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Marty, Love of my Life, you are on my mind always.

Weather is nice, grass is growing again. I have to get to town in just a bit for some urgent purchases but where ever I go,  you are with me all the time. Right in my heart.

As I wrote, people who say today that they are Scientologists are non-Scientologists in my eyes. They embraced a completely different Scientology as the real founder and we did. Take doctors in general. The real Ron instructed us to live as healthy as possible to avoid getting sick and even stop aging and dying. Dianetics took care of engrams, Scientology provided all the spiritual answers and turned real Scientologists into real OTs with advanced abilities. The way of living that Ron researched, protects the body so that doctors stay away and Scientologists are not medically killed and implanted in-between lives. 

But this original Scientology is all watered down and people swallow dangerous pills (as Alexander) instead of living under conditions where they have the total control over what is in their food, water, air, etc. This is what original Scientologists aimed at in addition to handle engrams, going OT and bettering the world.  

So there is

1) Original Scientology as by the real founder. 

2) Secret service guy and impostor “Jack Vistaril’s” version of Scientology with ignorance of Ron’s alternative lifestyle and many other policies and bulletins and alteration of tech and OT levels, turning Scientology step by step into a cult. Under him, medical doctors, medical treatments, and most medications and the non-Scientologist lifestyle was approved.

3) David Miscavige’s version of Scientology, which is based on “Jack Vistaril’s” version with his own DM crap added. Miscavologists are even using psychiatric terms and visit psychiatrists to get assessments on others and ignore the Scientology tonescale, abort (despite Ron described clearly how it harms a thetan), implement psych tech (spinning in circles), introspection, disconnection, violence, doppelganger and impostors, lies, secret service methods, idiotic programs, money wasted for buildings that are not as healthy as the real founder wanted ideal orgs to be built,  cancelling of book on past lives,  bad PR,  scandals, etc.    

4) The version of the Freezone, the “Independents”, is mainly based on “Jack Vistaril”s version but also DM’s version of Scientology but also their own crap added, based mainly on what their opinion leader (your impostor) publishes. Recommends reading Psychology Today instead of rather trying to get original Scientology back. Lose bunch of people who mainly play to the media and just like DM, harm Scientology’s reputation.

Original Scientology on the other side was very smart and also this:

So, who has original Scientology? Nobody anymore except secret service psychs. They are using it EXCEPT ethics, and that is why they have no stable case gain either. And that is why they live constantly in danger being implanted (like Holmes) or killed by fellow doctor.  

What an idiotic planet. They all must have made the secret postulate that they don’t deserve pure Scientology and a better world. That is why it disappeared and was replaced by cults. People stormed in the doors in large crowds ON THEIR OWN once they heard about original Scientology. We needed no Big League Sales. More people came at once as we wanted. But all changed when  secret service doctors took  secretly over.    

If people don’t make the postulate that they want original Scientology, they really will just be stuck with the altered versions, and that means that there is not that much difference between non-Scientologists and them. They will just be stuck in the world we had before and still are having, which is no good. What really would turn this planet and the life of any single person into paradise (yes, as you recall, original Scientology was that good) is gone, thanks to remote-controlled idiots who want personal power for a couple of years instead a safe but excitingly great eternity.

If so-called Scientologists (I call them rather infiltrators) even conspire against the founder and other Sciento0logists, how can such people postulate effectively their own beautiful lives and spiritual abilities? Right, without ethics, it won’t work.

They are cheating themselves. 

I love you, you are not like them. 

Yours forever, 



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  1. Woah! Michael Fairman and his family sues the C of S because two doctors refused to treat them. “The suits were not based on any animosity the Fairman’s held against either doctor, who were considered friends…”

    Uncle Chester

    September 21, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    • Secret service doctors altered Scientology through infiltrators. Fairman’s doctors use disconnection (once implemented by Ron’s impostor and medical secret service agent “Jack Vistaril, cancelled then and newly implemented by “Jack Vistaril”s friend DM) but the Fairman’s are not upset with the doctors and call them still friends but attack Scientology instead.

      It has medical conspiracy written all over it. The name Scientology is being smeared. Just idiots can’t see the conspiracy behind it.

      Barbara Schwarz

      September 21, 2012 at 1:16 pm

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