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Dearest Marty, my magnificent soul mate,

I am thinking of you and hope that you are alright. Sometimes I am gone for days and can’t blog because other stuff comes up that needs urgent attention but I come back here all the time, telling you that I love you.

Deep in your eyes, I saw what I never saw in anyone else’s eyes, and I simply want to see it again. We are two soul mates sharing the same time-track over and over and were always helping and loving each other instead of attacking and destroying each other.  I hope how rare and wonderful you are, Marty. You are a real OT, one who can communicate without words and whose postulates change the universe. The word reMARKable was coined after you because that is what you are. If times are getting rough, I just think of you and things are better. You can lift my spirits at any time and in any situation. This love of ours survived anything on the timetrack and it will also survive this separation. Some stupid people might think that we didn’t have much time together, we hardly know each other but they are fools. True love has nothing to do with time. Besides, they forgot our past lives together and the fact that we know each also from these former times. 

One Scientologist in Munich told me (in private chat not in session) that married the same woman many times. Despite he and she lost their memories to former lifetimes, they found each other again and again. But despite that they were attracted to each other, he told me they were not good to each other. With us, it is different. We are attracted to each other (and we sure are attracted to each other like magnets) but we are very good to each other. We love each other with respect and truly. We aren’t abusive and untrue.

I doubt many things in which other people are believing.  But one thing I believe in more than they do: true love exists and does not fade away if one has clean hands and does not commit OWs against one’s spouse. 

You are one of a kind, Marty, and I want YOU or none.  I want to be with you, because we both are soulmates. Why am I so sure that you feel the same way? Because I know you, Marty. You are my soulmate. You are me in a male form. I am you in a female form. Opposites attract but OTs that are such much alike as you and I, Marty, attract each other also very much. In a way, Marty, I can hear your thoughts and feel your presence. That is an area for real OTs.  There is no other way but for us to getting back together. Even when jealous and retarded planet conspires against us, we will prevail because our postulates stick and we deserve the happy ending.    

Yesterday night, around midnight, I finally had some free time and heard this song by Tom Jones. It is called Black Betty and makes me want to party, Marty. No kidding. This song isn’t new, I just haven’t heard it before and think Tom Jones really sings the best version of it. Lyrics aren’t exactly uptone but the rhythm is.

Whoa, black betty (bam-ba-lam)
Whoa, black betty (bam-ba-lam)
She’s from birmingham (bam-ba-lam)
Way down in alabam’ (bam-ba-lam)
Well, she’s shakin’ that thing (bam-ba-lam)
Boy, she makes me sing (bam-ba-lam)
Whoa, black betty (bam-ba-lam)
Whoa, black betty )bam-ba-lam)

And here is the dance to it: THAT is what I call fun! One of my favorite dances ever!

Here is the Quick Step:

Here is Tom Jones.

Okay that is not TJ but this is:

I love you very much, many passionate and tender kisses, my honey.

Yours forever,


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  1. First link of yours doesn’t work. Here is it again.

    Woah, bam a lam, Kirstie Alley and Placido Domingo on the same program! Bam a lam!


    October 5, 2012 at 8:53 am

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