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Vietnam Agent Orange Victims on Purif? (Finally more interesting stories than celeb obsessions)

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Dearest Marty, my prince and hero,

Did you read this?

 The Vietnamese government is treating some people exposed to Agent Orange, the defoliant sprayed by American troops during the Vietnam War, using a detoxification method developed by the founder of the Church of Scientology, according to doctors involved in the program.

I personally had really good experiences and successes on the Purif and I should do it soon again. But the Purif is not a replacement for not living in environmentally protected closed environments and keeping germs away from the food, germs that rem0te-controlled in the hand of crazy secret service doctors can cause cancer and other for of diseases and deaths. I know a  100% that there was a lot more to Scientology, and it is not the crap that was planted in Jack Vistaril’s garage.

This Time article says  “A study led by researchers at Stanford University says that organic products aren’t necessarily more nutritional than conventional varieties, and they’re no less susceptible to contamination from disease-causing microbes like E. coli either.”

David Miscavige (and all others who know that the founder of Scientology, the real founder L. Ron Hubbard had developed technology for alternative living) and all others who try to live organic might get sick nevertheless and will age like others because they failed to reintroduce all of original Scientology, including its alternative lifestyle. In a way, DM is trying to live some very incomplete form of this life by having a personal chef  who cooks organic for him and being very concerned about what he is eating, but he isn’t  getting all of original Scientology out to particularly new Scientologists or to those who never met the real founder. And this is not good and not fair by him.

Am I saying that C of S should tell Scientologists to eat organic? It is not good enough as also Standford confirms. We need a brandnew way of alternative living. I am saying that C of S should dig out the COMPLETE alternative style of protecting living that Ron had researched and release it finally.

Is DM trying to tell Scientologists that the Purif is all they need? The purif that I did is great and works. But it is a repair and according to Ron,  prevention is always better. Purif also don’t rule out aging on the long run. I think that also many germs are sweat out during the purif too but I doubt that all can be eliminated and it is better not to eat and drink what medical terrorists can use to kill a person, and this is just about anything on the unprotected surface of the planet.

Marty, I still think that organic is absolutely worth it, but nothing on the contaminated surface of the world is really safe, mainly because germs can be remotely activated and become radicals inside the body.

If DM thinks that the Purif is all that is needed or all that Ron wrote about it, why does he eat organic? He just has to sweat out the non-organic stuff and will be fine, right?  He knows there is a lot more about what Ron was writing. He was the leading light of the gerontology in earlier times, and as there are so many traps for a thetan in between lives (aside of the Dev T of dropping the body) and  the OT levels are also altered by secret service psychs. Therefore one can just recommend not to die constantly but rather keep a  very young (health and looks) body for ages.

It is not just anymore Ron and me saying that aging and dying is stupid and can be prevented.  Aubrey de Grey (Cambridge) says too that the first people who will be 1000 years old, are already born and that people who think that dying and aging can’t be prevented are actually in trance. He is 100% right here. 

The Purif is great, good for the Vietnam Agent Orange Victims getting it but it does not replace all other research for Scientologists and the rest of the world that Ron made in regards of alternative living and preserving a young and fit human body and not falling in the trap of dying, implants and the great DEV-T of needing a new baby body.

All these tough guys who think that dying isn’t a big deal (by ignoring that the OT levels were altered and rarely anyone has the knowledge on how to prevent stepping into in psych secret service traps in between lives) – Is it really so great living two decades where one has not much to say and being the first years in diapers? Guess that is what they want. Dirty diapers instead of Ron’s way to preserve a healthy body.

But you know all of that, Marty. I wish you would be free man. You would find ways to turn this world in trance around and make people finally think and act.

I love you and here are many kisses for you, my greatest love of all times.

Yours forever,




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  1. IT works!

    A group of 24 people arrived for treatment at a military hospital in Hanoi for a month, free of charge, Dau Xuan Tuong, deputy administrator at the Vietnam Association of Agent Orange Victims, said Thursday. He said 22 people underwent the treatment in 2011 in northern Thai Binh province.

    “Their health has improved after the treatment, and some saw their chronic illnesses disappear,” he said. “We need to do more scientific research to determine its impact.”


    September 6, 2012 at 6:43 am

    • More reports on the Purif. LRH developed this program. I assume that Barb is right and he developed more programs to rehab or protect the person and mind by means of biological projects. DM hiding them?


      September 8, 2012 at 6:50 am

      • Shouldn’t YOU like Nazanin Boniadi, Barbara? Aren’t you both Iranians and interested in biology?

        John Anonymous

        September 6, 2012 at 9:01 am

      • Yes, “Mr. Ahmadinejad”, I am an Iranian if my biological father, the real founder of Scientology, the original L. Ron Hubbard, my dad, is an Iranian.

        Germans kidnapped me from the USA, gave me a wrong identity and lied that I am Iranian and German. My roots are Jewish and American. That doesn’t make me German or Iranian. But I am sure in a past-life I was also Persian but not this lifetime.

        As far as Naz Bonidiadi is concerned, I have nothing against her, I don’t know her, except if it is true that she is no longer a Scientologist, she can’t smart. If one can’t differentiate between Miscavology and Scientology, it is not a bright person.

        Besides, if she is really a friend of Mosey’s husband as he claims, she supports an impostor while the original and first Marty Rathbun of Scientology suffers wrongfully behind bars. In that case, her initiative for Amnesty International is hypocritical. Some people should go free but the innocent original Marty not? This attitude is DISGUSTING!

        Finally, her medical and biological research.

        I haven’t read it but if the 1000 Dollar grand that she won:

        contained no mention of remote controlled germs and medical terrorism being the main reason for cancer and just about any other disease including problems with heart transplants, the lady is clueless.

        Anyway, I wish her well also in regards of getting a good character and a real IQ.

        Barbara Schwarz

        September 6, 2012 at 11:15 am

      • Nazanin Boniadi is hanging out with Paul Haggis who thinks he is no bully.

        Realistic Guy

        September 6, 2012 at 11:59 am

      • Paul Haggis admitted never having been a Scientologists but was hanging out in and around Scientology for decades. If you ask me, he just used our religion to advance his career. But he isn’t the only one. When they have “a name” they attack that who helped them to get there. What a character is that?

        Him attacking in the media on our religion and the founder is alright, or what?

        That is cool in his eyes, or what? It is disgusting.

        Barbara Schwarz

        September 6, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    • I find myself thinking about Alexander Jentzsch death. What a senseless death. What do you think killed him? He had an accident. How bad was it? What pills did he take? How many? Who was his physician?


      September 8, 2012 at 9:49 am

      • I don’t know these details.

        Yes, very sad story. Many Scientologists think that just psychiatric drugs are dangerous, but Ron said other medical drugs are also dangerous. That is also a reason why he wanted a brandnew world for Scientologists, in which they do not get sick and don’t have to swallow this stuff.

        Besides, SEGNPMSS just has to be in the neighborhood to kill via remote control from some miles away with their instruments. And they do it because Scientologists are no longer speaking out against this. As long as they get away with it, they will kill with remote-control. BTW, I am not the only one who says that secret services can kill with using instruments by being miles away.

        Barbara Schwarz

        September 8, 2012 at 3:15 pm

  2. The anti-Scientology front claims that one can’t sweat out toxins… They wanna know anything better than LRH, don’t they?

    Rene N.

    September 6, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    • That is correct, Rene. If you sweat out stuff, naturally, that sweat will not pure clean water but all kind of stuff that the body was subjected to, including germs and toxins.

      The purif is great. In the beginning, the first 2 weeks, I didn’t feel that much except that the exercise made me feel psychical fitter. But one day in the third week in STO, I finished my study check sheet so much faster than before. It was amazing. It does remove mind fog and the Purif does work if applied correctly and is not crap.

      However, there were so much more environmentally research by Ron, incl. a very different and very wonderful alternative lifestyle. DM but also Mike Rinder and others must have heard him lecture about it in the UK. These guys do exactly what the doctor orders: concealing these data before Scientologists. Just because they think they don’t deserve this way of living and have a hidden death wish, we all should go down? I don’t think so.

      Barbara Schwarz

      September 7, 2012 at 3:40 am

  3. Awesome that Scientologists are helping to remove the psychiatric/chemical/medical Agent Orange mess. Why are Indies not helping?

    Agent Orange’s shameful legacy
    Four decades after the Vietnam War ended, the U.S. government is finally cleaning up the toxic mess it left behind
    POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 7, 2012, AT 7:15 AM

    Le Trung Hong Phuc, a 9-year-old from Vietnam, was born with disabilities, presumably due to his parents’ exposure to Agent Orange.
    What is Agent Orange?
    Named for the orange-striped barrels in which it was shipped, Agent Orange is an herbicide that the U.S. military used during the Vietnam War to destroy enemy food crops and kill jungle vegetation that concealed North Vietnamese forces. Beginning in 1961, U.S. and South Vietnamese forces sprayed 20 million gallons of it and other herbicides over vast areas of South Vietnam and parts of Laos and Cambodia. The spraying denuded more than 8,600 square miles of jungle and cropland. The U.S. military stopped using Agent Orange in 1971 after the National Institutes of Health found that it contained a chemical contaminant that caused birth defects in lab animals. By then, hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers and millions of Vietnamese civilians had been in contact with the stuff, many of them so oblivious to its dangers that they bathed in water stored in the empty barrels.

    Karem Trent

    September 7, 2012 at 6:12 am

  4. Are Israelis going vegan?
    A survey conducted in January found that 8 percent of Israelis are vegetarian and nearly 5 percent are vegan.

    News for ya

    November 22, 2014 at 1:59 am

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