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“Aging is a barbaric phenomenon that shouldn’t be tolerated in polite society.” — Aubrey de Grey

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Dearest Marty, love of my life, how are you on this September day? 

It is getting cooler in the mornings and afternoons. Except in my heart. There it is always warm when I think of you.

Researcher Aubrey de Grey says that aging can and should be completely eliminated. He is right, however, I’m afraid just eating healthy and not being a couch potato isn’t good enough, but we need a new way of life to get this, just as L. Ron Hubbard said.

There is a letter on the web of April 13, 1949 to the  Gerontological Society in Baltimore, MD, but this is likely a forgery or written by impostor “Jack Vistaril”, because the real Ron didn’t try to be a psych or a doctor.

He knew that even a Clear and OT can be made sick and killed with silent sounds and remote-controlled germs. Ron had developed an alternative lifestyle for Scientologists, and any Scientologist not wanting to get this back is no Scientologist but  an idiot with a secret death wish.  Originally, Dianetics and Scientology was supported by an alternative lifestyle. And this lifestyle is completely missing from our religion.    

Ron was so much better than this here and didn’t beg psychs to apply Dianetics or Scientology. Besides if Ron would have written that letter, he would also informed them about the alternative lifestyle that he researched to support longevity. Ron spoke about physical immortality and  not just longevity. Here is the letter that was edited by a psych, imo:

But anyway, did you read the part about the abortion? Despite the real Ron was indeed against abortion, there are strong indicators that Miscavologists and likely also Jack-Vistarologists aborted. They are such non-Scientologists.

Many people make fun of Dianetics and Scientology today when a so-called Scientologist dies on cancer, another disease or old age. Little do they know that when Ron wrote that Dianetics and Scientology can prevent that, it was a different Dianetics and Scientology, supported by a very healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Smokers  and other addicts don’t like it but once they got over their disgusting addiction, they will love it too.      

Scientologists are supposed to be the smartest people, and they would, if they would not be run like all other people on Earth by non-Scientologist secret service psych dupes.

L. Ron Hubbard, the real founder discovered anything that is important in this universe – from what we are to what we did and what we will become. What kind of idiots think that he didn’t figured what aging is and how to prevent it? (I speak of the real L. Ron Hubbard not the dumb impostor Jack Vistaril, who was a secret service moron and an impostor.) 

If Dianetics and Scientology in the form the C of S or the “Independents” or the “Freezone” have it, is complete, how come their members are getting sick and die? Pulled in? Gone PTS? Even THEN, they would be able to prevent sickness and aging if they would live in the environment that Ron researched. Because neither one has real Dianetics and Scientology. The only people who have it are top-secret service psychs who stole it and won’t allow the rest of the world to get it.

There are very old, very young-looking secret service psychs having committed horrendous crimes but they are not aging because they stole Ron’s technology. They just don’t want us to have it. However, as I wrote in earlier postings, these psychs are not save either. They stay young and healthy but one tries to kill the other one to get more power. THAT is their motivator! And their bad conscience on top of it! That makes their lives miserable and reduces their quality of life.

Personally, I am not afraid of dying  but it is  stupid and DEF-T, and most old people will confirm that it is painful if not degrading feeling the body falling apart and depending on the help of younger people. Most elderly people who I have seen suffer a lot, but infiltrators think it won’t be happened to them. So, how come that Mike Rinder’s mother (C of S “OT”) is in a home for old people? And I heard that she isn’t the only one. Despite that they do Jack Vistaril’s and DM’s standard OT levels, they are unable to stay healthy and young because a big chunk of Dianetics and Scientology is missing. Instead using their own minds to figure this out, I am getting defamed by them, exactly in the way psychiatric agents defame. Another piece of evidence that they are all run by the same source of non-Scientologists but psychs. In my eyes, DM, the “Miscavologists” and “Independents” are wogs. Marty. I don’t use the word often because it is not by the founder but I just can’t help myself in this case to express how little I approve of them and how they come across to me.

The tech that the psych infiltration of   Scientology left for us is altered and reduced. David Miscavige also ages. He looks like  a styled man of his age. If he would have built the real Ron’s villages and stopped smoking, he would look and feel 30 years younger. Same goes for the rest of the Miscavologists and the former Miscavologists. Guess he thinks that he and they don’t deserve  real Scientology. But should people who don’t deserve real Dianetics and Scientology LEAD it?? Nope! Under no circumstances.

The WAY OF LIFE that I recall Ron lecturing about is completely eliminated, which makes Scientologists and OTs just as vulnerable as other people to be butchered away by disease, aging, and death. As the “Independents” and the “Miscavologists” continue to conspire on certain subjects, no side plans to return to original Scientology. Both sides are such fools.

I know what some Scientologists are saying. If you don’t pull it in, you won’t get it. As THEY and anyone not living in protected villages also age, they also must have “pulled” it in. It is true that people pull in things to penalize themselves for bad deeds (overts), but if I strap the body of a bad guy and the body of an ethical OT to a Highway and have cars rolling over the bodies, both bodies will be destroyed. 

How stupid are they not being able to conclude that there was more to Scientology and that their secret case officer is lying to them when he tells them that there was not?

Exactly! Marty, I actually want to kick David Miscavige’s behind for building wog  (pardon my French) buildings and not protective villages as Ron lectured about. Actually, he must have heard some of these lectures and I believe Mike Rinder too. I believe that they were both in the UK when the real Ron war around. But even if they were not around, how come they (incl. Mosey’s husband) don’t get that aging is dumb and getting a new body is Def-T? How can they not get that they will lose their memory in a few years and be born again in a non-Scientology family (where ever the SEGNPMSS plant them) and they will make all the mistakes again they made before and that they will live in a world that is not better than the one they left.

Guess they like Depends and diapers a lot. I prefer having a young and  strong adult pain-free body or none at all.

David Miscavige is trying to protect his body by obsessing over his own nutrition by having an own chef and eating all 2 hours. However, even the best nutrition on the surface of the Earth is not good enough. New studies have shown that there are not really health benefits to eating organic (what DM does). This is because disease and death-causing germs are in anything on the unprotected surface on the planet, also in the organic food.

His Cobness sits on all cash of Scientology. He needs his butt kicked really hard by not building protected villages for Scientologists as per L. Ron Hubbard. Scientologists should produce their own water, food, air, products, anything and not wasting their  money and time impressing Hollywood. And that stuff that was found in Jack Vistaril’s garage is NOT Scientology.

Besides the REALLY healthy way of life, we also have to get the complete spiritual tech back, including the real OT levels that Ron wrote, not the versions of Jack Vistaril-“OT”-levels.

Aubrey de Grey is right that aging can and should be eliminated but also he doesn’t offer a way as the way that Ron once tried to implement. Ron spoke of this way already decades ago. Stolen by psychs and doctors who want people to get sick and age to get rich. Doctors make big cash with sick and old people.  If anyone has an interest to conceal technology that prevents diseases and aging, it is THEM.

Aubrey de Grey says that people are in trance as far as non-aging is concerned.

When told about that the human body does not have to age and people don’t have to die, people are using justifications why aging and dying is necessary. “Where does the jobs come from if people don’t age and die…”, ect.  

They are really in trance. It is like when a child drowns in a river, nobody jumps in to save it: “Why saving it? Will not get any job anyway. Let it drown.”

My point is: save mankind first, worry about jobs later. Besides, if a village grows its own food and produce anything its residents needs and takes care of their own like a family who needs freaking jobs? Anyone still can have one for buying any luxuries that the village does not provide or to keep busy otherwise, but you and I know how to cover the basics of anyone, don’t we?

I wish we would run the orgs, Marty, Scientology would not constantly in the bad headlines as under DM and his former executives but it would be no longer a cult, instead the leading light of freedom and ideal living, all that what original Scientology was before the SEGNPMSS, Jack Vistaril and DM took over.

DM was chosen by Jack Vistaril to become the “ecclesiastical leader” because he would not restore real Scientology and not even admit that Ron and you were/are impostored. I was kicked out and you were outed because we are real Scientologists who don’t allow Scientology being destroyed and turned into a cult that is attacked and ridiculed.

The thing is: everything can be figured out so easily. But neither DM, the Miscavologists, the “Independents” are able to figure the things out? Guess they all made the postulate that they don’t deserve real Scientology and a better world. Maybe they are right and they don’t deserve it. But we do.

And a true love story never ends. We don’t pretend, we don’t depend. We are A to B and that is why we will make it against all odds. 

Yours forever,



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  1. Are you saying that the ideal orgs are no ideal orgs based on their architecture and structure?


    September 20, 2012 at 6:24 am

    • Yes, exactly. Since stone age we live on the unprotected surface of the Earth objecting our bodies to any crap that crawls and flies around. Who wants to stay young without picking up new bodies all the time (reincarnation) has to start building villages that keep anything outside which makes people old and sick. DM took over Scientology and all its cash, he should not waste it for luxury buildings on stone age surface on the Earth but build habitats for Scientologists that supports Dianetics and Scientology.

      Barbara Schwarz

      September 20, 2012 at 10:19 am

    • Hey Barb, is there anything that you think C.O.B. does right?

      Curious Danish

      September 20, 2012 at 2:32 pm

  2. He conspires with the “Independents” and the enemies of Scientology that L.Ron Hubbard was not impostored by “Jack Vistaril” and that my Marty is Mosey’s husband and not wrongfully incarcerated… Based on that, I really have a hard time approving anything he does. Several people think that he has the expansion of Scientology on his mind but he is building the wrong kind of orgs.

    In a nutshell: Original Dianetics handles engrams. Original Scientology answers all spiritual questions and turns Scientology into OTs. And the alternative way of living that is no longer in the orgs, prevented diseases, aging and dying.

    I like the SCN TV station that is planned but why hasn’t DM bought one already 20 years ago? I believe that he mainly wants to use that TV station to broadcast what a great leader but not the truth.

    Barbara Schwarz

    September 20, 2012 at 2:30 pm

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