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Doctors prescribing disconnection and other garbage…

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince, how are you? I could not fall asleep last night for no particular reason and now I am tired. Smart as you are, I am sure you figured that silent sounds radioed towards people to keep them awake is another tool for rotten secret service doctors to spike the sales of sleeping pills. I didn’t take any.  

Look at this interesting sign:   

What do you say to this old advertisement? P$ychs telling pilgrims that they have to pop pills in order to be happy.  

         Dr. Puffer prescribing one cigar every hour! What a “healthy” world it was and still is.

  (This one is for Neil.)


Typical doctors: instead of encouraging people to move into habitats that stops the causes of aging, they rather want people  pop pills that make doctors rich and that don’t work and cause more harm than good.

Smoking is what the doctor ordered because doctors need many patients to get rich.  I am convinced that the medical profession and the tobacco and the pharmaceutical industry is secretly married, Marty.


Another company selling doctor’s snake oil.

I think these Dr. Pipes are still sold, Marty. Baldwin sleeps smoke-intoxicated while the enemy lands. A way to get lung cancer and lose a war!

This lady is on psych drugs and now she serves her hubby very artery clogging breakfast! 


                                                                   Hospital-tested! First steps towards obesity.   

We had a Baldwin already. That guy above who sleeps at the front with his back towards the enemy while the enemy lands. These pills cure all diseases. (I say we need a new way of life to prevent diseases, doctors lie that their pills do.) 

I almost didn’t post that one, Marty. You can imagine why. On the other side, it shows how what kind of people doctors and the pharma industry is. 

Dr. Williams tries to cash in by selling pale people pink stuff. I am rather pale than having the color of a pig.


                                                   Baldwin is everywhere and sleeping at the front. 

Bargain, bargain! One penny for one box! Who can resist this! And it works against the bilious. Just what everyone needs!   

This is a very odd ad too. Side effect of the pill is that the family doesn’t want to wear clothes anymore? How “pleasant”. It works so well that clothes are in the way!

        Japanese E-shocker, just as bad as ETC anywhere on the planet. 

Really? Reduces the need? Who needs her brain fried OR pills? Both is from hell. 

Who wouldn’t be depressed being degraded to a cleaning woman? She would lit up like a candle if she would be allowed to live under better conditions and there will be no need for pills with dangerous side effects. 


I love you, Marty. Let me find you. Or find me.


Yours forever,



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  1. How to Stop Hospitals From Killing Us

    Medical errors kill enough people to fill four jumbo jets a week.


    September 24, 2012 at 5:30 am

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