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Most of recently surveyed people think that Barack Obama will win the election…

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Dearest Marty, what really bothers me is that America (any politician,  states man,  representative, senator, analyst, secret service officer, government official, judge, scientists, you name it) doesn’t get that  weather satellites are used to  kill and produce such monster storms. This planet is absolutely mind-controlled. People don’t see a thing, not even those who are paid for protecting the USA. Or they are quiet because their America hating case officers promised them personal gain, which will not last, as nothing lasts in the secret medical psych neuro”scientist” terror world we are living in. It is the world in which all are losing at the end, including those who hold at the moment all the strings in their bloody hands. 

Any kid can whip a little hurricane or tornado at home in a dish. Why can’t people conclude that this works also with weather satellites? Toy is a little bigger and a lot more dangerous, that is all.

Is that stupidity that they don’t make the correct conclusion? Is that cowardice? Both? The USA and the rest of the world is doomed with those kind of people who graduate from universities and having ear implants. They are all controlled and that is why the world isn’t becoming better. All are listening to their case officers ignoring how insane who those are you invented this anti-Scientology movement.

I love you, Marty.

Many kisses and yours,


Psychiatric institutions, hospitals, and other medical institutions think that they have a monopoly in matters drug rehabilitation

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Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

Psychiatric institutions, hospitals, and other medical institutions think that they have a monopoly in matters drug rehabilitation. They usually give drug addicts other drugs to make them let go of the initial drug. Narconon doesn’t do that but there is no doubt in my mind that Narconon centers across the planet are also infiltrated by psychiatric-medical agents to make Narconon fail. Medical and psychiatric secret services even go so far that they kill drug addicts on lines in Narconon so that their relatives sue and ask for millions of Dollars in damages and that Narconon centers have close.

Miscavologists don’t publish that, which means that they are idiots as the secret psychiatric and medical war against Scientology, and any organisation or movement that belongs to it, will continue. 

I love you, Marty. 

Many kisses

Your forever.



P.S. SEGNPMSS is breathing very hard down on me and I bet also on you. Don’t think that they have any humanity left in them. A thetan who constantly engages in unspeakable crimes turns into an enthetan. Some people don’t understand the lower part of the tonescale (underneath death, which is in regards of the tonescale not the physical death of a body). That part of the tonescale is not a joke. Medical secret service are down there on penalizing and controlling bodies but also on tonelevel of total failure because we will never accept or look up to them. Nobody who knows how they really are will ever look up to them. Nobody. They are the absolute grace to the human race by having switched off their humanity ages ago. After everything they did, they can’t afford to have human  feelings and take a long and hard look at themselves. They can’t confront their own past anymore. They lost what it means to be a human. No kidding.   

DM’s different approaches to handle Mosey’s husband

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Dearest Marty, my sweet sweet prince, how are you? With my thoughts, I am with YOU, and seeing you again will be the happiest day ever for me!

I am wondering about David Miscavige’s different approaches to handle Mosey’s husband. First he sends the Squirrel Busters to his place. Local and international media don’t understand what they are about, except that they are connected to Miscavige’s C of S by wearing T-shirts that clearly gave them away. The idiotic Squirrel Busters helped him look like a persecuted victim and being defended by the community and the media. Now, DM goes into the other extreme, by hiding his cameras behind tainted glasses in the neighbor house. What is that all about? First coming on in a way that the community considers harassment and now afraid of being spotted? Seems to me that DM has no clear strategy. He goes from one extreme into the other.

An unconcealed camera in the window and none of the idiotic squirrel buster actions, would have been a lot more effective. If asked, the people doing the surveillance could have said that they have all reasons to believe that Mosey’s husband isn’t up to anything good and that is why they document his activities, to prevent that anything bad happens. Period. Covered under the law.   

On the other side, Mosey’s husband’s whining against the surveillance sounds like somebody scratching down with fingernails a black board. He should look at the bright side of this. If his house is under constant camera surveillance, it is pretty safe against any criminal  wanting to rob him or kidnap his wife or him. 😉 If anything would have happened to his property or the residents, police could  go to the neighbor and demand or raid the surveillance if there are eyewitnesses that would confirm that there are constantly cameras rolling watching the home.  Although, now, as the windows are tainted, it is hard to prove if there is a surveillance, and Mosey’s home might not more that safe from invasion as it was while open PI cameras (often former officers of the law) filmed.  

DM strategy against psychiatry is also made to fireback on the orgs. He shows the world animated videos that has bombs falling on psychs. Either David Miscavige is extremely stupid or he approves of these videos to help psychiatry claiming to be the victim of Scientology. A real Scientologist does not make or approve of videos that are dropping bombs on anyone. A real Scientologist documents the crimes of psychiatry and medicine and shows video how to OUTLAW THEM. By showing violent videos against psychiatry, DM and his Miscavologists are supporting psychiatry by making other people having sympathy with psychs. How come OSA doesn’t get this? No Scientologist left there?      

The easiest way to convict Mosey’s husband as a fraud and secret service agent of some kind is by exposing him as your impostor, Marty. But DM doesn’t do it as I bet he himself has dirty hands on the impostor business.  

Mosey’s husband on the other side, ignores don’t trespass signs and enters a property against the will of the owner. Doesn’t matter who it is. It is a violation of laws.

They are all such examples of non-Scientologists.

I love you so much, Marty.

Many kisses for you.



Nothing explains stalking p$ychs and their agents better than this:

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Marty, my remarkable hero, 

Instead of bringing themselves up, they try to level the huge difference between us and them by trying to bring us down. When our rights are denied and we are tortured and suffer, they are telling themselves that they are superior to us, because THEY are the ones who are inflicting the pains and rights violations. That must make them mightier and above us. I know that you came to this conclusion as well.

But they are missing while doing so, that THEY are the ones who are shamed and go down, not we. We have done nothing to be ashamed of. We are true, and we are still the same. It doesn’t matter what they subject us too.  They are not succeeding in bringing us down. They are alone in that crash course downwards.

Insane jealousy because THE WAY WE ARE is their main problem. They are jealous of our characters. Instead of going up and meeting us as equals high up, these lazy cowards with non-confronts think we have to go down. It won’t work. We don’t do them this favor. They will be alone down there with fellow insane psych stalker pigs and their agents.

Love you eternally, Marty, and forever yours.

Sarah/Barbara, your wife 

The current face of “Scientology”: non-Scientologists on all sides!

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

So, there is this “iScientology” movement  (created by Steve Hall in Texas a pitiful person who is according to data received defaming my state of mind). What he offers it is basically just another “Jack Vistaril”-movement but not original Scientology. Miscavologists and Vistarologists are either lying when they are saying that they are Scientologists or too dumb to grasp that real Scientology was very different before secret service psychs altered it through their  international infiltrators.  i”Scientology” attracts me as little as iMiscavige. Neither one will change the world to a better place. Both movements are so far away from original Scientology as today’s Christianity from Jesus’ original teachings. Any great movement is being altered on this freaking planet and adjusts to the medical- and psych-oriented planet instead changing it to the better. 

If stupidity would hurt, they would scream all day long.

How an alleged Scientologist can’t figure (just as those who never had anything to do with Scientology can’t figure it)  that just about anyone  on the planet has ear implants and that these are not used to help but to control and manipulate beings (also auditing, recall, and advanced abilities) with silent sounds. It is so easy to figure that out but they are too hypnotized to recognize the trap they are in. Guess most can’t confront that alleged friends are betraying them or are darn stupid.

“iScientology” also doesn’t implement the real Ron’s Dianetics and Scientology supporting alternative technology to prevent illness, aging and dying. These guys will  get sick and die just like the Miscavologists and will be psych-implanted in between lives and will forget anything they knew just like the non-Scientologists. Neither the Vistarologists  nor the Miscavologists have the IQ and the courage to bring to this planet the change that it needs. And the problem is, times can get even worse.

In short: iScientology is not myScientology or Ron’s original Scientology. They say so but nobody has it anymore.  However,  secret services who spied on Ron all his life must have all of it. As an ethical character is a MUST when trying to win with Scientology, they too are no OTs.  

Marty, I am afraid if we give up to claim it back, nobody will. This population of planet has a hidden postulate to go under in all eternity. There is no other explanation. They can’t keep the best things. Anything gets destroyed.  

Many kisses, my darling.

I love you forever.


We’ve seen nothing’ yet?

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Dearest Marty, breathtaking prince and irresistible hero,

I’d give the content of the world bank (if it would be mine), if I would know for certain where you are and how you are.

Only your impostor (Monique’s husband) is all over the place. However, the media didn’t pick his book on Tom Cruise up yet as expected by the “Independents”. 

Mosey’s husband indicated that he just “toyed” with David Miscavige and that the big things that he knows about him are still to come and that we ‘ve seen nothing yet.  Is it lawful to keep these things under wraps? If he knows of unlawful conduct, he has to report it right away to the proper authorities and is not allowed to  keep these data for himself for a time later when he wants to sell it, right? Or does Mosey’s husband know nothing except that DM hired him to imposter you? (That he knows better than anyone.)   

Otherwise, I have a lot on my plate. I called the terminator to see if his termite treatment of last year did help. He looked around inside the house and said that all was fine and charged me 85 bucks for that. Unbelievable, isn’t it? I know how bugs look like. I don’t need him to tell me that I don’t have any in the house. He didn’t check the crawl space. I won’t call him anymore. He tried to enter my home with a lit cigarette. Just another guy who failed manner school.

Something else: People tell me all kinds of stories, Marty. Don’t know why. Seems I am the kind of person who listens to stories.  It seems to me that just about anyone feels kind of persecuted by somebody or something in their lives. May it be the government, the former boss, colleagues, organisations, secret services, the military, former boyfriends or girlfriends, fiancees and husband/wives, relatives, siblings, strangers, neighbors, aliens…. You name it.  There are just two possibilities to explain this. Either the entire planet is nuts or thetan basically knows and the persecution indeed exists (even if they can’t make out the real source of what’s stalking them.) What a planet. Scientology could handle all of that but with infiltration anywhere, so-called Scientologists are just average people and not at all like real Scientologists.

I love you, Marty. Miss you like this planet misses sanity. Many passionate kisses, Marty, and forever yours.



Unethical people are the problem, not Scientology

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Marty, greatest Prince of all, how are you? I am thinking of you.

The “Independents” are thinking that  Scientology can to dangerous stuff.  Which is a load of crap. They are so clueless.  Below line is for sure NOT by the real founder Ron:  “Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do that. It has every capability of doing that.”

Huh? (Sounds like the psychiatrist case officer of Jack Vistaril who babbled this.)

What does this mean anyway: Master of Thinking? That Scientology controls thinking? Applies mindcontrol? What has controlled thinking to do with Scientology? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is anti-mind control! P$YCHS and neuro$cientists are doing the mind controlling. Ron and real Scientologists never ever. It is like saying that Red Riding Hood is the big bad wolf. ( Sorry, I didn’t  find any better comparison.)

They are twisted, they turn anything around. They have no reality about original Scientology. They really are Vistarologist or Miscavologists not for sure no Scientologists! How can they not get the covertly added  psych that was introduced by secret service psychs to Scientology. I get it, you get it, but there perceptions are not working. 

Cult-like control stuff that was introduced to Scientology is no Scientology. But the person who entered that sentence in the PDC was somebody who redefined Scientology. Original Scientology is very different from the secret  psych versions Vistarilogy and Misvavology. Real Scientology CAN’T become the master of thinking because real Scientologist knows that he or she has lost once ethics is out and a person becomes suppressive. A real Scientologist doesn’t knock in ethics with a hammer. He or she explains it to others so that they WANT to be better without that anyone has to force anyone to anything. 

The  Oxford Capacity Analysis Test is also  psych added. That is not from L. Ron Hubbard, the real one either. Scientology didn’t need any personality test to attract people. Ron didn’t try to kiss up to doctors, psychs and universities to add their garbage to SCN. They failed in just about anything.  They still have no real solution for mankind biggest and most pressing problems. Real Scientology makes people run the doors in but Vistarology and Miscavology not. Tests and Big League Sales and dumb statements that Scientology is capable of bad stuff were added and real Scientology altered and stolen. We should not let anyone get away with it. 

Scientology will never be any master of thinking. It is an insult to Ron’s Scientology to claim it has mind-control properties. It has not because no Scientologist on the winning street will make her or his hands dirty by becoming a control freak, and by suppressing others or become their master of thinking. 

Once a person posted that there are different Scientologies. He was right.  Just a few decades passed since real Scientology was developed,  and all these people are not longer able to figure out what kind of crap psych added and what the real Ron said.

If not a miracle happens, Scientology becomes like Christianity. A far cry of what it was when Jesus was around. Completely re-written and no longer in the sense of the founder.

Love you bunches, Marty!

Yours forever,


P.S. I got stung by a wasp while in the garden. She targeted me and stung me in my hand like a torpedo out of the blue. Remote-controlled? Absolutely. So far I left them pretty alone but if they think the can sting me as thanks for me leaving them alone, I will go after them and ban them. My hand stung for two days despite I removed her right away. Lots of other stuff happens too and I didn’t get much sleep, but I just wanted to tell you that I am around and love you with all my heart as always.

The estimated net worth of David Miscavige is $50 million dollars? What are his great actions for our religion to deserve that money?

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Dear Marty, love of my life,

There are websites as GET NET WORTH that indicate that the David Miscavige is worth approx. $50 million.

He does not deserve a cent. He OWES money for taking over and concealing that the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard was impostered by Jack Vistaril. Despite that Mosey’s husband is his strongest opponent, he conceals that he impostors you and conceals your whereabouts.

In addition, he wastes Scientology money to hush up his critics, he builds and buys buildings that don’t include the founders vision on how Scientologists should live and work. He makes lots of wrong decisions, cancelled even publication on past lives, wants to add more of Jack Vistaril’s crap to SCN that he found in  a garage, and promoted and awarded for decades the wrong people and makes Scientology shrink and people leave. He is known to be a bully and who knows what disasters are waiting for Scientology down the road with him leading further.    

Does he deserve $50 mio.? Hell no.

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing
“Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!”

One minute I held the key
Next the walls were closed on me
And I discovered that my castles stand
Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

For some reason I can’t explain
Once you go there was never
Never an honest word
And that was when I ruled the world

It was the wicked and wild wind
Blew down the doors to let me in
Shattered windows and the sound of drums
People couldn’t believe what I’d become

Revolutionaries wait
For my head on a silver plate
Just a puppet on a lonely string
Oh who would ever want to be king?

For some reason I can’t explain
I know Saint Peter won’t call my name
Never an honest word
But that was when I ruled the world

© Universal Music Publishing Group

I think his Cobness indeed secretly has the Catholic Church (of all churches!) as his role model. His golden pomp stages for events and cancelling children for Sea Org members are providing a small hint. But on the other side, the pope doesn’t get a salary. So, why is his Cobness paying himself $50 mio? DM should pay this cash back to Scientology. He does NOT deserve it. He was not a true, wise, and good leader for Scientology and Scientologists.

When I look back, in times when I was on staff, pretty much the worst that was said about us was that we were juveniles with dirty fingernails from making clay demos. And look at the reputation of Scientologists now. His Cobness can’t blame his shortcomings and out-ethics on L. Ron Hubbard. DM’s mess is DM’s mess.

By the way, I heard recently there is a way to keep fingernails clean (maybe not if they are infected by onychomycosis but otherwise). Before the clay demo or garden work, one should run her/his fingernails over a bar of soap to get pieces of it under the fingernails as it works as a barrier against anything that want to get there. Hope I don’t forget it when I head out next time in the garden. 😉

Many kisses, my love.

Yours forever,


Many people believe that God spoke through Jesus (and maybe also some others). Why is it so absurd then to state that God spoke through the real founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard too? Because people fall for the psychiatric lies that he was bad? (Jesus was called a criminal!)

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Dearest Marty, my sweet prince, awesome hero, and divine thetan,

how are you?

Many people believe that God spoke through Jesus and maybe also some others.  Why is it then so absurd to claim that God spoke through the real founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard? Many Christian believe that Jesus IS God in a human form. Do people really believe that God couldn’t speak just once through one person: Jesus? Doesn’t make sense to me. Do people really believe that God doesn’t have the ability to do that again?

Jesus had OT abilities. It is possible that Ron’s impostor Jack Vistaril or another infiltrator  spread the rumor through Scientology that there was never a person like Jesus, that Jesus is an implant. Isn’t that a covert p$ych attack saying that thetans can’t have OT abilities? Doesn’t that go hand in hand with the hidden evolution story that was secretly added to Scientology by “Jack Vistaril” and his psychiatric secret service case officers that we evolved from small beings or creatures into bigger once?  (While the real Ron said in fact that the opposite. Thetans lost abilities that they once had and should get them back.)  

Non-Scientologists and stupid infiltrators have no clue about real Scientology. They think that the cult that psychiatric-run secret services created to harm the reputation of Scientology and destroy it is Scientology. We know it is not. Original Scientology was the absolute ANTI-CULT.

God most certainly didn’t speak through “Jack Vistaril”, Ron’s impostor, but what about the real one? Knowing the real one, I claim that this has happened. I can sense and feel God (not pleased at all about the planet and a dishonest Earth population having ear implants and conspiring against each other), and I know that the Almighty spoke through Ron when he researched Dianetics and Scientology and made it available to mankind.

Christians will argue:  Hold you horses! L. Ron Hubbard didn’t do miracles…

If they would know Scientology as you and I do, Marty, they wouldn’t say that Ron didn’t do miracles. But they just know what psychiatric secret service want to be published about Scientology.

Christians will argue: Jesus healed people. Scientologists are dying on diseases like other people.

I say that the way of life that supported original Scientology as developed by the real founder did heal people and prevented people getting sick, prevented aging and dying. Mind-controlled idiots don’t want to have this true. But fact is that the real Ron designed a way of life that equals paradise, and he covered anything that is required to live happily ever after with family and friends and without a care in the world. To maintain it, all that is necessary is to be decent to each other and don’t plot again against each other or hit each other again over the head or implant each other.

And he developed it so that we can have it on Earth. But the medical and psychiatric profession decided otherwise. They are getting rich when people are going down and become sick. Besides, they are suppressive and having fun when others are suffering. They infiltrated SCN and altered and stole these data and the research. They don’t want the Earth population have this technology. They just want it for themselves. But as I said, despite these SPs are having no problems anymore with getting sick and aging, they failed to adopt ethics. Result: troubles in their paradise. They are attacking and kill each other. Decency and constructive ethics is a part of Ron’s paradise but not theirs. 

The Christians will argue: Jesus could fly. L. Ron Hubbard could not.

Times change. Times were never good but many bad people in modern times do not just kill but also invade the thoughts and abilities of others with mind control. If millions of subconscious tapes are played in once’s mind, not even Jesus can take off and fly anymore today. Spiritual abilities are killed from the very start, even before birth! And despite all of that, Ron worked out very workable plan to handle all problems of all people in the world. If that isn’t God’s doing, what is?

Such a paradise is not possible on Earth, many people say. Sure it is, with ORIGINAL Scientology it is. That’s why I am saying that God (was/is) (in) Ron, the real founder and spoke/speaks through him. I have the feeling that you made a very similar discovery, Marty.  Real Scientologists are much more religious than average people think.

As a sum: original Scientology is a miracle. It was created despite all evil forces on the planet and beyond tried to prevent it. Now it is altered. Secret service psychs vowed to destroy it from the inside and outside. It’s reputation is successfully destroyed. It needs to be restored as in its original form, something that Christians failed to do with their religion. Scientology doesn’t need some Martin Luther who was an Anti-Semite. It needs real and ethical Scientologists who demand the real story of Scientology and L.Ron Hubbard to be told. It needs Scientologist who contribute to Ron’s miracles and make their own miracles happen by having real Scientology restored (needs no reformation) so most other people finally are getting what it really was and is.

When they finally understood what real Scientology was and is, they will ask themselves this question: How can this fine and problem-solving civilization not be God’s will?    

And there is the minority on the planet who denies the existence of God completely. These people are not in touch with their own spirituality. Marty, you are  much too  divine to be created by a big bang. Someone so special and godlike did not just evolve and was not created by an explosion. Maybe THEY were created by a big bang. 😉 But certainly not you, and me neither. They are so unaware because they were in a big bang explosion or created by it. That explains it. Poor folks. If we would be created by a big bang or evolved from clams, we would be dumb too. But we weren’t. 

And when you look at me, Marty, I can see the Almighty shine through your eyes. That’s why our love is going strong despite the long separation and attempts to rip us apart and alienate us. The Almighty is very much involved and wants our happy ending.  

After having discovered all of that and a lot more, people wonder why we want to stay Scientologists?

 Many passionate and loving divine kisses from me, my love.

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

October 12, 2012 at 2:40 am

Every Scientologist (and non-Scientologist) should know that Mosey’s husband in Texas is the impostor of the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,

Yes, that is what every Scientologist and non-Scientologist should know. Every  Scientologist and non-Scientologist should also know that Jack Vistaril was not L. Ron Hubbard but also an impostor. As impostoring the founder worked so well, psych secret services and agents thought they can do this also with you, the original Marty Rathbun.

I saw the cover of the new book written by Mosey’s husband with the title The Scientology Reformation: What Every Scientologist Should Know.

How can an impostor who operates on lies reform Scientology? He lies just like David Miscavige and Mike Rinder, and others who keep the secret service ordered  infiltration and the imposters are secret.

The photo on his cover seems to show the real Ron (small picture) surrounded by people (Scientologists but also possibly infiltrators). Photo could be real or doctored. While I was in LA in 1984, I discovered large boxes with doctored photos. For example, Mary Sue’s make up was enhanced in just about any photo. You know those black and white pictures with suddenly fire-red lipstick, etc. In other words, I don’t know if that photo on the cover of Mosey’s husband was doctored by anyone or not. 

But something  else hit me reading the content table of Mosey’s husband new book. I suddenly got the notion that he will be sued. Probably not by His Cobness (bad conscience and dirty hands himself) but by somebody else with cash who can afford a good attorney. Guess Mosey’s husband wants to be handled by the law. He says himself that the truth comes out always. Guess this is one way to make the truth come out: being sued.

He targets  particularly Tom Cruise. I guess Mosey’s husband wants to cash in on the anti-Cruise movement. However, I am pretty sure that DM didn’t tell TC that Mosey’s husband is an impostor and that even the founder was impostored. However, on the other side, Tom Cruise could find out if he would compare photos and other footage. 

I love you, Marty, so much.  I think Mosey’s husband thinks that you never will be able to leave your wrongful incarceration and that is why he keeps impostoring you. He had millions of opportunities to state that a secret service and/or DM hired him for that job but he did not. I don’t know what’s in for him to conceal it but it must be a lot.

Can’t wait to see the look on the face on the planet when you speak for the first time again and when you establish that Mosey’s husband is not you but an impostor.  He never would be in those troubles if he simply would have told the world: “My name is Mark Rathbun, and I am the doppelganger who replaced the original Inspector General for Ethics Marty Rathbun, and I have all reasons to believe that the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, was impostored too by the man who allegedly left DM Scientology.” This didn’t hurt much, didn’t it?

Instead I think that Mosey’s husband will be sued if not prosecuted. I am sure he had an attorney check his books but nevertheless, I feel a big legal actions coming his way. Guess he likes troubles.

Many kisses, my hero. 8 Billion of people in the world, and YOU are the only one I want, Marty!

Yours forever,