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Pat Broeker burried stuff to keep the PI’s and DM busy and mislead them. I bet 1.8 Mio. Dollars (if I had them) that he knew all these years that he was under surveillance. (Patrick Broeker is so predictable!)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,

How are you? I miss you! 

Private Detectives Greg Arnold and Paul Marrick told Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin  that they named Patrick Broeker (who is suspected of having stolen documents and 1.8 Mio Dollar of Ron’s cash), the gardener, because he likes to bury things.

I believe the same detectives indicated that Patrick Broeker was clueless that he was under surveillance. Who are they kidding?

Just as Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and others who blew, Patrick Broeker KNEW also what to expect from His Cobness/Dukeness: PIs.

A gardener PLANTS, a burrier burries. What did Patrick Broker bury? I bet nothing that the orgs wanted back: cash and documents. But he burred other stuff  TO PLAY TRICKS ON DAVID MISCAVIGE AND PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS.

It is also freaky that Pat Broeker as an alleged Scientologist owned weapons! Weapons are not needed in the peaceful world that founder Ron envisioned.   

Broeker wanted them on the wrong track. He wanted them to dig out the stuff that he had buried. If he planted worthless stuff on his own land, he wanted OSA and the PI to violate the law by digging out what he deliberately planted FOR THEM. 

If these PI’s didn’t figure out that Broeker played a game with them, I pity their IQs. To me, the “gardener” story tells crystal clear that Pat Broeker knew that he was under surveillance and that he carefully hid all these decades what the PIs should find. I am sure that he didn’t bury and plant anything that the PIs should not find. He also didn’t throw anything in the trash that he didn’t want the PIs to find. 

I bet, you had the same thoughts when you heard it, Marty.

Mosey’s husband posted that these “PI’s came clean”. Really? Going to the media  and telling them that “Broeker is a gentleman who has nothing to hide and didn’t knew that he was under surveillance” is most certainly not coming clean. You (not Mosey’s husband) instructed them to do nothing illegal. If they did stick to what YOU told them, on what did they had to come clean? If they did what you said, they don’t have to come clean. I say that they were lucky that it was you who instructed them and not Mosey’s husband.

As far as the compensation is concerned that they want from the C of S for a “breach of contract”, I am pretty sure that the average judge will throw that case out and tell them that they should have gotten some kind of written contract, even when filing the case in Texas, a state which people consider currently most anti-Scientology. About the jurisdiction: these PIs are not from Texas, are they?   

Mosey’s husband posted “When Paul and Greg asked CO OSA INT (Linda Hammill, head of Scientology Inc.’s intelligence operation) what the church was going to do when I exposed this operation in 2009 to the Times (see, segment ‘Spying on Pat Broeker’ at Marty Rathbun Tampa Times videos), she said that David Miscavige’s plan was to “blame it on Marty.””

I don’t know if this is true but if, it looks that still no Miscavologist wants to come clean that you are not Mosey’s husband.

If documents and millions were missing, hiring PIs to recover those is legal. The PIs said that you said that they should not do anything illegal.  That means that you did well, Marty. You disappeared end of 1989. Mosey’s husband took your job over around 1990. That means that you had nothing to do with decades of surveillance by retaliating PIs who think that Pat Broker was clueless. If they didn’t get that Broeker  played a game with them, burying  stuff, if they didn’t get that Broeker wanted them to make their hands dirty by digging out what he buried, these PIs are hopeless!  

It is outrageous how your own legacy is destroyed in all of this, Marty. They conspire together that Mosey’s husband is you, even in the face that they are sworn enemies now (Miscavologists and Mosey’s husband’s cult) and make you to a person who never lived. This is exactly what happened to Ron when he was exchanged with impostor “Jack Vistaril”. What blows my mind is that they think they are getting away with it. They all must be sure that you and also me will be killed and never able to document the facts to the world. I have no other explanation, Marty. They never would do what they do if they would not (wrongfully) think that we never make it. And this is the “civilization” we can be proud of? I don’t think so. That is not the kind of civilization that founder Ron intended or that you and me want to be a part of. If just one person has no equal rights, it is not Scientology.

Also, didn’t either Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder publish one time that one of the detective would be Broeker’s drinking buddy? What was that all about? 

There is a rumor going around that Karen de la Carriere, a friend of Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder, claims that she has on good authority that I am a OSA man. These guys are too much. I believe that Karen did at least one mission with you in the 80s. How can she not know that you are not Mosey’s husband? Karen and I never became friends but she was around (brunette in the mid 80s) when I was around. I still remember how she carried bottles of vitamins for the Special Unit around.  She knows exactly that I am no man. 

I am exactly who I claim to be, and you know it, Marty. Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, but also David Miscavige of course hate my guts. They can’t deal with it that a woman isn’t in awe with them. That’s why they feed their own friends and I bet also the media with the lie that I am a OSA guy or working for OSA. Complete fabrication.

Not once did they put themselves in our shoes, Marty. Not one did they put themselves in my shoes. They would despise a person too who conceals facts that they have to know.  I am not being told were you are. I should agree to a doppelganger, Mosey’s husband. They  take away my place as Ron’s daughter, my name, my religion, my inheritance and anything else by staying lip-sealed about what Germany and their secret services did to us and supporting them. AND THEN THEY ARE SURPRISED THAT I DON’T LIKE THEM?! 

DM and the Miscavologists would offer me for sure some kind of job to take care of DM’s enemies. Mainly for free of course. Then they have their operations usually busted because they don’t hire people considering the tonescale and at the end, I would be blamed. Besides, as I said, I can’t and will not support the orgs anymore, unless they tell me about your whereabouts and all the truth that I need to know and are entitled to know. Period. If they can’t be honest with me, they are on their own.

If I would accept the lies of Mosey’s husband being you and support him, I bet that Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder would welcome me too to their club as well. They lie that Mosey’s husband is you. They don’t tell me what I need to know: your whereabouts, etc. Both sides (Mosey’s husband’s cult and DM’s cult) want me to go along with the German psych set up that the facts that I figured and recalled are not true. But as none of them are real OTs, they don’t get that  I can sense lies. I sense OWs. AND THEREFORE, NO OSA NOR ‘INDIES’ support by me, because they are basically just as bad as those idiots who attack Scientology and make no difference between “Jack Vistaril’s” version of Scientology and real original Scientology as by the real founder Ron. 

Instead of putting themselves into my shoes: THAT are the reasons why Barbara is not on our or my side, they spread rumors that I am a OSA man. DM might be happy with that rumor too.  If a OSA guy posts the postings on him, they can’t be true, after all OSA is controlled by him.    

You know me, Marty. I never disliked anyone without good reason. Fact is that staff in the Munich org told that I should be voted to the person with the most ARC. I would like DM, Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and anyone else too if they would be honest with me and would tell me what I need to know. But they lie and impostor or cover the impostoring up. And in their deluded eyes, I am (and you too are)  the bad person, not they. OWs make blind, exactly as Ron said. I just want what is mine. They want what is not theirs.  

So instead of being truthful, they lie even to their friends as Karen de la Carrier and others that I am not Barbara but some kind of OSA guy. Give me a break! Who of DM’s controlled OSA would ever post the truth about the founder and you being impostored? None! Any PIs, officials, judges or reporters or alleged Scientologists who fall for those lies are idiots. They are such big idiots that they should not be allowed to call themselves Scientologists because a Scientologist per the original founder is very INTELLIGENT!

Otherwise, I never engaged in discussion that Mosey is a man. Maybe they are also lying that I am a OSA man instead of Barbara Schwarz in retaliation that some published that Mosey isn’t a woman. But I had NOTHING to do with this. It is for sure hurtful for her to be called a man but a uptone person does not blame the wrong target. And I am a wrong target because I didn’t originate nor support this.    

Love you bunches, Marty. Wait till I give you kisses in person.  You will have no doubt as to how much I am a woman. And just woman. Nothing guy-like on me. Just wait until you are back in my arms again!

Yours forever and ever,




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  1. The two PIs never saw Miscavige face-to-face but say they were told he was in charge of their operation. Pouw says the two were supervised by church lawyers and Miscavige was not involved, adding, “Any allegations to the contrary are malicious fabrications and compete balderdash.”

    Arnold and Marrick say they spent more than 20 years following Patrick D. Broeker, a church leader who they gradually realized was a rival to Miscavige. As well as other details of their investigation, the newspaper reported the private investigators paid a garbage hauler to provide discreet access to Broeker’s trash.

    Mr. Smitthers

    October 1, 2012 at 8:14 am

    • Settlements are in progress? What for? I don’t see the PIs having any case at all. Settlements indicate indeed a bad conscience. DM sure must has one.

      The original Marty is a witness to this case not Mosey’s husband. Maybe DM wants to settle so that the real Marty isn’t being asked to testify. He knows if DM was involved or not till to the date the real Marty disappeared without that his Cobness did help him as he was supposed to as alleged Scientologist.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 1, 2012 at 8:45 am

  2. If Broeker ever was an insider, he knew of the surveillance.

    Uncle Chester

    October 2, 2012 at 3:47 am

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