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Arranged marriages are SEGNPMSS and have nothing to do with original Scientology, the anti-cult

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You and I, Marty, my wonderful Prince, we know this. Hopefully some others too. 

The print above is by German Schongauer, born 1448  and is called the Matchmaker. Tells me where matchmaking came from. What a grim business it is. Look at the faces!

Yes, former infiltrators of Scientology lie like many people who never had anything to do with Scientology, but these infiltrators were once in the orgs. What are the odds that there are still enough infiltrators left inside to make sure that the orgs apply Vistarilogy and Miscavology instead of original Scientology?  An organisation that conceals that the founder and you were/are impostored by doppelgangers has not my trust.      

There are also religions who are engaged in matchmaking but original Scientology is all about self-determinism, so matchmaking as part of original Scientology is out of the question. Vistarology and Miscavology is not Scientology and they pull in one scandal after the other as motivators. I can’t be the only one who sees this.  

If Michelle Miscavige was indeed the matchmaker, then that matchmaking crap certainly was either ordered or approved by His Cobness. I don’t think it was Tom Cruise’s idea. He most certainly has no shortage of ladies being interesting in him.  What I find incomprehensible is that Michelle and David Miscavige and Mike Rinder as OSA supervisor apparently think that non-Scientologists and  starlets understand very complex Scientology in just a snap. It tells me that THEY have not understood Scientology either BUT ARE RUNNING IT. YIKES! As you know, Marty, Scientology is altered since several decades and in order to get what the real Ron said, one has also to read between the lines. One has to figure what is original and what was added or changed or removed by the psychiatric-oriented  infiltration. In order to understand Scientology, one must have a very good idea about the real personality of the real founder of Scientology and what would be out of character for him, or what is nonsense and never by him. This is often already difficult for Scientologists of decades and as good as impossible for newbies.   

What nobody can deny is that DM was the best men of the wedding and didn’t get that Katie Holmes was not a Scientologist. Neither did Mike Rinder. And this happens to the “ecclesiastical  leader” of “Scientology”! This is what I call embarrassing. It shows that his Cobness is not a Scientologist because he can’t recognize them. Marty, if anybody else would have goofed just 1% of what he has goofed, he would send that  person to the RPF immediately but he gets away with anything because nobody puts ethics into him.

I don’t claim that I know all that happened but an organization that allows the founder and you to be impostored, is capable of all kinds of other overt products. David Miscavige is such a foolish man. This is shown by the people he promoted for decades and trusted with the highest executive positions.

If it really happened and if it was no natural event: There are thousands of female Scientologists, and what does this say about David and Shelley Miscavige if they consider none of those ladies good enough to become Ms. Cruise and if they rather see such a famous Scientologist to be married to a non-Scientologist? Isn’t that an insult to all non-married female Scientologists? MM and DM saying that female Scientologists or Miscavologists are not good enough? If it happen (and we don’t know this for sure) then it is an insult for all female Scientologists. MM and DM appear to be non-Scientologists if they trust non-Scientologists more than Scientologists!

Why did they “recommend” to TC marrying actresses who probably want to use him as stepping stone for a career as  their own achievements are not good enough? Why didn’t they “recommend” to TC to mingle among Scientologists and find love naturally and marry a fine-looking lawyer, architect, pilot, engineer, auditor, etc, and a real Scientologist? Numerous stars are married to non-celebs and it lasts. Why are DM, MM, and the Miscavologists not being able to see that TC’s fame elevates the fame of starlets and that this is what they are likely are after and that they are not interested in Miscavology?

Marty, I am so glad that we found each other the natural way, and this is why our love lasts and lasts.  

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling!

Yours forever,



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  1. Yeah, I agree. It takes a Scientologist to recognize one.

    Uncle Chester

    September 3, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    • +1.
      Hey, Barbara, what’s in the bag on top of the head of one of the grim-looking German medieval guys?


      September 4, 2012 at 4:59 am

      • How should I know? I didn’t hang out with such grim guys in my past lives. But I assume that is his bank and that he carries his cash around in that bag. 🙂

        Barbara Schwarz

        September 4, 2012 at 5:42 am

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