Somebody who knows that he is under surveillance, is careful and might even plant to mislead those who are watching him.     

Steve “Sarge” Pfauth allegedly reported that Pat Broeker was laughing and joking with David Miscavige at Creston Ranch, the day after “LRH” died and that they gambled with Ron’s cash and Pat Broeker was throwing around Ron’s cash. The media reported that “Pat Broeker had made off with $1.8 million and a cache of critically important Hubbard records”.

Secret service doctors can kill with remote control. I know that Annie Broeker (Logan Tidman) smoked and died on lung cancer. But some smoke all their lives and don’t die on lung cancer. Was she PTS and pulled it in? That would nevertheless not contradict this: It seems that Pat Broeker is “revived” as “gentleman with a medical profession”, her recent death seems very convenient for the psych/medical force that conspired against Ron and Scientology since such a long long time. But as anything, that shot could go backwards and hit the SEGNPMSS one day in the leg. 

As far as the “important Hubbard documents” are concerned: anything that the impostor wrote is just good enough to wipe windows with. He carries a lot of blame that Scientology is no longer the anti-cult as it was established by the original founder.

Anyway, YOU are the witness in that case, not Mosey’s husband. Let’s see and wait if Mosey’s husband dares to support a law suit as eyewitness to which he is none.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


One of the biggest mistake that “Scientologists” make

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Wish somebody would tell me truly your whereabouts. These monsters who order to keep us apart and who have the world under their suppressive thumb live in secret places in which their lousy bodies do not fall to pieces. Time doesn’t matter to them. But it matters to anyone who isn’t allowed to live like that.

Another big mistake is that Scientologists (if they even can called being Scientologists) don’t tell the world that they are 1) infiltrated by non-Scientologists who do deliberately wrong things to have it blamed on Scientology, 2) that psychs nap some and condition them to commit suicide, murder or both together. 

Some might think that “advocating” this might harm the expansion of Scientology, but fact is if they (and this includes very much CCHR) act as everything is fine in the orgs or on org lines, and that psychs and doctors don’t commit crimes also in the orgs and against people online (Scientologists and/or infiltrators), there will be no future of Scientology. It’s reputation is on an all time low. The only thing that saves Scientology and Scientologists is the truth. The orgs do not apply the Price of Freedom. They do not fight back the secret psych infiltration and that is what all these bad news are about. It is the aftermath of secret service doctors being able to do to the orgs and Scientologists and people onlines whatever they want. By not documenting that psych set up one disaster after the other to destroy Scientology, it will be destroyed. This is really not higher math, isn’t it?  

The orgs have to file cases to the federal government in each country and document each open and covert strike by p$ychs and gather evidence. Psych agents in the government will of course try to get rid of such a case but whatever they say, the orgs have to continue to document these set up and attacks against Scientologists and Scientology. Just as CCHR documented some of the psych history and crimes outside and not connected to Scientology, the orgs have to document crimes committed by p$ychs against them and Scientologists. This is the only way to get a handle on it.

When Scientologists fight back, the attacker will think twice attacking. HIS  and THEIR reputation and safety is then on the line. Criminals who are allowed to hide because nobody shows with the finger on them will do it again and again. They think that crime is fun and pays and that they ALWAYS are getting away because they control just about anyone on the planet. The mission is to make those think you are being run no longer believing the lies of their secret service because they will become victims too rather sooner than later. 

Scientology and CCHR had a lot to do with that psychiatry is seen by many people no longer through pink glasses. On that front, to a degree, one could say that the orgs were fighting psychs back who want to sell their rotten products and treatments to the entire population of this planet. But as far as psych infiltration in the orgs are concerned, there is as good as no opposition. Psychs created a cult that covers up their secret crimes in the orgs. How convenient for the psychs. And how stupid by Scientologists not to fight them back. Ron write the price of freedom because he knew that psychs stomp all over people if they think they are getting away with it. And that it exactly what they are doing. Stomping over Scientologists and Scientology and make the world hate and ridicule it. 

There are light years of differences between an original Scientologist and those who are calling themselves Scientologists today.   

Many kisses, Marty, I love you so much.

Yours forever,





Written by Barbara Schwarz

September 28, 2012 at 4:36 am

Mosey’s husband does not believe in a world conspiracy and leads his independent cult into the age of stupidity

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Marty, my hero and prince, I hope you are alright. 

I slept like a dead person the last two nights with weird dreams, the kind of dreams I wouldn’t mock-up myself.

Ron said that trying to analyse a person based on her dreams is a waste of time. And I know why he said it. Dreams are radioed, are sent to us. Secret service dupes direct silent sounds and pictures towards us when we sleep and these are the “dreams”. That’s why there are so many nightmares and so little if any sweet dreams despite people are wishing them each other all the time. When RB was in the hospital, she constantly dreamed that a man chased her over the Golden Gate Bridge trying to kill her but she needed sleep urgently. She was afraid of falling asleep and dreaming. She asked me to sit by her while she sleeps and that I should wake her up once I see her eyelids are twitching.

Nice try by the Indians trying to catch bad dreams with dream catchers but it just won’t work against medical psych terror.  (Indicates also that the medical terror of bad dreams is going on since invention of radio transmissions, which is for sure a lot older than the date of the official invention.) Insomnia is also medical terrorism.  After all, doctors want to sell billions of sleeping pills. 

I wonder what would happen if the medical psych terrorists in anyone’s neighborhood are busted and silent manipulations of minds, thetans, and bodies are no longer possible. Would we dream at all? I assume we would have the dreams we want to mock-up ourselves but mostly would just have deep and relaxing sleeps with nobody and nothing interfering. The kind of sleep that a body, mind and thetan needs.


Mosey’s husband indicated yesterday on his blog that he does not believe in a world conspiracy. In other words, he leads his “independent” cult into the age of stupidity. And this from a man who knows first hand that originals are replaced by doppelgangers and impostors! Those who have to hide a lot always try to downplay conspiracies, don’t they?

Guess we all imagined September 11 or the same pattern of other terror attacks and shootings and the existence of  the same idiotic lifestyle that needs doctors and medicine and that kills people in an average of 75 years.

For Mosey’s husband, his best friend Mike Rinder, and the idiots and trolls on their blog, the world is so much easier confronted believing that besides themselves, only David Miscavige and the Miscavologists  (which Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder  were for decades!) are the only bad guys on the planet. They are conspiracy theorists as well, just on a very small level. They just hang around in front of the main conspiracy street. They don’t have the courage to go down that road and look and investigate the main conspiracy.

Of course there are also conspiracy theorists who publish deliberately lies or nonsense. They are SEGNPMSS agents who control thinking of mainstream  so that they make no differences. Mainstream is  controlled to do  what it usually does: A = A = A.  Someone like me who posts the truth should not be heard or believed. Instead the A = A = A-bank should kick in. Despite that the Germans published that they want to rule the world, it is just a fantasy. Yak, yak…  

Just like a Miscavologist, the “Independents” are just what the doctor ordered: blind and stupid. They wouldn’t recognize a snake if it bit them. Think big, as the real founder Ron did, is a crime in their universe!

I love you, Marty. If we don’t document the facts and the truth, I am afraid nobody will. They all must have some kind of eternal stupidity wish.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling. I am glad that you are one of my kind.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

September 26, 2012 at 6:33 am

Doctors prescribing disconnection and other garbage…

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince, how are you? I could not fall asleep last night for no particular reason and now I am tired. Smart as you are, I am sure you figured that silent sounds radioed towards people to keep them awake is another tool for rotten secret service doctors to spike the sales of sleeping pills. I didn’t take any.  

Look at this interesting sign:   

What do you say to this old advertisement? P$ychs telling pilgrims that they have to pop pills in order to be happy.  

         Dr. Puffer prescribing one cigar every hour! What a “healthy” world it was and still is.

  (This one is for Neil.)


Typical doctors: instead of encouraging people to move into habitats that stops the causes of aging, they rather want people  pop pills that make doctors rich and that don’t work and cause more harm than good.

Smoking is what the doctor ordered because doctors need many patients to get rich.  I am convinced that the medical profession and the tobacco and the pharmaceutical industry is secretly married, Marty.


Another company selling doctor’s snake oil.

I think these Dr. Pipes are still sold, Marty. Baldwin sleeps smoke-intoxicated while the enemy lands. A way to get lung cancer and lose a war!

This lady is on psych drugs and now she serves her hubby very artery clogging breakfast! 


                                                                   Hospital-tested! First steps towards obesity.   

We had a Baldwin already. That guy above who sleeps at the front with his back towards the enemy while the enemy lands. These pills cure all diseases. (I say we need a new way of life to prevent diseases, doctors lie that their pills do.) 

I almost didn’t post that one, Marty. You can imagine why. On the other side, it shows how what kind of people doctors and the pharma industry is. 

Dr. Williams tries to cash in by selling pale people pink stuff. I am rather pale than having the color of a pig.


                                                   Baldwin is everywhere and sleeping at the front. 

Bargain, bargain! One penny for one box! Who can resist this! And it works against the bilious. Just what everyone needs!   

This is a very odd ad too. Side effect of the pill is that the family doesn’t want to wear clothes anymore? How “pleasant”. It works so well that clothes are in the way!

        Japanese E-shocker, just as bad as ETC anywhere on the planet. 

Really? Reduces the need? Who needs her brain fried OR pills? Both is from hell. 

Who wouldn’t be depressed being degraded to a cleaning woman? She would lit up like a candle if she would be allowed to live under better conditions and there will be no need for pills with dangerous side effects. 


I love you, Marty. Let me find you. Or find me.


Yours forever,


Hey, Pat Broeker, show me the money! (What happened to L. Ron Hubbard’s money that you and Annie carried over state lines?)

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

I hope you have an opportunity to keep up with these news on Pat Broeker. There are data on the net that Pat and Annie Broeker carried millions of Dollars of Ron’s cash around and over state lines. It is possible that they delivered to Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” every week one million Dollar in cash. After the real founder Ron was secretly murdered, Jack Vistaril apparently felt that he (and his co-conspirators) finally could waste the real Ron’s money. This really needs to be investigated. However, law enforcement and the media seems not independent and fair enough to look into it.   

Following other matters strike me as very odd.  

1) Patrick Broeker never made any public claim that he is the “rival” of David Miscavige but Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin of Tampa Bay Times call Broeker that. If Patrick Broeker felt that he is the “successor”, why didn’t he file suit or inform the authorities? It is more likely that also Broeker knew that “Jack Vistaril” was an impostor and had no right of Ron’s personal cash or signing Scientology over to anyone. 

2) Broeker isn’t interested in Scientology. (Clear indicator that he never was a Scientologist but rather an infiltrator.) He gave Scientology up, just like that. He didn’t join Dave Mayo nor the “Freezone” nor the “Independents”. A person with a very bad conscience doesn’t put up any fight. After a more than 15 years of easy Internet access anywhere, Broeker hasn’t even posted anything saying that he deserves to lead Scientology.

3) There are reports that Pat and Annie Broeker carried each week millions of dollars of L. Ron Hubbard to his impostor “Jack Vistaril”. I think that lots of cash disappeared and that DM had PI’s on Broeker to check if he had taken cash for himself. If it is true what the PIs claim and the surveillance of Pat Broeker did cost up to 12 million dollars, it can be assumed that a hell of a lot more money disappeared belonging to L. Ron Hubbard, the founder.  PIs Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold allege that five years into the “Broeker Operation” the church agreed to employ them permanently but stopped making payments early this year, says the media. Gee, what the hell did Broeker do? Marty, it must have been quite something justifying 12 Mio. Dollars, and that despite Broeker apparently never filed a claim for the leadership of Scientology and never founded a group or movement as Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder did.  

4) And now, DM cuts these PIs off? That means he just wasted the 12 Mio. Dollars for the PIs and doesn’t want a product? What about any possible missing millions belonging to Ron? If Broeker has some of Ron’s cash, His Cobness decides to simply let him have it? Because DM plans something like that too? Putting SCN money aside? For himself? It is speculation, but am I really out of line? Does it not look like that? 

5) These PI’s were hired as a team? Wouldn’t it be better if the orgs would have hired two PIs that don’t know each other? That way, they would know if the other one does his job or not. I somewhere read that one PI became  Broeker’s drinking buddy? (Maybe something that Mike Rinder wrote.) Theoretically, a PI and a guy who stole money could share millions, simply by having the PI informing the institution (that hired the PI) that the guy under surveillance doesn’t have any cash.  

6) L. Ron Hubbard, the real founder researched the tonescale. He NEVER would have left Scientology to the Broekers or DM. NEVER EVER! It was all the doing of the impostor, a complete idiot!

7) All conspirators conceal that the founder was impostored and that you, Marty, are impostored by Mosey’s husband.  

8) Mosey’s husband says that Mike Rinder backs his story up. Mosey’s husband wasn’t around. You disappeared end of the 80s and he took over around 1990. What does Mosey’s husband know about that earlier? Nothing. He wasn’t there.

9) I think large sums of cash disappeared and that David Miscavige and his co-conspirators failed to notified the authorities. Why not informing the authorities? To prevent that anyone figures out Ron was impostored. And these guys call themselves “Scientologists”. They are not, they are Miscavologists, Broekerists, Rinderists, Vistarologists, and likely all these people are working for non-American secret services.

10) I bet Broeker knew very well that he was under surveillance. What if he waited until DM calls it quits? And he did, according to the PIs. If Broeker took some of Ron’s cash, he may acted deliberately clueless being under surveillance to fool DM into thinking that he doesn’t has the cash and didn’t use it. Maybe Broeker just waits for a chance using the cash after DM gives up his surveillance. I admit, also this is speculation, but it should be investigated.

11) It is odd that these two PIs are from Colorado and California but file suit in Texas.   

12) TBT:  Miscavige received regular briefings, Jeffrey said. And whenever the investigators found anything of interest in Broeker’s trash, they sent it to the church. What INTERESTING did they find? Could be planted.  Something that had to do with disappearing funds belonging to L. Ron Hubbard, the founder? Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder knew right away that they were put under surveillance but Broeker didn’t? Who believes that! Of course he knew. What if he planted certain material to distract from what he really was hiding? 

13) TBT:  But the lawsuit says Marrick and Arnold dealt directly with Miscavige’s staff, not attorneys, and that Miscavige feared Broeker might one day try to reclaim his position. Marty, this is a joke.  Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin are really clueless. Broeker was away for 30 years, didn’t practice Scientology at all. No Scientologist would accept him after that time away as a leader. I think Ron’s cash disappeared and DM suspects Broeker but didn’t report this matter to the authorities and now, after having given up tailing Broeker, DM, imo, is in agreement with whatever Broeker did.  DM just wasted USD 12 Mio. SCN cash.

14) Mosey’s husband told a reporter a while ago that he brought Annie Broeker back to the INT Base, that he caught her short before she reached her plane to Canada to see Jim Logan. He was surprised that she didn’t put up a fight or an argument. Her shoulder’s dropped and she went back with him to INT. What does that tell me, Marty? She had a really bad conscience. DM had something on her and only another country could prevent her going to prison for a very long time. That is why she went back.  I also bet that she knew that “Jack Vistaril” was an impostor and not the founder.        

Many kisses for you, and I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,



Different Scientologies…

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Marty, Love of my Life, you are on my mind always.

Weather is nice, grass is growing again. I have to get to town in just a bit for some urgent purchases but where ever I go,  you are with me all the time. Right in my heart.

As I wrote, people who say today that they are Scientologists are non-Scientologists in my eyes. They embraced a completely different Scientology as the real founder and we did. Take doctors in general. The real Ron instructed us to live as healthy as possible to avoid getting sick and even stop aging and dying. Dianetics took care of engrams, Scientology provided all the spiritual answers and turned real Scientologists into real OTs with advanced abilities. The way of living that Ron researched, protects the body so that doctors stay away and Scientologists are not medically killed and implanted in-between lives. 

But this original Scientology is all watered down and people swallow dangerous pills (as Alexander) instead of living under conditions where they have the total control over what is in their food, water, air, etc. This is what original Scientologists aimed at in addition to handle engrams, going OT and bettering the world.  

So there is

1) Original Scientology as by the real founder. 

2) Secret service guy and impostor “Jack Vistaril’s” version of Scientology with ignorance of Ron’s alternative lifestyle and many other policies and bulletins and alteration of tech and OT levels, turning Scientology step by step into a cult. Under him, medical doctors, medical treatments, and most medications and the non-Scientologist lifestyle was approved.

3) David Miscavige’s version of Scientology, which is based on “Jack Vistaril’s” version with his own DM crap added. Miscavologists are even using psychiatric terms and visit psychiatrists to get assessments on others and ignore the Scientology tonescale, abort (despite Ron described clearly how it harms a thetan), implement psych tech (spinning in circles), introspection, disconnection, violence, doppelganger and impostors, lies, secret service methods, idiotic programs, money wasted for buildings that are not as healthy as the real founder wanted ideal orgs to be built,  cancelling of book on past lives,  bad PR,  scandals, etc.    

4) The version of the Freezone, the “Independents”, is mainly based on “Jack Vistaril”s version but also DM’s version of Scientology but also their own crap added, based mainly on what their opinion leader (your impostor) publishes. Recommends reading Psychology Today instead of rather trying to get original Scientology back. Lose bunch of people who mainly play to the media and just like DM, harm Scientology’s reputation.

Original Scientology on the other side was very smart and also this:

So, who has original Scientology? Nobody anymore except secret service psychs. They are using it EXCEPT ethics, and that is why they have no stable case gain either. And that is why they live constantly in danger being implanted (like Holmes) or killed by fellow doctor.  

What an idiotic planet. They all must have made the secret postulate that they don’t deserve pure Scientology and a better world. That is why it disappeared and was replaced by cults. People stormed in the doors in large crowds ON THEIR OWN once they heard about original Scientology. We needed no Big League Sales. More people came at once as we wanted. But all changed when  secret service doctors took  secretly over.    

If people don’t make the postulate that they want original Scientology, they really will just be stuck with the altered versions, and that means that there is not that much difference between non-Scientologists and them. They will just be stuck in the world we had before and still are having, which is no good. What really would turn this planet and the life of any single person into paradise (yes, as you recall, original Scientology was that good) is gone, thanks to remote-controlled idiots who want personal power for a couple of years instead a safe but excitingly great eternity.

If so-called Scientologists (I call them rather infiltrators) even conspire against the founder and other Sciento0logists, how can such people postulate effectively their own beautiful lives and spiritual abilities? Right, without ethics, it won’t work.

They are cheating themselves. 

I love you, you are not like them. 

Yours forever, 


“Aging is a barbaric phenomenon that shouldn’t be tolerated in polite society.” — Aubrey de Grey

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, how are you on this September day? 

It is getting cooler in the mornings and afternoons. Except in my heart. There it is always warm when I think of you.

Researcher Aubrey de Grey says that aging can and should be completely eliminated. He is right, however, I’m afraid just eating healthy and not being a couch potato isn’t good enough, but we need a new way of life to get this, just as L. Ron Hubbard said.

There is a letter on the web of April 13, 1949 to the  Gerontological Society in Baltimore, MD, but this is likely a forgery or written by impostor “Jack Vistaril”, because the real Ron didn’t try to be a psych or a doctor.

He knew that even a Clear and OT can be made sick and killed with silent sounds and remote-controlled germs. Ron had developed an alternative lifestyle for Scientologists, and any Scientologist not wanting to get this back is no Scientologist but  an idiot with a secret death wish.  Originally, Dianetics and Scientology was supported by an alternative lifestyle. And this lifestyle is completely missing from our religion.    

Ron was so much better than this here and didn’t beg psychs to apply Dianetics or Scientology. Besides if Ron would have written that letter, he would also informed them about the alternative lifestyle that he researched to support longevity. Ron spoke about physical immortality and  not just longevity. Here is the letter that was edited by a psych, imo:

But anyway, did you read the part about the abortion? Despite the real Ron was indeed against abortion, there are strong indicators that Miscavologists and likely also Jack-Vistarologists aborted. They are such non-Scientologists.

Many people make fun of Dianetics and Scientology today when a so-called Scientologist dies on cancer, another disease or old age. Little do they know that when Ron wrote that Dianetics and Scientology can prevent that, it was a different Dianetics and Scientology, supported by a very healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Smokers  and other addicts don’t like it but once they got over their disgusting addiction, they will love it too.      

Scientologists are supposed to be the smartest people, and they would, if they would not be run like all other people on Earth by non-Scientologist secret service psych dupes.

L. Ron Hubbard, the real founder discovered anything that is important in this universe – from what we are to what we did and what we will become. What kind of idiots think that he didn’t figured what aging is and how to prevent it? (I speak of the real L. Ron Hubbard not the dumb impostor Jack Vistaril, who was a secret service moron and an impostor.) 

If Dianetics and Scientology in the form the C of S or the “Independents” or the “Freezone” have it, is complete, how come their members are getting sick and die? Pulled in? Gone PTS? Even THEN, they would be able to prevent sickness and aging if they would live in the environment that Ron researched. Because neither one has real Dianetics and Scientology. The only people who have it are top-secret service psychs who stole it and won’t allow the rest of the world to get it.

There are very old, very young-looking secret service psychs having committed horrendous crimes but they are not aging because they stole Ron’s technology. They just don’t want us to have it. However, as I wrote in earlier postings, these psychs are not save either. They stay young and healthy but one tries to kill the other one to get more power. THAT is their motivator! And their bad conscience on top of it! That makes their lives miserable and reduces their quality of life.

Personally, I am not afraid of dying  but it is  stupid and DEF-T, and most old people will confirm that it is painful if not degrading feeling the body falling apart and depending on the help of younger people. Most elderly people who I have seen suffer a lot, but infiltrators think it won’t be happened to them. So, how come that Mike Rinder’s mother (C of S “OT”) is in a home for old people? And I heard that she isn’t the only one. Despite that they do Jack Vistaril’s and DM’s standard OT levels, they are unable to stay healthy and young because a big chunk of Dianetics and Scientology is missing. Instead using their own minds to figure this out, I am getting defamed by them, exactly in the way psychiatric agents defame. Another piece of evidence that they are all run by the same source of non-Scientologists but psychs. In my eyes, DM, the “Miscavologists” and “Independents” are wogs. Marty. I don’t use the word often because it is not by the founder but I just can’t help myself in this case to express how little I approve of them and how they come across to me.

The tech that the psych infiltration of   Scientology left for us is altered and reduced. David Miscavige also ages. He looks like  a styled man of his age. If he would have built the real Ron’s villages and stopped smoking, he would look and feel 30 years younger. Same goes for the rest of the Miscavologists and the former Miscavologists. Guess he thinks that he and they don’t deserve  real Scientology. But should people who don’t deserve real Dianetics and Scientology LEAD it?? Nope! Under no circumstances.

The WAY OF LIFE that I recall Ron lecturing about is completely eliminated, which makes Scientologists and OTs just as vulnerable as other people to be butchered away by disease, aging, and death. As the “Independents” and the “Miscavologists” continue to conspire on certain subjects, no side plans to return to original Scientology. Both sides are such fools.

I know what some Scientologists are saying. If you don’t pull it in, you won’t get it. As THEY and anyone not living in protected villages also age, they also must have “pulled” it in. It is true that people pull in things to penalize themselves for bad deeds (overts), but if I strap the body of a bad guy and the body of an ethical OT to a Highway and have cars rolling over the bodies, both bodies will be destroyed. 

How stupid are they not being able to conclude that there was more to Scientology and that their secret case officer is lying to them when he tells them that there was not?

Exactly! Marty, I actually want to kick David Miscavige’s behind for building wog  (pardon my French) buildings and not protective villages as Ron lectured about. Actually, he must have heard some of these lectures and I believe Mike Rinder too. I believe that they were both in the UK when the real Ron war around. But even if they were not around, how come they (incl. Mosey’s husband) don’t get that aging is dumb and getting a new body is Def-T? How can they not get that they will lose their memory in a few years and be born again in a non-Scientology family (where ever the SEGNPMSS plant them) and they will make all the mistakes again they made before and that they will live in a world that is not better than the one they left.

Guess they like Depends and diapers a lot. I prefer having a young and  strong adult pain-free body or none at all.

David Miscavige is trying to protect his body by obsessing over his own nutrition by having an own chef and eating all 2 hours. However, even the best nutrition on the surface of the Earth is not good enough. New studies have shown that there are not really health benefits to eating organic (what DM does). This is because disease and death-causing germs are in anything on the unprotected surface on the planet, also in the organic food.

His Cobness sits on all cash of Scientology. He needs his butt kicked really hard by not building protected villages for Scientologists as per L. Ron Hubbard. Scientologists should produce their own water, food, air, products, anything and not wasting their  money and time impressing Hollywood. And that stuff that was found in Jack Vistaril’s garage is NOT Scientology.

Besides the REALLY healthy way of life, we also have to get the complete spiritual tech back, including the real OT levels that Ron wrote, not the versions of Jack Vistaril-“OT”-levels.

Aubrey de Grey is right that aging can and should be eliminated but also he doesn’t offer a way as the way that Ron once tried to implement. Ron spoke of this way already decades ago. Stolen by psychs and doctors who want people to get sick and age to get rich. Doctors make big cash with sick and old people.  If anyone has an interest to conceal technology that prevents diseases and aging, it is THEM.

Aubrey de Grey says that people are in trance as far as non-aging is concerned.

When told about that the human body does not have to age and people don’t have to die, people are using justifications why aging and dying is necessary. “Where does the jobs come from if people don’t age and die…”, ect.  

They are really in trance. It is like when a child drowns in a river, nobody jumps in to save it: “Why saving it? Will not get any job anyway. Let it drown.”

My point is: save mankind first, worry about jobs later. Besides, if a village grows its own food and produce anything its residents needs and takes care of their own like a family who needs freaking jobs? Anyone still can have one for buying any luxuries that the village does not provide or to keep busy otherwise, but you and I know how to cover the basics of anyone, don’t we?

I wish we would run the orgs, Marty, Scientology would not constantly in the bad headlines as under DM and his former executives but it would be no longer a cult, instead the leading light of freedom and ideal living, all that what original Scientology was before the SEGNPMSS, Jack Vistaril and DM took over.

DM was chosen by Jack Vistaril to become the “ecclesiastical leader” because he would not restore real Scientology and not even admit that Ron and you were/are impostored. I was kicked out and you were outed because we are real Scientologists who don’t allow Scientology being destroyed and turned into a cult that is attacked and ridiculed.

The thing is: everything can be figured out so easily. But neither DM, the Miscavologists, the “Independents” are able to figure the things out? Guess they all made the postulate that they don’t deserve real Scientology and a better world. Maybe they are right and they don’t deserve it. But we do.

And a true love story never ends. We don’t pretend, we don’t depend. We are A to B and that is why we will make it against all odds. 

Yours forever,